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If not for that tragic four years I would not be the man I am today. The pain, the joy, the heartache defines me and begs me on till morning. Set your sight on the stars and your dreams can be realized...Anonymous

The parking lot was dark with only the faint light from the stars twinkling off the surface of the water. The water was calm, not a breath of air stirring the trees. It was one of those eerie fall nights you see in horror movies.

A lone car parked in a deserted lot next to a scenic location. Moonless night with just the faint glow of the city lights in the distance. Two people fogging up the windows in a red jeep, oblivious to their surroundings. Some soft music playing on the radio, a perfect invitation for a mad killer to attack them.

But that was only in the movies, Glacier Bay had no mad killers lose. The rather small town of thirty thousand souls hadn't had a murder in over ten years that wasn't related to some kind of domestic disturbance. Any mad killer that found his way to the sleepy town would have been overcome by the vista and settle down to live a normal adjusted life in the ocean side town.

The one thing with Glacier Bay, the sheer normalcy of everyday living would suck the life right out of you. Creating a town full of laid back republicans that only worried about getting to church on time every Sunday and making sure the kids all got a great education. Which wasn't that bad, life in Glacier Bay was at least on the surface a utopia for those persons weary of big city life and all the problems that stem from millions of people living together.

The town fathers prided themselves in the fact that Glacier Bay was slowly becoming quite cosmopolitan. Being so close to larger cities, many families moved in to get away from the daily grind of big city life. Preferring to commute the hour drive every day to the office then retreating back to suburbia with their two and a half kids and loving wife.

But no matter how much people hated the big cities, they always had to bring the big city to them. In the last ten years, Glacier Bay had seen an explosion of big businesses. Wal-Mart moved in outside of town, right along the highway so the outlying communities could take advantage of their blue light specials. Starbucks moved in, four locations around town. They even built a huge mall so the inhabitants could do all their shopping at home and leave the big city to the foolish people who either choose to live there or couldn't afford the high prices of seaside living.

And every morning, lines of cars disappeared over the horizon, breadwinners rushing off to the fast paced life in the city. Leaving a town filled with kids, bored housewives, and retired couples that saved their entire life to afford the exclusive coastal properties.

Now all the kids were dressed like some bizarre gap ads. Watching TV for hours a day, mimicking what they see and trying to find a way to incorporate big city living in small town America.

All in all, Glacier Bay prided itself for being the model for American households. Something like Orange County becoming the Mecca for pop culture in the nineties. But true to form, once something is discovered, it's no longer mainstream. Once something becomes so stylized, it becomes stagnant. Sooner or later it will implode on itself.

This was how Tyler Randolph Scott felt. Trapped by the ocean and the surrounding mountains, he felt bored. In his seventeen years of living, twelve of them had been in this utopia. Cut off from the real world, cut off from all stimuli that wouldn't brainwash him into normalcy.

Which for all purposes led him to this spot on this dark night. Tyler was intelligent. To the extreme that he was bored with school. Learning came easy to him. Most of the time he either slept or goofed off during classes. Never really applying himself, choosing instead to coast through school barely passing.

Not that he was lazy by any standard. He spent hours, carefully studying everyone, probing them for any weakness that he could exploit to his own advantage. Manipulating everyone in his path, family members, fellow students, teachers, even policemen. To him it was all in fun, tallying points like you would in a game. Who cares if no one knew they were playing but him? That made it all the more satisfying to his warped sense of living. And most of his brilliant manipulations went un-noticed by the masses.

When his father gave him the ultimatum of bringing up his grade point average his senior year or getting cut off completely his mind went into overdrive. Instead of buckling down and studying, he devised ways to cheat the system. In his countless hours of watching, he had something on almost everyone in the school, including the teachers. He knew where the teachers relaxed at and whom they relaxed with. He knew almost every dirty secret his fellow classmates tried to hide.

