Gang of Four

Chapter 2



Zeke Pine

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Fort Walton Beach, Fl. Winter is much better than what Southern Missouri has. We still have winter but so mild by comparison. Unlike a particular winter many years ago I remember.


Sam your Dad just wants us massaging him?


Haha, Brother Gavin is going to take one look at him and preach about unnatural lust. Dad will be the loudest Amen on the pew.

What do you want to do now? If we don't find something we are going to end up 'massaging' his ass most of the day.


Tim is going to be over at Hank's for the night. Let's just do a sleep over with Hank. They have already called off school and since his Mom left it will be all guys.


So we either wrestle with my Dad or Hank's Dad?

Sam's forehead and eyebrows screwed up in a knot. All of our Dad's enjoyed romping and giving us boys “guidance” in the ways of the Lord. For the most part we didn't normally mind a little father and son time with them. It was always interesting to see if they would just act like they didn't have sex with us or if they went through contrition that was worthy of devoted Pentecostal Deacons and Laymen.

One thing is certain. After one or two hot sessions with us boys our parents would decide it is time to visit other churches for a while before they were repented well enough to end up back at their home church.

Those visits weren't without their own benefits. We often found boys at the homes of the good Pentecostals that would put us up where we and they would end up on our knees in worship, at least in case the grown ups checked up on us. Being on our knees helped us be good servants of others. We once ended up with 10 of us boys together and with a couple of days of idleness and that many boys, well there was at least one good church member that would take us to their home or farm and put us to “work”. Of course there were one or two other men that would help them look out for us.


During those times I couldn't help but wonder who our Parents were helping out?


Zeke, hey, Zeke, your doing that thing again.


As I looked into the eyes of this wonderful young man I saw love and concern in Junior's eyes.

Junior if I ever see any of you boys allowing religious fucks anywhere near yourselves I will kick your asses.


Dad, Zeke... what brought that on? Relax a bit. This is Florida not Missouri. Were not around anyone like you and our Uncles were.


I was getting more used to the boys coming out with the Dad word more and more often now. Age wise I was more like the age their Grandfathers would be if they had of had any, still it sent waves of warmth and love pulsing through me when they did that. I would have been just as happy if they never did. It is all about the boys and nothing about me. That is the way it has to be. Now they have just as naturally started referring to the rest of the gang of four as their uncles. Uncles that they would never know except through me. I know the three that were gone would feel the same about these kids, because of the way I feel about them. There was never an instance of disagreement or different wants among us gang of four.

These New Four are something else. The did some arguing, fussing, loud voices. You would think they were brothers or at least some close blood relatives the way they act around one another. They weren't, and they had not known each other their entire lives up to this point but I could see very vividly that they were on the way to being just as close a group as us gang of four were.

Boys, gather round. I want to tell you some more of your Uncles.

I talked, as I always did with them. As always these kids just impressed the hell out of me, because as always they sat and listened. I guess my old ass was into hour number two and they never let their attention waiver. I called a piss break and sent Peck to get us some sodas out of the fridge when my cell started ringing in the bedroom.

Junior go see who that is and when you are done see if it needs to be put on the charger. Peck was coming back into the living area juggling cans of drinks about the time that Junior came in with the strangest look on his face carrying the cell phone.


Dad, he said in a nervous whisper, someone wants to talk to you. He says he is Uncle Sam's brother! Is that right? Do we have another Uncle you didn't tell us about? Was there more than just your gang of four?


Junior you and your brothers in sin just amuse yourselves. I am going to take this call out on the patio. I will answer your questions after while.

Ranger, Hammer, NOT like that. It is the middle of the afternoon for crying out loud. Oh hell, just play a video game or something.

I took the phone from Junior and grabbed my jacket against the cool weather that is so common on the Florida panhandle in the early spring.

Martin? I spoke into the phone as I closed the sliding patio door. Martin Adam Dean was Sam's younger brother. He has also been a part of my life although he had never been an active participant with the gang for the most part. He was just too much younger for us as boys ourselves to really take care of him during our various escapades. There was enough age difference that we were almost different generations but we all suffered at the hands of religious fanatics and part time sexual sinners that was our parents and neighbors of Southern Missouri. We were far enough ahead of Martin in age that we were able to get him out of there and into college. He managed to make make himself into a very respectable family practice Doctor with our help and some Government grants and loans. It had been a long time since I had heard from him.


