by tucker bennett <>
Chapter 2

Jamie smiles to himself, feeling Gary's arm resting over his chest. He looks at the sleeping form of his friend, and lover. His mind filling with the memories of the sex they'd shared. He sighs, feeling the urge to pee. He carefully raises Gary's arm and rolls off the bed, trying not to disturb Gary. The dim light of morning spills through the small basement window, lighting Gary's body, his legs tangled in the bed sheets, his firm ass glowing in the dim light. "God, he's cute." Jamie thinks. He turns parting the curtains, and heads to the toilet by the shower stall. Above him he can hear the soft paddings of his mother getting the day started for the family. "Should probably go say hi." He says to himself, as he relieves himself. He chuckles, thinking that he ought to pull on some clothing. His eyes find his jeans laying on the washing machine, along with the thin string bikini Gary had worn. He carefully lifts the light material, and examines it, noting the texture of the lycra. He sniffs the thin material and sighs, recalling the same aroma had filled his mouth during the night. A thought runs through his brain, and he carefully steps into the bikini, pulling them up and stuffing his cock and balls into the smooth satiny pouch. "Mmm," He whispers, feeling his loins stir with the feel of his nuts resting where Gary's had. "God, I'm fuckin' horny." He thinks, and pulls on his jeans.

He takes the basement stairs two at a time, and enters the kitchen to find his mother dressed for work. "Oh, there you are. I thought I heard you come in last night."

"Mmm." Jamie offers, and pours a cup of coffee.

"You bring home a friend?"


She smiles, her eye twinkling in the light coming through the kitchen window, as she finishes packing Jamie's younger brother's lunch. "Kyle!" She calls.

"Coming." His brother answers from the family room.

"So is he nice?"

Jamie shrugs. "He's an old high school friend."

"What's his name?"


"Not Gary Michaels."


"Oh honey." She sighs. "You know he's been in trouble."

"Yeah, he told me."

"You aren't doing drugs with him."

"No." He answers remembering the warnings against getting drunk or high and getting into trouble.

"Well, I hope not."

He sighs. "Mom, I'm not doing drugs." He offers. "I don't wanna wind up like you." He thinks.

"You probably aren't, I've been a good example huh?"

Jamie settles back against the kitchen counter, remembering his mother when he was younger, the men she brought home, the father that left him and his brother, because of her drug use, being shipped off with his brother to his aunt's the summer his mother cleaned up. "How long is it?"

"Huh?" His mother asks, looking at him.

"How long, almost seven years?"

She smiles. "Yes." She kisses him. "Go get your brother."

Jamie heads to the living room, feeling his body move within Gary's bikini, he smiles feeling his cock stiffen. "Kyle, mom says to get in the kitchen."

"Okay, okay." Kyle responds, not taking his eyes off the cartoon show on the t.v..


"Okay." Kyle rises off the couch, looking at Jamie. "Who's the guy you were with last night?"

"What guy?"

"I saw you two come home last night."

"Go on."

Kyle smiles. "He your new boyfriend?"

"Fuck you."

They race to the kitchen.

"Jamie's got a boyfriend." Kyle taunts, hiding behind his mother. "Jamie's got a boyfriend."


"Look, I don't have time to referee your fights. Kyle, get your shoes on and get in the car." She turns to Jamie. "Do you have to work tonight?"

"No, I don't have to work till Tuesday."


He nods.

"Will you be home?"

"I dunno."

"Well, leave me a note where you're gonna be."

"Yes mother."

"Is he good looking?" Kyle starts up, grinning wickedly. "Does he got a big cock?"

"I'm gonna bounce you, you little fucker." He moves across the kitchen to his brother.

"Jamie!" He mother scolds, stopping Jamie cold. She glares at Kyle.

The glare from their mother backs Kyle down, and he sheepishly heads out the backdoor.

"Okay." His mother sighs, grabbing her purse, Kyle's lunch. She blows Jamie a kiss, and follows Kyle out the door.

"Fuck." Jamie says softly, fearing his mother's scolding. He chuckles, watching them head to the car, and the car head down the alley. He notes the day beginning to warm, and the sunlight glisten off the green grass. He smiles, thinking of starting a tan. His loins stir thinking of laying out in the backyard with Gary, and oiling each other up. "And sucking his dick again." He chuckles, and refills his coffee, and pours another cup, then heads to the basement and Gary.

