Further down the yellow brick road!!!!!

Chapter Six!!!!!!!

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The events in this story are related to the events in my story SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN in the high school section on nifty. It will help if you have read the first story so that you know who all the main characters are. This story begins on the 27th February 2010, 2 days after Jasons 18th birthday. I hope you enjoy it.

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Friday was spent visiting a winery and we bought a few cases of their wines and arranged to have them shipped home. Friday evening we had a call from Leo and he invited us to spend the next day listening to them rehearse. They were a really great band and Gary and i both discussed a lot of ideas with then about how their first album should sound. “ I forgot to ask you the other night, what is the name of the band?”

Ocean voyage,” came the reply from Brendan.

It was great name and we had a lot of plans formulating for their success. We even invited them to have dinner with us on the Sunday. The time just seemed to fly past and before we knew it, it was Monday morning and we were in the Rolls Royce on the way to the airport for the flight to Papeetee, the capital of Tahiti. We had really enjoy our all too brief stay in Auckland and planned on visiting again sometime

The flight to Tahiti would be a little strange for the two of us as it involved crossing the international date line. We would be taking off from Auckland at one in the afternoon on Monday but it would three in the afternoon on SUNDAY when we landed.


We had been at the airport for around two hours when we finally boarded the Boeing 787 dream liner. This particular aircraft had only been in service for around eighteen months or two years and we had never flown on one before. It was one of the most advanced airliners in service and used a lot of new technological developments in its design. The internal pressurisation of the cabin was better than on just about every other plane in service and this was supposed to help reduce the effects of jet leg. Other features of the aircraft that helped to reduce jet lag where a very advanced air filtering system and a lighting system that adjusted as you flew through different time zones. Again, these features had been designed to help reduce jet lag.

On this particular flight, Gary and I were the only passengers in first class but our security people were not too far away, in the business class section. Ever since the blackmail a few years ago, all our security had been handled by FOSS INTERNATIONAL. It was only after the blackmail business that we found out that they had actually been keeping an eye on us since we met Chris D and his family at the Halloween party in 2005. They were the best security company around and were actually bigger and better than MI5, CIA, FBI, KGB and NSA combined. FI actually monitored all these organisations and even provided them with information. It was kind of cool knowing that we were in such safe hands when it came to our security and safety.

Even the crew on the yacht was being provided by FI. The owners of the yacht hadn't been to happy with the fact that we would be providing our own crew but when we offered them an additional 25% on the charter price, they jumped at it. I suppose we could have gone to another charter company and got a much better deal but we really liked this particular yacht.

Soon after take off, we ordered a bottle of South African Pinotage, which just happened to be produced by Peter and Louise. We also ordered some appetizers to nibble on, ( I know just what I would liked to have nibbled but this was not the place for that sort of thing ). Shortly after our wine and snacks arrived, one of the FI agents who was shadowing us came to the first class section. What he had to tell us was not good.

Hi Gary and Jason,”he said.

We said our hellos and then he continued, “ we had a very disturbing report this morning regarding the guys that raped Jason. They will be getting released about the time you two arrive home.

So why should that be of any concern to me?” I asked.

Well it seems that that they blame you for the fact that they have been locked away for so long and that their families have disowned them.”

But that's just stupid,” Gary said.

I know but you don't know how their minds have been twisted in the time they have been away from society,” the agent informed us.

So do you have any ideas about just what they are planning?”I asked.

To put it simply, they want you dead,” I was told in reply to my question.

But that is just so stupid. Those guys know damn well that they were guilty. The sick bastards had even filmed themselves raping me using their mobile phones. Just what the fuck is wrong with them? And why the fuck should I have to live my life in constant fear?”

The agent from FI told us that the report they had was just a preliminary one and that they were currently gathering more information on the situation. Due to the fact that this was all in the early stages, we were told to just enjoy our holiday and get on with our lives as normal. It didn't make me feel any better.

After the agent returned to his seat in the business class section of the plane, I sat, totally stunned by what I had just been told. It took a few minutes before I turned to Gary and said, “ Gary, why do so many people hate us or more specifically me?”

Jason, first of all you have to realize that there are plenty of people who do like you and who do love you. Those people that raped you are just sick and need some serious help. Now just sit back and relax and enjoy our holiday. FI will handle everything and there will not be any real danger to you,” Gary said.

