by tucker bennett <>
Chapter 4

Gary finds himself thinking of Jamie as he walks to work. He can feel his body glow with the start of a tan, from laying under the sun. He sighs, feeling dejected that he had to work, and wasn't able to spend the rest of the day with Jamie. He tries to smile and think positive about seeing Jamie after work.

"You want me to stop by and walk you home?" Jamie asked.

Gary smiled. "Sure, if you wanna."

"I wanna."

"You're sure."

"Fuck dude!" Jamie exclaimed.

Gary chuckled and stepped into Jamie, planting a long hard kiss on his lips. "Of course I want you to."

"Fuck." Jamie huffed. He smiled, and stood watching as Gary walked down the street.

Gary turned looking back, seeing Jamie standing in his speedo at his front door, waving.

He could still see Jamie standing there. He could still feel Jamie's body touching him. His mind caught in the afternoon, seeing Jamie's body oiled and sweaty, the smell of coconut oil still clinging to his clothes. He sniffs himself. "Summer's really here." He tells himself, as he enters the restaurant. He nods at his co-worker behind the counter.

"Well, well, don't you look different." Sheila, his co-worker says to Gary as he walks past her heading to the break room. "What happened to you last night ya get laid?" She called after him.

Gary smirks and rolls his eyes.

In the break room another co-worker, Tom, smiles looking at Gary as he enters. "Looks like you got some sun." Gary nods. "Sheila thinks I got laid."

Tom chuckles. "Who was it?"

"Nobody you'd know." Gary offers. He lights a smoke, as he looks at the clock noting that he had ten minutes before the start of the shift.

"You're just not the type to kiss and tell."

Gary chuckles, sitting on a chair, and raising his feet to the table attached to the wall. His mind wondering how they guessed that he'd gotten laid. "I'm not gonna tell them it was Jamie though." He tells himself, considering silence the better part of vanity. He smiles, as pleasant memories roll through his mind, taking him back to the lush green lawn and the two lounge chairs next to each other, one for Gary, and the other for Jamie. "Jamie." He thinks, recalling the look of Jamie's lean form laid out on the cushions of the lounger, his body freshly oiled, the tiny speedo swimming suit pulled between the cheeks of his ass, to tan Jamie's firm butt.

The smile on Gary's lips grows to a grin recalling the day, waking to Jamie's family, the morning of sex that lead to the solace of an afternoon baking themselves under the sun. "God, he's gorgeous." He thinks. His mind recalling the scene in Jamie's bedroom as they searched for a swimming suit that would fit Gary.

"You look sexy in those." Jamie offered, after Gary had buttoned the fly over his loins. Jamie sighed. "Hell you just look sexy." He smiled, and took Gary in his arms and kissed him.

"Geez, I didn't think we'd do it all day." Gary thinks as he puffs his smoke.

"She must of been something."

Gary starts looking at Tom. "Huh?"

"Your date last night, she must of been something, you look like you're still dreaming about her."

Gary blushes. He clears his throat as Sheila enters the room.

"What'd she do suck your dick?" Sheila asks. She lights a smoke and sits on the table.

Gary looks at the girl. He'd never heard a girl talk about sucking cock. "Do you?"


Tom laughs. "I've heard about you Sheila."

"What have you heard?"

"You like to suck but you won't swallow."

"Oh, fuck you Tom." Sheila says rising and storming out of the break room. Leaving her cigarette burning in the ashtray.

"At least that's what her old boy friend says." Tom grins, and rises to follow Sheila out of the room.

Gary follows half hartedly. He punches in and joins the rest of the crew awaiting the evening dinner rush, hoping that it would be busy and keep his mind off the sex, and Jamie.

Gary looks out on the dinning room as he takes his position behind the cash register. He glances about the room finding several clusters of people talking and eating. His eyes are drawn to a young man seated in a booth talking to the manager, nodding his head and smiling, then glancing towards Gary, their eyes meet and they both glance away.

"He's sort of cute." Gary thinks.

He smiles as a family comes in, and greets them. Gary rings up the sale, taking their money. He fills the order, and looks across the dinning room at the young man. His mind recording the young man's smile, the twinkle in his eyes, wondering who the man was and what he was talking to the manager about. Gary finishes filling the order and the family moves on to find a table in the dinning room, his eyes follow them and then glance to the young man. He smiles as he notes the length of the young man's hair, how it glistened in the sun spilling through the windows of the restaurant. He notes the lines of the young man's face and the fullness of his lips. He sighs to himself. "I wonder if we could get it on like me and Jamie." He thinks. His thoughts imagining what it would be like to kiss the young man, feel him in his arms. He shakes his head trying to blot out the thoughts as more customers enter the restaurant and step up to his cash register.