And this knowledge he used viscously. He had learned by watching his lawyer father for years. Using any means necessary to win his case. Destroying innocent lives to acquit a known criminal without regard for laws or justice. And he was a very good student.

Which is why he was parked in a deserted lot at ten PM on a Friday night three days before his senior year started with a man twice his age. He had laid the seat back as far as it would go to give the man room. His blue eyes were shut and his head was thrown back in ecstasy, his hands guiding the man's movements slowly.

Keeping time with the music that rolled from the speakers, Tyler enjoyed the oral stimulation that he got from the older man. Getting his English grade up would be easy, preying on the married teachers pedophile tendencies would assure him an A in that class. Especially after the pictures were developed and he threatened to send them to the man's wife.

Feeling his climax rapidly approaching, Tyler forced the man's head down as far as it would go, grunting as he felt the release. As the man gagged a bit, Tyler pushed him off and back into the passenger seat.

"Thanks Teach." He grinned at the married man. But the grin came too easily and made the man hesitant.

The man settled back into his seat and wiped his mouth slowly before licking the remnants off his hand. Peering at the sadistic teen next to him, he asked, "What now?"

"Now you get the fuck out of my car." Tyler ordered softly. "I'm finished with you."

"Wait." The man said quickly. "You drove here."

"Get the fuck out." Tyler screamed as he reached over and opened the door. Pushing the married man roughly, he stated flatly, "Don't make me tell you're wife."

"Fine." The man stammered as he stepped out of the jeep with a frown on his wrinkled face. "You're just going to leave me out here."

"Yep." Tyler said as he shut the door. Starting the jeep, he backed out of the spot and quickly disappeared into the night leaving a confused and scared man in the dark.

As he headed back towards town, he mulled over the night's events. Manipulating the teacher was easy; all he did was show up at the man's house wearing a see through mess shirt and a devious grin. The man had literally informed his wife that he was going out for a drink and that he would be back later. The idea of the seduction was easier than the actual practice had been.

Though he would never show it, his heart was pounding as he drove out to the secluded spot. Even when the man had made all the moves didn't make it easier. Only during the moment had all doubts been erased. Now that it was over his mind was a jumble of mixed emotion.

He never excepted to enjoy the experience and that fact caused his façade of confidence to weaken. His father had raised him to have an open mind about everyone. Considering that his father worked with some of the worst kinds of people imaginable, it was easy for him to become jaded with life. From a little boy he had been secure in the knowledge of self-awareness and what power came with it.

But as he drove down the deserted streets, for the first time he questioned his own agenda. He had expected to feel a measure of excitement. The knowing and having power of an adult was intoxicating to say the least. But a part of his mind reveled in the fact that a man had excited him so. For a man that had experienced so much in his short life and thought he knew it all, this unknown factor caused mixed emotions inside him. Was it just the power trip that excited him or was it because it was with another man?

Shaking his head, he turned the car around and headed for Glacier Bay Estates. Glacier Bay Estates was an exclusive suburb located in the center of Glacier Bay. Some of the wealthiest families lived inside the gated community. Those that couldn't afford seaside property like Tyler's family but still had enough money to remain separate from the lower class.

Bypassing the main entrance he followed the road as it curved around the walled property. Pulling the jeep on the shoulder right next to the wall, he parked it and got out. Wrapping his coat around him tighter, he shivered as the cold night air embraced him. Grabbing a bag from the jeep, he tucked it inside his coat. With his breath frosting in the semi-darkness, he climbed atop his jeep and scrambled over the wall.

Dropping down amidst the trees, he smiled. He had made his mark. There before him was a three story house nestled among pine trees. Off to the left of the house was a three car garage and he could make out a light in the attic of the building. He crossed the carefully manicured lawn and walked up the creaking steps on the side of the building.

He could hear music filtering through the closed door and he hesitated before knocking. The occupant of the attic was a sixteen-year-old boy named Brandon Myers. He had converted the attic into a makeshift apartment a year earlier and had moved out of his house and into the garage for reason's that Tyler never knew.

