by tucker bennett <>
Chapter 1

Gary sighs as he leans against the pass bar behind his cash register, the afternoon had been busy, it seemed to Gary that the lunch rush wouldn't end. His thoughts consider asking his supervisor to take a break and smoke a cigarette, He looks at his watch noting that it had been just over three hours of standing behind the counter, taking orders, handling money, making change, and putting together customer's orders. He shakes his head, "What a long three hours." He thinks, knowing that it had gone by fast. His eyes glance at the crude tattoo inscribed on his fore arm, his other hand absentmindedly massages the ink embedded in his forearm. "Guess this'll have to do for the summer." He tells himself, the tattoo reminding him of days past, an argument that escalated to a fight, cops called, running, stealing a car, and spending the next six moths in the county juvenile facility. His head shakes again, as he feels a twitch in his loins and ass, reminding him of the facility and experiencing gay sex.

He sighs thinking of his first meeting with his PO, and being told that he would be working at McD's, and under constant surveillance, as the owner was a friend of the PO. He sighs, thinking that it could be worse, although he couldn't imagine what could be worse.

The job wasn't the only dictate his PO suggested, others were no drugs, or alcohol, and staying away from his old crowd.

"They're the one's that started all this mess aren't they?"

Gary nodded.

His PO was right though, partying with his buddies led him to getting wasted, and then the fight with his mother, his brother, and a fight. His mother called the cops and he ran, he returned home only to steal the family car and make a run for places west. He didn't know where, he just knew that he couldn't stay where he was any longer. "You wanna take a break?" His supervisor asks, drawing him out of his day dreams.

"Yeah." He replies, standing and pulling at his polyester trousers, grinning as the material slides against his groin. "Take out the garbage, and you can grab a smoke, and then take a break."

"Yeah, okay." Gary says, a smile creeps over his lips. He looks at the counter and finds a familiar face looking back at him. He grins, stepping up to take the young man's order. "Hey Jamie." Gary says in greeting.

"Hey dude, I didn't know you worked here." Jamie replies.

Gary smirks. "Yeah, I just started a couple of days ago."

"Cool." Jamie offers.

Gary shrugs, looking at Jamie, recalling gym class, and Jamie's body. His loins stir at his thoughts of showering with Jamie, and sucking his cock. "What can I get you?" He asks, prying his mind from his fantasy.

"I wanna quarter pounder with cheese, fries and a coke."

"Comin' up." Gary says, as he punches in Jamie's order. "So what are you doin' to keep busy?"

"Gotta job at the Mini-mart on Grand. I gotta work till eleven."

Gary nods, as he sets the soda on the counter, then leans back against the counter behind him. His eyes cruise over what he can see of Jamie's body, his mind filling in the blanks with memories of the locker room. He smiles, as his loins lurch, wondering if Jamie could see his cock through his polyester uniform, unable to tell, with Jamie's eyes hidden behind sunglasses. His tongue dances over his lips, as his mind recalls seeing Jamie's slim nude figure in the locker room. "Man, he had a big schlong back then." He thinks, recalling the thick cock that hung from Jamie's loins. Having seen Jamie's dick soft almost everyday for years, Gary had come to know almost everything about Jamie's cock, except what it looked like hard, it was something that held Gary's imagination, often fantasizing of a day that he would find out. That day never materialized.

While Gary leans against the counter looking over Jamie, Jamie's eyes look over Gary, recalling Gary's slim build from their high school locker room. He watches Gary move behind the counter to collect Jamie's order. His eyes leer at Gary's butt, outlined by tan polyester . The firm mounds of Gary's bottom beckon him, as he imagines his hands full with Gary's firm ass. He smiles, as Gary turns to face him, his eyes fall to the fold of polyester hanging over Gary's crotch, noting a slight bulge in the fold of the loose fitting trousers. He notes that the waist of the trousers seems rather tight as Gary's zipper seems under stress. "Probably cause his pants are too tight." Jamie thinks, his thoughts turning back to the gym class, and Gary. He'd seen Gary naked, and found him intriguing, but far from being a friend. He looks into Gary's face. "He's a bad boy." Jamie thinks.

Gary smiles, as his tongue darts over his lips, and he sets the bag of Jamie's food on the counter. "Well, I suppose 'I might see you again."

Jamie leaves, heading to the Mini-mart and his job. His mind thinking he was fortunate to work at the Mini-mart, he was glad that McD's never called him in for an interview. "It's not a great job, but it sure beats flippin' burgers. God that's gotta suck." He smiles to himself, as his thoughts turn to Gary, and his attraction to him. He smiles, thinking of a fantasy, as his dick swells slightly as pictures of Gary's naked body glistening in the shower after gym class. His mind drawing scenes of Gary's butt in his hands, while his cock presses against Gary's. His smile grows as he walks his swelling cock presses against his jeans, his movement massages his cock as it grows. "Geez I'm horny." He says aloud. He wonders if he'd find a way to relieve his hard on at work. Gary smiles as he watches Jamie walk out of the restaurant, and up the street towards the mini-mart. His eyes following Jamie's flexing ass muscles. "Geez," He thinks to himself, ""I'm gonna have to check that out." He smiles and moves through the kitchen, remembering that his supervisor had offered him a break. "Better take it before the next rush hits."

He grabs the garbage and hauls the large bags out the back door and hefts them into the dumpster. From his pocket he withdraws his smokes and lights on, leaning against the brick wall next to the backdoor, as his thoughts take him back to seeing Jamie.

"Was he checking me out or what?" He asks himself in a puff of smoke. He smiles, feeling his loins stir at the thought. "I always thought he might be interested." He chuckles recalling his high school years and gym class, showering with other boys, watching them undress, watching the dress then attend class with them, knowing what they looked like under their street clothes. "Jamie was one of them that would give me a woody." He says in another puff from his cig. He shakes his head recalling how Jamie sat in front of him in algebra class. During class it was all Gary could do to keep his mind off Jamie's full ass, and crotch, and on the lessons in front of him. By the end of class Gary was hard and had to hide the fact with his books, carrying them over his crotch as he left the room.

"God!" He says aloud, feeling his cock stiffen in his trousers. He looks around the back of the building, wondering if there was anyone watching him. His hand runs over the bulge, as he puffs his smoke, feeling his hard cock pressing itself against his bikini. He gently caresses his cock through his trousers, his mind recalling his days in juvenile hall. "Wish I was still in juvie." He tells himself, recalling the sex made available to him by his cell mate. "He wasn't bad either." He smiles recalling Steve, his cell mate, watching Steve's head bob on his cock, and the memory of slipping Steve's cock in his lips, and sucking Steve's hard on. He shakes his head, "I really need to fuckin' get laid." He says with a sigh. He'd gone to a few parties with his old buddies but hadn't found sex with a girl stimulating. He shakes his head recalling how he'd been necking with a girl, and his mind wondered what it would be like to be sucking face with a guy.

Another sigh escapes his lips as his thoughts turn to Jamie, his thoughts telling him Jamie would find him undesirable, having been to juvenile hall for six months. He shakes his head and takes a last puff on his smoke then flicks the butt into the parking lot. He slides his hand into his pocket gently playing with his prick as he enters the restaurant, noting the dampness of his precum. He sighs as he returns to his station, beginning to prepare for the end of his shift.

