Further down the yellow brick road!!!!!

Chapter one!!!!!!!

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The events in this story are related to the events in my story SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN in the high school section on nifty. It will help if you have read the first story so that you know who all the main characters are. This story begins on the 27th February 2010, 2 days after Jasons 18th birthday. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter one!!

The wedding day!!

I was awoken by a knock on the door at 7.30am. “ Go away,” I said as I opened my eyes feeling a little disorientated and wondering where I was. I then remembered that I was at my grandparents house. I had stayed the night before as today was the day that Gary and I were having our civil partnership ceremony. Well, that was the legal term but in effect it was the same thing as getting married.

A voice from the other side of the door said, “ It's Chris. Kathy said I should wake you for breakfast as Andy will be here at nine.”

You can come in if you have a mug of steaming hot coffee,” I said.

Chris entered the room and walked over to the side of the bed on which I was lying and placed a mug of coffee on the bedside table. He then walked around to the other side and placed his own mug on the table and lay down next to me. We just lay there in silence for a few minutes, drinking our coffee and lost in our own thoughts until Chris broke the silence by saying, “ this is all a little strange.”

What do you mean by that?” I asked.

Well, I always imagined that it would be me or Steve that got married first, not you. Especially after you came out to us after your twelfth birthday.”

As I have learnt over the last few years, life is full of surprises. You are happy for me though, aren't you?”

Yes, and Steve and I are really honoured that you asked us to be your best men. Now lets get down for breakfast or Steve will have eaten it all.”

Chris and Steve were my two oldest friends. I had met them on my first day at prep school when I was five and , like me, they both loved music. We had our own hugely successful band called WILD BOYS and had released five albums to date, the latest one, STILL PLAYING THE GAME,had been released back in December, just in time for the Xmas market and was still at the number one spot in the album chart two months after it's release. I had passed my music A level two years early and gone to the ROYAL NORTHERN COLLEGE OF MUSIC to study music composition but had been thrown off the course after eighteen months due to the fact that I was missing so many of my lectures because I was more interested in taking up all the offers that I had to play guitar or keyboards on other peoples records. I was also doing a lot of record production for numerous different groups and musicians. Mum and dad (my adoptive parents ) had been furious at first but calmed down after we had had a very long talk. After all, I was building a nice career for myself in the music business, which is what I wanted to do anyway. For me, the most important part of it was that I was succeeding without formal qualifications. I was also now worth on close to one hundred million pounds in my own right. The original £18million that my biological parents had left me had been invested so wisely that it had quadrupled in value in the almost five years since the accident that ended their lives prematurely. Added to that was all the money I had made with the band and other music projects and, well, I was a very wealthy eighteen year old.

The hugs A CITY IN CHAOS concert that I had staged for Garys 18th birthday in 2007 was a huge success. We had an audience of in excess of half a million people and it was seen by around a billion more thanks to the live, world wide broadcast on MTV. Since then I had also performed the show in Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, New York, Sydney and London.

Two days ago I had celebrated my 18th birthday. It had been a quiet affair. Just a few close friends and me went out for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. For my birthday, Gary ( my lover of almost five years ). Chris, Steve, Liam ( my foster brother ) and Ross ( a close friend and the other keyboard player in the band ) had bought me a Mercedes CKL 230 Kompressor in metallic blue with white interior and white leather upholstery. Mum and dad had bought me a Yamaha baby grand piano. As yet, I hadn't seen this as it was being delivered to the apartment that Gary and I would be moving into after our honeymoon in the South Pacific. The apartment had cost close to five million pounds and was a four bedroom penthouse in a new development in the city centre. Both of us had fallen in love with it the first time we viewed it, mainly due to the spectacular views that it offered on a clear day (or night). Mum and dad were paying the best interior decorators available to decorate for us as their wedding gift to us. Then everything else that we would need was being bought as wedding gifts from all our family and friends.

