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Goo Goo Muck Chapter 4

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He lived in my complex? Part of me wondered why he hadn't told be before. I was silent for a moment; I didn't really know what to say. I was filled with an unexpected mix of emotions, a combination of surprise and yet supreme happiness and I didn't know why. I waited for a moment before I said, "Damn! That's cool." He looked at me as we started walking back towards the complex and I caught myself staring into his eyes. I turned away quickly as he started speaking. "Yeah, we moved in last week."

"Straight from California?" I found myself wanting to know more about him. "Nah," he said, "we moved here from North Carolina." "Whoa, NC? I'd never have pegged you as the type to live in NC or here for that matter. How'd you end up here anyhow?" "It's kind of a long story." He said. His tone was suddenly more somber and I thought it best to change the subject. "Hey!" I laughed. "So what's the deal with you and the math bitch?" "Eh, what do you mean?" He said, his face revealing a bit of a sly grin. "Ah fuck, you know what I mean. There's like a cold war going on between you two. You're freedom and she's the U.S.S.R." His face lit up as he started laughing. "I don't know. I mean, I'm not supposed to be in Algebra and she just decided to treat me like a nothing, so I had to piss her off a bit. What the hell is she on anyhow?" "Nicotine!" I said, laughing.

"Nicotine? Are you fucking kidding? I thought the woman was on acid!" "Ha! No, she's just a chain smoker, and she's been a bitch ever since smoking was banned on campus. I uh... She sure does have a hard on for you!" I clamped my mouth shut in horror. I couldn't believe what I nearly said. Fortunately, he didn't appear to notice. "I don't think she's looking to fuck me... more like fuck me over." He said with a cynical grin. Fuck him? Why did he have to say that, shit, no I wouldn't think about that. I faked a laugh. We were just entering the complex now but I didn't want to quit talking to him. "Hey, um, it's really fucking hot inside right now, and our air is busted again! Why don't you take a seat over on one of the picnic tables in the back and I'll go in and get us a couple of Cokes and we can chat for a bit more." My voice probably gave me away. I was hoping he'd accept. "Oh, thanks, I am kind of thirsty," he said as he flashed me a small grin. I just stood there, looking at him for a moment. His teeth were perfectly straight and his smile was brilliantly white. I was doing it again! I blushed slightly before running off to get the Cokes. I nearly raced up the stairs. I don't know why but for some reason I thought he might leave and I just had to talk to him some more. I ran to the fridge and found we actually had a couple of cans left and they were cold. I closed the door in a hurry and started to run back out but then ducked into the bathroom for a moment first. It was stupid but I wanted to make sure my hair was in place. It hadn't mattered before but now for some reason, my hair just had to be nice. I took a moment to run my fingers through it. I was about to run out the door when I remembered that he'd cut himself. I reached under the sink and grabbed a first aid kit, shoving one of the Cokes in my side pocket so I could carry it and I bolted back out the door. He lay back across the table, and I noticed instantly that he'd removed his shirt again. He'd tied it up a bit, covering the bottom part of his stomach and his waist and I couldn't help but wonder if he really had a belly ring.

I guess I could have asked but I was afraid it might somehow sound too gay. This was one of those times I wished I'd had X-ray vision but I wasn't sure I'd have stopped with his belly button if I had it. GAHHHH, what was I thinking? He sat up as he heard me approach. He wasn't what I'd call buff, but his body was toned. His skin still had a summer bronze to it and while his chest wasn't hairy it did sport a tiny treasure trail of fine blonde hairs. I watched as tiny droplets of water trailed down from the ends of his hair, running slowly down his neck and increasing in speed as they raced towards his waist. Lucky fuckers! I thought. "Hey, you're back," he said snapping me out of my trance. "Oh yeah, sorry it took so long, I brought you this," I said as I handed him the first aid kit, "I thought your band aids and shit might still be packed up." "Thanks!" he said. He seemed a bit surprised, almost as if bringing him a first aid kit was the last thing in the world he expected me to do. "They don't look too bad." I said to him as I watched him pull out an antiseptic wipe and begin to clean the wound on his arm. "Nah, I've had much worse, usually it's my legs. Road rash is a bitch." He said. "Yeah, I've had that a few times, it fucking sucks." I said as I took a seat at the table. I couldn't help but notice he had about a one-inch gash on his back. "Hey, you've got a pretty good cut on your back." "Yeah the fence got me on the way down." "That one looks a bit nasty, you should clean it too." I said to him without thinking about it. "Oh yeah, I'll just take up yoga so I can reach it" He flashed me a cocky grin. "Ok, smart ass, give it to me," I said taking the antiseptic from him. He was sitting on top of the table so I sat directly behind him on the little bench attached to the table. I'd never noticed how thin he was. He wasn't anorexic just naturally thin. I could literally count all of his ribs and I unconsciously traced them with my fingertips.

