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Chapter four


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This story is taken from notes and blurbs that I wrote down over the years so it may seem a bit choppy. I believe that all of the important parts are here so please read and enjoy the truth about My Life.

Chapter four
    I was sitting in the cafeteria eating my lunch a few days after my return from sunny California. John walked up with a junior that had a reputation as a hoodlum and a real trouble maker. The hood got close to me and asked me if I still liked to practice. He was rolling his tongue against the inside of his jaw to simulate a cock head poking at his jaw. I looked at John. He had a smug look of superiority on his face. I had known that it would only be a matter of time before John made something of our exploits. That's just the kind of guy he was. I looked at the hood, "If you are implying that you want head get with John. He has got to be the best cock sucker I have ever let go down on me. And he loves to swallow." John turned beet red and tried to stare me down. He looked in my eyes and knew that he better shut up and get out of there.
    My sister started dating Louis. Louis had a great job. On week nights he was the solo employee at a miniature golf place. My sister would talk me into taking her over there at night and Louis would let us play golf all night long as long as we didn't play the ninth hole which counted the balls. He also had four in ground trampolines and we would jump on those for hours on end. Several of our friends from school would come down and we would get into jumping tournaments. I got to where I was pretty good. It was on a slow night that I sat and talked to Louis while everybody else played golf. Louis had let something slip one night and I wanted to get the whole story. It turned out that he and Tommy had been friends for several years. Tommy not only liked to suck cock he loved to get butt fucked. Louis told me that he and Tommy would go up in the attic of Louis's garage and get naked and he would fuck Tommy two or three times every afternoon until school was out the year before, then Louis had moved. Louis told me that Tommy and Jimmy were boyfriends and had been since eighth grade, but that Jimmy's mother tried to keep the boys separated when she found shit in the front of Jimmy's dirty underwear. I didn't really believe that, but it made a great story. Louis was okay, but he didn't turn me on so I never put the make on him or any of his buddies. I did find out that Tommy lived just two blocks over from my old house and I could go by his house on the way home with no extra distance added.

    Our school was one of the first ones Noah built after he beached the Ark. It was old, but it was in good condition and clean. In fact it is still in use today and I visit every time I go home. The boy's restrooms have one long urinal running down the same wall as the lavatories. It is about ten feet long and a pipe runs along the top with water running all day long. One can stand at the lavatories and look down the line at every guy that comes in to hang out. In fact I started calling the boy's room 'The Hang Out' when I was in the seventh grade and it was a name that was pretty much accepted throughout the school.
     One afternoon in October I was at the hangout when Tommy came in. We were the only two in there, but he walked right up next to me and opened his Levi's. I gotta tell you. That boy gave me a fetish for Levi's button fronts. The cut of those jeans fit his body so well that I drooled when I saw him. The cut of the butt just accents a bubble butt, like he had, perfectly. And the cut of the crotch lifts and enhances the package—I feel as if it is Christmas and I want to get down and unwrap that package with my teeth.
    Well, bless his heart, I didn't have to unwrap anything that day. He popped his buttons and pulled his bun huggers under his balls and let a very thick six inch soft cock hang there with a stream of golden elixir flowing onto the porcelain. I have never been into water sports, but that day with him I would have drank from his spout again, if he had asked. Tommy and I had a night in my bedroom two years earlier and I was remembering a lot of things that I had tried to forget. I looked up and saw him staring at my cock. I was through pissing, but I was staring at him and I was almost full blown hard. His cock twitched and stiffened. He shook that last drop of piss as his cock went to wood. He turned full toward me and pulled his jeans and underwear down. His cut cock was at least eight inches long. I had just reached a little over nine inches and was a solid six inches around.
     Standing there with its golden halo of blonde hair and ping pong sized balls dangling he scratched himself. He pulled up his underwear and smoothed out his shirt tail. He pulled the waist band of his underwear out and rearranged his cock then pulled up his jeans. I was still staring although my pants were back up. However, the head of my cock was still sticking out over the top of my waist band. "You should try out for the wrestling team," he said and walked out of the hangout.
    I was free for the rest of the day. Sixth hour I was an aide, but seldom ever aided anyone. Sometimes I would tutor if a teacher told me that someone needed help. Today I thought that I would just drift out to the gym and see what candy was on display. To my delight it was raining pretty hard so the football team was inside in their white gym suits just doing exercises. Tommy was the quarterback so he was there too.
    Tommy came running up to me, "Hey, you came. Hey, coach, I think Dickson would be a great addition for the wrestling team."
    The coach walked over to me and looked me over. "I remember you. You were a pretty good running back on the scrimmage team a few years ago. You want to wrestle?" I never had a lot of respect for the coach as a man, he was totally self serving. Of course he remembered me, he stalked me when I was in the eighth grade, the first time through. I was first string on the junior varsity football team, not the scrimmage team. What an asshole.
    "I don't know. I never tried," I told him.
