Further down the yellow brick road!!!!!

Chapter Seven!!!!!!!

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The events in this story are related to the events in my story SAD SONG OF A GAY TEEN in the high school section on nifty. It will help if you have read the first story so that you know who all the main characters are. This story begins on the 27th February 2010, 2 days after Jasons 18th birthday. I hope you enjoy it.

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We had been down underwater for about thirty minutes when I suddenly noticed a stream of bubbles floating to wards the surface. It was much different than normal and I began to wonder what the fuck was going on. Then I realized that the tube that supplied the oxygen from the tank to the breathing apparatus in mouth had been cut. I remembered my training and didn't panic. I had no idea who could have done this but I saw two people heading towards me and knew that it was Gary and one of the guys from FI. Gary came over to me and took a deep breath before removing his breathing apparatus and placing it in my mouth. We then slowly made our way back to the boat with Gary and the security guy sharing their oxygen with me.

It took sometime but we finally got back to the boat and once on board, Gary said, “ so what the fuck happened down there?”

I have no idea,” I replied. “ I just suddenly realized that my oxygen supply had been cut and I knew that the last thing I should do was to panic.” I looked at the two people that had helped me and said, “ thanks for the help. I just wish I knew what the fuck was going on.”

Agent Robinson form FI said, “as you guys both know, your security and safety is paramount to us, that's why that other yacht over there is following you,”pointing to a yacht that was slightly smaller than ours. “ On board is another ten of our agents and right now five of them are down there searching for the bastard that cut Jason' air supply. We'll get the person that did it.”

In a way, I was scared but I decided that this little set back would not put me off diving. Why should it? That would just be giving in to whoever was behind all this.

Further down the yellow brick road Chapter seven!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we had got out of our wet suits, Gary asked one of the crew to bring us a bottle of chilled Californian white Zinfandal from the fridge and two glasses. While we waited for the wine to arrive, Gary and i made out for a while before he asked, “ so is this the end of your interest in scuba diving?”

Most certainly not,” I said, “ I think you know me a hell of a lot better than that and that I don't give up easily. I won't be diving again today but I'll be back down there tomorrow.”

After all the shit that I went through with the rape, I don't think people would have been to surprised if I had just withdrawn into my shell and steered clear for the world in general. That was one option that I could have taken but then again I had taken the opposite course of action. I had signed a major recording deal while I was still only thirteen and was now world famous. Sure, I still had to take medication for depression but then who wouldn't suffer with depression if they had had my life.

Anyway, after finishing his first glass of wine, Gary put on his wet suit again and said,“are you sure that I can't persuade you to dive again today?”

I already told you that this stupid little incident is not going to put me off diving but there is a very good reason why I can't. My breathing apparatus is kind of fucked at the moment, so we will be heading back to Papeetee overnight to get a replacement,”I said.

The reason that Gary had to dive again was due to the fact that he had to retrieve tonights dinner. We had taken some lobster pots down with us to catch some lobsters and crabs that we would be having for dinner.

I gave Gary a kiss and told him to be careful. Once he was gone, I poured another glass of wine and listened to some music. I think I had been there, lost in my own thoughts, when a launch from the yacht that was shadowing us pulled up along side our own yacht and agent Robinson boarded with a man that I had never seen before.

Who the hell is that?” I asked.

This,”Robinson began, “ is the bastard that tried to kill you.”

Seeing this man made very angry and i went and retrieved the damaged breathing apparatus and launched it at the unwelcome visitor. “ WHY? Why the fuck were you trying to kill me?”

the man didn't answer but as soon as I picked a pistol that lying round on one of the tables and pointed it at the man, I could see that he was totally shiting himself. I would have no problems using the weapon as I was just pissed off with people wanting to hurt me for no good reason at all.

So why have you brought him here?” I said to agent Robinson while still pointing the gun at the man.

I thought that we would let you decide what you want to do with him,”came the reply.

