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News and stuff - Well, I had a few people ask me when I was going to continue this story - well been busy. Hey for those of you who haven't seen the movie Beautiful Thing you're missing a great gay teen love story. I downloaded it the other day (imesh.com) After having heard about it a year or so ago. Fantastic movie!

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Ian Roberts

Friends of the Heart
A story by Ian Roberts

Chapter 6


Not long after we returned to Paris I moved in with Papa Claude. He was turning out to be a real papa. I had my own room and computer and internet connection. His place was awesome…he and my dad were very well off. I think Dieter was a little disappointed that I didn’t move in with him but I think he sensed I needed a father in my life or he’d become the father. Claude was fairly relaxed in his rules if Dieter wanted to sleep over it was fine but we just had to keep the moans quite. He insisted I finish my schooling so I signed up for home schooling over the internet, plus Claude insisted I learn investing. He said my dad, Michael, was an expert. Little did I know but Claude who managed all my dad’s financial affairs had secured my inheritance in a bunch of common law trusts - at that time I had access to over ten million dollars.

When I moved in I told him I was willing to pay rent, which got a look of disapproval. “Where are you going to get the money, you are fifteen, you have no job.”

I tossed him my bankbook, which showed I had $55,604.23. “Plus I have my paintings.” He hadn’t seen them so I took him to my mini gallery. An hour later he met me in the café. Papa was enthralled with my paintings.

“Jason, I know you want to pay rent, but I am your father now and it would be wrong of me. Besides I have more money than you could imagine. Allow me this privilege,” he pleaded and I gave in.

I continued my studies and painting, but spent more time with Dieter. Our sword fighting shows continued. I loved the show we put on for the locals the crowd had grown to at least a hundred people. There were now fiver of us, Sven, Dieter, Alex, a new boy Andrew and myself.

Thr locals loved the show we put on even though Andrew was pissed off with me but I didn’t care because I don’t like him the only reason I agreed to him being in the show was Dieter asked.

I didn’t like Andrew because he was always flirting with Dieter and Dieter was lapping it up.

Over the next two months they became closer friends despite my efforts to get him out of our lives. Dieter would say I was being paranoid when I would tell him that Andrew was trying to split us up and I had to continue to put up with him at our weekly show. I found I was spending more time with Sven. I loved watching him sculpt.

“You almost cut me, you little asshole!” Andrew said in English with his South African accent.

“Yeah caffer? Maybe you should practice; I’ve seen twelve-year olds better than you. Next time pick some old fart from the crowd to be your opponent! Don’t try to fence at my level you’ll loose! Meanwhile go suck somebody’s dick you’ll be happier.”

I think he would have punched me if Sven hadn’t come between us and pulled me out of the way. Andrew who is 6’2’’ would have pulverized me if he could but I would have got in a couple of lucky punches.

“Well, I heard that’s your stock and trade especially with your brother!” He said under his breath.

I instantly broke free from Sven and rammed him in the gut with my head knocking him over and knocking the breath out of him then I pounced on him sitting on his chest and proceeded punching his face as hard as I could until Sven and Ian pulled me off of him.

“What the hell is your problem!” yelled Dieter.

I glared at him and then said, “You told him! You fucking asshole! I hate you!”

Instant shock when it dawned on him what I meant. I turned and left.

Dieter ran after me as I hurried along my way to the metro.

“Jason! Please let me explain.”

“Dieter, there is nothing to explain. Clearly you guys had a good laugh about me. I told you to break off communication with him. I warned you that his only purpose was to split us up. Well, you didn’t listen, so I guess that’s what you wanted. You chose him over me. I never stopped loving you - it’s time for you to get on with your life without me. Good-bye.”

“No. No. Please. I’m sorry!”

I took off running. I knew he’d not even try to catch up. I arrive home and of course Papa was waiting for me as I stormed in door.

“What happened?”

I told him what happened. It’s funny I thought I’d be crying over breaking up with Dieter but I wasn’t well not until a little later and Papa was there for me. I told him I wanted to leave Paris for a while and go to Italy or some place warm for the winter. We decided on Sicily. The next day I went to say good-bye to Alex, Ian and Sven. They told me how devastated Dieter was. I pretended I didn’t care and feigned excitement over going to Sicily or Sardinia and maybe I’d meet a wonderful Italian boy who would accept me for me. I knew Ian would pass my comment on to Dieter. I gave them all a hug and left.

