Further Down The Yellow Brick Road 9!!!!!

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From the last chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shortly after the drinks had arrived, the cabin crew began to serve breakfast. It was a much welcome energy booster after the exertion that we had just gone through in the bathroom. It was also good to be eating a breakfast of bacon, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns and eggs for the first time in over a month. Once breakfast was over, it was time to fasten seat belts as we were on the final approach in to Honolulu. I remembered watching old movies from the 1950s of planes arriving in Honolulu. As the passengers disembarked, they where greeted by local girls in their hula skirts placing flower garlands around their necks while a group of local musicians played their guitars. I wondered if this still happened. It was around twenty five minutes later that we were making our way off the aircraft and I was disappointed that there were no musicians, no girls in hula skirts and no flowers. It would have been such a romantic arrival. Oh well, as they say, times change.

After clearing immigration, baggage claim and customs we made our way out of the terminal and found our hire car and headed off to the hotel. The hotel that we were staying at was on the main coastal road over looking Waikiki beach. I had a good feeling that this was going to be a great week.

Further down the yellow brick road chapter 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we arrived at the hotel, we checked into our suite and had a porter help us with our baggage. Once in the room, we tipped the porter and then closed the door, giving us some privacy. I turned on the radio and tuned into a local station that was playing classic hits from the 1970s and the 1980s. The first song that I heard was one that brought back a lot of happy memories for me as it was the song that Liam and I used to help Keith discover his singing talents soon after he came to live with us. It was a song by the singer and songwriter BILLY JOEL called MY LIFE and the lyrics were as follows:

Got a call from an old friend

We used to be real close

Said he couldn't go on the American way

Closed the shop, sold the house

Bought a ticket to the West Coast

Now he gives them a stand-up routine in L.A.



I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm alright

I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home

I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life

Go ahead with your own life, and leave me alone


I never said you had to offer me a second chance

I never said I was a victim of circumstance

I still belong, don't get me wrong

And you can speak your mind

But not on my time


They will tell you you can't sleep

Alone in a strange place

Then they'll tell you you can't sleep with somebody else

But sooner or later you sleep

In your own space

Either way it's okay to wake up with yourself


It was also special in that we had recorded it as a charity record to raise money for an anti bullying campaign that we had got involved with. Anyway, Gary and I decided that we would both shower and then go off in search of some lunch. We were both undressed quicker than you could say JUMPING JACK FLASH.

Gary took one look at my naked body and said, "I don't know about going out for lunch but I could I eat what I see before me right now."

I had to laugh at that and just pushed him off in the direction of the bathroom. I was just about to go and join him when the phone rang. I went and answered by saying, "Jason speaking and how may I help you?"

"Hi Jay," said the voice on the other end of the phone, which I immediately recognised as Keith.

"Hi bro' and what can I do for you?" I asked.

"Well I'm flying to LA next week for an audition for a part in a movie and was wondering if Josh would be OK with me staying at his place?"

"You'll have to call and ask him," I said as I got out my electronic organizer to find Josh's number, which I then relayed to Keith.

"So how's the honeymoon going?" Keith asked me.

"Great," I replied, "but I have something waiting for me in the shower, so excuse my ignorance but I have to go."

"I get the picture," Keith said, "see you next week."

With that we ended the call and I headed for the shower.

Keith had joined the drama group at school soon after he started and within a few weeks had gone to audition for a part in a soap opera that was produced by a TV company in Manchester and so began his acting career. We had all sat and watched the first episode that he appeared in and Keith had commented, "Well those idiots that used to call themselves my parents will be having kittens right about now."

It hadn't taken long for Keith to effectively disown his parents. By the end of the first week he only ever referred to his former father as, `the sperm donor', due to the fact that he had been so badly treated by that evil man. With that thought lingering in my mind, I made my way into the bathroom and joined Gary in the shower. I pulled him towards me and placed my lips against his and then gently licked at his lips which he parted willingly, allowing my tongue to enter his mouth. I opened my lips and allowed Gary to explore my mouth with his tongue. This went on for several minutes before we broke the kiss and said in unison, "I love you so much."

