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Chapter two


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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
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This story is taken from notes and blurbs that I wrote down over the years so it may seem a bit choppy. I believe that all of the important parts are here so please read and enjoy the truth about My Life.

Chapter two
    "Shorts, jocks, shoes, and socks," yelled coach as he came into the locker rooms. It was weight training day. I had been gone all summer and had not trained at all. I knew nothing about the plays or the other players. I was sure that I would not be on the team. There was an error in scheduling.
    Tommy snapped my bare ass with a towel. I had not even seen him since last year. I rolled my towel and raised a welt on his ass as my ass caught fire. Coach was right behind me and got me good with his tennis racket. "Waffle butt!" rose up around the room. I looked around and everybody was pointing at my ass. I looked over my shoulder and could just make out the impression of the racket strings. "Waffle butt" stuck with me for the rest of my days in highschool, that and brick head. I'll tell that tale another time.
    We lined up around the walls of the wrestling/weight room. Ten benches were set up as well as ten sets of dead weights. I looked and saw various weights of eighty to one hundred and fifty on the dead weights. The benches all appeared to have about the same. As we waited somebody made a big deal out of my cut body. I hadn't really noticed. I was led over to the wall of shame and stared at one buff dude in the mirrors. I was ripped. I explained working on the farm all summer. Several guys whistled and most of them squeezed my biceps. A few ran their hands down my pecs and abs. I did a little coquette and bent my knee, "Oh you guys. You get me all goose bumpy." That got me a lot of cat calls and slaps on the ass.
    Coach walked into the room and came right to where I was. He stopped and stared at me. He walked around me. Somebody said, "Farm boy, all summer." Coach shook his head. "Next summer, all of you, farm boys." Every body moaned and gave me a dirty look. "Let's see what the farm did for you then." I walked over to the one fifty barbell and picked it up, one handed, then set it down. "Don't ever pull a stunt like that in my school again. You will lift properly and with care. I won't have you getting hurt."
    "Coach, a hundred and fifty pounds is less than a bale of hay. I have bucked three hundred bales a day, one handed, onto a truck five and a half feet tall. These weights are nothing to me." I hoped he wouldn't call me on my lie. Hay, even green alfalfa doesn't weigh near one hundred and fifty pounds, though by the end of the day they feel like a ton each.
    "Do you remember how to do push ups. Let me see a hundred." Okay, so I am and prick, but you know what? If you turn me around I'm an ass hole and I proved it. I did fifty pushes up on my left hand then fifty on my right hand. I did twenty on hand stands then fifty on my thumbs. I was tiring but I kept on with another thirty regular pushups as I called them off loud and strong. The coach ignored me but the class was getting a good laugh out of me.
    "Put three hundred pounds on that bar." Coach told two boys. I walked over and started to lift. Coach was in my face. He instructed me on the proper lifting method. I took the weight to lock and set it down, quietly. "Add fifty." I lifted and set. He waved his hand. I felt the burn but locked and almost set but dropped the last foot. He made the class back up as he waved for fifty more. I pushed and finally locked then I dropped from about chest high. He patted my back. "Very good, show off. Cool down."
    Before class was over I pressed five fifty. He took me to the scales. I had buffed up. Dad had not had me home long enough to do a physical. I was at one hundred and fifty pounds and five foot five. I was only fourteen. I would be a bull at this rate. I had to slow down. Somebody threw a tape around my right arm. I flexed. Fourteen inches. Lots of whistles. The tape went around my chest. Thirty inches. My waist was twenty my ass was twenty five. My shorts and jock went down and I was being stroked. I looked around. Coach had his back turned. I couldn't help it, a fucking junior had a hold on my dick and was stroking me good. I was boned in a minute. The tape came out and down my dick then around. Seven and a quarter by five and a half, uncut, was called out. Coach looked at me and smiled.

    Coach worked me stupid, but I was on the junior varsity team as a back up wide receiver. I loved the game and though I couldn't play I got a lot of practice time in. I was pretty widely accepted by the team with only a few jealous remarks from some who just couldn't cut it, but blamed everyone else for their tiny peters. I mean anyone could see what a man I was with my long hanging five, soft, and Liberty Bell sized gonads.

    I had one friend that I hung with from the previous years. His name was John. He was one of four adopted children. His mother was old, I mean really old. She had to be like forty five or sixty. She had adopted four babies. I never met a man so I don't know anything about whether they had a foster father or not. I didn't care so I never asked.
    John was the youngest, according to the adoption records. I never asked so I was never told. What I do know is that when his mother went to adopt the babies the agency had no records on John. They did not know his age, his birth date, his birth name. He had no history. The other four had birthdays within weeks of each other and they were larger than John so it was assumed that John was a year younger.
    By the time he was thirteen people were starting to wonder. He was head and shoulders bigger than anyone else of that age. He was well along into puberty and was having to shave twice a week.
    One of his sisters was my sister's best friends. You never saw one without the other. On just about any given day you would find my sister and me at their house from the time I was twelve until I was fourteen. I had a paper route and was so busy making money to fund my future car and beer runs that I had very little time to see everybody. John and I stayed in touch at school but very little after school time could we share. All of that changed when school took up again after my fourteenth birthday.

    The events that take place for this story began one afternoon while my sister and I were at John's house. I had been gone for a little more than three months. First with the family vacation then the job that my grandfather had given me on his farm. I loved that job and what it did for my body. Apparently John loved it too.
     John's favorite after school snack was a sandwich of two slices of dark toast with cold pork and beans. They kept pork and beans in the refrigerator so when John came home he would pop two slices of bread in the toaster and put a few spoonfuls of beans on them and munch away, following with a glass of milk. I was not allowed afternoon snacks. My father was a doctor and he advocated three meals a day at regular intervals with nothing in between. Talk about old time thinking.
    We had been late getting to John's house as we had stayed at the school for football practice. We did not stick around to shower but jumped on our bikes and cut out for his house at about five thirty. My sister had been there since school had been out and had informed my mother of my extended stay at the school, to play ball with the boys. John grabbed his sandwich and we climbed the stairs to his bedroom. The sister friend of my sister had a room across from John. Those were the only two rooms upstairs, along with a shared bath. The other two siblings had their rooms downstairs along with their mother. I never saw their rooms and have no idea where they were and I was in their house daily for nearly five years.
    John and I were hot and sweaty from our workout. We weren't on the team but we liked to play and the coach let us workout with the team so he could have a larger opposition without using up his players. He wanted to see how his boys played. We had nine volunteers that enjoyed the game but wanted nothing to do with the rigors of a team We just played to be able to play. It was much better than a mud lot football game in that we had pads and cleats and we could try to injure the jocks that thought they were so fucking hot. It was the most fun any of us had ever had with our clothes on.