Brandon was the closest thing to a friend that Tyler had. As he was the one person that Tyler hadn't been able to figure out. Brandon was a complete enigma to the blond. From his gothic appearance to his off the wall paintings, everything about the youth puzzled him. But somehow they had forged an understanding over the last year and Brandon occasionally helped Tyler out in some of his more involved schemes.

Brandon was weird to say the least. With his light blue hair and black lipstick and mascara, he was on the furthest fringes of high school coolness. In a school that was dominated by preppy clothes and blond highlights, Brandon stuck out like a blazing star. Never trying to fit in, he coasted through high school with ideas that no one could understand.

Unlike Tyler, who had many acquaintances, Brandon had no friends at all. Choosing instead to surround himself with painting and sculpting and not bothering with normal school politics. He left popularity to everyone else and existed in his own little world that no one could penetrate.

His behavior intrigued Tyler and over the course of the past year, he found himself spending more time with the painter. Brandon would listen to Tyler's plans and help him perfect it but never seemed to want to get involved directly. Tyler couldn't explain why but he trusted the blue haired boy to keep his plans secret.

Breathing out one last time, he knocked on the door loudly and waited for Brandon to answer. Smiling when he heard the boy curse, he pulled out the bag and shivered as the night air hit his body.

Brandon opened the door and his blue eyes widened at the sight of Tyler standing there. "What do you want?" He asked bluntly.

Tyler held out a bag and said, "I brought gifts."

Brandon stood there in only a pair of shorts, his bangs falling into his eyes as he eyed up the boy before him. Absently rubbing his erect nipples, he grabbed the bag and motioned for Tyler to enter.

Tyler walked into the room and the smell of paint thinner mixed with oil paints overwhelmed him. Brandon's room was littered with used paint tubes, trash, and assorted canvases. Clothes were thrown around the room and his bed that was over in one corner was unmade and covered with dirty clothes.

Being that it was a three-car garage, the space was rather large. Against the far wall was two easels, both had unfinished paintings on them. A small table was set up beside the easels and opened paint cans decorated the floor next to it. A tub of paint thinner had brushes sticking out of it and what looked like a roller teetering on the edge of the bucket.

All along the walls were finished paintings, some ripped and slashed. Some stacked five deep in no apparent order. Drops of paint littered the floor along with loose change, like Brandon had dropped them and let them lay where they fell.

Turning to look at Brandon, Tyler had to laugh. His hands were covered in blue paint and he had a red stripe across his chest, probably from something else he had been working on. Already the fumes and the humid air made him feel lightheaded; the attic was always warm so the paint would stay the right consistency year round. Tyler could understand why Brandon walked around with glazed eyes all the time. The smell alone was enough to get high on, add that to Brandon's habit of sniffing model glue and the combination was staggering.

Brandon pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniel's and looked at Tyler questioningly, "What's the occasion?"

Tyler shrugged as he took off his coat, already starting to sweat in the warm house. "I needed a drink."

Brandon walked over to a chair and pushed the clothes off before sitting down. "More like someone to talk too."

"That too."

Brandon opened the bottle and took a long swig of the harsh whiskey. Wiping his mouth, he passed the bottle to Tyler. "Didn't everything go as planned tonight?"

Taking a drink, Tyler stated, "That went fine. Easy as stealing candy from a baby."

"Or a job from a teacher?" Brandon countered, taking another drink. "I take it he fell on your dick without any prompting."

"Oh yeah." Tyler laughed. "Like a man dying of thirst."

"Did you quench his thirst?" Brandon asked through laughter.

Grabbing his crotch, Tyler shot back, "You know it. This thing shoots off like a tidal wave."

"Great mental picture." Brandon stated sarcastically. Grabbing the bottle from Tyler, he took another mouthful.

Wiping sweat from his brow, Tyler said seductively, "You can use it any time."

Handing the bottle back Brandon said mysteriously, "No thanks, I prefer the real thing over fantasy any day."