He trembled slightly when I touched him. "It's alright, it's not going to hurt" I told him as I took the antibiotic wipe and began to rub gently up and down the length of the cut, wiping away the dried blood and grime. I must have hit a tender spot, he hissed and jerked sharply. "I'm sorry," I said softly as I placed a hand on his shoulder and began to blow lightly on the cut. I don't know why I thought blowing on it would help, but my mother always did that for me as a child and somehow it just seemed right. I watched as little patches of goose flesh broke out all over his skin. He was sensitive and I found myself wanting to touch every inch of him but I thought better of it. I ruffled his hair lightly as I moved back around the table and handed him his Coke. "There, that wasn't so bad was it?" "No it wasn't, it just stung a bit. Thank you" he said looking at me intently. There was just something about him, something magnetic, something about the way the warmth of his smug little grin and gunmetal blue eyes just made me want to melt. I couldn't take it so I tried to change the subject. "So how'd you get into skating?" This was a topic he could talk about. He began to talk about his old school back in LA and how he'd started a skate club. He talked of various competitions and contests he'd entered, many of which he'd won and I just listened to him. I was hanging on every word and occasionally he'd stop as I said something back to him, cocking his head sideways as he looked at me, listening to what I said. He was breathtaking; I was reeling at the sight of his copper colored skin framed against the background of a moon still starting to rise. I felt my cock begin to stir. "Not NOW!" I told it, willing it to go down but as usual it didn't listen to me. My cock had a mind of it's own and the more he talked the harder I seemed to get. I could feel the precream oozing slowly out of my slit. He could have breathed on me and I'd have lost it and I didn't know why. I have to get out of here, I thought. He was going to see and then he'd never talk to me again. Shit, what was I going to do? I heard the bell from the clock tower in the Baptist church toll out 9 o'clock. I finally thought of a way to escape gracefully. "Shit!" I told "Kelly I'd call her before it got too late." I lied to him. "Ah yeah, no problem," He said, "I should be getting in too. I'll see you tomorrow." "Yeah ok, see you tomorrow." I said to him, turning away quickly. I could feel myself beginning to flush and I jogged to the safety of my apartment. I went straight to my room closing the door behind me as I flopped down on the bed. I tried not to think of him. I wasn't supposed to feel this way, I thought. I pulled out a band notebook and started reviewing show routines, but it didn't help. I saw the title of the document "Homecoming Show" and all I could think about was him, the way his hair so perfectly framed his face, the gold loops in his ears, the way his nipples looked like hard swollen cherries after I had finished cleaning his cut and his voice. Just hearing that California accent sent flocks of butterflies tearing through my stomach and made my whole body want to shiver. My dick was rock hard, and straining against the waistband of my pants. I unzipped them, pushing them to my ankles as I let it spring free. I thought about touching him, and I wanted him to touch me back. I wanted to feel his hands on my body, and his lips. I couldn't stop thinking about the way his lips would feel wrapped around the head of my cock. I began to moan softly, thrusting my hips unconsciously as I jerked my dick. I was so hot. Thinking of Lucas had my whole body on fire. My nipples ached. I hadn't even touched them and yet it felt as if they'd been nibbled and pinched by waves of eroticism. I wanted him to taste me, to touch me. I wanted his body pressed up against mine and I wanted to kiss him, to explore his mouth with my tongue until neither of us could breathe. My pace quickened, I could feel an orgasm building deep within me, and my toes curled as my muscles begin to spasm. I whimpered with pleasure and exploded all over myself. Jets of cum burst out of my dick, coating the shirt that I'd failed to remove. I could have lay there drowning in this feeling forever but I heard door to the apartment open. My roommates came barreling in; they'd heard me scream..."SHIT!" I said as I ripped off my shirt, used it to wipe the cum off my chin and tossed it in a corner as I yanked up my pants. Chris burst into my room. "Are you ok?" He said, with a noticeable degree of concern. "Um... yeah," I said grabbing my left leg quickly, "I've just got a bitch of a cramp." "Ah ok" he said. He didn't look convinced as he slowly backed out of the room. I waited just a moment before pulling on a clean shirt and making my way into the living room to play it off. I HAD to stop thinking about Lucas.


He was acting a little goofy. He clearly wanted me to stay and talk. I had nothing pressing, so his offer of a Coke sounded good. I was really surprised when he brought down the first aid kit. I was even more surprised when he offered to clean the cut on my back for me. The antiseptic stung like hell and I gritted my teeth. I tried to ignore his fingers on my skin but it felt so damned good that I shut my eyes. Then, he did something that nearly made me come out of my skin. He blew on the cut on my back, and every nerve I had in my body came to life. I had to grit my teeth harder to keep from whimpering. God, that felt good. I nearly fell over when he ruffled my hair. He was grinning at me, that happy Jamie grin, so I decided that he wasn't hitting on me. He's one of the happiest people I have ever met. He just radiates happiness all the time. I don't know how he does it. Then, he started asking me questions about my skating. Nobody had ever done that before. He kept asking questions and I guess he was really, truly interested. I wasn't entirely sure how to react, so as long as he kept asking, I kept answering. I was floored that he even cared. The Church bell interrupted and effectively ended our conversation, because he remembered he needed to call his girlfriend. I was sorry when he left. I took my gear and stashed it in the apartment. I paced around a bit and decided to go smoke outside. Mom doesn't allow me to smoke inside, only outside on the porch or way outside. She doesn't like the smell, and neither do I really. I didn't consciously decide to climb the water tower; it was just there. The fence around it wasn't that tall. I crawled up the ladder and had an impressive view. I could see for miles and the whole town lay spread out before me. I could see the truck stop, the edge of the lake, and the high school. I watched another Amtrak flyer whistle past; this time heading for Atlanta. I put my head on my knees and watched it until it was out of sight. The traffic out on the highway was light. There didn't appear to be any big rigs sitting in dock at the Truck stop, so Mom was probably having a slow night. I rocked back and forth and tried to sort out what I was feeling. I missed Los Angeles. I missed sushi bars, and clubs, and skating in a real skate park. I missed the ocean, although when the breeze was right, I could smell the salt air of the Atlantic some forty miles away. I thought I missed Jerry, Brad, Kevin, Jet and the other guys but...for the first time I was ambivalent about them. I missed my skating club. I missed competing. I missed the money I made competing. I tried not to think about the other money I made. I used to be proud of my pictures. I used to think the pictures of me sucking cock were funny, and it amused me that other guys got off watching me. Now, I wasn't so sure. This fucking place was rubbing off on me and I was not sure I liked it. After all, it's my body and its part of who I am, so what the fuck do I have to be ashamed of? Then, there was the fact that I had this little tiny itty-bitty crush on a straight guy. He'd kick my ass and never fucking speak to me again if he ever found out... God... Jamie. James Hamilton. What the hell am I going to do? Brad would have thought the whole fucking thing was hilarious. "Suck it up" he'd say to me and laugh hysterically at his own humor. Yeah. I'd like to suck it up. Jamie has one of those expressive faces and everything he's thinking shows. I wonder what he looks like when he cums? Dangerous thoughts. I can't seem to get his happy grinning face out of my head. He sparkles, like the air is alive around him when he smiles. He bites his nails. I watched his hands for half a class period. His fingers are long and tapered, and he chews his fingers absent mindedly, that is, when he's not got his reed in his mouth. His lips fascinate me too, but I have to be really careful not to daydream about him kissing me in class. Ms. Echols would probably get her sadistic jollies dragging my ass to the front to work a problem knowing I was hard as a rock. His lips look so soft and pink.