"Hey." Gary greets him as he parts the curtain.

"Hey, you're a wake." Jamie offers, looking at Gary sitting up, the sheets drawn around him, smoking a cigarette. Gary smiles. "That's not all that's awake." He pulls back the covers to display his hard cock, jutting into the air, his hand carefully strokes the thick cock, as he glances at Jamie.

Jamie's cock presses against the smooth bikini, and fights his jeans for freedom. He clucks his tongue, and sets the coffee mugs on the night stand, and climbs on the bed, positioning himself between Gary's legs, and takes Gary's hard cock in his hand, guiding it to his mouth. He licks the clear drop of liquid forming at Gary's piss hole, savoring the flavor as he moves down to Gary's balls. His lips purse and kiss both of the slightly hard orbs swelling in the folds of Gary's nutsac. He sucks each one into his mouth and bathes them in spit, rolling them with his tongue.

"Oh fuck." Gary gasps.

Jamie fights a chuckle as he sucks on the soft love fruit in his mouth, his hand strokes the hard cock rising above his lips. Gary's cock oozes more precum, making his dick slippery under Jamie's fingers. He lets each of Gary's balls from his lips, and attacks the swollen shaft rising from the soft curls of Gary's pubes. His tongue licks the velvety skinned prong as if it were a popscicle, melting on a hot summer afternoon, finally coming to Gary's prick head, and sucks on the swollen head, feeling it swell in his mouth as he sucks, and slowly works the rest of Gary's seven inch cock into his mouth.

Gary groans, and stiffens as Jamie's mouth takes his cock in and begins to suck madly at his rod. "Oh fuck Jamie." He cries, feeling Jamie work his tongue around his shaft as it slides deep into Jamie's mouth.. He gently rest his hands on Jamie's head allowing Jamie's bobbing head to lift his arms, while he flexes his legs, feeling his balls swelling and slowly slink closer to the base of his dick. "Oh god Jamie." He cries, warning Jamie that he was getting close to shooting the load now filling his balls.

The taste of the precum leaking from Gary's dick, drives Jamie to a frenzied pace, taking all he could of Gary's stiff member doing his best to fight his gag reaction as it slides past his tonsils. His fingers slide to the crack between Gary's out stretched legs, and gently rubs Gary's pucker.

"Oh god." Gary cries aloud, squirming to allow Jamie's probing fingers further into his ass. His hands tighten on Jamie's head as his cock his plunged deep into Jamie's mouth, his ass quivers as Jamie's finger penetrates his hole. "Fff-uuu-hhh-ccckkkk-hhhh." He groans, his body stiffening, as his mind blanks in the rush of feelings exploding in his brain. "I'mmmm, cummm-inngghhh." He cries, as his balls explode, his body trembles, and his head rolls on the pillows. "Oh fuck oh fuck, oh fuck." He chants as he pants for breath, his balls seem overflowing with cum, the sensations of his dick in Jamie's mouth continue to drive his mind over the edge. He sucks air in through his teeth, feeling each wave of his orgasm jet his juices into Jamie's waiting mouth.

Jamie slows his pace, allowing to let Gary's cock soften in his lips, while he gently milks the residue of cum from the softening cock. His finger gently twists in the tight hole between the firm mounds of Gary's ass. He rolls his hips on the bed feeling his own cock swollen and aching for release. He plays with the soft cock in his mouth savoring the sweet tangy flavor of cum still spilling from Gary's cock. He lack any thought, except the drive to release his balls of their burgeoning load. Gary's cock falls from his lips, and Jamie rises to his knees and straddles Gary's body, while he hurriedly opens his jeans and pulls them down his thighs to display his hard cock jutting from the leg hole of Gary's bikini. He Grabs his cock and fists it as he moves further up Gary's body. "Oh yeah, Jamie, stroke that cock."

