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Goo Goo Muck Chapter 6

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"We'll have to be quiet through here, and keep the flashlight down," he said. "This part of the road cuts back and comes close to the water's edge. You could see us from the bonfire."

"Okay," I said softly. "How far is it?"

He increased his walking speed to almost a jog. "About a mile."

We got to a clear area and he slowed to a walk again. You could see the lake through the trees and the moonlight reflected off it. Some kids were splashing about naked in the water. Since it was a clear night and the moon was nearly full, we almost didn't need the flashlight. The road was overgrown and it was obvious the county had forgotten about this particular fire road. The breeze was light but just enough to keep away the mosquitoes. The only sounds were crickets and our feet crunching in the gravel. The forest thickened and grew dark as the branches blotted out the sky. Jamie turned on the flashlight and we startled a doe. She darted into the trees and he turned and grinned at me. I don't know why, but I know I was grinning like a fool the entire time we were walking down that dark and rather scary road. Normally, I would be just a little antsy and allow my imagination to run away with me. I would be thinking terrible things like we were in a sequel to Children of the Corn or something, but I just felt comfortable. I remembered reading a Native American story about knowing when the woods accept you, and that is what this was like. We were brothers in the forest and nothing there would hurt us.

A frog croaked somewhere and Jamie laughed. The frog croaked again and clearly said, "Bud." He answered "wise" and I snickered and added the "errr". We both broke up laughing softly. There in the clearing was a busted chain link fence leading to an all but destroyed pool house and a large pool. We ducked inside the fence and looked around. The pool house was gone, bricks lay scattered everywhere. The pool itself held surprisingly little water and silt. Somebody had tried to cover it to prevent damage from the elements but the covering lay in shreds.

"What happened?" I said.

"Tornado touched down out here and destroyed most of the water park. There's more to it but it's hard to see. The guy who owned it decided to just take it as an insurance loss and left it." Jamie shrugged. He went back outside the fence and found a concrete picnic bench. He shined the flashlight all around and underneath it, before he was satisfied then he opened up my pack and spread the blanket on top of the table. He handed the flashlight to me.

"Here. I'll bartend. You go look around. Mind the snakes though."

Snakes! I hadn't thought about that so I picked my way carefully around and back through the fence. The pool was actually huge and I could see where the wave generation system used to be. This was a sizeable instillation to leave here to rot. I shook my head. The economy really sucked down here. It was a little far, but this place was perfect to skate, if I could discover a way to clean it. I wandered the edge of the main pool and saw where it broke into smaller pools and slides. There were even barrel slides and that would be really cool to skate through. I came back to the table whistling and grinning. Jamie handed me a bottle of Coke, I took a big sip and started coughing. He'd made them strong.

"You okay." He was concerned. It made my heart flutter.

I gasped and when I recovered I said, "No, that's tight."

I dredged up the pack of smokes and we both lit up. We ended up lying on our backs on the table shooting the shit and watching the stars. His elbow or thigh would bump me now and again and I wondered if he was even aware of it. Every time he did this little thrill of pleasure shot through me. Little sparks of electricity everywhere. I was talking about something stupid, skating or something... fuck, I don't know what I was saying... and I looked over at him and he was watching me. Those big, soft brown eyes of his, just watching me. I felt my face grow hot and I stopped talking. He pushed off the table and rummaged around in the backpack for something. I sat up and set my drink down carefully.

"Jamie?" I said softly.

"Yeah," he replied gruffly not looking up at me.

"Um. I wanna know something." He stopped rummaging and glanced up. I could almost see the heavens reflected in his eyes and it took my breath away.

"I'm sober tonight," I began softly, when I could find my voice, "and I just wonder..." I straightened my shoulders and prepared to be rejected or worse, punched in the face for what I was about to ask. "Was the kiss you gave me last night a fluke? Because if it wasn't," I paused and he appeared to be listening, "I'd like it if you'd kiss me again."

I'd parked my legs on the seat part of the bench, he moved between them, and I reached up and caressed his cheek with my fingers. "Okay," he said almost inaudibly and he leaned in and kissed me. My god, I melted. I just melted there in front of all of heaven. His mouth was so soft and he deftly explored my lips with his tongue before pressing harder against my mouth and darting his tongue between my teeth. The stab of desire was so strong I gasped and moaned into his mouth, and he pressed me back on to the concrete slab. He kissed me harder, and I moaned again. I pulled his shirt from his pants, ran my hands up his back and over his shoulders. He broke off kissing me long enough for me to drag the shirt over his head. He dove for my throat and I arched my back and ground my hips into his.

"Oh fuck. Jamie!" I whimpered. Oh fuck, I didn't care. I wanted his hands and lips on me and I couldn't stand it. He found the edge of my shirt and pulled it up exposing my chest; he began nibbling at the unpierced nipple and I was lost. He lazily worked his way to my collarbone, sucking on the bones and I was shaking. He kissed me again, and his mouth caressed mine. The longing I'd felt boiled over and I moaned. I laced my fingers on the back of his head and his hair smelled of warm sunshine.

