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  I was bent over the toilet in the stall in the bathroom of my high school. I heard him behind getting into position. He spit on his dick then spit on my ass and slipped a finger inside of me.

"You filthy whore"

"MMhmm now stick your fat cock in me"

He put his 8 inch cock inside of my aching ass hole I moaned loudly feeling his thick juicy cock my asshole. He began slowly I was moaning and butting my lip. He smacked my ass and called me a dirty whore my 7 inch cock was jumping in between my legs. He started power fucking me suddenly he pulled out and he grabbed me by my shoulder and forced me onto my knees I felt empty without his huge cock inside of my ass. I began to suck his cock again my jaw slightly aching he forced his thick cock all the way into my throat I gagged on his huge cock. He yelped "I'm gonna cum" as he thrusted back into my mouth. He came down my throat. He then pulled me up and began to suck my cock it didn't take more than 30 seconds of his hot mouth to make me climax. He stood up and kissed me with his mouth full of my cum. We swapped my cum I loved the taste of the two of our loads mixing inside of my mouth.

We continue to kiss and massage each-others bodies then I heard the door open to the bathroom with the sound of my 6' 6" Science teacher named Mr.Johnson. He was a rock climber on the weekends he was a very strong upper body and an even stronger lower body he had perfectly tan skin. He barged his way into the stall where we had just fucked. I saw our naked bodies pressed up against each-other. He looked us up and down. He then said" nice cocks boys. I want to see you guys after school. Now get back to class" He forced his way further into the stall past us he pushed Micha (the guy I was fucking) out of the stall then he pulled out his 8.5 inch hard cock and began to piss right in front of me. He looked at me and winked said "I'd offer to let you touch it but your gonna be doing a lot of that later on." He shook it and put it back into his pants and left.


  Before we continue we should go back to the beginning. My name is Joe I am a high schooler at College prep school that is very exclusive to get into. Thankfully we don't have to wear a uniform. I am a Junior this year. I came out of the closet to my family at school when I was 15 and a sophomore but I still have to hide it from my judgemental family who hates "faggots". Last year I thought I would never find love. During the summer I said "fuck that" and became a total slut during the summer I would have 1 or 2 hookups a months but now that I have started going to school again I have been getting laid about 3-5 times a day. I am 6ft 1in with a muscular build with blond hair spiked up in the front.I have deep dark brown eyes. I am told that I look like Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds had a beautiful baby. I have a thing for cowboys thats for damn sure if you wear cowboy boots and talk with a drawl you might as well fuck me now. I love muscular boys too but not as much as I love `em cowboys. I had mainly female teachers but I had one amazingly hot teacher who taught science. His name was Mr.Johnson he was 6ft 6in he was a rock climber who was obsessed with working out.He had a six pack. He had a very muscular body. He had tan skin that wasn't to dark nor to light. He had a head of full black hair. With beautiful green eyes. He was in his mid 20's and had just came out of college...I bet he was a pussy hound there. Anyhow back to the story.

  Later that same day the bell rang to dismiss us. I was hard as soon as I heard the bell. I ran to Mr.Johnson's room there was a group of other students surrounding him getting help from him. He looked at me and said "I will get to you last" I waited around for him to finish up with the other students. When he was complete he stood up I couldn't help but admire his tall perfectly muscular body. He began walking towards me as he undid his belt buckle He came up to me saying "You have been a bad boy"

"Don't remind me sexy"

"I think you need a spanking" he said as he pulled his belt off his pants with one of his strong muscular hands he picked me up and forced me to get onto my hands and knees. I held my ass up into the air with pride as he smacked his belt across my ass. I screamed "FUCK" "You faggot" he exclaimed. He smacked my ass again he sent me writhing with pleasure and pain. "Do you want this dick" he asked me. I moaned "Yes SIR" He proceeded to undo his pants with one hand and with the other he grabbed me by the shoulder and put me onto my knees. He then directed me to "Take off his pants" I pulled his pants down to just below his balls. I did as I was directed. I unveiled his giant cock I salivated at the sight of his perfectly shaped cut cock. I loved the smell of his musk waft into my face. I inhaled deeply trying to capture as much of his man smell in my lungs as I could.