Out of the corner of his eye Gary watches the manager and young man rise from the booth and shake hands, while filling his orders, and rings up another customer. He smiles seeing the young man move into the line in front of Gary, as the manager heads back to his office.

Gary takes the orders of the customers in front of the young man, fills them. Finally Gary finds himself facing the stranger.


"Hi, can I take your order." Trying not to stare at the young man. His eyes glancing over the young man, noting the jeans he wore, the crisp clean shirt the young man wears, seeming to hide his slim build, noting the young man's hands as they rest on the counter.

The young man smiles at Gary, showing off his teeth. his eyes twinkling as he looks at Gary. "I'm Mike. I just got hired." The young man states.

Gary smiles. "Congratulations." Gary says, feeling a bit of excitement at the young man becoming a co-worker. "Geez." He thinks. He grins.


"You want something?"

Mike smiles. "Yeah, a coke."

"Okay." Gary replies and steps back to the pass bar to fill Mike's order. He looks into the kitchen seeing the other crew members busy producing food as quickly as the orders came into them. He smiles to himself as he thinks of the young man at the counter. He turns and leans against the counter while he fills the paper cup with soda. His eyes glance at the young man's finding him looking at Gary. "I think he's cruising me." He thinks. He returns to the counter, taking Mike's money and hands him back his change. "When do you start?" Gary asks. "Tomorrow." Mike says grinning. He plunges a straw into the covered soda raising it to his lips and sucks on the straw, while looking at Gary.


Mike swallows. "You working tomorrow?"




"Well, I guess I'll see you then."

"Yeah." Gary replies and watches as Mike walks away, turning sipping on the straw, as he turns and backs out the door. "Fuck." Gary thinks. He shakes his head, and takes the next customer's order. The dinner rush hits, keeping Gary and the rest of the shift crew busy. taking orders, filling them and waiting on the next customer at a harried pace.

"Jesus." Gary thinks as he punches in another customer's order into the cash register. His mind thinking he'd been standing for hours, his body ached from sex with Jamie, all he could think of was getting through the shift. In his mind he finds Jamie's image smiling at him. He grins, as he takes another order and fills it. "God." He thinks of Jamie, feeling he'd found a friend wasn't afraid of Gary. "He wasn't afraid to get it on." He thinks. His thoughts inventoried Jamie's assets as he picked the order he'd taken "Have a good evening." He manages to say as he sets the tray on the counter before the customer, and met with next with a smile, swearing he could taste Jamie's cum in his mouth. "I wonder if they can smell it?" He asks himself, trying not to breath on the customers as he greets them.

Time passes quickly behind the counter, and Jamie finds himself on the late crew, the manager sending co-workers home as they finish their appointed duties. "Shit." He thinks to himself, realizing the manager was holding him till last.

Gary sighs to himself as he opens the trash can and pulls the black plastic garbage bag out of the tub, ties it and opens another bag and stuffs it in the tub and closes the can. He shakes his head, considering his luck for the night. "I wanna get out of here and he's sending everyone else home." He shakes his head and picks up the four bags of garbage and hauls them back through the restaurant out the back door and into the dumpster. He fishes his smokes out of his pocket, and lights one, his thoughts returning to the reason he wanted to get off work early. "Jamie." He says softly as he leans against the warm bricks of the building. "God, it's still light out he says, noting the sun was beginning to hang in the west.

"I wonder where he is now?" He asks himself as he takes a drag off his cig, and blows it at the setting sun. His mind traveling through the past twenty four hours, stopping to remember the moments that had taken place. Undoing Jamie's jeans on the sandy beach, walking together through the night to Jamie's house, their shower, rolling around on the bed, oiling Jamie's body under the bright hot sun. He sighs, as his thoughts come to rest on the last few moments they shared together.

"Fuck, I don't wanna leave." Gary offered.

Jamie smiled at him. "I know, I don't want you to go either."

"Fuck." Gary stepped into Jamie, and put his arms around him, drew him close and kissed him.

"You want me to stop by McD's later?"

"Yeah. I'd like that." Gary offered.

Jamie smiled. It was his turn to kiss Gary. "You better hurry."

"Yeah, okay." Gary smiled, turned and left Jamie standing in his back door. He waved to Gary when Gary turned to assure himself that it hadn't been a dream.