I wonder what kissing him would feel like? I shivered. I shouldn't be thinking this. I shouldn't be thinking like this at all. Mom thinks I just do it deliberately, drawing out people and showing them my perversions. She doesn't say it's perverted, but I get the impression that is what she thinks. I didn't ask to be this way, so I know it's not my fault. But, the way she looks at me sometimes, I wonder if that is what she is thinking. The whole thought depresses me. I threw my cigarette down into the darkness and watch it fall, sparks floating over the dark humid night before winking out. I'm depressed and I know it. I crawled down from the water tower and let myself in to the apartment. There's really nothing to eat and I was not hungry anyway. I flopped on my bed, and drifted into sleep. The dream was so real! I could feel those incredibly soft lips kissing the base of my throat! He was faceless, formless, but for his lips and tongue. I whimpered and lifted my hips begging him to go lower and stroke me. Those lips wrapped around my shaft, tongue dancing against the head of my cock and I was in ecstasy. Faster and faster he stroked and sucked me until I erupted on his fist, gasping for breath and writhing. Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! My wraith flipped me over onto my stomach and I lifted my hips, giving him my ass, and he slid into me immediately. He bottomed out in one stroke and the pleasure was so intense that I screamed into the pillow. He fucked me, he fucked me hard and I danced on the end of his pole begging him to keep fucking me and never stop fucking me. I came again, harder, more violently, the spasms in my cock echoing the spasms in my ass. He slapped my ass and laughed and the echo of his laughter brought me sharply awake. I'd cum all over myself in my dream. Thankfully it was all on me, and not my sleeping bag. I found a couple of tissues and mopped myself off but I hadn't had a wet dream in so long. I was exhausted and I ached. I would have done anything just to have someone hold me after that. My skin hurt. Those lips, those fingers...oh god. Jamie. Jamie. Jamie. Jamie: Thursday night was a blur. I spent most of it thinking about Lucas and wondering why I was so drawn to him. I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to know him, to know everything about him, and strangely I wanted to be with him. I got nervous around him, I could feel that uneasy bubble in the pit of my stomach and my pulse got thready. I had no idea how I was going to survive Algebra. He always managed to drag in sporting that dischelved yet oh so fucking sexy look that blew my concentration all to hell. I wasn't going to have to face that today though. I left school way early, probably before he was even out of bed. The first district band completion was being held in Savannah and I'd had to climb on a charter bus at 6:45 with the rest of the band. I didn't know if I'd see Jamie at all, but part of me hoped he'd be at Alicia's party. Band competition was ok. Even for August it was unusually hot and throughout the day we lost several members to heat exhaustion, especially the freshman. They never remembered not to lock their knees. For the most part we did well, we rated superior in most categories so the band bitch was happy and stayed off our backs. The ride home, however, sucked! The bus had a flat tire and it took the charter company over an hour to get a repair truck out to us. I was livid, I didn't want to miss Alicia's party! I'd looked forward to it all week! I finally made it to the party about 10 pm. The driveway was full so I parked on the street and made my way up to the house. Alicia's house was huge and obviously designed for show. The house was surrounded by palm trees and lit up with strategically placed spotlights and tiki torches. I could hear the music from inside as I made my way up her cobble stone walkway. I felt for a moment like I was about to walk into the Bachelor mansion. I knocked on the door and Alicia's younger sister Marcy answered. She invited me inside in a voice that was much too chipper. She'd had a bit too much of the hunch punch and her balance was so gone she nearly fell out the door trying to give me a hug as she greeted me.