Those island over there,” I said pointing towards the group of islands known as the Tuamotu Islands, “ are they inhabited?”

No,” came the swift reply from Robinson.

I instructed the FI agent to take the man to one of the islands and leave him there for a few weeks so that he could fend for himself and have some time to think about what he had tried to do. Before they left I screamed at the man, “ and next fucking time you or anyone else tries something like that, I won't hesitate to use the gun on you.”

After the man was taken to be left stranded on a deserted island for what ever length of time the I deemed to be necessary, I went and poured another glass of wine to calm my nerves and await the return of Gary. I had meant what I had said about not hesitating to use the gun next time, if there was a next time. I was just so sick and tired of people trying to hurt me, for what ever pathetic and unknown reasons they had.

It was around twenty minutes later when Gary and two of the crew returned from their dive and Gary announced that dinner had arrived. Besides the lobsters, they also had some giant prawns, squid, what looked like sea bass and Gary also announced, “ and I got crabs.”

Well you didn't get them off me,” I said, light heartedly, “ and if you have got them, then you better see a doctor when we get back to Tahiti to collect my new breathing apparatus.”

Gary knew I was only joking and just said, “ so any chance of a glass of wine?”

You'll have to get another one as I drank that last one, I needed to calm my frayed nerves.”

Why, what happened.”

I told Gary about the guy that agent Robinson had brought onto the yacht and that I had instructed for him to be left stranded on one of the deserted islands for at least month. Someone from FI would pick him up when I gave the OK. Gary was a little horrified to hear the recount of recent events. Agent Robinson returned soon after Gary had arrived with tonights dinner. They had found a small sailing boat that my assailant had to used to get here from Tahiti. That was being taken back by a couple of the guys from the yacht that was shadowing us. We were also informed that people were still after Chris D after he had broken up the child sex slavery ring about five years ago and put a few important people in jail as well as having a few others killed. It wasn't the first time that Gary and I had been targeted as a way of getting to Chris bur we had just thought that after the blackmail attempt three years ago that it was all ancient history. This was were I was obviously very wrong.

After agent Robinson had left, Gary asked, “ do you want to fly home once we get back to Tahiti?”

No way,” I responded, “ you know me much better than that. I don't give in to these people band besides, we really need this holiday. It's the first one that we have had since we went to the Maldives just after mum and dad first fostered me.”

But we have travelled all over the world since then,” Gary said.

That was always work, touring with the band or something to do with one of my many music projects. No, after we get the new air tank, we head off again and enjoy ourselves,” I said with as much assertiveness as I could muster.

Did you ask Liam how his party went when you called him?”

Yeah, he said the apartment was totally trashed but it should all be fixed up by the time we get home.”

You're not serious are you? They didn't really trash the place did they?” Gary asked.

No, I'm not serious but you can be so damned gullible at times,”I said with a slight laugh.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just chilling out, listening to some of the many demo CDs that had been sent to us, ( most of which were totally crap ), enjoying some more wine and making out. Hey, we were on our honeymoon, remember?

We sat down for dinner at around seven and asked the crew to join as there was way more seafood than we could possibly eat ourselves. We started with what must have been the best prawn cocktail that I had ever tasted, then we had Singapore chilli crab, Squid Tempura with a mango and lime salsa, Lobster that had been roasted on the barbecue with garlic and an assortment of herbs, Whole sea bass with ginger and spring onions and we finished off with sorbets and fresh fruit. It was feast fit for a king, ( or a queen, as Gary said, although I knew that he was just trying to be funny ).

After dinner I got out my laptop computer so that I could check my e-mails. I also checked out a couple of porn sites, ( purely for research purposes you understand?). While I was doing that, I came across a series of pictures of two really cute and sexy looking guys. In one of them had his shirt off but was wearing rollerblades and you could see his underwear showing above the waist of the cargo pants that he was wearing. “ Fuck me,”I said.

Gary came over and said, “ you know I don't do that to but if you want me to, I'll make love to you?”

