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Goo Goo Muck Chapter 5

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The rest of Friday night was miserable. I sat by the car thinking of Lucas until almost dawn. It was a mix of emotions, everything from wondering if I'd blown any chance for a friendship to being too shit-faced to drive. The fog in my head began clearing sometime around six in the morning. I hopped in the car and drove myself home. I was a tired wreck as I went to my room and fell into bed. I didn't dream; I was too tired and too hung over to dream. Every beat of my heart resonated in my head reminding me I didn't usually drink as much as I had. When I woke up, my trek to the kitchen was slow, I didn't want my heart yelling any louder in my head, but eventually I made it. I rummaged through the cabinets shutting them gently. I couldn't tolerate the slam. After a few moments, I was sitting at my kitchen table eating the breakfast of drunken champions everywhere: Tylenol, Sprite, and saltine crackers.

Feeling rather unsatisfied but much less likely to vomit than I had been moments before, I made my way to the bathroom. I needed a shower. The warm water was heaven. The hot steam opened my sinus passages, which had been partly to blame for the headache, and my body relaxed. I poured body wash onto a bath sponge and began spreading the lather over my body, grazing my nipples, and sliding down the flat of my stomach towards my hips. As the scent of Crystal Breeze filled my nose, my mind began to wander. The warm water trickled down my body and caressed my dick as I teased it with the sponge. Rough but not too rough, soft but not too soft, I shivered and leaned back against the shower wall as I continued teasing myself with the sponge. I was moaning softly when Lucas brushed against me with his chin. Tiny prickles from his five o'clock shadow rubbed against the length of my cock before he soothed it with the warm, silky smoothness of his tongue. I began to shiver; goose bumps covered the length of my body. My teeth were nearly chattering before I snapped out of it realizing the water had grown cold.

"Fuck!" I scolded myself; I must stop thinking about Lucas. I had to do something, anything, to keep busy. Otherwise, I would go crazy thinking about Lucas. I decided going crazy over Lucas would be bad; I'd probably rub my dick raw in the process.

I needed to do some work on the car. I'd been delaying a bit, but it desperately needed an oil change and some other minor things. I pulled on an old band t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting shorts. The shorts were my favorite this time of year. They were dark blue and made of a mesh material. It wasn't see-through, the tiny holes were too small for that, but they were perfect in the summer. I slipped on my flip-flops and began carrying stuff down to the car. I'd picked up a case of oil and a filter at the local discount shop a week or so ago. It was a pain in the ass, but I usually did my own oil changes. It was cheaper and I was always short on cash. It took several trips up and down the stairs to get everything out to the car. One trip for the oil, another for my tools, a third trip because I forgot to get a drain pan for the old oil, and a final trip to bring down a couple of old rags to wipe the dip stick with and a couple bottles of water.

It was scorching hot outside. At 2pm, it was well into the middle 90s and the humidity was just as high. I could already feel beads of sweat pouring down my body, so I peeled off my shirt and tossed it into the car as I popped the hood. I hadn't brought any CDs with me, so I turned the radio onto the local top 40s station. It was more like 80s with an occasional burst of top 40s, but it worked. Placing my shirt on the concrete like a mat, I slid under the car with a filter wrench and the oil pan. I took off the old oil filter and let the oil drain into the pan. The oil had nearly finished draining and begun to slow when I heard the familiar sound of an apartment door opening. They all had that classic creak-stick-thunk type sound, especially in the summer when the moisture in the air made them stick a bit more than usual. This time, however, the sound of the door opening was followed by another sound... the clack of skateboard wheels and the small clattery sound they made as they rolled against the uneven asphalt of our parking lot. It had to be Lucas! It had sounded as if he was heading my way, when suddenly the skateboard sound stopped followed a few seconds later by a door opening and closing again.

He'd gone back inside. 'The fucker was avoiding me,' I thought. I was rather pissed. I mean, he could have said Hi, but no, he just went back inside. I gruffly wrenched the new filter into place and crawled from under the car. Using my keys, I cut open the case containing the oil and grabbed the first bottle. I started pouring it slowly through a funnel into the car. My funnel was small. I actually swiped it from the kitchen because I couldn't find a real oil funnel, so I stood there humming along to the radio when I heard the loud clack sound behind me. I jumped, smashing my head into the hood of the car.

"FUCK!" I yelled, "that shit hurt!"

I danced around a bit, rubbing my head with my hands for a few moments before turning and grabbing one of the water bottles. It was still cold. I opened it, tilting my head back as I poured it over me, letting the cold water soothe the small knot that was forming. The water felt good, not only on the lump, but on my chest and back as it cooled my skin. I ran my fingers through my wet hair, pushing it back. Unconsciously, I ran my hands down the front of my chest, wiping away some of the water from my body. I wasn't really looking in any particular direction, but I was facing the complex when I heard what might have been a small gasp or perhaps a sigh.

