Further down the yellow brick road!!!!!

Chapter four!!!!!!!

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We talked for quite a while, during which time Alan brought me some coffee. I noticed that he was taking advantage of the new house rule and so was Adam. When i got to the kitchen, Gary was cooking bacon, scrambled eggs,sausages,pancakes loads of toast. We set cutlery and crockery on the breakfast bar and sat and watched as Gary cooked. It was Adam who said, “ It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of the naked chef.”

It really does,” I said as I laughed. “ And Gary, don't burn that sausage between your legs, I want to eat that over and over again for the rest of my life.”

We ate breakfast and then cleaned the kitchen and tidied the bedrooms while the dishes were in the dishwasher. We also had a call from mum, who was treating us like a couple of kids going on about making sure we had our passports, air tickets etc. etc. I paid a visit to our office at Dream fields to collect some of the many demo CDs that we had received, so that we could listen to them whilst we were on our yacht. I had decided that any that we didn't like would end up at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Adam and Alan came with me as they wanted to see the vastly expanded studio complex that I owned. It was also a last chance for me to have a drive in my car for two months. That is how long we planned to be away for. Once we had finished on the yacht, we planned to fly to Hawaii and then head over to Malibu for a week to visit Josh and Angela.

Our flight wasn't until six and so the chopper wasn't picking us up until about three and it would only take ten minutes to get to the airport. We took our two antipodean friends out for lunch and it was then that I told them that I had upgraded them to first class, not for the part of the flight to Dubai but all the way home. We had chosen to fly with Emirates as, with the introduction of the Airbus A380, they offered a non-stop Dubai to Auckland flight and it was the fastest way to get to New Zealand.

Adam and Alan both said that I shouldn't have done what I had but I told them that there was no point in having so much money if I couldn't do something nice for my family and friends once in a while. They both kissed me on the cheek.

Further down the yellow brick road!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right on cue at three pm the door bell rang and when Gary answered it, it was Dale, my helicopter pilot. He helped us with our luggage as we made our way from the apartment to the heli pad. That was another reason for buying the place, the fact that there was a roof top heli pad.

Once everything was loaded and we were all strapped in to our seats, we lifted off and headed for the airport. It was then that Adam asked, “ so why did you guys buy a helicopter?”

We didn't buy it,” I replied and then told him about our American billionaire friend and how Liam and I had taken over two hours to get home from school on one occasion. “ So it was as a result of that that I asked my friend if he would buy this for me as a present for my 15th birthday.”

You guys really know how to pick your friends don't you?”Alan asked.

One thing we have both learnt about life is that it is not just about what you know but who you know,” Gary said.

As we headed away from the apartment, I started to feel a little sad. I had just spent my first night in my new home and I wouldn't see it again for two months. Gary turned to me asked, “ Hey babe, are you OK?”

Yeah, I just kind of feel sad that we won't be at home much for the next eighteen months.” The reasons for this being that we would be away for two months and then back home for two months before heading off on our first major world tour with the band. That was one thing that I was really looking forward to, I had dreamed about it for so long.

We'll have a couple of months to get used to the place before we go off on the tour and we'll be back for Xmas,” Gary said.

That was something else that we had already planned. This year the family Xmas would be at our place. It would be a smaller affair than in recent years as there would just be Gary and I, my grandparents, Liam, Nick, mum and dad. That was all months away, in the meantime I was looking forward to a month cruising around the Island of the South Pacific on a luxury yacht.

We arrived at the airport about ten minutes later and landed at the general aviation area and were met by two cars that had been supplied by the company that handled all our security arrangements. We were then taken to the first class check in area for Emirates airlines in terminal one.

Once we had checked in, we went to the first class lounge and Adam and Alan went to get some drinks.

While I had the chance, I decided that I would talk to Gary about something. “ I'd like to really do something to help those two out,” I said.

So what do you have in mind?”Gary asked me.

The two Australians where both twenty and at university. Adam was studying accountancy and business management. Alan was studying law, specialising in business and company law. We also knew of many web sites were unsigned bands and musicians could set up their own web page and upload a selection of their music for people to have a listen to. I explained all this to Gary and he very quickly picked up on my idea. “ So you want to set up an Australian division of the record company?”

Got it in one,”I said .I noticed our friends on their way back to our table with the drinks and so I said to Gary, “ we'll talk about this later. They don't finish at university for over a year and we will be tied up with the big tour until next year, so we won't be able to do anything until we get that out of the way. Those two would be perfect to head up the company and we even give them a 50% stake in the company.”

The flight to Dubai took about seven hours and about three hours in to the flight I noticed Adam disappearing off to one of the bathrooms. He was very quickly followed by Alan. I turned to Gary and, with a huge grin on my face I said, “ Looks like those two are off to join the club.”

Definitely,” Gary said, “ but there is something that we have that they never will.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about and said, “ the Golden Pin Pole.”

Before we knew it, we had landed in Dubai, passed through the transfer desk and were seated in the departure lounge. Our flight to Auckland would be leaving in two hours and that would mean us having to say goodbye to our friends until the next time that we saw, ( which would be the following January, when the tour reached Australia ). As we sat having some coffee,( it was four in the morning ), I turned to Alan and Adam and said, “ Gary and I have a proposition for you.”