  I began to gag on his thick cock shortly after I put it into my mouth. I enjoyed the feeling of his thick cock slipping deep into my throat and the look on his face with each and every thrust of his dick into my throat. I could taste his precum it was salty yet sweet. It had a pungent yet mellow taste. He kept looking up and moaning with each and every movement of my tongue against the tip of his cock. He pulled out of my mouth and began to slap me with his meat. Then he would go back into my mouth pull out and smack me around again. Abruptly he stopped lifted me up by my hips and put into the doggystyle position. He pulled my jeans down and exposed my ass with bruises starting to appear from where he lashed me with his belt earlier. He asked me "Did you think it was big before?"

"Yes your cock is fucking HUGE" I replied "Are your ready to take it?"

  he asked as he was rubbing his dick up and down around my ass. He slipped inside of me without any lube. I screamed at the pain and pleasure I felt. He began to fuck me harder then I had ever been fucked before. I was being stretched out. I could feel my prostate being rubbed with his beautiful cock. While he was fucking me I couldn't help but think about how I had always had a crush on him and how I always imagined his cock to look. I was always right. He brought me back to reality when he smacked my ass. I felt the burning and tearing of my ass with each and every thrust. The pain and pleasure I felt was unbelievable. I had never thought that my being the semi attractive kid who I thought he never noticed being the one he was making sweet steamy love to. He was laid on-top of my back and began to thrust even deeper inside of me. I loved the feeling of his cock inside of me going in and out every time he went in I could feel the burning of his huge cock tearing my ass apart. When he would pull out the feeling I felt was like I had to have more of him inside of me. I needed him to fill my hole where he had left me empty. I was as stiff as a rock. I was so hard I felt pain in my cock. The feeling of him inside of me and the thought of him using my ass was was enough to finally push me over the edge. I came without touching myself it was the most powerful orgasm I had ever felt up into this point. I had came all over the black topped desk.

  He pulled out and told me to get down onto my knees. He placed a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down along with his command. He forced his way into my mouth and he blew his load all over the inside of my mouth I loved the taste of his cum is was sweeter than any other mans load I had ever tasted before I could taste a little bit of my ass on his cum. He moaned loudly as I continued to suck him off even though he had already came .I could feel his cock becoming limp inside of my mouth as I sucked. I stood back up and we began to kiss passionately he had extremely soft lips. 3rd time that day he had slipped something inside of me... Except this time it wasn't his penis. He pushed me against the desk where we had just fucked making sure that I did not sit inside of my cum. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I could taste the lust he had in his spit.

  He scooped but a few fingers worth of my cum off from the desk and put it in his mouth he licked his fingers clean and then came down to my level and forced my mouth open. He spit my load into my mouth I got riled up again with the thought of our two loads mixing together in me. He began to kiss me passionately we continued to swap spit. We passed back and forth the air inside of our lungs. He then stood up with our lips still locked and pulled up his pants and then he abruptly stopped kissing me told me to clean up and leave. As I left his room he yelled back at me don't be late for practice tonight. I walked out the back doors and walked to my little blue truck. I got inside sat down and just sat there with my hands on the wheel. Just looking out the window. I couldn't help but smile at the act that I had just performed with the teacher I had a crush on since my freshman year. I could feel my ass aching and throbbing from his huge cock. I knew it was going to be in a bit of pain for the next few days. I started my truck and backed out of the spot I was parked in. I began my 45 minute drive home hard as a rock. I tried turning on the music to get him out of my mind but I couldn't. All I could think about was him. I knew I was not going to be able to get him out of my mind for days. I was excited to see what he had in store for me at basketball practice.

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