I wasn't sure, but my attention was immediately drawn to Lucas' window. It'd been raised and I thought I saw the curtains moving! He was watching! I could feel the beginning of another grin making its way across my face and I turned back around to the car, leaning far over it as I put in the last of the oil. 'Heh,' I thought. If he wants a show, I'll give him a show! I pulled my shorts tight. They were wet and clung like a form-fitting glove against my body, outlining the shape of my ass. Something up above must have been reading my mind. Before I knew it, Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was playing on the radio. I began to sway to the music, clenching my ass cheeks and flexing the muscles in my legs as I pretended to fiddle with the car. I was done. I'd been done a few seconds after I realized he was watching, but he didn't know that. The song played on and I leaned further into the car. This time, I gently tugged on my shorts with my hands and let the waistband slide down just a bit, barely revealing the tops of my ass cheeks. They were playing an extended version of the song and I continued to work on the car. I let my shorts sag ever lower, until they were literally halfway down my ass. They sagged as far as possible and still pretend it was an accident if anyone else noticed. I began to flex and rotate my hips in time with the music, swaying back and forth under the hood. I wanted him to watch with his eyes popping from his head, his tongue begging to taste, and his dick demanding attention. Moreover, I wanted him to want me.

The song was winding down and they were wailing the line "pour some sugar on me". I stepped back from under the hood and grabbed my remaining bottle of water. I turned to directly face his window and began pouring the water over my head. I used my free hand to tousle my hair and rub my pecs, as I looked in his direction grinning widely. The song finally ended and I turned around, giving him a final flash of my ass before gathering my things and heading inside. We may not be speaking in words, but he just got one hell of a line in body language.

We were in a Gazebo again. The night air was cool and the wind blew making me shiver. Lucas scooted next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders to keep me warm. I wrapped my right arm around his neck and pulled him closer. A full moon shone high overhead and a clear sky gave way to a dazzling light display put on by the stars. I don't think a thousand starry nights could have been better than this. We weren't really talking; we were just together. It was amazing. I was content. We caught a glimpse of a shooting star. It seemed magical almost as if a thousand perfect possibilities lie in its wake. I looked at Lucas and stared into his eyes. He started to speak. He stuttered," Jamie... I... I um... Jamie I li..."

*RING! RING! RING! RING!* I jumped; everything was gone. I was alone in my bed, looking at blank walls. RING! The intrusion came again. Fuck! I'd been dreaming. I looked at the caller ID. Fucking shit, it was Alicia! God, why did she have the worst timing? Like me? Love me? What would he say, I wondered. Fuck, I'll never know now. I picked up the phone.

"WHAT?" I said gruffly.

"Jamie?" She said cautiously

"Huh, yeah what?" I hated being woken up.

"Um, are you ok?" God she just kept talking.

"I was asleep."

"Oh, hey I'm sorry. You want me to call back?" I didn't want her to call at all.

"No, I'm awake now, what's up?" Why did I have to be polite?

"Oh well, I really am sorry, but listen, there's a party at the cove tonight, kind of a junior class pep rally type deal before next week's game. You know the QB this year is actually a junior. So anyhow, my car is broken down. It's in the shop and they say they can't get the timing chain until Monday. I was wondering if you wanted to go and if you'd mind picking up Kelly and me?" I waited a second trying to absorb what she'd said.

"Yeah sure," I had to do something to get Lucas off my mind, "what time do you want me to pick you up?"

"Oh, meet us at my place at 7:30," she said.

"Isn't 7:30 a little early?" People didn't usually get to the cove until at least 9:30pm.

"I'm just dieing to get out of here," she whined.

"Ok, ok, see you then," I said hanging up. I had no idea what they were getting me into.


Mom was asleep on the couch again when I got home. I turned off the TV then stripped off my clothes and threw myself on my bed. What the fuck was wrong with me? I didn't want to be involved with him. I didn't want to be involved with anybody. I decided it was lust. He was good looking. He was nice. He was popular. I was nothing, a complete nobody. Who wouldn't lust after Jamie Hamilton? He was cool. Yeah, that had to be it, complete and utter lust. I hadn't been laid in so long my body just had a mind of its own. Every time I thought of his beautiful smile, I got hard. I was frustrated. I tried to roll over and go to sleep but... visions of his sweet lips haunted me. I really wanted him to kiss me again and that scared the hell out of me.

