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Ian Roberts

Friends of the Heart
A story by Ian Roberts

Chapter 5

The next morning after a light breakfast Claude wanted to take me shopping I told him he didn’t have to pay I could pay for myself and we got into a bit of a heated argument nothing serious but after the first shop wouldn’t accept my debit card because I was too young he paid anyway. So I guess he won after all.

He is so much like my g-dad. He gets so impatient whereas I like trying on everything to make sure that it fits and feel right.

“OH! I give up! You are so much like Michael! So picky! I am going for a walk I will be back in twenty minutes!”

I was like my dad he said. It made me feel so good - I don’t know why it just did. I hugged him. “I love you papa”

Twenty minutes later he return and I was in the dressing room. “Papa, I think I have the right combination. I hope Dieter will like me in this. Open the door and tell me what you think - Tell me if you think Dieter will love it!”

The door opened and I was busy checking myself out in the mirror when I heard, “I definitely love what I see.”

“Dieter!” I exclaimed! I turned around. He looked so beautiful and he was smiling at me.

“Did you miss me, my love?” he asked and I threw my arms around him and hugged him.

“It was like waiting a million years!” I looked into his face and then we kissed.

“Jason, I love you.” And we kissed again much more passionately.

“Okay, okay Dieter, he may be your boyfriend, but he’s still my brother. Hey! Bro how ‘bout a hug?”

“Sven!” I broke off my hug with Dieter and hugged Sven.

“There other two ARE PROBABLY ENGAGED IN ANOTHER LIPLOCK!” Sven said in a loud voice.

“Blimy! Sven just announce it to the whole world!” laughed Ian.

I darted out the dressing room door and ran over to Alex and Ian and hugged them both and by this time tears of joy were running down my cheeks. I was so excited. I looked over at Claude. “You knew!” I said.

“He planned it,” said Alex.

I ran over to Papa Claude and hugged, “Papa, what life has taken away from me it and you have given me back twenty million fold!”

“Everyone! This is my papa Claude Lamartine, I will tell you all the most fantastic story of how we met yesterday. Papa this is my Bro - brother, Sven Petersen, he’s a sculptor and this guy with red hair is my British cousin Ian Roberts, the world’s greatest writer, then engulfed in his arms is my guardian angel, Alex Rhineheart and finally the one person that makes my life worthwhile Dieter Rosenberg, gorgeous fashion model.”

We all left the store and returned to the hotel.


This is a day I will have to force myself to enjoy. Why so sad? Why so depressed? Because my life sucks - it has for the last two, almost three years. Tomorrow would have been our anniversary…would have been…Michael’s and mine, but now he’s gone - fate or whatever you fucking want to believe in took him from me; killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver.

I first met Michael when I was seventeen. I was an exchange student going to a US high school and I stayed with Michael and his family. I loved him from the instant I met him and it was the same for him but neither of us admitted it for almost a year right before I was to return to France and exactly twenty-years ago. We were apart for the longest year of my life until he joined me in Paris to study at the Sorbonne. I’m not going to say that our life for those first four years was perfect. It wasn’t - well not for Michael anyway he had always had a difficult time accepting himself - accepting that he was gay. So, we decided to part for a while well he did anyway it was a difficult for both of us. But I had to set him free. I promised I would remain true to him until he said he would never come back. Three months later he returned. He had tried life with a woman and as he said it was okay except that it lacked two things love and me. Later he admitted to me that it was a nightmare. After that we remained true to our love, ever faithful, ever true. I think we were an unusual couple because all of the other gay guys we knew would hop from bed to bed or to put it more crudely from butt to butt. Thank god we never did.

The only thing that ever got in our way was he would occasionally get very moody over leaving his dad. They had had a vicious argument before he left and he walked out never to return. Well after twelve years the canker sore called Dad had never healed and I insisted after a bit of an argument (that’s an understatement) I insisted that he communicate with his dad and try and handle the situation.

I will never forget the look on his face when he read the first letter he had received from his dad in twelve years. The tears flows like the Hoover Dam had released its waters through his eyes. The funny thing is he had missed reading the postscript his dad written his first few times through reading the letter. The letter was beautifully written and was a fantastic healer of the sore that had troubled him for all those years. I think reason he had missed it was that he had dropped the last page on the floor and a photo and with him lying in my arms on the couch neither of us saw it until we started to get up. The photo was of a boy of eleven in full fencing gear sans mask, an absolutely beautiful boy that looked like Michael, in fact I thought it was a picture of Michael.

