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BY: FireAngel

If not for that tragic for years I would not be the man I am today. The pain, the joy, the heartache defines me and begs me on till morning. Set your sight on the stars and your dreams will be realized...FireAngel

The sun was warm for an autumn afternoon as the five soon to be seniors lazily walked down the sloping trail surrounded by the effervescent color of the evergreen trees. The contrast of colors almost blinded them as browns and greens mingled with the clear blue sky giving them a feeling of invincibility as they playfully shoved one another as they headed off the trail to their "private spot".

The dense trees hid the sparse trail as the five youths trotted up the steep side of the mountain. After about fifty yards they rounded an outcropping and one by one they climbed the twelve feet till they came out on top of a large bolder that overlooked the lake. Far below them, the brown observatory looked small nestled in the foothills. From their vantagepoint high above, the hikers below them looked like small versions of themselves as they moved about the numerous trails honeycombing the surrounding mountain.

The top of the bolder was about twenty feet by ten feet, more than enough room for the five youths. The four lads looked to their unspoken leader standing at the edge of the bolder. With the sun shining down directly at them, only the faint outline of his body could be seen.

He stood right at six feet, well muscled in a natural way. In the two years they knew him, no one had ever seen him exercise or workout but somehow he kept his defined body. He had straight brown hair that fell well below his shoulders, long and glossy as it gently blew in the wind. Every so the sun would reflect off the earrings he wore in each ear, giving off a sparkly illusion. Though they couldn't see his face, they knew he had his piercing blue eyes trained on them.

Reaching into the pocket of his leather jacket, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Grabbing one of the joints from the pack, he lit one up and took a deep tote on it before passing it. "Here Dwayne." He stated in that weird voice that people get when they smoke pot.

Dwayne took it with a smile and took a big drag, "Wow. That's harsh."

The leader, Jesse, laughed at him as he passed the joint to his left. While he waited for his turn, he studied his friends closely. Dwayne of course was his best friend in the group; they seldom went anywhere separately. When he first moved to Glacier Bay, Dwayne was the first person he met, and they immediately became fast friends. Which was weird in it self since they were nothing alike.

Dwayne was tall, a good two inches taller, with this mane of brown hair that hung past his shoulders wildly. He had the thickest hair of anyone and most girls would look at him in envy when he passed them. But that was where the similarities stopped. He was thin, almost skinny, when he took off his shirt you could see the ribs sticking out. It looked disgusting to some degree, being able to count his ribs like that but his friends had gotten use to it. Though he ate constantly, he never seemed to gain weight; it was quite a mystery how fast his body burned the fuel. He had thick glasses that covered his brown eyes and he continually had to push them up with his hand. He was the levelheaded one of the group, always in the background but somehow making sure that no one did anything to stupid.

If Dwayne was the smart one, Matt was the proverbial opposite of that. Matt had what Scott called small man's syndrome. He was the shortest of the group, five and a half feet tall. What he lacked in height he made up for it with an overpowering sense of self and attitude that sent most people running in fear when he was angry. He had short brown hair and brown eyes that peered at everything and everyone around him with a kind of contempt. His temper was legendary around the school, quickly to fight five people as fast as he would attack one. Odds didn't seem to matter to this hotheaded youth, when he got mad he attacked. Built like a boxer, he was small and compact but very solid. He exercised continually, almost obsessed by staying fit. He was the type of friend that was good to have if anything started. Extremely loyal to his friends and devoutly leery of anyone new.

Next was Tyson, a barrel chested man that had the makings of a good beer belly though he was only 18. His sandy blond hair was wild and unkempt; his motto was if it was out of his eyes then it was fine. Normally he hid the unruly mess under a cap. He had hazel eyes that sparkled when he laughed, a full body laugh that never ceased to amuse his friends. He also wore glasses, and absently scrunched up his nose to push them back up every few seconds. Neither a fighter nor quiet, he was somewhere in the middle. Always quick to laugh he had this understated sense of humor that borderline sarcasm as he teased his friends mercilessly. He would go out of his way to avoid a fight but never backed down once it started.

Then lastly, Greg, the slender blond. The quiet one, always in the background happy just to be with friends. He embodied the boy next door stereotype to a tee. Tall and slender with curly blond hair and pale blue eyes, personality that any parent instantly fell in love with. To take a first look at the group, he looked the odd man out. He looked like he should be on the football team instead always buried under the hood of his truck. But Greg hated the whole idea of jocks and what they represent in high school. Popularity was something he avoided like the plague, though most people automatically felt drawn to him.