I then started to work my way down Garys body and paid special attention to his nipples and at one point took one of them between my teeth and pulled on it. I didn't do this to him very often but he always screamed with pleasure and ecstasy when ever I did. I then lowered myself to my knees and swirled my tongue around in his belly button before finally hitting the bull's-eye, his cock. I licked at the piss slit and poked my tongue into it and this had Gary whimpering with the most intense pleasure that you could imagine. I took first one, then the other and then both of his balls into my mouth and swirled them around while I gently pushed a finger at his rosebud and soon gained entry and found that special place. I then took his dick into my mouth and let my beloved Gary make love to my mouth. We were both experiencing feelings of intense pleasure. Gary didn't have to tell me he was about to cum; I just knew when it would happen instinctively. He no longer had to give me any warning that he was about to shoot, I just allowed him to release his load into my eager and hungry mouth. I could never get enough of that nectar fresh from the source.

Once his orgasm ended. I got onto my feet and we kissed passionately for a few moments before Gary went to work on my stiff dick. "Mmmmmmmmmmm...that just feels so good," I moaned. Gary knew exactly what to do to give me those feelings of greater pleasure that he knew I enjoyed when we had these tender and intimate moments together. It didn't last for too long before I started to fill my lovers' mouth with that fresh, hot, protein shake that only I could provide for him. I had wanted to cum when he had but held back as I didn't want to waste a single drop of that precious substance.

Once we had finished our sex play, we took turns in washing each others hair and bodies, paying very special attention to certain favourite parts. Once we felt that we were both thoroughly clean, we stepped out of the shower and dried each other off and then walked back into the bedroom, still locked at the lips like Siamese twins. Gary broke the kiss and gently tapped my cock with his index finger and then said, "Down boy!"

Well, I was getting hard again and by now we really did need to go in search of some food. I looked at the clock and noticed that we had taken nearly two hours to shower and so I said, "that must have been the longest shower in history."

We both fell back onto the bed in fits of laughter and kissed each other once again. We finally dressed and headed back downstairs to find a place to eat. Once we reached the lobby of the hotel, it was decision time as to where to eat. The hotel had a great selection of places. There was French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, a Fine dining restaurant, a fish restaurant and then a place called THE GOURMET BURGER BAR and it was there that we decided to have lunch. They offered a huge selection of burgers that were made from beef, chicken, lamb, veal, tuna, salmon and a 101 other things. (Ok, so that is an exaggeration but you understand what I mean). Gary chose the tuna burger and I opted for what they called THE ULTIMATE. When it arrived it stood over twelve inches high on the plate and was very impressive.

"You don't get this in McDonalds," I said.

"And you won't have any trouble getting it in your mouth will you?" Gary asked

I told him he was a filthy minded pervert, a comment that we both laughed at. Anyway, my burger really was impressive. It was made from minced beef fillet and cooked medium rare and the centre of the burger contained a small amount of some kind of beef stew. The bottom half of the bun was spread with mayonnaise, then there was some shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pickled cucumber, then the burger, which itself was topped with goats cheese, fried onions, sweet corn relish, a spicy salsa, and, well that was just about it. No wonder they called it THE ULTIMATE. The only thing that was a little disappointing was the fries. They were those thin American things that went all soggy if you put vinegar on them. Give me good old thick cut British chips any day, now they could stand having a good dose of vinegar on them.

Once we had finished eating, Gary turned to me and said, "So what do you want to do now?"

"I don't know about you but I could do with burning off a few calories," I said

Gary flashed me a huge shit eating grin and I knew what he had on his mind. "I was thinking more along the lines of a walk on the beach and I think you should see a doctor about that medical condition," I said to him.

"Oh and what medical condition is that?" Gary asked me.

"I think they call it sex on the brain." That had me laughing so hard that I nearly fell off my stool.

We left the hotel and crossed over the road and onto Waikiki beach. We had been walking along for about five minutes and we had noticed several guys kissing and being intimate with each other and so I took a hold of Garys hand in mine as we walked along the beach. It was a pleasant afternoon but it was only the end of March and we where now back in the Northern hemisphere. The weather was nice but a little cooler than we had been used to during our month or so in the Southern hemisphere where it was still late summer. Then again, we didn't have much to complain about as we had gotten great tans whilst on the yacht, (with very few white bits as we had spent most of the time naked). The FI people didn't have a problem with this as most of the people employed by that organization are themselves gay. That was one of the major reasons why we used them to handle all our security needs.

