Further Down The Yellow Brick Road 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the Last Chapter!!!!!!!!!

The next morning I was up, showered, dressed and on my way to the studio by 6am. It only took me twenty minutes to get there as there was no traffic on the roads. By 7am, we were getting down to the business of recording the basic tracks for the first song. By the time I had to leave to go and pick Colin up from school,we had made great progress with it. Just as I pulled up to the main door of the school, Colin came out and he was in what looked like a deep conversation with two other boys. He came over to the car and introduced me to the two boys as his new friends, Owen and Tony.

Nice to meet you,” I said.

I asked them if they would like to come and spend the day with Colin at the apartment and then I had an even better idea and asked them I f they wanted to stay the night as well as it was Saturday the next day. As I was asking them about this, I noticed two ladies heading towards my car and it turned out that they were Jill, Owens' mum and Brenda, Tonys' mum. They both gave their approval for their sons to spend the night at our place. Well, that was the weekend sorted out.

Further Down The Yellow Brick Road 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we drove away from the school, Colin turned to me and said, “Jason, would there be any chance that I could get a mobile phone?”

No problem, that is one thing that both Gary and me seem to have overlooked. How about we go home and let you get changed, then we can go to the Trafford centre and you can choose your phone.

I'll also get you some more new clothes and anything else that you want while we are there,” I said.

Cool,” was the response that I got to that.

We arrived home and found that we had a couple of visitors in the form of Steve, his girlfriend Carla and Craig. “Hi guys,” I said as I walked into the lounge.

Hi Jason,” Craig replied.

So how are you doing?” I asked him.

I'm OK and I'm doing really well with learning to play the guitar,” He said.

So when are you going to be forming your own group?” I asked.

I'm not going to, I was just hoping that I could join yours,”Craig said.

So what brings you here?” I asked Steve.

So I need a reason to visit my best friend?” Steve asked in response.

No but it's a bit out of the way for you to just drop in after you picked Craig up from school,” I said.

I was just calling to see if the night out in the gay village is still on for tomorrow,” Steve said.

By now, Colin had returned from the kitchen with the glass of wine that I had asked him to get for me. I has already introduced him to my friends and they had already knew that we were taking care of him for the time being due to the fact that I had phoned them on Wednesday.

Well, I told Colin that he could invite his two new friends for the day and I also said that they could have a sleepover. Could we make it next week?” I asked.

Of course, that was totally the wrong thing to say, as Colin just screamed at me, “So I'm just a fucking inconvenience am I?” He then stormed off to his room and slammed the door shut.

By now Gary had finished his phone call and said, “what did you say to him that made him react like that?”

I didn't get a chance to answer as Steve said, “I was just asking Jay if we are still going out tomorrow night and Jay said that Colin had some friends coming for a sleep over, then Colin just stormed off.”

He seems to think that he is just an inconvenience because I, sorry, we have to change our plans,” I said.

I had to do some quick thinking here. I told Craig which room was Colins' and said to him, “Why don't you go and see if Colin wants to play some computer games? After a little while just tell him that I said that I am sorry about what I said and that I didn't mean it. And tell him that I said I want to say sorry. OK?”

OK, Jason,” Craig said as he headed off to Colins' room.

The rest of sat and talked while we waited to see what would happen next. It was about twenty minutes later that Colin and Craig returned. Colin entered the lounge and said, “Jason, I'm really sorry that I reacted like that.”

And I'm sorry that I made it sound as if you are in the way. I never meant what I said to sound like that,” I said. “Now. How about you change out of your uniform and we'll go and do some serious retail therapy.”

Colin didn't need to be told twice, as he dashed off to his room and was back before I knew it. Steve, Carla and Craig said their goodbyes and I got my wallet and car keys ready for the shopping trip. “So what are your plans?” I asked Gary.

If it's OK with you, I was going to meet Kyle and Simon for a few drinks,” Gary said.

That's not a problem. We've always said that we need to have times when we spend time with our own friends, we can't be together all the time,” I responded.

Colin and I headed down to the car park and headed off to the Trafford Centre. As we made our way there Colin turned to me and said, “Can we get something to eat at MacDonalds before we get down to the shopping?”

Sure, like any teenager, I love MacDonalds but don't get the chance to go there that much anymore,” I said.

As we drove along, Colin noticed that we were being followed and he asked, “Why is that car following us?”

Don't worry about that,” I said, “That's just our security people.”

We spent nearly four hours at the Trafford centre and then headed for home. On the way we stopped to get some pizza and garlic bread. Gary was already home when we got there and we kissed each other. It wasn't until Colin gave a little cough and said, “Don't mind me, I'm enjoying this. I don't get this kind of education at school.”

I had to laugh at that. Colin got himself a can of coke form the fridge and Gary opened a bottle of wine and we sat and ate the pizzas. Colin must have been in a mischievous mood as he said, “So when I do I get lesson number two?”

