Further down the yellow brick road!!!!!

Chapter three!!!!!!!

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The events in this story are related to the events in my story SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN in the high school section on nifty. It will help if you have read the first story so that you know who all the main characters are. This story begins on the 27th February 2010, 2 days after Jasons 18th birthday. I hope you enjoy it.

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Once our marathon sex session was over, we finally drifted off to sleep. I do remember looking at the clock before entering dreamland and noticed that it was 7.15am, I had been awake for almost twenty four hours and definitely deserved a much need sleep. I was happy and content and looking forward to my new life.

While we were away, the rest of the guys in the band would be busy. They all still had a few months of school left. Ross and Shane were working on an album together. The four of them would also be working on the new album by Callum and Aaron, with Chris and Steve handling the production duties. Liam and Nick were also working on an album together. This would be an album of atmospheric, instrumental music, created using nothing more than guitars and cello, ( and a whole load of electronic gadgets to create some really amazing sounds ). I had really loved the stuff that they had done so far.

Mum and dad were now running a luxury hotel company and would be off to Florida with Gemma to open their 16th hotel in Miami. The company had started just over three years ago when dad had bought a property over the road from Dream fields, which he said he was going to develop in to a luxury hotel. As they say, from little acorns grow big oaks and mum and dads new company was certainly developing rapidly. As for Dream fields, it now had five studios and a sixth was currently in the process of being built.

While mum and dad were away, Craig had offered to look after Jack and Liam was staying at his favourite place ( other than home ) and that is Nicks house.

Chapter three!!!!!!!!!!

It was around three hours later that we woke up again. We were both ready to get down to more sex but we had promised to let a few people see the apartment. Liam and Nick would make their way there in the BMW Z3 that Liam had bought when he had passed his driving test a few months ago. Alan and Adam would travel with Gary and I in my car. I would be leaving that in the secure car park at the apartment complex while we where away. Gary, Adam, Alan and me would be traveling to the airport in the helicopter that I had been given as a birthday present a few years earlier.

After taking a shower together ( and, yes, we did give each other a blow job so that we could both get another cum fix ), we had a late breakfast and headed off in to Manchester to check out the apartment. Although Gary and me had both put an equal amount of money in to buying the place, it was actually in Garys name as I had only been 17 when we bought and therefore I was not legally old enough to be named on the deeds. However, now I was 18, I had my lawyer working on getting this changed.

As we headed down the drive from the house and onto the road, Adam asked, “ What's this CD that we are listening to?”

It's demo that was sent to the office, I picked it up on Thursday after collecting the car. The band is called Digital Breakdown and I really like it. I think we should sign them up and get them in the studio and get this stuff recorded properly,” I responded.

When it comes to the record label, I thought we made all the decisions jointly?” Gary said.

You know we do and that's why I haven't done anything about offering them a contract yet,” I informed Gary.

We spent the hour or so drive to the apartment talking and listening to the music. When we finally arrived at the apartment, we pulled in to the secure parking area and then took the lift up to our place. We had a special security code to operate the lift to the penthouse level. This was another reason that we liked the place, the security was the best available and we knew that our privacy would be well protected. We entered the apartment and began the grand tour. After entering through the front door, there was a cloak room for storing not only our coats but those of any visitors the we may have ( and we knew that there would be plenty of those once we got home and moved in properly ). Next to this was a door labeled 'THE CELLAR'. The room behind this door had been done out to resemble a small cave and we would use this for storage of wines, ( wine was something that both of us had developed a serious interest in ).

On the opposite side of this was the main bedroom which was en-suite. The room itself had been done out in white, black and gray but looked stunning. Right in the middle of one wall was a king sized bed. Opposite this was a row of sliding mirror doors that ran from floor to ceiling and behind these the wardrobe. On another wall were two chest of drawers for more clothing storage. The other side of the room was a huge window that ran from floor to ceiling and the entire width of the room and offered spectacular views across the city. Hung on the windows were some white curtains. Everything in the room matched perfectly. This was our bedroom. In the middle of the bathroom was a wooden stand on which stood a double bath complete with jacuzzi. Along another wall was a double sink and two big mirrors on the wall itself. There was plenty of cupboard space underneath for storage. There were two toilets and a bidet ( used for washing your bum after taking a dump, he he he ),and finally a corner shower unit with multiple shower heads. This was big enough for us take a shower together.