A sigh escapes Gary's lips as he exhales smoke. "God, I think I've got a thing for him." He says aloud. He looks around to make sure he was alone. He smiles and sighs again, missing the faint taste in his mouth of Jamie's cum, but able to recall the feel and texture of Jamie's body, and the sensual look Jamie's body took on laying under the sun, oiled and glowing. "Fuck."

His thoughts turn to Mike and his smile as he turned to back out the door, sucking on his straw. "Jesus, what is his story?" He asks.

The back door swings open, and Tom steps out, carrying the mop bucket. He tumps it over in the drive way and fishes a smoke out of his pack. He looks at Gary. "She sure must be something."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't think I've ever seen anyone act like they were in love, like you do."

Gary smiles, chuckling. "Yeah? You think it's love?"

Tom nods. "Or a bad case of just getting your rocks off."

Gary smiles again, leaning against the wall, his thoughts posing Tom's question to himself. "I dunno what it is, I haven't been able to get her out of my mind all night."

Tom grins. "It's love."

"You think so?"

Tom shrugs.

Gary smiles. "Well, I guess we better get back in there."

"Yeah, she sure seems to be on the warpath tonight.

Gary nods in agreement.

"I think she needs a good hard dick.."

Gary chuckles, knowing it was a good hard dick that had changed his life. He chuckles, thinking of Mike. "A good hard dick might be what he needs." He thinks. He looks at Tom. "I met a guy that's suppose to start tomorrow."


"Yeah. Mike."

Tom smiles. "Oh him?"

"You know him?"

"Sort of. he filled out the application the other day while I was working. He seems sort of weird."

"What do you mean?"

"I dunno. Like he's gay or something."

"Huh." Gary replies, flicking his but into the parking lot.

"I mean, he was smiling at me and sucking on his straw. Like it was a dick or sumthin'."

Gary sighs. "Well, he starts tomorrow." He says smiling at Tom. "He might come on to you or somethin'." Gary offers and heads into the restaurant.

"He better not."

Gary chuckles as the door closes behind him. He returns to the dinning room, to finish cleaning and get ready to close for the night.

Gary sighs, looking out on the empty dining room. The tables clean the last customer having left half an hour ago. The only business was being handled by the drive up window.

With his co-workers in the break room, Gary lets his mind fill with the memory of the day, his dick hardens in his trousers, recalling the feel of Jamie in his arms. "And that dick, that fabulous cock he's got." He says aloud. A smile grows over his lips as he looses himself in his thoughts, recalling the sight and smells of Jamie's swollen cock. His mind recalling the texture of the spongey prick head against his tongue as it slide into his mouth, and Jamie's soft groans ring in his ears.

"I'm cummm-inggghhh."

"I'm cummm-inggghhh."

"I'm cummm-inggghhh."

"And fuck he can cum." Gary says aloud, recalling Jamie's explosive climax, shooting spunk so fast it came out Gary's nose. He shakes his head recalling he snorted the long strand of cum back and swallowed. "Jesus." He thinks, his dick pressing against his work trousers, he smiles as his hand gently nudges his cock through the polyester. "Wonder what Mike'd think if he saw my dick hard, while he sucked his fucking straw." He chuckles and stands, his hands slide into his pockets and play with his hard-on. "I've gotta do something." He says to himself. His thoughts turning to relieving himself with a quick jerk-off. His mind trapped in the day's events, recalling rolling with Jamie on the bed, the memory causes his dick to twitch excitedly in his bikini, as his hand rubs over it. "Fuck, I wish I could beat-off." He says softly. He thinks of the empty dinning room, and the empty bathroom. He smiles. "Yeah!" He says. He stirs from his perch and heads to the break room. "Tom, I've gotta hit the can." He says.


Gary carefully closes the door to the restroom behind him. "I can't believe I'm gonna do this." He thinks as he enters the empty bathroom. His hand plays with his prick pressing against the polyester material of his trousers. He opens them, letting the fall down his thighs, then slips his balls and cock out of the bikini, resting them on the thin waist band. He looks down on his dick throbbing from the curls of his pubic hair, as he leans against the cool tile. His hand gently wraps around his cock, and slides along it's swollen length. He plays with the spongey head of his cock, smearing the drops of precum forming at his piss slit. His eyes close as his head tilts back against the tile wall, his mind imagining Jamie's mouth gliding over his slick prick. "Ummph." He moans as the memory of Jamie's talented mouth and tongue on his cock. The sounds of Jamie's slurps fill his ears, as his hand deftly strokes the throbbing flesh jutting from his loins. "Oh god, Jamie, suck my cock." He cries softly, feeling his balls swell with pressure from his stroking hand.

