Friday Night
By Shadow

We were all seniors in high school, it was a Friday night in May, and we were in a partying mood. Jim had gotten his uncle to go buy us some beer, and a bottle of Jack Daniels to top it off. We were armed and dangerous, and little did we know that tonight was going to be one of the most interesting in our young lives.

There were four of us that always hung with each other and partied together. Tonight we were going to do it right. We had Pete's house all to ourselves because his parents and the rest of his family had gone to visit some relatives somewhere. All of us had gotten permission to stay over, so there was nothing like having to go home later to stand in the way of a serious party. Pete, Mike, Jim and me. Ready for the nighttime!

Pete was my best buddy and I had wanted him for a long time, but had never had the guts to ask. I didn't know how he would react. He was real cute, brown hair, sweet smile, a body to kill for and a huge piece of meat between his legs (I had seen him naked hundreds of times at school, at sleepovers, etc.). Most of my fantasies started and ended with Pete and his dick rock hard and sticking up my ass or pumping in and out of my mouth as he rammed it down my throat. I had spilled about a million gallons of cum all over me and my bed and down the shower drain as I jacked off thinking of Pete getting off in me.

Mike was a buddy of ours from school that we had known for a bunch of years. He was tall and skinny, almost too skinny but not quite. He was the quiet one of the bunch but had a great sense of humor. Mike had long blond hair and blue eyes, and he was a champ in between his legs. I had never seen his hard (I had seen Pete's hard before on a few occasions as we looked at Playboy and Penthouse together), but soft he was impressive. Surely it must have been six inches soft! He had a real cute face and you could see into his soul through his eyes, very expressive.

Jim was the little guy of the group. He was shorter and smaller than everyone, but he was the buzzsaw of the group. Super cute, with long brown hair and penetrating serious eyes, his body was small but perfect. His dick was just the perfect size for him and was just too cute. It looked like the kind that would get a lot bigger as it got hard and was just the perfect size to sink down your throat and swallow whole.

We all met over at Pete's house just after dark and sat down in the living room to do some serious drinking. Pete had found his older brothers stash of porno's and had put one in the VCR. It did not take a lot to get the group of us horny, we were ripe young guys and talked a better game about what we were getting than reality really was.

We drank for a couple of hours, talking giggling and watching the pornos. I couldn't tell on Jim or Mike, but I could tell that Pete had a hard on like me. We were all getting real drunk, when I brought up playing strip poker. Everybody laughed, but then Pete said OK and the other two followed, not wanting to be outdone by someone else in the group. We hunted up a deck of cards and formed a circle on the floor in the living room and Pete began to deal.

Numerous hands later, and pretty evenly, we had all lost some of our clothes. I had my jeans and underwear on, Pete was the same and Mike and Jim both had one sock left besides their pants. We were still hitting the booze pretty hard and were even drunker now than when we started. Everybody laughed it up as someone lost and had to take another article of clothing off.

It wasn't long before Pete had just lost a hand and now after he took of his jeans all of us would be down to our underwear. Jim and Mike and I had already lost our pants. Jim had stripped his jeans off to reveal a very small pair of bright red bikini g-string underwear and a hard on sticking out from the front of them. The pornos were having the desired effect on him. Mike had slowly removed his jeans to reveal plain old white jocky shorts, but what was in them was not plain. He looked about half hard and was stretching the fabric on the white jockey's to the max. His dick was huge when it was hard. All three of us sat there staring at the front of his shorts for a while after he stripped off his jeans and stood before us in his tented underwear.

I had unceremoniously lost my jeans first and stripped them off as fast as I could so that I could hurry and sit back down so maybe no one would see my hardon. I didn't know if the other guys were hard yet and I thought sure they would somehow know that my dick was hard from watching them take their clothes off rather than the porno flicks playing on the TV. Of course they did not, but that did not make me feel more comfortable exposing my hard dick in my shorts to them, so I sat down as fast as I could after I hurriedly yanked my jeans off.