Up a short flight of stairs was the lounge and this had an oak floor. There were two black leather sofas, arranged in an L shape and two leather recliners that matched the sofas. In the middle of this lot was a huge glass and chrome coffee table. Two of the walls were actually comprised of floor to ceiling windows. Along one of the other walls was a unit that contained our enormous collection of CDs, the Hi Fi system and the DVD player that was connected to the 72 inch, wall mounted, HD ( high definition ), plasma screen TV complete with a four hundred channel satellite viewing system. All this equipment was connected to a surround sound system and the speakers had been so discreetly placed as to be almost invisible.

I gave Gary a kiss and said, “ so far, I'm very impressed.”

Me too,” said Gary.

We then went through to the next section and this was the open plan dining room and kitchen. There was a big Chrome an glass table that could seat fourteen people. A wall unit for the storage of crockery and cutlery plus a drinks cabinet. Opposite this was a long counter with six stools along one side. On the wall opposite this was a huge floor to ceiling fridge and freezer that was the same size. Then there was a marble topped food preparation area. Next to this was the eight burner gas hob complete with gas fired charcoal grill. Finally on this wall was double oven and a microwave oven. Up another short flight of stairs were two more bedrooms with a shared bathroom. Then up another flight of stairs was another area that was the same size as the lounge, kitchen and dining room level. On this final level was the last of the four bedrooms again with shared bathroom and our office/ work area. In here was the grand piano that I had been bought for my birthday. There were two big desks each equipped with latest Apple computer with 100mbps Internet, ( Ok so that doesn't exist yet but this is in 2010 ).

Wow, this place is just so fucking cool,” Adam said.

That's why we bought it,” I said.

Jason,” Gary said, “ we just have one little problem.”

I know. No food or drink in the place, so we can't play the perfect hosts,” I said.

I'll go and get some supplies at Harvey Nicholls but that brings up the next problem, we only have your car here,” Gary reminded me.

I reached in my pocket and as I tossed the car keys to Gary, I said, “ I know a hint when I hear one.”

Alan offered to go with Gary to do the shopping. I sat and entertained Adam on my new piano while we waited for them to return. Not long after Gary had left, the entry phone buzzed and it was Liam and Nick. I keyed in th code for the lift to bring them up to the apartment and Adam and I went to wait in the lounge. Once Nick and Liam arrived, I noticed the mischievous grins that they were wearing. “OK, so what do you two have on your minds?” I asked.

Erm..........well...........we were kind of wondering if we could use this place to have a small party next weekend,” Liam said a little hesitantly.

I really don't mind but this is Garys place too. So you have to check with him and if you break or damage anything, then you pay for it,” I said.

That's a fair deal,” Nick said.

So how many will there be at this SMALL party?”I asked.

No more than twenty,” came the reply from Liam. “ One other thing, if Gary agrees to this, would you get some drink in for us? I can't buy it because I'm still only seventeen.”

Ok but you will have to give me the cash,” I said.

With that, Liam handed me £200 and Nick added a further £100. This would buy a good amount of booze.

Gary and Alan returned and he agreed to the party and gave Liam the access code for the lift. He also told them that any damage would come out of their pockets. Gary poured us all a glass of wine and then vanished in to his new kitchen, ( hey, I don' cook, remember?), to make a start on dinner.

While Gary cooked dinner, the rest of us sat and listened to some music. The sound system that we had had installed was incredible.