I held her steady and pulled the door closed as she "lead" me into the living room. The place was packed and it looked like the entire junior class had decided to show up. It took me a moment to make my way thought the crowd but I found Alicia fiddling with the music and I thanked her for inviting me. "Have you seen Lucas?" her eyes widened as she said it. "No, where is he? I was wondering if he'd come or not." "He's over there!" She pointed to a crowd of people on the other side of the room. "What? I don't see him." I said, craning my neck to see around her. "In the center, LOOK!" She pointed once more and then I saw him. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Lucas was dressed for sex! He was standing in the center of a crowd of girls. They were absolutely awestruck, literally throwing themselves at him while their helpless boyfriends watched from the side. I don't think it was intentional, Lucas hadn't quite gotten the hang of southern dress and it didn't matter anyhow. Lucas had one of those bodies that would have looked good in rags. He was wearing a bright blue Hawaiian print shirt unsnapped at the top, which revealed the top of his smooth copper tone chest. His tan was brought out even more by the white puka shell necklace he wore around his neck. I moved closer to him trying to make my way through the crowd to say hello. You could see his belly ring! A silver dolphin that dangled teasingly above the top of his acid washed jeans. The jeans buttoned up the front and he'd left the top one undone. He was such a fucking tease and he didn't even realize it, I thought. He saw me and made eye contact, his eyes pleading for help. He didn't appear comfortable in the crowd, and blushed tremendously when a drunken Marcy wanted to know if he had a Prince Albert! I made my way into the crowd and tried to get them to back off a bit. Lucas was my friend, and I wanted him to feel at home. I noticed some of the guys were getting restless as well. Especially Mike, Jill was totally wasted and had apparently forgotten she was dating Mike as she yelled over to Alicia that she hoped Lucas would ask her out. Luckily Mike had misunderstood; he'd thought Jill was calling to him so he walked over. I did the only thing I knew how to do... I started a guy conversation. "Hey Mike!" I said with enthusiasm," did you know that Lucas is a semi-pro skater?" "No, I didn't." he said a bit gruffly. "Yeah he is! Come on Lucas, tell us about your skate club in LA!"

A couple of the other guys came up as Lucas began to speak. He looked up at me, and thanked me with his eyes. Lucas mentioned speed racing on his roller blades and with the introduction of the word race the conversation quickly turned to Lucas' stunt with the senior class and the ensuing chase. He was becoming a legend and he'd only been here a week. Lucas retold his story about sliding down the rail, even though we'd all seen it, and everyone cheered! Alicia ran over to fill up his drink again, supposedly for a toast but I knew what she wanted, she wanted him drunk. Marcy and Jill were standing on either side of him, both of them had a hand on his shoulder and I thought they might rip off his clothes at any moment but they were playing it cool for now. Brett came up and ribbed Lucas about his bellybutton ring, he thought it looked girly, and wanted to know why Lucas did it and why he'd spend money on shit like that without having a car. He didn't get to talk long though as the girls instantly took up his defense, declaring belly rings the hottest thing since sex itself. Kelly came up and pulled me out of the crowd for a moment. She was on the dance team but had injured her ankle in practice and couldn't compete in the competition today. I had to tell her all about it, every fucking detail from the sight reading competition all the way to the stupid flat tire before she'd let go of my arm, satisfied that I hadn't left out any of the gossip. I'd had my back turned for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and when I turned around Lucas was gone. Most of the circle that had been around him was still there. The conversation had moved to the upcoming football game, which would be the first home game of the season scheduled for next Friday and that was cool, but I was worried about Lucas. Had they run him off? I made my way to the back door first as it was closer. It was one of those sliding glass doors that opened up to the pool area. Lucas wouldn't have gone out there, not if he wanted to get away. It was just as crowded as the inside with a large group of people blowing up condoms like balloons and tossing them into the pool... drunk people were so easily amused. Trudging back through the house I let myself back out the front door. It was darker out front compared to when I had arrived. The spotlights must have been on timers and many of the tiki torches had long since burned themselves out. I looked towards the drive but I didn't see Lucas. My heart sank as I walked closer to the street. I was really hoping he'd have a good time. I felt bad, like I'd somehow let him down by not staying with him to keep the crowd at bay. I started to turn back and head towards the house, I no longer wanted to stay but I had to say goodbye to Alicia. I was about half way up the drive when I saw something wiggling off to my left side. I looked over to see what I thought was just a decorative gazebo that fit in with the landscaping, but there was something else decorating the gazebo... a long lanky pair of legs, and bare feet with wiggling toes poking teasingly out of it's entryway. It was Lucas! I chuckled to myself as I called out to him "Lucas, what are you doing out here?" "I needed to get a way for a bit," he said as he sat on the floor of the gazebo rubbing his bare feet, "Alicia's pretty drunk." "She seems to have the hots for you," I said giving him a big silly grin. "Yeah. You think? I couldn't tell." He said in a charmingly sarcastic tone. "She kept refilling my glass, and practically glued herself to my side." "Ha! She just wanted you drunk!" I grinned. "Yeah she definitely seemed to have some plans," he said flexing his toes and wincing slightly as he did it. He looked like he was in pain. "So why'd you take your shoes off?" I asked with a small show of concern. "Unfortunately skating and pulled muscles don't go together. I hurt." He said before turning the conversation back to Alicia. "As far as Alicia goes... I don't like being made to feel like I am the dish of the week. I don't mean to be offensive, I realize she's your friend." He continued to flex his toes, particularly on his left foot as he spoke. He paused for a moment before adding. "It's just... well I like my women conscious, Ya know?" "Pfftt!" No comment about Alicia would offend me. "She's my friend but she can be a bit of an animal. She's rather like a crazed tiger and she's picked you out for her prey. You should see her score card... it'd make some of the football players blush." I said to him as I sat down on the steps of the gazebo. I could see his feet more clearly. His left foot was noticeably swollen. That had to hurt, I thought.