Pete now stood up and very slowly and ceremoniously undid the button on the top of his jeans. He paused for a moment and slowly lowered the zipper on the front, exposing the bright yellow fabric of his underwear below. All of our eyes were fixed on his underwear as he slowly slid his jeans to his ankles and pulled them off of his feet. We could not get a good look at his crotch to see if he was hard too until he stood back up. No doubt was he hard, but he made no attempt to hide it the way I had done. He thrust his hips forward and his dick was huge and sticking straight out in the front of his yellow briefs.

He stood there and almost posed for us for a minute and then sat down. It was his deal and he picked up the cards and said "well it looks like this is it. Somebody is going to lose their underwear this time. We need to come up with something to make this more interesting."

Like what" Mike chimed in.

"I don't know, how bout whoever has his underwear on last gets to make somebody do anything they want to."

"Anything?" I asked.

Jim smiled and said "Anything it is".

None of us had any idea what everyone else's anything would be but the sense of unknown and danger appealed to all of us. Pete dealt the cards, slowly as if we were betting thousands of dollars on the hand. We all looked at our cards carefully and discovered that Jim had lost the first hand. He had to get naked first. He stood up and grabbed the skimpy g-string underwear and pulled them down. His hard dick slapped hard against his stomach as it was released from the red fabric. He dropped the shorts to his feet and then stepped out of them. He reached down and grabbed hold of his hard young dick and shook it at the three of us a couple of times before laughing and sitting back down, a little out of the circle.

"Well I guess it ain't me who decides" he giggled as he laid back on one elbow and exposed his hard dick for all of us to look at. Mike picked up the cards and dealt the next hand only to deal Pete a loser. Pete did not stand up, he merely laid back and slid his underwear down his legs and off his feet. His dick was also rock hard and was pointing straight up into the air. His dick was big! It was so cute I wanted to slide right over and put it into my mouth. Pete didn't say anything as he lost his shorts and exposed his over excited young manhood to us all.

I picked up the cards and started to deal. It was down to Mike and I and one of us was going to win, and be able to tell somebody to do whatever they wanted. It didn't take long for me to beat Mike at the last hand and he stood up and slid his plain jockeys off his thin legs. All of us let out a collective gasp as his dick unraveled from the fabric of his shorts and exposed itself to us all. He was two inches longer than Pete, and Pete had a big dick. Jim and I felt like midgets next to the two of them. Mike's dick was long and thick and there was a moist drop of pre-cum glistening at the end of his dick. He was turned on, obviously.

Now I had won. I was sitting on the floor with my underwear still on, but I also had a very hard erection between my legs. I was so turned on looking at these three naked guys that I thought if I touched my dick it would explode right there. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life and I was going to get to tell one of them what to do. There had been an undertone that the "something" would be sexual to match the events that had led up to it, but I didn't even imagine that it would be me, so I had given no thought to what I would ask someone to do.

I sat there looking at them and thinking and I knew that if I had just one wish it would be for Pete to suck on my dick while I looked (or more) at his dick. The other two there to watch was just gravy. I blurted out that I wanted Pete to lay flat on his back while I kneeled over him, and that he was to suck my dick. Pete looked blank as I said it and looked like he was going to back out when the other two chimed in and told him that he had to do it, a bet was a bet and it was his idea to start with. He hesitated for a moment longer and said OK and laid down on his back in the middle of the room.

I stood up and pulled my underwear down and kicked them off of my feet. My dick was hard and pointing straight out from the hair around my groin, and I was horny as hell. I walked over to where Pete was laying and stood above his head, and slowly lowered myself over his face. I paused there for a second and just looked at the big dick protruding from between his legs and sticking straight up in the air in front of me. That made me hotter, and I was drunk enough that I had no inhibitions anymore.

I reached down and grabbed my hard dick and pointed it straight at Pete's mouth and pushed forward until his lips were rubbing against the end of it. I rubbed it a few times over his lips and then he parted his lips and snaked his tongue out to lick over the end of my dick. This almost sent me into spasms, but I held out and pushed my dick into his open mouth until he had the head of it inside. He continued to run his tongue over the head of my dick in his mouth and slowly started to take more of it into his mouth. I was in heaven. Here I was sitting over my best buddy with my dick in his mouth and his dick was right in front of me and could not get any harder. Sitting right beside us was Mike and Jim, both of them completely speechless and hard as they watched my dick disappear into Pete's open mouth.

