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Subject: Greg's Initiation To A Sauna


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Greg's Initiation To A Sauna



Hi, my name's Ryan. I'm home for the summer in Wisconsin now from prep school, and am pretty busy with sailing and waterskiing on the biggest of the four lakes that surround Madison. I've always loved the water and spend nearly every day on the lake with my friends. We have a sailboat and a pretty fast ski boat, and since I'm the only one who uses them they're sort-of mine, I guess.

I love to sail, and race every weekend with the yacht club. Love it. My friends and I sail during the week some too. We water ski almost daily as well. Some of them have sailboats and/or ski boats too, so we have fun going out on theirs or mine. Many of them are swimmers like me, so we always wear speedos on the lake. Some of them are so hot in their speedos and I often have to hide a woodie that pops up. Or not. They bashfully try to readjust their boners too if we're not "playmates", and they're sure cute. I like to flirt and tease sometimes, with the right boy I think I might be able to seduce. Sometimes they see mine as I let them know I'm noticing their stiffies and things happen and that's wild. Out on the lake, some of my buddies and I fool around and it's pretty hot on the boats. Pretty wild and kinda' trippy being out on the water, in the open, but when there are no other boats around and no one to see us, we get naked and have fun, hot sex.

Damn, I get so horny. I'm horny a lot. Well hell, I'm sixteen and full of adolescent hormones and like all teen boys, and I jack several times a day. Often to porn, and think of some of them. Especially my hot friend Jason from school. We mess around a few times a week there, and have kind-of a "thing" goin' on. I'm in my room now, totally boned, and have to have a hot wank session. I'll probably jerk 2-3 more times today by the time I hit the sack! I downloaded some great pics and vids to send to him, and may get them emailed today.

I have a fairly new friend named Greg who I met thru one of my best friends John, who grew up with Greg. John and Greg go to the same high school here in Madison. Ever since the first time I met Greg, I've fantasized about fooling around with him. John and I have known each other for a few years, and he came on to me on my sailboat once, but he's totally not my type. He's got lots of chest hair and tons of leg hair, and I knew I wouldn't even get hard at all. I had a hard time telling him I just wasn't turned on and he was totally cool about it, saying there are guys he's not into that way either. But John and I are really close and we know we love each other as bros.

Greg's a swimmer too, and always wears a speedo around. He's tall and slender, blond and tanned like me, with a beautiful swimmers' build. He's very smooth cuz he shaves his body for swimming. We're both swimming this summer on teams like we've done every summer since we both were about 9 or 10 we learned, and like Greg, I shave too. But Greg had told me he was straight, and I was really bummed cuz he's my perfect type of boy. Greg, John and I are all 16 and juniors in high school. Greg wants to come over and go in our sauna but it just hasn't happened yet. Lots of my buddies like to sauna too, especially if they have acne problems, which I don't. But there's a special pleasure I take in helping my friends with their skin problems, and any other problem that pops up.

So one day Greg and I are talking and he asks if I've had a sauna lately. I said I'd had one the day before, but I like them any time. He mentioned that he's still waiting for an invitation, and would I like to give him one anytime soon? We laughed and I got the "hint". This is the second time he'd asked and I sure wanted to see him naked in the sauna, so I asked when he'd like to come over for one. He said, since I had one yesterday, would I want one tomorrow and I said "sure".

The next day was Wednesday and we agreed on 2pm and he said he'd be over right after his basketball game with a few friends. My mom's a golf addict and plays 18 holes every day Monday thru Friday. She loves the game and she's been the club champion for the last three years, she's that good. But she never gets home till about 5pm so I know I've got the house to myself till then. So I schedule "play time" with my sex buddies during the day when she's gone. What could be more perfect? So I turned on the sauna at noon to get it all heated up by the time Greg would get here.

I heard Greg pull up the drive about 10 minutes before 2pm and I thought, "Did his game finish early, or is he that interested in sitting in there and sweating like a stuck pig for as long as it takes for us to get all drained and weak from the heat?" Actually I was starting to bone-up thinking about seeing his beautiful, tall swimmers' body and his sexy tanline in there. I had to reach into my shorts and inside my speedo to readjust so Greg wouldn't see my growing package.

I met him at the back door, where all my friends always came to ring the bell, opening it just as he reached for the button. "Hey Ryan, what's up?" Greg asked. I thought to myself, "If you really knew what's up with me, you'd be surprised." But I just said, "I've been writing another short story in my room and I turned on the sauna a couple hours ago to get it all ready for us." "Great," he answered, "can I get some cold water to drink before we go downstairs?" "Sure, I'll have some too," I replied.

We went to the kitchen and I opened the `fridge to get out the pitched of cold water and poured us both a glass. We sat for a couple minutes in the family room, drinking out water in a bit of a hurry cuz we both wanted to get down to the basement. I was hurrying for one reason, and he hurried too, but I wasn't sure why.