I pointed at the picture that was displayed on the screen and said to Gary, “ maybe in a little while, it's just that guy is damn sexy dressed like that. You would look good in something like that.”

You're not developing some kind of fetish are you?” Gary asked me.

Not really but i think a little bit of role play in the bedroom might be fun now again. It'll add something different to our love making.”

You know me, I'll try anything once,” Gary said.

We both talked about the idea for a little while and then Gary logged me off the Internet and shut down my computer and then began to kiss me. I knew exactly where this was all heading and I had no intentions of objecting.

Gary took a hold of my hand and we made our way to the bed. I was well and truly turned on by now and we wasted no time in undressing each other, ( well, just how long does it take to remove a t-shirt and a pair of shorts? ) :-)............

We did the usual thorough examination of each others bodies with our tongues, giving special attention to our favourite parts, most notably the ears and nipples before finally getting into a 69 and bringing each other to a really intense orgasm. I was still hard after all that and so I lubed Garys cock and got on my hands and knees, doggy style. I felt my lovers cock entering me and once he was all the way in, he rested for a while as i got used to the feeling. Not that that took very long anymore. The he made long slow strokes as he pulled all the way out and slowly pushed back in. This was the way that I really enjoyed making love. To me, doing it this way was always so much more intense than any of the rough stuff, not that I didn't enjoy that on occasions too. We didn't stay like that for long, we changed position so that Gary was spooned behind me, still with his cock slowly withdrawing and re-entering me. Then we changed again so that he was lying on his back and I was sliding myself up and down. Finally we changed for a final time so that I was on my back and Gary was on top of me. It was all so intense.

Gary leaned forwards and whispered in my ear, “ I'm going to cum,” and then he kissed me.

The way that he said it was just so sexy that I started to shoot load after load of my own hot juice all over my body as I felt Gary emptying himself deep within me. It seemed to last forever before it ended. No sooner had Gary finished his orgasm then I felt him stiffen up again, whilst still buried deep within me and he began to shoot for a third time.

After he had popped out of me and regained his breath, he said, “ I don't ever remember doing that.”

I kissed him and said, “ It shows how much you love me if you can have two orgasms in quick succession like that.”

We lay there for about ten minutes just making out before I pulled away and said, “ do you want a night cap? I noticed a really good Cognac when I was choosing the wine for dinner.”

Mmmmmmmm......... that sound great,” came the reply to my question.

When it came to alcohol, I never drank beer, never touched spirits, ( except for the occasional brandy or cocktail, and even then I would never have more than two ) but I really did enjoy a good wine or Champagne.

I soon returned with the two ( very ) large Cognacs and we lay in bed talking as we slowly sipped the golden liquid.

Did I mention that Liam and Nick are going over to Vancouver to see Robert during the Easter break?”

Something else you forgot to tell me?” Gary said with a look of puzzlement on his face.

It's just that so much has been going on around here,” I said. “ I though that we were going to have a nice, peaceful time and what happens? The first dive we do and someone tries to kill me.”

Has that really bothered you the much?”

No and it hasn't put me off going diving either. Once we get the new air tank sorted, the we will be heading for a group of Islands a few hours to the west that are known as Bora Bora. Apparently there are some fantastic diving sights around there. It should be fun.”

We finished our drinks and fell asleep.

By the time I headed out on deck the next morning, Gary was already eating breakfast and I quickly joined him. The other that came to my attention was that we already docked at the marina in Papeetee. It was lucky that I had decided to put on some shorts. It was all very well having a little rule about being naked but this was an exception to that.

After we finished eating, we went and got my new airtank and did a little bit of gift shopping for a few people back at and then went back to the yacht. We were soon heading for Bora Bora and an afternoon of diving, which would hopefully be uneventful. It would take a couple of hours to reach our destination and so Gary and I just spent some time chilling out and work on our sun tans. We also ate a fantastic lunch and checked all the diving gear for when we got to where we going.

End of Chapter 7!!!!!!!!!

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