    Coach looked at my crotch and then at Tommy. "Why don't you suit up and let's see what you can do." I told him that I didn't have gym shorts or a jock. Tommy told me not to worry he would fix me up. He headed to the locker room and I followed. He opened his locker and told me I could put my clothes in there. He pulled out a clean pair of white gym shorts and a jock strap. The jock didn't look too clean. I looked at it and at Tommy. He was grinning. I pulled the jock to my nose and sniffed. I smelled crotch. "I swear, I only cum in them when I wrestle. I'll wear those and you can have the ones I have on if you want. I've only worn this one for two days, so far."
    I shocked him. "Okay." I handed him the pair in my hands, but not before sniffing them again and chewing on the pouch. He grinned the biggest grin I had ever seen on him as he pulled down his shorts. He made a production of getting out of his jock strap as I pulled my jeans off and rolled them up. Naked he pulled off my bun huggers and sniffed them and chewed on the front. He looked them over then looked at me, "What, no hershey tracks?" then burst out laughing.
    I took the warm jock out of his hand and pulled it to my face. I breathed deeply, "That's more like it. Nice and warm and wet." I started chewing on the pouch again as he slobbered on my shorts. He gave me a clean pair of white socks and left his tee shirt in his locker with my clothes. We took off for the gym, stocking footed, wearing gym shorts and jocks. Someone had pulled the big mat out onto the floor and the class was gathered around. I knew that Tommy was school champ for his weight division. I had two inches on him, but he outweighed me and was very much more muscular. Coach asked me if I had ever wrestled and I told him no so he had Tommy show me the basic stances and explained a few rules then we got down.
    Tommy had me down in mere seconds, but I wouldn't let him pin me. He had his hand between my legs and his arm was doing a number on my already excited member. I concentrated on the match and my dick stayed soft, with no help from my fantasy boy. Somehow I flipped him and pinned him so quick that it drew applause from the class. The problem was Tommy was squeezing my dick and everyone could see. I pulled back and stood up. Even with his jock strap my hard on was obvious. Coach slapped me on the butt and told me what a good job I had done. I tried to cover myself and he laughed. "Hey, that's common in wrestling. All the close contact and stuff. Don't worry about it." I looked around the room and there were many erections tenting jocks and gym shorts.
    We got into stance again and Tommy made the same play as before. Somehow I was prepared and I let him pass me and I grabbed him from behind. I flipped him in the air and put him on his stomach. I fell on top of him and pinned him all in less than ten seconds. When everyone started laughing I realized I was on top of him with my cock right in his butt. Somebody yelled, "Get a room." I climbed off of him blushing like mad.
    Coach blew his whistle and shouted, "showers." Everybody took off leaving two boys to roll the mat back against the wall. "If you want to come out, we'll make a spot on the team for you."
    "I don't really have the time, but I would like to learn more moves." Coach told me that they had no time allotment for wrestling that the team worked out and trained after school. He told me as soon as football season was over I could come and workout with no obligation. I thanked him and headed to the showers. Tommy was sitting naked on the bench in front of his locker waiting for me. I took off my clothes and headed to the showers, grabbing a towel from the rack as I went.
    Several of the guys slapped me on the ass and told me I had good moves. All of them checked out my goods. I got under a head and let the hot water run over my body. "I think Dickson might have Johnson in the cock department." I heard someone say.
    "Yeah, how big is that thing?"
    "Get 'em both hard let's see." Someone grabbed my dick and stroked it. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see the team captain himself stroking my meat and smiling at me. This guy was a senior and about the best looking guy in school In fact he made good on his promise and went to Hollywood and became a film star. Every time I see him in a movie I think back to that day in the shower when he had my dick in his perfect hand. I almost grabbed him, but he was already hard.
    They made Tommy and me stand face to face with our cock's touching each other's pubes. I had him by a full half inch and I was thicker two. One of the guys came up to us as everyone left the shower. "Bet you want that up your butt don't you Johnson." I looked at Tommy and he was all smiles. I got dressed, but put my underwear in my pocket. I told Tommy that I should wash his jock as I may have put a little too much of myself into it. He took it from me and looked at it. His face broke into a huge grin. "You got off? I got you off?" The jock went in to his mouth and he sucked on it for several minutes. "Hmmmm, you're sweet."
    Coach yelled out, "Let's go ladies. My wife's waiting dinner on me." We knew this couldn't be right, it was not even three thirty yet, but we left anyway.
    I left the gym and headed for my car and home. I decided to see where Johnson lived so I drove over that way. I saw Jimmy T's. car a few blocks behind me so I pulled past Tommy's house and parked. Jimmy pulled into the driveway and the two boys headed into the house. I decided to go by my old house for old times sake. I was surprised, it was closer than I thought. It was on the next corner south, less than a block and a half. The real estate lady was at the house taking down her signs so I parked and got out. She smiled at me and said, "Congratulations. I'll bet you're all excited about getting to move back in here." I looked at her blankly. "Oh dear, did I let the cat out of the bag? I'm sorry. I thought you knew. Your dad bought the house from your mother. We closed on it today. I didn't mean to spoil the surprise, but when you drove up here I just thought that your dad had told you." I assured her it was okay and that I wouldn't say anything to dad. I would just let him surprise me. I helped her get her for sale signs out of the ground and I put them in her car for her.