Lust. That had to be it. I wanted to get my rocks off. I wanted to rub my dick over his hard stomach muscles and enjoy the satiny feel of his skin. I wanted to taste him. One taste of him wasn't nearly enough. I didn't realize it, but I'd tucked one hand behind my head and was idly stroking my dick with the other. I relived that kiss, over and over in my mind, and the scent of him on my body. I shuddered helplessly as I played with my nipple, wishing his tongue swirled around my aureole. I pinched it with my fingers and dreamed it was his teeth, gently nibbling. Oh fuck, I wanted him. I wanted him so fucking badly it wasn't funny. I gripped my dick harder and watched as pre-cum dripped over my fingers. Oh god, I wanted that soft mouth on me. I wanted him to kiss my belly again. I wanted him to make me cum. I wanted him to make me cum so fucking badly and I knew he could do it just kissing me. That one kiss burned all the way down to my soul, and I wanted more. I erupted into my fist, clots of cream hitting me in the chin. I was surprised. I didn't think I could cum that quickly or quite so much, but jet after jet of cum spurted onto my chest and stomach. I just lay there, too tired to move and the next thing I remembered was sunlight streaming in on my face. I had a dried crusty mess all over me. Fuck.

I took a shower, and dried as best I could. I was going to get a paper, so I just tugged on some briefs and shorts and my sneaks. I grabbed my board and started outside. I stepped off on my board and started down the breezeway and that's when I came to an abrupt halt. Jamie was there. He was fiddling with something under the hood of his car and I just felt my face grow really hot. My dick shot up too, and I freaked. I turned around and dove back into the apartment like a little kid. Mom was in the shower, so she didn't know that I'd even tried to go out. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I stood there leaning against the front door, and tried to catch my breath. He was so beautiful in the sun; he looked like a god. When I could breathe again, I decided to lie down. I could wait to go out, it wasn't necessary.

Instead, I gravitated to my window. I could see him, still fiddling with something under the hood. He must have been changing the oil or something and he was singing with the radio. I was curious as to what he was listening to so I opened the window and I did so with much more force than I'd intended. The window slat slammed open with a loud clack and I froze. I think he must have heard because he paused briefly. He also whacked his head on the hood holder and cursed loudly. I felt sorry for him but I almost laughed too, because he was jumping around like a jackrabbit. Then, he picked up his water bottle and I stopped breathing. He took a sip but then he poured it all over himself, and pressed the cold exterior to his temple. His wet clothing was nearly see-through. I felt my heart nearly stop beating. He was dancing to some old song on the radio and I got a nice view of his gorgeous ass. Oh, fuck. I couldn't believe it! I stared at him slack-jawed. He was clearly oblivious to his surroundings. He splashed more water on himself and then leaned over. My god, I had never seen such a perfect ass. His mounds were well muscled and the lobes were perfectly symmetrical. The skin on his ass was lighter than the rest of him, but his skin was still tawny like a golden peach. The wet material left nothing to the imagination and it sagged halfway down his crack. His perfect lobes were bare, only the sparsest bit of golden fuzz covered him, and I wanted to run my tongue up and down his crack. My knees sagged and I know I whimpered. I wanted to beat my head on the floor. Why? Why was I being tortured like this? First, I am trapped in Podunk, America, and second I am staring at the Divine Ass... and it belongs to a straight boy. My dick was so fucking hard I thought it might burst. I was shaking. I looked up and the fucker was looking in the direction of my window. He grinned. Fuck. He'd heard me. He'd fucking heard me. Dicks, Lips, Asses, Eyes, the things I notice, and why did he have to be so fucking perfect? Why did God do this to me? Send me this unavailable angel to torment me? Wasn't I miserable enough? Apparently not.

I dragged myself back into my bedroom and fell on my bed. The sight of his wet body and that lingering aftershock from the kiss last night sent me into overload. My cock tented my shorts uncomfortably. I threw a shoe at my door and prayed my mother would not hear. I grabbed the lotion and rolled over on my knees. God, I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to see his cock. I wanted to see all of him naked and in my bed. I unzipped my shorts and freed my cock; it hit my belly with a solid thunk. I threw my shirt in the corner and shut my eyes. I could feel his soft mouth pressing against me, and his fingers dancing over my cock and stroking me; harder and faster, until I gasped for breath. I sagged on the bed and grabbed a pillow, stuffing it in my mouth so my mother could not hear my groans. I came hard, again, spattering my chest and chin. Dear God he was beautiful.

I decided to skate off my agony. When I was reasonably sure he was gone, I cleaned up and took my skates. I threw some other clothing in a backpack just in case it got cold. Late at night, I noticed it got considerable cooler. I didn't have a destination in mind, maybe Wal-Mart but that was a long way. I took the pack and at the last minute threw in a pair of sneaks. I laced my skates. Mom was getting ready for work. I told her I was going to the library and I would be back later. I gave her a kiss and set off. I got outside and noticed his car was gone so he probably had something to do. I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn't know what to make of that little show this afternoon. Was he being funny? Did he know I was there? If he did, then what? I just didn't want to think about it. 'I am just fucking horny,' I rationalized. I have not been laid in a while and the crack of dawn is beginning to look good. Well, that is what I told myself anyway.