Chuckling nervously, Tyler swallowed two mouthfuls before answering, "In your dreams."

Laughing, Brandon stood up and went over to his nightstand. Opening the top drawer, he retrieved a bag and a pipe. "I was just going to light up, want some?"

"Of course." Tyler said and walked over and sat down next to Brandon on his bed.

Watching Brandon as he loaded up the pipe, he placed the bottle at his feet. Brandon brought a lighter to the end of the pipe and inhaled deeply, keeping the harsh smoke in his lungs as he passed the pipe to Tyler. Tyler followed suit and let the feeling overcome him.

They stayed like that in silence, passing the pipe between them until it was finished. Brandon put the pipe away and closed the drawer and then fell back on his bed with a contented smile on his face.

Tyler took another drink and complained, "Damn it's hot in here."

"That's cause you're a wuss." Brandon laughed, rubbing his firm stomach in small circular motions.

"Whatever." Tyler said giving the boy the bottle before resting his back against the wall. "That's some good shit, where did you get it?"

Mimicking Tyler's movements, Brandon sat up and leaned against the wall with his feet stretched out before him. The bed was a single and both of their feet hung off the bed.

"I'll never tell." Brandon giggled and took another long drink.

Between the whiskey and the pot, Tyler was completely stoned as he lay back on the small bed. Enjoying the dreamy state, he wiped the sweat from his eyes again. Both boys glistened under the florescent lights from the heat. Brandon's blue hair was matted and hung down in his eyes but he didn't seem to care. Tyler breathed deeply, the aroma of the room permeating his nostrils, sending him even higher.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Brandon asked with half closed eyes, his hand still rubbing his stomach.

Tyler took another drink, trying to sort out his drugged emotions. Looking at Brandon's half-naked body, he shivered slightly. He had noticed the slender boy before and how handsome he was. But after his experience with the teacher, he had a newfound appreciation. Brandon was cute in every sense of the word.

From his pierced eyebrows, his intent blue eyes, his spiky blue hair down to his lean body. Normally he wore baggy clothes that masked the lithe body beneath, but since he was only in a pair of shorts, his perfect body was on display for all to see. And the sight caused mixed emotions inside Tyler.

Shaking his head, Tyler stated, "I'm not sure. Maybe I just didn't want to drink alone tonight."

"Or maybe your actually feeling guilty for what you did." Brandon said quietly, opening his eyes and looking at the boy next to him.

"I doubt that." Tyler snorted.

"Ah." Brandon sighed. Smiling, he grabbed the bottle. "You liked it, didn't you?"

That statement shocked him. He hated how the younger boy could see right through him. He could fool the entire world but for some reason the blue haired boy saw right to the heart of him.

"Maybe." Tyler spat, ripping the bottle from his hands. Taking a big drink, he handed it back.

Brandon smiled and asked, "What's the big deal? So what if you liked it."

"Why is it so hot in here?" Tyler complained as he took off his shirt and threw it on the floor.

Chuckling, Brandon swallowed another mouthful. Letting the harsh liquid on his tongue for a second before slipping it down his throat. His stomach had that warm fuzzy feeling and his mind was floating on air leaving his body numb.

Slurring a bit, Tyler replied, "What's the problem? I didn't except to like it that much." Looking over at his friend, he asked, "Have you ever felt like that?"

"Like fucking another boy?" Brandon shot back with an amused smile on his face.

"Yeah, like that."
"Of course." Brandon answered honestly. Partly from the buzz in his head and partly because he wasn't ashamed to admit it. "Who hasn't?"

"Would you ever?" Tyler asked in a small voice. Surprising himself that he was talking about this to another boy.

"What makes you think I haven't already?" Brandon asked with a grin, eyeing up Tyler's smooth chest suggestively.

"What?" Tyler exclaimed, standing up and looking down on the boy on the bed with a confused look on his face. "You've done it with a guy before?"