Work passes slowly. Jamie does his list of duties in-between starting gas pumps for customers, and ringing up sales. His thoughts move from seeing Gary, to the store, and his duties. His dick seems to reside at half mast through out the night. His mind recalling the way Gary's trousers covered his ass, and the slight hint of the hem of Gary's underwear outlined in the polyester trousers. "Bikinis." Jamie says, smiling, recalling how his eyes followed the slight hint of hem along the firm globes of ass until it disappeared into the jumble of Gary's shirt tucked in at his waist. "Man, I thought he caught me too." He says aloud, recalling watching Gary's ass flex as he moved to fill Jamie's order, then turned to face Jamie with a glint to his blue eyes. "Jesus, that was close." Jamie thinks as he mops the floor. His thoughts slowly strip Gary of the polyester trousers, to reveal the bikini underwear holding back Gary's hard cock. His mind imagines running his hands over Gary's bikini, drawing it down to free Gary's rigid cock.

He sighs as he looks at the clock and notes another half hour to go before changing shifts, and leaving. He smiles at the thought of the next few nights, a break from work. His thoughts ponder how he'll spend his days off. He wonders if he'll see Gary again, doubting that they'd do much more than idle chit-chat. "He's a stoner, but, god his ass is cute, and I really wonder what the hell his dick looks like hard." He sighs, wondering where Gary had gotten the tattoo on his fore arm. "It looked like he did it himself." He says.

The ink on Gary's arm intrigued Jamie, wondering what provoked Gary get it. "And a skull." He offers the store. He shrugs, thinking the ink had been embedded during some party. He smiles to himself as his hand slides over his crotch and gently clutches his cock, as he slips into a daydream of examining the ink on Gary's arm, feeling Gary's flesh under his fingers as he examines the crude tattoo, feeling the warmth and softness of Gary's skin, knowing that the texture and feel was exemplary of the rest of Gary's body. In his thoughts he touches Gary's forearm with his lips, his tongue licks the ink picture, as his hands move from Gary's arm to Gary's thigh, moving over the firm flesh to the warm recesses of Gary's loins. He sighs, as he imagines finding a stiff cock straining against Gary's bikini underwear, as he massages Gary's crotch, his own cock stiffens in his briefs pressing wedging itself against the folds of his 501s. The daydream progresses taking Jamie further into a fantasy, his tongue licking Gary's forearm, then his hand, then each of Gary's fingers, gently sucking them into his lips, as Gary sighs. His hands open Gary's trousers, pulling the polyester down to expose Gary's rock hard cock jutting firmly from a soft light brown forest of pubic hair. "God, I am so fuckin' horny." Jamie offers, feeling his cock pulse and lurch at the thought of seeing Gary's hard cock. He shakes his head trying to dislodge the thoughts of sucking Gary's cock, licking Gary's balls, bringing Gary to climax.

The electronic beep of the gas console draws Jamie from his daydream. He sets the mop aside and returns to the console to start the pump, looking through the window at the young man pumping gas, while two others climb out of the car. "Gary." He says with a slight gasp, seeing Gary climb out of the car. He peers through the glass noting Gary had changed his clothes, now dressed in a T-shirt, a pair of tight worn jeans. "Jesus, he's hot." He whispers. His eyes catch a glimpse of a hole in the seat of Gary's jeans, revealing the bikini underwear hidden in the denim.

He watches as Gary pushes and wrestles with the other young man, recognizing the second young man from their high school class, "James." He says aloud, almost as if the memory caused him to loose his breath. "God." He offers the store with a shake of his head, recalling James all through high school, and how James always seemed to dress provocatively, jeans tight enough to proudly display his groin and ass, T-shirts torn at the middle to bare his stomach, and in the summer the tight, "Daisy Duke" shorts, allowing James' ass and crotch to be on display to any leering glance. "For a straight guy, he sure has the sister shit down." Jamie thinks watching Gary and James wrestle in the gas bay, then turn to the store, and jog to the door.

"Hey dude." Gary says. He smiles, offering Jamie a slight wave. His eyes traveling over Jamie's body as he walks past, his lips part, as he notes the length of Jamie's cock, jammed against his jeans.

Jamie nods. "James." Jamie whispers, his eyes trailing after James' ass moving through the store, his eyes notice that the bright print color of Jame's bikini show through his tight white pants, causing Jamie to smile broadly. "I haven't seen him in a few years." Jamie thinks, recalling a weekend in sixth grade when James invited Jamie to sleep over. Jamie shakes his head for a moment as the weekend at James' rushes into his thoughts. "I think it was that weekend that I knew that I liked boys better than girls." Jamie thinks, recalling James' seduction with girlie magazines and taunts to see Jamie's cock, the moves on Jamie to see if he was hard, showing each other their hard boy cocks, beating off, sleeping naked in the same bed. In the morning Jamie and James had the house to themselves, while James' parents were off golfing. At James' suggestion they spent the morning naked, showering together, watching Saturday morning cartoons, followed by wrestling, and finally by the pool in the back yard.

"Christ." Jamie thinks recalling the excitement and intrigue of that weekend interlude, how dirty and lewd it made him feel to be naked and close to another boy, just as naked. They explored each other with their hands, groping and measuring. Jamie smiles, knowing his cock was one of the largest in his class, and it was often the object of stares in the locker room, several invitations to display his manhood, and many an interested cohort with an offer to suck, or fuck Jamie's cock.

He watches as James and Gary head to the cooler and get sodas. "I wonder if he and Gary have done it?" He thinks, recalling their overnight imagining Gary and James naked, flaunting their nudity through James' house. He shakes his head, as his thoughts continue.

Something happened. James started a private school that year, and they lost touch, although they still lived close by. James had changed. "He got stuck up." Jamie tells himself. He looks at the two in the mirror above the cooler isle, as he wonders what circumstances brought James and Gary together. "Gary's not close to being in the same tax bracket as James." Jamie thinks, recalling that James' home was elegant, with pool, and sauna, and cabana. "Is he slumming?" Jamie asks himself, watching as the two make their way to the front of the store. "Busy tonight?" Gary asks.

Jamie shrugs. "Not really."

"Bet your dieing to get out of here." James says. His eyes sparkle as he looks at Jamie.

"Yeah, I've got a couple days off." Jamie replies, trying not to look too hard or long at either of the visitors. "Cool." Gary offers with a grin, he shuffles on his feet, allowing a hole in his crotch to open a bit offering Jamie a glimpse of his bikini underwear.

"I wish I knew what that was like." James offers.

Gary chuckles. "You don't have a job dude."

"I know, I also don't have any money."

Gary smiles. "McD's'll hire ya."

"Fuck that." James says. He pushes on the door and leaves.

Jamie rings up the sale, and looks at Gary. "Two fifty."

"Cool." Gary says, he digs into his pockets, and brings out a five. "So what are you doin' after work?"

"I dunno. I was thinking of going home and watchin' a movie."


Jamie shrugs. "What are you guy's doin'?"

Gary shrugs. "They wanna hit a party out in Glencoe, they say there'll be babes there. But, I am feelin' sort of tired. Besides, they aren't guys I need to be hanging out with. If my PO finds out I'll be in shit."


"Probation Officer."


"Yeah, I fucked up a couple a months ago. Got really wasted. Had a fight with my mother. Beat up my brother. She called the cops. I ran. She said I stole her car.