“Oh my god! Claude! I have a son!” I think for Michael that was the happiest moment in his entire life. It was knowledge that he had a son.

He was a different man altogether on hearing that news and then followed the last letter he received from his dad Sam. Sam had said that his son Jason had asked to see him and to spend the summer with him and if things worked out then maybe longer. Sam knew that his days were numbered, which was sad. His descriptions of Jason were unbelievable to say the least as I said to Michael “The old man must be fantasizing.” He laughed and agreed. We agreed to meet Sam and Jason in London. Then a week later Michael was killed and the meeting with Sam and Jason never took place. Sam was at the funeral but he left Jason with friends in London.

The boy not having known his father didn’t see any point in attending the funeral. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like had Michael lived. Would we have a son or would his son have decided not to live with us because we were a gay couple. I guess I will never know. I never heard from Sam after that. I wonder how he and the boy are doing? I guess the boy must be about fourteen now.

Well, I managed to get through yesterday, today Michael’s and my anniversary shall be my last I can endure this life any longer. There is no fairness in life and I don’t care to continue it all my affairs are in order and so this being my last day alone I shall spend it going to Michael’s favorite places.

“Bonjour, Mr. Lamartine, your table is ready for you. It is a very pleasant day I must say,” said the waiter.

“Thank you, Tomas.”

“You sound so sad today, sir, I shall make you a breakfast to remember!”

“Thank you, Tomas. I just miss Mr. Phillips, my companion.”

“Yes sir, we all miss him. But I think today you will have a nice day. It’s just a feeling sir and I don’t wish to boast sir, but I trust my feelings!”

I had finished my meal, which I’ll have to admit was excellent when I felt someone starring at me. I turned and nearly died right at that moment. I saw this young boy who looked so much like Michael that I almost screamed out Michael. When he smiled at me my heart melted because I’d never seen a smile more like Michael’s. His eyes were different from Michael’s almost sad but not. I wondered if by some quirk of fate this was Michael’s son.

“Tomas, that boy is he American?”

“No sir, I believe he is French, his accent is definitely Parisian and that’s where he told me he was from. He has been drawing a picture of you, which is incredible! Would you like to speak to him?”

I hesitated a moment and Tomas decide for me.

As soon as I heard him speak I knew he was from Paris and he confirmed that by saying he was from Paris. I thought it was a mean trick because here is a beautiful boy who looks like Michael and even his name is the same as Michael’s son, Jason and yet he is French. Yet he is so polite for a teen in this day and age and a fantastic artist. I could sense the pain he had had to endure when his grandfather died and he is such a kind boy wanting to know about Michael, a complete stranger…I have no idea why I I accepted his offer to walk along the beach perhaps it was because he was so much like Michael…maybe Michael is watching over me and this his way of being with me today.

If I were to walk along the beach I needed to change my shoes so I suggested we could go to my hotel first. I hope he didn’t think I was some kind of pedophile. I mean he sort of made a joke out of coming to my hotel.

When we got to the hotel room I heard him say in English “Oh Wow! What a view!”

He was American. My heart I’m sure skipped a beat I would ask him more questions but I had to go to the bathroom - too much coffee. When I came out I hear someone crying in the bedroom. The site that I saw I will never forget…Jason was crying. He was Michael’s son! I couldn’t believe it but it was true. I could no longer hold back my own tears my own loss of Michael and I took him in my arms and he held on to me as we both cried out our sorrows. As he calmed down I lay him down on the bed and cuddled up behind him. After a while he fell asleep in my arms and I found I could not let go of him. He was Michael’s son and he needed someone and right now that was me…and I needed him. “Thank you Michael. Thank you for bringing your son to me. I promise you I will love him and take care of him,” I said silently to Michael.

Today has turned out to be the very best day of my life since Michael died. I lay here with my son…yes my son in the next room sleeping.