"Maybe." Brandon said as he fell down and rested his head on his right hand. Moving around till he was laying across his bed, he propped up his left leg against the wall and toyed with his chest with his free hand. "What's the difference if I had?"

"No difference." Tyler slurred as he weaved in front of the bed. "It's just a surprise is all."

"There's a lot that you don't know about me." Brandon stated softly. "Some you'll never know. Others, maybe if you play your cards right."

Tyler's mouth fell open and Brandon laughed at him. Here this little kid was trying to seduce him, him, Tyler Scott. He was supposed to be the one lying on the bed seducing people not the other way around. "What are you saying?"

"If you have any balls why don't you come over here and see what I'm saying." Brandon answered, rubbing his crotch slowly.

Tyler bent down and picked up his shirt from the floor and quickly left the room to the sound of Brandon laughing. The cold air hit him and made him gasp as he pounded down the steps. Pausing just long enough to put on his shirt, he ran through the backyard towards the wall.

When he approached the wall he stopped. Looking back at the garage, he shivered. The cold racked his mind, trying to break through the haze of the pot and alcohol. He wrapped his arms around his body and shook his head. As he stood there in the dark, weaving back and forth he realized that he was aroused and that his thoughts drifted back to the boy.

What's the matter with you he chided himself? Isn't that the real reason why you went to him in the first place? His mind played dirty, flashing all the pictures of Brandon that it held. Brandon swaying gently as he frantically painted, Brandon laughing as they got high together, Brandon staring at him the one time Tyler posed for him. Face it boy, it's what you really want.

"Fuck." Tyler muttered as he realized that he left his jacket inside and that he didn't have his car keys. Sighing, he headed for the garage again. This time more slowly.

Brandon had noticed the jacket and knew he would be back. As he lay there on the bed, he smiled when he heard the steps creak. For his jacket or more, Tyler was returning.

The door opened slowly and Brandon felt the cold air creep over his body. Tyler's blond head peaked inside the room and Brandon watched as the boy slowly entered the room. Tyler shut the door and stared at him without saying anything.

Brandon smiled and asked, "Did you come back for your coat or?" He left it hanging as he patted the bed next to him.

"I can't leave without my coat." Tyler said timidly. "Plus it's cold outside."

Brandon only shook his head, he knew he had the boy right where he wanted him. For as long as he could remember he wanted the blond. With his full blond hair and chiseled body, Brandon had lusted after him for so long. Now it looked like his wish was coming true.

Tyler walked over to the bed and stood. His arms were wrapped around him tightly and he was shivering. Maybe from the cold or maybe in anticipation of what's to come. Either way he stood there, motionless, silent.

"Are you cold?" Brandon asked, touching his leg gently.

"Yes." Tyler found himself answering in a little voice. His head was screaming for him to take control and stop this before it went to far but his body was more than willing.

Brandon ran his hand up his thigh and stopped just at the top. Feeling the heat emanating from the boy's crotch, Brandon smiled at him. Tyler made no effort to move his eyes slightly wide with fear as Brandon's hand started to rub his now engorged member.

"I know you want it." Brandon cooed. "All you have to do is lay down."

After he said that, Brandon pushed his body against the wall, letting his free hand rest on his stomach, his eyes peering at Tyler intently. Whatever happened would be Tyler's decision; he would have to make the first move.

Tyler looked at the boy, lying there with his hair falling in his eyes, a picture of raw sexuality that he was offering freely. In a split decision, Tyler slowly took off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. Kicking off his shoes, he sat down with his back to Brandon. His heart was pounding; he could hear the blood rushing through his brain. Even through the fog of stimulants he yearned for this too happen. With a clear head, he lay down on his back and looked nervously at the boy who would show him his secret desire.

