Further Down The Yellow Brick Road 13!!!!!

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From the last chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to stay for breakfast before we drove back to our new home.

Why don't you all come for dinner tonight?” I asked.

Whose cooking?” Dad asked in response.

It'll be a joint effort,” I told him.

But you can't cook?” Mum said.

Gary came to my defense at this point and said, “You would be very surprised. He's been taking a real interest while we have been away. When ever we went out to eat. Jason would ask if he could visit the kitchen and asking the chef loads of questions, so he has been picking up a few tips.”

Sounds as if it is gong to be an interesting evening,” dad said.

We stayed for longer than we had intended to but it was nice seeing mum and dad again and catching up with Liam, who had been back form Hawaii for a few days. It was also nice to see Gemma again, I had missed my little sister and she told me that she had been looking after Jack like I had asked her to.

Once we got back to the apartment, we sorted through the laundry and got the first load going and then headed out to do some food shopping. Although the last couple of months had been an amazing experience, it was great to finally be home so that we could get on with the next stage of our lives.

Further Down the Yellow Brick Road 13!!!!!!!!

No sooner had we arrived at the apartment than the door entry phone was ringing. It was Heather, mum and dads house keeper. Mum had nothing else for her to do that day and so had sent Heather to see if we wanted her take our washing to the laundrette. It was a great offer. We had just made some coffee and asked Heather if she wanted one before going to the laundrette. Heather didn't need to be asked twice. After she had finished her coffee, we got all the laundry together, gave her the money and then she was off. Heather asked if we had much to do and the answer to that was that we had quite a lot of stuff to do. Whilst we were having our coffee, we had been going through the mail that had arrived and sorting out the bills that needed to be paid as we planned on calling at the bank and getting that sorted out while we went food shopping. We hadn't actually decided on what we were going to serve mum and dad for dinner other that we had decided to do Roast Beef for the main course. Gary said that he was going to teach me how to make Yorkshire puddings, the traditional accompaniment to Roast Beef. Before she had left for the laundrette, we had given her a key so that she could let herself back in if we where not home when she got back.

It was just after one in the afternoon when we left to go on our food shopping trip. Before we did leave Gary and I selected the wines that we would serve with dinner. Then we headed into town. We had decided to go food shopping at the expensive and upmarket places such as Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls and Marks and Spencer. It was as we were going back to the car, (we had decided to use mine as I hadn't driven it in so long), that my phone started to ring. I took it out of my pocket and answered it by saying, “Jason Lewis - Russell speaking and how may I help you?” ( Gary and I had decided to hyphenate our surnames so that we could use them both).

Hi, my name is Melanie Stevens and I work for social services,” said the voice on the other end of the phone. I was wondering why someone from social services would be calling me but the lady continued by telling me about a fourteen year old boy who had been arrested for shop lifting that morning. He was currently in police custody but it transpired that he had runaway from home four days ago as he could no longer take the abuse that he was getting from his father. This was just so much like the situation with Keith when he showed up, the only difference being that he had not been arrested for shoplifting. This boys story had been checked out and it also appeared that he had been getting the abuse fro his so called father because of his sexuality, Yes, you guessed it, he was gay. Melanie,or Mel, as she liked to be known had got my number from the Albert Kennedy trust, who thought that we maybe able to help the boy. He had nowhere else to go but if we gave him a home, at least for the time being, then the charges against him would be dropped. I said that Gary and I would be happy to help. I also asked for some information on the boys clothing and shoe sizes so that we could get few things for him. Mel told me that she had been to see the boys parents and they had said that there was no way that they wanted him back under their roof. They had handed her a bag of his clothes but there were was not that much in it so I thought that my idea of buying the boy a few things seemed to be really good.

I explained to Gary what was going on. His response was, “As everyone has been telling you for years, life is never dull with you around.”

I just smiled at his comment. We got to my car and loaded the food shopping into the boot and then headed back to the Arndale centre for the rest of the shopping that I was now going to do.