I thought of the descriptions Sam had given Michael and I two years ago. I laughed because I thought the man was getting too old and living in a fantasy world. How wrong we were because Jason is a fantasy that is real. He has a look and air about him that simply oozes love and care for others. I remember Sam’s statement, “When Jason walks into your life you will feel like you have always lived in the darkest cavern and now that Jason is there life is a bright sunny spring day full of love and care.”

I could not express it any better myself.

To watch Jason talk of his friends is such a site. You can feel his joy and his caring for his friends and that is nothing compared to when he talks to Dieter. I knew I had to do something special for him and his friends and me too for now I find that my greatest pleasure in life is doing things for him because I get so much back from him. It’s hard to really express what I am experiencing because I have never experienced anything like this before!

Before dinner I spoke with Dieter while I sent Jason to wash up for dinner.

“Dieter, I know that you will probably think me a crazy old man but this boy has totally changed my life from almost the moment he walked into it. I cannot believe what is happening or what happened but to cut it very short Jason’s father were life partners and mates for life - Michael died two years ago and then today by accident I met Jason and we decided that had Michael lived I would have also been his papa so somehow I now find I have a new lease on life and new responsibility as his papa. Does this sound totally crazy to you?”

“If it were anyone other than Jason I would definitely say you were a prime candidate for the asylum, but I think Jason is - well he’s very special and I am totally in love with him and want to spend the rest of my life with him,” Dieter laughed. “If I am to catch the train I need to leave soon.”

I then told Dieter of my plan to surprise Jason. Dieter was to miss the train and I was going to pay for his flight from Paris to Nice and also for the rest of the ‘gang’ they would stay here at my expense for a celebration. When he asked what we were celebrating I told him I had no idea but we’d find something.”

I guess I cried for a while after Jason left. I had to let him go and just know that our love was strong enough for him to come back. I knew he had issues to handle because he never talked about his life prior to Paris unless it was when his g-dad was with him. His g-dad had raised him since he was a baby and I could always see the sadness in his life connected with g-dad’s death. I once asked him what happened between the time when his g-dad died and when he arrived. He avoided the question and when I pressed it he went cold and stern and all he said was “I died and was reborn in Paris. Any other questions.” I guess everybody has their little secrets.
I walked up to the café to find the gang there. They all looked at me and I think they pretty well knew something was wrong. Ian didn’t look too good either.

“So?” asked Alex.

“He’s gone,” I said just above a whisper, “to Nice for a few days but...”

I looked at Ian and the news hit him really hard but the tears trickled down his cheeks, “I’m sorry, Dieter, it’s all my fault.” He began to cry. Alex put his arms around Ian and Ian buried his face into Alex’s chest and wept.”

“No, Ian…it’s just something he had to do. He told me to tell you he was sorry for teasing you and that he really loves you and Alex and Sven and as soon as he sorts himself out he’ll be back.”

“How can anyone so perfect have anything to sort out?” asked Ian.

“Nobody is perfect, Ian, not even Jason,” voiced Sven, “I mean what do any of us know about Jason and his life before Paris? I’d say Dieter knows the most because I know Jason is so in love with Dieter. It’s only logical that he would confide in Dieter more than the rest of us. So it doesn’t surprise me that he has some issues to sort out but I don’t think it is issues he has with us so much as issues with himself and his past.”

“Does he ever talk to you about us?” I asked. Ian’s eyebrows rose. “Ian, I’m gay, okay and I’m totally in love with Jason and I know that he loves me.”

“Oh, duh, Dieter! Like it’s not obvious, I just didn’t realize that he felt that strongly about you…mind you now that I think about it I guess it is obvious that you are the center of his universe.”

I was surprised that Ian didn’t make some nasty remark about me being gay and the comment about me being the center of Jason’s universe rally surprised me.

Sven had this knowing smile upon his face.

“Okay, Sven out with it! You’ve got one of those looks again.”

“It’s just something that happened a short time ago. He said he saw a gay couple walking down the Boulevard Saint Michael and it got him to wondering about things like when they get married is there a bride and groom? Or is there a groom and a groom? And where do gay people get married? I asked him if he was planning on getting married to Dieter? Oh, man did he blush - crimson!” laughed Sven.

I could feel myself blushing.

“You think that he has issues with being gay?” asked Ian.

