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Ian Roberts

Friends of the Heart
A story by Ian Roberts

Chapter 2


Thanks to G-Dad I’m an early riser and so is another part of me. I had to piss like mad. I was like squashed up against the wall because my bed is really only for one person and I shared it with Sven last night because he needed a friend and I needed a friend too. I really like Sven. He is so funny sometimes. I wish he were gay because I think I really love him. Oh, well, he’s not so no use dwelling on it. I think my g-dad would have been proud of me helping him by just really listening. So now I had two friends, Sven and Alex.

I eased out of my bed got my towel and toiletries and went off to the bathroom. I had to pee so bad I forgot to lock the door and my dick was so hard there was no way I could take the time to aim. I turned on the shower stripped and got in. There was no shower curtain I didn’t care at that moment I had to pee and what a relief! Ahhhhhhh! I soaped up and seeing as my dick was hard and it had been two days since I last jacked off I found myself moving my hand slowly back and forth along my hard dick. It felt so good. I was lost in the feeling on the verge of spewing and then something happened. The door open and this woman in her twenties I’d guess walks in. So there I am with my dick in my hand looking horrified and shooting cum all over the place! She has this shocked look on her face but then she smiles and says something in French and promptly closes the door locks it, walks over to the toilet raises her skirt and squats to pee. Still chatting quite cheerfully to me. I turn away from her I here the toilet flush and she says goodbye and points to the lock and leaves. I run over to the door and finish my shower.

When I got back to the room Sven was awake. I got dressed while he’s doing whatever in the bathroom and then we both head out for breakfast. As we pass the concierge’s office the concierge, a woman in her forties, says something to me in French, Sven talks to her and they both start laughing.

Sven is laughing so hard he can hardly tell me what she said. “She, ha-ha, says ha-ha, that ha-ah, she hopes you enjoyed your shower, ha-ha, and she hope you ha-ha cleaned it up!”

I went bright red with embarrassment! God! Is all of Paris going to know I jacked off in the shower this morning?

Half way up the street Sven was laughing - it was sort of funny I guess and then I started laughing too. “Sven, I was so embarrassed!”

“Well, according to the lady you don’t have anything to be ashamed of she said you were pretty well endowed in that department.”

I blushed and that began another fit of laughter from him.

“I’m sorry, but you’re so damn cute when you get embarrassed! “

“Gee, thanks.”

Then quite seriously he said, “Jason, thanks. Thanks for being there for me last night…looks like I’ve got a new best friend. Thanks. I’ll never turn my back on you…” he giggles, “unless I walk in on you in the shower!”

I punched him in the arm and laughed, “Asshole! Just rub it in!”

“No thanks, I’ll rub my own!” he giggled.

“Eeeewwww, your disgusting. Dude I’m out of here!” I took off and then I saw that the café wasn’t opened. Only the bread shop and Cinq Billiards.

“Hey, croissant and café au lait - my treat!” he said.

“Cool!” as I followed him into the bread shop. I stood there amazed and stared at everything. I had never been in a bread shop. The smell of fresh baked bread had captured my senses as I stood there sniffing the air like an animal catching the scent of something delicious to eat. It was such a pleasant smell and my stomach must have thought so because it started growling. So, loudly that Sven began to giggle.

“Your are so funny, Jason.”

Then my eyes spotted the lady behind the counter. She smiled. I blushed.

“What?” asked Sven.

“That’s the lady,” I whispered.

Sven said something to her in French. The lady laughed and Sven nearly split his split his sides laughing while stood there red faced and not knowing exactly what they were laughing at but also knowing it was about me. We left the shop and went next door to Cinq Billiards where I had coffee.

“So what are you doing today?” asked Sven.

“I need to learn French, you know like in a school.”

“You need to enroll at the Alliance Françiase,” said a British voice from behind me. It was Ian.

Sven looked and a scowl appeared on his face. He remained obviously silent.

“Oh, why thank you Ian,” I said turning around and looking up into his face, “care to join us?”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to have some coffee,” he said and ordered his coffee.

I could feel a lot of tension between these two.

“So, how was the party, I’m sorry I cut out on you guys but I just sort of felt out of place.”

“I don’t know. I didn’t go…”

“Oh, I hope it wasn’t because of me cutting out.”

“Well, yes it was and no it wasn’t. I owe you both an apology. Sven, because I purposely occupied his attention - you know give a child a ball and,” a smirk appeared on Ian’s face and a slight smile appeared on Sven’s face, “ and I saw you stop following us and said nothing…I’m afraid I was a bit jealous of your talents and well, here I wrote this for you, he said as he handled me some sheets of paper.

“You, you wrote this for me?”

“Yeah, you drew a picture of me so I owed it to you.”