    When I got home there was a pickup truck in the driveway and my dad was putting a large box in it. I looked at my dad and said, "What's happening?"
    "We're moving."
    I let a sad look come over my face and said, "Not to California, I hope." He chuckled and hugged me, a rarity.
    "Nope. Just back into our house." He did some behind the scene conniving and bought the house from my mother. He paid her her equity, about a thousand dollars, and refinanced the house at a lower rate and for full value. He actually saved over thirty dollars a month because of the lower interest rate.

    We had a dance at school that night so I took my sister and a friend of hers. Everyone thought the friend was my date. I did dance several dances with her just to keep up appearances. Tommy was there and he was dancing with Jimmy until the principal made them stop. Someone had a bottle of Ever Clear, 180 proof, 100% pure grain alcohol. I had several cups of punch with a generous portion of my favorite tonic added. My sister was going to ride home with Louis so I cut out with a couple of my buddies. As I backed out of the parking space I cut too short and hit the car next to me. I pulled back in and got out. There was no damage to the new T bird with its huge wide chrome bumper, but my car had a deep scratch about fifteen inches long in the right rear fender. I knew who the T bird belonged to and I would check it out tomorrow.
    I got up early and went down to Ann's house. The T bird was in the driveway. I went to the door and knocked. Her dad came to the door and I explained that I thought that I had hit his car the night before. He told me that the car was Ann's sixteenth birthday present. We examined it and the only sign of contact was my green paint on the bumper. I went to my car and got a can of rubbing compound out of the trunk. I took a rag and rubbed Ann's bumper then wiped it off. There were no scratches or dents and it looked as good as new. Ann's dad was pleased. He told me I would have trouble for the dent in my car, but he would have no problem with me and would not say anything to my dad about it. He had to hurry, he had thirty minutes till his tee time. Ann asked me to come in for a minute.
    Ann was in the stage band with me. She played the piano and I played solo trumpet. I had been on two over night trips with the band and she had made the rounds of the rooms servicing the boys' special needs. I had only fucked her once the year before. That's not easy to do when you have three other guys watching and telling you to hurry up so they can get their turn.
    We watched her dad drive off and went inside. As soon as the door shut she asked me if I wanted to fuck. I asked her if the pope was Catholic. Not a good joke with a Catholic, but she let it slide and opened her flannel night dressing gown. All she had on were her panties. Her trade mark huge boobs were sticking out toward my face. She grabbed my crotch and I went wood. She dragged me to her bedroom.
    She took a clean sheet from the closet and threw it over her pink satin sheets as I kicked off my shoes and opened up my pants. She climbed up on the bed and I finished getting naked and joined her. I was fucking away and enjoying the feeling of something other than my own mouth around my dick. I pulled out just as I shot. Silly how we thought that would prevent pregnancy in those days.
    I was shooting in her bush and up her stomach as the door opened. There stood the future movie star, the captain of the football team that had groped me in the shower the day before. I rolled away ready for anything, I thought. He looked at us then walked over to the bed and bent over to lick all of my cum off of Ann's nether region. He then took my soft cock in his mouth and sucked me clean. I had no idea that he was Ann's step brother. He grabbed my clothes and told me that if I wanted them back I would have to go to his room. I looked at Ann. She told me that was what I got for having such a big cock. We kissed for a few minutes then she bent over and sucked me as I got hard again. She slapped me on my stomach and told me to go give her queer brother a treat. She had been told he was a better cock sucker than she was. I assured her that she was a better fuck. She told me not to bet on it.
    Her brother came back and led me to his room. When we got there he pushed me to the edge of the bed and got down on his knees and sucked my newly tumescent cock into his mouth. I lay back on the bed with my legs hanging on the floor and let him work on me. He was good, but I held off and let him work me for a half an hour. Ann came by and stood in the doorway, naked. She left and then came back about ten minutes later with her head wrapped in a towel. I wagged my finger at her to come over. I thought that I better play this big because I wasn't ready to be outed as a fag and she was a big enough gossip that this was going to get all over school. She came to the side of the bed and I put my finger in her pussy and played with her hard little clit. Her eyes widened and she smiled.
    "He does give good head, but I need some incentive." Nice touch, I thought as she moaned then he moaned. She bent down and kissed me. First hot kiss from a girl. First three way. First solo fuck in her room. Can life really get any better?

    I got home just after noon and dad was washing his car. He stopped and looked at my car as I pulled in beside his. "What happened here?" He was looking at my fender. Oh fuck. I walked around and played ignorant. He grounded me. I assured him that I knew nothing about it that it must have happened at the dance the night before. He sniffed me and leaned back and smiled. "What? I've been at a girlfriend's house." He asked if her bed was comfortable. I blushed.
    "You know how to be careful. You're too young to get married." I blushed and went in the house. I was starved after my double bout of sex. I scrambled some eggs and fixed some toast then went up to my room.