Sven looked at me and then smiled, “No, I don’t think so…I think the only issue he could have is with you.”

“With me? Why?”

“Because he loves you and he’s a little nervous that if you knew you’d hate him and he told me if you hated him he would be devastated.”

That answer made an impingement because we could see Ian holding back the tears.

“I could never hate him.”

We all talked for a little longer and eventually I went home. I think we all missed him even though it had only been a few hours. I know I did.

The early the next morning I got a call from Alex.

“Did you know Jason left the key to his room? I found it on the bed.”

“No. Maybe it fell out of his pocket?”

“I don’t think so it was inside the pillowcase.”

“Oh…hmmm. He said something like if you all miss me too much just have a look at my stuff.”

“Well, I’m going to work half day today, I’ll be back at noon then maybe all of us can go have a look.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you at the café.” I fell back asleep until about ten and arrived at the café around twelve. I had a strange calmness and I knew Jason was doing okay. I’ll be honest there has always been a ‘connection’ with Jason since the time he show me how to draw. I would always know when he was having a difficult time and he seemed to always know the same with me. He was hundreds of kilometers away from me but I just knew that things were okay.

We all went to Jason’s room. None of knew what to expect as Alex unlocked the door.

As the door opened an envelope on a piece of string hung at the entrance. Alex took the envelope, which was address to ‘My Friends’ inside was a note, which Alex read out loud:
“Hey Guys! Welcome to Jason’s gallery of fine art. Ian, now you know why I had to share your bed - really I’m not kinky - haha! I didn’t have any more room in my tiny gallery - there are exactly 43 paintings on display (one for each flea!) So this is your own private showing because most of the paintings have to do with you guys. I think you will be able to tell which one is my favorite. Well, enjoy the gallery and come back as often as you want…I will be back. I love you, Jason. PS. For best results turn on the light switch! Duh!”

I gasped as the light went on for straight ahead of us was a painting of Jason and me. It was the only one framed. The picture was Jamie with his chin resting on my shoulder and the moment when I looked at him. A small nameplate gave its title ‘Loves first moment’.

We all probably spent two hours in that tiny room, laughing, crying and joking around.

With our spirits heightened we returned to the café where Sven said, “Okay, trivia time! Who knows what G-dad stands for? Ian?”


“Ehehehehe! Wrong!” exclaimed Sven, “Alex?”

“I would have said the same as Ian.”


“G-dad - means Great Dad. When Jason was six all his friends would talk about their dads he knew Sam, his grandfather, hated being called grandfather so he came up with the name g-dad short for Great Dad. Okay here’s a question: What is Jason’s favorite music group and why?”

“Pet Shop Boys! Cuz he like to shake his boody!” laughed Ian, “And I swear he has a cute boody! What’s his favorite song by that same group?”
“’It’s A Sin’,” said Alex, “I will never forget when he and Dieter danced to that in the square. Dieter I meant to ask you how many hours did you all practice?”
“About twelve hours.” Of course, I didn’t say that it was the closest I ever came to jumping his bones. We did this one part, which was so erotic that it was evident that we both were very hard. Jason looked at his crotch and said, “I think we should cut that part. Not a good thing to happen in front of an audience.” And then giggled.

We messed around until six and I think we were all waiting for Jason’s call, which didn’t come at six or seven. The others were worried but I wasn’t. Ian was nearly crazy!

“He’s your boyfriend. You should be worried! It’s eight o’clock!”

“Look, Ian I know my boyfriend and if he was in trouble he would have called me at six. Something good is happening. I just know!” At that moment the phone rang and Ian jumped to answer it.

Finally, when I got to talk, Jason was so excited and he tried to explain about meeting this man Claude who was now his papa, which sort of worried me because there are a lot of people who would take advantage of Jason - he is sometimes very naïve, but when I spoke to Claude I realized Claude had now been Jason-ized and he proceed to tell me his plan, which was to fly all of us down here for the rest of the week and he would pick us up at the airport he gave me his credit card number and all the data we needed to order the tickets over the web.

We arrive in Nice the next morning around 10:30 and Claude met us. Claude had left Jason at the store and I laughed!

“Oh! So you’ve been shopping with Jason before!” he laughed.