At the library, I asked the girl behind the desk if she knew where there was a public Internet café or something and she just shrugged her shoulders. The librarian came over, and studied me for a second before asking me why I wanted it. I told her the truth, which was I had no 'net service, I needed to do some research, and I was new to the area and wanted to stay in contact with friends back home. I explained that Mom and I didn't have much money, so we used public phones. She studied me, and I felt her sharp blue eyes bore into me. I was starting to turn red, and I wished I'd never blurted out all that. She was a complete stranger after all. She took a deep breath and tucked a stray blonde hair back into her bun. "You can use the one in my office," she said. I stared at her, not believing my ears. "Well, come on then," she indicated her office with a sweep of her hand. I walked behind the desk and entered the small cubby she'd indicated. "If I catch you surfing porn, I'll break your neck and revoke your library card," she said, and then smiled. "Do what you need to do, Lucas." I mumbled a thank you to her and started typing. She wandered away to help the girl at the desk, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I first checked my free mail account, hoping for a letter from Jet. Thank God, there was a note from him in there. I was getting scared. Jet was a kid I'd befriended and let into my skate club even though he was too young at the time. He was two years younger than I was, but he skated like a demon. He'd been twelve when I let him in because he was so fucking good. But, he was also a vulnerable kid, and I didn't like the way Brad looked at him. Kev said I was just jealous but that wasn't it. Brad had tried to get me to ask him to some of our filming parties, but I'd argued that he was far too young. He'd only laughed and said I was far too young so what did it matter to me. I'd shrugged it off but the truth was, I was uncomfortable with it. Jet was a good kid. He was my friend. When I was in the hospital, he was the only one of that lot that came to see me and hung out with me. Jet was really cute too and in some ways really naïve and sweet. I never wanted anything to change that. I'd warned him to stay the hell away from Brad and Kevin. I told him that they would offer him a lot of money to pose nude and that it would probably lead to other stuff. I didn't hold anything back from him. I told him what I'd done, and I really didn't expect him to be my friend after I'd told him, but he'd just looked at me with those huge brown eyes and hugged me. Fuck. I missed him. He was the little brother I never had. His note said he was okay and that he was doing what I told him... our covert way of not mentioning Kev or Brad. He entered a couple of contests, nothing major though. He missed me. I scrubbed my eyes with the back of my hand. I really missed him. He was performing stunts up on Venice Beach for extra cash and I felt compelled to warn him again about easy money. I know I sounded like such a nag but I couldn't help it. I didn't want him to end up fucked up like me. I finished what I needed to do and thanked the librarian again. She was really nice.


I hadn't even gotten the car into park when both girls came running out of Alicia's front door. Kelly claimed shotgun and climbed into the front passenger seat. Alicia shocked the hell out of me by not arguing and happily climbing in the back. It was rather unlike her, but so was calling me to drive her. Alicia and Kelly were both dressed to kill but Alicia had really overdone it. She wore large platform heels that matched her black leather skirt. The short leather clung to every inch of her ass and rose teasingly up her thighs as she moved to climb into the car. She wore a red top that was cut low and deep. It cupped her breasts like two well-formed hands accenting her nipples, which seemed noticeably perky. I was stunned, I'd seen Alicia dress to kill before, but never to go to the cove. I sat there staring in the rear view mirror just looking at her. Her long hair had been curled with some type of crimping iron and long flowing locks framed her face. She was dressed for sex, right down to her lips, which were outlined in a dazzling shade of "fuck me" red.

"Drive!" She said breaking the silence and acting as if I were a hired chauffer. I felt remarkably like I was somehow staring in Driving Miss Slut, a cheap, porno knock-off of the classic Driving Miss Daisy.

"Ok, and where shall we go, Miss Daisy?" I pronounced the words mockingly, long and drawn out, in a thick southern style.

"Cut it out, Jamie," Kelly said, "Alicia's just excited. Tonight should be fun."

"I was kidding! Anyhow, where to ladies? No one will be at the cove for hours."

"Oh, I know," Alicia said with that fake nice-nice voice of hers. "Why don't we go pick up Lucas and see if he wants to go?"

So, that's what she wanted. Ha. "Sorry to disappoint, but he wasn't home when I left."

"Why don't we go see if he's back?" Kelly asked.

"Because it's back on the other side of town," I said.

"Oh, come on, Jamie!" Alicia was whining, "we have plenty of time and I think Lucas would have fun."

"Yeah come on, Jamie," Kelly gave me the puppy dog eyes. That was a low blow, even for her.