And what would that be?” Gary asked.

Well how about letting me watch while you two suck each others cocks?” He asked.

I threw a cushion across the room at him and said, “You'll learn to do that soon enough when you find a boyfriend.”

That could happen sooner rather than later,” Colin said.

Now I was intrigued but it was Gary who asked, “Anyone in mind?”

Well, both of you said that I should be honest with anyone that I wanted to make friends at my new school, so I was and told both Tony and Owen that I'm gay. Neither of them were bothered by that and Owen said today that he wants to talk to me about something really important when he's here. I hope he asks me to be his boyfriend. As he really is cute and I think that I may be in love with him,” Colin said.

Well just don't rush in to anything,” Gary said.

And don't be too disappointed if he isn't gay, I'm sure that you will find someone eventually,” I added.

It was getting late and I was getting tired, so I decided to turn in for the night. Colin went off to his room and said that there was film on TV that he wanted to watch. No sooner had I got in to bed than I was asleep. I had been up early and it had been a really long day. The next morning I didn't wake up until around nine thirty but the smell of bacon being grilled was enough to rouse me and I could also smell freshly baked chocolate cake. I got our of bed and put on my bathrobe and made my way to the kitchen. Both Gary and Colin were busy cooking. There was a tray of chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate cake plus a few other goodies ready for our guests arrival.

I was just about to get myself a glass to pour myself some orange when Colin said, “Jason, just sit down.”

I'm more than capable of getting my own orange juice,” I said.

And I won't tell you again, just sit at the table,” Colin told me.

I could see that there was little point in arguing with him and so I just sat down at the table like I had been told to do. Colin brought me my orange juice and asked, “So how many sugars do you take in your coffee?”

Before I could answer, Gary said, “He has two.”

No, I only take one sugar now,” I said.

Since when?” Gary asked.

Since I realised that I won't be able to go for a bike ride or a swim whenever I want to,” I said.

Anyway, Colin served me with my coffee and my breakfast and by the time I had eaten, Brenda had arrived with Owen and Tony. I introduced them all to Gary and asked Brenda if she would like coffee. She accepted the offer and we sat and talked for a while. Brenda told me that Tony had been so excited about getting to spend the weekend with two of the members of his favourite group. She was also curious to know how I could live in such a fabulous apartment at my age, so I had to tell her the story of what ha happened and how, despite the tragedy of it all, the last five years of my live had just been amazing.

Can I show Tony and Owen my room?” Colin asked.

Sure and you don't really have to ask,” I said. “That is your privets space and as long as you keep it clean and tidy, there won't be any problems.”

I did notice that three of them had plates of cake and cookies and glasses of coke, so I called after them, “And remember to bring your dirty plates and glasses back and put them in the dishwasher.”

What time would you like me to pick them up tomorrow?” Brenda asked.

Make it about five, that will give us time to have lunch and then they will have time to get their homework done ready for Monday,” I said.

I showed Brenda to the door and then just plonked myself on one of the sofas in the lounge and when through the mornings mail. The day passed by fairly rapidly and by about four thirty, Colin had dinner underway. The Spaghetti Bolognese that he was cooking smelled absolutely wonderful.

Tony and Owen came into the lounge and said, “We're bored.”

Why don't you ask Colin to show you were the cutlery is and get the table set ready for dinner,” I said to them.

We've already done that,” Owen informed me.

I was impressed but it didn't take me long to come up with an idea to keep the two of them occupied. “OK, I have an Idea,” I said. “Now follow me.”

We made our way up to the office/work area. When we got there Tony said, “Wow, nice piano.”

Do you play?” I asked.

Yes, I've been having lessons since I was four,” he replied

That means that we have something in common,” I said, “I started having lessons when I was four as well.”

Tony asked if he could have ago on the piano and before I knew it about half an hour had passed and we had just been listening to Owen playing the piano. He was really good and even played a couple of WILD BOYS songs. “You didn't just bring us up here to show us the piano did you?” Owen asked.

No but you two said that you are bored and so I had an idea. See that pile of CDs thee?” I asked, pointing at the said objects.

The boys had noticed them and wanted to know what they were.

All those have been sent to us by groups and musicians looking for a recording contract. What I was thinking is that you could listen to some of them and for each one that you think is worthy of a record deal than I'll give you a £100,” I said.

Needless to say that they both likes that idea but I had to tell them that I didn't just want hem coming to me with about ten or fifteen CDs just so that they could get the money. They had to actually listen to them and to actually like them. Of course, Owen was quite the young business man and said, “But what if we find a CD that we like, you give them a record deal and then they go on to several million copies. What about our commission for discovering them in the first place?”

If that happens then I'm sure that we could come to some arrangement,” I said.