Gary's body tenses, signaling his body was preparing for orgasm. He sucks air through his nose, as he pumps his cock. "Oh fuck, Jamie." He cooes. He steps to the sink, aiming his swelling prick at the basin.

The sound of the bathroom door opening breaks Gary's concentration. His sudden ecstasy trampled on by an intruder. He gasps, trying to catch his breath, as his once hard cock shrinks in his hands. He leans against the sink quickly turning on the water, trying to wash the evidence of his spunk from his hands and the sink basin while attempting to pull his trousers up, at the same time.

"Dude." A voice calls.

Gary freezes.

"Fuckin' a!" The intruder looks over Gary's body slumped at the sink. "Righteous, dude!"

Gary, his eyes still closed, turns his face to the wall, afraid to look at. His humiliation at being found beating off in the sink grows in his head. "I wanna die." He thinks.

"Lemme see." The intruder commands, reaching into cup Gary's groin. "Not fuckin' bad." He offers. A finger smears the remaining cum drooling from Gary's piss slit, and tastes it. "Mmm, nice fuckin' load." The intruder turns Gary's hips, dropping his mouth to Gary's loins gently sucking on Gary's flaccid dick. "God, your dick tastes good."

Gary turns, finding the intruder bent over licking his cock. A baseball cap hides the intruder's features. "Fuck." He says.

The intruder lowers himself to the floor, kneeling in front of Gary's open trousers. His hand strokes the soft cock, while his tongue darts out licking Gary's manhood. "Lock the door, dude." The intruder instructs without missing a beat at Gary's growing erection.

Gary instinctively finds the lock on the door, and throws it. His eyes look down on the intruder working on his growing erection, sliding his head up and down the length of Gary's cock, while fumbling to open his jeans. He sighs watching the intruder pull his cock free of his jeans. "Nice cock dude." He offers, feeling his cock grow at the site of the intruders cock. His ass tingles, reminding him of the fucking he'd gotten from Jamie's thick length of cock. He pushes his bikini down his legs, gently gripping his ass, while his cock slides into the intruder's mouth.

The intruder's mouth pauses, while the intruder concentrates on pulling off his jeans, still holding Gary's cock in his mouth. The intruder's cock pulses between the stranger's legs, uninhibited by material. "Jesus." Gary thinks to himself, his eyes gaze on the thick cock bobbing between the intruder's legs. Moaning softly, Gary closes his eyes, thinking of the intruder's thick pulsing cock, imagining taking the man's cock in his mouth.

Gary moans softly as the intruder returns to sucking his cock. The tongue in the intruder's mouth licks Gary's cock, as it slides into the warm moist vacuum of the intruder's lips. The intruder's fingers probe between Gary's legs, finding the soft warm pucker, still aching from Jamie's thick member penetrating the soft folds guarding Gary's fuck chute. The intruder presses, and his finger slips in, twisting through the sweaty pucker.

Gary groans, his voice echoes off the tile, as the intruder probes Gary's ass. Gary squirms, rolling his head against the tile, as his cock is swallowed by the intruder's hot mouth. "Oh yeah." Gary moans, pushing against the finger penetrating his ass. He squirms to allow the intruder's finger a deeper penetrating twist. "God yes." Gary moans. "Yes, finger my fuckin' ass." He hisses as he grabs the intruder's head, causing the cap to fall to the floor, his fingers tangle in the dark locks of the stranger's hair. He pulls the stranger's sucking lips into his body driving his cock deep into the stranger's mouth, while his ass accepts a second finger. "Suck my hot cock." Gary cries softly, finding his words mixing with the stranger's slurps. His body glows as the stranger teases him to ecstasy, urging his balls to again unleash a load of spunk, with the stranger's mouth a better receptacle than the sink basin. Gary groans letting his thoughts go, thinking only of the stranger's lips at his cock, and the memory of Jamie kneeling before him sucking Gary's prick as water showered over them. His head tilts and looks down on the stranger sucking his cock. "Oh Jamie." He sighs. His balls explode, causing his body to tense. "Ughh..." He groans as his dick trembles and swells filling the stranger's mouth with hot spunk.

The force of his climax weakens Gary's knees, his balls ache, as his dick dribbles the last of his cum into the stranger's waiting mouth. He braces himself on the sink counter, as his dick falls from the stranger's lips. "You always let a stranger suck your cock?" The stranger asks, looking up into Gary's face.