"Damn your left foot is really swollen. You should take better care of your feet!" I don't know why but I felt like he probably wasn't going to do anything about it, and might hurt himself more trying to stretch it out. "Oh I sprained it again," he explained, "and when my skates rub wrong I can get some serious calluses." He reached down squeezing his left foot again, really wincing with the pain this time. I couldn't take it... just for some reason I couldn't stand to see him in pain. I started to reach for it but he spoke again, this time about Alicia. He laughed before he commented, "Yeah well she'd be surprised. I don't exactly like being just another notch in someone's scorecard. I mean she's cute... she's just.. I don't know... too fucking easy." I don't know why but the fact that he didn't want to be just a notch on a scorecard made me smile. I could feel the beginning of this big silly grin creeping across my face. I tried to laugh it off as I responded. "Don't let her hear that... she has claws! Don't let all the pink polish fool you, those nails are nothing but press instruments of torture." He laughed through a wince and I couldn't take it any more. "Let me see your foot," I picked it up as I said it, without giving him a chance to protest. "You know you should have iced this." I felt slightly parental...no, more like protective. "Uh, well I didn't think about that," he suddenly sounded shy. "I just tried to find a pair of shoes that were comfortable." I cradled his foot in my hands, supporting both the ball of his foot and his ankle as I gently flexed it, checking to make sure he had adequate mobility in his ankle and didn't need to see a doctor. "I had to take a couple of sports medicine classes at the community college. The athletic association requires that all programs have a trainer, and of course we're too poor of a district to afford a real one, so I get to pull double duty. I know just a bit of reflexology and massage therapy that should help with the swelling." I rolled his foot gently in my hands. He had to work the soreness out of the joint. After I'd rotated it for a few seconds I began to massage the ball of his foot, working downwards to try and draw out some of the swelling. "I've been using self-medication," he said grinning as he pulled out an expensive looking bottle of champagne that he had stashed behind him. "Ohh wow," he purred before yelping slightly, "Wow, that feels good for the most part." "The champagne might help with the pain but it'll never touch this swelling if you don't take care of your feet," I said to him as I continued working his foot, this time flexing each of his toes individually and massaging the pads. "Ohhh yeah... Mmm right there," He was flexing his toes... they almost seemed to curl, he was enjoying it that much. "Hey wanna drink some?" He said, holding up the bottle of champagne. "Sure!" I said to him. "That looks like the expensive shit too. I wouldn't even know how to open it." "It's a skill," he said grinning widely as he picked the bottle up and used the tail of his shirt as he popped the cork, "You hold it away and twist." He took a big swig and then passed the bottle to me. "This is way better than trash can punch." "Damn! I'm impressed." I took a big swig myself and then handed the bottle back. "I take it you didn't like the hunch punch?" I asked him as I set his left foot down in my lap, letting it rest on my thigh before moving on to work his right. "I picked this out of the wine cooler. Her parents must be wine collectors or something, they hade tons and tons of bottles in there. I don't think they'll miss this one." He took another swig. "They'll never notice," I took the bottle form him and helped myself to another gulp. "If anything they'll think Marcy drank it. If you think Alicia's bad wait till Marcy turns 16... God help us all." "She's the little blonde in the half shirt? The one with no bra, right?" "Yes. She's Alicia's 15-year-old sister. A freshman." I handed the bottle back to him. "Ouch! That one's got future poll dancing queen written all over her" He snickered. "Yeah I rather expect her to end up the head cheerleader one day," I snickered back. I still had his right foot in my lap and I picked it up flexing his toes. My mind started to wander a bit with too much talk of poles. "You have long... um toes." I said hoping he didn't catch what I nearly said. "Yeah, my mother says I take after my dad that way... long toes, long legs," he replied very matter of fact. "Marcy's a pistol all right. She's cuter than Alicia but probably way more trouble." "Oh yeah... She wanted you naked dude! Did you see her constantly trying to get her hands on the buttons of your shirt?" "She kept playing with my dolphin," he grinned casually fingering his belly ring. "Are all the women in this town that fucking horny? I mean if this keeps up I'll need to buy a gross of condoms." "They're deprived." I wasn't sure how to explain. "They, um, well we have never seen anyone as open as you are. The belly ring and the nipple piercing are cool as hell." He took a large gulp of the champagne and passed it to me. "Where I am from this is pretty conservative." I took several more large swallows of the champagne. It made me burp slightly and he giggled. "Thanks... this is really good stuff." He was quite for a moment and I turned my attention back to his foot, finishing up his massage. "Ok," he said. "I've got something for you." He flicked his nipple ring before starting to rummage through his pockets. I wanted to squirm. The sight of him unconsciously playing with his nipples was getting to me. I could feel it. Maybe he could tell? I wasn't sure. "This is something that will really relax you," he said pulling out a silver case. "I was saving this. It's my last joint. Wanna share a couple hits?" He continued before I could respond. "If you don't smoke that's ok, just please don't bust me. My mother would never let me see the light of day again." "Nah," I said trying to be reassuring, "I would never bust you, it's just that I've never done pot before." I was normally more straight laced, but again there was just something about him. He seemed so innocent, yet not, and I just I wanted to know him better. Now he was trying to reassure me. "Well then you probably won't notice much," he said "just inhale like you would a cigarette, but hold it in your lungs for a few seconds before you exhale. It won't take much A buddy of mine," he paused as he took a Zippo lighter out of his pocket lighting the joint before inhaling. He held his breath for just a moment and exhaled before he resumed "got this shit in Hawaii and it's strong." He passed the joint over to me and took another swig of champagne. I fumbled with the joint. I was obviously nervous. I probably sounded like a dork but I couldn't help it. "Are you sure it's ok? I'm a bit of a light weight at times," I confessed. "Yeah," he laughed just a bit "it's not going to traumatize you. You just inhale deep and try not to cough." He was watching me. "Ok," I said quickly putting the joint to my mouth. I hesitated, almost losing my nerve before inhaling lightly. I held it in my lungs for a few seconds before coughing it up as I exhaled. I grinned. I was proud of my feeble attempt. "Hey, that wasn't so bad!" I passed the joint back to him. Lucas grinned at me. "Are you dating Kelly?" he asked as he took another large hit. "No," I grinned, "Kelly and I are just friends. We've known each other since kindergarten. I dunno, we're more like brother and sister." "Oh, I thought you two were dating." He seemed to smile more. I wondered why he was asking about my dating habits as he handed the joint back to me. "Who's that Jill chick? Alicia said she's a senior and a cheerleader." "Yeah," I paused, taking another hit and resumed speaking to him on the exhale, letting the smoke waft out with my words, "Jill's fairly new too. She moved here last year but her parents have money so she became part of the clique just as soon as she got here. " "She's pretty hot! So, do any of those girls have boyfriends? I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to get my ass kicked for talking to them."

