Hello everyone, this is Justin Williams. I have written this story in my spare time. It is a fictional story based on things that happened to me, or to my friends... or just purely in my imagination. Do not read this material if you find underage intoxication offensive. Also I don't really keep myself from using vulgarities, such as the words: fuck, shit, cock, pussy, etc... But please, do not use these words in everyday situations, just in your mind. Hope you enjoy the introductory story submission.

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Friendships, Love and Sex

As the alarm clock placed on the other side of my room started ringing, I could feel the intensity of my sadness going through my body again as it did the previous night. My grandfather had passed away 2 nights ago in his sleep, and my grandmother killed herself not too long afterwards, which caused me to feel overwhelmingly sad, considering they were so in love. They had spent a good 40 years of marriage together, and they never seemed to get tired of each others company. They had the sort of relationship you hear about in fairy tales and chick flicks... Where they fall in love, get married, have great children, grandchildren, great careers, and create an unbreakable bond between each other.

The repeating loud noises that my alarm was making got me so frustrated and angry that I threw the book that I had been reading the previous night at it, causing it to fall to the ground and officially stop working. And I, of course, felt extremely silly and stupid while watching it fall threw the air and clunk on the floor.

`FUCK, I BROKE MY ALARM CLOCK!!!' I thought to myself

Anyway, I quickly got up, stripped and ran to the bathroom, considering I was already 15 minutes behind in my daily morning schedule, but, unfortunately, as soon as the warm water started hitting me, my brain went into off mode, and I think I stood in there for about an inconvenient 20 minutes. I soon realised how retarded I was acting again, and I quickly ran out of the shower to dry myself up and put in my contact lenses. Putting in my contact lenses was one hell of a challenge, considering my eyes were swollen from the crying I had done the previous night, and also the immense lack of sleep. But as soon as I was done, my mind went into off mode once again as I started to stare at myself in the mirror. I was really unattractive today, I thought. Every single strand of my brown hair seemed to be heading towards my left ear for some reason... probably because of the way I slept... and my eyes were small and surrounded by a thick purple patch of skin. Oh well... could always be worst, right? Well anyway, about 13 stressful minutes later, I had finally arrived to school, still socking wet from my shower and near total exhaustion.

As I jogged down the emptying boy's locker room, a few guys said hi, giving me friendly punches on my shoulder... even though in my drowsy state it felt more like whacks from a baseball bat. I continued to run around all morning until I finally reached my first period class, Spanish... GREAT WAY TO START MY MORNING!

Anyhow, my name is Braden McAndrew. I am 16 years old, and, though I might be `gay', I have never minded getting in touch with my masculine side and fooling around with girls. I have one of those new states of open mindedness where I don't really mind the sex, so much as enjoy Having sex. You could say that I am a good looking guy, even though I've never really seen myself that way. I could go ahead and say that I'm THE TOP NOTCH HOT GUY STAR PLAYER on the football team, but that isn't really true because I suck at football... my real talents are more towards public speaking and the arts... which is probably why I'm the student body president. The only reason I really joined the football team was so I could go workout in the school gym for free... as opposed to having to pay at another gym.

I am pretty popular... I don't know why. I hate A LOT of people in my school... most of them are really dumb. Example: `HAHA, HE SAID PENIS! HAHAHAHAHA!!' ...fucking idiots...

Alright, back to the story.

I suddenly ripped out of my day dream as my Spanish teacher asked me a question. God she was annoying. I looked up at her and I immediately noticed the horrifying mole under her right eye (weird place for a skin mole ay?). I sort of just looked at her for a little while, creating an awkward silence in the classroom, before someone started laughing at how terribly confused and tired I looked. Soon enough, the rest of the class started laughing. I just rolled my eyes and started doodling on my notebook, as I usually do.

After class, my best friend Lucas came up to me and gave me a good slap on the ass.

"Hey hot stuff. I'm enjoying the immense amount of energy you seem to be radiating today." He laughed alone at that and I immediately smacked him in the back of his head, as I usually do when he says something stupid.

"Yeah, I'm a fabulous bucket of sunshine covered in flowers and happiness." I said sarcastically, almost in the largest gay accent I could think of.

"Ah yes. The bucket. I love that big old bucket." He pinched my cheeks and puffed up his lips as if I was his child or something.

"Damn you're affectionate today." I commented while slapping his hands off my face

"Yeah, well, I didn't see you this weekend as I usually do. So I was feeling kinda lonely without you. Despite that Laurie wouldn't stop calling me this weekend... ha, what a pathetic bitch. She breaks up with me, and then she tries to call me cause she feels bad. What an idiot... Well anyway, it doesn't matter. So what were you up to this weekend that kept you so busy?"