"Ok, ok!" I said putting the car in drive, "but we're not likely to find him. He's probably out skating."

"We can try," they said in unison.

"Ok," I said pulling out of the driveway and heading back towards the apartment complex. The girls totally forgot I was there. They had this habit of being able to be right next to you, yet totally exclude you from the conversation. They rambled on and on gossiping about other girls in our class, and who was sleeping with whom. 'How the hell did they even know all this?' I wondered. I turned the stereo on low and was lost in the music for most of the drive. Alicia's home was slightly out of town. It sat on a couple acres by itself and it was a good twenty minutes back to my place assuming traffic was good. Traffic, heh. The thought made me laugh. Traffic here was anytime a farm tractor poked along in front of you at five miles per hour in a no passing zone. We had made it back to the four-lane U.S. highway, the main drag through town, when Kelly grabbed my arm as she let out an urgent scream.

"Jamie! Pull over now!"

In that one instance, my entire body tensed. I slammed on the break veering across the other lane of traffic to pull off the shoulder of the road.

"What the fuck? What the hell is going on? Why did you have me stop?"

I didn't even get an answer. I was sitting there trying to catch my breath, fearing for my life, thinking at any moment some big ass truck was going to cream us or something. Surely, this is the only reason they'd have me stop. They both unfastened their seat belts and bolted from the car racing up the sidewalk to none other than... Lucas. He'd been skating and hard by the looks of it. He wore a tight black pair of shorts, along with the customary knee and elbow pads, and his shirt was tied around his waist revealing his chest. His nipple ring glistened in the sun as he turned, hearing the girls call to him. For his part, Lucas looked completely stunned as Kelly and the hooker... er, um... Alicia went traipsing down the sidewalk to fetch him. Resistance was futile. Kelly and Alicia would get their hands on his ass whether or not he liked it. Only seconds later, they were literally dragging him to the car. It's a good thing he was on wheels. Making it back to the car, Lucas tried to make a move for the front seat but Alicia practically pulled him into the back with her, which left Kelly sitting up front again. Kelly looked at me and grinned. They were setting this up! Lucas looked up front with this totally helpless expression on his face as he spoke.

"Hi Jamie, what's up?"

"Oh I don't have a clue; you'll have to ask the girls, I'm just the driver."

"Jamie stop being snide," Kelly poked me hard in the side with her elbow, "we're going to a party tonight at the cove, and we want you to go with us."

"The whole junior class is going to be there," Alicia said as she inched slightly closer to Lucas. Lucas was quiet for a moment.

"Oh, come on, Lucas! You just have to come with us," Kelly said turning around in the seat to look at him.

"Yeah, ok, I'll go. I'm not doing anything else, but I need to run by Love's first and tell my mom. I can also grab a shower there. I don't really think you guys want to smell me all night."

"Ok, Not a problem," I said, as I pulled into traffic. Alicia and Kelly swamped him with questions. I couldn't believe it, but Alicia was actually pretending to like skating. It was going to be a long night.

It didn't take long to get to Love's but it felt like an eternity to me. My eyes were stuck in the rear view mirror watching Alicia inch closer and closer to Lucas. She had the look of a tiger after its prey and I think the only thing that kept her from pouncing him right in the car was that he really did smell a bit funky. The conversation on the way to the truck stop centered again on Lucas' piercings. The girls were especially interested in his navel ring and wanted to know if it hurt to get one. Both of them were planning a piercing of their own by the time we got in the parking lot. Lucas jumped from the car first, telling us he was going to say hi to his mom in the café, and then grab a shower. Alicia trailed along after him claiming she was thirsty and needed a drink. That left Kelly and I in the car. I needed a smoke. I was usually just a social smoker, having a cigarette whenever I was drunk or with some of the guys, but this was an exception. Part of me wanted to tell Alicia to back off my man, and the other part of me still wondered why the hell I felt that way. I was turning upside down and I reached into the glove box, fumbling around until I grabbed my emergency pack of Camel Lights and stepped out of the car to light up. Kelly followed me out.

"What's wrong with you?" She said.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me is the way this whole night has been organized to use me so that Alicia can get to Lucas!"

"Oh, don't be silly," Kelly laughed, "We just wanted to have fun and we thought it'd be nice to invite Lucas. It's not our fault if Lucas happens to have a crush on Alicia."

Hearing this made me take a deep drag, devouring practically half the cigarette in one puff. I replied rather raggedly on the exhale, "Crush on Alicia? "

"Yeah!" Kelly giggled, "You should see the way he gets nervous around her, and he gets that look in his eyes. It's so obvious!"

"That is not a crush! And that look, that look screams, "EWW, I don't know where it's been!" *Smack* I winced; Kelly had slapped my arm, hard.