"Well, I wound up doin' time in the county juvenile hall." He turns his arm to display the crude tattoo embedded in his inner fore arm. "That's where I got this." He states. His fingers gently trace the crude ink drawing, as his thoughts recall his cell mate that had given him more than just the tattoo.

Jamie nods. His eyes look at the skull tattoo crudely etched into Gary's outstretched arm. His mind wanting to touch the ink, his hands hang at his sides, afraid that in touching Gary, Gary would get the idea that Jamie was interested touching just more than a tattoo. His nostrils flair as he thinks of touching Gary, and fulfilling his early fantasy.

"I dunno. I guess I'm just tired of partying. All Chris and James wanna do is party and fuck chicks."

"What's wrong with that?" Trying to act like a straight boy.

"Nothing, I guess." Gary shrugs. "I just want something different's all."

"Oh?" Jamie offers, hoping that his inflection wouldn't give too much away, but offering Gary an invitation should he be interested.

Gary smiles. His mind plays with him, telling him that Jamie had inferred that he was looking for something different too. "You wouldn't mind company?" He asks, "Like till you get off work?" He looks hopefully into Jamie's face, his bottom lip quivers, as he pushes it out.

Jamie stares in disbelief. "God, just a few moments with him would be great, even if it turns out his straight." Jamie thinks. "Yeah sure." He replies, shrugging, as if Gary's offer was far from unusual, while inside Jamie was crying, "Yes, oh yes, please stay, I don't fuckin' know how I'll do it, but I wanna get in your fuckin' jeans so fuckin' bad."

Chris, the driver comes in to pay for his gas.

Gary's eyes look directly at Jamie as he tells Chris, "You guys go on, I'm gonna hang out here."

"Okay dude." Chris says leaving the store and heading to James and the car.

Gary sighs, as if he'd just done one of the hardest things in his life. "My PO says I oughta try to change my friends."

Jamie nods. He watches as Gary moves to the magazine rack, pull a muscle mag from the rack and open it. Gary seems to pause in his glancing at different parts of the magazine. Jamie smiles, having checked out the magazine one night when he worked the third shift. He'd found the magazine interesting wondering who bought them, especially with the ads for wild underwear, and various phone sex numbers. He'd found the little ads of naked men interesting.

"You ever wonder who buys these?" Gary asks, as if he could read Jamie's thoughts.


"You ever sell any?"


"I always wonder who'd buy underwear through the mail, with just a picture." Gary offers, holding the magazine up to display the two page ad of male genitalia discretely hidden in the bright colors of "T-backs, fishnet, and lycra."

"I dunno." Jamie says smiling. "I wonder what they look like on though." His eyes flash as he meets Gary's stare. "Like if they'd be sexy."

"I guess they could be." Gary smiles, looking up from the magazine. "On the right guy."

Jamie smiles. "You'd be the right guy." He thinks meeting Gary's eyes. They glance away nervously.

Amos, the black man working the third shift comes through the door. "Hey Jamie." He says greeting the two, while nodding at Gary.


Amos disappears into the back room and returns with the cash drawer. Jamie and Amos work to together changing the shift drawers. Then Jamie heads to the back room where he counts his drawer down and stuffs cash in envelopes, then puts the drawer in the safe, and takes the envelopes to the drop safe at the cash register. Gary and Jamie grab sodas, and a pack of smokes, and Amos rings them up.

"See ya Amos." Jamie says heading out the door with Gary behind him.


"Well, wha'dya wanna do?" Jamie asks. He takes in a deep breath, drinking in the night, as he looks at Gary, his mind filling with thoughts of what might happen. He notices a change in Gary's demeanor, the light of the gas bay glints off Gary's hair. He glimpses the hint of Gary's crotch, and the bulge hidden there. He smiles recalling it earlier in the day, and the memory of seeing Gary naked, water from the shower cascading over his body, trickling off his balls and dick as he showered after gym class.

"I dunno." Gary offers, pausing, his thoughts considering a place where he and Jamie could be alone, undisturbed, "The park!" He thinks. "You wanna go to the park?" He asks. His thoughts considering the beach, the lake, and being alone under the moonlit sky, with another man. "A man that I think is hot as hell." He smiles looking at Jamie, noting that his jeans seemed to outline his crotch nicely, thinking that he could almost see the outline of Jamie's cock. "It was a nice dick back in high school." His thoughts recalling the memory of Jamie in the locker room, in the shower, dressing and undressing within easy glances of each other. He shakes his head looking at Jamie again, noting how his chin was showing the signs of his maturing, the soft dark scrub of his whiskers. "God that looks sexy." He thinks, his mind for a moment ponders touching Jamie's chin with his lips, his loins lurch at the thought.

"Sure." Jamie says with a smile. His voice startles Gary. "What, I frightened you?"

"Nah, I was just thinkin's all."


The two walk through the neighborhood covering the blocks to the park in short order. They come to the locked entrance. "I know where we can get in." Gary offers, and leads the way to a part in the hedges, hiding the chain link fence. He pulls the hedge aside, revealing a hole in the fence. Jamie clambers through the hole, followed by Gary. They stand and walk together, over the grass to the beach. The Spring's cool night air surrounds them as they drop to the sand.

"Too bad it's too cold for a swim." Gary offers.

Jamie smiles. "Yeah."

The both look towards the sky. The half moon over head shines down on them, beyond the moon, stars twinkle at them. They settle on the beach nest to each other and sigh. They look out on the small ripples of the lake, then at each other.

Gary sighs, as he opens his soda. He clears his throat. Jamie follows Gary's lead, taking a sip off his soda, he looks at Gary. "So, how'd you and James get together?"

"Oh, I used to get him and his buddies high." Gary sighs. "Why?"

"Oh, he lives near me, and we were sort of friends when we kids."

Gary nods. "Yeah, he said something about it tonight."

"Yeah? What did he say?"

"Nothin' really, just that you two hung out when you were kids."


"I told him I'd met up with you today. That's sort of why we stopped to get gas from you."


"Cause I wanted to see you." Jamie smiles.

"Did he tell you we used to beat off?"

Gary chuckles. "No, did you?"

Jamie smiles. "Yeah, we were kids. He invited me to sleep over one weekend and we spent the night flippin' through his girlie mags, then he suggested we beat-off."

Gary nods.

"I guess it's sort of innocent shit."

"Yeah." Gary offers.

Their conversation dies off, as they sip their sodas. Their minds spinning together in separate directions, pondering what to talk about next. Jamie is the first to speak.

"So what was juvie like?" Jamie asks.

"I dunno, different. I was a newbie there. I'd never been before. A lot of the guys there were repeat offenders. The guy that did this," Gary motions to the skull on his arm, "He was there for every one of his birthdays since he was ten."

Jamie shakes his head. He smiles, as he takes Gary's arm and looks at the ink, his fingers touching the skin, causing his loins to stir, feeling the warmth and softness of Gary's skin. "What made you wanna skull?" He asks, as he caresses Gary's fore arm.

Gary shrugs, looking at his arm held in Jamie's hands in the moonlight. The feel of Jamie's fingers causes his dick to lurch to life. He smiles as he casually drops his hand against Jamie's thigh. "I guess to fit in. I didn't know how long I was going to be there, and it's really rough, jesus, the guys in there. Some would fight, the blacks hated the whites and the Chicanos, and the Indians. Anyone that they thought was weak or a pussy got beat up. So to show I was tough I got this." Gary chuckles. His hand casually caresses Jamie's thigh trying to move his hand to the crotch of Jamie's jeans, while Jamie examines his tattoo. "God, he's makin' me fuckin' hard." He thinks with a sigh, and giggles.