Jamie grins as his hand madly strokes his cock, filling his brain with sensations of his building climax. He thrusts his hips in the air, pointing his cock at Gary's face, while Gary's hands play with the light hairs of his thighs. "Ummphh." Jamie groans feeling his balls tighten readying to explode, shooting his cum into Gary's face. "Yeah, you big cocked man, stoke that cock. Make it cum for me. Make it cum all over me."

Jamie fights a chuckle, as his balls rise to the base of his cock, his prick swells in his hand as his body begins to tense, He flexes his ass as his cock begins to unload his thick hot cum. Gary's hands pull at his swollen balls, driving him closer until he can no longer hold back. "I'm cumming." He gasps, his dick quacks in his hand, as the first shots of his load spill from his piss slit, drooling onto Gary's arm, then, "Fhhhuuuuuuu-uuuuuccckkkyy" He cries loudly, his cock explodes forcefully, his cum jetting in continuous ropy streams that smack as they land on Gary's soft flesh.

"Oh god!" Gary exclaims. He raises off the bed and laps at the cum spilling from Jamie's cock, his hand gently smears the thick warm liquid over his chest, as he takes Jamie's throbbing dick head into his mouth and gently sucks the remains of Jamie's climax from the swollen thick cock, hanging from Jamie's loins. His lips move from Jamie's falling hard-on, as his hands slip over Jamie's ass clad in the thin material of Gary's bikini. "God, he's sexy in these." He thinks as his lips gently kiss and nibble at the trail of hair that rises from his bikini, to Jamie's navel. He gently flicks his tongue into Jamie's navel as his hands knead Jamie's firm butt.

They fall on the bed, Jamie's cum slickens their bodies, rolling as they kiss each other and caress and wrestle on the bed, finally coming to a halt in each other's arms, gently breathing as their hands playfully caress the other. "God, you make me feel so good." Gary offers. His eyes searching Jamie's face, his hand gently strokes the soft whiskers of Jamie's chin.

"Mmm, you feel good." Jamie responds, his fingers gently tug at Gary's nipple.

Gary thinks for a moment, feeling his body relaxed, and his mind serene at finding a man to have sex with that was willing to cuddle and stroke and be stroked. "God Steve would cum, and that was it." He thinks, smiling as he looks at Jamie, still playing with his nipple. He thinks of the voices that had woken him. "His mother knows he's gay." He thinks. His finger plays with Jamie's full bottom lip. He sighs, and rolls on the bed reaching for his smokes.

"What are you thinking?"

"Nothing really, just. . ." He lights his smoke.

"Just what?"

"That you're open with your mother."

Jamie chuckles. "That surprise you?"

Gary shrugs, not knowing if it surprised him or not, but wondering if it was something he'd do with his father. His fingers play with the cigarette, rolling it between his fingers as he thinks. "Does this make me gay?" His thoughts ask. He looks at Jamie, resting his head on his chest, feeling Jamie's hand gently caress his body.

Jamie's thoughts record the feeling of Gary's skin under his fingers, feeling Gary inhale and exhale as he rests against his chest, the soft muffled thump of Gary's beating heart drums in his ear. He sighs, not having felt this good in a while. His thoughts turn to Gary, and wondering if Gary was serious when he asked about being boyfriends. His thoughts ask him what he knew of Gary, and wondered if Gary was just experimenting with gay sex or if he truly was. "Why'd you ask if my mom knew?" He asks, turning to look into Gary's face.

Gary shrugs, exhaling smoke. "I guess that it made me think of being gay, and if I would ever tell my father."

"You don't know?"

Gary sighs, snubbing out his smoke in the ashtray, his mind turning over Jamie's question. "God, I dunno." He thinks. "What I am feeling right now feels so good." He offers. "Does that mean I'm gay?"

Jamie shrugs. "I dunno. I just know that all through school I felt different than other guys. I wasn't interested in girls really, and usually beat-off thinking about guys in school." He smiles.

"Me too."

They chuckle.

"So what do you wanna do today?" Jamie asks.

"I've gotta work at four."

"Oh." Jamie replies saddened. "I was thinking of laying out and working on a tan. Or going to the river."