By the time Colin had Dinner ready, Tony and Owen had listened to about four CDs each and there were three that they said that they really liked. They gave me the CDs and I said that I would listen to them with Gary. Anyway, dinner was fabulous. With the Spaghetti we had garlic bread and for dessert we had Apple pie. Tony and Owen offered to clean up after the meal and when I heard that I turned to Gary and said, “You know, I could really get used to this being waited on. I don't think hat we should allow Owen and Tony to go home tomorrow.”

You know, you may have a good idea forming there,” Gary said.

Once we had eaten, Gary and I went to thee lounge to relax and the boys went up to the office to listen to more CDs and this time Colin was i on the deal. The Saturday evening w had a stream of visitors. First Chris showed up with Kate, followed by Liam and Nick, then Ross and Shane and finally Steve with Carla. The boys were in their element having the chance to meet the members of one of their favourite bands. Of course that wasn't the end of the visitors showing up as Jamie and Greg arrived and they were soon followed by Keith and Alexei.

When Keith arrived, Tony said, “I really can't believe what an awesome weekend this is becoming. Not I only do I get to meet the six members of the greatest band in the world but I also get to meet one of my favourite actors.”

Being modest, as usual, Keith said, “You're only saying that I'm you favourite actor because I'm actually in the room. If it Brad Pitt that walked in then you would be saying that he is your favourite actor.”

Tony didn't really have much to say in response to that.

It was great to see Jamie and Greg too. I had spoken to them a couple of times since we got back but I had not had a chance to see them. Jamies' web site design business was going from strength to strength and he was now a multi millionaire in his right and had also paid back the initial investment that dad had made into the business plus a substantial amount of interest. All in all, it was a fantastic evening. Colin and Owen were the first ones to head off to bed and I had my suspicions that they had a few things that they wanted to talk about IN PRIVATE.

I looked at Tony in the hope of getting some answers but all he said was, “I have a good idea what that is all about but you will have to wait for them to talk to you about.”

OK, I suppose that's fair,” I said. By now all our guests had left and I was ready for bed, so I looked at Gary and said, “I'm going to turn in and I don't suppose you care to join me?”

Gary got the message as he got up off the sofa and began to follow me. Tony had found a movie on TV that he was engrossed in and Gary turned to him and said, “Don't forget to switch the TV off before you go to bed ad goodnight.”

Night Gary, Night Jason,” were Tonys' final words to us as we headed for our bedroom. Once we got there, Gary and I wasted no time in getting ourselves in to a sixty-nine position and draining each other of our excess love juice. We must have sent he next couple of hours taking turns to make love to each other and playing tonsil tennis before we finally fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning Gary was already awake. He was still in bed but had his laptop and was busy replying to some e-mails.

I turned to him and said,”Morning babe and did you sleep well?”

“Yes,” He said, “And what about you?”

I slept really well, especially after you wore me out making love to me,” I replied.

How come it's my fault that I wore you out, you were the one that started the love making,” Gary said.

That was very true and I didn't having to say in response so I just got out of bed and after using the bathroom, I headed to the kitchen to make some coffee. Gary also asked if I would turn the oven so that it would heat up ready to bake the croissants that we would be having as a part of that mornings breakfast. When I got to the kitchen Tony was already there and had made himself some tea. “You're up early?” I said.

Oh you know how it is, the early bird catches the worm,” Tony said.

Have you seen anything of Colin and Owen this morning?” I asked.

They're probably still attached to some part of each others anatomy,” came the response.

That had me really intrigued and I wanted to know more. Tony informed me that he had known that Owen is gay for a while. The two of them had fooled around but Tony was definitely in to girls. When Colin had told Owen about the reasons why he had been thrown out of his home by his parents, Owen saw an opportunity and I, not realising it at the time, had been instrumental in getting the two of them together by inviting Tony and Owen for the weekend. It got me thinking that I should be running a dating agency as this wasn't the first time that I has got people together. It wasn't long before Colin and Owen emerged from the room that they had shared for the night and as they entered the kitchen, I couldn't help but notice that they were holding hands. It was really cute.

We had got a really big leg of lamb to have for lunch and so I helped Gary with the cooking. Needless to say that Tony, Owen and Colin kept asking when lunch would be ready. They did manage to keep themselves occupied though. We had a really pleasant lunch and the boys did the tidying up so that Gary and could have a little time alone. The afternoon passed really quickly and before we knew it, Brendan and Jill had arrived to collect there sons. They obviously got the usual third degree that mothers are so expert at giving. You know, the usual stuff, like, “I hope you behaved your selves?” And, “i hope you did do anything to upset Jason and Gary?”

Gary and I assures the two mothers that they had been perfect gentlemen and both of the mothers said that maybe they should just stay with us because they never were at home. That got us all laughing.

End of chapter 14!!!!!

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