We got downstairs and I lead him to the part of the huge basement where the sauna room was. My folks had had the house built four years ago, and dad had wanted a sauna in the basement. We're Norwegian and Swedish, and saunas are very big in the Scandinavian countries. They were invented by the Finns, but everyone over there loves them. The heat makes you sweat like crazy, and cleans out your pores of the many toxins that build up. So it's very healthy for you. In that part of the world, when it's winter and they take a sauna and get all heated up, they run outside and jump naked into a show bank! Then after their body cools down they go back inside the sauna for another round. Here in Wisconsin we don't do that, although it seems like it'd be fun, we take a very cold shower for a while before going back in for more abuse.

The sauna area is huge and was built like a huge section where you enter thru a doorway and the actual sauna room is to the left, there's a large dressing room along the far wall in front of you when you enter, and to the right at the end of the short hallway is a very large shower with a big glass shower door.

I opened the door to the sauna to show Greg what it looked like, he stuck his head in the dressing room and I pointed toward the shower and he walked down, opened the shower door and peeked inside. "Damn that's the biggest shower I ever saw in anyone's house," he commented, adding, "looks like you could get four people in there at once!" I smiled, thinking, "And I have," as I smiled, remembering.

We went into the dressing room and started to undress, and I took off my shirt and shoes, waiting for him. I wanted to enjoy this moment. He removed his shirt I tried not to stare at him, his chest, arms, delts and washboard stomach nearly took my breath away. Then he removed his shoes, and we both started to unbutton and unzip our shorts, and as I noticed his red speedo, I saw him looking at my royal blue one. I kicked off my shorts and he did too, then I started to remove my speedo. He saw me, and turned, saying he'd keep his on. "Oh no you don't, Greg, you can't." "Why not?" he asked, with a confused look on his face. "Because the whole purpose of this is to sweat the toxins out of your skin, all over your body. That's why we built this, so we and our friends can get more healthy. If you don't get naked, you won't sweat properly under your speedo or any other swimsuit you wear. Besides, it's `House Rules'," I said. "'House Rules?" he asked with a smirk on his face. "Yes, `House Rules'." I replied.

He shrugged his shoulders and off came the speedo. Now Greg was turned slightly away from me as he lowered his speedo, his amazingly round, hard bubble-butt facing me. My eyes widened as I saw his hot, perfect ass and his deep tan contrasted with the whiteness of his skin where his suit covered him. Just as I was steadying myself, he turned around. "Oh, shit!" I thought, as I saw his beautiful cut cock, hanging an easy 5" soft. I was cut too, but hung 4 soft which was pretty good compared to my friends. But his was a work of fucking art! I looked to see his face as he looked at me, but he didn't even look. "Damn, he really IS straight," I thought. I turned and opened the linen cabinet and grabbed two towels for us.

I left the dressing room, Greg right behind me, and reached to open the door to the sauna for him and he walked past me and went inside, me close behind, my eyes glued to his hot ass. It was good and hot in there, and I motioned to the far wall where there was a lower bench that protruded out from the wall, with another bench slightly above it but was shallower so people could sit on either bench without getting in the way of each other. I got up on the higher one and spread out my towel to sit on, and motioned to Greg for him to do the same. He was still standing just inside the doorway, having closed the door behind him, holding his towel in front of him. "Come on Greg, have a seat up here." I could tell something was wrong since he just stood there, not moving a muscle.

I looked at his face and he had sort-of a stunned expression. My eyes started to drop and he was holding his towel right in front of his crotch with both hands. "Hey, buddy, what's wrong? You ok?" "Well not exactly," he answered, taking a step forward and putting a foot on the lower bench and turning away from me and sitting down on the wood bench near me but not too close, holding his towel on his lap. "Haha, Greg, don't worry about it, dude, if you're gettin' a bone it's totally cool, most of the boys get `em, the heat does that. I even get them," as I looked down and saw my own dick growing as I was nearly hard. But mine wasn't growing cuz of the heat of the sauna, it was cuz of the heat I felt being this close to this beautiful boy.

His eyes followed mine as he watched my cock telescope out to its full length of 7.25". He moved his towel away and I saw he was totally rigid and I had to keep myself from gasping. My God, he was close to 9" for sure! And thick as hell too. I felt a spasm in my stomach and an ache in my nuts. My cock twitched and jumped up.

I grabbed his dick and gave it a couple of tugs. Greg didn't move, but I started stroking his cock and I heard a soft moan. I gently rubbed the head and then stroked some more. A drop of pre appeared on his piss-slit. I put my forefinger on it, and wiped it up and brought it to my mouth. I was so sweet, and how I was so turned on to Greg and had been ever since we'd first met, I savored it so much. I had several drops of pre on my own cock and wiped it up with my finger and rubbed it all over his cock, making it slippery and began to stroke him again. This felt much better, but I knew it would feel lots better for Greg.

Greg sat up and pulled his cock out of my hand and said, "I can't do this, I'm seeing my girl tonight and have to save it." I laughed and said, ".... and how many times a day do you jack?" "About 4 times usually," he answered. "Ha, so you're a horny teenager, dammit, you just said you usually jack 4 times a day, so how is it you can't have fun now? In 2-3 hours when you're with your girl, you and I both know damned well you'll be all hot to trot with her. When you see her you'll be hard in 5 seconds and ready to bone her right away. You'll have another big load to give her, and you'll probably do it more than once! So chill, Greg, lie back and get ready for the best head you've ever had!"

