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        I showed up for practice 15 minutes late just to see how Mr.Johnson would react. I arrived and went directly to the locker room to see the hot blonde jock who always jacked off in the shower. He looked me up and down and I proceeded to walk away while staring at his cock.

I had Mr.Johnson on my mind more than anything else I walked out onto the court I saw him there obviously trying to horn me up. He was wearing a hot, red tank top that said VALE across it. As he walked back and forth yelling at the players practicing on the field you could see his abs through his long slits for armpit holes. I never actually played I only came for the SEXX god I loved pleasing the jocks after they had played a good game. I finally reached Johnson.

He put a hand on my back and walked me through the court telling me about how what happened between him and me HAS to remain a secret. I agreed with him then he began to talk but I was zoned out thinking about him naked thinking about how dirty of a boy he is and how huge his cock was. I thought about they way I felt when his dick was in me. The way he touched me with electricity. Even when he was just touching me on my back I felt alive I felt like he was the one for me. I knew it was wrong for me to be feeling like I was in love after one hookup. I had never felt in love after just being fucked but there was something different about him.

        I fell back to earth as I fell to the ground. Apparently in my daze he had walked me to the bleachers but I didn’t notice that there was a step there.

“You hear me?” he asked completely disregarding the fact that I had fallen

“Yes Sir! ” I retorted

“So you are OK with this thing becoming a bit more regular?!” He said not expecting me to say that

“Yeah! of course I want you in me every chance I get!” I retorted

“Interesting.” he said. He blew a whistle and Yelled “Practice is gonna get out a little earlier than normal; go hit the showers!”

        Instead of running off to the showers to get some tail I stayed with him. “Umm shouldn’t you be having some fun in the showers” he asked emphasizing fun while doing air-quotes.

“w-w-welll I don’t know I guess I want to save my self for you” I sputtered out.

“Thats soooo cute!”

“Yeah I guess” I said while I blushed

        One by one the boys shuffled out of the bathroom. They appeared to be dis-shovled presumably because I was not there to please them. Johnson and I just sat there and talked about stupid shit that really didn’t matter. We watched the last kid shuffle out he stood up I began to stand up but he scooped me up in his powerful arms. He pushed up against me our lips met. I felt electricity throughout my body. I leaned into his passion. He pushed my head back as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I forced my tongue back into him. The air between passed back and forth between my lungs into his lungs in perfect harmony. He continued to kiss me while walking me into locker room and out to the parking lot.  I could feel my erection throbbing. He put me into the back of his SUV he got ontop of me and kissed me. He looked at me with a beautiful sparkle in his eyes and said “Were gonna go back to my place.” I leaned forward and kissed him. I looked into his sparkling eyes and said “anything for you”

        He climbed off the top of me. I laid in the back of his SUV quivering from the pleasure I felt. He backed up and drove me to his house I laid there in the back seat while he drove.

“So what is your place like?” I asked

“Clean, I like the hardwood floors in there a lot.” he retorted

“Oh fancy” I said mockingly

“Oh shut up” he said

“Well what style is your home?” I asked


“Nice, So is that why everyone loves to hook up with you?” I asked

“I’m picking in my men. I only like cute slightly muscular guys who are clean shaven” He stated

“Infact in college I only fucked 2 guys” He continued

“Awe, Thats so sweet I’m so glad I made it onto your list.”

The entire time all I could think about was having him in me again. I was wet with just the thought of him. I heard the brakes squeal slightly as we pulled into his driveway. I got out of the car walked over to him got up onto my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I pulled back and looked him and smiled. He giggled a little and we kissed again and again. He picked me up again. He walked me through the door while kissing me. He carried me up the stairs.

        He kicked the door open to his bedroom. It was a lavish bed room with a king mattress. He walked me to the bed and set me down on my back, carefully. He climbed ontop of me and kissed me passionately. I felt gobbs of precum dripping out of me. He began to move down kissing my neck. He took off my shirt and moved down my chest to my groin. He unbuckled my belt. He kissed my inner thigh as he pulled my jeans and socks off. He put my hard throbbing cock into his mouth. He had lips like velvet. He gagged as he bobbed his head on my dick. He pulled his pants down and removed them. He stopped briefly and removed his shirt. He was completely naked now. His cock even bigger than I remember. I became wet with just the thought of him in me again.

I loved his warm mouth wrapped around my cock. The feeling of him worshiping my cock sent electricity through my body. I knew I was about to bust so I pulled his head off my cock; He gagged. Spit ran off his tongue onto my cock he inhaled deeply and then smiled while laughing and sighing slightly. He grabbed my balls and squeezed slightly. He moved up to my cock and made eye contact with me while he began to jack me off. He moved up close to me and began to kiss my neck. I moaned and wiggled around.  I began to kiss his neck and roll him onto his back. I straddled him and began to kiss down his perfect body. I paid extra attention to each one of his beautiful abs.