I passed the joint back to him. "Eh... most of them do. Kelly's single and Jill's dating Mike. Though secretly Jill hates him. He's her trophy but he doesn't know it so he takes her pretty serious. He actually seemed to be getting a little antsy tonight when Jill was hanging all over you." "Oh fuck! He hates me already!" Lucas actually seemed worried. "Don't worry about it. He talks much more than he bites. Besides the moment Jill realizes you're not a millionaire she'll be right back up Mike's ass." Lucas took a really big drag from the joint. I think he wanted to hold it longer but my comments made him laugh, and he exhaled through giggles as he put it out. "That sounds like an interesting place to be." He grinned. His grin was killing me. Every time he smiled it just did things to me. I liked making him smile. He should wear that grin all the time, I thought to myself. "I don't know, "I told him. "That'd probably hurt like a bitch. I mean he's so fucking anally retentive!" I broke down into a fit of giggles and Lucas spoke through laughs. "How does he catch footballs anyway? I have this visual of him waddling down the field with his ass cheeks clenched together." He stood up and mimicked catching a football. "Throw it to me, throw it to me," he said with a slight lisp. "Oh fuck man, you're hilarious!" I pretended to throw a ball back him. "You know we're not exactly the region champs. He doesn't have to catch many. Those that he does get are purely luck, I think." He stomped around the gazebo for a second clenching his ass cheeks as he pretended to run with a ball. His shirt came open all the way and I couldn't help but stare at him. After a moment he sat down on the floor of the gazebo and put the champagne bottle between his legs. He started stroking it and I bit my lip to hide a whimper as he started rubbing his thumb around the lip of the bottle. "Fuck it's hot out here." He said, pealing his shirt off. "So the first game is next week? What are the chances of us winning?" It took me a moment to speak. I was in a daze. He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Only, I was suddenly sure that I'd seen him before... in the window of the apartment! My dick began to stir and I shook my head. I couldn't think of this now. "Oh, um our chances are not very good," I was trying to lose myself in the subject. "We've not had a strong team since the school board fired Coach Thombs. That was a major fucking mess. He was celebrating a win with the team, and he was a little drunk himself when he gave a couple of the players a beer...big no-no. One of the parents found out and the next week the Baptists were all over his ass." "Fucking Baptists! It figures that'd happen here" Lucas stared off into space for a moment. The moonlight sparkled on the gold of his nipple ring and I was suddenly very interested in it. I flicked it casually with my fingers and he jumped slightly, turning back towards me. "So did that hurt?" I asked him.


Oh yeah, it hurt like fuck actually. Well the needle didn't but putting the ring in was a son of a bitch. Do you have any piercings?" He asked me. "No." For some reason I could feel myself blushing just a bit, "I think they're kind of cool but there's not even a place to get a piercing around here." "The belly ring didn't hurt at all." He laid back crossing his legs at the ankle. He was wearing a hemp anklet that I hadn't noticed when I was massaging his feet. "I'm just not much of a pain slut. I guess I'm a little chicken inside. I'd do that though," I pointed to his anklet but I didn't take my gaze off his belly ring. I couldn't help it. I lightly circled it with my finger. Lucas laughed. "Oh that. That was a gift from a friend" He propped himself up on his elbows. "I got the dolphin from the same friend. I was thinking about getting the other nipple pierced but I don't know." He shrugged. I was taken with him. Just something about him, he had this lonely look in his eyes and I just wanted to touch him. I reached over and gently tweaked his unpierced nipple. "I think you should have both. It'd look sexy." "Ow! Hey!" he slapped my hand. "Behave! Or I will tickle you. Now, drink!" He said offering me the bottle. "We have to kill this." He punctuated his sentence with a hiccup and I giggled slightly. "Sorry," I grinned before taking several more large gulps from the bottle. Lucas snickered. "We're a couple of stupid fucks you know that?" he said. "No, get it right," smiled with a classically evil grin, "We're a couple of messed up studs!" I broke down into a fit of giggles. Lucas snorted. His snort was cute and it sent me into another fit of giggles. "You are the messed up stud, I'm just messed up," he grinned wider. "What fucking plant is that over there? I think I'm allergic to it," he sneezed loudly. "I don't know about messed up... you're the one the girls think is so hot." My finger had mind of its own as it traced down his rib cage." I pulled my hand back when I answered him. "I think it's a magnolia, I'm not sure.

