The Swallow Sorrow Doll

DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult content.


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I shot out of the building crying, "NO!"

I ran right onto the corner of Fifth and Wood and fell onto the ground. A woman came over to check on me and ask me if I was ok. I pushed her away and started hitting onto the concrete hard.



"Hey lady, he's with us," Lacey-Tyler told her as he sat on the curb.

Lacey-Tyler was there painting his fingernails with Breezy right next to him. It was one of those rare moments that Breezy was sober. He was leaning over a boombox, (yeah, the Good-Time Girls still used boomboxes). We weren't like the Funky Fresh crew who still thought they were stuck in the 80s though. We knew the century. They weren't playing Run DMC ... they were playing Lady Gaga's Just Dance.

"NO! MY LIFE IS OVER!" I shouted, "I'm going to kill myself! Now I'm going to do it."

I looked at the bus driver. He had pulled over next to us as people boarded the bus. That was when I did it. I ran in front of the bus and laid there. I just wanted to die and get it over with. Cruel world. I was done with it all. The bus driver just kept beeping his horn at me.

"ROLL OVER ME!" I demanded.

I turned over to see if Lacey and Breezy were paying me any attention. They were just looking at each other.

What the hell! I was laying in front of a bus about to die and they were looking at each other! Didn't they see me? Didn't anyone love me! Did I die already and just didn't know about it! I would like the news flash.

I let out the biggest scream ever.

"It's your turn," Lacey-Tyler stated.

"I did it last time."

"Last time you were sober doesn't count," Lacey-Tyler irritated, "Go ahead, you'll like it! Plus my nails are still drying."

Breezy was about to complain but then a Lil' Kim song came on. It was Respirator. We all knew that once Respirator started playing it was a wrap for Lacey-Tyler's attention span. He had completely forgot about his nails drying and started to dance in circles in the middle of the street.

I turned my head as soon as Breezy made his way over to me. He apologized to the bus driver and bent down over me.

I wasn't moving...nothing would make me move.

"Ok let's talk about it," Breezy stated.

"NO! I want to die. Let me die. Let my blood stain the streets of New Alphabet City!"

"Ok, are so loud...oh god, one second. I'm going to need some help with this."

He dug into his bookbag and took out one Advil, one Tylenol and one Aleve. He took them all at the same time like he usually did. I guess he figured one of them would work but he never figured out which worked the best.

"Breezy! Pay attention to me! This isn't about you. I'm going through a crisis!"

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE STREET!" I heard the bus driver scream at the top of his lungs.

"Ok, we are about to get stoned, so let's hurry up and talk about it?" Breezy stated, obviously since we were pressed for time.

"The play theater didn't like my rehearsal."
"Oh God...why?"

"They said I was overdramatic."
"You? No..."

"Yeah can you believe that?" I asked, shaking my head, "Over FUCKING dramatic! I studied these lines for weeks. I even...OH GOD...I even made my own outfit!"

I was creative like that. One thing that I did have was creativity. I could take anything and make it look like Prada or Dior. I could design costumes better then I could do my alphabet. I was BORN to be on stage.

"Well honestly making your own outfit is kind weird," Breezy said, "Now don't overreact, but look at those guys. They don't understand you...not like I do."


I smiled, "That's why you're my best friend Breezy."

He nodded, almost as though I wasn't getting what he wanted to say. Breezy got awkward a lot when he was sober. I didn't really understand what that was all about.

"Yeah...well I meant," Breezy stated but then all of a sudden stopped, "Wait this this my damn table cloth! GO-GO!"

I smiled. It sure was his table cloth. I had taken it while he was drunk one night and made a robe so that I could look more like Macbeth.

Just as I was about to make up some excuse, I heard Lacey's alert, "Johnny!"

Johnny? JOHNNY!

I jumped out of the street and ran back in onto the sidewalk to where Lacey was, completely forgetting why I was in the street in the first place.

There he was, walking towards us. Johnny. THE Johnny of the Juicy-Fruit Crew. Now Johnny was the guy that everyone had a crush on. He was bisexual and got both guys and girls. Oh...he was just dreamy.

