Good-Time Girls

DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult content.


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Spill Some Tea; Fill My Cup



            I woke up with someone on top of me. Ken? My eyes lit up. My head ached. I couldn't sleep with all the light that was shining right onto my face. God...my head was killing me. It felt like some little smurf was running around banging it.

            I lifted the guy's face.

            It wasn't Ken. Ugh...

            I didn't even know who the guy was. I pushed him off of me and he fell with a thump onto the floor. He grunted a little bit but he just went back to sleep.


            I looked around. A mess. Bodies were everywhere. You would think there was some kind of murder or something. Mickey's entire house had become an After-Party pollution of delinquents. A total and complete mess.

            Just a normal party thrown by the Good-Time Girls.

            My ass hurt for some strange reason, I smelled like cheap liquor, there were strange people littered everywhere that they could fit passed out, all the food was gone, some Fannypack music was still playing from God knows where...

            Yup, regular party.

            I lifted up my pants which were down to my ankles. I had gotten so drunk. It was crazy. Damn I was more then sure that I had been raped.

            Where the hell was Ken?
            He probably disappeared in the middle of the night or something.

            As I went to the bathroom, I saw Mickey. He was sleeping in the tub. The bathroom floor was flooded for whatever reason. But Mickey had managed to drain out the tub enough to sleep. I don't know why he did that when he was drunk, but he always did. Orion had been in the living room, looking like a mess as usual. It was weird that they were separate though. Usually after they fought Orion would be over the toilet or something. They had been arguing all night. Most annoying relationship ever. And then Orion started talking about the Good-Time girls and Mickey's friends. They had been making each other feel horrible until Orion and I ended up fighting and the cops were called and they cleared out the party, but then everyone came back as soon as they left (including Orion) and the party resumed. Usual bullshit.

I went to Mickey's room, opening the door. His room didn't have all the light coming in it like the living room.

Just as I walked in, I could tell there were people under the sheets. Now you could trash Mickey's room all you wanted...BUT YOU DIDN'T USE HIS BEDROOM unless you were one of his close friends.

I slammed the door shut loud enough to wake whoever it was up.

I realized it was Go-Go.

"Oh bitch, it's just you, I thought people were in here fucking," I stated.

            Suddenly I pulled back the covers to climb in and realized what it was. There was someone else in the bed...

            It was Breezy.

            They were both naked! Wet...Breezy was still IN Go-Go!

            I could see Go-Go's face all of a sudden as he realized what the hell obviously had went down.

            "Now Go-Go," I stated, putting my finger to my mouth, "Mickey is right outside...in the bathtub...so don't..."

Too late.

            Go-Go's scream was piercing. He was by far the loudest person I knew. BY FAR. I was always like he was shouting over music, except there was no music playing in here.

            I ran over to him and grabbed him, putting my hand over his mouth. He struggled to get loose. I knew he would just scream again.

            Breezy got off the bed, obviously with a hangover, "What's wrong?"

            "Did you guys?"

            A smile came across Breezy face as he grabbed the comforters to hide his meat, "Yeah we did."

            I could see Breezy squirm to get his mouth free.

            I looked down at Breezy. BOY HAD MEAT! BITCH! The way that big flag of dick folded over his thigh even made my Boy-Pussy jump a little bit. I had to look away and remember that was my brother. Breezy was swinging! Who the hell knew? I mean I sure as hell didn't. We wouldn't have made it to best friends if I did.

            "Go-Go you took that?"

            "Did he..." Breezy said raising an eyebrow.

            "Oh! Work bitch," I stated, kind of excited cause Go-Go was NEVER the type to take dick. I had heard horror stories of how sensitive Go-Go was to it.

            Suddenly Go-Go bit me.

            I jerked my hand back and he let out another scream.

            "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no NO!" Go-Go stated and started waving his hands around running in circles, "I just. I had sex with you! You're like my fucking brother! This has to be illegal! Somewhere!"

            He was tripping.

            I saw him running around getting his clothes. I never saw someone so upset about some sex. Breezy looked confused.

            Breezy looked at him with a funny look, "You mean you don't remember?"

            "NO!" Go-Go stated.

I raised my hand, "Ok girl, this isn't a big deal. I know this isn't the first time you woke up and didn't remember drunk sex. He's not even a stranger. Girl, just...forget it. Pay it dust."