    John was obviously horny. He kept talking about my sister and how hot she was. She was hot. I had so many fights over her virtue through the years. I even had to fight John a few years later when he got carried away. He nearly killed me but he knew to keep his hands off of my sister without permission.
    I was laying on my stomach on John's bed. He was on his back. We had kicked off our shoes and were laying there. John was in his own dream world and I saw a huge erection. John and I had never talked sex, another no no of the day. I actually stared as his jeans stood out from his prone body. The damned head of his cock was up under his belt. The bulge was so wide I couldn't believe it was actually his cock but I knew he didn't have time to put anything else in there. His talk of my sister as he continually played with his cock got to me. I put my hand right on the head of his super hard cock and squeezed, hard. "Shut the fuck up about my sister or I will squeeze this till it pops like a pimple. I don't want to hear your fantasies. It is making me sick."
    Suddenly John jumped up and told me he would be right back. He ran down the stairs, sounding like a herd of stampeding rhinos. In several minutes he came back up. He looked in the door at me as I was still on his bed, and he smiled. He knocked on his sister's door. The two girls opened the door and he looked at my sister and me. "I just called your mother. You guys are spending the night tonight." The girls giggled and rushed back inside and shut the door. John came back in his room and pulled off his jeans.
    I had seen him in his briefs many times before, but today I looked extra hard to see how big that thing might be. I had been curious about boys for several months. I had just started to masturbate a few weeks before this event and I always seemed to think of one boy that I was infatuated with. No it wasn't John, it was the one I got but not until a few more weeks passed by.
    John lay back down beside me with nothing but an old pair of stretched out briefs that had seen much better days. The elastic was shot and the waist band was pulling away. The leg holes were loose and the elastic hung away from the old material. John was playing with his cock through the thin rag that barely covered him. His sweaty odor assailed my nostrils and I was totally boned. "Hey, come on. You're spending the night. Get rid of the jeans and shirt. I turned my back to him and undressed then lay back on my stomach again.
    John was still stroking his cock and it was getting huge. "Let's jack off. Don't you fucking tell anyone or I'll kill you, but I need to get off. Your sister is so fucking nice." He pulled his drawers off and started stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was the first erection I had ever seen but I knew it was bigger than anybody I knew, except maybe an adult. He reached over and swatted my ass, "Come on. I don't want to be the only pervert in here." I raised up and pulled my briefs off and dropped them beside me. I always grab my undies to cum in. I had never just shot it, I wrapped my underwear around my cock and let them absorb every drop of splooge. I really had some crusty underwear for a few years there. I had only seen my cum when I would catch it in my foreskin as I sat on the toilet.
    I lay on my back. John looked at me, "Nice. I didn't think it would be that big." I had no idea how big it was but the next day I measured it as soon as I got home from school. It was over seven inches and five and a half inches around. "Bet I can cum before you do." He started pounding his cock. I was so engrossed in watching him that I wasn't beating off. I just pulled my skin back and tortured the head of my dick. John tensed up, "Here it comes. Watch and learn," he said. I shot a huge load all over myself. John stopped and stared at me as his dick twitched and shot. He had completely lost it. His dick dwindled to nothing as his cum just slowly trickled out. I was still shooting and had myself throughly drenched in cum.
    John was up on his elbow looking at me. His mouth was agape. "You do that every time?"
    "I don't know. I never did it that way. I always wrap my underwear around my dick when I cum." He was running his fingers through my mess, making trails to connect one pool to the other.
    "I have never seen so much cum. I have never seen anybody cum with out jacking off."
    "You have seen other guys jack off?"
    "If you tell anyone, I'll kill you." He looked at me with a hint of fear his eyes.
    "Let's get a shower. Mom will have dinner ready in a few more minutes." He headed for the bathroom and locked the door to his sister's room. "Come on, we'll do it together. We do it at school all of the time." Yeah we do but not right after we have jacked off together. I was on a nervous roller coaster. I was excited but frightened. We climbed in the shower together and said nothing. We knew the girls could hear us in there and we didn't want them to know that we were naked and washing each other's bodies. That's exactly what we were doing. He was washing my cock and balls. He wrapped his hands around me and washed my back and grabbed my ass then pulled me to him. Our cocks meshed together and he humped me. He was getting hard again.
    I started to bone. I grabbed another bar of soap off of the window sill and began to soap his back. I brought my arms up under his arm pits and washed his shoulders. I let the soap drop as I began to scratch his back with my finger nails. He pulled me in tighter and humped our cocks together. By then I was super hard. He pulled away and looked down at my cock. He pulled my skin back and soaped all around the head. He moved aside so the spray could rinse the soap from me then he dropped to his knees. He let the water play over me as he ran his hands over my abs and ass. I was going crazy with emotions I didn't know existed. He took hold of my cock and pushed the skin all the way back causing the glans to bend down. He lowered his face and took my cock deep in his mouth. I went fucking insane with passions. Without any warning I blew another load deep in his mouth. His eyes darted up to mine as he looked like he could kill me but his mouth never quit sucking on my cock.
    Expended, I pushed him away. He stood up and rinsed his body. He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. He grabbed a towel from the towel bar and dried me off with it then he used it to dry himself. He hung the towel up and pushed me into his room. He ran back and unlocked the other door then came in and locked his door. "I have never done that. I have three guys that like to suck me all of the time but I have never wanted to do them. I can't believe how right if feels and how good you taste. and if you tell anyone…"
    "You'll kill me, right?" He laughed and pulled me to him for a big hug.
    "Let's go eat. I'm starved. Then we'll come back up here and I'll do that again. Probably all night. I'll let you do me too… If you will. Will you? I really want you to but you don't have to. Will you?"
    We left the question unanswered and went down to eat. His mother had a big pot of chicken soup with cornbread and a salad. We ate until we were stuffed. I was afraid to quit eating because I wasn't sure about going back upstairs. I think I liked it but I was scared. I know John and he would use this against me sometime in the future. He is just that way. He told his mom that we had been playing football and my clothes stank. He asked her if she could wash them so I wouldn't smell bad in school tomorrow. She agreed so he hurried me upstairs and pulled my pants and shirt and underwear off. He grabbed my socks from under the bed then he checked my pants pockets and handed me my lunch money and other trinkets that a fourteen year old boy finds interesting to carry in his pockets. A Zippo lighter, an unopened and very worn condom that had worn a circle in my hip pocket—that took a lot of time to wear it in there too. I rubbed that pair of pants with a piece of rough sawn oak for three days to get the blue to fade in the perfect shape of the rolled up condom—my door key and the phone number of my future wife.
    He returned from delivering the laundry and locked his door. I was standing there naked and hadn't even realized it. He pulled off his clothes and pushed me to his bed. The backs of my legs hit the bed and I could go no further. John bent toward me and kissed me. He held the back of my head and would not let me pull away. His kiss was evil and seductive. I had never kissed anyone like this before. I had pecked my girlfriend. I had pecked my mother's cheek. I had a boy with his lips locked on mine and he was sending waves through me that were beyond description at that point in my life.
    He pulled away and pushed me on the bed. He lay half on top of me. "That felt so good. I have heard of French kissing and I want to try it." Without waiting for an answer he locked himself onto my lips again. I had heard of French kissing but I really didn't know what it was. I learned, real quick. When his tongue probed at my mouth I was unsure. Then I remembered someone telling about the French kiss. So this is what it is. I relaxed slightly and his tongue was in my mouth. My cock was hard into his hip. He was licking my teeth. I was humping his hip. I pushed my tongue into his mouth. He moaned. He moved his body on top of mine. I began to hump him. He pulled back and looked at me. "You gonna cum?" I nodded. He spun around and put my cock in his mouth letting his dangle over my face.
    He was taking me all the way into his mouth and going up and down so fast. There was no way I was going to survive this night. I looked at his cock. I had fantasized sucking a dick for my whole four or five weeks of sexual awakening. Just not this dick., but what the hey, a guy's gotta start somewhere. I opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock. A large drop of pre-cum fell in my mouth. I tasted it. "Passable." I reached upward and took the head of his cock in my mouth. "Nice. No flavor, really." I took some more of him into me. He pushed down and I had all of him in my mouth. He began to fuck my face at the same speed he was sucking my cock.
    I was getting close and I didn't want to cum yet. I was starting to like this. I put my hands on the back of his head and pushed down, holding him. He relaxed his mouth and raised up. I pulled off him and said, "I'm too close. Go slow." He went back down on me and began to suction. I did the same to him. I put my hands on each of his hips and pushed him up then pulled him back down. He got the message and began to fuck my face again. After several minutes of this he began to fuck his own mouth with my cock. I couldn't take it and I began to cum. I was shooting so much cum I thought I was going to run dry.
    I found it hard to get a breath. My mouth was very hot and seemed to be full. Like an idiot I realized that he was cumming in my mouth. I pushed him up and swallowed, getting a good taste of my first load of cum. I hurried and pulled him back down so he could give me some more and he continued to suction all the juice in my body out through the head of my dick.
    Emptied at last he rolled aside. He turned to lay next to me. I put my arm out and he lay his head on my shoulder. I pulled him close. He raised up and kissed me. I kissed him back.
    I woke up to the greatest feeling ever. He was sucking my dick. The room was dark. I looked at the dial of his luminous alarm clock. It was eleven thirty. I had been asleep three hours. I ran my fingers through his hair. He came up and lay beside me and kissed me. "Penis breath." I said.
    "Cum breath." We kissed again. "I never thought I would do this, but you…oh man, you are so…so…I can't get enough of you. Can you cum again." I told him I could and we got down and dirty. I rolled up on top and fucked his mouth as I sucked him. I figured that I really liked having his balls bouncing on my eyes as he fucked me so in the future I would be under. When he started to cum I was sure because too much cum ran down his dick and onto his balls. I wanted every drop. If I was on bottom then he would cum down into me and I could keep it all.
    We rolled to our sides but kept each other's cocks in our mouths. There was nothing that could have separated us at that moment. We suckled and nursed for the longest time, neither of us wanting to let go. I awakened again. It was now one forty five and I had to piss like a race horse, you know, fast, on the run. I pulled away from John and dashed to his bathroom. I was groping for the toilet seat when the light came on. The brightness blinded me. John moved beside me and we both let loose at the same time. We crossed streams and sword fought with yellow, liquid swords. We shook off then John reached over and wiped the head of my dick with the palm of his hand. He looked at his wet palm and then licked it. He wiped his cock head and washed his hands. We dashed back to bed.
    Within twenty minutes we each had another load of each other's cum in our bellies and we stayed together as we fell asleep. We awakened to a knock on his bedroom door. John jumped up and threw the sheet over me. He opened the door to his mother as she passed my clothes to him. "John, how come you are naked?"
    "You had all of his clothes and he had nothing to wear so I stayed naked too so he wouldn't be embarrassed."
    "John, this is not good. You could have lent him something. It is not right for two people to be naked together." She turned and went down the stairs. "I have hot oatmeal and orange juice ready. You should hurry so that you won't be late for school."
    John dashed back to bed. His cock was swinging side to side and it fascinated me. I grabbed it. He grabbed mine and went down on me. I moved into position as we had another quick round of oral sex. We were both cum whores and couldn't get enough from each other.