I was half a block away when Sven caught up with me. He smiled, “So, when do we leave and how do we get there?”

I looked at him and didn’t know what to say. I never even thought he’d even consider going.

“Look Ian and Alex are a happy couple and I’m like a spare wheel or something and besides life just won’t be life without my bro around! And also Paris in the winter sucks!”

We hugged. “22:43 train to Napoli. You want me too come help you pack?”

“No. I’ll be over at your place by 19:00. Can Papa Claude buy the ticket and I will pay him when I arrive?”

“Sure, no prob.”

When I got home I told Papa about what happened and that Sven would be joining us he just smiled, a knowing smile.


“Nothing.” He smiled again.

“Papa!” I whined, ”Tell me!”

He laughed. “It’s obvious!”

“What?” Whatever was obvious to Papa was not obvious to me.

“Sven is in love with you.”

“Papa, we are like brothers. I’m his little brother; he’s my big brother. That’s all.”

“Have it your way…”

I hate it when he does that so I stuck my tongue out at him and went into my room.

My phone rang, callerID said it was Dieter, I debated whether to let it just ring but at the same time I wanted to tell him I was leaving. I think because I wanted to make him feel worse.


“Please don’t hang up,” he cried.

“Okay. I promise I won’t hang up, at least until you have to say what you want to say or it gets too late. I have to get to sleep early.”

“I love you.”

“Well, you certainly have an interesting way of showing it! Telling my deepest secrets to all and sundry. Gee, I feel so loved. NOT!”

He began crying harder and my heart was breaking…”I’m sorry Dieter, I’m not in the greatest mood. You probably always needed someone like Andrew not like me. I’m too screwed up I’m the gay who can’t be gay. I’m leaving tomorrow. I don’t know when I will be back probably spring. I need the time to paint and study and grow up. For a while I hated you, at least two hours, but I realized I’m just too young to be in a relationship.”

“Please give me another chance.”

“Not today. But maybe when I get over it but not now because I don’t trust you. I’ll write you and you think over whether you really want me as a mate…a one and only mate who I can trust and who can trust me…if you do then you figure out how you repair my trust in you. If you can’t do that then you’re just another horny male model.”

“I do want you and only you!”

“And you expect me to believe you. ‘fraid not!”

“But how can I prove it!”

“That’s your problem, not mine. I wasn’t the one who told that slime ball about me. You’re the one who wanted to keep him as a friend.”

“So, I got to finish packing – I’ll write. Anything else?”


“Well, then please hang up because I promised you I wouldn’t hang up on you.”

He hung up and I cried. Why? Because he didn’t say goodbye or I love you.


When Jason came in to the café and said that he was leaving Paris for I while I felt instant sad. I know he’s always be enamored by Dieter and Ian but I also know he likes me as a brother and I have felt the same…well not really the same but it was is the only way I can let him know that I like him. I think if I were better looking he’d be in love with me. It’s just as well because he’s the wrong sex and too young for me!

All I know is I like being around him because he’s fun to be around and we’re best friends and there he goes possibly walking out of my life forever. Ian and Alex were looking at me with smirks on their faces.

“You know Ian if I loved someone I would never let them walk out of my life,” said Alex.

“Go. Go be his friend and one day the two of you will realize that you were meant to be together,” Ian said to me.

I ran after Jason and caught up with him. I was so nervous I don’t really know what I said to him but I know I had to go with him.

We hugged! And he said ‘Yes’ so now I have to call my parents and go to the bank and pack.

We hugged and he said ‘yes’. I’ve always loved it when he hugs me. I know I don’t show it but it’s always because…well it’s because I never wanted to come between him and Dieter. I’m so confused about myself right now. I mean I’m not sure that I’m not gay. I don’t think I am…I don’t look at guys and get a hardon! I just like being with Jason, he’s my best friend…he’s almost my only friend that I can confide in. Jason is my catalyst! That’s it he’s my catalyst! It is like I come alive when he’s around and he inspires me to work on my sculpting and he says he loves my work. Now I know he’s being honest because once I sculpted a sort of modern art thing and it was sort of not that good and he looked at me and said, “You’re joking, right? I hope you’re joking because that is so far from your best that I won’t even comment further.”