"So who was on the phone earlier?" Gary asked me.

"That was Keith. He flys over to LA next week for an audition for a movie part and he wanted to know if it would be OK for him to stay at Josh and Angelas place. I said that he would have to call them and make sure it is OK first. I'm sure it will be," I responded to the question regarding the phone call.

"Is Alexei coming with him?"

"I forgot to ask but I think he will be. You know how those two are, they like to be together as much possible," I said.

We walked along the beach and talked about nothing in particular. One thing we did talk about was how much evidence there was of the earthquake that had hit these beautiful Islands in late September or early October of last year. Sure, they had fixed up all the tourist areas but on the way in on the plane we had noticed that there was still a lot of work to be done in places to get things back to the way that they had been before the quake hit. It was kind of upsetting but one of those things that no one had any real control over. Having said that, the Islands were still beautiful and Gary and I had chartered a helicopter for the next two days so that we could visit some of the natural wonders that were on offer. I was already envisioning composing some music inspired by this wonderful place. That also gave me the idea of using the music as a way of raising money for the disaster relief fund that I'm sure would have been in operation. 

In total, we spent around two hours walking along the beach before heading back to the hotel. Once we got back there, we dropped into one of the bars and shared a bottle of wine before going back to our suite to change for dinner. We had decided to eat in the Japanese restaurant that night and the food was excellent. We had been to Tokyo on two occasions with the band and then the third time we had been to that city was when we took the A CITY IN CHAOS show there. I had had some fantastic Sushi and Sashimi in Tokyo but nothing I had eaten there compared to what we had this particular night in Hawaii. The fish that they used for the Sashimi was the freshest that I had ever tasted. The rest of the food was just amazing too.

We finally got back to our room at around ten pm and opened a bottle of wine to drink as we lay in bed. We also had another look-over the accounts. In reality, Gary and I were actually worth over three hundred million pounds. Well, we had a one third share in both WILD BOYS (MERCHANDISING) LTD and SONIC IMAGINATIONS (PUBLISHING) LTD and these two companies had a value of around 150,000,000. Then there was the studio complex that I owned which was worth around 60,000,000 and finally the business that I had inherited from my parents and this was now valued at about 200,000,000. It had been pretty much run by the directors and managers since the death of my parents and they had made numerous offers to buy the company but I had always refused to sell because it had been a stipulation of the will that I couldn't sell the company before I was 21 but I was now having second thoughts. It was something that I had absolutely no interest in and I saw little point in retaining the ownership of it when I could sell it and use the money for something better.

I turned to Gary and said, "I think it's time that I gave Mr.Littler a call".

"Concerning what?" Gary asked.

"The business that mum and dad left me. As you know, I have no interest in it and the most recent offer that I had from the people who have been running it since my parents died is in the region of two hundred million. It is those people who have developed the business into what it is now and I think that they should have the chance to own it and develop it even further so that they get the real reward for all their hard work," I said.

"But wouldn't that be going against the terms of the will? I thought you had to wait until your 21st before you could sell?"

"That was the terms of the will but I think that if my parents were still alive and in this position, then they would accept the money and get shut of the business."

"But is there any real need to increase your wealth by that amount?"

"Correction," I said, "our wealth. I don't plan on keeping the money myself; I was going to put it into the charitable foundation."

The charitable foundation was something that had been set up by the band to raise money for numerous charities that we had become involved with such as childline, kidscape and the Albert Kennedy trust. The AKT was something that was close to my heart and was an organization that gave help to gay teens who were having problems with their sexuality and offered help to these kids. Many of the kids that the AKT helped had been thrown out of their homes when they came out to their parents. The AKT offered them help and advice and in many instances helped them to find a home, usually with a gay couple who would act as mentors. The AKT was named after Albert Kennedy, a sixteen year old gay boy who had fallen to his death from the top of a multi story car park in 1989 whilst being chased by some homophobic bullies. We also supported various UK based AIDS charities. We also did a lot of work for CANCER RESEARCH UK in memory of Anne, Liams mum, who had died of the disease almost four years ago. The music foundation that I set up also came under the umbrella of the bands charitable foundation. I had once been asked by an interviewer why we only supported UK charities and didn't do anything to support overseas charities. This was easy to explain. Someone had once told me that charity begins at home and there were so many deserving and worthwhile causes that helped people in the UK but just didn't get the financial support or government funding that many of the overseas charities got and, looking at it from a more mature perspective, I think it was something that I had wanted to address from the beginning.