Jesse watched with an amused smile as Greg took the joint and breathed the harsh smoke in his lungs. The group had a running bet at just how fast he would hurl. No matter how many times he smoked up, it was inevitable that he would puke within the hour. He was the same way with drinking; his body just couldn't handle it though he drank as much as everyone else.

Jesse had his own opinion on why the blond drank and smoked but never broached the subject with him. He knew all to well what someone who do just to belong somewhere. He had been doing it his whole life and it was something that he understood.

Sure enough, seconds after he exhaled, he leaned over the side of the bolder and puked up his breakfast loudly. Jesse laughed and said, "Well Dwayne, looks like you win again."

Dwayne smiled a crooked smile and replied, "Self high five."

Greg wiped his mouth and grinned at his friends, "That's really good stuff."

The joint passed around the circle until it was finished. The friends had sat down in a crude circle, their legs underneath their bodies. They let the strong narcotic wash over them, relishing the fuzzy feeling it brought on. For a while they sat in silence, enjoying the sunshine and the closeness of friends.

Finally, Tyson spoke softly, "What are we going to do tonight?"

Though the question wasn't directed at Jesse, all eyes focused on him for an answer. Jesse pondered the question for awhile in silence. Since this was the last weekend before school started, they needed one last hooray. Suddenly smiling, he replied, "Why don't we throw a party at Skater's cabin?"

"But I work." Tyson interjected with a frown.

"Me too." Matt chipped in.

"So." Jesse stated bluntly. "We'll do it after you finish."

Matt, Dwayne, Tyson and Greg all worked at the local grocery store aptly named Superbear. Dave, the sixth member of their group worked as a waiter for his father's restaurant. Jesse was the only one without a job. When he first arrived here, he had tried without success at finding a job. But the places around here were wary of hiring a boy with a troubled past. So for extra cash he did odd jobs for the junkyard, off the books of course.

"Ten." Dwayne answered, looking at his watch. "Matter of fact we've got to be going soon."

Jesse stated, "Okay, Matt why don't you steal some pallets tonight, we need wood for the fire."

"Easy." Matt replied with a grin. He was also the thief in the group. But since he kept everyone in cigarettes they didn't seem to mind his larcenous habits.

"What are you doing today Greg?" Jesse asked, turning his head to look at the blond who seemed to be spacing out at the sky.

"Nothing." Came the slurred reply.

"Then why don't we take care of the beer while everyone else is at work."


Dwayne said as he stood up, "I'll call Dave later on and tell him what we're doing."

Matt asked as they headed for the edge of the bolder to climb down, "Who are we inviting?"

"Everyone." Jesse said as he jumped off the edge of giant rock. "Might as well have some fun tonight."

The five friends walked quickly back to the main trail and headed down. As they walked, they bickered over who would be the lucky one to invite Becky along. Becky was more or less their steady piece of ass. Each boy taking turns with the attractive brunet. As they reached the parking lot, it was agreed upon that Matt would be the lucky one later on that night.

Deciding that eleven was the perfect time to meet up, Dwayne and Tyson jumped into Dwayne's black Ford Ranger while Matt climbed into his green Dodge. Where Dwayne's ranger was painted with primer black, Matt's flatbed was green with orange racing stripes that he had painted on after a heavy night of drinking. Both trucks were old and needed constant tinkering to keep running but the boys enjoyed the challenge.

Greg walked to his raised 68 Ford with Jesse close behind. Greg's truck was in the best condition of them all. Last summer he had spent most of his time rebuilding the engine and even painted it himself with some help from his shop teacher Mr. Tucker. Then earlier this year, he had raised the body ten inches and stuck on these huge tires. It was painted a soft blue and was finished with chrome step-sides.

Jesse hauled himself into the massive truck and grinned as his friend started the engine. The powerful V-8 roared to life and the body slightly twisted as Greg revved up the engine. Grinning like a madman, Greg threw it in gear and ran over the curb in front of them. His tires squealing as they made contact with the pavement on the other side.

Greg reached for his cigarettes and asked while he fumbled for with his lighter, "So, how are we going to get beer?"

Jesse grinned at him and replied, "We go see Moses."