    Later dad called up the stairs for me to come down. An insurance adjuster was there and he gave me some papers. He told me to have my car at some shop by seven Monday morning and they would take me to school. Dad told me they would have the car fixed in a few days, but I was still grounded for a week. I whined and he told me there was more to it than I was telling. He lifted the ground, but I had to pay the fifty dollar deductible.

    Monday morning I dropped the car off and went to school. They told me it would be ready by Wednesday. I was afoot till then. I walked home via Tommy's house. I stared at it as I walked by. Tuesday I did the same thing. Wednesday I called from school and the car wasn't ready so once again I caught the two foot express and headed home. As I came up his street I could see Tommy sitting on his front porch. "Busted," I thought, but there was no way of getting out of it, I was too close to his house and it would look strange if I turned around to go the other way. Beside that, isn't that the reason I had taken that route home? I had hoped to 'catch' him the whole week. Well, let's see what happens.
    "Hey buddy, you look hot," he said with a grin.
    "Why thank you kind sir," I said as I put my hand behind my head and threw my hip out in a mock pose.
    "Prick. I meant you're sweating. Want a glass of tea?"
    "I may seem like a prick to some, but if you turn me around I'm an ass hole." He cracked up with laughter. "I know what you meant dick breath. I just like to tease you. I know you want my body."
    He handed me a glass of iced tea that he already had poured and sitting on the table between the two chairs on his front porch. "What do you know?" he asked with a little shake in his voice.
    "Tommy, I won't lie to you, I like you too much to do that. I have known for almost a year that you like to get fucked in the ass. Do you remember back there in the eighth grade when you busted your knee on the curb? I have even talked to some people who have done you. You have made some rather obvious moves on me lately and, well quite frankly that's why I am here. I want to do shit with you. I think you're really cool."
    "I worry that people think I'm a homo. (this was 1960, the word 'Gay' hadn't become popular for queers then) I…well you know I really like you."
    "You mean when you sucked my cum out of your jock strap last week you were really liking my taste?" He nodded and got red. I moved toward him. I wanted to kiss him. Our eyes met and he moved toward me and it just happened. His tongue was probing at my mouth. Here I was, french kissing the boy of my dreams. I had had so many fond fantasies of that boy since the night in my room and I wanted him again. I melted in his arms. My knees went weak. He held me up as our tongues entwined. Our crotches met and his erection lifted me up, literally. My hands were all up and down his back and then they closed in on his hot buns.
    "Maybe we better go inside. The neighbors might tell my parents." We moved into his bedroom and went back at it. His hands were at my belt. My Levis hit the floor. I had on a jock with no underwear A jock works wonders in hiding an unexpected hard on. His jeans fell and he had on nothing. I pulled his tee shirt off as we both kicked off our shoes and stepped out of our jeans that had pooled around our ankles. He pulled my shirt off and pushed me toward his bed. I turned putting him to the bed first. As he fell back I grabbed his legs and swung them on the bed. I turned and lay opposite him and placed my dick at his face as I took his beautiful tool in my mouth. I felt his mouth engulf me as I put my right arm under him, my left arm over him and drew him to me forcing his entire seven and a half inch cut cock fully into my mouth.
    That was by far the biggest dick I had ever sucked and it gagged me. I was going into spasms and he pulled out a little bit. I started moving up and down on him and within moments I had him all the way back in me. I loved the feel of that huge cock head in my throat. I started bobbing in earnest and was feeling his cock sliding back and forth in my mouth and down my throat. That was the best feeling I had ever had. It was way better than sucking myself in that I could get more of it in and I didn't have any muscle cramps
    He was actually deep throating me and I could feel the ridges on the roof of his mouth along the bottom of my dick. He was long stroking me and the tender under side of my glans would rub on the roof of his mouth then go down his tight, tight throat. I was gone. I wasn't going to last another minute. I felt his cock swell in my mouth and then I felt the first warm pool of cum as it shot out on my tongue. I pushed his load into my throat with another long down stroke and I held his ass tight against my face as I fired my load deep into his throat. We both backed off our cream filled meat stick so that the next few volleys landed in our mouths and we could taste the essence of each other. Oh wow, he tasted good. We nursed on each other for the longest time with neither of us going soft or getting tender.
    I caressed his tight, smooth buns as I felt his hands sliding around over mine. I was in total love. I had never had an experience like this and I wasn't ready to stop for anything. His dad could have walked in with a shot gun right then and I would have wanted to continue on and die with that boy and I in each other.
    As with everything in life, it ended. He backed off and rolled over on his back. I pulled off, but followed him and continued to lick his shaft and around through those beautiful blonde pubic hairs of his. That was the first time I had seen him dry and his hair was much lighter. Every time I had seen his pubes before they had been damp with sweat or wet from the shower. Here he was, stark naked and dry, stretched out on his bed, holding me and licking my dick. I was in love. I can't ever remember my heart beating as fast as it was right then. I had a lump in my throat, no it wasn't his dick, and a tear in my eye. It was stronger than the love I felt for my mother or even my grandmother. I thought about her looking down at me right then and I said, "Look, Grandmother, I found true love. Thank you for giving him to me."
