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            "Oohie, wallie, wallie," I started out. 

            "What are you going on about?" Go-Go started to ask, all in my business, "I want to know.  Let me get in."

            "Bitch, that boy is making me hot...I'm getting all wet."
            Go-Go laughed, truth was I was serious.  My ass would somehow get real wet when I knew a sexy ass boy was flirting with me.  I was damn near dripping through the back of my pants.  The boy looked at me and licked his lips.  He sucked his lips.

            "Who boy?"

            "The boy up there."

            "The altar boy? Lacey you are TRYING it right now.  You trying to find a date at a funeral though?  Someone died!"

            Very much Go-Go thing to say.  You would think his brother died or something. 

            We were at a viewing, not a funeral.  The open casket was right before us of some gay boy in the community that had died of AIDS.  I hadn't met the boy before.  I think I'd seen him in drag or something once.  I wasn't sure.  Mickey and Breezy were dragged along with us as well and they didn't know who this guy was either.

            Go-Go and met the guy probably twice and they did the casual, "Hey" thing, but it was of course dramatic Go-Go to think we HAD to show up at this boy's viewing.

            "Is Breezy drunk?" Go-Go asked, "Oh my god, Breezy, get off the floor. Mickey get Breezy off the floor..."

            Mickey kicked Breezy who was on the floor doing...God knows what in his drunkenness.  As long as he was in clear view, no one really cared what Breezy did when he was drunk.  Only thing was that this was a damn viewing.

            The boy's mother was the choir director for the church and she was singing.  This boy must have been popular.  Everyone was at his damn viewing.  This was ridiculous.  Seemed like the whole city was there.

            "That's not getting him off the floor," Go-Go complained, "Lacey..."

            "Girl, I'm trying to get butt fucked.  Leave him."

            "I can't believe he would drink at a funeral.  This is death...this is death.  Oh! They lining up to see the body."

            "Girl you are not about to go see the body...you didn't even know that boy like that!"

            "Watch me."

            I slapped my forehead.  This was Go-Go, he was going to get there anyway.

 "Get your life then."

The way Go-Go had been promoting this boy's funeral was like he knew the boy for years.  He had got a t-shirt made with the boy's picture on it.  He had damn near stalked the family.  I could see even now they had an eye on Go-Go as though he was the crazy boy.  Which of course he was...

I turned my attention to the alter boy.

He was still looking at me.  He was so sexy in those robes.  My hand slid to my nipple and he smiled.  Yeah...I had this one in the bag already.

"I am going to beat the hell out of anyone if they touch Go-Go," I heard Mickeysay.

He was so damn protective of Go-Go which was just weird because he was the main one who always picked on Go-Go throwing him around and play fighting with him constantly.  I didn't know what that meant but I figured he had a thing for Go-Go.  Mickeybeating up Go-Go, good...anyone else even look at Go-Go the wrong way, Mickeywould have a murder rep.

"Why where is he? Oh ...  I see.  Why does he do this at EVERY funeral?"
            Go-Go hadn't made it to the body.

He had started to do his thing.  It was like he was constantly trying to win an Oscar.  He had begun crying as though someone was stabbing him over and over with no remorse as soon as he got to the isle.

"Oh LAWD! Why'd You take him!  Oh LAWDY! BRING HIM BACK TO US!" he started, tears running down his eyes like water.

The boy's mother had been singing all along.  Crazy how everyone that was close to the boy had been keeping their composure but Go-Go who barely knew him was falling in the aisle.

An usher had picked Go-Go up and he fell again. 

"Oh LAWD!" he screamed out.

I couldn't help but to break out laughing.  This was a mess!  Go-Go was crazy for godsakes! Breezy was in his drunken haze like usual and I could hear him calling out for Go-Go telling him to stop crying.

"It's ok Go-Go! It's ok," he stated.

Truth was he had no idea what the hell was happening or where he was.  Breezy was the only one I knew who found no problem with being tore up in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.

"Who is that?" I heard a guy state.

It was obvious he was the dead guy's boyfriend. 

Go-Go of course didn't care.  He was now continuing his performance rolling in the aisle like the drama queen that he was born to be.  He was A TRIP if ever I saw one.  I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe right.

That was when I realized Breezy wasn't in my sight...oh fuck...oh fuck.  Breezy!  He had somehow made his way all the way to the pianist and was trying to stop the pianist from playing.

"No noise! No Noise! Hush Muffin!" he slurred out like a drunk retard.

He was really attacking the damn pianist so the pianist would stop playing.  Oh great...everyone was definitely in full effect.  I stepped over Go-Go, who was still rolling around on the floor to get Breezy.