I sucked and licked his head, his shaft from top to bottom. I swallowed his whole cock down my throat, my lips buried in his beautifully trimmed and sculpted pube patch. I had him cumming in less than two minutes! Then he grabbed my cock and got and down off the bench and knelt on the lower bench began to suck MY dick! God it felt so good. He tickled my head with his tongue, then licked my cock like he was licking a popsicle. Ha, and he was! Fuck, he knew what he was doing, and I knew this wasn't any first time he ever sucked cock. All that timid shit was probably being shy cuz we'd never done anything before, or plain nervousness.

"Damn, Greg, that sure feels awesome. You've sucked cock before and more than once. How is that?" "Ry," he said, "I'm sorry I was so reluctant to mess around with you, I wanted to so bad. You're hot, dude, and I thought so when John introduced us. I wanted to then. I soon figured you liked guys, and John said you did. I don't know, I was so nervous. When I came over today I hoped something would happen but once we started to get naked I felt intimidated and so nervous." "Wow, Greg, I had no idea you thought I was hot, I thought you were straight since you have a girlfriend. I didn't pick up any vibe from you, I guess you really tried to hide it." "Yeah, I did hide it. But fuck, let's do this, I want it with you bad!"

He turned his attention back to my throbbing cock and started licking it, up and down my shaft he went, cupping my balls in one hand while grasping my cock with the other and sliding it up and down as he deep-throated me to the hilt. I was in heaven. I told him to get back up to the upper bench with me so I could suck him too. As I began to lie down, he got next to me and layed down and we started furiously sucking each other's cocks. We `throated each other and sucked on each other's balls and played with each other's ball-sacks with our tongues. Soon we were both covered with sweat, from the heat as well as our exertion and extreme horniness. I grabbed his hips and applied pressure as I turned them, signaling that I wanted him to lie on his back and I got on top of him.

Our bodies were soaked with our sweat and we felt so hot and sexy as I slid up and down on him. It felt so hot as our bodies slid against one another. I was grinding my hips as I moved with his mouth, fucking his throat. We were deep-throating each other and feeling the other's body writhe and move around, hips gyrating, our hands on the other's ass-cheeks as we sucked the other's hard-as-steel cock into our hot mouths.

As we moaned and grunted, our heads spinning in total animalistic lust, Greg mumbled that he was close, and I said I was too. "Tell me when," he said, and within seconds I managed to blurt out, "Now!" Then I felt his first blast of warm cum hit the back of my throat, and that set me off. My first shot hit the back of his throat and he immediately swallowed me all the way. As an immediate natural reflex I swallowed him too. Years of sucking cock since I was 10, I loved it and had sucked lots of boys. But sucking Greg's beautiful 9-incher was really something. We both wanted to swallow every precious drop of the other's hot teen-juice. Each of our bodies shook a bit as our nerves erupted and our cocks shot spurt after jet after jet down our hungry throats! Even though he had already cum with me soon after we came in here, he sent five strong ones into me as I shot six equally strong ones down into him. Then we both sucked the top half of the other's stiff cock to extract every last drop of fresh sperm from our thick, engorged phalluses.

We both rolled onto our backs next to each other, out of breath and still reeling. Greg reached over and took my hand in his and gave it a little squeeze. I did the same. That was the first time we'd ever had sex, and yet we both felt warm emotion for the other; and this spoke volumes. Of course, having sex with someone connects you in some way, and sex can often be just sex with no emotion. Some boys or guys of all age ranges have sex with another boy or a guy cuz they're just horny. But then there's sex with emotion. Greg had told me he'd been strongly attracted to me from the time we'd met just as I had felt drawn to him.

Afterwards we showered together, and took turns washing each other. Not just our backs, we totally washed each other's bodies all over. I hugged him and he hugged me back. It was a long, tender hug. Hmmm, more emotion. After we dressed and he was leaving, he turned to me and said, "Ryan, this was great. I had a super time." "I never had any idea you were into fooling around with guys," I replied, and continued, "I was a little shocked, you seemed to act so straight, I didn't know you were hiding your feelings." "I know, I don't know why really. Like I said, I was so nervous around you." We hugged again, a lingering pressing of our bodies against each other. "Do you think I could come over and sauna with you again?" "Greg, after today, both of us knowing each other on a deeper level, shall we say, you bet! I'd love it. I'd love having you over anytime!" Hell, I was three feet off the ground.

We talked on the phone several times over the next week, and made plans to get together for another sauna. He called me one afternoon and said he'd been skateboarding at the park, getting sweaty a lot, and thought he needed to clean out the toxins from his skin and that a sauna was badly needed. "Sure Greg, that's what getting sweaty does - gets the toxins out of your skin. When you wanna come over?" "Would tomorrow afternoon be ok? Will your mom be out golfing again?" "Mom golfs every afternoon. Sure, the earlier in the afternoon the better so we have time before she gets home between 4 & 5." "One o'clock ok?" "You bet, Greg, can't wait! Guess I'd better deny myself tonight and tomorrow morning." "You'd better, if you know what's good for you. I want you to have your balls so full of your little spermies that they ache for me. We'll be like caged animals!" "I can't imagine anything more fun and totally wild. I want you to have lots to give me too, and it had better be several times, dude." "Cool, see you tomorrow." "Bye Greg!" "Wow," I thought to myself, just over a week ago he was timid and shy, and now he calls me, totally hungry for more and wants us to save it up for 24 hours before! Gonna be a hot time tomorrow!"