    Tommy raised up and looked at me, "What did you say?"
    I turned around and lay down beside him and pulled him to me. "Thanks, man, that was awesome."
    He kissed me and said, "That's just the start. Wait about ten minutes and the real show begins." We snuggled close again and kissed and caressed.
    True to his word in ten minutes he asked if I was ready to cornhole him. My mind flashed to the river when I heard that word. I told him I had only done it with one other person since he and I had spent the best night of fucking that I had ever had, but I really wanted to do it again, with him, if he would let me.
    He got up on top of me and began to kiss all over my face and neck, driving me wild. I had never experienced that kind of joy, the lust, the passion. He was rubbing his dick against my belly and had worked my dick up between his legs. He was squeezing my cock with his powerful thighs and I was sure it was going to be as flat as a pancake when he was done. He got still on top of me and reached behind himself. I felt him grab my dick between his legs as he raised up almost perpendicular to my body. He placed my dick at his ass and dropped down. My dick bent painfully as he sat down on it and I yelped. He raised up and lined up again. That time I could feel it at his hole, but it wasn't going anywhere. He raised up again and moved down. He hocked a huge loogey right on the end of my cock and moved back so it was lined up with his ass. That time it just popped in. I thought I could see heaven's door through the stars that swirled in my head. His sphincter was so tight as it gripped my cock. I felt it as it slid down every centimeter of my tumescent manhood.
    The muscles in his ass were working, messaging and stroking me as I filled his colon with all of my love. He finally bottomed out and I felt him sitting full weight on my abdomen. He pulled his legs out in front of him and raised his arms showing me that he had his full weight on me and I was the only thing holding him up. I then pulled him down to me as he moved his legs back to lay along mine. I hugged him close and we kissed as I rubbed up and down his back. I had to check it out and I felt between his legs to feel my cock buried in his ass. I played around his ass lips and slid a finger in alongside my dick. He shuddered and buried himself closer in to me.
    "Wow, that feels so good. Let's turn over so you can really fuck me now."
    As one we rolled over with me ending up on top. I slid out about half way and he told me to put my weight on my knees so I could thrust in him. I did as he said and I was all the way back inside. It was totally good. Every thing we did was better than the last and I thought nothing else could be better, but the next round proved me wrong. I was never going to go home. I was never going to leave the guy's bed. The only thing I needed now was his cock in my mouth.
    I shifted more weight to my knees and got a good angle. I looked down at his flat belly and his perfect cock and I watched as my cock went in and out of his ass. It looked so damned hot. I wanted to get right down there where I could really see, but I needed that cock more than anything else. I decided to go for it and I made it. By lifting his ass a bit and pulling my knees up closer I was able to get most of his cock in my mouth as I long stroked his ass. He was in ecstacy as he marveled at my ability to suck him and fuck him at the same time. I was on a roll and I kept at my play. Kruschev could march, the A bombs could fall, the air raid sirens could go off and I would stay right where I was.
    I managed to get most of his cock in my throat and his pubic hairs were brushing my nose. I could feel the end coming, it was too soon, but his cock was swelling so I knew it was over. Seconds later his cock spouted forth in my mouth and his colon muscles spasmed and squeezed my cock sending me down the road of sexual euphoria.
    Spent, I raised up and rolled over, gasping for breath. He rolled over to stare down at me and I stared deep into those shimmering blue pools that constituted his eyes. "That was the most amazing fuck I ever had. How did you get my cock in your mouth at the same time?" I told him that I had lots of practice since that one night in my bedroom. I told him that I sucked my own cock nearly every night so that I would be limber enough to do it again, if we ever got together again. He told me that we could always be together. I told him right now I wanted to taste his ass. We both thought this was sick, but I had to do it. I threw my feet back over my head and lined my cock up to my mouth. That wasn't easy on a soft bed, I needed to be on the floor to get more penetration. I stayed where I was and finally had all of my cock in my mouth and I could taste my cum and something really acrid on my cock. I knew it was his ass so I just kept sucking.
    Tommy was looking at me from between my legs then he started to lick my balls. He licked and sucked them for a bit then he moved to my asshole. He looked back at me and I pleaded with my eyes. He told me he had never done that before, but after what we had done, fuck it, he was going for it. I am glad that he made up his mind. That was another awesome new feeling. I was loving the boy more and more every minute. He was grinding away at my ass and had his tongue in as far as it would go. I thought a few times that he was going to just crawl on up in there head first he was so enamored with the chore he had undertaken. I shot a huge load in my mouth and his eyes got as big around as saucers. "Did you just cum again?"
    Straightening out I looked at him and in my west western drawl said, "Shore did, mighty tasty too I might add. Orta try it sometime." We both started laughing as we lay down for another cuddle.
    "What time is it?" He told me it was almost five. "What time do your parents get home?" He told me his mom was out of town and his dad wouldn't be in until eleven or later. He asked me when I had to be home and I told him, "when I get there."