    The next few weeks found us together and naked daily. We found the most interesting places to suck each other off. It was something we just had to do. We found empty garages. We went to my house, it was a little too far and we were late getting him home, he almost got grounded until my sister saved the day by asking why I had detention, which I didn't but John's mother accepted it as a reason we were late getting him home.

    I had missed two games at the beginning of the year because I left on Friday for my grandfather's place to help with the harvest but four weeks into the school year coach had me dress out and keep a spot on the bench warm in case some player or another needed an assburn. No aspirin on this team. It was our ball in third quarter when the running back had his knee cleated. Coach almost called the game he was so mad. It was deliberate and everybody saw it, except the blind refs. We were down by sixteen points and didn't stand much of a chance. Coach put me in. I caught the ball on the first pass and made a fifty yard gain putting the ball on the twenty yard line. Coach played a hunch and put Tommy in as QB.
    Tommy called a ridiculous play that I was sure would get him neutered but he was boss on the field. I ran wide and was at the two yard line as the ball came straight and true to me. I was totally clear as I snapped the ball and crossed the goal line. The coach was actually jumping up and down he was so happy. He left Tommy and me in as we learned to work together. The pair of us played as if we were the only two on the field. We got two more touch downs and won the game. On the way to the lockers Tommy was shoved by the regular quarterback and he busted his knee on the curb.
    I helped Tommy out of his uniform and let him lean on me as we got his nude body on the trainer's table to be looked at by the docs. I stood there staring at his perfect dick which had grown to a beautiful fourteen year old boy's sweet meat. It was pulsing as it lay across his beautiful balls. I wanted to run my face around in his sandy colored pubes and suck his dick till it was a nub. Tommy moved and I realized that I was staring. I looked at his face. He was smiling at me. I grabbed a towel and covered his middle up. Tommy grabbed my arm and asked me what I was doing after the game.
    I moved away and went to the showers. I heard that Tommy was going to be okay but he was going to have to stay off of his leg for a few days. I heard him whining that his folks were out of town and he was going to be home alone. I slipped into the coach's office and asked to use the phone. I walked up to Tommy and looked him in the eye. Oh well, it's now or never, if I ever had a chance… "Tommy, I think you know that my dad's a doctor. I just called home and he said that you shouldn't be alone with that knee. He said that you would need somebody to help you get around. If you want you are welcome to come and stay with me this weekend. If you are in too much pain or anything my dad will be there to help you." Tommy had the biggest grin I ever saw on one kid's face.
    Coach came up to me and pulled me aside. He wanted to know how Tommy fell. I looked over at the QB and then at Tommy. I looked at coach and told him I was no snitch. He knew that, he had already learned the truth, he wanted to hear it from me. I told him that the quarterback called Tommy a faggot and shoved him, making him fall so that his knee hit the curb. Coach asked if Tommy was going to go to my house for the weekend. I told him yes. He asked me if I had a problem with Tommy being a homosexual. I gave myself away as my dick jerked at this news. I tried to play coy and told coach that there were two beds in my room or that we had three empty bedrooms for guests. He did something I have never seen him do, before or since, he rubbed his hands through my hair and told me to hit the showers. I had already showered, but I didn't say anything, I just took off.
    I drove my pickup right up to the locker room doors. All of the boys were envious, here I was, fourteen, with my very own truck and driving it, on school grounds. So many things that none of them could do. Two guys carried Tommy out and put him into the front seat and I drove us home. I backed into the driveway so that I could put the passenger side door right at the end of the porch. I got out and walked around. I picked Tommy up like he was nothing. Heck the kid only weighed one hundred and twenty five pounds. I carried him inside and up to my bedroom on the second floor. Tommy had his arms around my neck and held on tight as I carried him through the house. As soon as we were in my room he kissed my cheek. I turned my head to look at him and he kissed me on the mouth. I dropped him on the bed.
    I walked over and locked my bedroom door then locked the door to the bathroom that I shared with my sister. I turned to the bed and pulled Tommy's shoes and socks off. His feet were so beautiful I wanted to eat them. I did kiss one of them but I don't remember which one. I opened his pants and pulled them off. I bent over and kissed his lips. He reached for me as I stood up. I walked out of the room leaving him laying on the big bed in nothing but his white briefs and tee. I went up to get us a couple of muffins and some milk. I told dad that he should look at Tommy's leg and tell me what I needed to do. He carried one of the glasses of milk, making an exception to the no eating in my room rule because of Tommy's injury.
    We set the snack down on my desk as dad got on his knees and carefully unwrapped the bandage on Tommy's knee. Dad poked and prodded and twisted then smiled. Tommy yelped in pain several times. Dad began to laugh. "You trying to put the make on my son, Mr. Johnston?" Tommy looked at him. Dad had me sit on the bed. He grabbed Tommy's knee cap and gave it a hard yank. Tommy watched it then a split second later he yelped as if he just remembered that he was supposed to be hurting. Dad smiled at me. I caught on.
    I jumped on Tommy and kissed him, hard right in front of my dad. Tommy was in shock as he tried to pull away. "You big faker. You only pretended that it hurt so you could get in my bed. Coach was right, you are a homo."
    "Look boys, I don't know what is going on here. The only thing that I demand. That is demand, do you hear? Is that you don't force anything on each other. I want you to be careful of each other's feelings as well. I will leave now and pretend that I don't know what is happening in my own house with my pubescent son and his raging hormones." Dad got up and left. I pulled Tommy's briefs off and kissed his dick. He fell back on the bed and I began to suck him as he got harder than steel.
    I grabbed his balls and fondled them. I took his dick out of my mouth and kissed down the length of it then rubbed his balls all over my face. I sniffed deeply trying to get all of the smell of Tommy, he did not shower after the game. He grabbed my ears and pulled me up to lay beside him then he kissed me. "Get your clothes off. I need you in me." I didn't understand but I hurried and got my shoes off and my pants down. I sat back on the bed to pull off my socks when he pushed me down and knelt before me to lick and kiss and suck on my feet. I was extremely ticklish on my feet and he had me in stitches I was laughing so hard. He ate it up. He was a true sadist as he raked his teeth over the bottoms of my feet and licked in between each toe then sucked each toe into his mouth.
    I had to use brute force as I jumped up and grabbed him and threw him on my bed. I picked him up with one hand in his crotch and the other on his shoulder and literally threw him, head down, feet flailing through the air, onto my bed with his head at my side and his feet away from me. He landed on his back and his hard dick just stood there waiting for my mouth. I fell on the bed next to him and gathered his dick into my mouth as I began to give the first real blow job of my life.
    John and I only sucked each other, I enjoyed what he did for me but somehow I never really got into doing it to him. I moved closer for a better grip and got all of his dick into my mouth I tried to get more than he had into me. I had to have his dick
    I realized that he was sucking me. I pulled off and looked down and could see my dick all the way in his mouth and he was bobbing up and down on me as if he were jacking me off with his mouth. It felt so good, but I was going to cum if he did that too long. "Hey man, watch out. I'm about to cum. You better pull off."
    "I want you to cum, baby. I like it. That's why I suck dicks." That blew my mind. He sucks dicks, he wanted me to cum in his mouth. Fuck it, I had tasted John's cum before, and I like it. I took his dick back in my mouth and started to bob up and down like he was. Suddenly my mouth was very warm, his dick had grown, he was stretching my mouth more then he had at first. My mouth was full, he had cum in my mouth. His cum was thicker and much sweeter than John's and I started to react when I felt it hit me and I shot, wave after wave after wave. I have never cum like that, it was feeling so good.