Gary smiles. His mind painting scenes of seeing Jamie oiled and glistening. His dick stirs at the thought. "I dunno." He says, his thoughts not wanting to end their adventure, afraid that if they separated they'd never see each other again. He smiles, looking at Jamie. "Or we could just lounge in bed all day." Gary rolls onto Jamie, planting a kiss on is lips. His lips lower to Jamie's neck gently kissing and licking Jamie's soft skin. His tongue traces a path to Jamie's ear lobe, his lips gently nibble.

Jamie moans softly, his hand caresses Gary's body. He shudders feeling Gary's lips against his ear lobe. "Mmmphh." He moans again. "That drives me crazy."

"Jesus." Gary sighs, as his hand toys with Jamie's flaccid cock. His mind thinking of the adventure he'd found himself on the past few hours. "I never thought it would be like this." He chuckles. His thoughts remind him of the desire for another man. He thought of the chance he took sharing with Jamie, and was now laying naked next to Jamie. "Juvie was never like this."

Jamie smiles. "Yeah?"

Gary's thoughts roll though his past recalling how after Steve, or one of the other guys was finished cumming that they pushed Gary away, climbed back in their bed and fell asleep, leaving Gary alone with his thoughts wondering what they thought of him, and what it all might say about him. "Steve was nothing like this. I mean, well..." He sighs, looking at Jamie. "I dunno, I mean, well, it's really different, it sure is fun." He sighs recalling how he'd lay in bed listening to the hall grow quiet, and think of the outside, think of meeting a guy that would be willing to fool around, and not push him away, roll over and ignore him.

"Glad you're enjoying it." Jamie offers, smiling as he caresses Gary's body, while watching Gary gently plays with his flaccid cock.

"Are you?" Gary asks, looking into Jamie's face, fear gnaws at him, thinking that Jamie wasn't satisfied with Gary as a lover.

Jamie smiles. "Very much so." He fights a chuckle, recalling the fragile male ego he'd seen many times, asking for assurance that they were fulfilling enough. He smiles feeling Gary snuggle closer to him, the feel of Gary's naked body warm against Jamie.

"I mean, well, am I like the other guy's you've been with?"

Jamie chuckles.




"I haven't really been with a lot of guys."

"Probably more then me."

Jamie grins.

"What about, what's his name?"


Gary nods.

"Nothing like you."


"Yeah." Jamie sighs. "He was a . . . I dunno." Jamie searches his mind looking for words to soothe Gary's inquiry. "He was sort of a prude, ya know?" He grins, and chuckles. "You're a nut."


"You're really good, and you love sex, and I love that." Jamie offers, he places a kiss on Gary's lips.

They chuckle.

"You wanna shower up and head to the yard?" Jamie asks, wanting to change the subject.

"I wanna see your room."

Jamie chuckles. "Why?"

"I dunno, I just wanna see what it looks like."

Jamie smiles. "Sure, I guess." Jamie shuffles to the edge of the bed, and rises. He helps Gary to his feet. He watches as Gary heads for the toilet. "Where you going?"

"Get my clothes."

"Why? No one's around."

"You wanna go upstairs naked?"

"Sure." Jamie smiles. "I do it all the time." He leads the way up the stairs, smiling at Gary's timidity over walking around the house naked. He watches as Gary moves through the house examining the surroundings, and clutter of the house Jamie shared with his mother and brother. Jamie finally led Gary to the bedroom across the hall from his mother's room, Jamie walks into the room, and sits on his made bed, smiling as Gary follows him, looking at the collection of books and model cars, planes and awards on the shelves in the room.

Gary's eyes travel over the walls noting the pictures of movie and sports stars affixed to the wall. He smiles seeing the picture of Jamie and his mother and brother. "What happened to your dad?"

"He left us a while ago, I was about eight. Mom was using drugs and he couldn't deal with it so he left. He was a druggie too."

"Do you use drugs?"

"Nope." Jamie smiles. "I've tried pot, and drink once an a while." He says settling back on the single bed his eyes looking over Gary's smooth body, sighing to himself as he glances over Gary's nude form, noting how pale Gary looked, and how sensual he thought Gary looked, standing naked, his hair a mess, his blue eyes looking around the room. He glances at the crude skull embedded with ink in Gary's arm, he sighs, and reaches out to Gary, pulling him on the bed. "So what do you think?" Jamie asks.