    I explained that I lived with my dad and sister and they were never sure if I was home or not as I had a direct entrance to my third floor room. He wanted to see my room so we got dressed and walked the block and a few feet to my house. He had no idea I lived so close. He had lived in his house all of his life. We had moved to my house when I was like five or six. He then remembered that he had been in grade school with my sister, but had never put the two of us together.
    I snagged two beers and made two bologna and cheese sandwiches on dry bread on the way through the kitchen. We got up in my room and got naked. We sat in the middle of the floor naked and staring at each other as we ate. "Tommy…uhm…I was wondering…well you really like it. What does it feel like to…you know…"
    "Get fucked? Let me tell you man it's fantastic. I've only fucked Jimmy I…oops. Oh God, don't tell him I told you. He'll like freak out. Oh I can't believe I said that. I have never told anyone." He started to cry. I moved to him and put my arms around him.
    "Tommy, I fucked you. I even fucked you in front of my dad. Louis fucked you for over a year. Don J. has fucked you. Chris C. has fucked you. I know at least six others who have told me that you like to be fucked. You hang with Jimmy T. all of the time and if the two of you aren't fucking then it would be out of character. Don't worry most of those who make fun of queers don't know about you. You are our starting quarterback and you won two trophies for the school last year in wrestling. Nobody thinks you're a bad queer. From what we did this afternoon I happen to think that you are a very good queer." He looked at me for the longest time with an expression of fear then loathing then laughter on his face.
    He grabbed me and hugged me. "Do people actually think I'm queer?"
    "No, I don't think so. I have never heard anything about it except from those who have been with you and, no, they didn't go around talking about it. I watched you for the last two years and I knew who you were hanging with. I wanted to be in there too and I was trying to figure a way. It wasn't until one of my sister's boyfriends slipped up and told me about you that I started asking questions. I'm very good at finding out what I want to know and most of the guys I talked to don't even know that they gave you up. And by the way, all of them still like you. Only one ever laughs about you, but he is such a nothing that no one pays any attention to him anyway, and no I won't tell you who that is.
    "I was just thinking that maybe I would want to try letting you…you know, fuck me. Will it hurt? I put lots of Vaseline on my finger and fuck myself with it while I suck myself." I wiggled my middle finger at him and he grabbed it and sucked. He said something about wanting to go where that finger had gone.
    He went over to his pants and pulled a tube out of it. He came back and sat down. "My uncle bought this for me. It's a special lube for having sex. The first time I did Jimmy I hurt him so I got this and with a little work I got him loosened up and he likes it now. Please don't tell him that I told you." I promised I wouldn't.
    He had me lay down on my stomach. I had some big twenty four inch pillows around the room that I lay on. He grabbed one and pushed it under my belly and spread my legs. My ass was up in the air at a better angle for him. He spread my cheeks and started to lick again. I raised my butt back into his face so he could get all of me, "I like this." He licked for ten minutes or so then started moving his finger around my hole. It felt so different than my own finger, it was way better. He licked me some more then he spit in my hole and pushed his finger in. His finger was smaller than mine, but it felt good. He probed and poked and fucked in and out for a few minutes then he pulled out.
    I looked over my shoulder as he squeezed some clear jell stuff out of the silver tube he had. He put about a half an inch line of the jell on his middle finger and came back and pushed at my ass hole again. Then he put two fingers to my hole and pushed in. That got my attention. That was much thicker than my finger. After a few seconds though it started feeling good. He wiggled around inside and he hit my butt nut. The stars came out and I moaned in ecstasy. He pulled out and came in again only this time it was really thick. He told me he had three fingers in me. After all his cock was almost as thick as mine, I had to be opened up to take it in. He wiggled around and finger fucked me. He stretched me and attacked my ass from every angle he could reach then he told me that he thought I was ready. He told me to roll over on my back if I was sure I wanted to do it.
    He put more gel on his dick and spread it around then put a big blob right at my hole. He moved forward aimed his cock at me. I held my breath and he moved forward. He split me right in half. My asshole was ripped open and the pain shot through my whole body. I could see blood and shit pouring out of my totally open and exposed guts. I could feel the tearing of tissue from the center of my asshole out.
    "Okay. Now I'm going to push just the head inside. This will probably hurt a little." He smiled at me.
    Now he's going in? What the fuck did he do to make me hurt so bad a minute aggghhhh… Now I have been ripped. I can feel his dick head in my ass. Shit that burns…so good. Damn that hurts good. I opened my eyes and saw his beautiful smile. I could take the pain for that smile. It was pain he was causing and that made it okay. In fact it hurt so much better now. Damn, that was feeling good.
    I felt him slide all the way in and I was afraid to open my mouth. I knew if I did that my guts would fly out like one of those cloth covered spring snakes in a fake can of peanuts. He started to pump me. I could feel everything in me pushed upwards. The good time feelings were pushing upwards. Damn it was feeling good. How can anything that big, in a hole that small, make feelings so huge that I could die the happiest I had ever been in my life? I had hated the idea of cornholing since I had watched that fat ass bastard fuck that little boy two and a half years ago. I wonder if that kid had the same feelings in his butt that I was feeling now. I figure he had to have or he wouldn't do it.
