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"Im gonna miss you so freaking much, dude. You have no idea." Jesse said to Jason while watching 17 Again with his best friend and lover. This was hard for Jesse to think about leaving Jason behind to go to the Netherlands with his father the following day. He never thought that he would feel this way and he didn't quite know how to handle it. He placed his arm over Jason's shoulder and snuggled close to him. Jason smiled and hugged Jesse tightly.

"Come on man, it's not gonna be forever! 3 Weeks and then you guys will be back! Then we can just carry on where we left off."

Jesse stood up and paced around the living room, the movie completly forgotten. He found that his lower lip was slightly quivering and this incredible sadness overcame his young body. Jason, frowning, got up aswell and embraced his best friend. Jesse started to softly sob, part of him now wanting to show Jason that the was emotional about leaving him here.

"Dude, what's wrong? Damn, tears and shit, this is not like you! The last time i saw you crying was that time when Shane dunked your head in the sandpit in Kindergarden! You didn't even cry when you fell off that BMX bike your dad got you last year? Now this?"

Jesse looked up tearfully, and almost melted when Jason wiped away his tears, so much so that he leaned into his hand. Jason's eyes widened ever so slightly as he looked into Jesse's eyes. Jesse leaned up and placed his lips onto that of Jason's and the two boys kissed gently, and passionately as arms and hands started to travel up and down eachother's toned, young, teen bodies. Jesse release the kiss and placed his head on Jason's chest.

"Dude, I...I think that I love you more than a friend, man! I can't fucking help it and it's been driving me nuts ever since my father told me about this trip. I feel this fucking hole in my stomach when i think that im not gonna be near you for three weeks! Think what you want of me, bit shit man, i can't keep this to myself any longer!"

Jason smiled and kissed the top of Jesse's head. How the hell does a teenagter know to cope with all these shit? Some boys could hardly get up the courage to tell a certain girl that he likes her and wants to go out with her, but when you are in love with your best friend, it is nearly impossible. All this time he had been worried for nothing, when night after night, he punched his pillow and wanted to pull his hair out of his head with feeling like he did for Jesse and wanting to be with him more than anything else. He finally released Jesse and held him on his shoulders while looking him straight in the eye.

"Fuck man, do you have any idea how long i wanted to say the same things to you? Jeez, come on we are both guys, we have been friends for as long as i can remember...and then when i tell you this? Im just glad you feel the same, man. I freaking love you, dude!"

Jesse's mouth went from sullen and complex to utter joy and relief! Jason felt the same way about him that he did! He jumped into Jason's arms and hugged him tightly. When he eventually lept down ran out of Jason's grasp and out to the patio. Jason laughed and ran out to catch Jesse. Jesse jumped into the pool and Jason didn't let that stop him by diving in after. He pounced on Jesse and the two boys fought underwater for dominance. At last it was Jesse who got the front on Jason and looked down tenderly towards his young friend.

"You're my best friend," he said before his placed his arms around Jason's neck and kissed him, which Jason was happy to return. They got out of the pool and layed in eachother's arms on the beach stairs until they heard a car pull into the driveway. Jesse stormed into the house, but the sideboard with the small Grandfather's clock and to the window and saw that it was his father.

"Shit dude! Get dressed!" he screamed.

"Jess, relax! Why would your dad suspect something? He has seen us hanging out for 10 years!"

Jesse breathed out a sigh of relief as he realised that he was completly overreacting. He laughed and gave Jason a high five.

"Hey boys! Had a good day?" Jesse's father greeted the boys.

"Hey Dad! Yeah, we just had a swim. Is it alright if Jason stays for dinner?"

"I don't see why not, unless his parents wants him home."

"I call my mom quickly. Not a minute," Jason said and walked outside.

"Dad, what time are we leaving tomorrow?" Jesse asked as his Dad started to unpack the shopping and started going about making dinner.

"Our flight as at one tomorrow afternoon, buddy so that will give you plenty of time to pack so i don't have to come back halfway to the airport, hey? Remember last year? We were already 20 minutes into the trip to camp when you discovered you forgot your cellphone!"

"Yeah Dad, im not 14 any more." Jesse said with a slight smile.

"Good news i can stay and even sleep over, it is holidays afterall!" Jason said happily, returning from outside.

"Yes! Let's go finish the movie upstairs while we're waiting for dinner," Jesse exclaimed. Once in the room and the door was closed, Jason grabbed Jesse and kissed him once more. Jesse, leaning against the closed door, brought up his hand in in the moment of passion, he caressed Jason's cheek as the two best friends made out.

"Im gonna miss you so freaking much!" Jason sighed against Jesse.

"Damn, i promise i'll mail you everyday. Check you Facebook aswell, but i can hardly tell you how much im in love with you on your Wall, now can I?" Jesse smiled and kissed Jason's neck.

"Fuck!!! Where did you learn to do that?" Jason shuddered as he felt Jesse's lips against his neck.

"No where, i just felt like doing that...I love you, Jason. I really thought you were a damn cool friend and best buddy, but now..."

"I know dude, i know! I can't stop thinking about you, man. Every night before i go to sleep, when i wake up, fuck man Im so in love with you..."

They embraced once more felt eachother's heartbeat, both reaching and wanting the other. After dinner, they just chilled, watching TV with Jesse's parents while every now and then Jason stroking Jesse's hair when the rents went to sleep, playfully shoving and punching eachother until it was time for bed. Jesse and Jason undressed into the PJ's and they both got into bed. Jesse turned to Jason...they have slept over at eachother's houses so many times and now if feels like it is the first...and in a way it was. Jason held out his arms and Jesse layed back onto the chest of his best friend. And knowing that the following day they will part their ways for three weeks, made it all that more special.

Jesse had a very restless night. Jason woke up twice during the night with Jesse tossing and turning and twisting the sheets between his fists. Then he heard it...a word, a certain phrase in a unknown language that Jesse kept repeating over and over in his sleep.

"Cristian...Cristian...Ik hou van je..."

And in the livingroom, the Grandfather's clock infront of the window began to shine a bright yellow.


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