Gary smiles, shrugging. "Like I thought it would be."

Jamie's finger traces along Gary's chest, gently circling Gary's nipple. "So, you wanna lay out in the backyard and start getting some color to this pale body.

Gary grins, feeling Jamie's touch stimulate him. He sighs. "I don't have anything to wear." He states, letting Jamie's finger play with his nipple.

"You could wear you bikini."

Gary shakes his head.

"You wanna wear one of my speedos?"

Gary smirks. "I really don't look good in them."

"Hell it's only my back yard." Jamie says. "They're just like your bikini."

Jamie was right they were like his bikini underwear, "But," Gary thinks to himself, "I wear my underwear under my clothes." He smiles.

Jamie climbs off the bed and crosses between the bed to his dresser. His movements followed by Gary's watchful eyes. He smiles to himself, as he bends over at the waist, offering Gary a view of his ass, while Jamie rummages through the lower drawers of the chest. He pulls out two speedos, tossing them on the bed, grinning. "I don't think so Jamie." Gary offers playfully tossing the speedos back at Jamie.

"Okay." Jamie smiles, continuing to search his drawers. He finally grins and stands, turning to Gary with a frayed pair of cut-offs. "Here." He says tossing the cut-offs at Gary.

Gary smiles and examines the cut-offs. He grins. "They'll do. I guess." He looks at Jamie, as Jamie steps into the tye-dyed speedo, and pulls it up to tuck his balls and dick into the sheer swimming suit. He sighs. "You look hot." He offers grinning, playfully jostling his cock as Jamie moves to the bed. Gary reaches up and gently cups the pouch of the tye-dyed speedo. "How you fit all that cock in that little suit." He says with a grin.

Jamie smiles pushing his groin against Gary's exploring hand. He smiles feeling his cock twitch with life, thinking that Gary was playing for more. "I wonder if he got it like this in the joint." He thinks, wondering what it would of been like to be like to be locked up with hundreds of men his age, all of them wanting sex in some way. "I'd of gone nuts." Jamie thinks with a smile. He watches as Gary steps into the cut-offs hiking them up his legs.

Gary struggles with the cut-offs Jamie had offered him. "They're a little tight." He offers as he pulls them over his ass. He smiles looking at Jamie watching him struggle to pull on the cut-offs. He buttons them closed over his loins, feeling his ass gently cupped and separated by the tight denim, the tangles of frayed denim tickle his legs, as he adjust them on his body, feeling his balls find the leg hole and slip along the denim.

Jamie smiles, noting how Gary's cock and balls fill the denim. "They are a bit tight."

Gary grins.

"Here." Jamie reaches up and pulls at the seam along one leg splitting it, and then the other.

Gary sighs with relief, falling on the bed, pulling Jamie to him. Gary's lips attack Jamie's ear, softly blowing against Jamie's ear, feeling Jamie become aroused, turning to find Jamie's mouth open and ready for Gary's lips. They roll together on the bed. Gary smiles feeling Jamie's cock throbbing against his leg, through the speedo. "Jamie." He cooes softly, his hand reaching to the hardening cock pulsing at Jamie's loins, his own cock jams itself against Jamie's thigh.

Jamie moans softly as Gary's hand slips the leg of the speedo aside, freeing Jamie's cock and begins to strokes him. His own hand finds Gary's prick and begins stroking Gary while they continue to kiss. Their tongues wrestling as their bodies grow more aroused. Jamie smiles pulling his lips from Gary's and maneuvers on the bed. He grins finding the object of his attention, Gary's stiff member working its way from the leg of the cut-offs.. Gary smiles, feeling Jamie's breath against his cock, while Jamie's cock is positioned closer to Gary's hungry lips. He squirms on the bed, and manages to position himself close enough to guide Jamie's cock into his lips. His tongue dances on Jamie's warm spongy prick head. the residue of Jamie's spunk clinging to the piss slit as Gary slides his lips over the swollen head. He pauses. "I love your cock." He remarks, as he begins to work his mouth over Jamie's cock.

