by tucker bennett <>
Chapter 3

Jamie finishes his meal, and carries his plate to the sink. "I'm goin' downstairs." He says.


He returns to the make shift bedroom, turns on the t.v. and lays on the bed. He takes a deep breath. "Fuck." He exclaims, recognizing Gary's scent seemed to permeate the bed sheets. He smells the pillow Gary had slept on and holds it tight to his body, feeling his loins stir as he thinks of fucking Gary's ass. He smiles to himself, as he grinds his groin into the pillow. His body tingles with the sun he'd gotten in the afternoon. Hs sighs recalling how he and Gary had covered each other in tanning oil. "God that was crazy." He says to the pillow, recalling how they'd slipped against each other as they lay on the same lounger. "His ass hung out of those shorts." He says with a grin. His lips purse and touch the pillow imagining the pillow to be Gary, recalling the texture and taste of Gary's skin against his body. His dick grows harder, as he humps the pillow recalling how Gary's ass felt around his cock as it slid in and out of Gary's puckered hole. "Man he loves takin' it up the ole poop chute, fuck." He thinks. "I wanna fuck him some more." He chuckles, recalling the scene in his bedroom, where he and Gary had dressed only to disrobe and fuck in the middle of the floor. He smiles, sliding a hand to his waist and opens his jeans. He slowly pulls his cock out and strokes himself, as his mind reruns the early afternoon fuck in his bedroom.

Jamie struggles to get himself to cum finding his cock uninterested in producing, finally growing limp in his hand. He sighs, remember a bout of sores on his cock the last time he tried to force it to cum. He sighs, looking at his limp cock, wondering if it would perform the next time he saw Gary. "Gary." He says aloud, his mind recalling the previous day, and his interest in getting to know Gary, and find out about his tattoo, and how that had developed into the scene on the beach, the shower, and the double bed now reminding him of Gary with fragrant reminders of Gary's slim body next to Jamie. "Jesus." He thinks, trying to recall if Peter had the same effect on him.

Restless, and uninterested in causing his dick any sores, Jamie pulls his jeans closed, tucking his cock into the bikini Gary had left behind, smiling as he considered it a present he would treasure. "I won't even wash them." He says, and grins thinking the thin bikini would soon become a cum encrusted smelly garment. He frowns, and rolls off the bed.

Outside the basement windows it was still light. Jamie sighs, and considers taking a walk, time was passing slowly and his balls were beginning to ache from cumming. He climbs the stairs and steps outside. "Guess I'll go up to the store." He says and begins walking up the alley in the direction of the "Mini-mart." He hums to himself as he thinks of Gary again and again, feeling his cock and balls slide in the thin material of Gary's bikini. He arrives at the convenience store finding one of his late night customer's motorcycle parked at the gas pump. "K.C." He says under his breath, rolling his eyes. "Jesus." He smiles, recalling the nights he worked and K.C. would come in after his job, and hang out talking about motorcycles, work, parties, fishing, his family, what he was going to do that summer, and what he was taking in college.

Jamie found K.C. very attractive, and would sit behind the counter listening to K.C. recant some story, while watching K.C.'s movements. He loved to see K.C. wearing his tight jeans with the frayed holes in the knees, the seat and at the crotch where K.C.'s bulge seemed to rest. The holes allowed Jamie to see a variety of K.C.'s underwear.

He smiles recalling the night K.C. came in dressed in a pair of tight 501s, his knees sticking through large holes in the denim, and a tight white T-shirt stretched over K.C.'s chest. It was a breath taking sight, and Jamie sat in awe. "Fuck he's hot." He thought, watching K.C. move through the store, finally coming to the counter where Jamie rang up his purchase, and made change. He noted, something was different.

K.C. smiled looking at Jamie with his cool blue eyes from under the almost black hair. "Anyone ever tell you you're good looking?"

Jamie smiled. "Yeah."

"I bet." K.C. replied, propping himself up on his arms, leaning against the counter, looking in to Jamie's eyes. His breath smelled of alcohol. He broke his stare, chuckled. "Fuck, I am fucked up." K.C. offered. He stood, and struck a pose, as his hand adjusted the bulge in his 501s. He looked at Jamie. "I am seriously drunk."


K.C. nodded. "Yep. Been out bar hopping."

"You get lucky?"

K.C. smiled. "Nope, I got drunk." He sighed, and cracked his soda. "I tried, but struck out, so I got loaded." He set his soda on the counter and looked at Jamie. "I tried three bars, saw a lot of hot ass, but couldn't get even a dance."