"Oh god, this is so awkward. Things are going to be so awkward and then we are going to grow distant and then I am going to move away and then I'm going to get married to a woman and then I am going to kill myself! Don't you guys understand! This is the first step to suicide! Oh my god! I don't even have a will!"

"Go-Go, calm the fuck down," Breezy stated, getting up.

He held on tight to Go-Go trying to calm him down.

Just as he did it, his sheets that he wrapped himself up with fell.

There stood Breezy in all his glory once again, with his dick swinging down to like a god damn tree branch. There he was holding Go-Go naked as the day he was born.

"AH! Put it away!" Go-Go stated.

Breezy bent down and picked up the sheets as Go-Go continued to panic.

"Girl, Breezy's right. You need to calm down."

"I'm LEAVING. I'm going to write my will," Go-Go stated, "No one mention this. Outside of this room, we'll act like it never happened. Agreed?"          

I could hardly hold back laughter at how Go-Go was reacting, "Agreed."

Go-Go turned to Breezy who was not responding.

"Agreed Breezy?"

Breezy shook his head, "Why?"

"Breezy! What the hell you mean why?"

"We had sex. Why should I hide that? It happened."

            Go-Go was completely dressed now and he was spazzing. Breezy reaction had caused him to jump up and down and pull on the little curly hair that he had. He was also starting to squint his eyes trying to get tears to come out, but they weren't.

            "Breezy. What do you mean! I am going to commit suicide over this and you are just here---"

            "Ok, ok, agreed."

            I knew Breezy had just told him that to shut him up. Go-Go turned away, walking out of the door and shutting it hard behind him.

            Breezy was on the bed and he just dropped his head into his hands. He lowered his head and just stared out, as though lost in thought. As though he was sad.

            What the hell.

            "I know you aren't about to cry are you? Cause I thought the drama left out with Go-Go."

            "No, its just...I can't understand how he doesn't remember. I mean we were drunk, but the sex...it was...it was everything."

            Why did he care? That was weird.

            "Welcome to my world," I stated and laughed, "You know Go-Go he just dramatic. I'm sure the sex was bomb."
            "It's not that."

            "I know how you feel. You won't ruin your friendship. Go-Go is overreacting. You know he won't even remember this later today. He's going to be over-excited about something else. Besides it's just sex. Maybe it'll bring you closer. Maybe we all should have sex..."

            I sat on the bed and scooted closer.

            I spread my legs. It was hard to seduce someone with a hangover, but hell, I'd fuck the hell out of Breezy. I don't know when he became the sex symbol, but he could knock it out anytime!

            "Shut up," he said and laughed.

            At least I caused that. I closed my legs. I didn't understand why sex was so important to these people. It didn't make sense. I mean it was just sex. What the hell was Breezy over here pouting about?

            "Breezy, what's wrong, seriously?"

            "I told you, I put it on him last night. Like...I PUT IT ON him last night. And he doesn't remember any of it. I was really giving it my all too. I was trying to make him like..."

            "Fall in love with you?" I asked.

            "Girl! There you go again. Look at me bitch. You keep talking about this love stuff. It's going to mess everything up. Don't you understand. All we have is the party and our party girls. You start falling in love with one...that fucks everything up. You can have any boy you want, why you're best friend?"

            "Cause I LIKE HIM!" Breezy said getting up off the bed and looking for his clothes, "What the fuck!"

            "Oh don't trip out on me, all I'm saying is our lives are comfortable. Why start changing shit?"

            "Look at you? How do you think Mickey will feel when he knows that you have your eye set on Ken?"

            "I didn't fuck Ken hunny."

            "I thought you said fucking didn't mean anything. What you are doing is worse then fucking. You like Ken. Mickey is going to be pissed off if you bring his little brother down. Don't come at me with love is going to fuck up our friendship, because you are FUCKING IT UP TOO!"

            I got up.

            I don't have to take this shit.

            "Whatever Breezy, do what you want. I'm not going to sit here and deal with your attitude. The shade is you like Go-Go and he doesn't even notice you...he likes Mickey. What the fuck kind of crazy bullshit is that. You all are going to end up fucking up everything."

            I walked out the room.