Just as I began to lead Breezy away from the pianist, I saw it.  Go-Go had made an attempt to jump into the boy's casket with him.

You would think he was Superman by the way he leaped!

The ushers tried to catch him, but he was too quick.  He had made his way into to the boy's casket and was on top of him pounding his chest.

            I felt so bad by how shocked the dead boy's mother was.  She gasped loudly as she saw Go-Go in the casket, pounding her dead son's chest. 

I was choking on laughter at her reaction. 

That was until I realized the usher's were getting real rough with Go-Go. They were really trying to drag him out of the casket, by his legs, by his arms, by his head.  Oh hell no...they were no way pulling on my best friend like that.

I let go of Breezy to go help Go-Go but then realized Breezy fell with a loud thump on the floor.  He was passed out.


I picked Breezy back up.

            I wanted to get to Go-Go before...oh god...too late.

            All I heard was a big ass clash.

            "Don't fucking put your hands on him!" Mickey had screamed out. It was too late.  Mickey had changed into the Incredible Mickey already.

            Incredible Mickey was what I called Mickey when he started to flip.  I could have sworn he got a little bigger actually as well.  He may have even gotten a little bit green.  It usually happened when He had taken the collection plate and socked it over the head of the usher who had grabbed Go-Go by his arms.


            It was needless to say after Mickey had attacked two or three more people and had been arrested, after Go-Go had to be plied off a dead body and after Breezy was once again sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning that we had successfully ruined the boy's viewing. 

            And where did I end up.

            "Oh yeah! Fuck my boy-gina!"

            The alter boy's dick was huge.  We were at the cemetery as they lowered the boy's body into the grave.  All my friends had been kicked out of the funeral, but I was still there.  I had to have the alter boy.

            He held onto my waist, bent me over a tombstone and started to blow me over the body of a guy name Claudius Verne.  I kept thinking what type of name was Claudius as the boy fucked me deeper and deeper. 

            "Yeah you like that, take that dick you low down dirty slut."
            "Oh yea daddy."

            "You fucking skeeze bucket."
            "Yeah, do that baby."

            "You dumb piece of walking ass."

            "Uh yeah, smack me!"

            This shit was turning me on.  He kept fucking me harder and harder and harder.  He was making my ass feel it was being ripped apart.  I couldn't believe I was taking so much dick with nothing more then a little bit of spit.

            And he fucked me raw...just how I liked it.  I was nasty.  I was a nasty slut bag.

            I was a good-time girl and I was going to show him one hell of a good-time.

            He nutted all of a sudden.

            What the fuck?  That fast?
            I was expecting to at least be here until the body was in the ground.  He pulled out of me wiping the rest of his nut all on my ass cheeks. 

            I moved away.  Fast nut was such a turn off!

            "Ayo shawty, that's some bomb ass."

            It was some `alright' dick.

            "Yeah, I loved it too," I lied smiling, "Hey...do you have a valentine?"

            "Shawty no offense, but this shit here ain't for no everyday nah mean?  I'm not trying to wife you up or nothing."
            This was some bullshit.

            He was willing to fuck but he wasn't willing to be my valentine.

            This is some straight bullshit.

            "Whatever boy.  Well then if I'm just a piece of ass it'll cost you.  200 bucks.  Come on pay up right now or I tell everyone you are a church fag.  And believe me, you saw how my friends act.  It would not be above me to make one more scene."


            I'd got my 200 dollars and headed down to the station.  I knew the drill.  I was already being greeted by everyone as I walked through.   They definitely already knew the drill.  They definitely knew it already.

            "Here for Mickey again?"

"Yeah, I came early.  You know I can't leave my best friend in a cell for long."
"O ok, well $200 as usual."

"Got it."

I gave them the money and got him out.  Mickey was still steaming even as I got

him out of the cell.  You would think that he would calm down by now, but he got such a thrill from attacking people.

            "Oh I'm psyched.  Let's go back to that funeral. Is it over?  Some guy got a good punch on me.  I want a rematch."

            "Mickey didn't you have something to do today."

            "Oh shit...my brother!  He comes today."

            "You're brother?"

            "Yeah I got a brother...he's coming to stay with me for awhile.  He's going to University of Pittsburgh."

            "And your parent's are letting him stay with you.  Do they know how fucked up of an individual you are?"

"I guess they must not."

"Hey don't tell Go-Go and Breezy about him coming yet.  I don't know how this

is going to work out.  Our lifestyle might...shock him.

He laughed as we made our way back to his apartment. 

It was just a Good-Time Girl trait to be late so I hoped his brother wouldn't mind. 

I didn't know how his brother would respond to us, let alone how Go-Go and Breezy would respond to him.  It had always just been the four of us. 