Jamie chuckled. "Too bad."

"Yep that's what I said." K.C. smiles proudly.

"God," Jamie thinks to himself. "He was so drunk that night."

K.C.'s nightly visits were both enjoyable and annoying. Enjoyable when Jamie wasn't busy and could waste time, annoying when K.C. would grab one of the girlie mags from the rack behind the counter paging through glossy pictures of naked men and women, positioned on the pages in fantasy pictorials. Occasionally K.C. would share a picture with Jamie, and rub his crotch. Jamie swore he could see the outline of a semi hard cock residing in K.C.'s jeans. His own cock would stir at the thought, and all he could think of was nodding his head to whatever K.C. would say and wonder what it would be like to lock the doors and take K.C. into the back room where they could be alone.

Jamie sighs, clearing his mind of the thoughts of K.C., of making love to K.C., and enters the store.

"Hey Jamie." K.C. says looking up from the counter as Jamie enters.

Jamie smiles and nods. "Hey." He says gulping a bit, as he heads to the soda cooler. "Great, he's gonna be gone by the time I get back to the counter." He tells himself, and grabs his regular soda, and returns to the counter. He smiles at his co-worker. "Hey Jeff." He says with a smile, his thoughts shifting to Jeff for the moment. "They got you working this shift huh?"

Jeff smiles nodding. "Yeah, I wanted more hours, and Bruce said he needed someone to work the store." Jamie nods. His eyes glancing over the older man, having worked with him once before finding him unusually open and friendly. They had talked for a couple of hours the night Jamie followed Jeff in the store, sharing thoughts on the store chain's management, money, school, and life.

Jeff was another recovering addict that Jamie had met other than his mother's friends, and he shared what he'd done in his past, mentioning that he had hustled when he was younger, he shared that it wasn't something that he was proud of but, that he'd done it, and accepted it.

"So what are you up to tonight?"

"Oh, nothing really. I was gonna hook up with a friend and do something later."

"Sounds fun."

"So, how are things with you? Still clean?"

Jeff smiles. "Yep, still working a program." He looks at Jamie. "Left my lover last month."

"Oh?" Jamie asks, not knowing Jeff had a lover.

"Yeah, we had a big fight and I walked out after five and a half years."

Jamie nods. He thinks for a moment. "I thought he said he had a roommate." He looks at Jeff.

Jeff smiles. "We'll talk."

"Yeah." Jamie says and leaves the store. His mind lost in his thoughts trying to figure out what Jeff had meant. "Jamie!" A voice calls drawing him from thoughts. He looks up finding K.C. standing next to his cycle. He smiles, his thoughts of Jeff vaporizing. "What's up?" He asks.

"Nothing much, what are you up to?"

Jamie shrugs.

"You wanna go for a ride?"

Jamie smiles. "Sure."

K.C. smiles, and straddles the bike, and slides forward, allowing Jamie to slide behind him. "Sorry it's so tight." K.C. offers, as Jamie finds his groin mashed into K.C.'s ass, while Jamie's ass is pushed forward by the pack strapped to the seat.

"No problem." Jamie offers, as K.C. starts the bike and shuffles his ass against Jamie's groin. "Jesus." Jamie thinks, feeling The muscles of K.C.'s firm ass vibrate against his crotch as the bike roars to life. "Fuck, I'm gonna have a fuckin' hard-on." He smiles.

"Hold on." K.C. states, taking Jamie's hands and placing them around his waist, then engages the gears, and the bike moves into traffic.

Jamie can't believe the feelings filling his thoughts. His hands clasped around a guy he thought of as a hunk, his cock mashed against his ass. The vibrations of the bike intensifying the whole event. A grin grows over his lips as he relaxes, enjoying the ride, wind whipping through his hair. His hands feeling K.C.'s stomach rise and fall with his breath, and K.C.'s ass flexing and vibrating against Jamie's swelling cock. "Jesus, this is a trip he thinks to himself, as his mind finds the feelings, while wondering if K.C. could feel his hard-on against his ass. He smiles thinking that K.C. could and was purposely using the ride to hit on Jamie. He clutches K.C. tightly as the cycle rounds a corner, feeling K.C. gently pat his thigh. "Mmm." He thinks, wondering if K.C. were really making a play or just encouraging Jamie to hold on.