    I was aware that he had something in my ass hole and he was moving it around, it made me feel so good. I swallowed his cum and kept on sucking as I felt more shoot in my mouth, I shot more into his mouth. I couldn't stop cumming, I couldn't get enough of his cum. I felt his body go limp as he fell back to the mattress. I followed him down and kept on sucking. He was pushing me away as I fired off one huge last burst of my juice deep into his throat. Then I felt what he must be feeling. My dick was so sensitive that I couldn't stand to have him touch me. I let his dick go and pulled mine from his mouth as I rolled to my back. I was totally out of breath and sweating like I had been working out for hours. Tommy turned to lay next to me. I pulled him close and he put his head on my left shoulder.
    When I awakened we had a blanket over us and the lights were off. Did Tommy do that? I kissed his forehead and felt his dick twitch as I went back to sleep. A little later I was awakened to the best feeling my fourteen year old body had ever experienced. Tommy was sucking my navel. I lay perfectly still as he licked all over my developing happy trail and groin. He laved my balls with his warm, wet tongue and licked around my dick like an ice cream cone. "Feel good?" he asked me. I moaned for him. "Just wait, baby. Can I call you baby? You're my man but I am so in love with you." That did it. I reached down and grabbed him and pulled him to me and began my own kissing and licking.
    I was bigger and much stronger than he was and I used my weight to help me. He was a wrestler and knew the moves but I had him where I wanted him and where I wanted him was in my mouth. I licked his neck and down to his pecs. I raised his arms and attacked his arm pits. He was ticklish. Aren't pay backs fun? I had him hysterical as he was screaming that he was going to pee. I have no idea what went through my head right then but I had his cock in my mouth while my fingers dug at his pits and ribs. He was laughing so hard and trying to buck me off, while complaining that he was about to pee. He finally did and I took every drop of it. I never in my life considered such a thing. I did know that I had read about people using first morning piss to clean their teeth in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries, but to drink it? I wanted all of it, I wanted more.
    He finished peeing and I kept sucking. His cock was growing. I loved the feel of it as it enlarged in my mouth. I wanted to let it grow to its full size deep in my mouth every time, from now on. He was as hard as he could get as I began to bounce on him and suck like I was trying to draw his balls up through his cum tube. I had a thick, warm, reward in mere minutes as he panted for breath beneath me.
     "Fuck me, now." That totally stopped me. I stared at his face in the dim light coming from the twelve inch high stained glass window betweem the large center window and the ceiling. "Just get between my legs and push your dick into my ass hole. Come on, I love it. Wait, turn on the light, I want to watch your face. I've never done it on my back. I want to watch as my boyfriend fucks me and makes babies in my butt."
    I turned on the light and tried to argue. He kept up his dialog as he made me get in position. He told me that he loved getting corn holed, he called it. I put my dick head against his ass as he kept insisting that I hurry. "Push it in, babe. I love it. You are so big. Please do me. I need it." I was insane with passion as I felt my dick pop into his brown eye. I never in my life considered doing such a thing, nor had I ever felt anything better. I had watched that little pimple faced fat fuck shove his cock into that skinny little twelve year old during the previous summer and I had thought that it was about the sickest thing that I had ever seen.
    "Come on now, all of the way. That's it, push in me." Each inch in felt so much better. He was so hot and tight inside. I could feel the slickness of his shitter around my dick and I almost tossed my lunch in his face. I had to put it out of my mind. We had been kinky all night. I had actually sucked his dick and drank his cum. I drank his piss and now I had my dick in his ass hole. What else would we do?
    "Oh, babe, that feels so good. You are so deep inside of me and you are so thick. I love you. Fuck me now, hard and fast, fuck me till I scream." Well, I didn't want him to scream. I didn't want my dad in there finding me with my dick up some guy's butt hole. I did begin to pump in and out as I thought fucking must be done. It was so much better than jacking off. I have to have me a butt to fuck all of the time from now on. I loved it when he sucked me but his butt…I never wanted it to end.
    He egged me on, "Harder, faster." I complied, my ass was a blur as I plowed back and forth into the tightest piece of flesh I could have ever imagined. I felt my cum rising but I didn't want to stop. I slowed down. "Not yet, babe…I'm almost there. Hard, harder, long stroke me, faster."
    I began again only this time I pulled almost all of the way out and rammed in as hard as I could causing his whole body to shake. Over and over, again and again, I fucked like I had seen dogs do in the park. I wondered what we would look like to dogs as I giggled. Then I felt it.
    His body contracted around my dick. He squeezed me so hard I thought he was going to cut me off. I kept pumping as he got so tight that it felt as if I was pushing through solid rock then a cum fountain sprouted up in my face. His first shot crossed my line of vision as it arched up and landed on his chin. I moved my knees back and bent over taking his dick into my mouth as I kept on humping and pumping in his ass. I filled his ass with cum but the position I was in had taken the edge off of me. I kept on plowing but I didn't feel as if I were going to cum quite yet. I let go of his dick and bent over to lick the drop of cum off of his face. His eyes were rolled back in his head and he breathed hard. I kept on fucking and slowly built up my pace again until I was pulling all of the way to the edge of my glans and pushing all of the way back in, pushing all of his guts up into his chest.
    He opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around me. "Wow! You are the best… Don't stop… Ride me on down. Oh you are good, I want to go on like this forever. Oh, shit. I am about to cum again. I don't believe it, here it cums."
    I had his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe it either. I had just sucked his dick, then began to fuck him and fucked out a load and here he goes again. Three times in less than twenty or thirty minutes. He filled my mouth with tons of cum. I sucked at it greedily but I didn't swallow all of it. I had an evil plan. I kept fucking with all of my power. Being bent in half like that hurt and I knew that I liked this so I was going to have to work out so that I could stay in this position for a long time.
    His orgasm eased and he was breathing heavily again. I stretched out on top of him and gave him a slow fuck as I locked lips with him. I let his cum flow into his mouth. His tongue darted into my mouth as we began to snowball his delectable nectar back and forth between us. He caressed my back and neck as we continued to breathe and rebreathe each other's air. I continued to slide my cock in and out of his ass in the most sensuous way that I could muster. My dick was so full and pumped up. I wanted to cum but I wasn't ready yet. We lay there in our love making as I kept up our pace and our spit swapping. I realized that I must be drooling into his mouth. When I masturbate the drool runs down my cheek. When I sucked him drool was running down into his pubes and around his balls. I began to giggle. He pushed me away and looked at me. "I love you too, faggot." He pulled my face back in for more of a lip lock.
    I scooted my knees back up under me and began to pump his ass for the finalé. He knew it was over as he began to fuck back at me. We were two rooting animals as we fucked back and forth. His rectum clinched again and his juice flowed out on to his belly as I fired off a load that I was sure was going to shoot out the top of his head. I fired again and then a third. I bent over to suck his cock as a fourth and even more intense than the last two shots burst forth. I crammed my dick so hard and fast up in his gut that I knew I could feel it under his skin. I let loose two more horrendous blasts of my ball juice then I was wasted.
    I fell aside of him. Unable to move, I lay flat looking up at the swirling room. My heart was pounding in my chest, my stomach felt as if I had just run a marathon. My lungs ached as they grasped for breath. I became aware of the world around me as Tommy rose up over me. He kissed me, lightly then bent over and began to suck my totally fucked out cock. I pulled him to me and told him to give me his cock. I was so sensitive that it hurt to let him touch me but there was no way that I was going to stop him. He got on top of me and let his cock down into my mouth then he lay still on top of me and just let my cock lay in his mouth.
    I pushed his balls aside and looked at his ass hole. It was gapping wide and I could see deep inside. I watched as my cum ran out and down between his legs. I knew what else I could do that was even nastier than drinking his piss. He was, after all sucking my cock that had just come out of his ass. I pushed him forward on top of me and raised my head and began to lick up my cum from between his legs. It tasted great. I could taste my juice, but I could taste Tommy. He turned me on so big. I put my tongue to his ass hole and began to lick. Within minutes I was lip locked on his ass, not willing that a single drop of the flow should get away. I lay there and licked him clean.