"Jamie, I don't know what you have against Alicia, but cut it out already! I'm starting to think you're jealous!" My heart sank for about two seconds before she continued letting me know she had it very wrong. "If you wanted to date Alicia, you should have fucking asked her!"

"What? I don't want her!" I said shocked that she even had the idea. I rubbed my arm. I was going to have a bruise for sure.

"Whatever, look you stay out here and calm down, I'm going in to chat with Alicia."

I suddenly hated myself for even agreeing to drive them. The cig was almost down to the filter. I needed another smoke. They were inside for just under half an hour. I guess I could have gone in, but I didn't want to be near Alicia right now, so I waited outside. As they came out, I saw Lucas first. He'd changed into a pair of tight jeans that hugged his body nicely and a t-shirt that advertised some rock band. I was somewhat disappointed. I rather liked him shirtless. His cheek-length hair was wet and had been combed down. It looked longer when it was wet, and it made him look slightly younger. He approached me and started to ask for a cigarette; but he was again rushed by the girls who insisted we had to leave for the cove immediately. They were carrying on and on about some dance or other that was supposed to start at nine and we just had to be there.

There wasn't much small talk on the way to the cove. Kelly found my 3 Doors Down CD and decided to put it on about as loud as possible. The sun was going down and it was getting a bit darker in the car. Alicia slowly made her move, inching closer and closer to Lucas. I kept my eyes practically glued to the rearview mirror. Alicia had that crazed predatory look in her eyes... the look that said she'd taken down a hundred guys before and Lucas was about to be next. I was determined to stop her. I didn't know how but I wasn't about to let her win. I kept watching. Lucas didn't have a crush on her. He sat in the back like a trapped animal helplessly staring out the window. Every time she inched closer, Lucas scooted closer to the door until he was literally pressing himself against the side of the car. I was about to turn onto Cove Road when Alicia started to make her move. She tried to put her arm around Lucas neck, but her timing couldn't have been worse. I gunned the accelerator throwing the car into a 90-degree turn onto Cove Road. Alicia was practically thrown back against the passenger side door as the car traveled down the bumpy dirt road.

"Yeeeeee haaaaaw!" I yelled, playing it as I continued at a thrilling pace over the washboard surface of the road. The girls were screaming bloody murder but Lucas was grinning. It was the first grin I'd seen out of him all night.

There were already tons of cars parked around the cove. I don't know why we called it a cove; it was more of a large secluded lake. But what the hell, it's where we had fun. I parked next to Bret Johnson's truck and several other vehicles. They were all empty. Everyone was down at the lakeshore. There was a big bonfire; everyone was around it and seemed to be having a grand time. I was still trying to decide what was happening when Kelly ripped open the driver's side door.

"Come on!" She yelled. "We've got to hurry. The contest starts at nine and I promised you would be one of the judges." I didn't even get a chance to ask what contest before Kelly had me out of the car and running down towards the bonfire. "Sit here," she yelled in my face, placing me next to two other guys in folding chairs that had been set-up in front of most of the crowd. Bret was seated next to me.

"Are you excited man?" He said handing me a beer.

"Excited about what?" I said popping the tab.

"Shit man, Kelly didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?" At that moment, several vehicles that were parked closer to the bonfire area turned on their headlights and a string of girls in white t-shirts came out. It was a wet t-shirt contest! "What the hell are they competing for?"

"Oh, hell, Alicia covered your half earlier today. But we all, well the guys, put in $10 instead of the usual $5 to cover the beer. The girls are competing in teams to win it. And look!" He pointed. At that moment, all of the members of the dance team came out together, wearing the shortest shorts I've ever seen, and began pouring water over themselves. The t-shirts were like paper, and left nothing to the imagination. You saw breasts... everywhere... breasts as far as the eye could see. As the music continued, more groups of girls took their turn in front of the judges. We held up signs and rated them 1-10. It would be close. Almost everyone was getting 10. Everyone that is, except Alicia, who was nowhere to be found.


I got outside, strapped on my skates again, and took off for Wal-Mart. I never did find my shades and I really needed a new pair. So, I broke down and got some cheap shades. I knew my Ray Bans were in a box somewhere but finding them would be more of a challenge than I could deal with currently. I was gliding along the asphalt on my way back, and the sun was really hot. I wasn't really thinking, so when Jamie pulled up, it startled the hell out of me. Alicia and Kelly jumped out and were both babbling about some party that I just had to attend and it was their sacred duty to see that I attended. Uh. Yeah. Right. Alicia looked like she'd gotten dressed at slut central. Kelly just looked like Kelly and Jamie looked too damn fine, as usual. They dragged me to the car; I yanked off my skates, and threw them in the back. I told Jamie I needed to tell my mom where we were going, so he agreed to drive us to the Truck Stop. I needed a quick shower anyway if we were going to a party.