I finally hit his hard throbbing cock. I wrapped my lips around it. I took all 8.5 inches of him down my throat; I gagged and choked, He moaned louder and louder with pleasure. I pulled him out of my mouth and enjoyed the smell of his musk. I jacked him off while he arched in pleasure. I regained my breath and went back down on him. After a few minutes of choking on his dick I  him pulled out of me. “I want you to throat fuck me” I demanded; He got up without saying anything I got on my back with my mouth open ready for him to re-penetrate me. He squatted over me forcing his cock straight down. He lowered himself right into me. He began to go up and down forcing his hard throbbing cock down my throat. I just laid there trying not to cum while feeling his force going in and out of my throat.

I kept gagging on his thick cock. It was almost impossible not to; He suddenly pulled out and he fell down next to me and began to kiss me as if he couldn’t get enough from me. I rolled back on top. I satup with my ass in his groin. I lifted myself up and put his cock into me dry. I didn’t need lube he had me so fucking loose ready for him. I could feel my ass burning at the feeling of his thick cock slowly go into me. I felt his head fully slip inside of me. I went all the way down enjoying all 8.5 inches of him  in me. I was trying not to bust my nut with his throbbing cock pushing against my prostate. I leaned forward and kissed him, I sat back up and began to ride him.

His cock head flare inside of me. I could feel him getting hotter and hotter the faster I rode him. His cock was soaking wet from my dripping mangina. He was meeting my force in mid air. I was screaming in pleasure. He was panting; I stopped riding him and just let him fuck my ass. He was pounding my ass so hard that with every thrust my balls were bouncing all around.  His balls were slapping my ass with each thrust. Sticking just a little but pulling away with him. The pain and pleasure fought inside of me. I couldn’t tell what I was feeling. It was a feeling I had never felt before.  It wasn’t the lust I had felt for other boys before this was more of a passionate love with a side of KINKY.

He pulled out of me bringing me back to earth. I collapsed on top of him and began to kiss him from his lips down to his neck and back up again. He moaned. He began to roll me over onto my back while he kissed my neck the feeling of his body against mine was almost enough to push me over the edge. He went back up; He was on his knees he lowered himself pulled my legs into the air and tried to penetrate me. I was too low for him to get inside of me. “Please pass me a pillow” He said I complied. With one hand lifting my ass  up and another gently putting the pillow under my lower back. He slowly put me back down.

He got back down on his knees and slowly pushed himself into me. My legs were still in the air. He started out slow. He leaned forward and began to kiss me. He thrusted into me slowly. I started to moan but he shushed me by kissing me. His tongue slipped in and out of my mouth. He thrusted into me when his tongue was back in his own mouth. When he would pull out of me his tongue was probing my mouth. There was never a point in time where even just one part of him was not in me. I could stay in his arms forever.

We were rocking back and forth together he moved his head next to mine and began to pant. I moaned. He began to make out with my neck as he screamed in pleasure. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” he chanted as came. I could feel him cumming inside of me, His cock throbbing rhythmically with the hot cum that was lining my gut. I could feel his seed swimming inside of me.

He slowly pumped in and out very little just enough to massage my prostate. He spit in his hand and began to jack me off. Each time he moved his hand on my cock I became hornier and hornier. I squirmed and my back arched with him fucking me while trying to get me off. “Faster” I screamed. He began to jack me off and fuck me harder. I couldn’t handle it anymore; I was about to go. I spurt my load all over my self.

He pulled out of me. A river of cum came out of my ass. My cock jumped. He straddled me, he licked the cum off of my body. With every lick of his tongue my cock jumped. He made it up to my face where he opened his mouth showing me all my cum in his mouth. He closed his mouth and tipped his head back and swallowed. He then got down and kissed me. Got back up and looked at me and said “I think I love you.”

“I KNOW I love you!” I told him He smiled and gilled at me and asked:

“Can you stay the night?”

“Anything for you!” I said leaning forward to give him a kiss. Our lips met mid air.

        He and I finally cooled off. The bed was a mess. Sheets and pillows everywhere. We laid there next to eachother. I don’t know when but I fell asleep. I woke up spooning with him. His balls and dick were pressed up against my ass. His arm was around me. He had a huge smile on his face. I struggled to slip away but I did, I snuck over to my jeans and pulled out my phone. I had 32 texts from the team members who wanted me to fuck them. I had one missed call and one text from my bitch mother. The text read “Are you coming home are you going to be out all night”

“SHIT” I whispered.

“Ok ok what time was that sent” I asked myself I opened up my phone and looked for the time stamp

“10:12pm ok what time is it now” I asked

“2:15am What the fuck” I whisper yelled.

“I will just text her tomorrow” I reasoned

        I put my phone back into my jeans and slipped off to the bathroom to take a piss. When I came back into the bedroom Robert (Mr.Johnson) was snuggled up with a pillow. I replaced the pillow with my self. I didn’t want to leave his arms. I never wanted him to leave my side. I held his hand while he slept. I fell back asleep in his arms. “I wonder when we are gonna have fun again?” was my final thought before I slipped off to sleep.


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