    "You two come down and have breakfast. Your mother is gone for the day so you can come down naked if you want. I need to examine each of you anyway." My dad smiled at us as he turned and shut the bedroom door. I wondered how long he had stood there and how many times he had come in overnight. All kinds of thoughts were going through my mind. I really thought that I knew my father but this was different than anything I had ever known about him.
    Just for the heck of it Tom and I did go downstairs naked. My dad was at the far end of the table with the light from the window at his back. He was reading his newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. He had fresh biscuits with butter on the table and a big plate of my grandfather's home made sausage patties. Dad was different this morning. We seldom ever ate fried foods. I grabbed a biscuit and made me a sandwich, Tommy did the same. Dad had one of his juice concoctions made up which was really quite good. I could taste pineapple and papaya and…orange and something else. Dad finally told me, banana. How the heck did he juice a banana?

    We finished eating and dad came around to the end of the table. He wiggled his finger at Tom who stood and walked around to him. Dad looked him over, closely. He put his hands on Tom's shoulder's and turned him around then pushed him forward to lay the top half of his body on the table. Tom's face was right in front of me as he looked at me with a funny look. I shrugged my shoulders as I watched my dad bend over and look between Tom's legs. "You're pretty bruised and open back here. How do you feel?" Tom said he felt okay. Dad had me bend over. He felt around my ass hole then told us to go into his home office.
    He had Tom get up on his examining table as he pulled up the stirrups. Dad had told me what the stirrups were for and had let me lay there with my legs spread in them before but I had never seen anyone else in them. Tom looked kind of cute laying there with his soft dick across his light colored pubies and his ass open for all of the world to see. Dad took a small light and shone it up inside Tom's ass, I wanted to see too. What a sight, it was all pink and puffy up inside and I could see little pools of cum drops. Dad took one of his long glass tubes and told Tom not to flinch or move an inch. He laid the thin glass into a drop of my cum and sucked at the end of the tube, pulling cum up about four inches inside the clear glass.
    Dad turned and picked up a glass slide for his microscope then he let the cum run out of the tube onto it. All four inches poured out, but didn't make a whole drop on the slide. Dad turned and put the slide in his microscope and focused it. He had his little counter thingy in his hand. I don't know what to call it. It was about three quarters of an inch thick and two or so inches around. It had a little tab with a flat surface bent at the top so that his thumb could fit. He pushed this tab thing over and over again. A small window had three rows of numbers that counted off each time dad pushed the lever. All total it only went up to 999 as it added up one number at a time.
    Dad sat back. I said I wanted to see. I looked in the microscope and turned the knob to focus to my eyes. I could see little long tailed bug like things lying there. One or two were kind of wiggling but they mostly just lay still, Tom had to see too. Dad said that this was my sperm. He said that once sperm leaves the body it doesn't live very long and Tom's rectum was not what sperm were designed to swim in so they died rather quickly. I looked at dad with a horrified look on my face, "Does that mean that he's not going to have my baby?" That set the mood.
    Dad had Tom get back up on the table. He folded the stirrups down out of the way. He told both of us to get an erection. We looked at him, "Jack each other off if necessary just get them hard for the next part of this." I looked at Tom's cock as it twitched. I reached out to it and wrapped my hand around it. My cock instantly went hard. "Good, we'll start with you then." The next words out of his mouth made me wonder if the old man ain't a bit loose in the wrist himself. Dad said. "Let me measure that." He took out an instrument like one would use in a machine shop. He placed a flat plate at one end against my pubes and slid a pointer down the ruler type markings. "Hummm, I see eighteen point five by…four." He took a cloth tape measure and wrapped it around my dick, "and fourteen. Very nice. Very big for your age. Let's see you are fourteen years, three months, two weeks and…one day old." He patted my butt and turned to measure Tom, who was hard as a rock.
    "Tom is fourteen, you have a thick one going there boy, you're at fourteen point five."
    "Fourteen point five what, dad?" He had to explain inches vs. centimeters. I must ask you to remember, this was the fall of nineteen fifty eight. I had never heard of the metric system and had no idea at all what a centimeter was. I likened it to an insect such as a centipede. Dad did the math, Tom was born on March 23, he was exactly three months older than I was. Old geezer.
    "One inch equals two point five four centimeters," we were still lost so dad translated it for us. I was about seven and five sixteenths of an inch long by a little more than an inch and a half wide and five and a half inches around. Tommy is a hair over six and a quarter inches long by almost one and three quarter inches wide and five and three quarter inches around. I new he was a mouth full.
    Dad bent over and pulled the steps out of the table and told me to stand on the one that put me in line and to push my cock into Tom's anus. My dad was asking me to fuck Tommy right in front of him? No, he wanted to get a deep sample which would be much more comfortable for Tom if it was taken with my dick than the cold steel probes that he would have to use otherwise. Dad took an alcohol soaked wad of cotton balls and wiped my whole dick clean. He even pulled my foreskin back and wiped all around the head. It was cold and I tried to pull away. He finished then I giggled as I looked Tommy right in the eye and shoved my cock all the way up in his rectal opening with my dad standing to the side where he could witness the entire entry. My dad smiled at me, I looked to his crotch, I was sure he was getting off on this. Curses, dad had on his white lab coat which came down past his hips. I couldn't see his trousers let alone whether or not he was up there with Tom and me.
    Dad told me to withdraw, slowly. I looked down as my dick pulled out of Tom's gapping hole. Dad had a glass sheet on a small tray underneath my balls. Several drops of liquid came out as my cock withdrew, only to be caught on the glass sheet under me. As my glans appeared dad told me to freeze in place. He took a cotton swab on a stick, the doctors form of Q tips, from a container that he had placed on Tom's abs. He carefully wiped the head of my dick then had me pull all of the way out. He told Tom to relax as he put the tray down and came at me with more cotton swabs. He turned to wipe each swab on a slide or on a petri dish so that he could grow a culture, I guess. I had no idea what he was looking for. All I saw was a huge drop of precum standing in the doorway of Tom's cock. I had to give the boy relief so I bent over and licked it off. When I stood up dad handed me a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Seems I just contaminated his culture field.