I turned on the sauna about 11:30 so it would really be cookin' by 1pm when Greg would get to my house. He came to the back door and rang the bell and I was there in an instant to let him in. We talked for a few minutes about my sailing and waterskiing, and his basketball and skateboarding, then headed for the basement. As we began to undress in the changing room, and we both rock-hard boners. Our pants and boxers hit the floor and we each grabbed the other's cock and gave it a couple tugs. We both smiled and went into the sauna. We were both horny as fuck, and played with each other's dicks, gave each other head and had lots of fun taking turns licking and sucking each other's balls. I couldn't resist, I had to know so I asked, "Wow, I love your big cock, how big is it?" "I'm 9 long and 6 around. What about you? "I'm 7 and a quarter and 5-and-a-half around. You sure have me beat. But hey, we're 16 and I'm sure I'll get taller. My dad's your height but he's got a huge cock soft and I for sure don't know how big hard, so my dick may get bigger. But you're tall at six feet one and I don't know if you'll get taller, you may be done growing that way. But shit dude, with your monster cock I sorta' hope you don't get any bigger." He said, "I think I'm done growing, at least I hope so. I love my dick the way it is, I know I'm big. But I don't want to get any bigger cuz some boys can't take me now." "Well whatever we do is in our genes, we can't control it. I think you'll stay like you are," as I started stroking his big cock again.

We were on the top bench, I was on my back getting sucked, he was playing with my ass with his fingers and caressing my balls. He got down and licked and sucked my balls, taking one in his mouth, playing with it with his tongue, then doing the same with my other nut. Then he moved his head down and raised my legs and went to work on my ass-cheeks, kissing and licking them and sucking gently on each butt-cheek. Next thing I know he's licking my hole and I'm so hot my cock is throbbing and my hole feels heavenly! His tongue was pressing on my hole, then he pushed inside and I went wild! In and out of my pink chute his tongue went, in and out, fucking me with his hot tongue. He started pressing on the area between the base of my sack and my hole, my perineum, where there are lots of sexual nerve endings. One reason guys love this is that their prostate in just behind the perineum a short distance, and pressing and rubbing there also slightly massages their prostate, causing an intensely sexual sensation. Stimulating that area really turns me on when I'm all hot 'n bothered and someone plays down there. Massaging my prostate from the outside like this really stimulates me. He went back to licking my butt-hole, getting it all wet and sloppy. I loved it.

I did this to him next, and he went totally crazy, was squirming on the bench, his legs shaking, his breathing really fast, and I barely stopped in time before he blew his nut! "Whew, that was close," he said, still out of breath. "Damn straight," I replied. "I guess I was so hot for you I went too far and almost made you blow your load!"

"So Ryan, seems like we both loved that anal stimulation we just gave each other. Do you like it both ways? Cuz I do. You really had me going there!" "Yeah, Greg, I fucking LOVE it both ways! And I wanna do it both ways with you. Lots of times!" And we was quick to reply, "We seem to be a good match, I want it both ways with you tons of times, and anything else we can think of." "Cool, Greg. And we don't always have to be in the sauna, we can go out in my sailboat or ski-boat too. We can stop out in the middle of the lake somewhere and have fun, you won't believe how hot that can be. Or we can beach the ski boat at the park preserve, take a blanket and our "necessities" and have fun in the park. So hot, we could spend hours." "Sounds great," he said enthusiastically. "But for now, we're both horny as hell and dripping pre, and I just have to taste yours." And with that, he used both hands and put two fingers to both our cocks and wiped as much of each of our pre as he could. He offered his to me as he tasted mine. He smiled and licked his lips. My mouth opened to take his fingers and the taste was heavenly. My God, his was the best I'd ever tasted! "Shit, Greg, I'd love a juice glass of your pre every morning with breakfast!" "Great idea, never woulda' thought of that, but I'd love it from you too. Yours is the sweetest ever." I could tell something was building between us; desire, lust and emotion both.

I was the first to speak, "Well, we know we both like it both ways. I want to please you Greg, I want to satisfy you and it doesn't matter in what way. I'd love you to fuck me, or I'd love to fuck you, do you have a preference? Next time we'll switch!" "Well I don't know, Ryan, I want you inside me really bad, but I'm really hot to fuck your pretty white perky ass! But I know I'm longer and thicker that most boys, and I'd never want to hurt you in any way. Do you think you could take me ok?" "Oh my God, I want you in the worst way, I was hoping you'd want me to fuck your ass! I wanna swallow your cock in me and clamp my sphincter down on it and hold you in me. Do me Greg, do me hard and make me moan and scream and writhe and shudder and shoot the biggest load ever. I want every ounce of cum you've stored in those big tasty balls since yesterday! Fill me up, Greg!" "Honey, it would give me the greatest pleasure to take you to the heights of pleasure, we'll fly together high in the sky and as we swoop down from the atmosphere, we'll cum together in the greatest rush you've ever had. I want to give you that." I beamed with the biggest smile, and my heart felt more free and open than it had in a long time, and it was Greg who was doing this to me and it felt good. Really good. And I trusted him completely.