            Damn that was harsh. I turned back around ready to apologize...

            "WE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO FUCK UP!" Breezy added.

            I slammed the door back instead of apologizing.

            How could he say that? We didn't have a lot of money. We didn't have a lot of class like other people. All our family couldn't stand us let alone understand us.

            All we had was each other.

            How could he not count that for anything?

            I hated this feeling. When I had known Breezy longer then the others. He had met Go-Go and Go-Go introduced us both to Mickey. Breezy and I when we were kids, all we wanted to do was play. Nothing mattered back then. All we wanted to do was play and we swore our whole life would be based on just having a good-time.           

            I thought it would last forever...I thought the good times would never end...







            I woke up in the shower. I could feel my head throbbing. It was one crazy as party as usual. I couldn't remember a damn thing. I could hardly even remember what day it was.

            I climbed out of the shower and made my way to the living room.

            God...my apartment looked a mess.

            People were waking up after being sprawled out everywhere. This was horrible.

            I made my way to my room, but then all of a sudden I ran into Go-Go.

            He was walking out of the house...he looked like he was in a rush.

            "Go-Go, um, what's up," I stated.

            He gave me a look, a pissed off look and then turned and started to walk away. Great, dramatic ass Go-Go. What the fuck had I done to his ass now?

            I grabbed him by his arm trying to pull him back.

            He hit me hard.

            "Get the fuck off of me, Mickey!"

            "Go-Go what's wrong? Sit down, talk to me real quick."

            "I don't feel like talking to you."

            "Go-Go! What the hell is the matter with you?"

            He wasn't even trying to let me talk to him. He was really trying to leave like I was some really just did something to his ass. I hated when he did this dramatic shit sometimes.

            He pulled away again and this time I had enough.          

            I grabbed him and tossed him into the corner. I pinned both his hands down and put all my weight on him. I could feel him struggling and it was making this even more annoying.

            "Stop struggling," I told him, "I'm not letting your ass go, until you talk."

            "I don't want to talk to your ass."

            "What did I do to you?" I asked him, holding him tighter, "Huh? Tell me."

            "Go ask your bitch."

            He turned around and I looked who he was talking about. Orion was there, he was sitting at the dining room table. I guess he had just woke up like some of the other party guests lounged around everywhere.

            Orion's eyes were burning into my forehead, as though watching and waiting to see what I was going to do.

            I turned to Go-Go, "What the fuck bro? You acting like a whole bitch right now."

            I hated it.

            I could see in Go-Go's eyes that he was jealous. It was exactly why I didn't want to get anything started with him. Go-Go was quick to get jealous. It was exactly why we couldn't work out.

            No matter how much I liked Go-Go or how much fun we had together, at the end of the day he was quick to become an overbearing jealous ass guy! It was so annoying.

            "So let me go, if I'm such a bitch. Why the fuck you still got me standing here?"

            Ah. He was such a baby.

            "Cause you're my best friend and I care about you," I stated, "DUH!"

            He squirmed.

            "Whatever. Can you let go of me? It's obvious we don't understand each other...best friend..."

            I wanted to smash his head into the wall. It didn't make any sense. I wanted to just go off on him. This was retarded. Nothing I could say was going to make this right. This was exactly why I regretted kissing him. It's why I regretted us being so intimate. Now he was pissed at me.

            "Go-Go, damn it, Ugh!" I replied.

            I didn't know what to say. I was just so damn frustrated.

            "You going to let me go?"

            What was with all this attitude?

            "It's not like I invited him," I stated.

            "So who did?"

            "I sure as hell didn't," I replied and then suddenly a light came on in my head, "Hold on I'm single. I don't owe anyone any explanation. You want to leave. Go. Matter of fact EVERYONE GET OUT. EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!"

            I started to slam the wall.         

            I was pissed. I grabbed a pot and threw it up against the wall, denting the wall.

            I went into the little kitchen and started breaking dishes.

            I didn't need this fucking stress. I was hurting Go-Go how? What the hell had I done? When did I become the worst guy in the world?


            An hour later, I looked at my apartment. It was empty. Everyone had left...even Lacey. The damage to the apartment that wasn't done by the party was done by me. I was so fucking furious.

