Further Down The Yellow Brick Road 11!!!!!

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From the last chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was getting near lunch time and it was Steve who said, "So is there anywhere decent to eat around here?"

"Well, the hotel has a great choice of restaurants but some of them only open in the evening," I said.

"Although the GORMET BURGER BAR is fantastic," Gary added and that is where we decided to eat.

We had a fantastic lunch and were laughing and joking just as if nothing had happened. The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling out on the beach. Gary and I topping up our tans and the rest of the guys working on theirs. They had all decided to stay for two weeks as this was the first holiday that some of them, (namely Chris and Steve), had had in almost five years. As for Liam, although he had travelled extensively with the band, he had never had a proper overseas holiday. As for school, they had all quit. Well, none of them planned on going to university and so they all thought that it was a waste of time completing their A level courses and exams.

The other thing that they kept doing all afternoon was apologising for ruining our honeymoon. In the end, I said, "It's Ok guys, you don't have to keep apologising, it's great to see you all and I was getting a little bored with only having Gary for company."

Gary pretended to look hurt and upset but he knew that I was only joking.


It was at around 4.30pm when we all headed back to the hotel, to our rooms so that we could chill before dinner. As far as dinner was concerned, Chris and Steve had booked a table for all of us in the Fine Dining restaurant and they had said that they would foot the bill. I suppose that they both felt somewhat guilty for causing all the problems in the first place.

No sooner had we returned to our suite and closed the door, than Gary had his arms wrapped around me and he was kissing me. It didn't take long for his tongue to make its way into my mouth. After he broke the kiss, he asked me, "So do you think everything is going to be OK?"

I paused for a moment before answering the question and said, "Well, I think that the friendships are intact but I'm not too sure if the band has much of future beyond the tour."

"What do you mean by that?" Gary asked me.

"This big world tour, it's the first time that we have done anything like that but we're just like any other band really. For the last five years we have practically lived together. I mean, we were at school together, then we would spend time together in the studio and then touring and doing other gigs. What I'm saying is that we just haven't really had any time apart and I think that we need that. To be honest, I think we should just split up once the tour is over so that we can all pursue our own interests."

We had already discussed taking a couple of years out from the band after the world tour but I think that this came as big shock to Gary and he wasn't too sure of how to handle the situation. I suppose that I was feeling, that after five albums, I had achieved everything that I could with the band. We wouldn't be the first band in history to split up and there would always be the possibility of a come back in a few years time. I was just feeling that I wanted to do some stuff on my own. That way I would be able to make all the decisions about what I wanted to do instead of having to spend as much, if not more time talking things through than we did actually plying and creating music. After spending some time talking things over with Gary, he asked me, "Would you make love to me?"

"That sounds like a really good idea," I said.

We slowly undressed each other while we kissed and explored each others mouth with our tongues. Once we had stripped naked, we made our way over to the bed without breaking the kiss. Once we where lying down, I began to give Gary a tongue bath. I liked, kissed and sucked my way down his body. I worked on his neck, nipples, belly button and finally I reached my target. I took first one and then both of his balls into my mouth before licking up and down the length of his shaft. Finally I took that gorgeous piece of meat into my mouth and sucked on it as if it where a lollipop. Meanwhile I worked a finger into his ass to get him loosened up. Once I felt that my lover was comfortable with one finger, I inserted as second. I knew from the moans of pleasure that Gary was really enjoying this but so was I. For me, it was a pleasure to know that I was making Gary happy. The second finger was soon joined by a third and I tickled Garys' prostate for a few seconds. At that point, I withdrew my finger and reached for the lube from the bedside table. I put a good amount on my own stiff cock and then got Gary lubed up before lining up with my target. I slowly pushed in and once I was all the way in, I stopped for a moment while I let Gary get used to the feeling. Then I began to make love to him. I gave a final thrust against that magic spot and watched as Gary began to empty his load all over his chest and stomach. This was enough to push me over the edge and I soon felt my own load being shot deep within Gary. As Gary was lying on his back and I still had my cock buried deep within him, I leaned forward and licked up all the cum form his body. I did hold some in my mouth so that I could share it with him when we kissed.