He kissed my chest, licked my nipples and sucked gently on them. He pulled my arms up over my head and kissed and licked my shaved pits, then licked his way down to my soft stomach, kissing and licking all over. Lower he went to the tender skin of my soft abdomen, an area really sensitive and sexual for me. He put his nose in my trimmed pubes and breathed in the smell, looked up and smiled. He nuzzled down to my balls and sucked on one, then the other before taking my swollen cock into his mouth and with one hand on my cock he held it against his lips as he moved up and down on my shaft, simulating a total cock blowjob, his hand wet with saliva, his lips all wet, and it felt so totally amazing. Then down his throat he took me, throating every inch of me, knowing when to hold his breath as my cock went deep down his throat, cutting off his air supply. We were both swimmers and could hold our breaths a long time, so my cock was deep in his throat for at least two minutes of hot pleasure. Up and down he went on my stiff pole, and when he needed to breathe he'd come up for air, take a few breaths and back down he's go on me. Oh, I could have easily given myself up to an orgasm, he was that good.

He moved down from my cock and raised my legs up, knees bent and pushed back toward my chest as he began to devour my ass and my precious love canal. He was licking, eating my hole and fucking me with his tongue, driving me wild! Then he licked one finger and gently inserted it into me and I could feel him moving it around to get a feel everywhere inside me, and to discover my magic gland. And when he did, he rubbed his finger around on it, occasionally pressing on it gently, sending electric shivers all through my body. Oh, how I was loving this! Now that I knew Greg was no amateur and that he'd done this a lot, and had it done to him a lot too. You don't get that good without lots of practice. He withdrew his finger and put two in his mouth and I got even more excited. He put them both in, and again moved them around inside me to loosen up my sphincter. He wasted no time getting to my prostate, again massaging it and pressing on it lightly from time to time. Then they pressed a little harder and I nearly went thru the ceiling! Then he pressed even harder, and a combination of pre and cum streamed out of my cock. His other hand was quick to catch it in his palm. He was so sweet to offer it to me first, I licked up what I wanted, leaving most of it to him. I was making myself a gift to him tonight. He hungrily licked it up and looked me in the eyes and smiled, saying, "Thank you, Ryan." "I'm giving you all of me today, Greg. I want you to have me totally. I want to do this for you later, more than anything." He blushed and then I thought I saw something else in his eyes, but he quickly looked away.

Greg withdrew two fingers and put three in his mouth and oh boy, I knew I was gonna love this, but I knew I had to have him soon. Gently he inserted one, then the second, then the third. He had added lube and was fucking my hole with them, and it felt soooo good. Then again he pressed on my prostate, but not as hard as last time. He just massaged it and fucked my ass some more with his fingers. I reached down and grabbed his cock and it was as hard as I'd ever seen it. His head was engorged, full of more blood than I'd ever seen. "Damn, he wants me bad now," I thought. "Greg, I need you in me now. I can't wait another minute! This has all got me so hot, I could easily blow my load without much effort, and I want your thick cock inside me and you fucking my brains out before you fill me up with your huge load." "I'm incredibly hot for you too, Ry. Don't know when I've ever wanted to please a boy like I want to please you, and I too am giving myself to you as my gift. I don't know why I'm feeling this way, but I can't stop to figure it out now, I have to fuck you and give you the pleasure you deserve."

I asked him to go easy 'cuz of his huge dick. I knew I didn't have to say it cuz I knew he knew, but I did anyway, mostly to reassure myself. It hurt like hell at first, as he pressed his cock against my pink canal. Gently he pressed, letting my sphincter relax for him. He pushed a little harder against my opening, and I pushed out, relaxing my hole, and his head slipped inside me. How wonderful it felt knowing he was entering me. Then he gently pushed himself further inside until he was several inches in. Then he pulled out to give my tight hole a little rest, about 10 seconds, then went in again, this time going further. He was so sweet, he took his time and it was fucking painful at first, but as my hole began to get used to this huge intrusion it began to relax, becoming accustomed to his size. He pulled out again, paused, then entered me again, this time burying himself all the way until his pubes were rubbing against my ass-cheeks. I had him ALL the way, every bit of his 9 inches. I had it all. I had HIM all."

I was taking deep breaths as fast as I could, gripping the sides of the bench as hard as I could. "Holy fuck, Greg, that's a friggin' baseball bat you shoved in me, it really hurt as you started, but I love it cuz it's you. I don't think I'd take a cock like yours from anyone else. You're it, man. And I'll take you any fucking time, you can bet! I just need a minute to acclimate and catch my breath and relax my insides around you. I took a 10 once and it nearly split me in half, was no fun and I said "Never again" to that big. And now with you, I've done something I thought I couldn't or wouldn't want to ever do. This is a quite something, for sure. Hahaha, and this is certainly a fine treat!" "Well I wasn't sure you'd be able to take me either. You've got the tightest ass I've ever been in." Well yeah I'd be tight with him having not just a big thick cock, 8 would be huge. But fucking 9 inches! Other big boys who'd fucked me had said how tight I was, but Greg this was a lot to take, and I was really surprised I'd taken it without splitting my ass or tearing something. Greg said my ass was like a clamp on his dick, holding tightly onto his pulsating cock, really making him fucking HOT!

