Freshman Initiation: Part One


It was Josh's first year at Ridgeview High.  He was a freshman, so the most social interaction he had experienced in high school thus far was being stuffed into a trash can and rolled down a stairwell by a group of moronic senior jocks.  Josh was a short, wiry guy, with very small, but defined muscles, and pale white skin.  His hair was shockingly blonde, and spiked up on all sides-punk style, although his timid attitude suggested otherwise.

In an attempt to make friends, Josh was trying out for the Ridgeview J.V. Basketball Team.  He was a star point guard at his junior high school, and figured he had a good chance of making the team.  Half of the gym was being used for J.V. tryouts, and the other half (the nicer half) was being used for Varsity tryouts. 

After three grueling, sweaty hours of work, the tryouts were over.  Josh had done quite well, but had messed up on some free throws, so he stayed after to practice some more (mostly to falsely convince the coach that he had a good work ethic).  He noticed that one of the better Varsity players, Jake Ryan was also staying late.  He was a junior, and the previous J.V. captain.  As Josh watched the juicy upperclassman intently, he noticed that Jake was watching him back.  Embarrassed, Josh quickly turned away and pretended to practice some more free-throws.  He felt Jake's eyes staring at him from the other side of the gym, and was surprised to find Jake approaching him.

"Try bending your knees a bit more before you release."

Bewildered at first, Josh quickly realized that Jake was referring to his shooting technique.  Josh took his advice, but missed worse than before.

"Here, like this..."

Stunned, Josh realized that the 6'1 Italian stallion was positioned directly behind him, guiding his arms through his shot in what Josh thought was an unnecessarily embracive way.

Josh's shot went in, hitting nothing but net on the way down.  Josh had little time to celebrate this victory, however, because he soon felt a soft, but firm poke above his tailbone, as he realized that Jake was still clutching him from behind.

Josh blushed, and ran into the locker room, quite flustered.  A few minutes later, he heard the locker room door creak open as Jake entered.  Josh was undressing, and Jake walked casually to a locker very close to his.  As Jake pulled off his jersey, sticking to his skin with sweat, Josh noticed just how muscular Jake was.  He had pecs the size of cantaloupes, with a small tuft of black hair in between.  As Josh's gaze fell further south, he saw Jake's chiseled abs, positioned just above his jet black happy trail, which teasingly wound down into Jake's boxer briefs.  Josh realized he was staring, and Jake had apparently realized it too, for he gave Josh a sly grin, followed by a subtle wink.  Blushing once again, Josh quickly stowed his practice uniform into his locker, and made his way to the showers.  He went to a shower head in the far corner of the room, and began to quickly wash up.  The water was cold at first, sending chills down Josh's spine, but it became gradually warmer as he continued to bathe.  About two minutes after Josh, Jake entered the showers, and picked a head suspiciously close to Josh.  Josh stared in awe as he watched Jake lather up his cut, muscular body, and as he looked down, he was stunned to see a7 inch soft dick hanging between Jake's legs.  Jake was giving him the smirk again, and Josh quickly turned and turned off the shower, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. 

It was now or never, and Jake seized his chance.  Just as Josh was about to turn and leave, Jake rammed him against the shower wall, causing Josh to let out a small yelp of fear.  Josh was desperately afraid of what was happening to him, but he was shocked as he felt blood flowing south to his dick, which was rising rapidly into a 10.5 inch erect monster.

Jake spat on his fingers, and abruptly shoved them right up Josh's brown eye, lubing it up.  Josh did not have time to cry out this time, for Jake was already rubbing his precum all over Josh's  tight little asshole.

Just then, without warning, Josh let out a scream of pain and pleasure as he was lifted off the floor by 11 inches of throbbing hard cock.  It hurt so good.  The initial thrust had hit Josh's prostate so hard that he had shot a load all over the wall.  Jake grunted as he forcefully thrust his man meat into Josh's tender ass five or six times.

Jake then pulled out, and threw Josh onto the floor, face first.  Josh got up onto all fours and was immediately grabbed hard on both his hips by Jake's big, strong hands.  Once again, Jake plowed into Josh, inducing a painful orgasm. 

Jake grabbed Josh's hair, which was now wet and sticky with hair gel, and yanked his head back, forcing his back to arch toward the floor.  Josh screamed in ecstatic agony.  The thrusts were so hard and deep, and after a few seconds, Josh felt 11 massive spasms as Jake pumped him full of hot man mustard.

Finally, Jake relaxed his grip, and they both fell to the floor, exhausted.

To Be Continued...