            I was furious that the night before I had gotten into that heated argument with Orion. I was furious that this morning Go-Go was pissed at me for no good reason.

            I couldn't do right by anyone.

            So fuck everyone.

            "This apartment is messy as hell," I heard a voice say.

            I was on the couch, laying down trying to figure out how the hell I had gotten so frustrated and upset.

            It was Ken. He walked in with some bags. He had walked into the open kitchen and put the bags down on the island.

            "That's how I like it after a party," I replied.

            He was so stuck up. Our relationship was always strained. I loved him, but I didn't like him. He always had to be so damn uptight.

            "I got some groceries," he replied, "But you need to help me clean some of this stuff up. There is no reason you guys should be partying like this. Look at this place. It looks worse then if a hurricane hit it."

            "Ken, I'm not in the mood to hear whining right now."

            "I'm just saying..."

            "I'M NOT IN THE FUCKING MOOD!"

            I turned around on the couch. I was so fucking upset. I wanted to just bang my fist into the wall over and over.

            He walked over to me and sat on the arm of the couch.

            "You want to talk?"

            "Not to you. You wouldn't understand."

            "Why not?"     

            "Because you aren't like me..." I replied truthfully.

            I was sick of Ken thinking he had all the answers. He didn't even know my life. He didn't understand my life. How the hell was he going to help me?

            "I am trying to understand aren't I? When you told me you was gay? I didn't trip. I'm trying my hardest to get to know your friends. I mean, Go-Go and Breezy seem to be standoffish to me but Lacey-Tyler is nice. Me and you never had a connection Mickey. I want that. I'm trying everything I can."

            He was right.

            "Ok, ok," I started, "Well I realized yesterday I still had feelings for my ex. And I don't know. I don't want to have feelings for him. I'm trying to fight them, but I can't help it."
            "Why you trying to fight it?"

            "Cause me and Orion can't work out," I admitted to myself.

            It was the first time I really admitted it to myself. Orion and I were horribly compatible. We spent more time fighting than anything. I'd been in jail because of him so many times. Each time the reason got more and more stupid. His favorite phone number to call was the cops. And I never really put my hands on him...except that time with Go-Go.

            "So what is it about him that's keeping you attached?"

            I shrugged.

            I didn't know.

            That was the problem.

            "Love. I don't know. We are horrible for one another."

            "What about...Go-Go..."

            "What about Go-Go?"

            "Do you like him?" Ken asked, "I mean me and Lacey been hanging out and he mentioned something."

            Lacey couldn't hold water or any type of secret for anything. He spilled more tea then Starbucks.

            Rewind...hold on...

"Wait, why have you and Lacey been hanging out?"

            "I don't know. He's just been cool."


            Ken raised his eyebrow, "What you talking about bullshit?"

            I shook my head. I knew Lacey too well. Lacey didn't make a whole lot of friends unless he wanted to fuck them. Now Go-Go made all the friends in the world but Lacey usually just befriended the attractive ones.

            "He's trying to fuck you."

            "Man, you know I don't even get down like that," Ken replied.

            "Well he trying to fuck you."
            "Man, it's not even like that. We not with all that gay shit. Lacey-Tyler's just my dude. Nah mean? That's it."

            He got up and walked away offended. It was obvious he was uncomfortable with all this talk about gay stuff. He was so damn naive.


            Hours later, I realized what time it was. It was a Saturday night. We were supposed to meet at the club but I didn't feel like it.

            I didn't want to see any of them really.

            All my best friends had been pissing me off.

            Go-Go was mad at me over something stupid.

            Breezy was still mad at me over God knows what.

            And I was planning on choking Lacey for still trying to go after my brother like he was.

            Instead I showed up at the Bohemia. I was the last one to walk in. Everyone else was sitting at the table. They were all quiet. Even Breezy wasn't as drunk as usual. He didn't even give me eye contact as I walked into our favorite place.


            It was never awkward in the Good-Time Girls before. Not with all four of us. Now it was just awkward and uncomfortable as shit.

            I sat in my usual seat next to Lacey-Tyler, across from Go-Go and diagonal to Breezy.

            We just sat there quietly.

            Volpa wasn't coming out like he usually did to greet us. We were just sitting there.

            "So..." Lacey-Tyler started, "The club was nice. Funny that I was the only one there."