He started short, slow strokes, letting me get comfortable with him. Gradually his strokes got longer, and then he took my legs and lifted up my knees and put my feet on his chest. My ass was now totally exposed to his big cock! His strokes were long now, pulling out so just the head was in me, then slowly pushing himself all the way in until his trimmed pube patch was hitting my ass. I only had one other boy do this to me in this position and the top can really penetrate you totally. Greg was picking up the pace now, and it was feeling much better now as my hole got used to his huge size. I was getting really into it and would push my ass toward him as he pushed himself into me, then I'd pull back as he withdrew, waiting with wanton desire for him to plunge back into me. I wanted that cock bad, and I knew how to fuck his big cock as he was fucking my tight, sweet hole.

Fuck I was going crazy, and my cock was dripping all over my abdomen. I was holding my cock, lubed quite well with my pre, and slowly stroking it. I didn't dare stroke any faster or I knew I'd blow my load. Greg was watching me, and I scooped up as much pre as I could with my other hand, took a taste and smiled at him, then put my hand to his mouth and he sucked up all the rest and licked my palm clean. "Wow Ryan, I love how you taste so much, it's the best and sweetest I've ever had. You be sure and keep making that for me!" And he smiled a big, broad smile.

I was starting to get pretty damned close. I whispered to Greg how close I was, and that I had to start edging. I had put my hands on his hips to pull him into me and guide him back, and now I would signal him to stop for a brief moment so I wouldn't fall totally off the cliff and shoot too soon. He said he was really close too, and he needed to edge too. Neither of us wanted to cum yet, we wanted to edge together, allowing us to delay ourselves and draw this out much longer. He'd continue sliding his swollen cock in and out of me, more slowly now as his cock head was so sensitive and his entire shaft was electric with the intensity of our coupling. We both had our hands on the other's hips to signal when to pause, wait, then start again. We did this nearly a dozen times, each of us coming so close to the very edge that we barely caught ourselves before shooting, then we'd pause, and then start slowly fucking again.

Before long, Greg said, "Ryan, I can't take any more, I'm so hot, I have to shoot my hot load in you. I'm afraid the force will send it into you so hard it'll penetrate your intestinal wall!" "I can't take any more either, I've loved this so much, but my cock is gonna explode any second, I can't control it any more. I'm barely touching my dick and I'm dripping like hell and am about to go off any second!" "You go babe," he said. And now he began for the last time, driving his thick, 9" cock balls-deep into me and pulling all the way out before slamming himself back into me, all the way to the hilt with long, powerful strokes. God, I was in fucking orbit! Once, twice, and a third time he withdrew totally before nailing my ass with his huge boyhood. After three of them I knew this was it. My cock was throbbing so hard, and my hand was slowly stroking it full-length. I felt my jizz start to build in my balls, my prostate going completely wild, my hole clamping down hard around his cock to hold him tightly. I felt my thick, white seed start to gush through my urethra toward my cock and I yelled, "Greg, this is it, I'm about to spurt big-time! "I'm right with you Ryan, let's go!" And then out from the head of my cock shot a long white ribbon of cum, shooting right over my head! Then I felt it. Greg buried his cock totally deep inside me, pubes pressed hard against my perineum, and I could feel him unload a huge stream of cum into me, and it didn't seem to fucking stop! It seemed to flow forever as each blast of his hot boy-juice entered my ass non-stop. I shot another long stream of thick, white cum and again it went right over my head! Damn, I'd never cum with this much force. I felt another quick pull-back of his cock and another hard thrust into me and again another long stream of his hot cum continued to fill my hot, hungry hole. I kept shooting, and he withdrew and plunged back into me full force one last time and he held himself tight against me as stream after stream flowed into my ass. I swear, my hole seemed as if it hadn't been fed in a month, it was so totally famished for his "food", his life-force, his sweet teen juice that it so badly longed for. He was my nourishment, my total satisfaction. I realized I'd never known I was missing something from my life until now, as he gave me the thing I now knew I most wanted and needed. We were both still shooting, but in smaller spurts now. My chest, stomach and abdomen were covered with my cum as I felt the last of my load dribble out onto my pubes. I could tell Greg was totally spent too, he had totally stopped moving, his cock buried deep in me.