"What?" Jamie asks, his hands gently holding Gary's arm, stroking it lightly, while his dick throbs in his briefs. "Nothin'," Gary states looking at his hand, secretly dieing to slide it to the bulge he'd seen earlier, "Just remembering when I got this. We were in our cell, in our underwear. Steve was working by flashlight. The feeling of his hand on my arm, and the needle tingled, and I got a fuckin' hard on." He sighs, "Fuck, he was hard just from doin' the ink." He thinks. He looks at Jamie in the dim light. "You know, some guys, they're just fuckin' hot, and you think about them, and wonder what it would be like to have sex with them." He states. "That was Steve, long blond hair, great lookin' body, a couple of tat's.

"He saw my hard on, n' offered to do something about it."

"Yeah?" Jamie asks. His mind racing with thoughts of seeing Gary's briefs holding back a hard prick.

"Yeah, he pulls my dick out and started strokin' it, asked if it felt good. I didn't know what to say, I'd never had a guy touch my cock before." He sighs. "It was like wild, you know?" He pauses, as if thinking better of his question. "I mean, well, you said you n' James fooled around, you ever jack off with a guy before?"

Jamie nods.

"Did it feel good?"

Jamie shrugs, "Yeah." knowing from experience that it did feel good, but that a blow job felt even better "Did it for you?" Jamie asks.

"Fuck!" Gary exclaims. He grins, as he looks into Jamie's face. "It was okay. He pulled out his cock and we stroked each other.

"We did that for a few nights. He tells me, in the joint guys suck each other, to keep their horniness down. He said he could tell I was really horny. I was." Gary sighs, recalling how madly in lust he was with Steve, having discovered Steve enjoyed the touch of another boy, and Gary found himself preoccupied with wanting to touch Steve's cock. He looks through the darkness at Jamie's groin, "Like I wanna touch that cock." He thinks. He sighs, and continues his story, "So he sucked my cock, then I sucked his."

"Wow." Jamie offers, finding Gary's story intriguing, causing his dick to grow harder. His thoughts wonder if Gary was warming up to drop the usual bomb. "I've always wanted to suck a guy's cock. I just never had the opportunity to do it." He smiles, his hands still holding Gary's arm. Jamie's lips curling into a sly grin as he carefully guides Gary's hand, resting it on his crotch, letting his growing erection press against the back Gary's hand. He looks at the ink in the dim moonlight as his thoughts turn, "How far did Gary and his cell mate go?" He asks himself, grinning as his cock feels Gary's hand tremble slightly as it rests on the thick, hard prick in Jamie's jeans.

Nervously Gary smiles, his hand bathed in the warmth of Jamie's crotch. "Fuck, does he know what he's doing?" He asks himself, the back of his hand can feel the pulse of Jamie's cock hidden in the denim stretched over his groin. "God he's hard." Gary thinks, fighting the desire to grasp the hard flesh in Jamie's jeans. "Yeah," He offers, swallowing. "I'd never done it before. He showed me what to do, and came in my mouth, and I swallowed." Gary stops. He looks at Jamie. "You won't tell anyone will you?"

"No." Jamie replies. "Of course not." His mind spins, as he lets go of Gary's fore arm. He sighs, feeling Gary reclaim his arm.

"Good, cause it really fucks with me." Gary offers, he pulls out his smokes and lights one, offering Jamie a smoke. Jamie shakes his head at the offer of a cig. "What do you mean?"

Gary sighs, and exhales smoke, he looks out on the lake. "I wanna suck a guy's cock." Gary says. His words coming fast and run together.

"Yeah?" Jamie asks, trying not to be too excited.

"See in the joint, well, you just did it. There's no hugging or kissin' or shit. You just take your dick out and get your rocks off. You know?" He sighs. "I got so horny at work today. There were a lot of good looking guys, and I haven't had sex in a while, and all I could think of was getting my rocks off."

Jamie nods. He knew what it was like to be in that situation, and he had to admit that he'd been able just fuck to fuck. He'd wanted more from the guys he'd been with but they were interested in getting their rocks off, not relationships.

"Like beatin' off, but with another guy doin' the beatin' off." Gary's hand slips to his crotch as he shifts his weight, adjusting what lay in his jeans. "But, well, out here it's all different. Guys aren't interested in screwin' around with another guy, at least not, you know straight guys. I hang out with Chris and James, we go after chicks and all, but it's not like," He pauses again, "It's just different.

"Like, for me all I can think about is sucking a guy's cock. When it frist happened I thought I'd get over it, but, well, then I'd think about the other things me and Steve did."


"Geez!" Gary exclaims


"I dunno. You sure you wanna hear this?"

Jamie shrugs. "Hear what?"

"We used to fuck."

"What? You'd fuck him?" Jamie's mind spins at the thought of Gary naked and fucking, wondering if all this talk was leading up to something. "God I hope so." He thinks.

"No he'd fuck me." Gary sighs. "It was really wild.

"I mean I'll be boffin' a babe," He swallows hard. "I can hear Chris or James fuckin' away, and think of what it was like to have Steve's cock in my ass, and I loose my hard-on." He sighs. "What's worse is I think of Chris or James fuckin' me." He squirms on the sand. He looks at Jamie. "You know?"

Jamie nods.

"I don't know what to think, but it is something that I wanna try."

Jamie smiles. "What do you mean? Haven't you already done it?"

"Yeah, I mean outside, with a guy and hug and kiss and shit. You know?"

Jamie chuckles, feeling Gary move closer to him. His mind jumping to conclusions, thinking that Gary was meaning they ought to have sex.

"I've never kissed a guy before. And I've never thought of a guy as attractive before."


"But, dude, you're a pretty good lookin' dude."

Jamie chuckles. "Thanks, you are too."

"You ever do it with a guy before?"

Jamie pauses wondering how to answer Gary's question.

"You said you beat-off with a guy."

"Yeah." Jamie responds, his mind wondering if he should tell Gary his secret, or just let it go and let Gary make the moves. He swears he can feel the nervousness in the air, listening to Gary's breathing in the silence of the night. He chuckles, as Gary draws a deep breath. "It's never easy, is it?" Jamie's thoughts ask, recalling past lovers, and their nervousness just before they blurt out their desires and intentions.

"You ever wanna kiss a guy?" Gary asks, moving closer to Jamie.

Jamie shrugs. "Yes, I've wanted to kiss you." His thoughts say. "Yeah, I've thought about it." He offers as he looks at Gary. "Why you wanna kiss me?"

Gary half chuckles, and half gulps, his thoughts race, as he feels the excitement of the moment grow and rise within him. "Yeah."

Through the darkness they move closer, their hands reach out and touch, as they cock their heads and move to touch their lips together.

Gary smiles, his hand sliding to Jamie's shoulder, as he moves his face closer he can feel the heat of Jamie's moist breath on his face. His lips purse. He holds his breath as his lips touch Jamie's. His hand caresses Jamie, as Jamie responds by caressing him, pulling him down on top of Jamie, laying their bodies on the sandy beach. The passion rising in Jamie fills his thoughts, his hunger takes over. He allows it to command his thoughts, as his hands caress and touch Gary, his tongue darts into Gary's mouth.