Fortunately, I was only a few years older than Colin, the boy who we would be fostering for the time being and so I had a pretty good idea of the kind of stuff that he would like to wear. While I did the shopping that I had to do, Gary called our old school to set up an entrance test for Colin for the following day. Gary and I could take care of him for the next two months, until the tour began but I was going to talk to mum and dad about something more permanent. From what I had heard, there was no way that I was going to allow this boy to go back to his parents.

We arrived back at the apartment and got the beef roasting and Gary started on preparing the vegetables so that they were ready for cooking later on. It wasn't long before Mel showed up with Colin. He was about five foot six tall with light brown hair and these really gorgeous hazel coloured eyes. He seemed to be really shy and nervous but I thought that he would overcome that once he got to know us. Gary asked Mel of she would like some coffee and the answer was a definite yes. While Gary made the coffee, I showed Colin to his room. I also showed him where the bathroom was and explained that he would find fresh towels, shower gel, shampoo, in fact, just about everything he would need to get cleaned up after his four days of being on the streets.

When we entered what was going to be his room, he noticed the shopping bags and asked, “So what's in the bags?”

Just few things that Gary and I got for you. I hope they all fit you and that you like them,” I said.

Colin looked through all the bags and said, “This stuff is great but you didn't have to go to the expense.”

I'm pleased that you like the stuff and, as for the expense, it's not as if I can't afford it.

With that, I left Colin to go and take a shower. I went back to the open plan kitchen and dining area and joined Gary and Mel for coffee.

So Mel, do you have any plans for dinner?” I asked.

Not tonight. My husband is working late so I was just going to grab an Indian or Chinese takeaway,” came the reply to my question.

In that case, you are more than welcome to join us, our parents will be here later. Well, they are actually Garys' parents and my foster parents but seeing as how my real parents died almost five yeas ago I've come to look upon Phil and Jane as my parents and I call them mum and dad,” I informed our guest.

Thanks for the invite and I look forward to meeting your parents,” Mel said.

We spent a little more time talking with Mel before she informed us that she had to go back to the office to drop off some paperwork. We said that mum and dad would be arriving at about six and that we would be eating at about seven. Mel told us that she would be back as soon as she could and that she looked forward to dinner.

By about five thirty, Gary and I were totally engrossed in our dinner preparations but I turned around and saw Colin sitting at the breakfast bar. “How long have you been there?” I asked.

About five minutes,” he replied. “I was just watching you two cooking. Erm... if you don't mind me asking, how can you two afford a place like this?”

As Gary and I continued to prepare dinner, I gave Colin a run down on the last few years of my life, starting with what happened to me at school and how I had lost my parents in that awful road accident. I explained that I had inherited a lot of money from my parents and that I had made a lot more with the band and my other music and business interests.

So is the band that you are in really famous?” Colin asked.

You could say that. Have you ever heard of WILD BOYS?” Gary asked.

Course I have, they are one of my favourite bands,” Colin said. “I thought that I recognised the two of you. So you are Gary Russell and Jason Lewis?”

That's us two,” Gary said, “but since February, when we got married, we have been Gary and Jasons Lewis – Russell.”

Or Jason and Gary Lewis – Russell,” I quickly added.

We told Colin about the entrance test that we had arranged for him at our old school the following morning. We also told him that after what had happened with his parents, it was very unlikely that he would ever be going back to them. We told him that the band had a big world tour starting in July and that he could, if he wanted to, accompany us on the first part of the tour. We said that we were going to talk to mum and dad about them taking custody of him once school started again in the September. Once we told him about mum and dads house, he kind of jumped at the idea of going to live there. I think the mention of the swimming pool played a huge part in that decision. It was getting near to six and we knew that mum and dad and Gemma would be here soon, so Colin helped me to set the table. I also put the champagne lasses and the nibbles, things like sushi and olives, that we had bought in Selfridges, on the coffee table in the lounge. By the time that was done, mum and dad had arrived. They had their own keys to the apartment and the access code for the lift.

Did you remember to feed Jack before you left home?” I asked Gemma.

No, cause mummy called Craig and asked if he wanted to look after him tonight,” she told me.