"Jamie, oh god, please." I whimpered again and another shudder coursed through me. His hand strayed to my stomach and traced slow circles around my navel ring. I was so fucking hard it hurt, and if he didn't go lower, I would go out of my mind. I pushed my hips into him urgently, hoping he'd get the message. My dick was leaking all over my pants, and if he kept kissing me, I would cum anyway. He deftly unbuttoned my jeans and I raised my hips so he could pull them down. He tugged at my briefs and my cock sprang up. His hand brushed against it and I swear, I heard my skin sizzle. His fingers were warm around my shaft, he ran his thumb over the head, and I hissed.

"Alicia was right about one thing," he said into my ear. I stared at him dumbly not really comprehending him for a second. "You do have a huge dick."

I felt myself blush. Then I brazenly looked him straight in the face. "She was right about the other thing as well. I like to fuck."


"I like to fuck." Just hearing him say those words was like having a thousand dreams come true all at once. My whole body shivered as I looked at him. His body was more beautiful than all the stars in the sky. He was giving off this energy, this hunger. The look of need in his eyes was so strong it consumed me, melting me right before him into a giddy, nervous wreck. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute when his cock sprang free of his pants. Like the rest of him, it was absolutely perfect. A thick line of veins ran up the underside of his shaft, stopping just before they reached the ridge at the top of his cock as it stood there dancing in the moonlight in front of me. His cock head was a deep purple and he was horny... very horny.

A thin trail of clear pre-cum slowly trickled down his shaft. I was lost, lost in his sheer beauty. Like a kid in a candy store, I had to touch him, to smell him, to taste him. He shivered as I reached out, cautiously grasping his cock. It was so hard but yet, so warm; I could feel bits of his pre-cream between my fingers as I began to stroke him lightly. Letting my fingertips dance over his shaft like tiny raindrops tracing from his balls up the underside of his shaft and tickling his ridge. He shifted momentarily, and I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, so I stopped. But he sat up on his elbows and looked me right in the eyes as he whimpered, "No please... please. Jamie, please don't stop."

I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to wrap myself around him and kiss every square inch of him, but I wanted him to feel good, I needed him to feel good because something about touching him, about knowing that I was causing every last nerve in his body to crave pleasure, excited me. I stood for a moment, pulling him to me. I kissed him hard on the lips, diving into him with my tongue before licking all the way down his chest, between his nipples, past his navel, and right down the shaft of his cock to his balls.

He jerked, if he hadn't had his legs firmly planted on the picnic table bench I think he would have bucked wildly into the air. His breath was ragged, and he begged for more between breaths. I got closer to him, my own cock throbbing like mad but at this point, that didn't matter; I was focused on him. I got on my knees in front of him, sliding him to the edge of the table, and I kissed his balls. I'd never done this before, I wasn't sure what to do, and I let him guide me with his moans. I licked each one, kissing it and sucking on it as I began to stroke him harder and faster. I felt him spasm and I thought he might be close so I slowed for a moment. I held his cock steady in my hands as I looked into his eyes and smiled at him. I don't know why I was smiling but I was, just being with him this way made me so insanely happy. I gave him the biggest silly grin I could and then I leaned over and kissed his cock, right on the center of his slit. I could taste his pre-cream. It was a bit salty but yet somehow sweeter than I expected, and I licked him again, curling my tongue around his ridge and licking all of the pre-cream off his cock.

"Oh fuck!" He moaned and bucked sharply. I backed away a bit. I would have sucked him but I really didn't know what I was doing and I didn't know if I could take all of him; not like this, he was too horny. I knelt in front of him again and began kissing his balls, sucking them and rolling my tongue over them as I stroked him faster and harder. He was moaning between breaths and as he got closer, his sounds became inarticulate until it was just a long constant stream

"Ohhh," I kept stoking and kissing until I heard the "oh" change to a "cum" and I felt his dick jerking in my hands. Rope after rope of sticky white cum flew from his cock, coating my hand and splattering to the cement below. Lucas was in orbit; he lay back on the table letting out a string of whimpering "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck".

I didn't know what to think, except that it was incredible hearing him orgasm. If a sound alone could ever be enough to make me cum, the sound of his whimpers and the breathy way he kept saying "oh Jamie" would have been it. I quickly unsnapped my jeans pushing them to my ankles as I leaned over, resting my head on his thigh and began to stroke my own cock. I wanted to cum, I wanted to cum so fucking bad. Every nerve in my body was on fire, tingling, begging, and aching for release. I was about to go, I was about to let it out with everything I had, but I was stopped, my hands jerked away from my cock as I was pulled to my feet. I whimpered, I didn't understand why he'd stopped me, I was so close, but he looked at me with those piercing eyes as he gasped out, "No, Jamie... wait. It's your turn now."


I scrambled off the bench and dropped to my knees. His cock bobbed in front of me, droplets of pre-cum glistening on the fat head of his dick and I wanted to taste him. I wanted that monster dick of his in my mouth. My mouth was literally watering. I wanted to taste him that badly. I grasped the base in my fist and slowly jacked him and he moaned and staggered sideways.