I guess on the way to meet Jason we all pretty much gave Claude the third degree. He was so cool. He told us some about Jason’s father and how he and Jason met and the fact that Jason totally changed his life, which he had come to Nice to end. There was still some sadness there but the was also a new happiness which I guess I was willing to share with him called Jason. I really liked him. Ian was the only hesitant one as usual.

When I heard Jason’s voice coming from the dressing room my heart rate quickened, and my stomach turned and my eyes watered and after only one day of not seeing him or touching him. I opened the door and I have no idea what I said - he was so beautiful! All I remember was being in his arms again and kissing him. He was so different, so relaxed and calm, well calm for Jason, but his kiss was what was different - it was like there was nothing held back, no embarrassment or shyness. It was the most incredible kiss of my lifetime.

This was a fantastic meeting with all of us. For me very emotional and seeing him hug Claude and calling him papa, I really had to suppress my tears and I could see Claude was pretty choked up too.

When we got to the hotel Claude had a room for Jason and I one for Alex and Ian and Sven would share with Claude.

Jason and I went off to our room. It was a fantastic room with a king size bed.

“It’s nice in Nice,” Jason said in English, “Dieter, isn’t the view terrific from here. I’m scared Dieter. I’m so scared that you won’t like me, but I have to be honest with you because I know if I’m not then what we have will not last…and I want it to last forever.”

“Come on let’s lay on the bed and cuddle and you tell me everything you want to.”

We got comfortable. I was cuddled up behind him.

“First of all I’m not fifteen yet.”

“I know that. You are fourteen and your birthday is Sunday.”

“You knew?”

“Yes. I suppose you want to know how?” I asked and he nodded, ”Well, remember once when you first stayed at my apartment and uh, walked in on you. I got a good look at your private area and I noticed that there wasn’t much hair there…and later I checked your passport. It never bothered me.”

“Sam knew he was dying. He never told me directly, but he sort of prepared me. I was thirteen when he died. I had to go live with my mother and her family. They weren’t at all happy except for the money they would get as long as I was living with them. But one day I went to a dance and the result of that and the fact that the boy I danced with kissed me my half-brother threatened to tell my parents and made school hell for me I was beaten up or push around nearly every day. Then…then he threatened me…”

Moments passed and Jason said nothing. I knew he was silently crying. I held him a little closer to me.

“Jason, it’s going to be okay. Come on tell me what happened?”

After a long silence he continued, ”He said he could make it worse for me at school or better but…but..I had to give him a blowjob. So, I did. I did it ever day after school and then he wanted me to do the same to his best friend. So I did. I got to where I didn’t want to go home finally one day I just said no. I didn’t care what he did…so I got beat up at school again but that was nothing compared to the beating I got at home. He had taken a picture of me giving his friend a blowjob and gave it to my mother. That’s when I found out my dad had been gay. Well, I got beaten. So bad I couldn’t go to school. Well, they didn’t want me to go because they knew I would tell on them and they would go to jail. I went to school anyway. What normally took me twenty minutes to walk took me two hours. I went to the hospital for three days. They went to jail and my brother went to detention. I went to foster care, which wasn’t great, but it better than living with them.”

Jason rolled over so that he was facing me. “I didn’t want to do it…and now I don’t know if I could do it with you…the other night when I pushed you off me. I was scared you’d make me do it. I know it’s not normal. I know you want to…” He looked at me for a couple of moments. “Maybe I should go…” and he started to get up.

I didn’t let him get up, “What you have to pee or something?”


“Then lay you little ass back down because were aren’t finished yet.”

He lay back down facing me.

“Understand me. I…love…you. If you think sex is the only thing I want then you need a reality adjustment.” He smiled and I kissed him on the lips. “But if you didn’t have this problem I’d be all over you and I will admit I want to have sex with you but it’s not paramount and I know if we take things slowly we - I said WE will get through this. I want to be with you for the rest of our life and if there is another life after this one then in that one too!”

“So, young man unless you want to leave me then get back here and never, ever leave me!” I laughed.

Jason smiled his most precious smile and jumped on me!

“I love you and I will never leave you again…except to go to the bathroom and put on some music!” Just as quickly he was putting on some music - what else but his favorite Pet Shop Boys.