Their eyes met. One filled with trepidation the other filled with lust. Brandon reached across Tyler's smooth chest and grabbed the bottle that was sitting on the floor. Leaning his own body against him, he breathed deeply. Tyler smelled of sweat mixed with pot and a faint scent of cologne. Brandon smiled as he sat the bottle in between Tyler's legs. He made sure it was snug before taking off the cap, Tyler instinctively pressed his thighs together to keep the bottle from spinning. Throwing the cap across the room, Brandon put his finger inside the bottle and tipped it upside down, coating his finger with the harsh liquid.

Returning the bottle to it's resting space between Tyler's legs, he brought his finger to Tyler's lips. Coating the pouty lips, he inserted his finger when Tyler opened his mouth slightly. Tyler sucked on his finger till the flavor was gone and then licked his lips making sure to get all of the whiskey.

With just his finger, Brandon traced a trail down his chest. His finger barely touching the quivering flesh as he continued down till he felt the rough fabric of the jeans. Smiling when Tyler gasped, he traced the outline of the erection till he reached the bottle. This time he brought the bottle to his own lips and took a mouthful. Replacing the bottle again, he brought his own lips to Tyler's and started letting the whiskey run out his mouth. Tyler smiled and opened his mouth, allowing the whiskey to pour from Brandon's mouth into his.

When all the whiskey was gone, Brandon touched his lips softly to Tyler's. For a moment, Tyler tensed. But then he relented and let Brandon invade his mouth. Their tongues wrestled together, tasting each other's essence. Tyler's hand found Brandon's head and caressed the blue strains, gently stroking while they kissed passionately.

Tyler began purring in the back of his throat and his kissing became more urgent as he let himself go and started enjoying the sensations that Brandon was giving him. For a while they kissed, hands exploring each other tentatively, gaining more confidence as time progressed.

By now Brandon was on top, grinding his crotch into Tyler's with wild abandon as his tongue exploded every cranny in Tyler's mouth.

"Wait." Tyler said, breaking away from the kiss.

"What?" Brandon said breathlessly.

"The bottle."

"Oh." Brandon smiled and reached down and grabbed the bottle and put it on the floor. Laughing as Tyler growled and pushed him against the wall before kissing him deeply. Tyler roamed his hands up and down Brandon's taunt body, groaning his appreciation at what he felt.

When his hands found Brandon's erection, Brandon moaned loudly and thrust his hips against Tyler's hand. In no time, Tyler had his hand inside the loose shorts and grabbed someone else's dick for the first time. Amazed by how hard yet soft it felt he started stroking madly.

"Calm down, there's plenty of time for that." Brandon said, grabbing his hand. Turning over on his back, he started pulling down his shorts. Tyler helped him and smiled when the engorged dick smacked against Brandon's stomach.

Kicking the shorts off the bed, Brandon ran his hand down Tyler's chest and started fiddling with his belt. Tyler lay down on his back and quickly undid the belt. Brandon stopped him and sat up. Moving down Tyler's body, he sat down on his knees. With a crooked smile, he unbuttoned the pants and opened them. Kissing Tyler's stomach just above the plaid boxers, he started pulling down the pants.

Instinctively, Tyler raised his hips to aid him. Taking advantage of the extra help, Brandon grabbed pants and all and ripped them down, exposing Tyler's cock to the air. Dropping the pants and boxers to the floor, Brandon took in the sight of Tyler's nakedness.

It was just like his fantasy. Tyler had tan lines but his skin was smooth, just a light dusting of hair on his toned legs. Where his bathing suit covered was pale as snow but against the contrast of his firm stomach, Brandon instantly fell in love with Tyler's body. His stomach was sunken in, evidence that Tyler hadn't eaten in a while, his chest was slightly heaving with anticipation and he blushed at the way Brandon looked at him.

"Like what you see?" He asked, rubbing his stomach softly.

"I likes." Brandon stated as he crawled on his hands and knees until he was inches from Tyler's lips. Leaning down he kissed him as he slowly pressed against Tyler's naked body. Both boys shivered as the feeling of flesh against flesh assaulted their senses.