One of these days I will show him a sculpture of him just a head and shoulders of him. It’s really pretty good; I’m just shy I guess. I spent weeks getting it just right. Sometimes, I know it’s childish; I talk to the sculpture like it was really him. I’ve told that sculpture every secret about me and all my goals and desires. I just wish I could find it in myself to tell him those same things I told Jason the sculpture.

I arrived at their place with my bags and money. And so much hope in my life.

“You look nearly as bad as I do,” Jason laughed.

“I didn’t get any rest - too busy packing and cleaning up going to the bank.”

“Yeah, me too. I cried half the day I think, but I think I’m over it. I did a lot of thinking bro.”

“Yeah, me too sans crying. Well, maybe a few tears - when I dropped a hammer on my foot.”

“Oh! Poor Sven!” he giggled. I love his giggle he is so damn cute when he scrunches up his nose.

We left for the station and soon were on our way to Italy, via Zurich then Bologna, Napoli and from Napoli to Palermo, Sicily by hydrofoil. We had a sleeper from Paris to Zurich - it was really only a double but Claude figured Jason and I could share one bed. We got in bed by eleven and by eleven fifteen I was asleep. We arrived in Zurich right on time at 06:20.

I had never been to Switzerland or Italy and the trip from Zurich to Bologna was spectacular Jason was already trying to learn Italian saying “Bella! Bellismo! Sven, it is so beautiful all my senses are on overload! Papa when we come back can we drive and take a year or two so I can paint it all!”

“Sure!” laughed Claude.

I really liked Claude from the first time we met in Nice. I think we stayed up half the night talking about Michael and Jason and his life with Michael. He as had a wonderful life. A few heartaches but from the time he met Michael it was full of love. I was thinking he knew I was in love with Jason. I sometimes during this trip has seen him looking at Jason and myself because we joke around a lot and just generally goof off. We both have a habit of just sitting down and starting a conversation with a complete stranger. I know I’m five years older than Jason, but I still act like I’m a kid and sometimes think like a kid and I think that Jason is more mature most of the time so we sort of balance out. I also know he is only really fourteen.


Seeing Jason and Sven together to me was a far better match than he and Dieter. I never really trusted Dieter but not for any particular reason. I hope that episode of Jason’s life is over. Sven is so patient with Jason, in ways like an older brother but not. I know he is five years older than Jason but that’s not that much. He is funny to me because he tries so hard not to show how much he adores Jason…and I think Jason is beginning to realize the gemstone he has in Sven. Loyal, honest and giving, but then Jason introduces me to Angelo.

Angelo is Italian, a very good-looking Italian boy who happens to speak French but with a terrible accent! I did not like him instantly. He was to shifty-eyed, too covert, and too similar to Dieter except worse. Poor Sven, I could literally feel his heartache, but he said nothing and acted his normal comical self…

We have lived in Sircusa, Sicily for nearly nine months and still Jason does not see what I see. There have been a string of potential lovers he has gone through each time he breaks up with them there is still one person who is there by his side, the ever patient Sven.

Sven is so intelligent. He has been learning investing from me and has caught on very quickly he’s a natural at this business because he doesn’t get emotional about it. It’s strictly business, cold logical business. I have tried to talk to Sven about Jason and his love for him but he insists that Jason is like a younger brother. Today, I got angry with him.

Jason has yet another boy on the line who he is madly in love with. It makes me sick. It was really making Sven sick and I could see that I could feel it.

“I wish Jason would stop seeing Roberto,” he sighed. My god! The first time he’s ever spoken out against someone Jason was ‘in love with’, “he’s just going to get hurt again. All Roberto wants is Jason’s ass. I’ve watched him eyeing Jason. I swear every time Jason bends over the guy has to adjust himself!”

“I agree you should tell Jason. I don’t like Roberto either; I just don’t understand Jason, he’s looking for that special someone to make his life complete and he doesn’t even see that what he has it right in front of him.”