"Keep hanging on." K.C. shouts in the wind, his hand caresses Jamie's thigh.

Jamie fights the feeling to run his hands over K.C.'s chest.

The bike twists and turns along the road, as K.C. guides it to an unknown destination. Jamie leans against K.C. for protection from the wind and warmth, as his hands gently clasp K.C.'s body. He smiles feeling his dick hard and pressed against K.C.'s ass, as the bike travels over the open road. K.C. pats Jamie on the leg.

"Hold on." K.C. shouts and turns the bike onto a graded gravel road that heads through a field to a stand of trees. He shuts off the bike, and slides forward, allowing Gary to climb off, then he climbs off and sets the kick stand. "We're here." He announces. He smiles looking at Gary as he tugs at the legs of his jeans hiking them down, as if he were unconscious of the fact that his hard-on was wedged against the material of his jeans. His hand cups his crotch, adjusting the swollen prick outlined in the denim.

"Where's here?" Jamie asks. His eyes glancing at the prick outlined in K.C.'s crotch. His thoughts imagining what K.C.'s prick looked like without K.C.'s jeans holding it back.

Gary smiles. "The back of the park." His hands straighten his jeans, the bulge in his crotch seems to lurch. He turns to the bike and unstraps the back pack.

"Oh." Jamie offers. "Jesus." Jamie thinks. "God, he's hard and so am I. What the fuck are we doing here?" K.C. nods his head in the direction of a path leading the way into the woods. "If we hurry we can catch the sun set from the cliffs." K.C. heads off with Jamie on his heels. The back pack swings from K.C.'s hand. They follow a path leading them through the woods, a winding dirt path taking them deep into the shelter of the woods, the heady smell of decaying leafs and soil surround them. The songs of birds swirl about them. The evening sun breaks through the canopy of leaves in shafts that light small circles on the floor of the woods.

Their hike is silent. Jamie imagining they are two adventurers on a quest, having arrived on K.C.'s trusted stead. They are journeying into a medieval king's enchanted virgin forest. He smiles looking on K.C.'s body, his T-shirt hanging loose from his pants, almost as it were a dress, K.C.'s ass barely showing from under the shirts hem. "If this were an enchanted forest I'd find a way of getting those tight jeans off his ass." He absentmindedly rubs his crotch feeling his cock still swollen from the ride on the back of K.C.'s cycle. where knights would appear from nowhere and challenge them for trespassing on the king's land. He looks at K.C. with a smile. His mind considering K.C. a cohort on a treasure hunt, as they follow the path.

Jamie smiles, following K.C.'s pace up the trodden path winding through the woods on a steep grade to the top of the hill, where they walk to the edge of the hill, sheared away by glacial activity, and left a gully for a lake to fill in, the cliffs surrounded most of the lake, preventing too much development, and only a few roads lead into the park the main one and the back way. It had been some time since Gary had come through the back way.

He leans against the railing and looks below them at the rock out croppings that disappear in the canopy of leaves below them.

"Com'on." K.C. offers and vaults the railing.


"To the cave."

"What cave?" Jamie asks, as he vaults the railing and follows K.C. down a slope to a path. They edge along the think crack in the rock, finally coming to an opening, where K.C. steps into it and smiles, looking at Jamie join him.

"Didn't you know this was here?"


"Man, I thought everyone knew about this place." K.C. smiles and sits on the dusty floor at the opening of the cave. "It's the hottest make out spot on the planet."

Jamie smiles, wondering if K.C. had brought Jamie out to the cave to make out. He chuckles, squelching the idea to ask K.C. if that was his intentions.

"Com'on sit'oun." K.C. states patting the spot beside him.

Jamie complies, and they watch as the sky grows in warm reds, oranges and yellows, finally dusk settles in and the woods grow almost quiet.

"I love it up here." K.C. states, He looks at Jamie. "It gets all peaceful and calm."

"You bring many girls up here?" Jamie asks, wondering himself, just what was going on. His thoughts recalling other guys that seemed cagey and wound up making the suggestion that they get naked and suck each other's cock. "Is that what he wants?" Jamie asks himself.

"Now what makes you think that?"

"I dunno." Jamie replies, smiling. "I just thought you said this was a make out spot."

K.C. smiles and moves closer to Jamie, leaning into him, as if he were going to kiss Jamie.

Jamie freezes, waiting. He looks into K.C.'s eyes. He can feel himself getting lost in the cool pools of blue. "God, what's going on here?" His thoughts ask as he watches K.C. wet his lips.