His eyes were closed and he was breathing really hard. I reached up and gently grasped him on either side of his sculpted torso and pulled him down to lie on me We were both covered in sweat. He opened his eyes and smiled, but still couldn't speak. He laid his chest on mine and moved his head next to my collar bone and tenderly began kissing my neck. Oh, God how I loved that. Then I bent my head down and he lifted his and our eyes met. Our lips touched, beginning a long, slow kiss that sent us both into oblivion. Our lips parted and our tongues gently moved to meet the other's and they gently caressed. They began playing softly and moving into each of our mouths and down our throats. We were looking deeply into each other's eyes and our arms began to wrap themselves around our torsos. Greg was still totally in me and I wanted him to stay there. I felt him start to move and my arms quickly released him and my hands grabbed his hard ass-cheeks and pulled him into me, not allowing him to move his hips in the slightest. "I want you to stay in me as long as possible, I can't let you go." "Fine by me, I was afraid I might have you pretty sore and wanted to let you relax," he said. "No Greg, I want you inside me for a while. Please?" "Ry, I couldn't think of any greater pleasure."

I couldn't believe it, what a feeling, so damned intense! My stomach, chest and now his chest were covered with my thick jizz. I could feel inside my ass how long he continued to stay hard, and I loved it! "Jeez, Brian, you tossed a 5-foot load there!" I turned to look at the cedar wall behind me and saw how much cum was there, as it slowly dripped down the wall. I had to laugh out loud, followed by a "Shit!" I yelled, knowing I was going to have to wash the wall down and clean it to be sure and leave no trace to illicit any questions from mom or dad.

We headed for the shower, and turned the water as cold as we could stand it. It totally invigorates you! That's what the Fins and Scandinavians do, and if it's winter they run outside and jump in the snow! We've never done that, what would the neighbors think! We were in the shower quite a while, gradually making the water warmer as our bodies got accustomed to the cold water. Then as we got used to the water we made it a little warmer again, doing this several times. You have to keep gradually making the shower warmer so it can cool the inner temperature of your body down to normal after the sauna had made your body and your inner temperature very high. If you don't cool down this way, after you get out, dry off and dress, you'll still be sweating like crazy because your inner temperature is too high. We took turns washing each other, and enjoying the freshness of the water. Gradually we got warm enough and the water was actually warm, and we knew we were finished.

But as we were finishing washing each other, I saw Greg getting hard again. I was washing his back, so he couldn't see me watching his dick. I immediately got hard, soaped his back rubbed my stiff cock against his hot swimmer's ass. "Damn, Ryan, you're a real horn-dog today, aren't you?" I pressed my cock tight up against his ass-crack and replied, "Hey, look who's talking, dude! I saw you getting hard again first, and that made me pop another bone!" "Shit Ryan, we just had the hottest fuck-session I've ever had, and showering with you and soaping each other up got me horny again. I can't help it if you're like a drug for me!" "Well Greg, you seem to be a wonderful drug for me too, and I saw your tree-trunk cock getting hard first, before I got hard rubbing your hot ass and watching you. You know how I've been hot for you for a long time." "And I was hot for you for a long time too, I was just afraid to let on about it." "I thought you were straight, and no one I know knew you other than some of my swim friends who had seen you at meets. But they never met you. We live on opposite sides of the city." Greg pushed his ass back, grinding it into me. "Well I think you're right, I haven't had sex with anyone we mutually know." "Yeah, and I go away to school so we have no classmates who could have met each other. I only know you through John." At that, Greg flashed me an odd smirk like he knew something I didn't, but I didn't want to go there now, maybe later. Greg half-turned to look at me as my stiffie was firmly pressed between his tight ass-cheeks, rubbing along his soap-filled crack. "Fuck man, you're sure ready again! I think you like my hot, hard ass." "I fucking LOVE your hot ass, Greg, every bit as much as you love mine!" "Well keep grinding your hot cock against my hungry ass, I think it needs to be fed! Keep stroking my cock, and then I want you inside me, slow though you're not small either, you know."

As we were standing in the shower, me behind him, I rubbed my cock against his crack, up and down. I had my hands on his hips as he stroked himself. The friction of the rubbing drove me wild, and him too. I saw him spread his legs a little wider, about shoulder-width. Then I held my dick firmly against his hole and slapped my cock against it and against his ass-cheeks. He moaned out loud and pushed back against me. Oh, he was getting hot too! My dick-head was pressed against his pink hole, and I gently pressed against it a little. Then I pressed a bit harder and the head went in as I felt him tighten his abs and stomach, and pushing out to loosen his sphincter for me. I waited a second, then pushed harder as I entered him further, getting almost half-way in, and stopped. "Oh Ryan, keep going! Don't stop, I want all of you I in me." I stroked in and out of him and buried myself deep inside, my pube-patch pressed firmly against his cheeks. "Ooohhhh God, that feels incredible. Wow," he spoke loudly. I pulled back so I was only about a quarter of the way in, then gave a shove and went in all the way. "You ok?" I asked. "I'm fine, baby," he said. I put my arms around his chest and started to pump him. As I shoved my dick into him, he pushed his ass toward me; as I pulled my dick back, he moved his ass forward and away from me, intensifying the stimulation of our hot fuck. We had this fantastic rhythm going and was bringing us both to such heights of passion and lust. This boy really knew how to bottom!