It had been about five years since the last time that I had stayed the night at my grandparents house with Steve and Chris. We had spent the previous evening enjoying a few glasses of wine and looking through the old photo albums and just reminiscing about our lives up to that point. There had been a few times when I got a little emotional, especially when looking at photos of my birth parents. Even though it had been nearly five years, I still missed them terribly. Apart from that, it had been a really great way to spend my last night as a single man ( even though Gary and I had been together for nearly five years ).

I climbed out of bed totally naked and, even though Chris ( who is straight and has a gorgeous girlfriend called Carla ), was in the room with me, I did not feel embarrassed. Well, it wasn't the first time that he had seen me in my birthday suit. I retrieved my bathrobe from the hook on the back of the door and then headed downstairs for breakfast, followed by Chris.

On entering the kitchen, we noticed that Steve was already seated and tucking into the huge, full English breakfast that grandma had cooked. I took my place at the table and grandma placed my plate in front of me. Before I began to eat, I grabbed a piece of toast and spread some butter and marmalade on it and then began to eat. Before joining us, Chris went over to the 'fridge and retrieved a bottle of champagne and a carton of orange juice. ( It hadn't escaped my attention that there were seven champagne glasses on the table ). Besides my grandparents, Chris, Steve and myself, we had been joined by Jamie ( my half brother ) and his boyfriend Greg. Before starting on his own breakfast, Chris opened the champagne and half filled the glasses with the sparkling liquid and then topped them off with orange juice. Then he passed a glass to each of us and said, “ I'd like to propose a toast to Jason and Gary and wish them every happiness for the future.”

We all raised our glasses and took a good sip of the Bucks fizz. This really was the start of a new chapter in my life.

Andy arrived at just before 9am. Andy was a hairdresser who had trained with mums company ( when she owned it ) but he had been working for the band for just over two years as our personal hair stylist. He was really good and had won many awards and competitions. My hair was now almost shoulder length but everyone said that it really suited me. Anyway, today, Andy was going to trim it a little and redo my highlights ( something which I had been having done since just after the rape, when I was thirteen ). This would take a couple of hours.

By 11.30am, Andy had finished his job and I had showered and dressed in my wedding clothes. As I walked out of the room, I was joined by Steve, who said, “ you scrub up well, I hardly recognized you.”

I gave him a playful punch on the arm for his cheek.

We were soon joined by Chris ( who looked just as stunning in his blue tuxedo as Steve did ).Chris looked at me and said one word, which was, “ hypocrite.”

I looked at him and asked what he meant.

Well, it hardly seems appropriate you wearing a white tuxedo. I mean, you are not exactly a virgin are you?”Came the reply to my question.

Well the other option that Greg suggested was a really outrageous pink suit that he found in Selfridges and no way was I getting married in pink.”With that we all doubled over with laughter.

I was the first to make my way down the stairs and as I reached the bottom, grandma said, “ and who is this handsome young man and what have you done with Jason?” I had to laugh again at that comment.

Granddad was taking some photos with his digital camera but we were soon joined by Steve and Chris. Once they had showed up,granddad said that he would like to take some of the three musketeers. Grandma commented on what fine young men we had all turned out to be. We all felt a little embarrassed by this but managed to laugh it off. Then we were joined by Jamie and Greg, who had opened another bottle of champagne. I was going to decline due to the fact that I was driving my granddad and me to my parents house in my new car but then I decided that this was my special day and that one glass wouldn't hurt.

It wasn't much longer before Chris and Steve left in their own cars to collect their girlfriends, Kate and Carla. Carol ( and old neighbour from when my birth parents had been alive ) and my grandma were driving to the house for the ceremony in the Jaguar that I had bought for my grandma the previous Xmas. I had also bought my granddad a Porsche, as he had always said that he wanted one.