"I don't bring girls up here. I bring the guys that I think are hot, so I can seduce them and suck their cock."

Jamie fights a gasp. He looks at K.C. again, wondering if K.C. were drunk. "Is he serious?" He asks himself.

"And you are pretty hot."

Jamie chuckles. "Yeah?" He can feel his heart sink. "Geez, it is what he wants. Fuck." His thoughts and fantasies he'd had for K.C. seem to fade from his thoughts. "He's just like all the other guys."

K.C. nods. "Yep, I thought so the first night I met you at the store. God I wanted to tell you to lock up the store so we could go in the back room and . . ." K.C.'s voice trails off as he grins in the low light of dusk.


"That's all you gotta say? 'Oh?'"

"I dunno, what do you want me to say?"

K.C. grins. "I dunno, I guess that you find the idea appealing and want to show me that big hard cock in your fuckin' tight ass jeans."

Jamie smiles and stirs on the slab of rock. "I dunno." He offers. His mind traveling through his past remembering other moments with other guys, and the outcomes. "You do this a lot?"

K.C. smiles, shrugging. "I dunno. I just get horny, and," he shrugs, "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

"It's not like the first time a guy's come on to me." Jamie says, looking at K.C..

"What do you mean?"

"You know, they see you in the shower, see you've got a big dick, and get ideas about it, and wanting to see it, see if I'm hard, see what it's like." Jamie sighs. "It's like all they want."

K.C. smiles. "What's wrong with that? I'd be really flattered." K.C. offers, he smiles. "The first guy that came on to me wanted to play with my dick too." K.C. smiles, as the memories fill his head. "It was really strange. He brought me home, to the basement, where he pulled out his girlie mags and we looked at them and shared that he was hard. He asked if I wanted to see it.

"I din't know what to think. He said that we'd have to get naked. So he starts opening my pants and pulls them down, then has me strip him." K.C. pauses, licking his lips. "It was the first time I'd seen another guy's hard-on."

Jamie smiles. "I know."

"I mean, there was something in me that seemed to stir in me." He smiles. "Like seeing that guy with his cock hard, and his balls. I knew that it was something that I wanted to see more of."

Jamie nods.

"Well, we did it together for a while. The girlie mags were always there. But, well, I wasn't interested in the books. I was interested in that cock, and what I could do with it." K.C. smiles. "He had me jack his cock off. God that was so cool, watching his dick shoot cum." He shakes his head. "One day, we were in his basement, and rather than wait for the mags, I started in on him, feeling his cock, and stroking it through his jeans, rather than wait for him to play his game.

"I thought it was what he wanted."

"It wasn't was it?"

"Been there, huh?"

Jamie smiles, nodding. "Yep." He looks at K.C. "Boy have I been there." Jamie replies, as he recalls the first guy, Brad. He'd made the mistake thinking Brad liked the sex Jamie offered.

Jamie rode his bike over to Brad's work one afternoon.

"What are you doing here?" Brad asked.

"I came to see you." Jamie replied. He'd ridden his bicycle from his house to Brad's job at the mall, a good two miles. He was hot and exhausted, but spurred on by the hopes of seeing Brad, and setting up a date for later.


"I dunno." Jamie answered, he wondered why Brad seemed angry with him. "I thought you might like to do something to night, like go to a movie or something."

"I don't." Brad responded, his voice tainted with irritation.

"Why not?"

"Cause I'm not like you are."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not into guys."

"What do you mean? You like what we do don't you?"

Brad huffed. He looked around the store. "But, not like you do. You're a fag, I'm not."

Jamie sighs

K.C. smiles. "Yeah?"

Jamie smiles, looking at K.C.. "Uh-huh. Something about being called a 'fag,' by a guy that's just as gay as you are, only can't accept it."

K.C. chuckles. "Exactly." K.C. smiles slyly as he looks at Jamie. "I love to come up here and get naked, and just lay around." He chuckles. "So you gotta boyfriend?" His hand busy with opening the back pack, pulling out a flashlight, that K.C. turns on and sets on a ledge in the wall of the cave. The flashlight casts a errie glow to the cave, lighting their bodies as they sit looking at each other.

Jamie shrugs. His thoughts questioning K.C.'s question. He smiles to himself considering Gary a boyfriend. "But," He thinks looking at K.C., "in a pinch you'd do."

"What's he like?"

