Good-Time Girls

DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult content.


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Sell Me Candy




I arrived at our usual spot to find Breezy passed out on the corner. It was near midnight. The club had been everything that we all thought it would be, but none of the Good-Time Girls had gone out. Go-Go's phone was off cause he'd spent all his money on a beat box machine (god knows why), while Breezy and Mickey just didn't pick up any of my phone calls.

"EY! EY!" I yelled.

Some bum was trying to rob Breezy, who was passed out on the concrete.

I couldn't believe that shit. I grabbed the bums shopping cart and smashed it into him. The bum took off down the street faster then Flo-Jo.

I turned Breezy over and smacked him on the face hard.

That was the only way to get him up.

"Lacey?" he asked, waking up, confused and lost.

"Yeah, it's me."

"I'm sorry Lacey, I tried to make it to the club...passed out," Breezy stated, lazily and I grabbed him lifting him up.

"Come on Lacey, I'll put you in the shopping cart. We'll go over Mickey's apartment."

I grabbed Mickey. He was heavy. He used to play football and still had that football player body regardless of the fact that with all those beers he should look more like Homer Simpson.

When I finally got him into the cart he started dragging on, "Where we going?"

"I told you already, to Mickey's house."

"Whose Mickey?"

The reason we called Breezy his name was because he got kind of air-headed when he was drunk. You couldn't be an irritable person and be friends with Breezy. With all the repetition and slow explanations a normal person would likely commit suicide. Luckily he had us and we...well...we understood.

"One of your best friends, Breezy."

"Oh...ha...I love Mickey. How was the club?"

"Hot. I got my life...I made out with three girls...one of them licked my ass in the bathroom."


"No real girls."

"Ew...you lesbian."

I laughed. Hell, it was all about the good-time. Just as he said that however I could see Breezy starting to gag.

"Breezy, don't talk, you'll throw up."

I started to push the cart faster. It was inevitable. Breezy was like a damn faucet whenever he got seriously drunk.

"Where we going..."
"To Mickey's, Breezy, M-I-C-K-E-Y..."

"Whose Mickey."

"Shh...Breezy stop talking, damn it. Is that you? Oh god you need to take a shower Breezy. You smell like raw sex in the back of a fish market."



The city was beautiful. This city had a strange beauty. The bright lights were everywhere. Downtown Pittsburgh had a million bridges and things. We ended up walking across this long bridge, going towards the North-side of town where Mickey lived.

The cool breeze was sweeping through us. I was freezing. I knew Breezy wasn't feeling anything. He didn't feel much at all when he was in one of his drunk states.

He turned around in the shopping cart as I pushed it and looked at me.

"I got something to ask you."

"Breezy, we are on our way to Mickey's house so you can shower. Mickey is one of your best friends. Ok?"

"Lacey you said that already."

I rolled my eyes. Even the most tolerant of people could get annoyed at Breezy sometimes when he was drunk.

"Ok Breezy what is it?"

"It's Go-Go. What do you think he thinks about me?"

Weird question.

"Uh...he loves you," I started out, "We all love you Breezy. You're Breezy for godsakes."

"No. I mean you think he's attracted to me?"

"No...I mean why would he...what the...how could he...no, well I don't know. You're attractive Breezy."

I didn't get this. I mean anyone could be really attracted to Breezy. He was...a masculine guy. The best thing about him was his lips. They were so full against his brown, chestnut skin. I remember I used to want to have sex with him so much back in the day, before we became good friends.

He knew these things though. Drunk conversation was so pointless sometimes. Why not just stay quiet and soak in your drunkenness? Why were drunk people so damn active all the time?

"Lacey I got to tell you something."

"Wait till you're sober."

"No it can't wait..."

"Oh Jesus Christ what is it?"

"Lacey I got to tell you something."

"You said that already and I just asked you what it was?"

"Oh..." he said and started laughing, "You're right. Man I love you guys. I love Mickey and I love you and I love Go-Go."

He got real emotional like that when he was drunk too. He loved everyone and everyone was his best friend and he'd do anything for anyone.