    I was becoming aware of why Jim and Tommy liked to have a cock move in and out of their ass. I had let my stepbrother stick a candle in my ass, but it was skinny. I had enjoyed fingering my prostate, but I didn't like to put anything else up inside of my butt. And believe me, I had tried a few items. I looked at Tommy and knew that I loved him more than anybody I had ever known.
    He tried to get my cock in his mouth, but the best he could do was lick the very tip of the head with the tip of his tongue. I told him not to worry about it, I would teach him how to do it later if he wanted. He fucked me for a while longer and it was starting to feel really nice. I asked him if I was good for him. He told me that I was tighter than Jimmy even though I was a little larger. He said that he was holding back.
    I asked him to stop. His face dropped, but he pulled out. I winked at him and tossed my feet back over my head. I aimed my cock at my mouth and told him, "Resume." He smiled that big smile of his and moved back into position. It took some maneuvering, but he got the two of us at the right angle and buried his cock in my awaiting sheath. All the pleasures I had known stepped down two notches as that position took over as favorites one and two.
    We stretched out our union for more than twenty minutes when he started hitting my prostate with every plunge. The ridge of his cock head caught the edge of my butt nut and pushed it and pulled it with each stoke. The energy that coursed through my body was overwhelming. My toes were already tingling from the lack of proper circulation from my position.
    When the orgasm started I didn't quite catch it until it was already zeroing in on my groin. My cock swelled and exploded into my throat. I felt my ass convulse and squeeze the monster invader that was giving it pleasure. Tommy's eyes rolled back in his head so I could see only white. He drooled a long string of spit into my hair as his nuts burst loose with their man milk to flood my bowels in the delicious creamy concoction. I was jealous of my ass. It was getting the juice that I loved so much and wanted to taste. I wish I could suck my ass hole to get every drop. I thought about asking for a straw.
    Sated, we rolled apart. When our breathing returned I asked him to stay and sleep with me. We walked back to his house and got his books and clothes for school the next day. He left a note for his dad saying that he had gone to a friend's house to do homework and would just stay the night. He left my address and phone number, yeah, my private line, I got it back too.
    When we got back to my house my sister had one of her meals fixed. Actually it sounds weird, but I kind of like it and fix it for myself sometimes. She had instant potatoes with a glob of real butter, canned sweet peas, and a thick ham steak. She made enough for Tommy as she heard us talking when we went to get his clothes. Dad had a surprise for us. He had bought a cheese cake. It sounded gross and I had never heard of it before, but it was good. He had some of his mother's home canned cherries that he spooned over it and we pigged out.
    I had forgotten that I didn't have a car. My phone rang at ten after seven the next morning. It was my dad telling me that my car was ready and if I would hurry he would drop us off at the repair shop. I hurried the old sleepy head along with a deep kiss. He was worn out from a night of sex. I had fucked him two more times during the night and we slept with each other's dicks in our mouths.

    We got in my car and he fell asleep on the way to school. We both cut out at noon. He told Jimmy T. to come over as soon as he could. I wanted to go to my house so he told Jimmy my address and told him we would be there doing a project we were digging into. I could tell that Jimmy was jealous by the look in his eyes. I told Tommy that I didn't want to hurt him. He said he didn't either so we decided to work up a special afternoon for the stunning little looker.
    Yeah, Jimmy was jealous. At least worried that I might steal his boyfriend away. He showed up at my back door at 3:45. He had cut practice. Tommy and I were both in cut off sweat pants and tee shirts. We led him to my room and we attacked him. Tommy threw him on my full sized bed and lay down from the opposite side and started to kiss him. I pulled off his shoes and shoved them in the corner. I pulled off a sock and inhaled through it deeply, as four eyes watched my every move. I tossed the sock to Tommy as I pulled of the other one and breathed through it. Tommy and I both started sucking on the sole of the damp socks making "hmmm-mmm good " sounds. Jimmy's eyes were wide. I reached down and grabbed a foot. Tommy jumped up and ran around the bed and grabbed the other. I stroked the naked foot and ran my nails along the bottom. Jimmy was all over the bed. He was ticklish, good to know. I put his big toe in my mouth and sucked on it. I pulled off and licked my lips, "Umm, toe jam." Then I took the toe back in my mouth as they both cracked up. Tommy got into licking and sucking his best friend's feet as soon as he got control of his giggles.
    We sucked the feet for a few more minutes then I grabbed the top button of Jimmy's 501s. All of the buttons popped in succession and I pulled the pants down with Tommy lifting the boy's butt up so the pants cleared the bed. Jimmy lay there in nothing, but the smallest, tightest, whitest, bun huggers ever painted on a person. His thick cock clearly outlined by the thin material. I don't know when Jimmy's shirt came off, but I didn't care he looked edible without it. Tommy lifted the waist band of the tiny underwear and pulled them down as I lay over the bed, my knees still on the floor.