"No, that," he pointed to the vine crawling up the gazebo before he started stroking the wine bottle again. "Oh that," I said, "that's honey suckle... mmm suck." I grinned. "You are so fucked up!" he laughed nudging me with his shoulder. "Get Jamie high and he's a slut!" he teased, flashing that perfect grin again. "I swear I won't tell Alicia. You're secret is safe with me." He was being a tease. "Oh, and what secret is that?" I blushed brightly. "That when you're high you're a slut, dork!" He was so fucking cute when he was being a tease. I'd never wanted to touch anyone as bad as I wanted to touch him, I hesitated a moment... it couldn't have been long but then I just decided to go for it. I didn't seem to have the same resistance I usually did. "No," I grinned, "if I were trying to be a slut I'd do this." I grabbed the champagne bottle from him, and taking a big swig I held just a little in my mouth. He was back on his elbows looking at me with his big eyes and I grabbed him, pulling him into my arms as I wrapped myself around him holding him tightly against my chest. I leaned down and placed my lips against his. His lips were smooth and warm, and I felt him shudder gently before opening up and letting me kiss him. As I kissed him I slipped him small traces of champagne and when it was all gone I began to explore his mouth with my tongue. My body felt like it was on fire. I was so excited. I could feel my heart pounding in my skin as he moaned back into my mouth. I rubbed up against him, letting him feel the hardness of my crotch; I continued to kiss him until I had to break to breathe. He gasped softly and I pushed him back, climbing over him I straddled his legs with mine and leaned into his chest. I wrapped my lips around his un-pierced nipple and began to suck it, nibbling it lightly. I kissed it until he began to moan louder. He began bucking his hips up at me and I wanted to tease him. I wanted him to feel what I had been feeling the entire night as I watched him. I blew warm air on his chest and watched a small patch of goose flesh form as I traced my way down to his navel. I flicked my tongue over his dolphin and lapped at his belly button with my tongue. Lucas was majorly turned on. His cock had grown to full length and was poking slightly above the waistband of his pants. I could see the beginning of a small puddle of precream; I started to go for it when Lucas gasped. He licked his lips. "Uh... Jamie? " His breathing was ragged and deep. "Yeah?" " I giggled kissing his belly button one more time. "I think," he paused to breathe, "I think we'd better stop!" He pushed me back and sat up as he spoke softly, using a quieter pitch than he generally used. "That feels a little too good." I sighed, moaning loudly before I spoke. "Mmmm I'm sorry," I let my fingers trace over his arm," I got a bit carried away... Its just there's something about you." "Look..." he spoke softer than before, "I'm bi ok? It's not that I... fuck I don't know how to say this. It's not that I am not attracted to you because I am. I just..." "Susssssh!" I put my finger to his lips to quiet him. "It's ok," I spoke really, really softly, barely above a whisper, "I think I am too." I'd never admitted that to anyone. "No it's not that Jamie," he gently pushed my hand away again. "Look, I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want to do my time and go home. I mean you strike me as a really cool guy and I like you and I want to be your friend. But you also strike me as someone who falls in love and as much as fucking would feel really good right now I just don't think it's fair to either of us, okay?" He suddenly seemed so sad, but I tried to reassure him. "Slow down tiger!" I teased as I hugged him gently, "I don't put out on the first date anyway." I giggled, "I want you to be my friend too," I said releasing him from the hug. Lucas sighed louder, he seemed exasperated and I didn't know that to do, or what I`d done. I had a feeling like maybe I'd fucked something up when he began to speak. "Man, you don't get it. I am not going to be your fuck buddy anymore than I am going to be Alicia's. And I am not gong to fall in love with you, you are not going to fall in love with me and in two years I am leaving and won't be back. Actually," he said louder, "one year and two hundred sixty six days! So let's not fuck it up okay? Please?" "Ok," I said to him, my voice quivered as my heart sank to the bottom of my chest, "I'm sorry I just want to be your friend. We won't fuck up... You're too cool of a guy to fuck up." "Ok well," he reached behind him and pulled on his shirt as he stood up and bent over to put on his shoes. "I gotta go. I'll see you in school." "Ok," I stood up too, and I just felt awkward. "I'll see you". Lucas walked down to the exterior gate and slowly went out of sight. My mind was racing, I felt like I'd just lost a friend and part of me wanted to chase after him. I stumbled over to the Camaro with all the intent of hauling ass until I found him and made him talk to me, but I was too fucked up to even open the door. Part high, part drunk, and part emotionally upset, I fell against the side of my car. I ended up sitting with my back towards it, leaning against the fender as I threw my head back to look up at the stars. I wondered what I'd done. I didn't think Lucas would talk to me again. Lucas: The party was a riot.

I was getting felt up by drunk girls right and left. I half expected to get pulverized any second by a pissed off boyfriend. I was looking around for Jamie, and I didn't see him, but Alicia was always right there, refilling my drink. I didn't even think about the way I was dressed. I just wore what I would usually wear to a party but these girls were all over me like I was a male dancer or something. Not that I minded really, Marcy was cute but way too damn young for me. She brazenly asked me if I had a Prince Albert and I about choked on my drink. I looked up and there stood Jamie and I was so relieved to see him. He mumbled something about band competition and asked me to tell the girls about my skating stuff. That finally got them off my arms. No girl I ever met was devoted enough to me to hang out at a skate park while I skated. I didn't think it was in their genetic makeup to even care. Jamie had a drink in his hand and he was just so cute. He had on jeans that fit his ass really well and a blue t-shirt and boots. His brown hair was a disheveled mess. I've met plenty of guys that tried for that messy-sexy look and it always came off contrived. Jamie was a natural though. He kept flipping it back because it was a little long, and it was curling up around the base of his neck. I didn't want to stare at him, as that would be a little obvious, so I decided to leave the room. I managed to get free of the crowd and get outside. I could see the party in full swing and I could see Jamie in animated discussion with some girl who had her back to me. He was grinning and I could tell he was happy. His enthusiasm was contagious and I smiled too. He had this effect on me, when he was around my sadness evaporated. He had this way of making me feel special even though I knew it was just the way he was. He could make anybody feel special. I stood there admiring him for a few minutes until I realized