"Ok, is that what you wanted to tell me."

"Well the last part."

"What last part?"

"I love Go-Go," he explained to me, "I loved him all my life...oh god, I'm drunk...but I'm serious. Lacey, I need help. Oh god...I'm going to be sick."

I stopped the cart.

I picked him up and bent him over the cart and watched as he threw up his guts while I rubbed his back.

What the hell had he been telling me? He was in love with Go-Go? What the hell was that about?

"Breezy, what were you saying?" I asked, "Talk to me. How long have you loved Go-Go?"

All of a sudden he passed out again in the cart, probably because he was feeling a little bit better now that he got a little bit more liquor out of his system.

He snuggled back into the cart and by the way he looked you would have thought it was more of a Victorian dream bed then a shopping cart from the local Wal-mart.

I continued to Mickey's house.

What had he been telling me?

How could he be in love with Go-Go that entire time?

This was crazy in more ways then one. We were all best friends! What kind of sick stuff was that?

I didn't know how to react!

Good-Time Girls didn't date one another. That'd make us the Wild & Crazy Kidz. We weren't the Wild & Crazy Kidz, they lived on the Eastside. I'd have to deal with this when he was sober.


I knew the security guard at Mickey's building was going to say something when I showed up with a drunk guy passed out in a shopping cart, but as soon as he even looked my way, I took off running into the building.

I got to the elevator and rode it all the way up.

Fuck...Breezy was in love with Go-Go...

This was a crazy. I hadn't even noticed Breezy treating Go-Go any different then he treated the rest of us. I wondered if they fucked. Go-Go was versatile and Breezy was a top, so most likely Go-Go was bent over somewhere with Breezy thumping him like some drunk hussy. Hey...maybe the idea wasn't that bad...

Mickey door was locked but luckily I had a key to get in.

I tipped the shopping cart and let Breezy fall out across the rug of Mickey's living room. He laid sprawled across the floor.

He kind of looked peaceful enough.

"Hello, Mickey?"

No answer. He must have been in the shower. Great. I walked towards the back and made my way to the back and into the bathroom.

I pulled back the shower curtain.


Oh shit, my mouth dropped open as I realized that this definitely wasn't Mickey. It was his brother Ken in the shower.

His body was...god...

It was like some type of drawing. Like someone designed the perfect body and was presenting it for some type of award.

Abs cut...thighs built, chest deeper then the grand canyon and biceps big enough to smack someone with. Then there was his luscious...edibile...big old dick. My mouth watered immediately.


Strangely enough he seemed kind of relieved that it was me. He didn't try to hide his dick like everyone else would of or run to the other side of the shower.

He just raised his eyebrow.

"It's cool. Honest mistake. Thought I was Mickey?"

"Yeah. I did."

His v-section was heavenly. He had a small brush of pubic hair contrasting it from his dick. His balls were held under a tight yet bulging sack right above his dick. I could feel my own dick getting hard immediately.

I was in love.

"Mind um...closing the curtain?" he asked, breaking my daze, "I'd kind of like to finish my shower if you don't mind."

Fuck. I had been staring. That was so fucking embarrassing. I had been staring so hard that I hadn't even realized it.


I came out of the bathroom and started smacking myself over and over and over.


Why the hell was I embarrassed? I was NEVER embarrassed!

He was just a guy. I'd snuck stares at a million naked penises in my lifetimes. I'd never been embarrassed before. Why the hell was I acting like it now?

I sat at the table. Trying to clear my mind. I was letting this boy really get to me.

In a few minutes Ken had walked out of the shower...he had on a bathrobe. It was Mickey's bathrobe. That was all he had on! OH GOD! My face turned red immediately...

I was silent as he walked past me. What the fuck could I say? I didn't want to sound like an idiot or worse sound like a slut.

I could strip butt naked for Johnny in the middle of the street, but I couldn't open my mouth to speak to him. He walked to the fridge and got some juice out. He poured it in a cup and drank it in front of the fridge...slowly.

I opened my mouth. I had to say something. It was awkward as hell.

"I'm...sorry for...yea..." I started.