    There to my surprise was a very thick seven inch cock sticking out of the shaved groin of one hundred and five pound, five foot two inch, boy. I learned that Jimmy's birthday was in October and he had just turned sixteen a couple of weeks earlier. He is a full seven months younger than Tommy.
    The car was his mother's, but she hardly ever used it. Jimmy had another attribute that I found very exciting. He was uncut. I had never seen another uncut cock, hard, up close, and personal. "Would you mind if I suck your beautiful boyfriend's cock, sir?" Tommy nodded and gestured with his hands to go ahead. I looked at Jimmy and he nodded slightly. I pulled the foreskin back and licked all around the head getting all of the day's sweat and left over piss. I even tasted some cum or maybe precum. I opened my mouth and sucked in the entire shaft as I cupped his huge balls. He tasted wonderful.
    I raised his left leg and Tommy held it high as I continued to suckle and move under the leg to get a better angle. I pulled Jimmy to the edge of the bed so that his ass was almost off. I then pushed both legs up and he pulled them to his chest. I continued to suck and lick then I moved down his shaft to his balls, laving each of them one at a time. I licked the valley where his legs joined his torso and tasted a day's sweat there. He had a little boy's sweat taste, much like my little brothers, I missed them. I moved on down until I got to his little brown pucker. I was thankful, he was clean. I dove in and licked his crack and hole clean. I went back to his cock and in a very few strokes I was tasting a hot load of hot boy cum that was as good as his boyfriend's.
    I got up off the floor and turned to Tommy and we shared the cum in my mouth as Jimmy lay there trying to figure it all out. Tommy had pulled both of our shorts off and now he removed the last vestige of clothing in the room, my tee shirt. We lay down across the bed on either side of Jimmy and all started to kiss and tongue wash each other. I looked at Jimmy's face and I saw a cacophony of emotions were playing in the soft, flawless features of the youngster. I was so overwhelmed that I just wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close.
    "I'm not going to steal your boyfriend away from you. I love you too much to ever hurt you." He broke down and started to cry. I joined him and then Tommy joined in.
    Tommy held his friend close and they cried loud and boldly. I moved across the room and pulled some pillows together. I tuned in my favorite AM radio station of the day, KOMA out of Oklahoma City, a 50,000 watt station that can be heard across America. The song Teen Angel was playing and though it dealt with the death of a girlfriend I twisted it to be any loss and I felt what I thought Jimmy was feeling. I pulled a big furry throw, that my sister had given me, over my naked body and cried myself to sleep.
    I don't think that I slept more than a moment or two, but time has no reference to a sleeping body. Jimmy snuggled up against me and pulled the cover over both of us. "I fell in love with you the first day I met you in the eighth grade. When you dragged me in that stall and pulled your pants down I wanted to fall to my knees and suck your dick. I have stayed away from you all of these years because I knew you were straight. I had my first fling with Tommy later that year, but I have always thought of you in my fantasies. Tommy knows this. We have talked about the hottest guys in school for two years and we decided last week to see if you would be willing to swing. I heard the stories about you being a piss boy two years ago. Then when I heard that you fucked Ann M in her own bed last Saturday I knew there was no chance for a little queer like me." The tear gates opened and he was inconsolable again.
    I looked up and Tommy was standing there. I held the blanket up behind me and he spooned in to my back. Jimmy never opened his eyes. He sniffled awhile then continued, "I love Tommy. He is the best friend I have ever had, but, and he knows this, I am not in love with him. He is much more than sex, but we don't really have anything in common like the two of you do. I watched you kiss him and I saw the look in his eyes. He is in love with you and you are in love with him."
    "My dad can give you the names of several good ophthalmologists. I think you need glasses. Tommy and I are in serious lust. I love his body. I love the sex, but I'm too narcissistic to be in love with anyone, but myself. Time may change that, but I'm only sixteen and all I love at this time is getting off. Though a mouth full of the cream of some young guy evokes heavy emotions in me." Tommy stabbed my ass with his hard cock. Jimmy giggled. I kissed him, deep and full. "You really fell in love with me in Miss Reeves class?"
    "No, I fell in love with you when you were peeling that cum filled toilet paper off of your big uncut cock. I had been fighting those feelings all summer and I was going to be fourteen in just six weeks. I didn't want to be a homosexual. My dad always talks about how bad they are. He was small and cute when he was young and he said some queer was always hitting on him. I didn't want to be hitting on anyone. I just wanted to suck your dick for the rest of my life."
    "Well I am here for now, but I still think you and boner Johnston over here belong together."
    Jimmy looked behind me for the first time and saw Tommy. He grinned at him and said, "Faggot."
    "Cocksucker," said Tommy.
    "Both of you butt monkeys put a cork in it and let's go to sleep," I told them.
    "No, I want to get fucked." Jimmy said. I suggested that Tommy fuck him while we sucked each other. I wanted to watch that big ass cock go in and out of this little tiny ass hole. It was agreed and we spent the whole night swapping off. By morning we had each fucked each other while sixty nineing with the other. We each got to watch each other take it up the ass and had each gotten at least two loads of cum down the gullet.

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