Moses was a strange man who lived with his wife in a converted hotel on the outskirts of town. The owner had converted the rooms into one-room efficiency apartments. It wasn't much but the rooms were cheap and you could pretty much do anything you wanted too as long as the neighbors didn't complain. Since the neighbors were always involved with the ruckus, everyone pretty much got along.

Jesse had met Moses at a gas station one day when he approached the aging hippy offering to pay for his gas in exchange for him buying beer for them. This was the start of a beautiful friendship between them. Now, as long as Jesse paid him with pot, the bearded man would pretty much buy anything for them. And in a pinch, they were allowed to party at the rowdy hotel.

"Do you have enough money?" Greg asked as he flew down the road ignoring the speed limit.

Checking his wallet, Jesse counted silently, "No, how much do you have?"

"Fifty bucks." He replied as he ran a stoplight indifferently. "Just give him some of that shit we smoked earlier. He'd do anything for that."

Jesse looked at his friend with a mocking expression, "Are you crazy? This shit is way to good to waste on that old bastard."

"Where did you get that anyway?" Greg asked curiously.

"From Teddy." Jesse said with a grin. Knowing how much Greg hated the local supplier. "He sprinkled some speed on it for me."

"No wonder it hit me so hard." Greg laughed with a grin.

Jesse lit up a smoke as he said, "Everything hits you hard."

The hotel was coming up on the right and instead of waiting for the entrance; Greg simple drove off the road and over the grass until he stopped just inches from the red building.

"Jesus Greg." Jesse said with a pale face. "I wish you wouldn't do that."

Shrugging, Greg jumped out, "What's a truck for if you can't go off-road with it."

Jesse slammed the door and walked up to Room 21. Banging on the door loudly, he called out in a deep voice, "FBI. Open up."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I can't believe you did that to him." Greg was saying as he pulled into Burger King. Parking in the last row, his over-sized truck took up two spaces.

Jesse only laughed, brushing the strains of hair from his eyes absently; "He deserved it."

Greg shook his head as he zipped up his black leather jacket, his green eyes surveying the cars in the lot. Seeing Dave's Ford Tempo in the lot, he smiled at Jesse.

"Dave's here." He informed his friend. "I thought he was working today."

Jesse shrugged as they walked inside the brightly-lit restaurant; "Maybe he's on lunch."

"He works in a restaurant, why would he come all the way over here to eat this slop." Greg argued.

As they walked inside, the smell of french fries assaulted their senses mixed with the not so subtle smell of Clorox. The combination of the two caused Greg to wince as they walked up to the counter. A little sixteen-year-old boy smiled at them and asked in a squeaky voice if he could help them.

Jesse whispered something to Greg and walked over to the table where Dave was deep in conversation with a pretty brunet girl. Immediately everything made sense, the girl was wearing blue pants and a blue shirt with the Burger King logo over the right breast. Dave was wearing black pants with a white button up shirt, his uniform from work.

His straight black hair was styled and had a glossy sheen to it as usual. His icy blue eyes were fixed on the pretty petite brunet and he didn't see Jesse approach the table.

"Dave, what are you doing?" Jesse asked loudly, causing his friend to jump half way out of his seat with a scared look on his narrow face.

Laughing at his friend, Jesse sat down and grinned at the girl sitting across from him. She was pretty, not much older than sixteen years old. Shoulder length brown hair that hung limply around her face. A few pimples across her forehead but from a casual glance, she would probably grow up to be a beautiful woman.

Jesse grabbed one of Dave's fries and said, "Hi, I'm Jesse." He flashed a smile, knowing what it did to the opposite sex.

She smiled back at him shyly; "I'm Traci. Nice to meet you ya."

Dave kept looking at Jesse, then back to Traci with a nervous twitch on his face. Jesse looked at his friend calmly and said, "She's cute. I didn't know you were seeing someone."

Dave turned red and replied quietly, "I'm not really. I just dropped by to see if she wanted to go the party tonight."

"And is she?" He asked, his eyes sparkling at her from across the table.

"Are you?" He asked, his face contorted in anticipation.

"Can I bring some friends?" She asked, staring at Jesse with an unreadable look in her eyes.

"Of course you can." Jesse replied. "The more the merrier."

Turning to look at Dave, she smiled and said as she stood up, "I'll see you tonight. Bye."

Jesse laughed as Dave groaned and smacked his head against the table. The whole time muttering, "Why did you have to show up here of all places?"