Doing that was a hell of a lot easier said than done. I think that I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I knew, I was gently being woken by Gary, who told me that we would be landing in Papeetee very soon. I was feeling very hungry as I had missed the in-flight meal service. Oh, well, I would just have to wait until we got to the yacht to get a late lunch. I sat and gazed out of the window as the aircraft made its final decent into the airport. The island looked beautiful and reminded me of the holiday that I had in the Maldives soon after I went to live with my new family.

An hour and a half after landing in Tahiti, we arrived at the yacht. It was just oozing with luxury. We were shown to the master bedroom and one of the crew offered to unpack for us while we went and chilled out on deck. We decided that we would just go nude. The crew knew everything about us as they would have read our files, so they wouldn't be bothered by the fact that we were two gay guys on our honeymoon.

Once we got on deck, we just lazed around on a couple of the sun loungers for about two hours. We then decided to check on the diving gear. Gary and I had become interested in diving during our holiday in the Maldives back in 2005 and had also joined a local diving club near home and had gained our diving licenses and we were planning on doing a lot of diving over the next month. Everything we had requested was there and satisfied our requirements. Due to the fact that we had just flown in, we couldn't actually dive for twenty-four hours. This was all to do with the differences in pressure on the plane and forty or fifty feet below the water. Our on board chef asked us if we had any special requests for dinner. As we wouldn't be setting sail until tomorrow, we decided that we would go to one of the many waterfront restaurants that we had seen on the way from the airport.

After checking the diving gear, we headed back down to our bedroom, ( eh.....sorry, that should be cabin.....he he he he he he ). “ So what do you want to do now?” I asked Gary.

How about a shower?”

I pulled him towards me and kissed him. Just that simple action was enough to get me hard. “ I never have been able to get enough of you,” I told Gary.

I didn't get a response but I could feel Gary rubbing something between my ass cheeks and then he brought it to my mouth. It was a strawberry, which I ate happily. “ It looks like you've been watching porno movies on the net again,”I said.

Well if you can get ideas from reading stories on nifty, then I can get some kinky ideas from watching Internet porn movies,” Gary said as he smiled at me then kissed me.

We spent the next few minutes rubbing strawberries in each others ass cracks and feeding them to each other before I said, “ you know, strawberries actually taste a lot better with cream.

I pushed Gary onto the bed and we got into the sixty nine position and sucked each other to orgasm. I grabbed an empty bowl off the bedside cabinet and withdrew my mouth from Garys cock and said, “ Ok babe, I'm gonna cum.

So am I,” Gary told me.

We both sat there as our cocks spued hot, fresh, creamy cum into the bowl. Once we had finished, we just sat and dipped the strawberries in the fresh 'cream' and fed them to each other. It was a fun thing to do for a change. Once we had finished the strawberries, we undressed each other and headed for the shower before we went to dinner.

It was around 7.30 when we left the yacht and walked off along the waterfront of Papeetee. First stop was a little bar that we spotted. We went in and looked at the cocktail menu. We both settled for a really exotic sounding one that was made using local spirits that were made with coconut and vanilla. The drink also contained mango and pineapple juice along with coconut milk. We had two of those each before going in search of somewhere for dinner. After walking further along the waterfront, we came upon a nice looking restaurant that specialised in Polynesian food. Neither of us had eaten this type of food before but we decided to try it anyway. We entered the restaurant and were shown to a table.

We ordered a bottle of wine and looked at the menu before settling on the ten course tasting menu. This would give us the opportunity of tasting a wide selection of the local dishes. The food was excellent and reminded us very much of the food we had enjoyed in Bali, ( a part of Indonesia ), when we had been their after our second Australian tour in 2008. After dinner, we headed back to the yacht and went straight to bed, due to the fact that we both felt kind of messed up after losing a day during the flight here from Auckland.

It must have been around 4am when I woke up screaming, “ Liam, Nooooooooooooo...........stop injecting that shit into your face.”

Gary was soon awake too and said, “ Jason, babe, are you Ok?”

Mmmmm..........yeah, I think so. I just had a really weird dream.”

Want to talk about?”


I just sat thinking for a moment before I said, “ in this dream, I was having a party at the apartment and Liam was walking around and kept injecting himself in the face with this huge syringe and needle that he had. He kept wanting me to try it but I wouldn't. Then Steve came over to me and he was injecting himself in the arm. He kept saying, ' come on Jason, you have to try this, we've always done everything together since we were kids, so you have to try this'.”

And did you?” Gary asked me.