Having said that, it had always disturbed me when I watched news broadcasts of disasters that occurred around the world, such as the Tsunami that hit the Asian sub continent in 2004 or the hurricane disaster that hit New Orleans in 2005 or the Pakistani earthquake of 2005. But people were very quick to donate money to the relief operations that were set up after such tragedies but when it came to charities that helped people in the UK, it sometimes felt as if people didn't care and so the six of us in the band had been addressing this since 2005 and this had resulted in the setting up of the charitable foundation.

"That's a very generous thing to do," Gary said to me.

"Just imagine the daily interest that that amount of money would generate, that alone would be enough to keep all the causes that we support going for years to come. The other reason is that it would greatly reduce the tax liability. And, before you say anything, I know that seems a little selfish but when you truly think about it, what I am proposing here, it's not."

Gary just kissed me and said, "The one thing that no one could ever accuse you of is being selfish."

By now it was just after midnight and we where lying in bed watching the original 1976 version of THE OMEN, which is so much better than the 2006 remake. I picked up the phone and dialled the number for Mr.Littlers office. He answered within three rings and said, "Joe Littler speaking and who am I talking to?"

"Jason Russell," I said, "and I am calling about this latest offer for the manufacturing business and to inform you that I would like to accept it".

"You do understand that it goes against the terms of the will?" He asked me.

"I am aware of that but I think it's time that the people who got the business to were it is now had the chance to fully reap the rewards of their hard work," I said.

"I'm sure your parents would be happy with this decision if they were alive."

"I know they would, especially the next part. I personally do not wish to benefit from the sale of the business, I want all of the proceeds invested for the benefit of the charitable foundation," I said.

"Well that sounds like a very clever move and one I am sure your parents would have fully understood and appreciated," Mr. Littler said. "I'll start work on it straight away. So how is the holiday going?"

"Fantastic. It has been a great way of recharging the batteries. At the moment Gary and I are in Hawaii. We won't be home for about three weeks but I would like to have all the paperwork ready to sign by then".

"That can be arranged," Mr.Littler said, "call the office to make an appointment when you get home".

"It's been good talking to you and I'll make that appointment as soon as I get home".

With that, my lawyer and I said our goodbyes and hung up.

I decided that I would also call dad. Dad answered the phone by saying, "Hi Jay, good to hear from you. How's Gary?"

"He's fine," I said and this wasn't a lie as Gary was pushing my legs up above my head so that my knees were almost touching my shoulders. I knew exactly what he was doing but carried on talking with dad and told him about the conversation that I had just had with Mr.Littler. Dad was very impressed with what I told him I was doing as far as the business that I had inherited was concerned. By now Gary was lubbing up my arse and, as you can imagine, the lube was cold. Without thinking, I just said, "Damn, that's fucking cold!!!!"

It was when dad said, "Is everything Ok Jay?"

"Yes dad, I never felt better."

Gary was slowly pushing his cock inside of me as I continued to talk to dad, which got increasingly difficult as more of Garys cock entered me. It was when I said, "Mmmmmmmmmmm...yeah...I love it when you do this to me", that dad said, "I don't really want to know what you are doing there right now but I'll call you later."

Before I could say anything else, the phone went dead and I just dropped it on the floor as I said to Gary, "Please make love to me now!!!!!"

Gary didn't need to be asked twice and for the next fifteen minutes I felt his cock slowly going in and out of me and hitting my prostate. I was on that journey to paradise yet again. At one point we changed position so that Gary was lying on the bed with me riding up and down on his cock. My own was really stiff and I was ready to cum. "Open your mouth," I panted at him and then I began to cum like a fountain. The first two shots where right on target and went straight into Garys hungry mouth and were soon swallowed. I shot volley after volley, which left a trail down his body. I scooped each load up and then fed them to Gary. He found this such a turn on that he began to shoot his own load deep inside me. I allowed him to go soft before withdrawing from his cock. "I wish that I could keep that inside of me forever," I said.