The Juicy-Fruit Crew was hardly existent. There were two lesbians and Johnny. The two lesbians swore they were in the Grease movies or something. That is how they dressed and acted. Real lame right...but not Johnny. No, Johnny was the furthest from lame.

"RUN JOHNNY RUN!" Breezy warned him.

Breezy was the only one who didn't have a thing for Johnny. Even Mad Mickey had a thing for Johnny even though he tried his hardest to act like he didn't.

Johnny wasn't, he was kind of ugly. In all actuality he was very unattractive to the eye. But he had this swag, this style...this ...ionno MOJO that was out of this world!
Lacey was already rubbing his nipple.

"JOHNNY, you came back to me!" I shouted running over to him and wrapping my arms around him.

"Johnny why'd you leave me so horny, Johnny."
I pushed Lacey out of the way, "Take me to a drive thru Johnny."

"Johnny I want you to take my virginity," Lacey started.

What virginity? I couldn't lie, when Johnny came around me and Lacey both acted like we were in damn Coco-puff commercials. I didn't care. Johnny was just...geez...he was just so damn cool.

Lacey had started to rub Johnny already. Johnny's muscles were the best in the city. He had thee most perfect body ...ever. Now Mickey had a nice body too and our entire crew was in shape actually but no one came as close to Johnny. He chest was huge. It was like gigantic. Someone could get lost in all that muscle.

Johnny was a stripper for Pegasus. Pegasus was the local gay club out here.

"If it isn't the Good-Time Girls...minus one..." Johnny stated, fixing his leather jacket and putting his hands into his skin tight jeans.

Breezy took a step forward, "It's around 6 pm, Mickey's in anger management, you know the drill."

"Johnny how about a show?" Lacey started.

"A show?"

"I'll strip for you, right now, right now." Lacey continued.

"I'll strip too."

I pushed Lacey out of the way. There was no way he was going to outdo me in front of Johnny. I started to unbutton my shirt. Damn the boombox was playing some stupid song that I could hardly strip to.

"We are in the middle of the street," Johnny said, raising his eyebrow, "By the way what are you wearing Go-Go?"

"Breezy's tablecloth."

"Oh god, you guys are way too much for little ol' me."

"Just relax," Lacey said pushing him on the nearby bench near the radio, "Breezy look for something good."

Breezy started to laugh as he ran to the boombox and started to skim through.


Right there.


"DO IT AGAIN!" I sang, riping off Lacey's shirt.

"AND I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW," Lacey taking off my robe.

Johnny put on a smirk. It was obvious he was a little embarrassed. He covered his eyes with both his hands and was laughing steadily peaking through the holes.

Lacey stripped his hands off of his face and put it on his ass. I grabbed the other hands and put it on my ass.

That was when I realized Lacey was taking it a step further.

He unbuttoned his pants and stripped them off. He had...NOTHING underneath. He started to do a slow dance, his bare ass in the crotch of Johnny's skin tight jeans. I could see Breezy in the background laughing hard as hell.

Johnny's face was completely red.

Lacey always had a huge butt. It was no wonder he was a bottom. His butt was gigantic and his dick was kind of...well small. It was kind of hilarious. It was like he was one or two chromosomes away from being Beyonce. Honestly he kind of looked like the male version of her. Like he could pass for her brother or something.

I could see these people standing across the street pointing. Some people were walking faster to get away though. Lacey had no problem being naked in public.

By the way my pants came flying off as well...I guess I didn't have much of a problem with it either.

As I struggled to get on his lap with Lacey, I realized Johnny was well...VERY turned on by us. There was a huge imprint in his faded blue jeans.

"Oh Johnny! Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir," Lacey-Tyler urged, trying his hardest to be sexy.

"You boys going to get me in trouble."


"Yeah, I have a boyfriend now. Didn't you guys hear?"


" guys know him right?"

I looked over at Lacey. We were in shock from then until after we got our 250 dollar fines for indecent exposure.