"Uh well, my grandparents sort of died. So I was mourning I guess... the funeral is tomorrow after school, if you feel like going"

"... Shit, sorry man. I didn't know."

"naw naw, it's fine. At least they died together." I said thoughtfully

"Alright, well I'm definitely going with you to their funeral. We are best friends after all"

"Yeah, we are. Thanks" I smiled at him.

We soon parted ways because we had different classes to go to, giving each other a quick hug and running into our classrooms. I enjoyed how affectionate we were with each other (don't get any wrong ideas, it's never anything sexual. I might be sexually confused, but I'm not a pervert who crushes over his childhood friend either). Lucas was definitely hot though, if that's what you're wondering. He had crystal clear green eyes and a mix of red and brown hair. He was of Irish decent like me, but only half. He had light freckles across his nose, which were really cute and only noticeable from a close range. He was about 6', about the same as me, and I'm guessing around 165 pounds of muscle. Unlike me, he decided he would rather pay a membership at a gym, rather then to have to be around the stupid football jocks (not that football players are dumb, just that most of them are constantly trying to prove that they are as macho as a man gets, and it is really irritating)... (Yes, you guessed it, I am often irritated)

French class was really boring, as expected, which made it last an eternity. I was basically counting the seconds. You know, I've never really seen the point of learning so many languages, when all you really have to do is teach every single person on the planet 1 common language. It would make things so much easier for everyone. I'm sure if that were ever to happen, it would probably be English, Spanish or Chinese, since they are pretty much the most spoken languages in the world... NOT FRENCH, IT'S TOO HARD... Well actually, Chinese isn't any better.

Anyhow, once the long school day was done, football practice was in session. We weren't actually having a football practice, since the season was long over, and it was, in fact, winter. And if you knew the types of winters you get in Montreal, you would immediately know how terribly unlikely it would be that a bunch of teenaged boys are going to practice football outside in 5 feet of snow. So instead we were working out in the school gym, which was decently large for a high school, to break a little sweat and sexy up teenaged bodies.

Of course, most of the football players were half naked, trying to show who has the biggest muscles and despite my slight arousal by all the 6 packs and biceps, I still nudged if off by thinking of their lack of brain cells. I had seen all of the guys in the football team naked, and they were all pretty sexy, but I had always chosen brains over bronze, and they were definitely bronze... unless for a one night stand... which I haven't had the joy of experiencing yet.

I had spent most of the workout session with Andrew, my next door neighbour, and by far the nicest man you will ever meet. He is a year younger then us seniors, but he definitely didn't look it. He was 100% Stud, and 100% Saint. He was a member of every `make the world a better place' organisations in the school, an A student, and the Zeus of good looks. I remember having an instant erection the first time I saw him, which creeped me out just a little bit, since I was 10 years old (I was a very very early bloomer)... (I lost my virginity at 8 years old, which is shocking). I had a crush on him for a little while a few years ago, but I let it slide since he is in fact heterosexual. He is part of my very close friends that I always hang out with, consisting of 3 guys and 2 girls.

The 3 guys are Lucas, Andrew and Anthony (a really rich guy with a good sense of humour). The 2 girls are Maria (bisexual like me, but more into girlsJ. We dated about 2 years ago, but we stayed friends even after breaking up since I really enjoyed her company... and we were only 14, so its not as if we really took our relationship seriously) and Elizabeth (she isn't particularly attractive, but she has the best grade average in the school, and she has such a fantastic sense of humour that any guy would be lucky to have her. She is also part of the female hockey team.) We had all become friends the first couple of weeks after high school (it is called secondary school in Montreal... because of the Québécois French system... but it is the equivalent). It is bizarre that we all found each other, but we had immediately clicked as a group throughout the first couple weeks of high school, and our gang hasn't changed much since... except for the occasional boyfriend/girlfriend. We spent our weekends clubbing, chilling, intoxicating ourselves or just laying low and watching a few movies. I guess I am pretty fortunate to have such amazing friends. Yay!

So as I was originally saying, I spent the workout session with Andrew, and we walked back home together as we usually do since we are next-door neighbours. We talked about politics and my grandparents' funeral tomorrow, and he immediately proposed to come. So that will make 2 guests for me.