“You’re not going to tell me again that…”

“You two are so stupid! You especially! You spoil him! I know you really love him and yet to lie to me and give me this bullshit about brotherly love! Don’t you see it he’s looking for someone like you! And I know deep down he loves you and why he doesn’t just tell you that and why to don’t tell him that I don’t know!”

“Claude! It’s not true! He doesn’t love me like that! He loves me like a brother, because that’s all I am to him!”

“And is that what you want? Is that all you want in life is to be his brother?! Answer me!”

“Fuck you, Claude!” he yelled as he ran out of the room crying. I knew I was right! Now maybe he’ll do something.


I couldn’t believe Sven. He told me to dump Roberto. And the things he said sounded more like a jealous lover than a brother. I don’t think Roberto is a bit like he says I think he’s the one…the one I’ve been looking for. I was walking down the street towards the market when I spotted Roberto with a tourist I guest she was a woman in her thirties quite attractive. I stopped. She was obviously trying to pick him up as I saw her hand caress his cheek. He kissed her hand. I decided to find out exactly what was happening and ran up to them.

“Hey, Roberto!”

He looked surprised, “I thought you were going to see old ruins with Sven and your papa?”

“No, plans changed. I thought I spend the day with you instead.”

“Well, sorry to disappoint you but I am otherwise engaged.”

“But I thought you…”

“What you think is stupid stuff! I’m not a gay person how many times do I have to tell you! You’re a nice kid but not my type, I prefer women. I don’t understand this boy madly in love with me and I’m not in the slightest bit gay like him,” he said to the lady, “Later, kid.”

I was shocked and pissed off. Damn, Sven was right!

I was on my way back and I guess I’ll have to apologize to Sven. He was right and I basically told him to keep his nose out of my business and I know it upset him. I don’t know why I treat him that way - I guess it’s because I wish he were gay. I wish he really did love me like Claude keeps trying to convince me of, but we’ve talked and it’s just brotherly love.

I loved it the other day we went to see this ruin and he explained to me how the Greeks were here and he called the ruin a simple Doric structure and went on to explain what Doric meant we spent three or four hours imagining how it was like and mocking up things like the Romans and Arabs coming here to conquer. He was a world of historical knowledge that I had never encounter he showed me how they sculpted the various statues. I asked him did he study that all in school and he said some but most he just knew or figured out. I understood that because I experienced the same thing in art.

I got home and went into Sven and my room and found him packing. I was already to tell him he was right again, but I saw him crying.

“Sven, what’s wrong?”

“I’m packing. Now just go find Roberto and talk to him and I’ll be gone by the time you return.”

“He doesn’t love me you were right again, Bro.”


“Tell me what’s wrong?” I was getting worried he was really going to leave.

He just kept on packing. I went over to him and put my arm on his shoulder. “Bro, come on, please tell me. I said you were right as usual about Roberto. I was wrong. You were right. Bro, you’re always right!” I force a laugh.

“I’m not your Bro! I’m not your brother and I can’t pretend any more! Okay! I’ve got to go cuz I can’t, I can’t go on pretending I’m something I’m not!”

“NO! Sven you can’t leave me! Please! Please, I’ll change! I’ll do anything! I love you!”

“No. I’m going because there will always be another Bill, or Roberto or Dieter, but …never, never a Sven, never me.”

“NO! It’s always you! But you’re straight! I keep looking to find someone like you but that is gay like me!”

“I’m not straight! I love you! I have since that first day!”

“But you said you were!”

“I know. I thought I was and then I realized I loved you and if I loved you then I must be gay.”

“Why didn’t you tell me!”

“I wanted to and then when I worked up the courage you were in love with Dieter. I-I wanted you to be happy and you seemed so happy at first…I couldn’t stop loving you…I needed you in my life; you were my catalyst. What could I offer you? I couldn’t complete with the Dieter’s of the world - I’m not exactly model quality. Anyway, I better go…”

“You dumb Swede!” I said tackling him and he fell onto the bed with me on top of him, “I love you! I’ve loved you ever since that first night we spent together when you told me about Johann. I thought you were straight. I love you!”

“You-you, love me. Really, love me? More than a brother?” he asked as it slowly soaked in.

“Oh, way more!” I said as I gently kissed him on the lips. It was a simple kiss, but that was the most wonderful kiss I had ever experienced.