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was after six. I had arranged to meet Chris and Steve in the bar at 7.30, so that we could have a few drinks before dinner. We wanted this to be just the three of us, just like old times. Then we would join everyone else in the restaurant at 8.30 for dinner. I got out of bed and headed for the shower. I was soon showered and dressed and had a glass of wine with Gary before going down to the bar.

I got to the bar and joined Chris and Steve. It had annoyed me that those two and Ross had not offered to donate their fees from the tour to charity. We had said that we wouldn't force anyone into doing that but it was still annoying none the less. Gary and I didn't have a problem with donating our money to charity due to the fact that we were already very wealthy. Liam had always had the advantage of knowing what it was like to not have money and as a result was always very cautious. I suppose the best way to explain it is to say that I never had a problem with going to Selfridges or Harvey Nicholls and spending three hundred pounds on a pair of jeans but Liam would never think of spending more than forty or fifty pounds on a pair of jeans. He always said that the quality was just as good as what I had bought for six times the price. I never fully understood the logic behind it but that is the way that he was. The only time that Liam was ever extravagant with his money was when he was buying a guitar. Anyway, as for Chris and Steve not donating their fees to charity, I decided to leave it for now due to the fact that there had already been enough problems to deal with.

At 8.30, Chris, Steve and I made our way into the restaurant to join the rest. The food was fantastic. It was as we where eating our main courses that Nick said, "I think that it is really great that Jason, Gary and Liam are donating their fees from this tour to charity but I'm a little pissed off with the rest off you that you haven't even offered to donate half of your fees to charity. It's not like any of you really need that money. Ross was 18 a few months ago and you two," Nick said, pointing at Chris and Steve, "are already extremely wealthy, considering how young you are."

Nick took a sip of his wine before continuing, "I don't want to pressurise anyone into anything but I think that you should all give this some serious thought."

Everyone was looking at me now, waiting for me to say something. I took a sip of my wine before saying, "I don't want to cause any tension here but I'm afraid that I have to agree with Nick."

After that the topic of conversation changed to what had been happening back home while Gary and I had been away. Having said that, I could tell that Chris, Steve and Ross all felt a little guilty over the business of the charitable donations. All I could think was that Nick had given the three of them some to seriously think about. I only hopped that they would change their minds. It was also during dinner that Liam and Nick gave me the CD of the experimental album that they had been working on.

By the time we got to the coffee and liqueurs, Steve, Chris and Ross had said that they would donate half of their fees from the tour to the respective charities. To me this was not an ideal situation but it was better than nothing.

I had noticed that in the restaurant there was pianist playing and he had obviously recognised us as he came over to me and asked if I would mind entertaining the diners for a little while. I didn't really have any objections and so I made my way over to the piano. I started off by playing the song that we had written with Elton John and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Once I returned to our table, Gary leaned over and kissed me. We no longer had a problem with doing stuff like that as we had made it public knowledge that the two of us where boyfriends soon after my 16th birthday. I had grown tired of hiding and as a result we got FI to put everything in place so that if anyone started to dig around they would find no evidence at all that I had been adopted by Phil and Jane. It had been a big thing for the two of us to do but we just had to. In the long term it hadn't really had any adverse effects and had actually been a great boost for us in terms of record sales. When we made the decision, we had talked it over with mum and dad, the other guys from the band and all of our friends. Everyone offered us their full support and as I said, it hadn't been such a bad decision in the long run.

After dinner was over, Gary and I went for a nice romantic walk along the beach. As it was deserted, we held hands and occasionally stopped and kissed. It just felt so nice and I think that at that point we felt like the only two people in existence.

The last four days in Hawaii where somewhat hectic. We went scuba diving, water skiing and surfing. Well, I tried my hand at surfing but gave up in defeat after I had fallen off for the fourth time. Gary, on the other hand was a natural. He just loved it and said that we should come back here for another holiday once the tour was over. As far as the tour and the future of the band was concerned, we did a lot of talking and all agreed that we would take two years out once we had finished the tour.

All too soon Gary and I found ourselves at Honolulu airport awaiting our flight to San Francisco. It was six hours later when we met with Angela in San Francisco.