I was sincerely touched; I really had to control my emotions. “But I was just being a smart ass.” I felt a tear roll down my cheek and Ian’s hand came up and brushed it away.

“Well, are you going to read it? Or just stare at me all day?” he smiled.

I immediately started reading it. I was about me and it was so well written and communicated with so much feeling I knew if I didn’t do something I burst into tears or something. So, I did what comes naturally for me; I hugged him, which totally surprised him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Nobody has ever done this for me before. You’re the best!” I said and then released him from the hug.

“Well, it wasn’t that good,” he said shyly.

I reacted. I grabbed his shirt and yanked him over within a few inches of my face with my fist poised for a punch in the face, “Ian Roberts, don’t you ever let me hear you degrade or invalidate yourself again! Or this fist will bloody well find its target on your pretty face! You are the best! You’re as talented in writing as I am in my art and possibly more talented than me. Do you understand me?”

He nodded and I released him. We smiled at each other. I handed the story to Sven to read as I drank my coffee. Ian watched in silence and sipped his coffee.

“Bloody hell, Ian! I never knew you could really write. Jason’s right you are damn good!”

I saw Alex enter and called to him, “Alex! Come join us!” I could see a little tension between the two. “Alex! Guess what? Ian wrote me a fantastic story!”

“Well, it’s not…” Ian started to say. I looked at him my eyes narrowed and my fist beginning to double, “It’s not that bad Alex, in fact, “ he smiled at me, “It’s bloody good!” At which point the three of us Sven, Ian and I started laughing. Poor Alex had no idea as to why and Sven had to explain.

“But what was really funny was seeing this pip-squeak Yank grab someone the size of Ian,” Sven laughed.

Sometimes my body just turns against me because as I retaliated against Sven’s remark saying, “Hey! I’m no pip-squeak!” my voice broke and I squeaked. They laughed and as they laughed I saw Dieter and called out to him. He seemed really shy. Alex made room for him to sit next to me.

Everyone read the story and complimented Ian and you could tell he was in seventh heaven. Then Sven brought up my shower incident and I blushed again as everyone laughed. There is something about Dieter that makes me feel nervous and I get like butterflies in my stomach when I look at him. I really want to be his friend but I guess I’m scared he won’t like me. That was the whole thing last night I was really only upset because he ignored me. He’s really quiet right now and I wonder if it’s me. Maybe he doesn’t like me. Maybe I should leave and let them all have their fun. I mean they have all been friends for a long time and I’m just an intruder. Ian shook me out of my thoughts.

“Okay Yank. Now be honest, how old are you?”

I looked at Sven who had a mischievous look on his face, and then at Alex who was patiently awaiting my words. I couldn’t look at Dieter I was too embarrassed.

I took a deep breath and sighed, “I’m fifteen. I’m sorry I lied.”

“Hey, it’s no big deal, besides it’ll do me good to have a little brother.”

“He can’t be your little brother because he’s my little brother,” argued Sven. The two of then proceeded to argue over who owned me as a little brother. It was so funny because they were acting like a couple of little kids. Then Alex spoke up.

“Boys, this can be handled quite simply.” The two stopped to listen, and Alex reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a folded letter. “This document clearly states and I quote ‘That due to having been caught in the showing wanking by Madame Eleriche, commonly know by said youth, Jason Phillips, as the bread lady is hereby place under the guardianship of said Alexis Schaumberg, a righteous gentleman of superior intelligence’ unquote.” Alex delivered this little speech with a completely straight face. The three now argued which was making us all laugh. I wondered if Dieter would say anything but he didn’t and in fact had said little or nothing. I knew that he didn’t like me and although I was enjoying the antics of my three new friends I was increasingly upset by the complete lack of attention or friendship from Dieter.

“Good gentlemen, please, hear me!” I spoke, “Tis with grave heart that I must inform you that I can not be thy brother nor thy ward and decreed by his grace, the king. Yes, my great ancestor, Louis Francoise Du Bolouge Jean Rapheal Phillips, having saved King Louis of France a vast sum of money, did on that day of June 30th state that no ancestor of Louis Francoise Du Bolouge Jean Rapheal Phillips could ever be adopted as brother nor held as ward to anyone who can not demonstrate skill and agility in the art of swordsmanship against the child from the linage of Louis Francoise Du Bolouge Jean Rapheal Phillips.”

“What a load of codswallop!” laughed Ian as we broke out in laughter.

“Oh, look at the time! I’ve got to get to work,” said Alex. Within a few minutes he’d said our goodbyes and see-you-tonights. Leaving me alone in the bistro. It had been a great morning because I had three new friends - I knew they all liked me except for Dieter. Try as I might I couldn’t shake the disappointment. I guess I had been staring and looking into my empty cup of coffee for a while when I realize someone was standing there in front of me. I looked up to see Dieter. He looked like he’d been crying.

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