"Jamie!" Gary exclaims. "You fucker!" He reaches down and hugs Jamie. "God."

Jamie grins, returning Gary's embrace, knelling before Gary's body. "Hi lover."

"You fucker, I could kill you. I nearly died, thinking you were some sort of pervert."

"Yeah, right. You loved it."

Gary smiles, as Jamie stands. "I couldn't stop thinking of you." He states as Jamie leans into him and kisses him on the lips.



Jamie grins, as he lifts Gary onto the counter and slides Gary back then lifts Gary's legs.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna fuck your tight hole."


Jamie grins, as he stoops to grab a condom from his jeans. "I can't wait. Suckin' your cock made me fuckin' hot." He unrolls the condom over his thick member and steps into Gary.

Gary grins madly. "I can't wait either." He holds his legs up as Jamie guides his swollen prick to Gary's fuck chute. Gary gasps as Jamie's thick prick head penetrates his hole, and the rest of Jamie's fuck stick drives deep into his gut.

"Oh fuck Jamie!" He cries, feeling his asshole stretch around Jamie's smooth cock encased in latex. "God, I've wanted your cock all night." He continues, feeling Jamie's cock fill his gut. He gasps, as Jamie begins the back stroke. "Mmmpphh." He moans, his mind filling with the feeling of Jamie's thick cock penetrating his fuck hole, stretching him, taunting him with long deliberate strokes, that send Gary's mind spinning.

Jamie smiles, as his cock finds it's mark, and Gary's hole grips his cock. "God your ass is so fuckin' hot." Jamie says with a smile. He can feel the swelling in his balls as they slowly fill with his spunk. He gently nuzzles Gary's calf resting on his sholder, as his hips continue to drive his cock in and out of Gary's hole. He smiles listening to Gary's moans and groans, as his cock fills Gary's fuck chute.

"Fuck me." Gary whispers, his eyes shut tight, as he floats on soft clouds of ecstasy, the cock drilling hole, carries him past his climax, to new heights. He swallows, feeling Jamie's tempo build, and Jamie drive his cock in and out of his numb hole.

"I'm gonna blow." Jamie cries, feeling the spasm in his loins grow, and over take his body. His mind swims in the release of passion, as his balls churn preparing to unleash his spunk. His hips drive his cock deep into Gary, with a grunt.

"Uff!" Gary exclaims, as Jamie's loins smack his ass cheeks. "Uff!" He cries again, as Jamie's stroke comes hard and swift. "Oh god Jamie!" He cries feeling his balls explode, spilling his cum on his belly as Jamie groans. "Oh fuck your ass is tight." Jamie cries, feeling Gary's fuck chute grip his cock. He shudders, as his balls release their load, spilling his seed into the latex sheath. "I'm cumminggghhh." He cries, as his mind explodes with the continuous jets of cum fill the jiz sack embedded deep in Gary's ass. His whole body tenses as all conscious thought dies, and he rides the waves of passion, and ecstasy found in Gary's ass.

"Jamie?" Gary asks finally, his thoughts collecting, gathering his composure, as he looks into Jamie's serene face.


"I need to shit."

Jamie chuckles. He reclaims his semi-hard cock, and slips the spunk filled condom from his cock. He deposits it in the trash bin, and pulls on his jeans, tucking his cock into Gary's bikini.

Gary slides off the counter, his trousers trail after him as he carefully walks into the stall and releases the pressure in his bowels. "Jesus." He cries, as his ass spews its contents into the toilet.

Jamie chuckles. "We'll have to work at getting better at this." He says, smiling, recalling a pamphlet he'd read on gay sex, suggesting that a laxative be employed before anal sex. He grins, reminding himself to purchase some when he purchased more condoms.

Gary finally comes out of the stall. He grins sheepishly. "I think I shit everything I ate today."

Jamie grins. "Now I know what it's like to have the shit fucked out of you." He offers with a kiss to Gary's lips. "I've gotta get back to work."

Jamie nods, and allows Gary to exit the bathroom. He waits a few moments, straightening the bathroom from signs of their interlude, before exiting himself. In the dining room he joins K.C. at a table, and looks at the counter with a smile.

"So who's that?"


"That guy, that's looking at you. The only guy behind the counter?"

Jamie smiles, turning to look at K.C.. "That's Gary."

"You two lovers?"

Jamie grins, feeling his cheeks glow in embarrassment. He can tell by K.C.'s knowing look that he didn't have to answer K.C.'s question.