Craig had always loved Jack, the dog that I had find lying injured at the side of the road about three and a half years ago, so I knew that he was in good hands.

Heather had not long left. Not only had she taken all our stuff to the laundrette but when she got back to our place, she did all the ironing too. “Thanks for asking Heather to come and do the laundry for us,” I said to mum as I poured the champagne.

We spent almost an hour talking to mum and dad, telling them about our honey moon and also the house that we had bought in Malibu.

So when do you plan on spending time there?” Dad asked

Next year, after the tour is finished,” I responded. “We didn't buy just to live there some of the time, we bought it as an investment and besides, you and mum can use it for holidays and so can my grandparents.”

Mum and dad said that they would love to have a holiday out there.

We sat down to dinner just after seven. We started with a Leek and potato soup,which went down really well and everyone loved it, considering that it was the first time that I had tried making soup. The beef was roasted to a perfect medium rare and was really tender and just melted in the mouth. For dessert we had a strawberry and apple crumble. We had a very leisurely meal and talked more about the honeymoon and mum and dad told us about the hotel opening in Miami. It was just a really nice welcome home. Colin really like mum and dad and they liked him. They seemed to really like the idea of fostering another teenager as they said things were not quite the same at home anymore, now that Gary and I had moved into our place. Keith would be eighteen next week and then Liam would be eighteen in June. They had both passed their driving test and both of them had their own cars, giving them both a great deal of independence. Mum told us that the four of them had gone out to dinner together tonight, which I thought was really cool.

Once dinner was over, Colin offered to do the dishes, which wasn't that hard, as the dishwasher that we had was a very powerful one that would also take care of the pans.

Mum and dad left at about eleven for the drive back to their place and the rest of decided to turn in for the night.

The next morning I went to wake Colin just after seven so that he could get ready to go and take his entrance test at the school. I knocked on the door and he asked me to come into his room as he wanted to show me something. I was shocked and horrified by the bruising on his back, it just reminded of Keith when he turned up at our place.

Who did that to you?” I asked.

My dad. That's the reason I left,” he said.

Did you mention this to the police?”

No, I was just happy to be away from that asshole.”

I went off to get my camera so that I could get some pictures of this for evidence. Colin didn't want the hassle of going to the police over this but I told him that there was no way that his so called father should be allowed to getaway with such abuse. Once I had the photos, I told Colin to go and take a shower and then to join us for breakfast. After breakfast, I dropped Colin at the school to take his test. Well, I didn't just drop him off, I did take him to the office and introduced him to Mr.Noels. I told Colin that I would be back at lunch time to pick him up as I had to go and see Mr.Littler, my lawyer to sign the papers for the sale of the business and the transfer of the proceeds into the charitable foundation. Needless to say, he wanted to hear about out holiday. I spent most of the morning at his office before heading back to collect Colin. He had passed the test and would be starting at the school the following day. Well, that was my afternoon sorted as I would have to take my new little brother, (it didn't feel right to think of him as a foster son due to the fact that he was only four years younger than me), shopping for all his school stuff. First priority though was lunch and I asked him where he would like to eat. I got a very quick response when he said McDonalds'.

The afternoon went very quickly. Not only did we get all the stuff that Colin needed for school but I also bought him the latest games console for his room and a desk top computer. Colin told me that he enjoyed cooking and so I asked what sort of things he cooked. One of his favourites was Spaghetti Bolognese. I told him that if made a list of the ingredients that he needed then he could cook dinner for all of us on Saturday. He seemed really happy with that.

Of course, as soon as we arrived home, Colin wanted to get his new games console and computer set up but I told him that there were a few things that I really needed to talk to him about. I had to explain to him about the tight security that Gary and I had because of various things that had happened over the last five years. I told him about the blackmail attempt back in 2007 and the reasons behind it. I also told him that I had found out that the people who had raped were due to be released and that as a result of that, it was not only me who was in danger but anyone that was connected with me. And that included him. I had spoken to Mel while Colin was taking his entrance test at the school and it was being arranged for mum and dad to get permanent custody of him once school started again in the September. Colins' parents had made it quite clear that they did not want a 'fucking queer' for a son (and that was their words that Mel had recited to me). When I had told Colin about this, he told me that he had no desire to go back to his old home either. He had got on really well with mum and dad and they had liked him. I told him that once he had made a few friends at his new school, then I would arrange for him and his friends to send a week at mum and dads house. It appeared as if everything was going to work out just fine.