Jamie shrugs. "Do you?"

K.C. smiles. "No, I don't think so." He laughs, his eyes dancing in the glow of the flashlight. "There's this one guy that I get with. He's kinda fun."


K.C.'s hand gently rubs the lump in his jeans. He looks longingly at Jamie. "I've got one hell of a hard-on." K.C. states. "You won't mind if I . . ."

"No, no, if you gotta you gotta." Jamie replies. His eyes peering through the dim light, watching K.C.'s hand stroke the outlined cock. "I bet you've got a hell of a hard-on." He thinks, recalling seeing the outline before, while K.C. rubbed his cock looking over the girlie mags in the store, suddenly making sense of K.C.'s visits. "I wonder if he was trying to get me up here then?" He asks himself. He watches as K.C. works on the lump, finally fumbling to open his jeans, snaking them down his legs to reveal a bright red bikini, glowing in the dim light of dusk.

K.C. looks at Jamie, pulling off his T-shirt, leaving him dressed only in the red bikini, stretched over the stiff cock fighting for freedom between his legs.

"Mmm, he is hot." Jamie thinks as he drinks in K.C.'s body.

K.C.'s smile grows, baring his teeth. He raises up on his knees, and pulls his bikini down below his balls, resting them on the waist band. "What d'ya think?" He asks shining the flashlight on his groin.

Jamie stares in awe of the hard cock pointing at him from the bikini, he follows the thick cock to its base, where it would disappear into the curls of pubic hair. "You're bald."

K.C. grins. "Nope I shaved it today." He chuckles, as he slides his bikini off his legs, and proudly spreads his legs, shining the flashlight on his pale freshly shaven loins. "Tim, the guy that I fool around with. He likes it like this." K.C. sighs, as his hand falls to his loins caressing the clean shaven mound his cock juts from. "He likes to shave me. then he beats off." His eyes dancing in the light. "That's all he does."

Jamie grins. "That's all?"

K.C. grins. "Sure. He's just a guy that likes shaved cocks. Well, he likes to look at the cock too. He's sort of different. You ever do it?"

Jamie shakes his head. His eyes frozen on the hard cock and shaven loins, as K.C.'s hand gently strokes his stiff member.

Jamie's eyes look at K.C. a few feet from him. "Mmm." He says softly. He touches K.C.'s hand "Can I?" he asks, letting his hand cup K.C. groin gently rolling K.C.'s nuts in his fingers, amazed by the feel of K.C.'s soft skin free of pubic hair. He massages K.C.'s groin finding the feel and look erotic. He smiles thinking to himself. "Wonder if Gary'd go for this." He thinks, imagining the sight of shaving Gary's loins.

"You like it?" K.C. asks with a smile.

Jamie nods, as he continues to examine K.C.'s loins. He finds his lips touched by K.C.'s , as his hand again strokes the hard-on pulsing above K.C.'s hairless balls. "God, this is a new twist." He thinks as he caresses K.C.'s freshly shaved groin. Jamie slips his hand down K.C.'s shaft. "Oh wow." He thinks as his exploring fingers find K.C.' groin free of pubic hair. He pulls his lips from K.C.'s to examine K.C.'s loins. "Mmm." He moans softly as he watches his hand caress the smooth pale flesh of K.C.'s loins. "God, I've gotta talk Gary into this." He thinks, feeling his cock alive and wedged against the confing denim of his jeans. He can feel K.C. relax as they embrace. They touch their lips together lightly.

"So you wanna get out of those ass tight jeans?" K.C. offers, his hand gently pulling at the denim dressing Jamie's body.

Jamie shrugs, looking at K.C. in the light from the flashlight. "Sure, why not?" He thinks. He grins, hungrily staring at K.C.'s body, the flashlight casting an errie shadow over K.C.'s naked skin. His tongue slides over his lips, as his thoughts imagine attacking K.C. pulling the remaining garments from K.C.'s body and sucking his cock. He raises to his knees, and slowly pulls off his T-shirt. His eyes stare at K.C. as he lets his hands caress his body with the T-shirt, then tosses the shirt at K.C.. He smiles hearing K.C. sigh, his eyes stare at Jamie, as Jamie's hands come to the waist of his jeans. He slides over the denim, and rubs his cock outlined in the faded denim.

"Oh yeah." K.C. whispers. K.C. spreads his legs out, while his hand playfully toys with his cock.

