Further down the yellow brick road!!!!!

Chapter four!!!!!!!

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The events in this story are related to the events in my story SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN in the high school section on nifty. It will help if you have read the first story so that you know who all the main characters are. This story begins on the 27th February 2010, 2 days after Jasons 18th birthday. I hope you enjoy it.

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We headed back to the bathroom and I washed every inch of my lovers body and he did the same to me. He even used three fingers to give my back tunnel a good clean. This had me moaning in pleasure and I said, “ Gary, will you make love to me, now, here in the shower?”

It would be a pleasure,” he said as I felt his cock pushing its way past my sphincter. I t wasn't the first time that we had done this in the shower but this was definitely the most intense yet. By the time I felt Gary emptying shot after shot deep in to me, I was ready to cum but I held back. When I felt his now soft cock slip out of me, I turned to him and said, “ and would sir like some Jason flavoured protein shake?”

I didn't need to ask twice and soon felt Gary lips wrap around the head of my dick as it slowly disappeared in to his mouth. That was the only trigger that I needed and I emptied myself in to my new life partner. I thought about a few things that we had done in the past and made the decision, that, from now on I was only ever going to do this kind of thing with my beloved Gary.

We made our way back in to the bedroom and I poured some more champagne. As I raised my glass, I said, “ and here is to us. Gary, I love you so much that I can't begin to find the words that I need.”

And I love you too. It would kill me to ever lose you,” he said before pressing his lips against mine and giving me a very long, tender and passionate kiss. Soon after this we drifted off to sleep due to the tiredness brought on by our very long flight.


It was a few hours later when I awoke, feeling hungry and in need of some lunch. I could tell from the sensations that I was feeling, that Gary was already enjoying his lunch. He was sucking away at my meat and two veg and I, for one, wasn't about to start complaining.

Mmmmmmmm........that feels so good,” I said, “but I'm really hungry.”

Gary withdrew his mouth from my cock and said, “ you're in luck, I called room service and ordered some Lobster Bisque and a couple of Pannini filled with Buffalo Mozzarella, smoked chicken, sunblush tomatoes and Parma ham.”

As Gary went back to making his protein drink I said, “ sounds like a fantastic.........agggghhhhhh...I'm cumming.........Lunch.”

As that pile of gibberish was erupting from mouth, my cock began to erupt in to Garys mouth. I leaned forward and inserted a couple of fingers in to my partners arse and hit my target...his prostate, sending huge wads of creamy cum in all directions.

Just as we had finished, there was a knock on the door and I pulled on some shorts and went to answer it. It was our lunch, accompanied by yet another bottle of champagne, compliments of the management.

After lunch we decided that it was to get out and do some exploring, ( as opposed to exploring each others bodies ). We passed a hairdressing salon and I decided to go in and make an appointment for the following day. I wanted to have my hair short again, ( but still with the blonde highlights ). I got an appointment for the next morning at 10.30. Gary had a photo in his wallet of me when I was 13 and had first had the highlights done. He showed it to the stylist who would be doing my hair, so as to give her a good idea of exactly what I wanted.

A little further along the street, we came upon a tattoo parlour. I couldn't miss the huge shit eating grin that Gary was wearing. “ OK, so what do you plan to get done?”I asked.

A heart with an arrow through it, just above my cock. At the top of the arrow, I want your name and then at the point of the arrow, I want the words, 'this is the key to my heart'.”

I glanced around and saw that there were not too many people around and said, “ I don't need directions to find my way to this,”as I reached forward and gave his dick a squeeze.

We went in and enquired how much it would cost and made and appointment for the following afternoon. I decided that I would get it done too but with the name Gary rather than my own name, ( well, that would just be stupid, wouldn't it?). I also arranged to get my nipples pierced. I had been saying for years that I wanted to get them done but mum and dad would never give me permission. Now that I was 18, I didn't need to ask them, ( although I'm sure they would have plenty to say on the subject once they found out ).

We then went to a branch of Starbucks and had a cappuccino each. Whilst we where out having our walk we passed a really nice looking restaurant. It wasn't actually open at the time but the manager saw us standing outside looking at the menu and came out to talk to us. We made a reservation for eight o'clock for dinner. On the way back to the hotel, we passed a bar that had a live band on later that night and we decided to go and check them out after dinner. They would potentially be getting offered a recording contract if we liked them. Yes, I realize that we were on our honeymoon but as dad always told us, you should never overlook a potential business opportunity.

