Further Down The Yellow Brick Road 11!!!!!

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From the last chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Gary and I worked on dinner, Josh, Alexei and Keith sat at the breakfast bar and talked. Josh had arranged a trip up to San Francisco so that we could attend a couple of classical music performances. Gary didn't really like this type of music but I knew that he would go along to keep me happy. Josh had also arranged for us to go to LA to meet a famous film music composer by the name of Paul Haslinger. I had heard of him as he was one of my friends on myspace. It looked as if we would be kept busy.

As Gary and I had bought all the ingredients to cook dinner, Keith and Alexei wanted to get some wine to go with the foods that we were preparing. Under California law we were all too young to actually purchase alcohol but Josh got around this problem by going and having a word with one of his neighbours who agreed to go and purchase the wine that we required from the supermarket. Dinner was great and I felt proud of my little contributions to the meal.

Over dinner, Josh pointed out some marker posts on the beach. He explained that for a quarter of mile in either direction from the central post was their own private beach. Anyone caught on that section of the beach was trespassing and liable to prosecution. By the time dinner was over, I really felt at home and really wanted to look into buying a property here. OK, Gary and I wouldn't be able to spend that much time here but we both felt that it would be a great investment. We decided that the next day we would pay a visit to the local real estate agent to see if they had any suitable properties available. We also tried to find out about the movie that Keith was auditioning for but as usual, when he had an audition, he remained very tight lipped. We finally gave up on that subject although I did suggest that, if he got the part then maybe he could put my name forward to the producer and director as the composer for the music. I knew from talking to Josh that composing music for movies could be a very lucrative business. Especially if you had a contract were by you got paid an upfront fee plus a percentage of the box office takings, and then there would also be the royalties from the soundtrack CD and the DVD release of the movie.

We also talked to Josh and Angela about our billionaire friend from Arizona and asked if they knew where his house was. They said that they had not heard of him and had no idea where his house was. I realized that neither Chris D nor any of his family would be here but it was worth asking. It was well after 2am when we went to bed. We all felt a little tired but it had been a great evening.

Further Down The Yellow Brick Road 12!!!!!!!!

The next morning I was awoken in the best possible way that I could imagine, with Gary sucking on my dick. It always felt so good to be woken up that way and I just loved it and judging by the moans of pleasure emanating from Garys' full mouth,he was enjoying it too. But I was also aroused by the smell of the bacon being cooked in the kitchen. Anyway, it wasn't long before I began to fill my partners mouth with my hot juice. After I had finished, we both headed to the shower. We had decided to shower together so as to save some time, meaning that we could go and eat breakfast, which smelt so tempting, a little sooner than if we had showered separately.

On entering the kitchen, we said good morning to everyone and Angela instructed us to help ourselves to coffee and fruit juice. We didn't need to be to;d twice and it wasn't too long before we where all seated at the table and loading our plates fro the array of food on offer. Besides the bacon, which had smelled so tempting earlier, there was sausage, waffles, pancakes, hash browns and scrambled eggs.

Once we had all taken the food that we wanted, Alexei said, “Steve called a couple of days ago to ask if we were up for this night out around the gay village that him and Chris are planning.”

I assume you said you yes?”I asked.

We did, it's a really cool idea,” Alexei said.

But what about Liam?” I asked. “He won't be eighteen for a month or so and won't get in any of the bars or clubs.”

He has that sorted. He got some false ID and no one ever questions it. I think that people just like having someone so famous in their bar or club.”

But what's this about you planning to split the band after the tour?” Keith asked.

It's kind of complicated,” I said pausing for a moment to gather my thoughts. “The thing is, like most bands, we have spent more or less all our time together for the last five years. What, with being at school, spending time in the studio and traveling all over the place to perform live, we just haven't had any real time apart. I suppose I just want to do an album on my own, so that i can have total control over things and not have to spend too much time talking everything over with other people.” I paused again to take a sip of my coffee.

It was Keith who said, “but why not just take a break from the band for a couple of years?”

We've already talked about that,” Gary said.

The thing is,” I continued, “If I was going to do a solo album, I would need a guitarist, bass player, drummer and a second keyboard player and who would I call first?”

Liam, Steve, Chris and Ross,” Keith responded, “so I see the dilemma that you have.”

Yeah, it is a bit of a problem,” I said.

We talked about the whole subject some more until Josh said, “So do you have any idea what you plan to do?”

The first priority is to get the world tour out of the way,” I replied.

We continued to talk about various subjects while we ate. I have to admit that the breakfast was really good and the maple syrup was the real thing, not the synthetic crap that you often get. As I said to Angela, it is worth paying that little extra for the genuine article.

Gary and I did offer to do the clearing up but we were beaten to it by Keith and Alexei. I did argue over it but as they pointed out, Gary and I had cooked dinner the previous day and Josh and Angela had provided us with and awesome breakfast and so it was the least that they could do. That really settled the argument before it got out of hand.

Once breakfast was well and truly over, Keith and Alexei decided that they wanted to go for a walk along the beach. Gary and I headed for the local real estate agents office to try and fine a property here. As we had already discussed, we wouldn't actually be able to spend that much time but we were certain that family and friends would make use of the place for holidays, if we found a suitable place, that is.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the morning looking a t various properties and by the time it was getting near to lunch, we had viewed four houses and found one that we really liked. Over lunch at the local pizzeria, we talked about the house that we had and that we both liked and decided that we wanted to buy it. As we ate lunch, we also made numerous calls home to organize the finances.