The next day, we all headed together to the Cote-Des-Neiges cemetery, and did the whole regular ceremony that occurs during those events. I have been to many, so nothing about it was new to me. I cried as expected, but Andrew and Lucas were there to comfort me, so it was definitely not that traumatizing. I always found it strange how a person's death can make people so sad, when it is something that will happen to all of us. I've thought about it many times, and I no longer fear dying, so much as I fear pain. I don't want to die in a horribly long and painful process; I just want to fall asleep, and never wake up. I've never believed in heaven or hell, not even as a small child, since I haven't been raised in a religious home... I believe that when we die... we stop existing for ever. It's sad, but it's the way I see things.

After the funeral, the rest of my week seemed to drag on forever, since it was the beginning of another semester, therefore the beginning of brand new subject matter, therefore... boring. Basically the only thing keeping me alive that week was the thought of the immense amount of pot and beer I was going to be ingesting at the huge party Anthony planned at his mansion for Maria's 18th birthday party (she is my bisexual friend for those who have already forgotten the characters names). He had planned to buy 4 kegs and quite a bit of drugs. He had gotten the permission of his parents (shocking, isn't it?) to have a party, since they were home so rarely anyway. Besides, if the guests trash the place, his parents will just buy some more furniture. (He is very rich). His dad is a merchant banker for many major companies (not sure which ones), and his mom is a lawyer in one of the most successful law firms in Canada. So you could say that they are always working, and that they really bring in the bacon. It is strange they found the time to have intercourse, get pregnant and conceive a child.

Anyway, I am going to fast forward to the party.

It is strange the amount of people who will break the law just to have a good time, and get wasted. I would think their would be a lot more... I mean, COME ON! I don't know many people who buy in to the bunch of bull shit that goes around marijuana, because it really isn't that bad. Sure you act like a toddler when you're on it, but it isn't as if you completely lose control of yourself. (For those who are very young, and who have never done it, DON'T DO DRUGS!). I know that drugs are very bad for your health, but I am a teenager, and it isn't as if there is much else to do in the city. So I got into that about a year ago, and I am having the time of my life. I have always refused to take any other drugs, mostly because they cause a physical dependency, and that is the last thing I want to do. Sure I want to have a good time today in the present, but I don't want to fuck up my future.

As soon as I entered Anthony's gorgeous house, I instantly got lost in the immense crowd and pounding music. I slowly made my way to his back yard to find some people to chill with. As soon as I exited the house through the backdoor, I noticed my friends all grouped up together in the Jacuzzi laughing like crazy with lit doobies in there hands. I immediately ran over, took off my clothes except for my boxers and plunged myself in the water with them. They all had extremely shocked and surprised looks on their faces, but they soon realised it was me and started laughing again.

`Yoooooo, watsup brotha!!' said Anthony with a slightly angelic voice

`Oh, I am fantabulous. I see you have all started without me' I answered back

`Shooo nooff, but don't worry man, we've got a bag full of the stuff... about 200$ worth man!' he replied

`Shit man! GIVE ME SOME!' I got really excited since that was a shit load of weed, and I was really acking to get baked since my week was terrible.

`Here you go' he said while throwing me a joint.

Soon enough, I was lit, and totally baked. (Warning: The next part of the story will be confusing due to my intoxication)

`YO, Dudes! I just had an epiphany man. Yoyoyoyo. *herm herm* Yoyoyoyo. Why are noses so big, when they don't have to be? All we do is breath with them, so why are they so big... air isn't big at all... huh... I am mystified Man. Man. Man. Man. MANCHESTERS!!! Hihihihihi' I said to the rest of my friends in the Jacuzzi.

Anthony, Maria, Elizabeth, Lucas and Andrew all burst out laughing at my lack of sense and at my intensity and seriousness when I said it.

`YO, Dudes! I just had another epiphany man. WE are the people from that 70's show man. I'm Hide (because I am so hypocritical and sarcastic), you Maria is Dana, because you are the only one who has common sense, you Lucas is Fezz , because you have no sense of what is politically correct, you Andrew are Kelso, because you are such a hot stud, ummm, you Anthony are Eric, because we always hang out in your basement man. And Maria is Jacky, because you are so damn fabulous!!! YO, WE THE THAT 70'S SHOW CREW!!!'

They all burst out laughing again because it was all so true, and they knew it.

A few hours, or what seemed like minutes, later, we all got out of the Jacuzzi, and started to socialise with the other people at the party. The drugs had worn out by then, so I had regained common sense. I made my way back to the dance floor, and headed for the kegs, grabbing myself a cup full of beer. I never had a chance to drink it because as soon as I turned around I bumped into what seemed like the hottest man to have ever existed.

That will be all for the introductory chapter. For the next bunch of stories, their will be less descriptions, and more guy/girl/sex talk.

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