The Friendship of Jordan and Alex

(t/t, oral, mast, 1st, anal, hs, slow)

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The rain poured outside as Jordan stared out in to the night. Just last week he would have been happy and ignoring the rain while he played video games or hung out with his friends. Tonight though, tonight he was alone. No one was home, they never were, and he needed someone to just hold him and tell him it was alright. He needed someone who could fix everything and make it so the world would understand how he felt. Nothing made sense anymore.

Across town, another boy stared out his window too. It was Jordan's best friend. He too needed something, but what he needed was different. He needed to know how his best friend for 10 years could just one day say 'I love you' and not understand that it crushed him. He didn't understand how he didn't see Jordan was homo. They both joked how homos were evil and full of sin. Alex started crying; he wanted his friend back but knew it could never be the same.

"Alex, are you in there?"

"Yeah mom, I'm in here."

"You haven't been out all week, why aren't you hanging out with Jordan and your friends."

"I just can't," Alex screamed as he started crying harder.

Amber walked in to her son's room and hugged him. "Want to tell me about it? No matter what it is I can help."

"I...well, um, Jordan flat out told me he loved me. I freaked out and I ran. I don't know what to do, or what to think."

"Oh, I see." Amber hugged him closer. "You were afraid you'd lost your friend. I understand how that can be shocking to you."

"Shocking," Alex screamed. "He's a homo, a dirty, sinful homo."

"Alexander Charles, I never want to here that word again out of your mouth! I taught you to be excepting of people differences."

"But mom..."

"No but mom, that is a hateful word. Now back to the task at hand; have you talked to him?"

"No, I yelled at him and left."

"I see, well tomorrow he's coming over for dinner and you are going to talk to him."

"Mom, you don't understand."

"Oh I understand young man; I understand you are going to talk this out tomorrow. End of story, but tonight we are having a long talk."


"Now, when I was your age I understood what Jordan was going through. I never told you this, and I should have, but your father and I were only married because at the time we had a social obligation. You didn't have children out of wedlock. We had met at a club. He was with his boyfriend and I was with your aunt Elisabeth."

"He was a ho...I mean he was gay?"

"Yes your father was gay, and so was I. Elisabeth and I were lovers."

"You were..."

"Yes I am a lesbian, but I was only with her. Even after she died, I have never been with anyone else."

"Derrick and your father were with her when the Trade Center fell. She was everyone's stock broker."

"I though that homosexuality was a sin and dirty."

"No, it is a beautiful thing when two people love each other. Love is never dirty. Alex I want you to know that I did care for your father, I won't ever deny that. We were best friends and we were so proud that we could bring a child in to this world. Also, Jordan is going through a lot right now. It's hard to tell your best friend that you love him and get shot down."

"I never thought about that. I never thought that any of my friends could ever be gay."

"I'm sorry; part of this is my fault for not teaching you the truth. I want you to understand that Jordan is still the same person inside. He is still the guy that beats you at Yu-Gi-Oh, and you beat at Pokemon."

"Okay, I'll try."

"Good night, it's late so don't stare out the window for too long."

"I won't, good night."

Jordan got up late the next morning, and almost started to cry again. The past week had been so hard yet you understood how Alex might feel. He too was disgusted with himself. He sat back down on his bed and wept softly.

"Honey, what's wrong," his mother asked hearing her son crying again today.

"I am; that what's wrong"

"Why are you wrong?"

"If I tell you you'll hate me too, it's bad enough that Alex does."

"I love you; nothing on this earth could ever make me stop loving you."

"I told Alex I loved him, I opened my mouth and out popped my admission to being a homo."

"You're right that some people may hate you for that, but I've known you were gay for awhile. Mother can just tell sometimes."

"How'd you know when I didn't?"

"I never saw you bringing a lot of girls home, you aren't real openly a sexist pig, and I knew. Also, Amber told me like two years ago."

"Alex's mother knows I'm gay?"

"Yeah, she does."

"She still let me play there?"

"Jordan, being gay is not bad. You're not going to hell, it isn't un-natural, it who you are. This is how the lord created you; deal with it!"

"I'm scared though"

"I understand; Alex will come around. I'm sure his mom talked to him about it already."

"Why do you say that?"

"Alex called this morning inviting you over for dinner so you guys could talk."

"Oh...I don't know if I can handle it."

"You will because you are best friends. I'll leave you alone now, just be ready to go at four fifteen."


Jordan sat there wondering how the night would go. He was so afraid of what might happen. Sitting there he fell back asleep for a while. He awoke again at two, and it hit him to pray.

'Dear lord Om and Lady Azna,
I ask for your guidance today. Help me to see the way to happiness.
Send the archtypes down to protect me and to lead me. I will give anything
to understand how to proceed.
Blessed is thy power, amen'

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