what a fucking idiot I was and then I decided to go have a smoke. I passed through the house again, and saw the wine cooler in the kitchen and decided that a bottle of champagne would be really nice. I found one that seemed good, and carried it outside with me. I had seen this weird little gazebo thing out by the entrance to the golf course so I went out there and flopped down. I kicked off my shoes. My feet ached something terrible. I dug a cigarette out of my pocket and lit it. Then I tried rubbing my feet. When he just appeared, I nearly jumped out of my skin but I was pleased that he came looking for me. Once again, he made me feel special and I felt a twinge of something that I couldn't place. He sat down next to me and we shot the shit for a bit. He saw me rubbing my feet and mumbled something about sports reflexology and pulled my foot into his lap. He started rubbing the ball of my foot and I had to suck in my breath. I was sitting in shadow so I leaned back against the railing and shut my eyes. He and I continued talking, but I could feel it...this spark of electricity running between the two of us. I was totally freaking out because I'd never felt that kind of connection with anyone before. He was sitting in the half shaft of light, stroking the arch of my foot and I shuddered. I opened my eyes and studied him. His fingers made gentle circles on the ball of my foot before stroking my instep. He held a light grip on my ankle but just the contact sent small waves of pleasure up to my thighs. I yelped when he hit a painful spot, and he just smoothed it away. His expression, what I could see of it, was intense with concentration. He had really long eyelashes that spilled over his cheeks like strokes on a charcoal pad. He was pale skinned, making his blush all the more pink. His shoulders were broad and his forearms held a hint of muscle definition. He was used to hefting heavy instruments, not just his sax. I wondered briefly if that was the only instrument he played. He never really did tell me why he was so late coming to the party. I thought I heard him mention a band competition and it was right there to ask him about it but, he started working on my other foot and I forgot. I was getting sucked down into that tiny special place. I could feel it. Butterflies. I actually had butterflies in my stomach. He caressed my foot, absently, alternately rubbing when he was paying attention to his task, and caressing when he wasn't. I couldn't cope, this foot rub was more intense than I had anticipated, so I opened the champagne bottle and shared it with him. He was cool with me swiping the bottle of champagne and we sat there and drank. I got the impression he was a little nervous or something. I didn't want him to get flustered and leave so I was sitting there racking my brains trying to think of something to keep the conversation from diving off into the abyss of awkwardness. He stroked my foot again and I felt another jolt of electricity spark through me. I could feel my nipples harden; I'd gotten extra sensitive since I got the piercing and I didn't even think about it. I stroked the one without the ring, before I'd even realized what I had done. I hoped he hadn't seen me, his head was inclined down so I thought he was concentrating on my feet. I pulled my foot out of his lap as he was winding down his massage. I resisted the desired to stroke his crotch with my toe. Brad would do that to me anytime he took me out for dinner and it used to drive me wild. But, Brad was like a hazy memory, somebody that I only half remembered and I'd have to concentrate if I was going try to remember his face. Suddenly, I remembered the joint I had in my pocket and I was relieved when Jamie said he'd smoke it with me. It was pleasant getting high with him. We joked around about Mike and his lousy football career. I found out that Kelly was not Jamie's girlfriend as I had originally assumed. I got so fucking relaxed that I took my shirt off and lay down on the gazebo floor. He got this mischievous look on his face and reached over and flicked my nipple. The butterflies that had only been floating started careening around my stomach. I tried to play it cool and pretend we were just talking about piercings, but his fingers tracing lazy circles around my belly ring were making me crazy. I seriously thought about grabbing his hand and dragging him across me, locking my legs around the backs of his calves and grinding my hips into his. I'd be a real smart ass too, and say something like "Don't fucking start something you can't finish" but I looked up at him and he was so earnest. He was genuinely curious. This close to him, I could see that his eyes weren't just hazel, they were more like a tiger's eye, different shades of brown with rings of gold. I saw the flash of determination in his expression then he reached for the champagne bottle and took a large gulp. Then he shocked the hell out of me. He leaned down, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I was in such shock that I just reacted. The stab of desire that shot through me was so fierce that I forgot to breathe. He spit the champagne into my mouth and I swallowed reflexively, tasting him, the champagne, and a faint aftertaste of fruit punch. I lost it, and moaned into his mouth. The butterflies exploded as he stopped feeding on my mouth and moved down to suck my nipple. Oh god, it felt so fucking good. I whimpered as his tongue darted a wet circle around my nipple and then he dove lower, tracing my navel. Oh fuck, that set me off. I saw shooting stars, and I wanted to lace my fingers on the back of his head, feel the silken threads of his hair against my skin. I wanted to push him lower and I wanted desperately to feel that warm mouth slowly envelope my cock. I raised my hips, inviting him to taste me, I really fucking wanted him, and the desire was so strong; I was shivering with it. The ferocious reaction of my body made me pause. I was in a panic. This was a party, what if someone wandered up on us, what if...what if... I made him stop. My body screamed in protest but I made him stop. I didn't know what the fuck I was saying, I was babbling really. I could see his confused expression and every word out of my mouth just made it worse. I wanted him to kiss me again. I wanted to feel his mouth on me so fucking badly I wanted to scream. Instead, I found my shoes and took off toward the gate heading out to the golf course. I thought that was the way I came but then I wasn't sure. I staggered three steps after I passed the hedgerow and my wobbling knees collapsed. Did I actually tell him I was bi and I didn't want to be his fuck buddy? My body hated me for that one. My dick would have taken anything at that moment. I traced my lips with my fingertips wonderingly. That kiss had felt so...different. I couldn't think. Why was it different? I had kissed Brad more than a few times. I'd kissed guys I didn't know when I was high and Brad was filming. Those kisses had been hot. But this was...intense, fizzy and hot. My cock throbbed unmercifully in my pants and I lay there until it stopped. I tried not to think about Jamie Hamilton and his soft lips. Instead, I studied the stars and watched the moon begin to set before I was able to get up and stagger home.