It was about thirty minutes later, just as we had pulled on to the M6 motorway that I noticed the police car behind me, signaling for me to pull over. I did as I was being asked and pulled over to the hard shoulder. The police officer got out of his car and made his way to the drivers side of mine. I pushed the switch to roll down the window. “ is this your vehicle?” I was asked.

Yes officer,” I said as I handed him my driving licence, insurance and registration documents. After checking that everything was in order, the officer realized who I was and said, “ I hope you can accept my apology for stopping you but you just don't see many people as young as you are driving cars like this.”

It was my 18th birthday two days ago and this was my present from the other guys in the band,” I said.

So are you going somewhere special?” The officer asked me.

Yes, today my boyfriend and me are having our civil partnership ceremony at my parents house,” I replied.

“ Would you like to find out just what this car is capable of?”

Sounds cool to me,” I said. “ So what's the plan?”

Well how about you pullout behind me and then I'll escort you to your ceremony, with the lights and siren going and then you can find out just how fast this little baby can go.”

Sounds good to me,” I said.

Before I knew it I was speeding down the motorway at 140 miles per hour. We arrived at mum and dads house in less time than I had originally planned. I pulled up and thanked the police officer for his assistance and then he wished me good luck for the future and told me to enjoy my special day.

As we pulled off the road and on to the drive up to our house, I stopped the car and sat looking at the place that had been home for the last three and a half years. I must have looked a little sad as granddad said to me, “ how come you look so glum?”

It's not because I'm having second thoughts about today but I really am going to miss this place when Gary and I move into our apartment.”

But Phil and Jane have told the two of you that you should always consider this to be your home? And I bet you'll be here just as much as ever working on your music in the recording studio.”

I smiled at my granddad and said, “ I suppose you are right and it's not that far for mum and dad to drive in to Manchester to come and see us at the apartment. You and grandma are both welcome to visit anytime you like too. And if you are worried about drinking and driving, then don't be, as we have three spare bedrooms.”

We may just take you up on that,”Granddad said as he smiled at me.

With that. I put my foot on the accelerator and released the break to cover the final, short distance to the house and my date with destiny and the beginning of a new phase in my life.

I was particularly looking forward to the honeymoon, which would begin in Monday when we would be flying to Auckland. We would be spending five days there and then fly on to Tahiti. Once we got there we would be joining the 325foot motor yacht that we had chartered and then spend a month Island hoping around the south Pacific. Gary and I were both looking forward to this as it would be the first holiday that we had had since going to South Africa back in August 2005, just after Jamie had come in to my life. Th reason for this being that we had signed the record deal soon after getting home and school holidays had been taken up with touring with the band and recording our albums.

Don't get me wrong, I had enjoyed every minute and it had given us all the chance to travel extensively and we had visited many of the worlds major cities but it was always work, which is completely different to going somewhere on holiday.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts when granddad said, “ So are you OK do this?”

Yes,”I replied. “ Can I just ask you one question?”

You just have but you can ask me another one?” Granddad replied.

Are you Ok with me doing this, I mean the whole civil partnership thing, it does mean that Gary and I will effectively be married. It must seem a little strange for you?”

Well, it's not exactly how grandma and me envisaged your 'wedding' day but we have seen just how happy that you have been with Gary in the almost five years since the two of you first met and that wasn't under the best of circumstances. But we are truly happy for you and hope the two of you continue to have a happy life together.”

Thank you,”I said as I got out of the car and made to the first of the two marquees that had been erected in the grounds of mum and dads house. The first marquee was the one were the registrar would conduct the ceremony. The other one was were we would be hosting the reception, which undoubtedly would be going on until very late due to the fact that we had booked three live bands and the disco was being provided by our good friend Tony Horne, a presenter on one of the local radio stations. The evening part of the reception was a double celebration, as it was also my official 18th birthday party.

I really had never felt happier in my life than I did right at that moment in time.

End of chapter one!!!

Coming very soon, chapter two, The wedding day part two.

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