I sounded like FUCKING Breezy and I wasn't even drunk. This was so embarrassing. I'd never been unable to talk to a guy in my life. I was Casanova since kindergarten, macking on the boys between Barney episodes.

"You don't have to keep apologizing," he stated.

He turned to me AFTER he stated that. His eyes blended into mine. Goddamn, he must have just wanted me to kill myself.

"I'm sorry, I mean..." I stated. I was so mad at myself I could run into the fucking wall. Since when had I become a blubbering fool?

He laughed, "You're a funny one."

Well you are a sexy one. That is what I would have said if I was being myself. But all of a sudden I had become...shy. I couldn't believe it. Shy wasn't even in my fucking vocabulary. What the hell was going on?

"Yeah well. We all are."

He walked over to me. As he walked his towel swayed, I got slight glimpses of his chest. His chest was masculine, strong. He even peeled it back, as though he was hot.

Damn, fuck me...marry me... smack me...I don't care what you do boy, just do something to me.

Sell me Candy.

"Your friends are crazy."

"Yeah, Breezy is passed out in the hallway right now. He was drunk for 8 hours straight today. Ha..."

I started to laugh.

He didn't find it funny though. He shook his head immediately.

"That is so damn trifling."

"Damn. Oh yeah it is trifling," I stated and shook my head, "You know, sometimes I get so embarrassed. I keep telling him to stop drinking but he won't listen to me."

I couldn't help but to lie. I mean...this was the man of my dreams and he was disgusted with drinking. What the hell was I going to say? Yeah, I pump up Breezy with liquor every time I get money from one of my fuck buddies?
"Really?" he stated.

He raised his hand and actually moved in a little closer to me. It was as though...he found me interesting a little.

"Yeah, it get's crazy at times. I keep telling Go-Go to be a little more humble and down to earth and stop living in the crowds."

"I could imagine. What about Mickey?" he stated raising his eyebrows, "He starts a fight someone wherever we go. It's so immature. I get scared for him sometimes. He can't win every fight he starts."

"Oh, I hate that the most," I agreed.

I was fronting SO BAD! I loved when Mickey bashed people. It was hot! It was always the best ending to our nights!

"You are so different from them," Ken stated and smiled, "I thought I'd hate all my brother's friends, but you...you're different."

"Yeah I'm real gay..."

"I don't mind gay people, it's the crazy stuff that I hate," Ken said and smiled at me, "Maybe we can hang out sometime, without those crazy friends of yours."

He was...he was ASKING ME TO HANG OUT! I almost fainted. He wasn't only asking me to hang out. He was asking me to hang out...alone! I cheesed heavy as hell and covered my face with my palm.

"Um sure definitely," I stated.

A smile spread across his face. He seemed just as excited as I was. He was so sexy. The sexiest smile in the world on his caramel skin. His brown eyes gazing in mine.

"Great, I kind of wanted a friend in the city that was just relaxed like me."

"Yeah I'm real relaxed, easy going."

I didn't even know what those words really meant!

"Great," he said licking his lips, "Staying with Mickey probably isn't going to be as unbearable as I thought if you are here!"

I fell off my chair.

I literally fell off my fucking chair! I was a bumbling mess. I couldn't believe this.

"Oh damn you ok?"

He came up to me and pulled me up with one arm. I hadn't expected him to be that strong at all. I ended up bouncing into his chest and backing up to look right into his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, um...maybe we shouldn't tell Mickey we are hanging out."

"Yeah, he'll probably think I'm stealing his friends."

You can steal me anytime.

Why couldn't I say these things out loud like I usually would?
"Where is Mickey by the way?"

"Oh he went to see his ex...um Go-Go told him something about his ex that he didn't seem to like very much. And well...he's going to find out if it's true."

Go-Go did what! What the fuck?

Oh god...Mickey was headed over to see if Orion and Johnny were really together! Oh no...

I jumped up out of the stool and ran to the door. How the hell was I going to make it there in time?




I got to the door and started to knock.

"Calm down now, Mickey, look at me, look at me," I heard Go-Go saying. He put his hands on my face.