It was about 4pm when we got back to Josh and Angelas' place and we were the proud owners of a four bedroom beach house in Malibu. One of the reasons that we had settled on this particular property was the fact that it came fully furnished. Another reason was, that, contrary to popular misconception, not all gay men are experts at interior design and Gary and I certainly fitted into this category. Of course, everyone wanted to go and see our new house and they were all very impressed.

That evening we went to a local Japanese restaurant for dinner and, as I had expected, the food was fantastic. I don't remember exactly what day it was the next day but we had the day free. Josh was having to go to San Francisco on business and Gary asked if the area of beach where their house was located was any good for surfing. Josh told us that the area was great for that sport and so it was decided that the next day would be spent surfing. Keith and Alexei were really keen to try but when I was i asked, I said that I would give it a miss. After my experiences in Hawaii, I really wasn't keen to try again. I was told that my attitude was really defeatist but I really didn't care. No one could accuse me of not having a go at learning something new but I really had no interested I surfing.

That night, as we lay in bed, Gary and I decided that we would make love. It didn't take us too long to get in sixty nine and to me, it felt like the first time that I had done this. Then again, I just loved having Garys' cock in my mouth and I worked away on it until my moth was filled with its' reward of that very special and hot liquid. I swallowed every last drop, well, almost, as I held some back to share with my soul mate when kissed.

After we had rested for a little while, we made love to each other in the most intimate and special way that we knew hoe. I went first and took my turn in filling Gary my manhood and it felt good, as it always did. After we had finished making love, we spent some time watching a movie on TV and talking about the possibility of maybe, in a couple of years time, adopting a couple of kids.

So why are you bringing this up?” I asked Gary.

I've always been impressed with the way in which you interacted with Craig and you love being with Gemma, so I think that you would make a really good parent,” Gary informed me.

Anyway, that was another part of future sorted out. I had expressed some concerns about adopting. I mean, when they started school, I was sure that they would face some bullying over the fact that they had a gay couple for parents. Sure, the laws had changed drastically back home regarding things like discrimination but I also knew the cruelty that kids could inflict on each other. We did discuss that whole issue but decided that it was one of those things that could only be dealt with when the time came.

The next week was really busy. We had a trip to San Francisco to attend some classical music concerts. The there was the trip to Los Angeles for the audition and to meet the film music composer Paul Haslinger. He was a really great guy and I talked to him about composing music for films. I have to admit that I was little put off by what he told me. I was informed that composing for a film was not like writing songs for an album or he other music that I produced. If I wanted to do film music, I would have to adjust to the fact that I wouldn't have total control over my work. Quite often the director and producer had very tight ideas about what they wanted. It was a case of working within those constraints and the decision of the director or producer was final. It gave me a lot to think about.

I was also very impressed with his studio. I thought that the studio I had at my parents house was well equipped but this was just awesome. Paul and I spent most of the time just playing and creating music with Josh occasionally joining us on piano. It was early afternoon when we decided ti head out for lunch. That was a really interesting experience in that Josh and Paul introduced me to a few very important people from the movie industry. By the time we left the restaurant, I had a few very important phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

It was late afternoon when we collected Keith and Alexei from the studio where the audition was taking place and as they got in the car, I asked, “So how did it go?”

I got the part and shooting starts in late June,” Keith replied.

Congratulations!” I replied. “ So what's this film about?”

AS usual, when it came to his acting, Keith remained very tight lipped about the whole thing. I, on the other hand, would always be more than happy to talk to people about my work and explain exactly what I was doing. I suppose I just had to put that down to the differences between individuals.

All to soon, our time with Josh was and Angela was over and they were driving us all up to San Francisco for the flight home. Although Keith and Alexei had flown in to LA, they had changed their flight home so that we could all travel together.

The flight home took around around ten and half and, taking the time difference into consideration, it was about eight the next morning when we touched down in Manchester. Dad was at the airport to meet us. We could have arranged for the chopper to collect the two of us and fly us to the apartment but Gary wanted to collect. Once we got to mum and dads house, mum told us that she had been to the apartment the day before and stocked up on some basic stuff for us, such as milk, sugar, coffee, you know the usual sort of stuff.

We decided to stay for breakfast before we drove back to our new home.

Why don't you all come for dinner tonight?” I asked.

Whose cooking?” Dad asked in response.

It'll be a joint effort,” I told him.

But you can't cook?” Mum said.

Gary came to my defense at this point and said, “You would be very surprised. He's been taking a real interest while we have been away. When ever we went out to eat. Jason would ask if he could visit the kitchen and asking the chef loads of questions, so he has been picking up a few tips.”

Sounds as if it is gong to be an interesting evening,” dad said.

We stayed for longer than we had intended to but it was nice seeing mum and dad again and catching up with Liam, who had been back form Hawaii for a few days. It was also nice to see Gemma again, I had missed my little sister and she told me that she had been looking after Jack like I had asked her to.

Once we got back to the apartment, we sorted through the laundry and got the first load going and then headed out to do some food shopping. Although the last couple of months had been an amazing experience, it was great to finally be home so that we could get on with the next satge of our lives.

End of chapter 12!!!!!!!

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