Zeke, I am so glad I caught you. I have been calling for several hours. Zeke, I need your help. I am at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport and I need you to meet me here as quickly as possible. I have three hours before my next flight out and I just can not keep that schedule without you. I really need you Uncle Zeke.


I am on my way. Meet me at the front entrance in thirty minutes.

The boy practically begged for my help. He had never done that before. Martin is family and there was never any thought of not being there for him.

Back inside I grabbed the remote and muted the television, which was met with loud moans and groans from four teenagers.

Guys I have to go to the airport and meet with some of our, yes mine and your family. You have embraced my gang as uncles, well I have to meet with another Uncle. You know the rules, behave and don't leave the house. They acknowledged me and started to ask questions.

Later, guys I have a very short time to be there in. Two hours, I won't be more than two hours. It is a school day tomorrow please get your laundry done and showers taken now. I mean it boys, I have to be able to trust you at times like this.

They assured me and they have never given me any reason to doubt they would do as I say. Of course with their teenage sense of humor I was growing very careful and specific with instructions as they often found it funny to hold me to the letter of those instructions. And with only a slight trepidation I headed out to the airport.

As I approached the public entrance of the terminal my heart soared to see Martin. Then my heart did a double beat when I saw the young man by his side with a suitcase at his feet.


Zeke, Martin grabbed me and gave me a very undignified hug, for me anyway, literally lifting me off the ground and spinning a full 360 degree circle. Zeke, I am so glad to see you. I wish I could just stay with you.

I want you to meet my grandson and your great-nephew Adam. I have so much to tell you and a very short time to do so. Adam has in his suitcase a packet paper work for you. Let's go set down and talk. I could use a cup of coffee.


Adam, it gives this old man great joy to meet you. It looks like your grandfather and I are going to bore you to tears while we talk. Come on Martin, Adam, let's find us a table and try out the coffee here.


Oh my, I have to hold myself together. I reach over and gather Adam by the waist and pull him up to me.


Uncle Zeke I don't know what to think. What is going on with my Grandpa?


I don't know Adam. I said as I pulled him in tighter snuggling and comforting him, as much for myself as for him as we stand there and watch his Grandfather's flight lift off and take him away from us.

Come on Adam let's go home. It is time for you to meet your brothers.

We pull up in front of the house and I have been gone for two and a half hours. Not bad. I left them with enough to stay busy for this amount of time. I was feeling rather confident when I turned the key in the door and Adam and I went down the hallway and turned into the living area.

Oh Hell, these little shits sure can bring my confidence crashing down in a hurry. Out of the corner of my eye I see Adam falling up against the wall in hysterical laughter. Well for having his world completely torn apart at least these four have found a way to make Adam laugh.

Me, I don't know whether to laugh, cuss, scream, cry. I just clamp down and let out a big sigh looking at four naked teenagers grinning up at us from the floor.


Dudes, Adam chokes and blows out spit while laughing his ass off. Dudes, your jacking off with milk?


Ranger grins up at us. We heard it is good for our skin. Hey, Dad, who is this? If we had known you were bring company we would have....


I cut him off right there. “You would have not done a damn thing different and it might have even been worse. Boys, don't even bother trying to cover yourselves up. Just stand up and say hello to your brother Adam”.

The response could not have been planned out any better. Five teenage voices sounded off with one word. “Righteous”.

My jaw just fell open and I shook my head. I knew then and there it was no longer the New Four. Five, it just sunk in and hit me very hard. I have five teenage boys I am responsible for looking out for. FIVE.


I took my time that night. It just would not do to leave the four and Adam alone to get acquainted. I was worried at first about how the dynamics of this group would shift and change. It would have torn me apart if the balance of the group was shifted so far off center that everything came crashing down.

My fears were unfounded. I was still worried. I had skimmed over the paper work Adam had provided. Notes, deeds, keys, legal adoption papers. Martin had not told me everything at all. So much I didn't understand. So much I didn't want to understand. What will we do? First, time to call the family attorney.


Peck is a hell of a name, but it is now mine for the purpose of this story. I have been pegged to post the prologue to this chapter since you got to meet Adam in it. I have always related more to Uncle Sam. Since Martin is Sam's younger brother and Adam is his grandson it just seemed right for me to.

Follow along and you will find out why I have the name of Peck.