    Dad had me change places on the table with Tom. I started shaking. I had never…Would it hurt? I didn't want the first time to be here. Dad calmed me down. "I see that you have never been penetrated, is that right? Don't worry. I am testing for disease associated with anal intercourse. If you have never had it done to you then you don't need to be tested." I felt a heck of a lot better. Dad did probe and poke at me. He stuck those long cold steel things in me and they were uncomfortable. Then dad did something that set my world afire. He pushed his finger up in my ass. He hit that spot that I had always heard of, the G spot. I saw stars and my cock went spasmodic.
     Dad smiled at Tommy. "First time is always so much fun, do you want to feel his prostate?" So that's what it was, but that sadistic Tom moved in with a grin from ear to ear. He shoved his finger in me. Dad told him where to push. He hit the spot and I lurched my hips upward as my dick did a little dance. Tom just massaged over and over at that same place. Dad wiped my cock down with alcohol and held a short, glass beaker under the head of it. In a few minutes I began to cum without even touching myself. Dad and Tom were talking as if this was the most natural thing in the world as I lay there pumping my life's essence into a little glass container for who knows what kind of godless pleasure my dad had it intended for.
    I came to my senses to find that Tom was sucking my cock. Dad had moved away and told Tom that he could clean me up as he wanted. He wanted to lick me clean and he did. Dad had his glass tubes out and was sucking my cum from the beaker into three of them. He then let my juice flow onto a glass slide and put them under the microscope. He had his counter out and was humming a tune as he studied my boi jizz. I pushed Tom's head off of my sensitive cock and slapped his hand as he pulled it out of my butt. He licked his finger, slowly.
    "Hmmm, good. Now you know why I like to be fucked in the butt. It feels so much better even than that did for you. I love it."
    "Yes, they say it can be pleasurable but it can also be dangerous. There are all kinds of diseases that are transmitted by that action. Want to see live sperm, son? Here your's are. You need to stay away from girls, you are lively." He giggled. I looked in the microscope at hundreds of little bugs but this time they were swimming all over the slide. I watched with glee as they wiggled this way and that. Tom pushed me aside so that he could see.
    "Ew, are those bugs swimming around in my stomach. I swallowed some."
    "No, they died as soon as they hit your saliva." I laughed at him and told him he had a poison mouth. Dad explained PH balance and all that crap to us and how the sperm were so delicate. They only live to impregnate an egg. I told Tom that he could not eat eggs if we were going to have sex together. Dad gave us the weirdest look.
    "Okay, Tom. One more for you. We need your sperm now." I offered to suck him but dad said he needed a clean culture. He asked me if I wanted to give Tom a prostate massage. I grabbed my dick, dad shook his head, he told us either way. Tom wanted my dick too so I stood on the first step as Tom lay on the table and I fucked my new boyfriend as my dad watched and held a glass beaker ready for the offering.
    Tom shot off so hard that he splashed out of the beaker. Dad took a couple of drops and turned away. I bent over and sucked on the sweet teat sticking out of Tom's groin as I fucked his ass as hard as I could. Dad turned around and saw our position. He waited until later but he said that he had never heard of that position. He admired my flexibility to be able to do that. Tom told him that that is why he wants to marry me. I am the only one that can do that to him. Dad looked like someone had hit him right in the nuts. He glared at Tom and turned to walk out of the room.
    Dad was in the kitchen, leaning over the sink. His shoulders were jerking up and down, my dad was crying. I hurt, I couldn't believe that this was happening. "I am sorry that I said that, Dr. Dickson. It wasn't right and I apologize."
    Dad got down on his knees in front of Tom and pulled his naked body against him. He held his face against Tom as he continued to cry for few more minutes. He turned to me and did the same thing. He took my dick and balls in his hand and fondled them about then kissed the head of my dick. "I love you more than life, my son. I have the hopes and dreams of millions of fathers before me. I want to see my boy grow up to be a strong man. A leader of men. A tower of strength. A father of his own son. What Tom said made me sad because I know the hate and the shit, yes shit, that you will go through because of your decision. That and the fact that I will never have a grandson."
    "Dad, I brought Tom home last night and I fucked him, okay, several times but we aren't lovers. I do love what we did and I do love Tom, but dad, I still love Cheryl. I am only fourteen. Last night was the first time in my life that I ever had sex, with anyone. I want to fuck Cheryl before I decide who to marry." That got a laugh and a hug. Tom laughed too but I could tell that he wanted more from me.
    Dad told us that our sperm count was very good. He told us that our testosterone levels were elevated, as they should be with both of us at the height of puberty. He told us that although we appeared to be clean we would not have the results for twenty four hours as the cultures grew on the petri dishes he had placed in his incubator. He told us that he was most concerned about hepatitis. He had seen me eat Tom's ass hole earlier and he told us that hepatitis grows in the intestine. He said that homosexuals have the highest incident rate of hepatitis because of this unnatural and unclean act. He said that as long as we took care of ourselves that we would be okay but that the disease could be fatal to us. I really had liked eating Tom's ass but now I was scared.
    Tom and I drifted apart, but remained friends over the next year or so. It was in our sophomore year that I found out that I really liked to suck his dick and he did a good job on me too. He always wanted me to fuck him and for some reason that bothered me. I kind of felt like it made him less of a male when we did that. I still had only the one limited experience with girls but in my mind I saw Tom laying there smiling up at me as being very feminine. He was too good to be a fag and it bothered me that I thought that way about him. I tried to keep my distance but somehow we always found time to get together.