Jamie grins, as his hands move over his ass, then come to the button fly of his 501s, his fingers gently pop the buttons one at a time, as K.C. sits motionless, entranced by Jamie's little strip show. He opens the fly exposing Gary's bright print bikini girding his loins, his hand slides into the tight confines of his jeans, and slowly works them down his thighs. The cool air of the cave surrounds him. He glances at his body, glowing in the flashlight's beam, his skin warm under his fingers. The faint aroma of coconut oil tickles his nose, reminding him of his tanning session with Gary.

"Fuck, Jamie." K.C. whispers softly, his eyes wide and stare as Jamie slips his legs from the jeans, and settles on them. "God."

Jamie smiles. "Well, what do you think?"

"Better than I imagined."

Jamie smiles, his hand runs over his tan chest. . He spreads his legs over K.C.'s, then reaches to K.C.'s thigh and gently caresses the firm thigh. His fingers gently play with the light fur of K.C.'s legs, while K.C.'s hand moves over Jamie's leg, reaching to the hard-on still held in Gary's bikini. "God, you're big." K.C. says softly, as his fingers trace the swollen member stretching the light fabric of the bikini.

Their lips meet again, as their hands pull the weak fabric of their underwear aside, and begin to gently stroke the cock throbbing from the other's loins. Their lips part for a second, allowing them to gasp for breath before returning to a tight lip lock, their tongues wrestle with the other, as their hands pull on the hard flesh of their man hood.

Jamie smiles as his hand strokes K.C.'s stiff member. "I wonder it he likes his ass fingered too." He wonders, as he slips his other hand over K.C.'s balls to the warm crevice of K.C.'s legs. Jamie holds K.C.'s pulsing cock in his hand as he aims a finger at K.C.'s fuck hole. He pushes against the pucker, and watches as K.C.'s eyes widen, and he grins, as Jamie's finger is swallowed by K.C.'s hole. "Jesus." He thinks, his eyes drinking in the K.C.'s body before him on the cave floor, his naked cock throbbing against his belly, while K.C.'s ass opens to swallow Jamie's finger.

K.C. gasps and squirms as Jamie finger penetrates K.C.'s hole. "Oh fuck!" K.C. groans as Jamie pushes his finger through K.C.'s muscle, feeling the tight ring expand, and stretch around his finger. Jamie grins feeling his finger move effortlessly into K.C.'s ass. Jamie begins to twist his finger in the tight hole, feeling K.C. squirm on his finger. "Mmm." K.C. offers approvingly. "You can twist it too." He offers.

K.C. eyes close as if concentrating on relaxing the muscles of his ass to accept Jamie's finger penetrating his fuck chute, while Jamie strokes his cock. He sighs. "Oh god Jamie." He cries. His dick swells in Jamie's hand and suddenly spurts cum. The hot liquid flows freely from K.C.'s dick spilling over Jamie's hand, while Jamie twist his finger deeper into K.C.'s asshole.

Jamie smiles as the thick liquid flows over his fingers wrapped around K.C.'s cock. The thick smell of cum wafts through the cave as Jamie continues to pull on K.C.'s cock and gently twist his finger in K.C.'s hole. He looks at K.C.'s shaven cock.. "Fuck, this is weird." Jamie thinks. He sighs feeling K.C. return his hand to Jamie's cock and begin to stroke. He grins, and settles back, watching K.C. stroke his cock adding spilled cum to his hand. "Yeah, like that." Jamie offers. "Oh god that feels good." He moans. His dick swelling in K.C.'s hand. "God, I'm gonna cum." Jamie groans, lifting his ass off the cave floor, feeling his balls churn, as his cock explodes firing jet after jet of fuck juice on K.C.'s naked crotch.

K.C. grins, as he smears Jamie's cum over his body, then licks the fresh cum off his fingers, while looking Jamie in the eye. "Mmm, tasty." He offers with a chuckle.

They both rest on their elbows as their cocks deflate and rest from the activities of the evening.

"I'm sorta glad we got this out of the way." K.C. offers with a smile. "I wasn't sure you'd be receptive."

Jamie smiles. "I didn't know if you'd be either."

"You wanna go get something to eat?" K.C. offers, beginning to collect his clothing.


They dress quickly and pack the back pack, make the journey to the bike, where they climb on.

"So where do you wanna go?"

Jamie shrugs, as his hands encircle K.C.'s body, this time unafraid to caress K.C.'s body as the bike begins moving through the night.