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He came over and I sucked him. And he came in my mouth and he filled my empty place with boy balls and hard, heavy meat and the touch and the scent of him. I swallowed, celebrating and capturing it.

The doorbell'd rung and he was there. All of him: my heart leapt with need. He looked desperate. I let him in and he pressed himself to me.

"I need to come," he whimpered in my ear, moist lips tickly, "I need you to suck me."

"Okay," I said, "Just this once. Just these 10,000 times," and pressed him back against the door, smooshing bulges, grabbing his ass and grinding. We both moaned horny.

Leading him to my room, I knelt and undid his belt. As the jeans came down, the scent of him filled me, made the cum itch inside me. I pulled down the elastic and let out his lovely monster, kissed it and put my lips on the head. As the dick trance took hold, I opened to take him.

"Suck! Suck!" he urged, pressing between my lips, still hardening, sliding to fill my mouth, to fill all of me. "Suck!" as his hips thrust him deeper and he began to fuck. "Unnh, unnh, Oh God! Unnh, unnh, I'm... I'm... gonna... cumming! Unnh! Ahhh! AHHH!," and his cream shot hard, shot, shot, him moaning, slowing. I swallowed, having, savoring.

His final little yelp of relief, sort of indignant, and I put him away, let his waistband snap back, stood up.

"Love you. Saturday, you're still mine," I said. Saturday, I would fuck him silly. I would cum in him.

"Ohh, God. That was so good. I needed that."

"I'm not shy: I love you. I love your dick. I love it when you cum. Oh, and I will still be a man."

"You're... I'm..." he faltered.

"So will you. So are you. The bedroom's the bedroom; the world's the world. You're as macho as anybody. But I think your cum probably tastes better. Look, I gotta go the library and get this fucking paper done, or I'm toast. You coming?"

"Already did. No."

"Good: cuz I need to actually work. Love you. Bye." I pressed him toward the door, then grabbed his hips and pulled them back to grind my boner against his butt. I kissed his neck; "I have a gallon of cream for you. You're gonna make me pump it Saturday. You're gonna beg me for it. Love you. Bye."

I opened the door and turned to gather my books, as he went out. My boner was gradually easing up, but the cum still itched inside me, itched with the need to merge bodies and have him, drown in him and give him my load. God, it's good to have a boy.

Saturday he came over, still soft with sleep. Rang the bell and melted into me, once he knew we were alone. Melted, clung. Warm, sweet breath.

I dragged him to bed. Sucked him a little, holding his balls as they tightened. Lubing him, fingering him. Touching him with my dripping rod. Sliding on his balls, next to them, leaving my cool drippings on him.

"Do you want me, Baby? Do you want me to fill you?"

"I want you. Take me. Make me full."

"Do you want me?"

"Put your dick up to me," he said, as I came to rest over his hole. "You're so big! You feel so good."

"Do you want me inside you?" pressing a little.

"Oh, God! Put it in me. In me. Put it in. It's warm. It's so big!"

I pressed gently, withdrawing, pressing again, until he began to yield. Until I began to enter him, enter him, sliding a little deeper. He pulled me to him, arching his back to receive me, and let out a trembly moan. I withdrew a bit and slid deeper. He groaned as I fully gained him, bottoming out in his soft, clinging heat. I pressed deeper, having him deep and hot, and he grunted, "Fuck me, fuck the... fuck outta me."

Gladly, I began to take him, have him, possess him. He received me, giving me what I had to have: solid boy body, soft tight hot boy body, sweet celebration, connection, grateful penis joy, achy cum fullness. I began to fuck him steadily, a few long strokes and then holding deep a moment, to have him, have him full depth, get my fuck tank filled. Bottoming out in him to be received and celebrated and hear him moan, feel him pulse with the joy of my penis inside him. I didn't last long before the world disappeared and there was only his softness and heat and fucking and the searing pleasure of coming and the bone deep fulfillment of pumping, pumping, pumping into a moaning boy.

A boy I kissed and sucked off, lay on and kissed some more.

Boy tank full, cum tank empty: we went to the skate park and kicked some fuckin' ass.

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