            Now one more was going to be around.


            We got to our apartment.  Well it was really just Mickey's apartment.  I had been locked out of my apartment not too long ago and was house hoping between Mickey and Go-Go's apartments.  Mickey was the only one of us who had a real constant income.  I mean Go-Go did his whole gogo boy thing once in awhile and that got a little bit of coinage and I had my sugar daddies but Mickey was the only legit one.

            Just as we walked up to the house I saw him.

            The love of my life.

            6'1" with caramel brown skin.  He had on UPITT sweats.  It was obvious he played some type of support.  He had these hug man hands that he used to shake Mickey's hands.  Mickey's brother was...god...

            To be honest him and Mickey did look a lot alike.  They both had a caramel skin with hair that was noticeably a little browner.  They both had round faces and smooth sexy lips.  Even their muscular frame was shaped the same.  Both their faces were soft and babyish but had such masculinity in it as well.  They both looked like Nelly a whole lot without the gold grill and extra tattoos. 

Only I couldn't look at Mickey like that.  He was my bestieBut his brother...god...

            My ass was getting wet.

            "Ken this is one of my best friends, Lacey-Tyler," Mickey introduced me.


            The boy took a step closer to me and smiled.  He had a glimmer in his eye. 

            "Nice to meet you."

            "N—nice to meet you too."

            For the first time in my life I was dumbfounded.





            I didn't know how this would work.  My brother was in town.  He hadn't even known I was gay but of course he met Lacey-Tyler now.  I was hoping that maybe he would know from Lacey that I was gay.  Then I wouldn't have to have that awkward coming out thing going on.

            I hated awkward moments.

            As my brother seemed to not really react to meeting Lacey-Tyler I got worried.  Why wasn't he sneaking me away, asking me if I was gay or not?

            It would make this so much easier.

            I made my way into the apartment with his stuff.  Luckily my apartment was big enough for my brother and Lacey.  Figured Lacey would probably be jumping around from my apartment, to one of his many dates, to Go-Go and then back to me again.  Breezy's apartment was way too small for Lacey but if times got hard I knew he would probably jump there too.

            "Bro, I'm so excited to be in the city," Ken started.

            Ken always looked up to me.  I didn't know why.  I had dropped out of school to become a streetfighter.  When that didn't work I'd decided to go on the road trip and ended out here in Pittsburgh working my ass off just so that I could have fun on the weekend. 

            And I was happy.

            I just didn't want this to effect my little brother. 

            Lacey answered for me, "There's a lot to do in the city...especially at night."

            "Really? Well maybe you can show me around."

            "Oh yeah...anytime. We can get to know one another..."

            I looked at Lacey, giving him one of my mean looks.  He needed to back up.  I could tell when Lacey was flirting from a mile away and my brother was so dumb and innocent that he was just feeding right into it.

            "Wow I feel special," my brother stated and then turned to me, "All your friends this hospitable?"

            "No...just Lacey," I replied.

            "Of course, I'm love Mickey," Lacey-Tyler continued his assault, "I know how much you mean to him.  I'd do anything...anything to make you as comfortable as humanly possible.  No matter what that is."

            Ken laughed.  I can't believe Lacey had the effect to make my brother laugh. This was bullshit.  No...no, no, no, no!

            "I look forward to getting to know you and everyone else close to my brother," Ken continued.

"Ok, Ken, maybe you should go put your stuff in your room.  It's the one to the

right.  I'll have dinner ready by the time you get out."

            Lacey turned to Ken, "I'll help you.

            I grabbed Lacey by the shoulder hard, "No why don't you help me get ready for dinner."

"What dinner? You picked up some KFC down the street."
"HELP ME with dinner," I stated squeezing onto his shoulder so hard that he

started to squirm.

Ken laughed steadily, "You guys are a trip."

He went into the room and started to unpack his stuff.  I let go of Lacey and watched him almost fall to the floor.  I would beat his ass if he tried it with my brother.  He had no idea.

Lacey got up and ran to me, "Please...please...please, please, please..."

I knew exactly what he was asking.  He was trying to get permission to try his

hands at my brother.  There was no way my brother was gay and even if he was there was no way he was going to end up falling for anyone of my friends.  There was absolutely no way I would allow this.

            "Wait since when do the good-time girls limit one another?" Lacey asked.

            "This is different."


            "He's straight and you are nasty.  He's not for you Lacey.  Keep that in that skull of yours.  You try it with my brother and I'll bash you to the gods."

            "Mickey, I felt something."

            "Maybe it's the cramps that you got when that altar boy had you bent over in God knows where."

            "The cemetery."

            "Oh god."