Jesse pointed to Greg who was walking to the table with a tray piled high with food. "Greg was hungry. You know how he gets after he smokes up."

Dave looked at Jesse's eyes and smiled, "Do you ever take a break with that shit?"

"Only when I don't have any." He replied flippantly as Greg sat down.

"Jesus, you're hungry aren't you." Dave stated, eyeing up the five whoppers on the tray along with three large fries and two large cups.

Greg shrugged and asked as he opened up his burger, "Who's the tramp?"

Dave's face darkened and he shot out, "Don't call her that please. She's coming to the party tonight along with some friends."

Taking a huge bite of the messy sandwich, Greg talked with his mouth full, "Awful nice of her to bring girls for everyone."

Jesse was in the middle of taking a drink as Dave stated, "I've got to get back to work. I'm already late."

Jesse rolled his eyes as he stood up to let the slender youth out. "See you tonight." He called out as Dave walked quickly out of the restaurant.

Laughing, he sat back down and started eating ravenously. They ate in silence until Jesse finished his burger. Belching loudly, he leaned against the wall and put his feet on the bench in front of him. Picking at some fries that Greg hadn't eaten yet, he asked, "Are you bringing anyone tonight?"

"Nope." Greg said, as he started on his third whopper, showing no signs of slowing down. "I'm going to get fucked up and pass out in my truck."

"And that would be different than any other night?" Jesse asked with his eyes crossed.

"I a creature of habit." Greg said indifferently as he concentrated on the food before him.

Jesse lost himself in his own quagmire of emotions. Though he was closest with Dwayne, the friendship between him and Greg had deepened in the last few months. When he first started hanging with everyone, besides Matt, who was always distrustful of anyone, Greg had been the most standoffish one of the bunch. Even after Matt accepted him, Greg seemed to be on the fence about him for some reason.

At first Jesse wondered if it was something about him, but as time went on, he started to understand a bit more about the enigmatic blond. For the most part, Greg was quiet and self-effacing. Sometime you would forget he was even there for hours at a time until he spoke up out of the blue and say something so deep everyone who just stare at him in amazement.

But all that changed after a wild night at Matt's house right after school finished last year. It was one of those rare times when Greg wasn't the first one passed out. Long after everyone was snoring wherever they fell, the two of them had sat outside on the porch talking until the sun came up. Jesse had found out more about him that one night than he had in the year and a half they had known each other.

Greg was the type of person that Jesse was attracted too. A loyal friend that wouldn't judge him and really only asked for his time. Unlike Dwayne who always felt the need to interfere with his friends' lives, Greg only wanted to hang out and bullshit. And as a complete surprise, Jesse found out the hard way that he possessed a mischievous sense of humor. He played pranks on the guys frequently and in most cases, they never even suspected he was cause of it. He once stated emphatically that the best joke is the one no one knows about. Jesse was beginning to understand this philosophy as he watched the prankster do it again and again.

"What about you?"

Jesse looked over at his friend who was finished stuffing his face for the moment. "What?"

"Are you bringing anyone tonight?" Greg repeated his question, reaching inside his jacket for his cigarettes with one hand while the other pushed the tray away from him.

Shaking his head, Jesse replied, "Nope. But I'm sure before the night is over I'll find someone."

"You usually do." Greg said, tossing Jesse a cigarette. "Come on, let's get out of here."

Jesse followed him outside and after they climbed inside the truck, he suddenly asked, "Why did you ever break up with Melissa anyway, I never really understood that."

Greg took a deep drag, drawing the blue black smoke deep into his lungs before answering. "I got bored with her."

"That's the whole story." Jesse stated sarcastically. "You two were dating for three years and suddenly you got bored."

"Pretty much." Greg said with a shrug.

Jesse groaned loudly, letting his friend know that he didn't believe a word of it. "She's sexy. I can't believe you gave that up."

"It's all about what you think is sexy no isn't it." He stated cryptically, flicking his cigarette butt out the window.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Jesse fired back.

"Exactly what I said." Greg stated quietly in a tone that ended that particular subject.

Sighing, Jesse gave in. "How much ice do you have at your house? We need to get that beer cold."

Grunting non-commitingly, Greg darted into a gas station. "Go buy some."

Jesse darted inside the small convenient store and returned a few minutes later carrying three large bags of ice. Throwing them in the bed of the truck, he disappeared into the building again. This time he almost immediately walked out again carrying another three bags. When he climbed back inside the cab, Greg was softly singing along with the radio.