"Fuck!" Gary thinks, tasting the sweetness of Jamie's lips, feeling his loins stir as it grinds against Jamie's groin. He moans softly, feeling Jamie's hand slip under his T-shirt and touch his bare back. His groin presses hard against Jamie's. He lets his tongue enter Jamie's lips, as his hands touch and caress Jamie's body. "Jesus," his thoughts cry, feeling his passion build with each second their lips remain locked together, "this is fuckin' wild." His thoughts tell him as he swears he can feel the earth move, spinning him madly into the universe, far from the beach, far from Jamie, far from their interlude.

The kiss breaks, and both gasp for air, as if they had been swimming in the ocean holding their breath as waves crashed over them.

Gary looks at Jamie. "You've wanted that haven't you?"

Jamie smiles, and nods, thinking he'd wanted it since high school, the first time he saw Gary, and felt the attraction. His thoughts turn, as his hand dances over Gary's bare skin, thinking of the guys he'd been with and how they had lacked the intensity of this moment. He sighs, feeling his groin pressed apon by Gary's, his hand slides to Gary's the firm globes of Gary's ass, pulling Gary closer.

"So've I." Gary giggles, he kisses Jamie again, then sighs, giggles again. His hands rest at Jamie's face, his fingers gently caressing the smooth cheeks and forehead of the man beneath him. He notes the slight pull of whiskers against his fingers, he flexes his ass muscles as Jamie clutches him. "God, I want him to fuck me." He thinks. His eyes look into Jamie's. "I'm really glad we're havin' this talk dude."

Jamie giggles. "Yeah, so am I." He sighs, his hands resting on Gary's ass, he can feel his hard cock squashed by the weight of Gary's body laying on top of him. He sighs as Gary rolls off of him.

"You hard?" Gary asks, laying on his side, as his hand rests on Jamie's chest, feeling it rise and fall with Jamie's breathing. He lets his hand slowly move towards the object of his desire, the hard cock caught in the confines of Jamie's 501s.

Jamie chuckles, thinking Gary's question a bit ridiculous. "Yeah, you?"

Gary sighs, his mind wanting to slide his hand into the 501s and feel Jamie's hard cock, and slip it into his lips. "Uh-huh. Wanna see?"


Both fumble for their belts. The clink of their buckles echoes on the water. They open their flies and slide their jeans down their thighs. Their underwear covers their loins. Jamie's white briefs seem to glow in the dim moonlight. Gary's dark print sting bikini bulges, as Gary's hand grips his loins hidden in the bikini, and smile. Gary looks at Jamie, his mind drinking in the sight of his peer stretched out on the beach, the moon reflecting off the white cotton. His hand hesitantly reaches across the space between them to touch Jamie's belly. "God he's warm." He thinks as his hand slides over the thin trail of hair coming from the waist band of Jamie's briefs. With interest Jamie watches as Gary's hand reach to his briefs. "He's lovin' this." He tells himself, feeling Gary's hand find his hard cock and gently grasp it. He sighs as Gary moves his face to the cock bulging his Jamie's briefs. "Mmm, feels like a big one." Gary offers. His fingers pull at the cock encased in the cotton briefs. His face almost touching Jamie's loins. He takes a deep breath smelling the scents of Jamie's burgeoning loins, mixing with the scent of laundry detergent, imagining the man flesh hidden from his view pulsing and throbbing, growing harder and longer as he strokes the cock. His ass itches with the thought of his hole opening to take Jamie's large member. "Fuck." He whispers softly, and rolls his face over the soft cotton.

Jamie smiles, resting on his elbows as Gary lowers his head to Jamie's loins, and kisses Jamie's cock through the cotton. "God," He thinks, his cock sending messages to his brain, "This is so fuckin' strange." He watches as Gary unveils his cock, pulling the cotton down, allowing his cock to spring to freedom. He moans as Gary's hands gently wrap around the shaft begins to slide up and down. He struggles to reach Gary's cock, finding it slightly out of reach.

Gary sighs, drawing his breath in as his eyes examine the hard cock in his hand, the moonlight lighting the curved pulsing dick, as he strokes it. "Nice cock Jamie, real nice cock."

Jamie chuckles as he looks into Gary's eyes

"Can I suck it?"

"If you want."

Gary smiles and draws up in between Jamie's legs, and lowers his lips to the pulsing cock in his hand. His tongue darts out and tastes the bulging cock head, gently licking the opening as his lips part and he takes the swollen prick head into his mouth.

Jamie lays back, letting his mind fill with the feelings of Gary's lips on his cock. He closes his eyes as the sensations of Gary's suckling fill his mind. "God he can suck." Jamie thinks as his cock slides into Gary's open mouth and into the depths of his throat. Gary's hands gently caress the soft hair of his thighs stimulating his brain, and causing his hips to raise off the beach. The sound of Gary's slurping causes Jamie to moan as his dick slides deep into Gary's mouth. "Fuckin' a Gary..." His hands find Gary's head, and Jamie tangles his fingers in Gary's blond locks. "Suck my dick." He cries softly, feeling his balls swell in the folds of his ballsac. "Yeah, oh yeah." He cries. His words are answered by Gary's muffled moans, as he slurps on the stiff cock in his lips. "Ooo, suck my cock, suck it good." Jamie moans softly.

Gary pauses in his orchestrations, he draws a breath as he strokes the swollen prick, veins bulging in Jamie's man hood. His lips dip to Jamie's balls and he licks the hairy orbs of Jamie's balls, then returns to the stiff cock arching over Jamie's thatch of pubic hair. His own cock strains against the bikini pouch, leaking precum, the night air cooling his cum against his cock head. His thoughts compare Jamie's cock and the memory of Steve's cock. He smiles considering Jamie's cock different in thickness, length and rigidity, the tangles of Jamie's pubes tickle his nose as he rubs his face in Jamie's groin, inhaling the scent of Jamie's loins. "God, your cock is so fuckin' hot." Gary says aloud. He looks straight on Jamie's cock as once again Jamie's stiff prong slides into his mouth and down his throat. The feel of the lengthy cock sliding deep into his throat causes his balls to boil and churn. "God, I want his cock in me." He thinks as he continues to impale his face on Jamie's stiff member. Gary's free hand slides to his aching cock, and slips it out the bikini pouch. He strokes his steeled manhood, while he continues to slip Jamie's cock in and out of his throat.

Jamie groans, feeling Gary's mouth drop over his cock, and Gary's fingers pulls at his balls. "Oh fuck Gary, that feels so good." He cries softly, his hips rising off the beach. He lays back on the sand, as his dick is engulfed in the warm suckling of Gary's lips. "Fuck,...Oh Gary,...suck my cock you horny fuck." His hands entangle in Gary's long dyed locks, guiding Gary's head onto his member. "Jesus, your fuckin' gonna make me cum." He cries. Gary giggles, his mouthful of Jamie's manhood. Jamie's words tickle his thoughts, finding them erotic. "That's the fuckin' idea." He thinks as he slides Jamie into his throat. His own cock lurches in his hand as his balls explode. He sucks in a breath around the stiff prick, almost gagging as his climax floods his brain. "Fuck!" He thinks, feeling his cock lurch, cum jetting from his cock as he strokes himself.