They looked at each other and said, “ we're intrigued, what is it?”

We had a long discussion on the flight, while you two were in the process of joining the Mile High Club......”, I was interrupted at that point by Alan, who said, “ was it that obvious?”

Yes,” came the reply from Gary. He then continued, “ what we have been talking about is the idea of setting up an Australian division of the record company, with you to taking control and we would also give you a 50% stake in the company. You wouldn't have to worry about finding bands and musicians to sign. Jason and I would handle that. We know of a lot of web sites for unsigned acts and would use them to find the people we would want to sign. Jason and me would deal with setting up recording sessions and the production side of things. You two would handle all the business and administration side of things.”

But what about finishing at uni?” Adam asked.

That's just it,” I said, “ you get to finish your degrees and then walk straight in to running your own multi million dollar company. None of this is going to happen for over a year due to the big tour that we will be doing. We''ll get the wheels i motion once we get home and then let you know what you would need to do and when.”

Our two friends thanked us and couldn't believe that we had just offered them he chance to become millionaires within a year or two of finishing their courses. As I pointed out, why go and take some mundane job, working for someone else when you had a chance to be running your company and making all the important decisions. It was soon time to leave our friends and board the A380 for the long, seventeen hour flight to Auckland.

It was am on Wednesday morning when we landed in Auckland, feeling somewhat tired after the flight. Of course, I had some fun planned once we got our hotel. We arrived at the hotel at around 10.30 in the Rolls Royce that we had organised for the transfer from the airport. No sooner had we got to the room than we were naked and kissing and fondling each other. Gary said, “ I could really use a shower to freshen up, care to join me?”

It's OK, you go first and then I'll have one after you.” This was just perfect for me to put my plan in to action. I had brought some chocolate body paint and now just needed the whipped cream to prepare my breakfast. I covered the bed with the plastic sheeting that I had packed and covered the pillows with plastic bin bags. I called down to room service and when the receptionist answered I said, “ I'd like to order a bottle of Krug Grand Cuvee and, well this is something that you probably don't get asked for too often but I would also like a piping bag full of whipped cream.”

The person on the other end of the line giggled a little but said that my order would be delivered very shortly.

By the time that Gary emerged from the bathroom, I had everything in place. The champagne was opened and the cream safely hidden away in the fridge. Gary looked around and asked, “ Jason what's going on?”

Just lie down on the bed and I will reveal all,” I told him.

Gary did as he was asked and I began by covering his cock with the body paint and then I smeared a good load on his ass, in his belly button on is nipples and his ears.

This is a bit kinky, isn't it?”

I haven't finished yet,” I said as I went to retrieve the cream. I squirted two big dollops on each of his nipples and another in his belly button and then I shoved the bag up his ass and then the final touch, I covered his cock with cream. I stood back to admire my handiwork and said, “ mmmmmmmmm............you look good enough to eat.” I then set to work, starting with the ears, then the nipples, belly button and then his cock and i paid very special attention to this. Once I had cleaned the cock, I buried my face in his ass and cleaned out every last drop of chocolate paint and cream. Gary was in seventh heaven, judging from the moans and groans of pleasure that I was hearing. Once I had finished cleaning his ass, I took his dick back in to mouth and was rewarded with the final piece of my breakfast, an exceptionally large creamy, white, protein drink. I then made my way up to Garys mouth and we snowballed the cum between us for a few minutes and then swallowed it. Once we had finished, we gave ourselves a chance to catch our breath before Gary said, “ where the hell did you learn t do that? It was incredible.”

I read it in a story on NIFTY and it has to be the best breakfast that I ever had.”

And I need another shower,” Gary said.

And this time I will join you.”

We headed back to the bathroom and I washed every inch of my lovers body and he did the same to me. He even used three fingers to give my back tunnel a good clean. This had me moaning in pleasure and I said, “ Gary, will you make love to me, now, here in the shower?”

It would be a pleasure,” he said as I felt his cock pushing its way past my sphincter. I t wasn't the first time that we had done this in the shower but this was definitely the most intense yet. By the time I felt Gary emptying shot after shot deep in to me, I was ready to cum but I held back. When I felt his now soft cock slip out of me, I turned to him and said, “ and would sir like some Jason flavoured protein shake?”

I didn't need to ask twice and soon felt Gary lips wrap around the head of my dick as it slowly disappeared in to his mouth. That was the only trigger that I needed and I emptied myself in to my new life partner. I thought about a few things that we had done in the past and made the decision, that, from now on I was only ever going to do this kind of thing with my beloved Gary.

We made our way back in to the bedroom and I poured some more champagne. As I raised my glass, I said, “ and here is to us. Gary, I love you so much that I can't begin to find the words that I need.”

And I love you too. It would kill me to ever lose you,” he said before pressing his lips against mine and giving me a very long, tender and passionate kiss. Soon after this we drifted off to sleep due to the tiredness brought on by our very long flight.

End of chapter four!!!!!!

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