Brandon started thrusting against Tyler's hard cock, trapping both erections between their sweaty stomachs. Kissing madly, Tyler responded in the same manner. His stomach clenching as he met Brandon's wild movements. The smell of sweat was heavy in the air as the two boys lost themselves in the moment.

Tyler couldn't stand it any more; he pushed Brandon on his back and attacked his dick. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he took it inside his mouth. Brandon groaned and grabbed Tyler's head as the boy tried to deep throat him.

Wincing in pain, Brandon warned, "Watch your teeth."

"Sorry." Tyler mumbled.

"Go slow. Enjoy it." Brandon coaxed, loving the feel of Tyler's mouth.

Tyler steadied himself, and slowly began licking up and down. Resting his body weight on his knees, he gently cupped Brandon's balls while he sucked on the bulbous head.

"Don't touch my balls." Brandon winced. "There extremely sensitive."

"Sorry." Tyler mumbled again with a mouthful of dick. Now he had one hand on his own dick and the other one massaging Brandon's thigh as he started speeding up his pace.

"Yeah. That's good." Brandon moaned, whipping his head from side to side. "I'm close though."

This only caused Tyler to speed up. His own approaching orgasm was only seconds away and he wanted them to cum together. It didn't take long for Brandon to ram his cock down Tyler throat and scream out in ecstasy. As the warm substance hit the back of his throat, Tyler's own orgasm erupted, spraying Brandon's legs.

Grimacing at the salty taste, Tyler continued to suck until Brandon pushed him away saying, "I'm to sensitive."

Tyler collapsed next Brandon, both breathing heavy in the aftermath of their release. Brandon reached down and scooped some of Tyler's essence and brought it to his lips. Smiling at Tyler, he licked his hand clean and smacked his lips.

"You taste good." He said with a grin.

"You're not so bad yourself." Tyler muttered, feeling completely comfortable with the boy. "I can't believe how intense that was."

Wiping away the sweat from Tyler's eyes, Brandon said, "So, did you like?"

"Yes." Tyler admitted, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I can't believe I actually did that."

"Neither can I." Brandon teased. "That's gross. What are you a fag?"

Tyler smiled and kissed him on the cheek and said, "Maybe, I'm not sure. What about you?"

Brandon stood up and walked over to his nightstand and grabbed a cigarette. Drawing the blue black smoke into his lungs, he looked at the boy laying naked on his bed and said, "I'm not gay."

Tyler had a look of confusion on his face as Brandon lay down on his back next to him. Brandon blew out the smoke and said, "I'm just sexual. I don't have a label."

Taking the cigarette from his mouth, Tyler breathed deeply and held it in his lungs. Leaning over he placed his mouth over Brandon's and blew the smoke into him. Laughing at Brandon's reaction, he said, "That's fine with me. Labels suck anyway."

Tyler snuggled up next to Brandon and sighed. "What a night?"

Smiling, Brandon wrapped his arm around the older boy and listened to him breath. Before he finished the cigarette, he realized that Tyler was fast asleep. Moving slowly as not to wake him, Brandon gave him a pillow to hug. Walking quietly across the room, he grabbed his sketchbook. Sitting down a few feet from the bed, he started sketching the naked boy as he slept. Just in case this was a one time thing, he wanted to remember it forever.

An hour later, Brandon put his pad away and returned to the bed. Tyler moaned a bit when Brandon crept back inside his embrace. But Brandon kissed his cheek and whispered for him to go back to sleep. Pulling the covers over them, he quickly fell asleep wrapped around Tyler's body.

Several hours later he awoke with a start. Opening his eyes, Brandon groaned. His head felt like someone was pounding against his skull and his mouth was dry. The memory of last night's events came crashing back and he smiled. Getting up he looked around. He knew it; Tyler had left sometime before he woke up.

Walking over to his sketchbook, he opened it and smiled. There he was, naked, lying on the bed. "At least it wasn't a dream." He said softly to himself as he crawled back into bed. Rolling over he pulled the covers over his head and drifted back to sleep with a smile on his face.

To Be Continued

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