I shoved him away. I didn't want to hear that right now. I was going to wake this entire place up. I was going to wake it all the way up.

"These motherfukers not answering," I stated.

"Maybe they not home."


I pushed Go-Go out of my way. I didn't want to hurt him sometimes but Go-Go was short and kind of small so it was easy to push him around.

I wanted to apologize, I really did, but I didn't have time right now. I was seeing red in my eyes. I couldn't believe what I had been hearing. Just a few days ago he had been telling me how much he loved me and wanted to get back with me. And now he was laid up with another man.

Oh hell no.

I couldn't believe I was hoping my ass over this fence the way I was doing.

I couldn't believe I was sneaking up to his window.

And then I saw him.

Johnny. That pretty boy motherfucker was laying in the bed that I had bought Orion when his broke ass was going through it sense he had to pay his mortgage.

"Oh my god," Go-Go stated as he finally got over the fence and behind me to see what I was looking at.

Immediately I could feel myself crying. Orion had told me all these things. He had said he missed me. Do you know how that feels? You know how it feels when someone promises you something and you believe them.

I was going to give Orion the world.

Go-Go grabbed me.

"Get off me."
"No...now wait a second. Forget him. He's not worth it."


I threw Go-Go off of me. He fell on the grass. While he was down, I went over to the lawn chairs and found a nice metal one.

It would do.

I smacked the metal chair into the window and watched as it shattered into a million pieces. The glass fell all around and I struggled to get into the window. I didn't care if I was cutting myself.

"What the hell!" Johnny stated.

I grabbed him, by his silky hair and started to hit him. I punched him in his lip and he struggled to move away. I didn't let him. I kicked him in his ass and he fell into the mantle beside the bed.

I watched the door open and Orion's roommates walk in. They knew what the fuck this was giving.

"Oh shit...ORION!" one of them called out.

The other looked like he was about to approach me but then I turned around and gave him the coldest eye ever. I could see him backing up.

I turned back to Johnny. I was going to kill him.

That was when Orion ran into the room.

"Oh my god! Oh god!" Orion stated, "Baby!"

I turned around to look him in his eyes. How could he call me baby when he was laid up with another guy. The only problem here was that he wasn't looking at me when he said baby. He was looking down...AT JOHNNY!

Did it make sense me fighting Johnny? No.

Did I care? No.

I was going to fuck up his face so that Orion would never even think about dating him.

"You're crazy! You animal!" Orion stated.

He came at me wailing his hands but I pushed him off.

"Shut the hell up. You think I won't hit you Orion? You play me out like this. I was going to give you the fucking world. And you play me like this!"
"This is why!"

"You don't even know how to act! Look at you!"

I didn't know how to act. Fuck him. I looked back down at Johnny. He had gotten up and he had started to take a swing at me. Thing is he didn't know who the fuck he was brawling with.

All my life I had to fight.

I jabbed him hard and gave him an uppercut. Right before he fell, I grabbed up his body and tossed it into the mirror.

That was when Go-Go came into the room, climbing through the window.

"What the hell Mickey?" Go-Go asked me, "He was the one who played you and you are over here fighting Johnny!"
I looked over at Orion. I couldn't hit Orion.

I never did. I didn't know why. It was such a fucking weakness. I didn't know what the weakness was about when it came to Orion. I was just too...too in love to hit Orion.

But I just wanted to kill Johnny...

"Shut the fuck up, you jealous Drama Queen," Johnny stated.

"Let me tell you something..."

Now Go-Go wasn't a fighter at all. He got real dramatic when provoked though and through a little tantrum but he was never the fighting type.

He got into Orion's face.

"I told you to shut up didn't I? Get out my face..."

All of a sudden Go-Go started to cry. I mean Go-Go cried a lot. Hell he cried almost every chance that he got but this was different. He seemed so full of emotion...and his eyes held a care I'd never seen before.