Jamie groans feeling his cock swallowed by Gary's throat. "Oh fuck." He cries. His mind fills with the feelings of his swelling balls, and his impending climax. "I'm gunna cummm." He cries, feeling his body tense, raising his hips off the beach, as Gary's fingers pull on his balls, and Gary madly gulps on his dick. The feeling of Gary's tongue and the suction from Gary's mouth draws Jamie to the edge, his fingers grip Gary's head tightly, and forces the open sucking mouth down on his cock. "Gaarriee. . ." He cries, as his balls explode. His cum jets from his cock, filling Gary's throat, as Gary struggles for freedom. Jamie loosens his grip slightly, allowing his cock to slip to Gary's mouth, as his juices continue to fire from his prick.

Jamie's cum jets into Gary's mouth, and Gary tries to keep up with the massive load filling his mouth, forcing him to swallow as Jamie's balls empty themselves with great copious loads of sweet nutty cum. "God, he can cum." Gary thinks, as he swallows another load. His head bounces on the thick shaft, sucking all that he can from Jamie's member, before it softens. He sighs feeling Jamie's hand fall from his head, allowing him to freely suck the dwindling cock still oozing cum. "God, I love sucking cock." He thinks. His ass squirms, as he thinks of Jamie's cock firing a load of his seed into Gary's gut. "Almost as much as I like to be fucked." He smiles, and lets Jamie's semi-hard cock fall from his lips.

"Fuck." Jamie says with a gasp. He looks at Gary's smiling face, as Gary, kneeling between his legs replaces his cock in the bikini pouch.

Gary offers Jamie a sheepish smile, as if to say he was sorry. "I couldn't wait." He offers softly.

Jamie smiles. "No prob. We'll be hard in a few and I can suck your cock."

Gary smiles, as he pulls his jeans over the bikini stuffed with his cock and balls. "I dunno, it's kinda cold out here." Jamie nods. "Yeah."

"It'd be nice if we could go somewhere and continue."

Jamie nods. "I dunno." He thinks, pondering the thought of taking Gary home. "Mom's home." He smiles. "There is the old bed in the basement." He thinks, recalling the makeshift guest room in the corner of the basement. He looks at Gary. "We could go to my house."

"Would we bother anyone?"

Jamie shrugs. "I dunno. We could always say we're wrestling or something."

Gary smiles, rising to his feet. He offers Jamie his hand and pulls Jamie to his feet. He watches as Jamie's sluffs the sand off his ass, and hikes up his briefs, and jeans, tucking everything into the hidden recesses of his clothing. "God," he thinks, "I wish we were already there." He smiles as he licks his lips, still tasting the cum that flooded his mouth. He steps into Jamie and presses his lips to Jamie's. "Thanks." He offers.

"No prob dude, thank you." Jamie replies with a smile. He kisses Gary, his tongue forcing its way into Gary's lips, tasting the residue of his cum in Gary's mouth. "Come on let's go."

The quickly pick up their sodas, and head for the hole in the chain link fence. Their pace is swift as the night surrounds them in darkness and cool temperatures.

They silently walk together through the nigh. Gary puffs on another smoke while Jamie stays at his side, his mind pondering the events that could possible develop in the future. "To bad he came." He thinks, wishing that he could of been the recipient of Gary's load. He smiles as he considers getting naked and seeing all of Gary's body, naked once again. "Just like in high school." He smiles as a wicked thought crosses his mind. "We could take a shower." He blurts out.

Gary smiles. "I was just thinking the same thing."


Gary nods. He looks at Jamie. "You remember gym class?"

"Do I? It's the source of some of my wildest fantasies."

"Mine too." He grins, and bumps into Jamie. "You ever beat off thinking about me?"


"Me too. I used to wonder what your cock looked like hard, and what it would be like to see it shoot cum." He sighs, and puffs on his smoke. "I didn't think of suckin' cock then."

"I did. I used to make plans of how to get guys naked, and then suck their dicks, thinking that once they'd had me suck their cock they'd want me more." Jamie offers with a chuckle. "I dunno, a few did, but most were afraid that they'd have to suck my cock."

"It is big."

"Yeah, but I wouldn't of forced them if they didn't want to. I just liked getting naked, and feeling their boners, and balls, and tasting their cum."

Gary nods. "How many guys?"

Jamie shrugs, as he thinks. "That I sucked, or that I got naked with?"

"I dunno."

Jamie shrugs, "Ten I guess."

Gary nods. "So how do I stack up?"

Jamie smiles, looking at Gary. "Top of the heap."

"You ever have a boy friend?"

"Yeah, but we broke up." Jamie frowns as he recalls Peter, and their fight over the phone that ended when Peter slammed the phone down. He smiles. "Greg'll be back from college, and we'll be going out." He thinks. He sighs as he recalls Greg and their interludes that started at the country club. Jamie was staff and Greg was a member. "Jesus." Jamie thinks.

"Why?" Gary asks, interrupting Jamie's thoughts.

"Huh?" He asks, then recalls the conversation. "Oh, just weren't getting along." He pauses as he recalls their fight. "I really don't know why." He thinks, trying to put the pieces together. "I dunno. I think he meet someone else."

"Do you know who?"

"No." Jamie smiles. "How 'bout you? You got a boyfriend?"

"Not really." Gary replies with a grin. "I keep thinking it would be fun to fuck James."

Jamie smiles. "Yeah, he's a hot fuck." He thinks. "God, how I used to long for those weekends at his house. Hell, just the wait for school to end." His thoughts continue, remembering they used to climb a tree fort they'd built and stroke each other's cock in the confines of the structure, nestled deep in the woods near their house. "I wonder if it's still there."

"He sure acts funny though."


"I mean, well, like I get the feeling that he's making a pass, and then when I'm like ready for him to take the next step he fuckin' gets angry. Like he's thinkin' about doin' somethin' but then thinks it's bad or something, and it's my fault."

"That's how Peter was.

"We'd go out or something, like he'd come over after school and we'd make out. We'd both be fuckin' hard, and I'd start to pull off his clothes and he'd tell me 'no.'" Jamie shakes his head. "Then he'd act like he wanted it and because I was still wondering what his deal was he'd get angry that I wasn't horny for him. "God I didn't understand."

Gary nods.

"Come on." Jamie says, leading the way across the lawn of his house to the back door of the small two story dwelling. The quietly enter, and slip through the basement door, down the stairs into the makeshift room with walls of curtains hung from the floor joists.

Gary smiles as he looks at the double bed, and the quaintness of the area. "Nice."

"Yeah, well, it's not much."

"Better than living with your old man, in a one bedroom apartment, and sleeping on the couch."


"Yeah, when I had the fight with mom she threw me out, told me to go live with him. So I did. It sucks, I want my own place." Gary sighs, sitting on the bed. "He isn't the cleanest of people, and he likes to sit around in his boxers drinking beer. He passes out in the lounger and I have to sleep with him snoring until he gets up pees and stumbles off to bed." Gary smiles. "Then I beat off and go to sleep."

Jamie shakes his head, feeling a bit of sadness for Gary's blight. He watches as Gary smiles, and kicks off his shoes, and opens his jeans. "Hold on a sec. Lemme get a movie, and a couple of sodas."