    John, me, his sister, and mine had a favorite playground. Just a block south of John's house was a two block long and six block wide, cemetery that sat alongside a huge Lutheran church. The church in itself was massive. It was built in a pseudo Gothic style, reminiscent of the renaissance. The cemetery had been there for many years. There were huge crypts and very ornate monuments, statuary of various kinds. All of the things that can play tricks on a young child's mind as the moon light plays across the granite tombstones.
    The four of us liked to walk through this land of horror as we told ghost stories guaranteed to make the others loose control of their water. We knew all of the places to hide and we would sit and tell ghost stories and see who would get scared and leave first. I have always been the maestro of words and my imagination runs to the absurd so it naturally fell to me to tell the tales on the crypts. The only thing to fear in this cemetery was the old caretaker and his shotgun. I might mention that it was nineteen fifty eight and a shotgun loaded with rock salt was not an uncommon thing so no one ever really questioned the practice. My dad used to tell me stories of his boyhood and it seemed that rock salt was the best deterrent for errant behavior long before I was born.
    I could almost always send someone home with wet drawers. John and I had every boy in the neighborhood going for mid-night strolls through the cemetery at one time or another. When I took John there for his first time I had his pants wet in less than ten minutes. He was twelve and afraid of ghosts and ghoulies. I had actually discovered this haunted ground at age nine. I had an argument with my mother and had ridden my bike down the road. I holed up amongst the stones as I threw off my anger. As it grew dark I realized where I was and I shakily wound my way out of the labyrinth, terrified and with wet pants. I got a good pants warming welcome when I got home and was grounded forever but I had a new place to play.
    John and I had started to think that what we were doing was really kind of queer so we decided that we needed to get some pussy to equalize ourselves. Two months into our relations we each took a girl to the cemetery with the idea of getting her pants wet, but not with urine. At fourteen and about three months old I got my first piece of pussy. I thought I was something great. I had a great body, a winning personality and looks that made everyone want to get to know me.
    One evening, in late September, John and I took our girl friends to the cemetery. He had been telling me all afternoon that we were gonna get fucked and of course I couldn't wait. It was a dark and moonless night We entered the cemetery by jumping over our usual wall. The wall was only two feet high on the side where we went in but it was a six foot drop into the cemetery. John being the tallest, at six feet, jumped over the wall. I was by far the strongest with amazing muscles for my age so it fell on me to lower the girls to John's waiting arms below. We already knew where we were going so we led the girls to a tree covered section where it was quiet, dark, and secluded.
    There were two graves in this section that had granite slabs laid on top of the graves. These slabs measured six feet by eight feet, we had measured them in the daylight, and they were ten inches thick. A perfect place to lay, or get laid. These two graves were in rows perpendicular to each other and about eight feet away from each other. The girls had their blouses open, so we could maul them to our heart's delight, and their skirts up for the delight of our other body parts. In those days skirts were long so it afforded the girls something on which to lay so that they weren't in direct contact with the cold stone. John and I had our pants around our ankles and let our hard cocks lead the way. The stone upon which I lay allowed me to look straight at John as he made his moves on his girl. I was watching him for pointers and let nature move me in the natural actions that I needed to make. We were really getting into it and I had never had anything more enjoyable in my whole six or seven week old sex life.
    A popular joke of the day was: "Confucius say, 'girl with skirt up run faster than boy with pants down.'" We were about to prove that. I didn't hear the sound before I felt the pain. My whole naked ass was peppered with salt. I jumped up and fell over my pants as I started to run. The girls were screaming and, of course, ran the wrong way. John and I got our pants up and took off after them. I was hurting like mad. We caught the girls and mine was screaming at me and slapping me, and telling me that I had peed all over her. We finally got out of there and headed toward the girl's houses. I tried to apologize and tell her that I had been shot but she wasn't listening. I finally walked off and went home.
    My dad is a doctor and has an office at the house for emergencies. He was laughing his ass off as he picked the bits of salt out of my ass. He kept asking how this had happened when I had no holes in my pants. He made me roll over so he could check me out. When I did I could smell the girl on me. Dad's eyes flashed and a big smile came to his face. He bent down and lifted my, completely flaccid, dick up and checked around it, his face was inches away and I know he was smelling me. He pulled my foreskin back and ran his fingers around my glans then sniffed his fingers. "Well, it looks like you are a pretty healthy boy. You do need a shower though. Be sure and keep yourself clean." He fondled my cock head and smiled at me. I don't know what was going through his head but I was sure I could see pride where I had never seen it before.
    My dad had a philosophy. I was told that I could do anything that I was big enough to suffer the consequences for. He told me that if I wanted to smoke, cigarettes were in the kitchen drawer. He smoked Pall Mall. If I wanted a drink, beer was in the refrigerator. The state was dry so alcohol was scarce and illegal. I knew where it was, but he told me that if I had to drink that I should do it at home so that both of us would not be in jail. I told him we could share a cell together, but that didn't change his mind.
    The next day at school was a disaster. I was sure the girls would never say anything. What fourteen year old girl, in nineteen fifty eight, wanted everybody to know that she was fucking, and in the cemetery no less. I guess my girl did. Even seniors walked by calling piss boy. Several of the nerdier kids asked if I really pissed in a girls twat. I was mortified. Looking back I should have been proud. That one incident set my machismo in stone for the next four years.
    It had the reverse and adverse effect on me. Several girls wanted to go out with me but I was sure it was some twisted girl thing to make fun of me and I couldn't do it.

    The school was having a talent show and I got myself in one of those, can't get the hell out of this no way no how, situations. I had this girl friend, no, don't go there. Girl and friend not girlfriend, got it? You think I'm some sort of straight boy? Not for a few more years boyo. Pam was sweet, for a girl but then that's what girls do. She is still my confidant forty five years after graduation. I got e-mails from her weekly and we get together for lunch every time I go home. She married the class dweeb and he still thinks I am the greatest guy the school ever graduated. I married her best friend, but I'll get to that later on.
    Pam and I had the same piano teacher. Pam was late to her lesson so I asked the teacher if I could play his trumpet. I coveted that horn. It was a Bach classic, it was worth a fortune; about six hundred dollars in those days. The tone of that horn was like silk, with the right person behind the mouth piece. He was cautious but he told me I could play for a few minutes and if Pam didn't get there then we would start my lesson. I began to play some Bach, I mean a Bach trumpet warranted a Bach tune, right?
    The piano teacher was impressed and sat down at the piano to accompany me. I played for about five or six minutes. When I stopped Pam was applauding, we didn't know that she came in. Anyway she was just like a girl and badgered me to play in the talent show. We practiced together everyday after my lesson. The third week of school the whole student body turned out for assembly as various students strutted their stuff on the stage. I was fortunate enough to be the last to play. I shook my way on stage as I tried my best to control my knees. It is not easy standing in front of twenty seven hundred and fifty kids, most of whom want to kill you and get the heck out of there.
    Pam hit my opening chord and I played LeRoy Anderson's Trumpeter's Lullaby. I received a standing ovation. These people were hungry for entertainment. I took my bows and walked off stage. The din never stopped. Every person in the auditorium was on their feet yelling and applauding and calling for more. The drama coach had sponsored the show. He pushed me back on stage to a rousing round of shouts and applause. I was overwhelmed. I went back to the piano as Pam took her seat. I took my spit rag, any brass instrument player will tell you about it, and wiped my face. I was near tears I was so happy. Pam grabbed me and gave me a kiss and reassured me. I told her our next number. Her eyes grew wide.
    I put my horn to my lips. Yeah, my teacher let me use his Bach. I began the Flight of the Bumble Bee. This is a great song for a spit rag. I was spraying slobbers like rain drops as I nailed the very difficult piece. I have heard it played on many instruments, but I seldom hear it on brass. It is just too much for three fingers but I love it. The stage was rushed and I was carried on the shoulders of several seniors from the marching band.
    The band director came up to me and told me that he had a very poor trumpet section as all of his trumpeters had graduated the year before. He wanted to know if I would sit in first period band with him for a few days. He got my schedule changed and the next day I was in band instead of P.E. Coach told the counselors about my running of a paper route and summer on the farm, besides that he wanted me on his football team so they agreed that I had enough exercise.
    Three days later I went to the band room during sixth hour. The director was out and the junior high band was sitting around talking. The trumpet and coronet players were jamming on some jazz. A sax player was in the mix as well as most of the percussionists. I grabbed my horn and started jamming with them. A couple of the cornetists were darn good. John and Bob were seventh graders and there was another eighth grader like me, they all had the rhythm. I knew that I was not the only thing that John could blow. I guess that the trumpet was how he learned his best talent.
    We jammed through three or four numbers when someone told us to be quiet. I looked at the doors to the back stage area of the auditorium and the director stood there looking at us. He ran the band through a few pieces and asked me if I wanted to sit in. I did, I played third coronet as they didn't have a person for that seat. After school he called the trumpet players up. He asked John and Bob to play with the high school band the following morning. They had their schedules changed and we became the closest of friends