We arrived back at the hotel a couple of hours later and watched some TV for awhile before getting ready to head out for dinner. The food at the restaurant was fantastic, although I can't say the same for the whole of the conversation, as at one point, Gary said, “ You know, you were so ugly the first time I saw you.”

That's not fair,” I responded.

You know that I'm only joking,” Gary said.

I knew what he meant. After all, the first time that he saw me, I was covered in blood and bruises after the vicious and needless attack on me. Still, that was all way in the past but there was one thing that I would always miss and that is my parents. I had often said that I wouldn't mind having all of the money taken away from me and I would live in poverty, if I could just have my parents back. Of course, the other way I always said it was that I would like to find a genie in a lamp. My first wish would be to have all the money gone, my second wish would be to have my parents alive again and then my third wish would be to have the money back. It would be a win – win situation. Oh well, a boy is allowed to have his little fantasies.

After a leisurely dinner, we paid our bill and headed for the club to checkout the live band. They were very good and we caught the last half hour of the first part of the performance. As they finished, the lead singer and guitarist announced that during the next part of the performance that we would be playing mostly their own material. This is what Gary and I were most interested in. It would help us to decide if this band would be worth signing. We had already got the impression that they were a fantastic bunch of musicians from listening to the cover versions that they had so far be playing.

Gary and I had found a couple of stools at the bar to sit at, not too far from the stage. When the band took their break, the keyboard player came and stood next to us while he ordered some drinks.

I'll get those,” I said.

Do you make a habit of buying drinks for strangers?” He asked me.

Only when I might want to offer them a record deal,” I said.

At this point, Gary intervened and said, “ you'll have to excuse his ignorance for not doing a proper introduction. I'm Gary,”my partner said, as he put his hand out for a handshake, “ and this is my partner Jason.”

We both shook hands with the guy from the band and he said, “ I'm Leo, my brother Raphael is the drummer, Toby is our bass player and Brendan is the guitarist and lead singer. Now what's this about a record deal? You two guys look too young to be in a position to offer something like that.”

Ever heard of the band WILD BOYS?”Asked Gary.

Of course we have, they just happen to be one of lour favourite bands, we have everything they have released,” Leo said, as he stood their staring at us. Then it clicked, “ So you are THE Gary and Jason form WILD BOYS?”

That's us,”we both said in unison.

Wow, it's a real honour to meet you guys,” Leo said, as he picked up the drinks and then added, “ lets go and meet the rest of the band.”

We didn't need to be asked twice and picked up our own drinks and followed Leo. He introduced us to everyone and then we got down to business.

I've really enjoyed what I've heard you guys play so far and really want to hear you play your own stuff. Anyway, if you really know anything about us, you will know that Gary and also own a record label that we set up about three years ago. The idea was to have my own label for all the classical stuff that I compose and for friends to have a chance to release their music commercially. So if we like your original music, then you will get yourselves a deal,” I said.

That's the big dream of any band, to get a deal and make a fortune,” Raphael said.

The way that we run the company means that you would have a better deal than with any of the major labels,” Gary said. “ You would get 50% of the selling price of each CD and we would also set you up with a publishing company, that way, you retain the copyright on all the material. Jason or me would be the producer of your first album and it would be recorded at Dream fields, the studio complex that Jason owns in Manchester in England.”

Sounds like a good deal,” Raphael said. “ But what about getting to England?”

We would organise your flight and everything. As for a place to say, that would be taken care of as well. We are actually on holiday at the moment and won't be back home until the beginning of May but call the number on this card and talk to Claire, she handles the day to day business stuff. She will organise everything for you,” I said.

The conversation continued for another ten minutes before the band got back on stage. The music that they played was awesome and was reminiscent of many of our favourite bands, including PINK FLOYD, FLEETWOD MAC and THE MOODY BLUES. They actually played for another two ours and it was all original material. This was the thing that would clinch the deal for them, they had more than enough material for an album. By the time we left to go back to the hotel, Gary and I both agreed that going to check out this band had been a really good decision.