"Okay." Gary offers with a sly grin.

Jamie heads back up the stairs, then to the room he shares with his younger brother. He quietly opens his chest of drawers and grabs some underwear. He drops to his knees beside his bed, and reaches under the bed finding his stash of video tapes, he grabs two, his hand pauses, as he thinks of grabbing the tube of lube used for beating off, and a couple of rubbers. He shakes his head and stands. "Maybe later." He thinks, and heads to the bathroom, where he grabs a couple of bath towels, he stops again in the living room and grabs a couple of movies, then the kitchen and a couple of sodas, then returns to the basement. He gasps as he enters the makeshift bedroom, parting the blankets to find Gary's naked body kneeling on the bed Gary's ass in the air, while Gary's fingers playfully poke at the tight pucker between his firm mounds. "Mmm." Jamie offers, as Gary glances from the bed.

"You like that?"


"You wanna fuck it?"


Gary grins, and rolls on his back. "It's been a while." He flashes his teeth as his eyes sparkle. "But, man I haven't been fucked in a while, and I'm diein' for a big hard cock."

"Well, let's take a shower first, so we don't get sand all over, and I'll think about it." Jamie offers with a smile. "I'll fuck your ass." He thinks, as he pulls off his clothing, and with his dick rising to full staff leads Gary to the opposite corner of the basement, where a washing machine, dryer and shower stall stand. He hands Gary the towels, as he starts the shower. He smiles, as Gary's hand investigates his growing hard-on.

"You're gettin' hard."

"Yeah, so are you." Jamie replies, his hand finding Gary's cock, touching it for the first time. He pumps Gary's cock a few times, considering dropping to his knees and taking Gary's stiffening member into his mouth and sucking Gary's prick as Gary had sucked. Before he can act Gary slips into the shower, holding the curtain open for Jamie to join him.

Jamie smiles and slips into the spray of the shower, and Gary's body, feeling Gary's hands explore his body, as he turns and brushes his cock against Gary's. They smile and let their hands caress and massage the other. They take the bar of soap, and massage each other, slowly working to the stiff cocks jutting from their loins. Their lips touch, and tongues wrestle together, as they continue to stroke each other's cock. They playfully joist with each other, holding their cocks as if they were swords. They giggle.

Jamie finally drops to the floor of the shower, allowing the suds wash from Gary's cock, he takes Gary's balls and cock in his hands and examines them, he grins finding them a wonderful sight, noting how Gary's piss slit opens and closes as his hand slides over the swollen prick head. He gently licks at the opening, tasting the slight hint of cum. "Mmm." He thinks. "He's oozing precum." He drops his lips and tongue to Gary's balls taking each one into his mouth and bathing them in spit, sucking off the water that flows over them. "I can't wait to taste these beauties." He thinks, as he slides a hand between Gary's legs to the crevice of Gary's firm butt, slipping his fingers to the warm wet pucker, gently poking at the pucker, feeling it stiffen, as Gary groans softly.

"Oh Jamie." Gary sighs, feeling his cock bathed in the warm depths of Jamie's mouth, and his fuck hole gently prodded by Jamie's finger. He squirms slightly, trying to offer Jamie a better shot at his hole. "Mmm, god Jamie, that feels so fuckin' good." His hands gently clasp Jamie's head, as he rocks his hips, letting his cock slide in and out of Jamie's suckling lips. His hole opens slightly to the pull of Jamie's finger. "Umph." He squeaks.

"That's not gonna work."

Jamie, not skipping a beat finds the bottle of shampoo on the floor and squeezes some on his hand and gently massages the liquid against the pucker, finding it a creative lubricant that allows his probing finger access to the inner recesses of Gary's fuck hole.

Gary squirms on the finger, guiding his ass onto it as Jamie twists it into the tight pucker. "Ooo yeah, finger my tight hole." He cries softly, as Jamie continues to suck on his prick. The feelings of his ass being penetrated and the experienced mouth taking his cock build in his mind, send Gary on a luxurious journey, he moans as his mind blanks as the nerves of his brain's pleasure arouse, pushing him closer to orgasm. "God." He cries. "Oh Jamie." He moans, his ass quivers feeling Jamie add another finger to the entrance of his hole, while Jamie's tongue concentrates at licking his swollen prick head. "God Jamie, ooo fuckhhh. . . ." He groans. "I'm gonna cummm. . ." His voice trails off as he tense feeling his body preparing to unleash his climax. His brain already filled with the warm soft feelings of his fuck hole being stretched and probed, while his cock swells under the attentive vacuum created by Jamie's mouth. Finally he can take no more. He groans, panting. Jamie smiles as he lets Gary's cock fall from his lips. "You're gonna beg to get off." He thinks as he looks at Gary's swollen cock throb in front of him.

"Oh Jamie." Gary cries struggling to keep himself standing, his body trembles, so close to climax.

"Don't." Jamie commands. "Not yet."

"Jay-me!" Gary whines, feeling Jamie jam a third finger into his ass. He gasps at the sudden invasion. "Oh fuck." He sighs, finding the shock of three fingers working in unison against his tight pucker enough distraction to take his mind off Jamie's sudden halt to sucking his cock.

"That's it. That's it." Jamie offers with a smile, knowing Gary had been close to exploding, but Jamie wasn't ready, he wanted to toy with Gary a little longer, and take pleasure in taking Gary to the reaches of his orgasm, and beg for more. He pushes at Gary's hips. "Now turn around."

Gary complies.

Jamie grins, finding his eyes faced with the firm mounds of Gary's butt, glistening under the water spraying over them. He gently bites the mounds in front of him, his hands pulling at the firm mounds, and finally his tongue finds the tangy musk hole quivering under his lapping tongue.

"Oh fuck Jamie."

Jamie grins. "Like that huh?"


"Bet the boys in the joint never ate your ass."

"Uh-uh." Gary replies. He braces himself against the wall of the shower stall, and spreads his legs as far apart as the stall would allow. His eyes closed, his mind centered on the feelings being sent from his fuck hole. He could feel the slight rub of Jamie's beard, as his face pressed into his ass cheeks, and his tongue drilled at his loose hole. "God, that' feels so fuckin' incredible." He offers, feeling Jamie's tongue work his hole, where Jamie's fingers had once been. "Jesus," he thinks, as his ass opens to the warm slimy flesh penetrating his hole, "His tongue feels so fuckin' good." He gasps, feeling Jamie slide a finger in his hole. "Oh god, Jamie." He moans. He tries to look over his sholder to see what it the scene looked like, Jamie hunkered down on the shower floor, his face shoved up his ass.

Jamie grins, and brings his hand down on Gary's firm butt. It smacks loudly, but the cascading water cushions the blow. "Oh yeah, you've got a fuckin' nice ass." He remarks, as he looks on the firm mounds of muscle, his hands grip and pull at the mounds, parting them to reveal the hot pink hole. He presses his lips against the pucker and gently nibbles at the warm orifice. "God, he loves this." He grins, thinking he wasn't finding it that bad himself. He sighs. "Come on." He rises to his feet, and turns off the shower. They quickly grab towels and head back to the makeshift room.

"Lay on your back, and lift your legs." Jamie offers, helping Gary on to the double bed, helping Gary to follow his suggestions, and again attacks the fuck hole, now bared in the dim light. "God, I love your hot little hole." He offers as he returns to lapping at the pucker.