“You mean all this time you’ve love me and I’ve loved you and we never knew how each other felt?”

“We are both so stupid! Claude tried to tell me but I just figured he was a hopeless romantic!”

“That’s why I was leaving…Because he tried to tell me you really loved me and knew that it was more than just being brotherly love!”

We started laughing so hard we were crying. But then that ended in a passionate kiss. I couldn’t get enough of him and I wanted all of him. I unbuttoned his shirt as he unbuttoned mine, neither of us saying a word. We both knew what we wanted and that was each other. I peel off his shirt and took off mine and commence kissing him gently on the chest and then teasing his nipples and driving him crazy before I worked my way down to his navel meanwhile undoing his jeans. I pulled them off.

“Take yours off too,” he said softly.

I smiled and did as he requested and pulled off my boxers too. I stood there totally naked. He slipped off his own underwear and I crawled back on him and we commenced kissing again and I worked my way down to his penis. I started licking along his harden but so soft, soft skin. I pushed his foreskin back revealing his cock head, which I kissed gently. He pulled on my leg and I move to a sixty-nine position. I wanted to do this and my past inhibitions didn’t seem to matter or stop me as they had with the others. As I made love to Sven he made love to me. I could tell that he was building to a climax and so was I and then it happened - oh! Did it happen! We both came and came and came at the same time. I swallowed it all as if were precious nectar from the gods. I switched around and we kissed letting the remaining traces of our love juices co-mingled. “I love you, Sven and definitely more than a bother!” I giggled.

“Jason, I love you and I will always love you.” We lay on the bed in the after-glow of our first time to make love. Neither saying anything. I remembered the first night we spent together when I had my arms around him…I giggled.


“You remember when that woman interrupted my shower?”

“Oh, yes, that was funny.”

“Well, when I was jacking off - I was thinking about doing what we just did. I was thinking about making love to you.”

“You know what the idea of you in the shower naked was a part of so many fantasies.”

We lay there a while longer then he giggled.

“What?” I asked.

“I sculpted a statue of you, just the head and shoulders.”

“You did? You never told me!”

“I was to shy…I used to kiss you good night every night.”

I thought that was so sweet. “Oh, that is so sweet. I love you so much. You’ll never have to kiss that statue again, because now you have the real thing.” I kissed him and we made love again and this time was even better.


“Yes, my love.”

“Will you go with me to Sweden, tomorrow? I want my parents to meet you, uh, their future son-in-law.”

I looked at him. I couldn’t speak. I hugged him and kissed him as my tears fell upon his chest. Finally, I managed, “Yes.”

“Good. Then let’s get up and take a shower and go talk to Claude.”

We had sex again in the shower, got dressed and went to see Claude.

As we walked into the living room holding hands Claude smiled. Sven had a smile across his face that wouldn’t stop and so did I.

“You were right Papa Claude,” he said looking at me and giving my hand a gentle squeeze, “I’m so sorry for what I said to you!”

“No need for apologies, my boy, seeing you to together is enough for me.”

“Well, I have something to ask of you,” said Sven.

“Sure, what?” Claude replied. Sven let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“I would like you son’s hand in marriage, sir.”

Claude sat spellbound as tears rolled down his cheeks. “Oh! I’m sorry, me a grown man crying! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!” he reached out his arms to us and we ran to fill then.

Claude took us all out that night to celebrate he even let me have a glass of champagne. We had an early night - meaning we got back home early. Our, meaning Sven and myself, flight to Stockholm was around ten a.m. Flying to London first then via Swissair to Stockholm. We only made love once that night as we were both worn out.


I had to call my parents after we talked to Claude to let them know that Jason and I would be arriving tomorrow evening. To say the least I was nervous, even though I knew my mom had probably known I was gay. I never came out and said mom I’m gay. Jason was sitting right next to me. I knew he was a little scared in case they hated him.

“Hello, Mom.”

“Hello son. It’s good to hear from you. How are things going?”

“Really, good Mom! Really good…uh, yes, really good.” I was chickening out as Jason would say.

“How’s your friend, Jason?”

“Oh, he’s is really great Mom, uh, he’s here you want to talk to him.”