By the time we got back to the room, we were both very tired and so we just climbed in to bed and fell asleep with our arms wrapped around each other.

The next day was taken up with my hair appointment and by the time I was done, Gary said, “ I did like you with long hair but that makes you look so much better. It makes you look really sexy and reminds of the person that I fell in love with.”

I'd like to meet him sometime,” I said. This silly little comment earned me a playful punch on the arm. By the time I was finished at the hairdressers, it was time for lunch and so we found a great little sandwich shop to get a bite to eat. Then it was on to the tattoo parlour for the tattoos and my nipple piercing.

That night we lay in bed and admired the new artwork that now adorned our bodies. Gary also played with the nipple rings. I asked him to be gentle with them, as they were still a little sore and tender but it still had me really turned on. “ I think little Jason is getting ready for some action,” I informed Gary.

And just what does little Jason want to do?”

I think he wants to be enclosed in the warmth of your butt and he wants to excite you by tickling your prostate,” I responded.

That sounds so wonderful.”

I reached over and got the tube of KY from the bedside table and squeezed some on to my fingers. I started off nice and slow, just using one finger. This lasted for around five minutes before it was joined by a second finger and then a third. I knew that Gary was ready when he said, “ Jason, please show me how much you love me.”

I leaned forward and kissed him and then said, “ OK babe, I hope you are ready for this, as I am about to take you on journey to a place that you have never been too before but I know that you will love it.”

I lined my stiff cock up with my lovers awaiting rosebud and began to push in. As I pushed forward, Gary pushed back, which made the entry so much easier. Once I was all the way in, I said, “ mmmmmm.....that feels so nice and warm. I allowed Gary to get used to the feeling and then I went for gold. I used technique that I had never used before. Instead of just sliding in and out, I used a circular motion and constantly varied my angel of entry and attack. I could tell by the reaction that i was getting that Gary was loving this. I was too. It was so unlike any other time that we had made love. I also wanted to have a massive orgasm and so, every time I felt as if I was going to cum, I held back and than, when I was ready, I continued. I did this a total of five times and was aching for release. I had reached the point of no return and was unable to hold out any longer. I made one last push on Garys prostate and fired off the first volley. I didn't count how many times I shot but they just seemed to keep coming and coming, ( or was that cumming and cumming?).

I think the excitement was all too much for Gary and he began to release his own load. The first one landed on his forehead and then they kind of left a trail down his body. Once my dick softened and popped out of him, I went to his forehead and licked up the first bit of his juice and worked my way down his body, cleaning and lapping up every last little drop. I got to his cock and licked at the head and poked my tongue in the piss slit to get every last morsel of this food of the gods. Then I lifted is legs on to my shoulders and cleaned out his ass. I save some in my mouth so that we could snowball it between us when we kissed.

Once we had finished and regained our normal breathing pattern, I said to Gary, “ that is how much I love you. NOW, show me how much you love me.”

We then went in to round two. This was almost a repeat of round one, with Gary doing to me what I had just done to him. I really felt like I was on the most incredible journey that I had ever been on. I was feeling thing that i had never felt before and I was wondering if Gary had felt like this when I had just made love to him.

We finally finished our love making at around one in the morning and fell asleep feeling happy and content.

Friday was spent visiting a winery and we bought a few cases of their wines and arranged to have them shipped home. Friday evening we had a call from Leo and he invited us to spend the next day listening to them rehearse. They were a really great band and Gary and i both discussed a lot of ideas with then about how their first album should sound. “ I forgot to ask you the other night, what is the name of the band?”

Ocean voyage,” came the reply from Brendan.

It was great name and we had a lot of plans formulating for their success. We even invited them to have dinner with us on the Sunday. The time just seemed to fly past and before we knew it, it was Monday morning and we were in the Rolls Royce on the way to the airport for the flight to Papeetee, the capital of Tahiti. We had really enjoy our all too brief stay in Auckland and planned on visiting again sometime

The flight to Tahiti would be a little strange for the two of us as it involved crossing the international date line. We would be taking off from Auckland at one in the afternoon on Monday but it would three in the afternoon on SUNDAY when we landed.

End of chapter 5!!!!!!!!!!!

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