"Switch me places!" I commanded and made him sit on the bench. I turned so I faced him and I was no longer in danger of slamming my head on the concrete slab if he got too rough thrusting down my throat. He was really close, his cock leaked continuously and he was breathing hard. I leaned into his crotch, resting one of my hands lightly on his thigh and the other grabbed the base of his cock again. He threw back his head and moaned. He shut his eyes and shuddered. I lightly ran my tongue around the head and he whimpered. Something about that did it for me. I started to get hard again. I pushed his knees further apart and plunged down on his cock, drawing as much of his delicious meat as possible into my mouth. He moaned loudly and his hips came off the bench. I stroked him with my tongue, flicking the tip up and under the sensitive ridge and he moaned more raggedly this time. I pressed the flat of my palm into his balls and slowly rotated my hand, stroking them and running my fingers down to his perineum.

I sucked all of him back into my mouth and tried to take as much as I could. The angle was not good enough for me to deep throat him, although I was trying. He was absolutely delicious. I loved the texture of his cock in my mouth, so velvety smooth and rock-like at the same time. He shivered; I plunged down again, and pulled back. This time he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pushed his hips into my face.

"Oh fuck, Lucas!" He moaned and I swirled my tongue around the head again and probed his slit, sucking his sweet juice. Oh fuck, he tasted good. I wanted him so fucking badly it wasn't funny. I wanted him to cum in my mouth and let me taste all of him. I sucked as much of him as possible into my mouth and he moaned again. This time he wound his fingers in my hair and pushed his hips up to me. He shuddered violently and I felt his balls tighten as I drew him in as far in as I could.

"Oh fuck, Lucas, gonna cum. Oh god, gonna cum... oh!" I felt the first blast erupt and slam into the back of my throat and I swallowed reflexively as his body contracted. He continued to shoot and I lapped it up, stroking him with my tongue and letting some hit me in the chest. I continued to suck until his whimpers let me know he was getting sensitive. He was so fucking delicious. I was licking my fingers, collecting the crème off my chest, and sucking it off when he opened his eyes and stared at me.

"You taste good," I said, and continued licking and sucking at my fingers. I wiped another bit of crème off and he grabbed my wrist and licked one of my fingers. I laughed because it tickled, but it was also incredibly erotic and my cock was hardening again.

"Mmm. Cream of Lucas and Jamie," he said with a grin. He stopped licking my fingers and leaned down to kiss me. He pulled me into his lap and his tongue stroked mine. I moaned into his mouth and I tasted us both combined there on his lips. I wanted to fuck him right then. I was shaking from it. He stroked my cock again, this time a lot more slowly.

"You like this?" He said and I could only nod my head.

"Oh fuck, Jamie!" I whispered in his ear, and he kissed my throat.

A stick broke with a loud snap somewhere off to our right. "Jamie? Lucas? Are you guys out here?" Kelly yelled.

"Come out come out wherever you are!" Alicia's voice was heavily slurred. Jamie and I scrambled over each other in a mad rush to get dressed.

God, I still wanted him.


"Run!" I said in a loud whisper as I grabbed my shirt and took off heading for the back fence. Lucas stood there for a moment with a puzzled look on his face before snatching the rest of his clothing and taking off to catch me.

"Why are we running?" He said panting lightly as I helped him hop over the back fence. "It's not like they'd know what we did."

"Huh? I'm not worried about that," I said grinning as I realized what he thought.

"Then why the hell are we running?" He said still looking puzzled.

"Alicia's drunk. Need I say more?"

"Ha!" He laughed.

"Yeah, I don't know about you, but I don't want to be stuck holding her hair while she pukes half the night... and she will puke she always does. The girl has a tolerance level smaller than her brain."

"Oh that's harsh," he said through a laugh.

"It's true. Last time she got drunk, I was up 'til 6am helping her puke... and to compensate me for this what does she do? She tells everyone we were fucking. She said it'd help my stats. And it did. I think I got a couple of "ewws" out of it." Lucas snickered. "Heh. Oh, you laugh now! But just you wait and see! She has a hard on for you!"

"Oh? And does she have the dick to back it up?" He grinned.

"Well, she defiantly has the balls, that's for sure. And the claws!" I made little cat clawing motions in the air and Lucas nudged me in the side.

"So, um... how do we get to the car?"

"Oh we're almost back to the main road, and we'll sneak back around to the car and head out of here."

"Alicia will be pissed!"

"Oh, it'll be her fault. We spent all night looking for her, and she was just nowhere in sight! So finally about 3am, you and I sneaked off for coffee."

"We are going for coffee?"

"Heh. Sure why not? There's a great little diner up the road. Cherries, the place is tight."

"Heh. I bet it is," he snickered again; he was giddy. We took the long way around from the pool to the cars, crouching as low to the ground as we could while still running. We didn't want to chance being seen by the girls or that's what we said. I wanted to be alone with him. We finally made it to the car, I jumped in the diver's seat, and Lucas hit the passenger side about the same time.

"Go! Go! Go!" He shouted giving me a big grin. I saw shadows approaching in the distance. I wasn't sure if it was Alicia, but I wasn't about to take the chance. I jerked the car into gear and put my foot on the accelerator squealing the back tires leaving dust in our wake as we took out for Cherries.