Once we had finished talking (and polished off five doughnuts each with our hot chocolate), Colin disappeared off to his room to get his new computer and games console set up. Gary had arrived home from a meeting and we got to work on making dinner. Gary was teaching me hoe to make a stir fry, albeit from the left over beef and vegetables from the previous days dinner. Colin appeared just as we were getting everything ready to serve. He was settling in really well and we didn't even have to ask him to set the table, he just all the stuff that was needed and got on with it. He didn't even have to be asked to to do the dishes. The next morning I dropped Colin off for his first day at school and then headed to the studio to meet the guys from the band that we had met in New Zealand. It was great seeing Leo, Toby, Raphael and Brendan again. Most of the first day was spent running through the songs, so that I could get a feel for the music and develop a basic idea of how things were going to be recorded. The it was case of setting up the microphones for the drums, guitars and basses. It was getting on for five thirty when I left for home and it took over an hour to make the short drive back to the apartment. Gary did call me to ask were I was and I couldn't help myself when I said, “stuck in fucking traffic.”

Gary told me that when he and Colin got home, Colin made himself an after school snack and had noticed that we had some minced lamb in the fridge and had made a shepherds pie for dinner. At least it was something that could be left in a low oven to keep warm and it wouldn't get ruined. Once I did get home, I took a quick shower and noticed that I was due for my weekly shave. By the time I had finished I felt like I hadn't eaten for a week. Dinner was great and I have to say that Colin was a great cook. He told us that he wanted to be either a chef or a fashion designer once he finished school.

Well, if everything that you cook tastes this good then, I'm sure you will make a great chef'” I said.

Colin quickly went to his room before we had dessert and came back with the sketch book that I had got him the day before when we had been shopping for all his school stuff. The sketches that he had done of some clothing designs were phenomenal. Both Gary and I were very impressed. He also gave us the letter that they had sent from the school to say that they would be finishing at lunch time due to a big staff meeting that was taking place.

Would you take Colin to school tomorrow as I was making an early start at the studio?” I said to Gary.

No problem,” came the response.

And Colin, I'll come and get you at lunch time and then you can do your homework in my office while I'm in the studio,” I said.

That sounds Ok to me,” Colin said.

I had a really good feeling that hew as going to be a great addition to the family. “And on the subject of homework, I think you should go and get it done,” I said once we had finished dessert.

Colin was just about to say something when Gary jumped and said, “He did it as soon as he got home and still had time to cook dinner.”

You don't have to be that efficient, I never was,” I said.

I always like to get my homework done as soon as I get home then I have the rest of the evening free,” Colin said.

Colin did offer to the dishes but we told him that in our house (well, apartment), the chef never had to tidy up after himself.

The next morning I was up, showered, dressed and on my way to the studio by 6am. It only took me twenty minutes to get there as there was no traffic on the roads. By 7am, we were getting down to the business of recording the basic tracks for the first song. By the time I had to leave to go and pick Colin up from school,we had made great progress with it. Just as I pulled up to the main door of the school, Colin came out and he was in what looked like a deep conversation with two other boys. He came over to the car and introduced me to the two boys as his new friends, Owen and Tony.

Nice to meet you,” I said.

I asked them if they would like to come and spend the day with Colin at the apartment and then I had an even better idea and asked them I f they wanted to stay the night as well as it was Saturday the next day. As I was asking them about this, I noticed two ladies heading towards my car and it turned out that they were Jill, Owens' mum and Brenda, Tonys' mum. They both gave their approval for their sons to spend the night at our place. Well, that was the weekend sorted out.

End of Chapter thirteen!!!

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