Gary groans softly as his ass is again penetrated by Jamie's hungry tongue. The itch in his ass growing with each lap, and probe. "Fuck me Jamie, fuck me."

Jamie pauses, not sure that he heard Gary clearly. "Huh?"

"I want your cock in my ass. I want to feel it slide into my gut." He looks between his upturned legs. "You're making me fuckin' hot. I want you to fuck me."


Gary nods.

"Okay. I'll be right back." Jamie says as he quickly jumps off the bed and heads to his bed room.

"Fuck." Gary thinks to himself, knowing that he wanted the big cock he'd sucked on in his ass. "Better get ready for it too." He says, sliding off the bed, quickly heading to the toilet next to the shower stall, he lets his loosened hole open to relieve his bowels. "I know he's gonna fuck me silly." He smiles, as he cleans up and returns to the bed, in time to greet Jamie hurriedly entering the curtains, his dick swollen and stiff, carrying rubbers and lube. Gary smiles. "This is gonna be fun." He lays back on the bed and raises his legs, allowing Jamie to apply the lube to his ass. He sighs hearing the package of the condom tear. He waits as Jamie climbs on the bed, and gingerly prods his hole with his swollen dick. "Relax." He tells himself feeling Jamie's cock head poke at his hole. He gasps as Jamie grunts and his thick throbbing cock pierces Gary's warm fuck hole. He draws a breath, as Jamie's cock slides into his greased hole, and rests a second before pulling back.

Jamie's mind flies, with excitement, feeling his cock plunge in to the tight warm hole. "Jesus." He thinks, feeling his cock slide in and out again. His eyes watching as his cock drives in. The excitement and feelings spill into his brain, and his cock shudders uncontrollably, filling the condom with his spunk. "Fuck."


"I just fuckin' came."

Gary grins. "His first ass."

"Your ass is so fuckin' hot and tight. I couldn't help it. God it feels good."

Gary smiles looking at Jamie. "It feels pretty good on this end too."

Jamie smiles, and leans into Gary, they kiss, his dick still hard still embedded in the depths of Gary's ass. He continues to kiss Gary, while he slowly draws his cock in and out of Gary's fuck hole. He can feel Gary squirm under him, beginning to pant as Jamie's cock plunges in to his hole.

"Oh yeah, fuck my hole Jamie. Fill me with that fuckin' big dick." Gary grunts softly into Jamie's ear. "Your cock feels so fucking good inside my tight fuck hole."

Jamie fights a chuckle, finding Gary's mindless patter humorous, doubting that Gary knew what he was saying. He slows the fucking down, deciding to let Gary feel every inch of his cock slide in and draw out of the tight pucker. "I want him to enjoy this fuck." He tells himself. His cock slides out of Gary, and then presses back in, causing Gary to tremble beneath him.

"Uh." Gary cries, feeling his ass take all of Jamie's shaft through his hole, then the feeling of Jamie's cock slipping out. He braces himself for Jamie's entrance. "Uh." He gasps. "God, he can fuck." He thinks. He lets his thoughts die, as his brain fills with the warm feelings of sexual pleasure, letting his body go, his mind go and just enjoy the long slow drives in and out of his gut.

"Yeah, that's it relax and take my big cock in that tight hole. You like it don't you." Jamie gasps for a breath. "Yeah, you like being on the end of a good long slow fuck." Jamie offers, as he thrusts his cock into the tight penetrably pucker, feeling it give way to his swollen member.

Gary nods, concentrating on the next thrust into his pucker that will send warm sensations crashing through his body. He runs his hands down to Jamie's ass and grips it tightly as he plunges in and out of his fuck hole. His hands pull Jamie into him speeding Jamie's thrusts. "Yeah, like that." He offers, feeling Jamie slide effortlessly in and out of his fuck hole. He can feel his body heighten to the impending climax, knowing that his balls were swelling with each thrust from Jamie's thick cock His hard dick oozing precum over both their bodies as they come together. The feel of Jamie's breath against his neck, and Jamie's lips on his ear, heighten his passion. "God I wanna do this all fucking night." He thinks, feeling the incredible feeling of his numb hole freely accepting the driving piston at Jamie's loins. He lets his body go, his brain floats on the crashing feelings of his growing climax. "I'm gunna cum." He offers softly. His cock swelling. "Oh Jamie. . ." He says with a sigh. Jamie feels Gary's cock shudder against his body, and feel the warm spunk jet between their bodies, as he continues to drive his cock into Gary's upturned ass. His own climax not far away, as he slips into the feelings of fucking, his hips rocking back and forth on Gary's upturned ass, feeling the muscles of Gary's fuck chute spasm with his orgasm, the feel of Gary's cum against his body, his own juices squishing against his cock within the condom. "Umphh." He moans, forcing his cock deep into Gary's gut.

"Fuck." Gary gasps. His hands grip Jamie's ass, holding him tight against his body, his mind over run with intense feelings at Jamie's continued thrusts. "I wanna fuck, but give me a breather." He whispers, gathering his thoughts from the edge of the universe.

Jamie smiles proudly, feeling he was giving Gary just what he wanted. He can feel Gary's body slowly grow relaxed around his penetrating fuck stick.

"You really got a dick there." Gary says. He smiles, his hands loosen their grip on Jamie's ass.

"Had enough?"

"Mmm, I dunno. I'd love to keep that cock in me a long fucking time."

Jamie smiles. "I'm not gonna cum for a while."

"I want you to."

Jamie smiles, slipping his dwindling cock from the warm fuck chute, and peels off the rubber. He smiles as he rolls off Gary, allowing him to stretch out on the bed. "Your good."

"Yeah, I love being fucked."

"Steve fuck you?"

"Not like that." He smiles and looks at Jamie through heavy eyelids. "You fuck Greg like that?"

"Once. He wasn't big on it, but let me do it when he was in the mood." Jamie smiles, his hand gently plays with the soft tangles of chest hair around Gary's nipples. His thoughts ask him how he'd gotten so lucky to be in bed with Gary, and fucking him.

"So," Gary pauses choosing his words carefully. "If I tell him I wanna do this again, what'll he think? What would he think if I said I wanted to be his boyfriend?" His thoughts ask.

"What?" Jamie asks, moving closer to Gary, looking into his eyes, his hand brushes the blond hair from Gary's face.

"I dunno. I was just thinking."

"What about?"

"About us, and doing what we're doing, and if it means anything."

"Why does it mean something to you?"

"Sort of." Gary sighs. "Fuck, I don't wanna loose him."

"You afraid that now that I've fucked you I'm not interested?"

"Sort of."

Jamie smiles.

"I mean, well, I've only had sex with a guy when I was in jail. You're the first guy I've been with since getting out."


"I dunno."

"Why don't we just see what happens. I mean we don't have to decide tonight do we?"

"No, I guess not."

"Don't worry, if all you want is my cock you've got it. If you want a boyfriend well, let's see what happens."

"You got tomorrow off?"

"Yeah, and Saturday, and Sunday, and Monday."


"Yeah but, I've gotta work a week straight too."


"What about you?"

"I have to work second shift, and clean up the rest of the week."

"So, that still gives us time."


They both sigh. Jamie pulls at the bed covers, as Gary rolls off them. They snuggle together under the covers, exchanging caresses and kisses, as they drift off to sleep.