I honestly thought Alicia might well follow me into the showers and offer to scrub my back. She'd asked me ten jillion questions, ranging from skating to my piercings, and kept pressing herself against me in the car. I looked up and saw Jamie watching all of this in the rearview mirror and I could not decide if he was pissed or amused. I couldn't really read his face at all. He'd flipped his sunglasses down and for once, I couldn't tell what he was thinking. I think he was irritated but whether it was at the girls, or me I couldn't tell. I told Mom where we were going and she told me to be careful and handed me a pack of cigarettes, which I dumped into my pack. For once, I was glad I took the backpack with the spare clothes. Wal-Mart had made me leave it at customer service but even that wasn't too bad. I'd have been concerned if this had been a large city, but the desk had been well attended. People still left their doors unlocked in this community. That really floored me.

So, I got outside and Jamie was leaning against his car, and I started to bum a cigarette off him. The girls came bouncing after me and insisted we go right now! Something was going on, but I wasn't sure what. Jamie handed me his smoke and I took a drag off it, before I was hustled into the back seat of the car by an anxious Alicia. The sun was going down, it was getting darker, and Alicia decided to take advantage of the cover of night and feel me up. I'd been looking out the window so I jumped about a foot in the air when I felt this hand in my crotch. Her scarlet fingernails were kneading my dick like bread dough. I picked up her hand and held it, mainly because her nails were damned sharp and it hurt. She giggled in my ear.

"You're really cute, Lucas." She started to try to put her arm around me but just then, Jamie decided to do some stunt driving and she was thrown to the opposite side of the backseat.

"Yeeeeeeeeee haw!" He bellowed and we took the curve and the washboard road a little faster than we should have. That forced Alicia and me to hold onto the roll bars. I couldn't help myself; I started grinning. Alicia was pissed, I could tell. I couldn't see her well, but I had a feeling she was pouting. Jamie, on the other hand, was in his element. Kelly called him a few choice names. He grinned at her and said very sweetly, "Well, you did tell me to hurry," which shut her up pretty fast. I nearly laughed then. He glanced at me in the rearview mirror and I swear his eyes were twinkling. I figured out right then he'd deliberately taken that corner too fast to throw Alicia off me. I know I blushed. I looked down and tried not to stare at the back of his head for the rest of the ride.

He pulled up and I could see a bunch of kids, cars, and a bonfire closer to the water. Kelly all but dragged Jamie from the car and hustled him off to somewhere, leaving me with the Dragon Lady. I wasn't fast enough. She crawled into my lap and put her arms around me.

"I've been trying to get you alone for a couple of days now," she breathed into my ear.

"Uh... you have?" I know that was a lame comeback but, her skirt was riding high up on her thighs and I wasn't entirely sure she was wearing anything under it. I swallowed hard. I have a theory that whenever you are faced with the inevitable, you might as well enjoy it. So, I leaned my head back against the padding of the seat and regarded her.

"Yeah," she said softly and leaned in to kiss me. Her lips were covered with that cherry tasting waxy gunk girls wear and her lips were slick. She wiggled her hips against me, and I felt my cock stir in my pants. She apparently felt it too.

"Oh, it's so big!" She gasped and I wondered what she'd think when I was completely hard. She slid her tongue in my mouth and ground her hips into me. I slid my hands up her back and discovered quickly there was no bra either. She moaned softly into my mouth, and I sucked the lipstick off her lower lip so I could actually taste her. Her mouth wasn't so bad really, once I got past the slick stuff. Her hair kept getting in my nose and I wanted to sneeze. She wriggled in my lap and ground her hips harder into me. She found my nipple, stroked it with her fingers, and I reacted. I moaned back into her mouth and she giggled before she kissed me hard again.

"Mmm, I think I want to ride you," she moaned softly.

I thought, 'Oh fuck... I left my protection at home.' I wasn't expecting to get laid and that's what brought me out of my erotic fog. "Um, Alicia... stop for a second... stop." I pried her hands off me and stared at her. Her hair was a disheveled halo around her face and she looked like a bruised doll, with her lipstick smeared. I reached up and smoothed the lipstick from her cheek. It would have been easy to take her on and condoms be damned, but I just didn't want to. At least not in the backseat of Jamie's car, that didn't seem fair to him for some reason. "My legs are really cramped," I said and she nodded.

"Let's get the blanket and go some place more private."

About that time some kids came by and saw the windows were fogged, a voice I didn't know pounded on the passenger side window and yelled, "Yeah way to go Hamilton, about time you got a piece of ass!" I started laughing and Alicia opened her eyes wide and looked surprised, then she broke into giggles. "We're good for Jamie's reputation," I said with a laugh. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the blanket from the back. We scrambled out of the back seat, and she started to drag me off to a stand of trees when several scantily clad girls came running up.