I found a new kind of pleasure as my dick completely slid into his mouth and I felt his lips brush up against the hair above my dick and his nose buried into my balls hanging above his face. I could not help the instinct reaction of pulling my dick out of his mouth and shoving it back in until it was buried all the way in. Pete reached up and grabbed hold of my hips and helped me pump into his mouth. Obviously he was enjoying this as much as me. But I got to look at his hard dick right in front of me while I pumped his face. Pete's mouth felt so hot and warm and smooth as my dick slid in and out. My dick could not get any harder, this was the hottest I had ever been in my life and I could take it no more.

I looked over at Jim, who's hard dick was jutting out from his groin and pointed straight up in the air. He was concentrating intently on my dick going in and out of Pete's mouth. A glance over to Mike confirmed that he was equally entranced. His huge dick was stretched hard up his stomach, reaching well above his belly button. The boy did have a big dick! But Mike was not just looking, he had reached down between his legs and cupped his balls into his hand and was squeezing and pulling on them as he watched my dick disappear only to slide out and back in again down Pete's throat. I swung my glance back down at Pete, and my dick twitched even harder as I saw his cute dick sticking straight up in the air, with a small river of pre cum dripping out of the end of it. Wow, the kid was getting into sucking my dick. He was hot, and very excited.

That was all it took. I felt my balls tighten up and jerk up against the base of my dick as Pete slowly slid my dick out of his mouth. As I plunged it back in, I erupted! I have never felt anything like that in my life. The pleasure was so intense as my dick gushed cum into Pete's eager mouth. He was swallowing it and was sucking hard for more. That just made me hotter and made me cum even harder. My eyes were screwed tightly shut with the intensity of the most explosive orgasm of my young life. I know I came for minutes and Pete just kept sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing and was getting into it as much as I was. I was oblivious to the other two guys sitting there. I not only don't know what they were doing, I didn't even know they were there. The only thing I could feel was the intense pleasure erupting from my groin.

I was almost delirious with pleasure when I realized that the orgasm had ended and I was dry pumping into Pete's mouth. Slowly I opened my eyes and saw Mike and Jim both sitting there with their hard dicks and their mouths open in amazement at what they had just watched. Obviously it was a turn on because their rock hard dicks were at attention as they watched, Jim just sitting there and Mike still holding and playing with his balls.

But the night was young. The pleasures to come were beyond our wildest young imaginations. My dick was still hard and Pete was still sucking on it, so I just continued to fuck his mouth with both of his hands on my hips pushing me deeper into his mouth for each and every thrust past his lips. I looked down at his crotch again and saw his pretty dick sticking straight up and just had to have it. I leaned over and took the head of his pole into my mouth. As I did he gasped around my dick in his mouth and thrust his hips up to force the rest of his dick in my mouth.

I was kneeling over Pete as he lay under me. My dick was pumping down into his mouth and his was pumping up into my mouth. This was real hot! I had wanted to suck on Pete's dick since the first time I had seen him naked in gym class at school. His cute dick hanging proud over his balls as he strutted around in the shower room and locker room, knowing that his dick was bigger than most of the boys there. Now I finally had that dick in my mouth and it was everything that I had dreamed it would be. It smelled good. It tasted good. It felt good in my mouth and against my tongue. I loved the taste of the pre cum that was drooling out of his dick. I loved having his dick stuffed in my mouth, and was oblivious to the other two guys looking on until I felt something rubbing on my ass as I pumped into Pete's mouth.

I turned to look behind me and saw Jim standing there rubbing his dick in one hand and my ass with the other. It made me even hotter and I sucked deep on Pete's dick with the turnon. Jim kept playing with my ass until his finger found the opening of my asshole and he slowly started to rub it. All the excitement and his finger was turning me on big time and I pushed my ass back against Jim's finger as I pulled my dick back out of Pete's mouth as I prepared to thrust it back in. My ass was twitching around Jim's finger, particularly when I realized what he was fixing to do. He was going to fuck me!