No, you know how I feel about using drugs. I would never be that stupid.”

Gary held me in a tight hug and said, “ It's Ok babe, it was only a dream.”

I know but it just felt so real. I need to call Liam and ask him if he is using anything that he shouldn't.”

You know that he wouldn't be that stupid.”

I know but I have to call him to reassure myself.”

But it'll be around 2.30 in the afternoon back home and Liam will be in school.”

I know but he has a study period on a Monday afternoon.”

I picked up the phone by the side of the bed and dialled Liams mobile number. It took about eight rings before I got an answer. “ Hi Jason and what are you calling about?”Liam said on answering his phone.

Look, I don't really know how to say this but are using heroin?”

Jason, I know what your views are on stuff like that and I'm surprised that you can even think that I would do something like that. To answer your question, no, I am not using heroin. Now, why are you even asking me?”

I told Liam about the dream and how real it had seemed. He assured me that none of the other guys in the band and none of our other friends were using any drugs of any kind. We talked for quite awhile and then said our goodbyes. I felt so much better after talking to Liam. The only problem was that we were both wide awake.

We knew that the crew would all be asleep, even if they had told us that they were on call 24/7. Gary got up and went to the galley and made some coffee. We sat and talked about things that had happened in our lives. “ Remember that time back in 2007 when we got back from South America three days late?”

How could I forget that, I got really pissed off with that reservations manager from the airline and I couldn't tell you why.”

I would have been more than happy to have spent my birthday in Chile.”

I know you would but that was before you knew about the big surprise that we had spent the best part of a year organizing for you.”

That was one great birthday surprise that I will always remember. So what have you planned for my 21st?”

Nothing, as yet and even if I had set something up, do you think I would spoil it by telling you?”

Gary knew me so much better than that. The truth was that I had not really though about his birthday as we would be on tour. I would have talk to the other guys and see what we could come up with.

Anyway, the reason we had been delayed getting back from South America was down to a big security alert in the UK. It had been discovered that a terrorist group was planning to blow up nine trans Atlantic flights using bombs that they had hidden in their carry on baggage. As a result, new security measures were introduced that day that meant anything that you were taking onto the aircraft had to be in a transparent bag and also had to be kept to the minimum. The minimum being the likes of passports, air tickets, a small amount of cash and that was about it. It had actually been a little scary but we did make it home in time for the final setting up and preparation for the first performance of A CITY IN CHAOS.

By now, it was around six am and we both went back to sleep. By eleven, we were sat on deck, enjoying a breakfast of fresh fruits, croissants, fruit juice and coffee. We were also listening to a demo CD of a band by the name of TANGENTS. They were really good and would definitely be in the maybe pile. Their music was very much synthesizer based and reminded me of PINK FLOYD without the guitars. I loved it so much that we had to listen to it twice.

About two hours after our late breakfast, we had reached the Tuamotu Islands, which where to the east of Tahiti. We had actually set sail at around seven, while Gary and I were still asleep. One of the crew informed us that they would be dropping anchor very shortly and so Gary and I got ready to do our first dive.

We had been down underwater for about thirty minutes when I suddenly noticed a stream of bubbles floating to wards the surface. It was much different than normal and I began to wonder what the fuck was going on. Then I realized that the tube that supplied the oxygen from the tank to the breathing apparatus in mouth had been cut. I remembered my training and didn't panic. I had no idea who could have done this but I saw two people heading towards me and knew that it was Gary and one of the guys from FI. Gary came over to me and took a deep breath before removing his breathing apparatus and placing it in my mouth. We then slowly made our way back to the boat with Gary and the security guy sharing their oxygen with me.

It took sometime but we finally got back to the boat and once on board, Gary said, “ so what the fuck happened down there?”

I have no idea,” I replied. “ I just suddenly realized that my oxygen supply had been cut and I knew that the last thing I should do was to panic.” I looked at the two people that had helped me and said, “ thanks for the help. I just wish I knew what the fuck was going on.”

Agent Robinson form FI said, “as you guys both know, your security and safety is paramount to us, that's why that other yacht over there is following you,”pointing to a yacht that was slightly smaller than ours. “ On board is another ten of our agents and right now five of them are down there searching for the bastard that cut Jason' air supply. We'll get the person that did it.”

In a way, I was scared but I decided that this little set back would not put me off diving. Why should it? That would just be giving in to whoever was behind all this.

End of chapter 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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