"Alicia! Alicia! You are late for the contest, come on!" They pulled her away protesting and she turned around and blew me a kiss. I just waved as they pulled her down by the bonfire where it looked like there was a contest of sorts going on. I set the blanket on a tree stump and scaled the tree next to it. From my vantage point, I could see it was a wet t-shirt contest. There was a lot of cheering and laughter. Many jocks were judging the contest, and in the middle of them sat Jamie with his chalkboard, grinning. I shook my head. He looked like he was having fun. I got down out of the tree, picked up the blanket, found a cooler of beer, and snatched a couple. I went back to the car, got my smokes from my backpack, and a flashlight. I found a fallen log that clearly was used for seating in a little clearing off to the side of the festivities.

I laid the blanket on the ground and slid off the log so just my legs were on it and my back was on the ground. The sky was really clear here and I wished I had a telescope. I found a tissue in my pocket and wiped the last of Alicia's lipstick off my face. I watched a couple of meteors streak across the sky and listened to the sound of ribald laughter coming from the direction of the fire. I drank a beer and smoked. Whatever goofiness had transpired around the lake was breaking up a bit. Kids drifted by me, a few said hello. I halfway hoped Alicia would not be able to find me. I got lucky earlier but I didn't want to try to explain to her that I really didn't feel that much attraction to her. I didn't fucking know her. I don't know why it was stopping me, it hadn't before but this time it didn't seem right. Mom would be thrilled though, if I brought a girl home. She'd have someone to fawn over. I shook my head and sighed. Alicia might be an okay person to date, and maybe fuck every once in a while. Depending on how determined she was to get me in the sack tonight, I reflected. Trouble was, when I shut my eyes I still thought about Jamie. Fuck.

Somebody tapped the bottom of my shoe. I opened one eye cautiously and there stood Jamie. He wasn't grinning. "Alicia wear you out already?" He said dryly. I sat up on my elbows.

"No," I replied. He sat on the log and regarded me.

"You didn't get the back seat sticky did you? That shit is a bitch to clean." He was pissed. I didn't blame him actually. But, I was relieved to know I hadn't been set-up by him.

I sighed. "Nothing happened. We got disturbed, we started to get out of the car, and she was dragged off to the wet t-shirt contest. End of story." He nodded his head.

"Got another beer and a smoke?" He asked. I nodded so he slid off the backside of the log and lay next to me. He propped his feet on the log like me and we both stared at the night sky. I handed him the cigarettes and my lighter and he found the beer and popped the top. We laid there in silence for a bit.

"I don't know..." I started softly. He waved his hand dismissively.

"Don't worry about it," he said.

"How do you even know what I am going to say?" I asked.

"I just do. You are going to try to apologize and I am going to tell you not to worry about it because Alicia thinks you have a crush on her."

I almost sat up. Instead, I stared at him. "I what?"

He took a big drag off his cigarette, let it out slowly, and said, " Alicia is over there bragging about what you two did in my car. She says, and I quote, "You have a huge dick and you like to fuck", end quote." I choked on my beer.

"Oh really. What else did she have to say?" I said when I recovered from my coughing fit. He shrugged. I couldn't see him very well, but he looked somewhat sad. "For what it's worth, I am sorry, but Alicia's telling tales. Nothing happened." I said. He folded his arms over his chest and I got the impression that something had been said that really must have hurt. I didn't know what to say. So, I just lay there staring at the sky.

Finally, he spoke. "You want something better than this shitty beer?" I was relieved he was still talking to me.

"Yeah. Whatcha got?" He started to stand and dust himself off.

"I have a fifth of Crown Royal and some cokes in the back of my car. Let's go get it and... shit!" He dove down behind the log and pulled me with him. "Don't say anything," he hissed.

I could clearly hear a drunk-sounding Alicia calling, "Oh Lucas darling, where are you?" I wanted to gag.

"Jesus Christ," I muttered.

"Her and Mary Magdalene would have given him the time of his life," Jamie snorted softly. I couldn't help myself. I giggled. I didn't mean to giggle; it just slipped out. Jamie snickered. The more he snickered, the more I started to giggle. Finally he guffawed, grabbed me by the arm and I scooped up the blanket and its contents and we ran like hell for Jamie's car. He had the key in the trunk and was yanking out the contents. I pulled my clothes out of my backpack and we stuffed six bottles of coke and the fifth into it. I took the contents of the blanket and shoved it in there too. Then I shoved the blanket on top of it but handed the flashlight to Jamie.

"I know where the abandoned swimming pool is, it's right down the fire road. Wanna see it?" He didn't have to ask twice. He slammed the trunk shut and we sprinted to the edge of the road, and then turned down a dark, bramble covered lane.