    John and I continued our sexual excursions until December when my grandmother died and my life took a detour. We drifted apart for awhile. It was just after Thanksgiving that I started to get into self pleasure. One morning, after a really good evening of stoking exercises the night before, I dressed out for PE. I looked down at my dick as I slid my skivvies off and it appeared swollen. It looked like a tadpole. Large and swollen at the head and small at the back and it was all red. I was sure everybody in the locker room would take one look at me and know what I had done. I abstained for awhile.
    Just when I thought it was safe to take matters in hand again my grandmother died. Now that straightened me out for over a year. My grandmother was a very religious Baptist and I was sure that she was in Heaven watching me and if she saw me touching myself I was sure she would have God call my mother and tell her what I was doing.

    My life took a big turn that next spring. My mother kicked my dad out of our house in May. In August she married a man with two sons, ages eight and ten. They moved in. A few days later my queer uncle and his boyfriend moved out. My mother came to me and told me that she needed the bedrooms on the second floor for the boys to have their own rooms so I had first choice on the attic room. I mean, with five bedrooms on this floor and only four of us they couldn't have their own room? It was three flights of stairs everyday, several times a day. Worst of all was the fact that I was no longer sharing a bathroom with my sister. Oh well, I could make the sacrifice. I would have made it twice but hell, if we don't complain then mothers think something is wrong.
    My sister turned my old room into a exhibit hall for her international doll collection. The boys took the bedrooms with an adjoining bath leaving the large bedroom at the front of the house, with the private bath, as a guest room. The second floor family room at the back of the house was large and a place where we all gathered to read and play games. That room had a fireplace which I loved to lay in front of in the winter and read. There was a three quarter bath back there so one didn't have to go into anyone's bedroom. Our rooms were our domain, entrance was by invitation only.
    I had my own room with all the privacy I could ever want. I had an entrance straight up from the back door. I never had to go into the house except to grab food from the kitchen. The first night I sat in the dormer looking off to the north drinking beer and smoking a half a pack of Pall Mall. I was sick at my stomach. I don't usually smoke that much but I was just grown up with the big room. My mother had a private telephone installed for just me to use. I had everything I needed, until I got a hard on. Now I don't like to brag but…oh what the hell, at fifteen I had an eight inch uncut cock and it was so thick that my thumb and fore finger barely touched when I wrapped them around it.

    So there I sat, looking out the window at the lights of the city below me. Stark naked, beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, a monster hard on and thinking about John. I have to admit, I really liked sucking his cock and his cum tasted better than I ever thought it would or should. John could be a real prick and we hadn't had much to say to each other for several months. He asked me over a few times, but I told him he only wanted my body, not my friendship. He cussed me out and we walked away.
    Tommy was just to unabtainable. He had practice everyday after school and through the summer. He was always involved with one sport or another. John was always available for a quick suck and he did a good job on my cock. I have to admit that I really liked being with John and sucking him but somehow he and my mother did not get along, at all. I have since wondered if she saw his sexual perversion. She has told me stories about her brother and looking back at my friendship with John I think that my mother was worried.
    I was staying away from John and my sister was not seeing his sister much any longer. In fact my sister is the biggest snob that ever lived. She told me that John's family was very low class and that we should not be seen with them outside of school and only then a passing nod should be shared.

    School wouldn't start for two more months and I was horny with no outlet. So I did what I had been thinking of for several days. I lay down on the floor. I put my feet back over my head and I twisted around until I could get my dick in my mouth. Shit, that was fine. It hurt my neck and my back kind of ached and I couldn't breathe very well. I only just got past the head but it tasted great and it was so much bigger than John's puny seven incher.
     I started stroking myself and playing with my balls with my hand coming in from between my legs. I let up a little to get my breath and my hand brushed against my ass hole. Electricity. I had never touched myself there except to wipe my ass or wash it. I remembered the night that dad had Tommy stroke my prostate thingy and I remembered Tommy telling me how good it felt to him when my cock raked across his G spot.
    I started feeling around and I found a new erogenous zone. I went back to sucking while feeling around and after a bit I actually penetrated this forbidden spot. My finger hit something that made me shove two more inches of my cock in my mouth. I had to stretch out a cramp and get my breath. I got up and grabbed a jar of Vaseline from the bathroom and stuck my finger in it. I went back to my spot on the floor and got into position. I rolled back and took my dick head into my mouth and placed my finger against my ass hole. I pulled my dick out and took a deep breath then went back in shoving my finger in at the same time.
    My finger went all the way in with one push. I have very large feet and hands. My hands measure eight and a half inches from heel to middle finger tip. I wear a size twelve shoe. By the time of this part of the story I stood five feet eight but everybody said I was still growing. I had four and a half inches of thick middle finger in my butt and I felt my butt nut. I remembered reading about the prostate and the fact that it manufactured the seminal fluid needed for ejaculation. So I stoked along its length. My dick spasmed in my mouth. It felt so good I thought I would have a heart attack. I slid my finger out and back in. This felt alright but with a little experimenting I learned how to hit my butt nut with each stroke and really got into it. By that time I had four inches of cock down my throat and I was fucking my hole with abandon. That had to be the epitome of ecstacy. I got a rhythm going between my finger and cock. As I pushed my finger in my ass my cock went in my mouth and as I pulled out…anyway you've been there, done that. It was new and great to me. I fired off a load that nearly choked me to death. Not being in a good position to breathe anyway I found myself all choked up.
    I continued this practice every night for the next two weeks or so and I got pretty good at it. I started doing setups to strengthen my abs and make me a little more limber. One night in August my brothers talked our parents into letting them spend the night in my room. They got their sleeping bags out of the garage and we pitched a camp on the floor. We lay around telling ghost stories for several hours. My room had a very definite advantage. I was on the third floor and our parents were on the first floor. The boys wanted me to jack off and let them watch me make man milk. I told them I would show them something else if they would keep absolutely quiet about it and never tell a soul. I rolled back and let them watch me suck and fuck myself. That hooked them.
    The eight year old was a feisty little thing and he wanted to try it. He was limber and if his dick were longer he would be able to do it. He started coming to my room everyday and asking to suck me so he could learn how it was done. I would let him suck me for awhile and I would suck him in a sixty nine. I wouldn't cum in his mouth though. I was afraid that he might not be able to handle that. He was fourteen before he surprised me and we started sucking each other all of the time, but that's another story. My middle brother took a candle that was a little larger than my finger and shoved it in my butt and fucked me while I sucked myself. That was great. I then took candles and fucked each of them while I sucked them. They loved that.

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