"I thought that Josh was meeting us?" I asked.

"He was supposed to but he had to go to LA on business and so he'll be meeting Keith and Alexei," She replied.

I found it somewhat surprising that those two were using a commercial flight as Boris had added a Boeing 777 and an A380 to his fleet of aircraft since we had first met that family.

"Do you guys' want to go and get something to eat?" Angela asked us.

"How long will the drive to Malibu be?" Gary asked.

"About two and half hours," Angela replied.

"We had a great meal on the plane so we should be OK until we get to your place," Gary said.

Angela found a porter to help with our luggage and we made our way out to her car. The drive along the Pacific coast highway was just amazing. The views over the ocean where just sensational and we stopped a couple of times to take photographs.

As we made our way into Malibu, Gary noticed a supermarket and said to Angela, "Do you mind stopping at the supermarket?"

"No but may I ask why?" Angela said.

"As you know, I love to cook and I haven't had chance to do any cooking while we have been away, so I thought that I would like to cook for everyone tonight," Gary said.

It was almost an hour later by the time we left the supermarket. Gary had bought a selection of seafood for the starter, then there were fillet steaks for the main course and he planned on making his heavenly chocolate and whiskey mousse for desert. I was really looking forward to it. I even offered to help. I had decided that I should learn to cook. I mean, once we got back home we would both be very busy with our various business interests and I didn't think it fair that I should leave all the cooking to Gary. Sure, we could afford to eat out all the time but we had a beautiful kitchen and dining room at our apartment and we wanted to make full use of those facilities.

We finally arrived at Josh and Angelas' house and it was beautiful. It was right on the beach, over looking the ocean and both Gary and I were impressed. We got our luggage into the house and Angela showed us to our room. It was almost as big as our bedroom in the apartment and it had an ensuite bathroom. We both said that we could use a shower before we started on dinner and so Angela left us to it.

By the time we had showered and changed, Josh, Keith and Alexei had arrived from LA.

I rushed over to them and gave them all a hug.

"It looks as if all the sun and sea of the South Pacific really agrees with you?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, it's been fantastic," I said.

While Gary and I worked on dinner, Josh, Alexei and Keith sat at the breakfast bar and talked. Josh had arranged a trip up to San Francisco so that we could attend a couple of classical music performances. Gary didn't really like this type of music but I knew that he would go along to keep me happy. Josh had also arranged for us to go to LA to meet a famous film music composer by the name of Paul Haslinger. I had heard of him as he was one of my friends on myspace. It looked as if we would be kept busy.

As Gary and I had bought all the ingredients to cook dinner, Keith and Alexei wanted to get some wine to go with the foods that we were preparing. Under California law we were all too young to actually purchase alcohol but Josh got around this problem by going and having a word with one of his neighbours who agreed to go and purchase the wine that we required from the supermarket. Dinner was great and I felt proud of my little contributions to the meal.

Over dinner, Josh pointed out some marker posts on the beach. He explained that for a quarter of mile in either direction from the central post was their own private beach. Anyone caught on that section of the beach was trespassing and liable to prosecution. By the time dinner was over, I really felt at home and really wanted to look into buying a property here. OK, Gary and I wouldn't be able to spend that much time here but we both felt that it would be a great investment. We decided that the next day we would pay a visit to the local real estate agent to see if they had any suitable properties available. We also tried to find out about the movie that Keith was auditioning for but as usual, when he had an audition, he remained very tight lipped. We finally gave up on that subject although I did suggest that, if he got the part then maybe he could put my name forward to the producer and director as the composer for the music. I knew from talking to Josh that composing music for movies could be a very lucrative business. Especially if you had a contract were by you got paid an upfront fee plus a percentage of the box office takings, and then there would also be the royalties from the soundtrack CD and the DVD release of the movie.

We also talked to Josh and Angela about our billionaire friend from Arizona and asked if they knew where his house was. They said that they had not heard of him and had no idea where his house was. I realized that neither Chris D nor any of his family would be here but it was worth asking. It was well after 2am when we went to bed. We all felt a little tired but it had been a great evening.

End of Chapter 11!!!!!!!!!

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