We were both getting pretty hot, and I said, "Greg, lets do something different. You lie down on the floor on your back and I wanna fuck you and suck you off at the same time!" "You're that limber?" he asked. "Hell yeah dude, I can get nearly all of my hard cock in my mouth. Next time I'll suck myself while you fuck me. You think you'd get into that?" "Fuck yeah, buddy, I never knew a guy who could suck himself, much less watch him do it! And to fuck you at the same time? Oh my God! Fuck! My brain could cum right now just thinking about it! "Will that get you back over here pretty soon?" I asked. "Hell yes it will," he replied. Well he was down on his back on the floor in an instant, and I re-directed the water flow more against the wall so it wouldn't be showering right on us. Then I got on my knees and placed his legs on my shoulders. I soaped up my dick and his ass and went in again. Damn, he was tight! It felt like heaven! It didn't take many strokes before we were both back where we had been before, breathing hard and starting to feel a powerful build-up of intense hunger for each other, and the knowing that we both were gonna cut loose very soon with cum-loads that I knew would shoot deep into Greg's tight white ass while his was gonna explode right down my throat!

Greg was rock-solid hard, he'd been jacking himself and watching me pound his ass and I knew he loved taking me as much as he loved taking him. He was pretty worked-up all right. I leaned forward and bent down, taking his cock in my mouth and going down on him til I had nearly half his cock down my throat. I went up and down several times, him groaning and moaning like crazy, not just because it felt totally awesome getting sucked and fucked at the same time, but also at the sight of me sucking him as I thrust my thick cock in and out of his hot ass. I grabbed his cock with my right hand, holding it against my mouth, and sucking and stroking like this, driving him wild. Every once in a while I'd totally deep-throat his beautiful long, thick cock, having to take an extra-deep breath as his engorged cock went all the way down me, my nose tightly up against his blond pubes! When I couldn't hold my breath anymore, I had to come up for air. I could hold my breath for over 2 minutes and that's a long time to hold a boy's stiff cock all the way down your throat. I loved how he moaned with happiness.

I didn't want us to be too loud `cause we'd been down here way longer than I'd expected and I knew my mom was back, and upstairs. She knew Greg and I were gay and she already knew I brought boys over and we'd have fun. I just always liked to try to be discrete, and not do it when she was home. But this was a special time for Greg and I so I just didn't want us not to sound like a couple of wild animals in heat and make enough noise that it would be totally uncool.

My thoughts returned to Greg, and I kept up my rhythm, fucking him steady and hard. I was so hot, I was getting a bit rough, and I didn't want to hurt him. But I knew he's say something if I did. I continued fucking his hot ass and `throating his cock, taking it all the way and moving up and down on that big piece of meat. "Oh Ry, I can't go on much longer, I'm so hot I'm gonna shoot if you do much more of that!" But I didn't slow down or stop in the slightest! I kept right on going. This was going to be a wild climax for us both! My ass kept thrusting my cock balls-deep inside him and I could feel my cum starting to rise from my balls as the long-anticipated pressure was building to an unstoppable, huge release. I slowed a bit and said, "I can go at any second as long as you're there with me". "Ryan go, baby, fuck me and fill me up with your cum! Do it, honey!" So I kept pounding and swallowing his entire cock. "Ry, I'm gonna cum! Are you there?" "Yes, baby, I'm right here with you. Ready? Let's go!" Then his cock began to erupt down my throat. Wow! How powerful the thrust of his first spurt was! Then another and another! My ass thrust my cock deep inside him and I let him have it. My dick was shooting warm, white cum deep inside his ass with as much unleashed power as he had sent down my throat. I felt myself shoot four times deep into his hot ass, and I knew Greg shot five times down my hungry throat as I gulped down every drop!

I collapsed on top of him, panting, my chest pounding, just as he was. After a couple minutes, I found the energy to murmur, "Greg, you are so wonderful, thank you!" "No Ryan, you're incredible, thank you!" We were both still totally hard and I wanted to stay in him longer, but knew we'd better get moving. I took his dick down my throat once more while he moaned, and he grabbed my ass-cheeks and pulled me into him and held me there, my cock totally buried inside him.

"Greg, sometime we have to plan a sleep-over somewhere so we can spend the night together. I want to hold you all night, and for us to wake up in each other's arms. We can fuck and suck and cum and fuck and suck again, taking turns on each other, and keep going all night until morning, till our dicks are spitting nothing but dust! We're 16, dude, we should be able to cum all damned day and all night!" "Ok," he said, "you're on! We'll go a few days without cumming so we'll eat each other up!" "Sounds good to me," I said with a smile.

We rinsed off and dried ourselves, then I shut off the sauna and used a short hose to rinse it all down. Greg and I picked up the scrubber, got some soap from the shower and scrubbed my cum-stain, making it go away completely. Thank God!. I REALLY did not want to have to explain that to my parents. The whole inside of the sauna is made of cedar, the walls, the two-tier benches and the ceiling. The floors are cedar too, but were made in panels so you can lift them up for better cleaning. Such a well-made and efficient little sex palace!

We got dressed and went upstairs. Greg said good-bye to my mom. We walked outside and quickly said goodbye, giving each other a tight hug. As we did, we each took turns kissing the other on the neck and smiling into each other's eyes. Then he got in his car, fired it up and started down the driveway, arm out the window waving. Wow. That Greg. A month ago I barely knew him, and now I feel all tingly whenever we're together, and I know he does, too!