Together they fall upon each other's cock, beginning to suck, drawing the other's cock into their mouths, sucking and licking each other, as their balls swell and their minds float on soft clouds of ecstasy. Their minds void of any thought other than tantalizing the hard flesh sliding in and out of their mouths into yielding the warm copious juices held in the swollen nutsac, rolling in their fingers. Their moans of passion, muffled by the thick cock worked deep in their mouths. They race with each other, teasing each other, pacing themselves, slowing and accelerating as their nutsacs swell with their churning love juices. The sweet hint of precum spills in to their mouths, driving them to fulfill the other.

"I wanna fuck." Gary offers, breaking his orchestrations to Jamie's prick.

"Now?" Jamie asks, feeling Gary's hand toy with his cock.

"Why not?"

Jamie doesn't answer, he just watches as Gary rises and steps from the cut-offs, and climbs on Kyle's bed. Gary's fingers dance at his fuck hole, gently slipping into his pucker while Jamie stares in disbelief.

Jamie fumbles under his bed for a condom from his stash. He quickly slips out of the bikini, and slips the condom over his cock. "You ready?" He asks.

Gary purrs waving his firm ass in the air.

Jamie's cock begins to ooze precum as he slides his cock through Gary's tight pucker, listening to Gary gasp, as Jamie's cock embeds itself deep in Gary's upturned fuck hole, before drawing back out. The muscle of Gary's ass tugs at the unlubed condom. Jamie spits in his hand and coats the latex sheath with spit then pushes against the resistance in Gary's ass, this time he finds the going easier, and Gary lets out an approving sigh.

Gary groans as Jamie's cock enters him and begins the slow tantalizing drilling of his ass. "Oh god Jamie." He moans softly wiggling his ass onto Jamie's thick cock. His ass loosens with each thrust of Jamie's cock, accommodating the stiff cock deep in his fuck chute.

Jamie smiles, and gently pulls his cock out of Gary's rear end. "Com-on, let's do it on the floor he states. Jamie drops to the floor, and watches as Gary carefully straddles him then lowers himself onto Jamie's cock, until his ass rests on Jamie's groin.

"God you feel so good." Gary huffs as he begins to lift his ass up, and set it down, riding the steeled fuck stick invading his gut. He fists his cock as he rides Jamie's, wildly ramming his ass onto Jamie's prick. "Yeah, ride my big cock." Jamie whispers , watching Gary concentrate on the cock sliding in and out of his ass, while Gary's hand strokes his swollen cock.

Gary's ass bounces on the thick cock. He groans, feeling his balls swell once more with cum. His climax growing, causing him to force Jamie's cock into his ass, as far as he could. He grunts as his ass slams against Jamie's thrusting hips.

"Oh fuck your gonna make me cum." Jamie cries aloud. His balls ready to burst, as he watches Gary's face contort with the growing climax he was feeling. Jamie's hips rise from the floor meeting Gary's downward stroke, they match their strokes until Gary's breath matches Jamie's they both glance at each other knowing that they were about to cum together.

As if magically timed their bodies grow tense, and they grunt together, their loins explode. Gary's cock sending hot jets of cum across Jamie's body, while Jamie's cock caught in the spasm of Gary's fuck hole filled the latex sheath until cum dribbles out of it and over Jamie's balls.

"Oh fuck." They both cry. Gary falls on top of Jamie's, his ass still clinging to the semi-hard cock piercing his hole.

Their lips met and hungrily mash against the other's while tongues sweep wildly and passionately. They hold their position on the floor for a moment before disengaging allowing their minds to clear.

Finally they rise from the floor picking up the cast off clothing.

"I need to shit." Gary offers.

Jamie smiles. "I need to shower."

"Don't use all the hot water." Gary offers heading off trying hard to keep his fuck hole closed.

Jamie smiles as Gary disappears in the bathroom. He sighs his mind floating on the residue of the night and morning of sexual activity. "God he loves to fuck." He says to himself, as he heads to the basement. His mind wondering if he and Gary would become more than fuck buddies. "I mean I like him and all, I just don't know if. . ." His thoughts trail off, remembering Peter and mistakenly thinking that they were more than just sex partners. He questions his thoughts and feelings inventorying them comparing them to what he felt for Peter, wanting to avoid the heartache of falling for another guy, only to be told, "You're just a guy I fool around with."