“What are we going to do dance?” I laughingly asked.

He got a quizzical look on his face and smiled and wiggled his eye brows as he commence to dance the most erotic dance I’d ever seen or imagined and began stripping in time to ‘I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing’. “Take your clothes off babe,” he said in a low sexy voice. I complied. Just watching him I was so hard and he had this totally sexy smile. What Jason could do with his body when he danced would make John Travolta look lame. The song ended and NYC boy started playing at which point he came over to the bed and laid his naked body down on top of me and we started kissing passionately. He body started gyrating against me in time to the music rubbing against my hard dick up and down I was going crazy and began pushing up against him. The song came to an end and then the song changed to ‘You Choose’ and he slowed to the tempo of the new song as continued kissing my neck, my chest my lips. Slowly, slowly driving my body into ecstasy. He was really into creating such sexual pleasure without doing the things he didn’t want to do and kissing me so passionately.

I’ve know Jason for over six months and one things I always notice is when he does something - it’s like he puts all of himself into it and right now he was doing just that and there was no doubt in my mind that he totally loved me and all of this was for me and my pleasure. The feel of his body and the fact that he was creating the most sensual feeling in me I knew I was going to cum any second and suddenly I knew he was about to cum too. The next song played.

“Oh, God! Dieter! I’m cumming!” he exclaimed. And with that I felt his hard penis tensed up and the felt the warmth of his boy seed as it was expelled and that was all I needed to push me beyond the edge and I erupted shot after shot of hot semen releasing and mingling with his cum between us. We lay there for a few minutes gently kissing each other. “So, did you feel the deal?” he giggled.

“Mmmmm. Jason, you - you are so fantastic! I’ve never experience anything like that. Will you be mine forever? Be my life mate?” I asked.

“Yes. Forever.” He said and then kissed me and we lay there for another five minutes before either of us spoke.

“Want to take a shower with me?” I asked.


I don’t know where I got the idea to do the erotic dancing but it worked it was tight! I loved the feeling of Dieter naked body against mine and when we both came at nearly the same time it was great!

We got all horny again in the shower and he started to go down on me but I wouldn’t let him because I knew I couldn’t return the favor. I think he was disappointed in me. I got out of the shower.

“Jason, come back.”

“Why, I’m clean and I hate taking long showers,” I lied.

“That’s a lie and you know it. You just don’t want me to make love to you.”

“Not that way.” I said as he got out of the shower.

“Why? I love you and I want to do that,” he said taking me in his arms. Instant hardon! He was driving e crazy with his kisses and began sucking on my nipples and I was massaging his penis, which was leaking precum. His penis slipped out of my hand as he lowered himself to my raging hardon and began licking the head of my penis and pushing the foreskin back with his lips - it felt so good and I wanted more and I began fucking his face just like my half brother had done to me.

“NO!” I screamed, “I can’t!” and I push him away from me. His face looked so hurt. I turned and left the room quickly grabbed my short and put them on and left. He was saying something but I wasn’t listening as I ran down the stairway four flights down to the lobby and out of the hotel. A minute later I was running along the beach and ran until I couldn’t run any further and collapsed on the beach. After a short time I got up and started walking. I walked for a long time just thinking about everything and feeling worse about life and myself. I was tired so I took a nap and only woke because I was getting chilled. It was night. I got up and walked back to the hotel.

Sven was the first person I met of the group. “Hey, Bro, have a nice walk? Want to sit and talk?”

“No. I’m going back to Paris getting my stuff and leaving for Italy.”

“Hey cool! Mind if I tag along! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and you’ll have nothing to worry about because for I’m your Bro!”

“So he told you what happened?”

“Yeah. Well, he was more than a little upset by what happened.”

“Yeah, well he wasn’t the only one! I told him I couldn’t do that! Why did he try and force me? Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it! I’m leaving and that’s that!”

Sven shook his head.


“I never took you for being a spoiled American brat. He knows he did wrong and you handle it by running away. I’m glad I’m not in love with you.”

I said nothing. Damn him! I knew he was right and I was wrong. Some times when I know I’m wrong and I know I’m being as he says a spoiled American brat I can help but crack a smile.”


“Bitch,” he laughed.

I hugged him and went to make up with Dieter.

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