Gary leaned over and retrieved the adjustable butt plug from the bedside cabinet and inserted it in me and then adjusted it and asked me to stand up. Not a drop came out. "Does it feel comfortable?" He asked.

"Oh yes," was all I could say.

The phone started to ring and I answered it. It was dad calling back like he said he would. "We have a little crisis on our hands," dad informed.

"And what might that be?" I enquired.

"Liam is threatening to leave the band."

"Why?" Was my monosyllabic reply.

"Because Chris and Steve have decided to start smoking," dad told me.

I could understand this from Liams point of view. He totally hated people smoking and that wasn't that hard to understand. His mum had been a heavy smoker and that resulted in her going to an early grave. I had known Liam to fire two of his guitar technicians when he caught them smoking. How could Chris and Steve be so fucking stupid?

First off I called Liam and told him that I would get this sorted out one way or another. I then made a conference call to Chris and Steve and gave them some real shit. I ended that call by telling them that they were out of the band. I didn't give a shit about the tour we had coming up. I then just sat there, staring into space until Gary brought me back to reality by saying, "Jay, babe, are you OK?"

"Not really, I just lost the two best friends that I ever had," I told him.

By now it was well after two in the morning. Gary asked, "Do you want to talk about?"

"Not now, I just want to go to sleep and forget about this mess for now," I said.

By 8.45 the next morning we were sat eating breakfast and I was pouring my heart out to Gary about everything that was going on back home. He wasn't happy with it but then he did say that he would probably have done the same thing in that situation. It didn't make me feel any better but I had made my decision. When it came to Liam and what he was really going through when his mum was sick, there were only four people who knew the truth. At school everyone thought that he was coping well with the situation but in reality he was a frightened little boy, a total wreck. Only mum, dad, Gary and I saw that side of him and it wasn't nice.

We went off in our chartered helicopter and flew over volcanoes, watched surfers riding huge waves and saw some spectacular sights. But my heart just wasn't in it. I have fucked up big time and I didn't know how to sort this whole mess out. When we got back to the hotel there was a fax waiting for me. It was all the legal papers that would officially put Chris and Steve out of the band and pay them off for their shares in the publishing and merchandising companies. They had already been signed by Liam and Ross; they just required signatures from Gary and me. Then I would fax them back to dad and with in a day or two it would all be over. Chris and Steve would hate me for ever.

The two of us sat and had a drink in the bar and Gary said, "I'm not signing these, I just can't do it."

"Neither can I," I said as I took out my mobile phone. I called first Steve and then Chris but got no answer from either their mobiles or their private numbers at home. I called Geoff and Amandas home number, even tho' I knew it was three in the morning back home. I had to talk to Chris or Steve and get this sorted out or I would probably end up in the asylum with the rest of the nutters.

The phone was answered by Amanda on the third ring. I could tell from the way she answered that she was not happy. "This better be important at this ungodly hour," she said.

"Amanda, I'm really sorry about calling you at this time but it really is important," I said.

"Oh, Jason, sorry I was so abrupt but I think I can guess what this is about," Amanda said.

"Yeah, I messed up by telling Chris and Steve that I want them out of the band," I said. "Would you mind waking Chris so that I can talk to him?"

"That would be a little difficult as him and Steve are on their way to see you in Hawaii."

That little piece of information offered me some hope. At least they were making an effort. "And one more thing," Amanda said, "None of us are happy that they took up smoking and I know I speak not only for me but also for Geoff, Howard and Linda when I say that."

"Thank you. I only hope that I can get this sorted out when they get here."

With that I ended the call so that Amanda could go back to sleep.

End of chapter 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am overdue for a cliff-hanger and that seemed like a good place to leave you in suspenders, oops, I meant suspense.

I was a little disappointed after chapter 37 of SAD SONG as I only heard from Alex, Neil, Carl and David Lee. Come on guys and drop me a line at wdreamtime@aol.com. I love reading your e-mails. And Alex, I hope there were enough intimate moments between Jason and Gary for you in this chapter.

I almost forgot this but I have to put it in so that I don't risk getting my ass sued for millions. The lyrics to the song MY LIFE were written by Billy Joel and are copyright 1978 SONY ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC LTD.

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