            "Congratulations," I stated.


            "What the fuck is your problem?" Lacey-Tyler stated.

            "Fuck is your problem?" I replied, "I told you my brother was straight. Why don't you just fall back? I know what you are trying to do."
            Lacey-Tyler rolled his eyes around the table, "Which one of you bitches said something?"


            They all knew. They all knew Lacey-Tyler was trying to get at my brother.

            "What the fuck?" Go-Go said, "No one cares about you chasing some straight boy..."

            Lacey-Tyler turned over to Breezy, "You did it didn't you..."

            "Me? What the fuck?"
            "You told Mickey that I liked him. You were drunk and you probably just let it slip out. You are always so fucking drunk BREEZY."

            Breezy just stood there looking confused. How dumb did Lacey sound? Breezy hadn't even been the one to tell me. My own brother had told me that they were hanging out and I just figured from that what the reason was.

"So it's true. You are chasing my brother?" I asked Lacey, "Look at you. Such a hoe. You can't find enough tricks? You have to chase my blood."
            "Don't call me no hoe."
            "It's fucking true, Lacey! You fall in love a million times. You sell your body for money. You are a fucking hoe."

He was pissing me off. It wasn't just him. It was Go-Go, it was Breezy. I had hit that boiling point where my best friends now seemed more like my worst enemies.

Lacey stood up from the table, "I don't have to deal with this. Breezy look what the hell you did. You did this on purpose."

Breezy shook his head, "I didn't do a damn thing."

"Yes you did. You! Just like you invited Orion to the party...just so Go-Go would get upset and you could use his weakness to get him drunk and fuck him."

All of a sudden I didn't even hear what else was being said.

Breezy had gotten up.

He had said some words and spilled a drink on Lacey. Lacey was saying something. I guess he was cursing. It didn't matter. Breezy had stopped listening. He had turned to Go-Go...who was looking just as shocked at me.

Breezy had sex with Go-Go.

I could feel my blood pressure shooting up...uncontrollably. Damn for real? So that is what this was all about? All his hating on me was because Go-Go was feeling me this whole time and not feeling his ass.

So he gets Go-Go drunk and has sex with him.

For real.

"HAD SEX WITH HIM IN YOUR BED!" Lacey called out wiping the water that Go-Go had spilled on him.

Funny I had chosen to hear that. I was seeing red. He fucked Go-Go in my bed. I could only see red. He had invited Orion to my party, causing me to start up all these emotions that I felt were buried.

The nerve of him.

And Go-Go, he liked me so much but he was so easily ready to fuck someone else? Why just cause I didn't throw myself onto him? He knew how I felt.

All I needed was time.

How could he!

And Lacey...after my brother. After the only innocent thing I had left.

Fuck them. Fuck all of them.

I could only see tears.

"Oh fuck...look at Mickey!" Go-Go stated, getting up out of his chair.

All I could see was red. All I could see was anger. I had never been so upset in my life. I felt like they had all betrayed me. They all had it out for me!

"He's fucking shaking," Lacey started.

My body had went cold.

"Calm down," Breezy stated.

Fuck calming down. Before I knew it I had realized I was so pissed off that I was acting before thinking. I just flipped the table breaking off the table leg.

I was going to fuck everybody up.

I was going to fuck EVERYTHING UP.

I went after Breezy first. I swung the table leg at him. He wasn't expecting it. I hit him across the side of his shoulder. He fell into the bar and I could see Go-Go jump on me trying to calm me down.

I pushed him onto the floor off of me. I couldn't believe he would FUCK Breezy in my bed. He said he liked me. He said all that shit and then he goes and fucks another guy on my bed.

I went back after Breezy punching him in the back of his head.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" I say.    

Volpa and a few others come out trying to stop us. I am choking the shit out of Breezy at this moment. I want to end his fucking miserable ass drunken life. I hate him with such a fucking passion.

            That was when I see Lacey...CHEERING ME ON.

            "Yeah, beat his ass!" Lacey stated.

            The anger that arose in me when he said that caused me to turn on Lacey. I tripped him, kicking him at his ankles. Then I got on top of his ass and started to hit him pounding him every way that I could.

            I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to make sure he stayed down.

            I was going to kill all three of them.

            I was going to make sure they stayed down.