“You sound a little nervous, son, what’s up?”

“Here Talk to Jason.”

“Hello, Mrs. Petersen. This is Jason.”

“Yeah, he is a bit. Yeah, me too. Uh…uh…yes ma’am…I am. Yes, ma’am. Yes.” Jason was blushing. Oh, god! What was my mom doing to him? “Yes, more than anyone else. Yes. Thank you, I can’t wait to meet you too. No ma’am that’s why we’re calling. You want to speak to Sven?”

He handed the phone back to me. Then leaned in and kissed me.


“So, you love him?”

“Oh, mom more than anything in my life! How do you think Dad will take this?”

“You’re his son, he’s known since Johann died that you were gay and it didn’t bother him then why should he mind now and besides we know you have been this boy’s constant companion for how long? Or at least wanting to be” she giggled. I was crying.

“Son, are you all right?”

“Uh-huh. It’s just I never thought Dad would be fine with me.”

“He loves you, he’s your father and you are his pride and joy - you always have been and always will be. Now, when do we get to meet Jason? And what is his last name?”

“Phillips. He’s American and he speaks French and now Italian fluently. He’s sixteen and lives in Paris with Papa Claude, I mean his dad.”

“Son, he was speaking to me in English so I realized he was American,” she laughed.

“Oh, yeah, duh! Well, we’ll be home tomorrow because I want you to meet you future son-in-law.”

“It’s that serious, huh?”


“And he’s serious too?”


“Well, you know your dad will give him the third degree? So, just warn Jason. You know how your dad can be?”

“Yes, ma’am. Well, we have to go eat and then pack.”

We said our good-byes and hung up.


The flight was great - we flew first-class, but the closer we got to Stockholm the more nervous I got and then we landed. At that moment I wanted to go back to Claude in Sicily, but I could see Sven was excited to see his parents. I thought it was neat. I was scared that they wouldn’t like me or worse hate me. When we got passed security to the baggage claim area was when Sven spotted his mom and virtually drags me over to meet her. She gave her son hugs and kisses and then turned towards me.

“You must be Jason.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said timidly.

“Well, Sven, I can see why you love Jason, he is gorgeous!” I blushed. Sven laughed and she laughed because she thought I was so sweet and I blushed again. Then she hugged me. “Jason, welcome to our family and thank you for making my son so happy,” she whispered in my ear.

“Thank you ma’am for having such a wonder son,” I whispered back and she kissed me on the cheek.

We got our bags and were soon riding to Sven’s home with his mom and dad. Sven and I sat in the back seat and Sven was holding my hand. I was so nervous because Mr. Petersen had said very little.

“When did you meet Sven?”

“Two years ago in Paris.”

“You must have been quite young, were you traveling with your parents?”

“No, sir. I was on my own, I didn’t have any parents at the time - well, none that I would claim.” He frowned and I could see the cogs turning, “I suppose you would like the whole story,” I said nervously.

I guess he saw something in my face and he smiled, “Yes, but only if you care to tell it now.”

Began telling them how Sam had raised me from a baby and that my dad was killed in an auto accident a week before I was to meet him. I told them about having to live with my mother and her family and about the beatings and my half-bothers actions against me. I don’t think either of Sven’s parents expected me to be so open and there were a couple of times I got really teary eyed and they noticed.

“I thought things would be fine, that I’d be able to live a decent life after they were in jail but two-weeks before I was suppose to appear with Sam’s lawyers against them I was threatened by two of my half brothers friends they held a knife to my throat and told me to disappear and not show up at the trial. I was terrified so I wrote to the lawyer and told him I was scared and I was going to go into hiding and why. Sam and I had a safety deposit box at a small bank and they were used to me coming in there alone without Sam…he had planned it that way…” a tear rolled down my cheek followed by another and another and another. I quickly tried to wipe them away. “I had a signed check for fifty-five thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars cash and my passport. I had the bank form for a bank wire to a bank and a debit card. The money the fifty thousand went to my bank account. I bought a ticket over the internet two days later and flew to Paris where I met Sven.”

No one said anything for a few moments. Sven gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

“Have you spent all your money?”