            That was just like Lacey.  Meet a guy, fuck a guy, assume it's a relationship until the guy disses him and then he comes back to his senses.  Then he starts from step one all over again.  He was so predictable with this shit.  It was annoying.

            Maybe if it was Breezy I would think about it.

            Maybe if it was even Go-Go...well no, but not for the same reason.

            "This is different though," Lacey continued, "I felt this immediate chemistry. God, remember how you felt when you first saw Orion?"

            "And look me and Orion aren't together anymore."

            "Well you want to be..."

            I thought about it.

            Maybe I did want to still see Orion.  I didn't know any longer.  My whole heart was just torn in all different directions.  I did miss Orion.  I missed everything about him.  I missed his smell.  I missed how he would snore lightly as I held him in the middle of the night. 

            He was my little baby.  I had wanted to take care of him...but he wouldn't let me.

            I turned to Lacey and grabbed him by the collar, "I am not going to argue this with you ok. You are my best friend but if you try my brother, I am going to kill you.  Capeesh?"

            "You ain't Scarface...you aint scaring nobody."

            I raised my hand, "Boy I'll knock the fuck out of you."

            "Ok, ok, sorry.  You know you'd be dangerous if you had a heart."

            Lacey turned away.  Truth was I did love him and I did want to see him happy but he wasn't ready for any relationship.  Lacey knew damn well he wasn't ready for anything serious and I wouldn't let him experiment on my brother.

            "Ken is straight anyway," I said, playing with Lacey's hair, "He always fucked with girls.  Look at him."

"Look at you.  People probably think the same thing about you.  I think

homosexuality runs in DNA."

            "Well not ours.  He doesn't even know I'm gay."



            "Oh shit."

            I turned and walked away to my room.  This was going to be weird.  How the hell was Ken going to fit in with us.  I wanted a normal life for my brother.  I wanted him to be happy taking the normal route of life not the alternative piece of shit that I was living. 

            It was a fucked up thing.

            It was the reason that Orion had left me.

            I found myself at my bedside, picking up the phone and dialing his number.  I fucking hated that I was so weak.

            As I dialed the number I realized that it wasn't Orion on the other end of the phone. The voice was way deeper then Orion's.


            I hung up the phone.

            I couldn't deal with even the thought that Orion had already moved on.  Everyday he was all I thought about.  It had been just a few weeks.  How could he have moved on already. 

            I always remembered his last words.

            He had sat me down on this bed and said, "You need to grow up.  You and your friends all need to grow up.  You act like children.  Look at you.  You got blood on your knuckles now.  You think it's mature to just go punch everyone you like because it makes you feel good.  You can't do anything you like.  This is the real world...this is the real world and you aren't a part of it.  So I'm leaving you."

Was he right?
I was about to be 23.  Maybe I was getting too old to be doing the same stuff I

was doing in high school.  Maybe I should quit my wild ways and go back to school.  Maybe a good time wasn't the only thing that mattered.

But who would take care of Breezy?
What if someone started with Lacey?
Who would protect Go-Go...my Go-Go?
Ugh, that was another thing I couldn't get my hand on.  He was my brother and I

was supposed to protect him but every once in a while, I would have this feeling that maybe I wanted...more. 

No. What the fuck was I thinking.

Go-Go was like a 2nd Ken to me.

I had to stop this shit.

Before I knew it was Go-Go that I was calling and I was crying.  Go-Go was the

only one that I could cry to.  I would be embarrassed to cry to anyone else.  Go-Go knew all about emotions though.  We argued a lot but he knew I loved him and his friendship was one of the most important ones ever.

            <Hey best friend.>

            He could tell from my voice what kind of mood I was in.

            <You called him, didn't you.>

            I broke down.

            <Yeah I did.  I called him. Damn it.  I couldn't help it.  And guess what happened. Guess what happened when I called him.>

            <I can only imagine.  He didn't pick up did he? Someone else did.>


            I started to cry again.  And then I heard Go-Go.  The things he said was the reason sometimes my heart started to buzz when I heard him.  Every time I doubted why I was here in Pittsburgh with him or why I was partially wasting my life, Go-Go would say something, something to make me lose perspective all over again.

            And it felt great.

            <Don't you cry.  You hear me?  Don't let those tears come down that easy.  Fight them because I know what we can do for the weekend.  I know what we can do for the weekend! You hear me! We can get lost, you and me, and Breezy and Lacey.  Sounds good?  We'll get lost like we always did.  We'll get lost in one another and Orion won't matter.  All that pain is going to be left in your puke.  And you'll drink your sorrow away and dance your pain away. And every day we'll wake up and we'll be happy.  And we'll define our own happiness.  We will capture eternity.  All you need to do is make it to the weekend."