Jesse accused him; "You could have helped you know."

"I know."

Jesse smiled at him and started singing along with P.O.D as Greg pulled out the wrong way on a one way street. Luckily they didn't meet any cars and at the next street Greg turned left and headed in the direction of his house. Riding with the blond was always an adventure; Greg just didn't seem to grasp the concept of right of way or stop signs. Basically he went wherever he wished and ignored all posted signs.

Greg turned into his driveway and parked in front of the garage door. They got out and opened the door and retrieve the half dozen coolers they had stored there. Throwing them in the bed of the truck, they quickly arranged the beer in the coolers and dumped the ice inside. Satisfied of their efforts, they went inside the blue house.

Greg led the way into his room and grabbed some clothes from the dresser. Looking at Jesse he stated, "I'm going to grab a shower real quick. Help yourself to a drink I'll be out in a couple."

"Don't rub yourself too raw. You never know your true love might be at the party." Jesse teased him as he entered the bathroom.

He could only partly catch Greg's reply and it caused him to laugh. Looking around Greg's room, he had to smile. Nothing on the walls, hardly any personal touches at all. Dirty clothes were everywhere, the bed, the desk chair, all over the floor. Sometime he wondered how people could live in such a mess but then he realized that not everyone was anal like he was. Pushing the clothes off the chair, he turned on the computer and waited.

His eyes narrowed as a window popped up and flashed, "Password protection."

Shaking his head, Jesse wondered why the blond did that, he was an only child and his parents never entered his room. Walking over to the bathroom, he opened the door and stuck his head inside. The smell of shampoo was almost overpowering and he had trouble seeing through the steam that wafted from the shower.

Smiling as he heard Greg softly singing to himself, he called out loudly, "Hey Mariah Carey. What's the password for your computer?"

Greg poked his head around the shower curtain and called back, "What?"

"I want to check my mail. What's your password?" Jesse reiterated slowly.

"Not telling." Greg said and disappeared behind the curtain again and resumed singing.

"Asshole." Jesse stated over his shoulder and walked back into the room. Sitting down at the desk he stared at the screen. His mind trying to figure out what Greg's password would be. He tried some of the more obvious ones before moving on to favorite movie titles. He went through Greg's favorite song titles and bands. Not giving up, he let his eyes wander around the room, hoping something would pop out. When his eyes hit the bookcase, he walked over. Reading the titles silently, he tried to remember the name of the book Greg was always reading.

"You're so cold." Greg stated from the bedroom doorway. His hair was still damp and there were little beads of water covering his chest. He was wearing a pair of boxer briefs and holding a towel in one hand.

"Why did you protect your computer?" Jesse asked, giving up and sitting on the un-made bed.

"To keep nosey people like you out of my shit." Greg said with a grin as he covered his head with the towel and started rubbing vigorously.

Jesse stood up and approached him quietly. Once he was close enough, he yelled out as he started tickling the half-naked boy in front of him. Greg's response wasn't the one he was expecting. But he rushed Jesse and picked him up over his shoulder and did somewhat of a body slam on his bed.

Jesse grunted as all the air was driven out of his lungs from Greg crashing down on him. As he pulled the towel from his head, Jesse twisted his body and yanked him over his head where he landed in a pile at the foot of the bed. Before Greg could right himself, Jesse dropped on top of him and grabbed the blonde's hands as he settled across Greg's waist. For a few minutes, Greg twisted and struggled to free his hands but Jesse had his entire body pressing down and finally Greg gave up.

Both boys were breathing heavy as they fought to regain their breath. Jesse's long hair fell in Greg's eyes. Suddenly Jesse's eyes widened as he realized the position they were in. He was straddling Greg's waist and since he was holding down Greg's arms, he was only inches away from Greg's face. When he saw the smirk on Greg's face, he quickly jumped up and walked over to the computer.

Greg slowly sat up and hauled himself to his feet. Smiling at Jesse's back, he quickly adjusted himself and walked over to the closet and pulled on a pair of black jeans.

"So are you going to let me check my mail?" Jesse asked softly, pulling his hair from his face and tucking it behind his ears.

Greg replied with a chuckle, "If you go and get some soda's I'll log on for you."

Choosing a black shirt with Tool's logo across the front, Greg slipped it on. He walked over to the chair and leaned down, his hands resting on the armrest. Jesse looked up at him and said with a hint of anger in his voice, "Fine, if you don't want me to know your password I'll go to the kitchen."