“No, sir. I’d spent almost all of the ten thousand when I met Claude.” I then explained how I met Claude and how much of a father he has been to me. “Anyway, Claude started teaching me about investing - that’s what he and my dad did, they were investors. Claude says that I’m like my dad picky. But I do alright I do some day trading but I like to roll things over on a monthly basis - I have a lot to learn before Claude will trust me with my dad’s portfolio.” I knew what he wanted to know and I thought it was funny - “I suppose he’s right dad’s portfolio is worth a lot. Sven what did we calculate it’s worth at?”

Sven smiled, “I think Friday it was worth six hundred and forty.”

“Yeah, six hundred and forty million US dollars.” Mr. Petersen’s jaw dropped. “Sven and I have a contest on,” I giggled, “which of us will reach millionaire status first, right now he’s got a narrow lead.”

“Narrow, my ass! Oops, sorry mom, ten thousand dollars is not narrow!” laughed Sven.

“You play the market, Sven?” asked a surprised but happy Mr. Petersen.

“No, Dad, we don’t play,” said Sven and he looked at me and in unison, “We work the market!”

“My papa says, playing is for children and non-serious investors,” I chimed in.

I had relaxed a lot since figuring out why Mr. Petersen was so inquisitive…I wanted to make sure his son was not getting himself into a situation where who ever he married drained his son of Mr. Petersen hard earned money. He realized that I was or would someday be worth way more than him.

Sven leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled because I saw Mr. Petersen smile at what he saw Sven do. Then I turned and kissed Sven on the cheek and he winked at me.

Dinner was great! And Mr. Petersen was now to be addressed as Erik or Papa Erik, which was my choice and Mrs. Petersen Mama Helena.

I knew Sven wanted to speak with his parents alone so I made an excuse and went to take a shower and get ready for bed. Sven whispered something to his mom and she giggled.

“You will be sharing Sven’s room right? Not the guest room?” asked Mama Helena and for some reason I blushed. Sven broke out laughing and so did Mama Helena. I stuck my tongue out at both of then and walked out of the room.

I puttered around in Sven’s room. I found a picture of two young boys one I recognized as Sven and the other I figured must have been Johann. He was a cute kid. Both of them were. I took out my wallet and looked at my pictures, one of my Dad, one of Sam and I and one of Merribear and me.

I had never showed anyone these pictures except Claude. I left my wallet open so you could see my private gallery of special pictures and went to take a shower.

I had just gotten into the shower when Sven joined me. “They love you, but I love you more,” he said and held me. I began to cry. I turned around and he took me in his arms. “My love what’s the matter?”

“Just hold me for a while, I’ll be okay in a minute or two.” He held me and I held him. “I love you so much and I never want it to end.”

“It will never end, I will always be here for you. Always. I will never leave you,” he said softly and kissed me. After a few minutes I could feel him getting hard and had to giggle.


“You horny boy you!” I said and kissed him passionately. We of course had sex and it was good. I love the feel of Sven’s naked body against mine, the heat the pressure, the motions, I love his penis whether it’s soft or hard - the skin is so soft and smooth, I love the softness of his ear lobes and the feel of his lips against mine in a gently kiss. I love the roughness of his cheeks when he hasn’t shaved. I love the feel of his balls as I gently lick them or suck on them. I love the taste of his cum and the feel of his tongue when he’s licking my balls or my nipples or my penis or when we are kissing. I love every physical part of him but most of all I love him.

As we entered the bedroom from the bathroom he spied my little gallery and we walked over to it.

“That’s Johann and you, right?” He nodded.

“Well, this is your dad, because he looks like and older version of you. He was good looking, besides I’ve seen Claude’s picture too. This must be Sam and you. And who is this boy on a bear?” He looked closely, “It’s you with long hair and riding naked on a bear! Aren’t they dangerous?”

“Yes. Sam loved this picture he called it ‘Bare boy on a bear’. Her name was Merribear, she was a brown bear. I was twelve years old. It was taken about two months before my dad died. Claude loves this picture too. I want you to have the picture and I want to tell you how it happened that I was riding naked on a bear.”

Well, we can end the story here or I could tell you about the ‘Bare boy on a bear’ - laters, Ian. Comments are welcomed. Email me. tlc_tlc_uk@hotmail.com .