This was a thought that had never crossed my mind, and it scared me a little bit, but it made me hot too. I was flying so high getting my dick sucked on and finally sucking on my best bud's dick, anything sexual would have seemed exciting. But it got even better, because Jim took his hand away and replaced it with his dick to probe the opening to my virgin ass. His dick wasn't real big, but it made up for it in cute. My ass was itching for his dick when he finally reached down and grabbed hold of his dick and put the head of it right up against my ass and started to push it in. It hurt, but I was so hot I didn't care, it felt real sexy.

Jim shoved his dick all the way in, driving my dick deep into Pete's mouth before he pulled it all the way out and drove it back in again. He let out a low moan that told me that he was feelin real good! Me too! As my ass got used to Jim's dick sticking in it I started to feel better and better. This was super hot. But it was going to get better!

I was concentrating so much on Jim's dick up my butt that I didn't notice Mike kneeling down in front of me between Pete's legs until he reached out and grabbed my head and forced it down even farther on Pete's dick. He played this game for a minute and then reached down and picked up Pete's legs and put them over his shoulders. This drove Pete's dick even deeper in my mouth and drove my dick deeper into Pete's mouth. It changed the angle on Jim's dick going in and out of my ass and created a whole new sensation.

But right in front of me, as I sucked away on Pete's dick, was Mike's huge hard dick. I had never seen anything so big and it was hard as a rock. Just looking at it up close and personal like this would be a major turn on, but watching that big stick while I was having my ass plowed and my dick sucked, not to mention sucking on the sexiest dick I had ever seen, was fucking unreal. And it got better as Mike spit into his hand and wet the tip of his dick before pushing it up against Pete's small virgin asshole.

Mike was impatient and shoved his big dick right up into Pete's ass. This made Pete gasp, clearly even though his mouth was stuffed with my dick. Pete arched his back off the ground, which only drove Mike's dick deeper into his stretching asshole. Mike threw his head back and opened his mouth to let out a low growl as he buried his huge dick up Pete's ass. Wow this was hot, watching Mike's big dick bury into Pete's young ass as he pushed Pete's dick deep into my mouth. Not to mention the pressure of Pete's mouth forced around my dick by the thrusts as Jim rammed his dick deep up my ass with every thrust.

All of a sudden it seemed that everyone was unconscious as far as everyone else was concerned. Everyone was caught up in the pleasures they were receiving. Pete and I getting a double dose, both in the mouth and up the ass, and Mike and Jim pumping away at our asses. Who would have thought when we started out tonight that all of us would be completely connected by our dicks! Everyone was pumping away and it was obvious that none of us were going to last much longer. The view I had of Mike's dick sliding in and out of Pete's slim little ass was more turn on than I could stand, and I felt the cum start to churn in my balls and rise to my dick. Pete was fixing to get a mouth full whether he was ready for it or not.

But he beat me to the punch. Before I could get off Pete exploded in my mouth and my throat was filled with the pungent boy juice that erupted from his young hard dick buried in my mouth. That was more than I could stand and I started to unload in Pete's mouth just as Mike started to yell out loud that he was cumming and started to shoot up Pete's ass. Jim was not to be left out and hollered out that he was cumming too. I could feel the cum pump out of his dick and up in my ass. It was hot and wet and was filling me up. I could hear Mike's dick sloshing in Pete's ass as his cum filled the little ass and made a pool for Mike's dick to slosh in and out of.

All four of us was unloading our pent up loads into each other. Pete and I filling up at both ends, taking each others cum in our mouths and the other boys jamming their loads and their dicks up our ass. This was the ultimate hot! I was so excited that I almost blacked out from the pleasure as our orgasms seemed to go on forever.

Finally all four of us slowly stopped pumping and just stopped. All of our dicks were still buried in their respective hole, but all of us were completely spent and none of us had the energy to move.

Mike was the first to react and pulled his dick from Pete's ass making a loud slurping sound and he did. I watched it pull out and saw all of the cum dripping from his huge dick as he pulled it out. Jim did the same and it felt like someone had just taken a baseball bat out of my ass. God I felt good! Pete and I just collapsed beside each other and all of us just sat there staring at the others with our wet dicks and big smiles. Little did we know that this was just the beginning.