Dinner was fantastic. Gary made seafood pasta to start,followed by a rich, Beef and red wine casserole with mashed potatoes. For desert we had a Lemon Tart with clotted cream. Adam and Alan offered to do the dishes, which wasn't that difficult as we had a dish washer that took care of all the pans as well. All they had to do was to load that up and then switch it on.

Our two Australian friends helped us to get packed for our honeymoon and we finally went to bed around eleven. Liam and nick had left at around eight as they had homework to do.

Once we were in bed I said to Gary, you know, we need to christen the bed and then I began to kiss him and nibble at his neck. I worked my way down his body and finally found the target, his stiff cock. I took it in to my mouth with out hesitation and worked on it while I tickled his prostate with three fingers. I finally hit gold when I felt his balls tense up and his juice spewed out into my mouth. I drank hungrily and didn't waste a drop. Well, I was an expert at this as I did have nearly five years practice.

Then it was my turn to get my pleasure from Gary. I said I wanted to feel him inside me as I wanted to be shortly carrying our first child. This little wise crack had us both laughing and it took a little while before Gary finally got back to business and I had my lover making slow and passionate love to me. He was an expert at holding out and was sliding in and out of me and pleasuring my prostate for nearly an hour before letting loose and filling me up. After this we headed off to dreamland.

When I awoke the next morning, Gary had already showered and was wearing a pair of shorts as he made his way to the kitchen. “ I'll have to punish you,” I said, “ for breaking house rule number one.”

And what is house rule number one?” He asked.

That when it is just us two or any of our gay friends, then clothing is optional.”

Gary stepped out of his shorts and went off to the kitchen to make breakfast. I got out of bed and followed him, naked as the day I was born due to the fact that I was in desperate need of my morning coffee. As I passed through the lounge,the phone rang. I answered and Liams face appeared on the screen , ( we had the latest video phones ), “morning Liam and to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

Liam commented on my lack clothing and I told him about our new house rule. “ I just wanted to talk to you before school starts. I'm really going to miss you,”he said and I could see the tears forming in his eyes.

Don't be getting upset, we'll be back before you know it and you can come here time you like once we got back. Then we'll be spending just as much time at mum and dads place working in the studio<” I told him, which seemed to settle him down a lot.

We talked for quite a while, during which time Alan brought me some coffee. I noticed that he was taking advantage of the new house rule and so was Adam. When i got to the kitchen, Gary was cooking bacon, scrambled eggs,sausages,pancakes loads of toast. We set cutlery and crockery on the breakfast bar and sat and watched as Gary cooked. It was Adam who said, “ It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of the naked chef.”

It really does,” I said as I laughed. “ And Gary, don't burn that sausage between your legs, I want to eat that over and over again for the rest of my life.”

We ate breakfast and then cleaned the kitchen and tidied the bedrooms while the dishes were in the dishwasher. We also had a call from mum, who was treating us like a couple of kids going on about making sure we had our passports, air tickets etc. etc. I paid a visit to our office at Dream fields to collect some of the many demo CDs that we had received, so that we could listen to them whilst we were on our yacht. I had decided that any that we didn't like would end up at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Adam and Alan came with me as they wanted to see the vastly expanded studio complex that I owned. It was also a last chance for me to have a drive in my car for two months. That is how long we planned to be away for. Once we had finished on the yacht, we planned to fly to Hawaii and then head over to Malibu for a week to visit Josh and Angela.

Our flight wasn't until six and so the chopper wasn't picking us up until about three and it would only take ten minutes to get to the airport. We took our two antipodean friends out for lunch and it was then that I told them that I had upgraded them to first class, not for the part of the flight to Dubai but all the way home. We had chosen to fly with Emirates as, with the introduction of the Airbus A380, they offered a non-stop Dubai to Auckland flight and it was the fastest way to get to New Zealand.

Adam and Alan both said that I shouldn't have done what I had but I told them that there was no point in having so much money if I couldn't do something nice for my family and friend once in a while. They both kissed me on the cheek.

End of chapter three!!!!!!!!!!

I love that new house rule that Jason came up with.

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