"Perfect." Greg said, shoving his friend gently as he stood up and stormed from the room. The minute he was gone, Greg exhaled loudly. Sitting down in the chair he quickly typed his password. By the time Jesse returned with two Dr. Peppers, Greg was sitting on the bed pulling on his boots.

"Thanks." Jesse said sarcastically when he saw that Greg and not only signed on the computer but he also went online and signed on Jesse's Yahoo account.

"My pleasure." Greg said as Jesse threw the can of soda across the room. Greg caught it easily and set it down on the floor next to him as he finished tying his boots up.

"Aren't you thirsty?" Jesse asked, opening up his email.

Keeping his features neutral, Greg replied casually, "I'm going to let it settle down before I open it."

Jesse turned and looked at his friend with a grin. "I swear I didn't shake it up."

Greg gave him a stern look and lowered his head slightly. Jesse smiled at him and replied again, "I didn't shake it up. I promise."

Greg took the can and opened it up. "Mother fucker." He yelled as the dark liquid shot everywhere. Bringing the can to his lips, he drank it down as fast as he could. Jesse doubled up with laughter on the chair. Greg started heading for him, with a look of murder in his emerald eyes. Jesse called out through his laughter and held up one hand, "Wait. I didn't shake it up. I really didn't. But I did drop it once or twice."

Giggling despite himself, Greg took off his soaked shirt and threw it at Jesse's head. He walked out of the room and headed for the bathroom. Jesse turned back to the computer and replied to a few of the emails and shut down the computer.

He heard Greg enter the room and as he spun around in the chair, he had just enough time to shut his eyes before Greg dumped a bucket full of ice cold water on his head. Jesse jumped up and ran across the room swearing loudly the whole time.

Grabbing the front of his shirt, he pulled it out. Trying hard not to shiver as the shirt pulled tightly across his back. Walking over to Greg's bed, he leaned over and wrung out his hair all over Greg's pillow. Calmly taking off his shirt, he did the same thing. As he sat down on the bed and started taking off his boots, Greg put the bucket down and watched him to see what was coming next.

He stood up and started taking off his pants. Greg quickly stated, "Okay you win. I'll stop."

"You see." Jesse said as he pulled down the wet jeans. Stepping out of them, he held them in his hands and said, "That's not good enough. I'm soaked and very cold."

"I know. I can see." Greg said with a chuckle, pointing to the pale chest.

Jesse looked down at his hard nipples and with a questioning look on his face he tilted his head to one side and stared at his friend. Trying to puzzle out the meaning of Greg's behavior, the wet pants dropped from his hands and landed on the floor with a splat. Here he was standing in his boxer briefs, which were wet and very transparent, and his friend was looking at him with the weirdest expression on his face. Almost like a mocking face, but his eyes said something else all together. For the first time, Jesse actually felt uncomfortable under that gaze.

Consciously holding his hands in front his crotch, he asked, "Can I borrow some clothes till mine dry?"

"Of course. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help you out." Greg said, his face slipping back into his usual smirk as he walked over to the closet.

Jesse took a step back as Greg stood at the closet, riffling through his clothes. He suddenly became very aware of the naked back only a few feet in front of him. Very defined, his muscles rippling as he moved the clothes on the bar. Jesse licked his lips, watching in an almost hypnotic state as Greg whistled to himself.

Greg turned around and caught him looking. A smile lit up his face as he said, "Try these on. They should fit. You have a bit bigger waist then I do."

"Thanks." Jesse mumbled, his eyes staring at his feet. As he slipped on the black jeans, his mind raced. What the hell was going on? Was it his imagination or was he flirting with me? As he fumbled with the top button, he saw Greg step towards him. Greg's hands moved the wet hair from his eyes so he could see to button up his pants. Gently, Greg put the strains of hair behind his ears.

"Ah--thanks." Jesse said with a weak grin.

"Put this shirt on. Your high beams are blinding me." Greg said with another chuckle.

This time Jesse actually blushed. Throwing the shirt over his head, he could almost feel Greg's gaze on his body. For some reason, he slowed down and slowly pulled the shirt down his body. When his head popped out the top of the shirt, Greg was facing the closet again, looking through his shirts. Jesse breathed out and silently said, `this is going to be a long night.'

To Be Continued

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