"You had a good man!" Go-Go stated pointing at Orion, "You don't know! Now I am being dramatic right now, but I don't care! He loved you! The meaning of life is love! That man Mickey would do anything for someone he loves and you just fuck it up! He had a heart of pure gold and it runs deeper then oceans! It sails through his veins...into his spine...into every muscle of his heart. And he wasted it on you! To be or not to be! That is the question and---"

He was stopped in the middle of his speech with a smack.

Orion had smacked Go-Go. Now Go-Go was way more masculine then Orion but like I said he wasn't really a fighter. His big eyes just bubbled up and he backed up, shocked that he had just got smacked...especially in a moment where he was having a big epiphany.

I didn't know what came over me.

All of a sudden I swung on Orion.

I swung on Orion and I made contact. My fist smashed into Orion's face and Orion collapsed onto the floor.

"Don't ever fucking touch Go-Go again!" I stated.

I grabbed Go-Go by the wrist and we made our way out of there, pushing past Orion's roommates.

We made it out of the house and hit the streets, me still dragging Go-Go behind me. We had even started to make it towards the bridge.

Then all of a sudden as though God was spitting on me, it started to rain. It started to rain heavy too. And we were walking across a bridge.

The cars drove past us fast, splashing water on us as they went.

"Hey bro, you can't stop dragging me now," Go-Go stated.

Damn I hadn't even realized I was still dragging him! That was so damn weird. It was just, I felt like I...I needed to protect him. No matter what.

"Sorry," I stated taking off my coat..

I put my leather coat over the both of us and we stood underneath it...in the rain.

I couldn't help but notice how Go-Go looked when he was wet. His hair got real silky. His red lips seems to...glisten...

Why the hell was I noticing these things?

"I can't believe you hit Orion," Go-Go started, "I mean, he deserved it, don't get me wrong. I just never thought you'd hit him...cause you never..."

"Remember when we first met."

"Um...sort of."

"You were throwing a fit because the guy at the buffet didn't clean his spatula knife after he cut the seafood and then cut your steak. And you broke up into one of your huge speeches and pretended to have an allergic reaction to the seafood."

He laughed.

"Oh yeah, I remember. I didn't stop until the ambulance came and tried to put needles in me. And then all of a sudden I started to trip about the needle,. He told me I needed the needle. I told him I was over exaggerating my allergies but he wouldn't stop...for nothing! ."

"And what did I do?"
"And then you punched the guy in his face and we both got put in detention."

We both laughed.

Those were memories. We spent the entire day getting to know each other. Back then I had a big crush on him but as we got older we became more like brothers...or did we? Even now I felt something, but I wasn't sure what it was.

"I'm not going to let anyone hurt you."


I looked at him in his eyes. He was so damn cute when he was wet. His lips were just...glistening.

"Did you mean it when you said..." I started out, "When you said those things to Orion? Or were you putting on another performance."

"I meant every word."

Why were we standing in the rain? We were so close. Our bodies were right next to each other. Go-Go was short...small. I loved his height. Orion was too tall. I loved how small Go-Go was. He was 5'8 or something of the sort. He looked up to me even now, his eyes barely opened to block out the rain.

And those...lips...

I couldn't help myself.

Before I knew it my lips were pressed against his.

He didn't stop me. Matter of fact he opened his mouth and I put my tongue into his mouth and it was...it was CRAZY. The rain falling all over us soaking us and neither of us really gave a slight fuck about any of that.

It was like the world had stopped.

The fact that we were "SUPPOSED" to be like brothers had stopped.

The feelings I had for Orion had all of a sudden stopped.

The rain had all of a sudden stopped.

It seemed like that moment we were frozen in time and nothing mattered. Nothing in the world mattered to us.

"What is going on today?" a voice said.

I turned to see Lacey. He obviously had been coming from my apartment. He looked shocked and kind of...well...appalled to see us kissing.

I just realized what I had just done.

I had made out with Go-Go...no I hadn't made out. That would have been normal. We hadn't done it in a sexual way, we had done it romantically. It was easy to see by how we had been holding each other.

I could see it in Lacey's eyes and I could see it in Gogo's eyes.

Things had become just a little more complicated with the Good-Time Girls...