Chapter 17 - Abusing My Toys - Ryan & the Green Slime


Author's comments: My teenage love for Ryan was my most painful, shameful secret at 17. I had fallen in love with my younger, smaller quite straight friend in spite of myself. He looked like actor Elijah Wood did at 14, with fair skin, big blue eyes and a mop of brown hair. There is an earlier chapter devoted to our relationship that I have already shared, but here is another experience that I remember.


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Back in the late 1970's there was a kids' product sold at toy stores called something like "Slime". It was a cold, damp, translucent green viscous stretchy solid that poured like a thick liquid. It could be stretched and pulled to all shapes, and if left near a table edge it would slowly roll over the edge and then in super slow motion begin pouring onto the floor in a sticky, gloppy mess that could then somehow be gathered up into a ball and played with again, oddly leaving no mark where it had sat. When done playing with it, one would stuff it back into its little purple plastic "garbage can" shaped container till the next time it was to be used.

It took me about five seconds to conclude that this unusual toy would be perfect to experiment masturbating with. Retreating into the bathroom and wrapping it around my stiff penis, I found that I could thrust into it and it felt amazingly slick and sensual. It was difficult to keep it all in my hands as I abused it, and had to keep moving my fingers all around to keep it from seeping between my fingers and falling all over the floor.

After just a few minutes I came powerfully into the Slime, shooting my load profusely through it. I knew that I had to share this sensuous toy with my friend Ryan.

One evening in my bedroom I showed the sticky green toy to Ryan and gave it to him to play with. I was very excited that as I watched, he played with it right in front of me, wrapping it all over his hands as I knew how I had used it in such an improper way just the day before. Feeling a rush of excitement, told Ryan what I had learned about the Slime, and what unintended purpose it was good for. He stopped playing with it, looking at it in a new light.

"You can use this to jerk off?" he said with sudden interest. Ryan was a horny boy who was interested in odd and mischievous erotic ideas.

"It feels so unbelievably good," I promised. "Take it home and try it on yourself tonight."

Ryan wasn't sure. "No, this one's yours", he said. "Maybe I'll get my own."

"Please, Ryan, use this one," I begged. "Bring it back tomorrow and tell me how it felt."

Ryan finally agreed. Just talking like this and imaging the prospect of a new way to masturbate with a fun toy was obviously exciting to my fifteen-year-old friend, as I could see his boner suddenly poking up the front of his trousers. I pointed and smiled at his erection, and he blushed when he realized I was looking at it, and rearranged it quickly to make it less obvious.

"You are such a pervert," he chided, but he carefully put the Slime with his jacket and took it home that night.

The next day we stopped at his house after school. "Ohmygod Brad..." he said breathlessly. "That stuff felt GREAT! I did it twice! I am going to get one of my own! But are you sure you want this one back, though—I mean I sort of 'messed it up' for you."

Oh, I positively, absolutely did want it back precisely because he HAD messed it up. "Yeah," I said with false casualness. "I'll take it, I don't care." In truth I certainly did care, but not in the way Ryan would have imagined. With a fetish, I wanted to hold that toy, damp and impregnated with Ryan's sperm and rub it on my cock and come in it too, mixing our stuff together symbolically in a forbidden secret way. I got rigidly erect just thinking of it as he retreated into his bedroom to retrieve the perverted toy.

That night when I went home I carefully took the Slime out of its can and put it on my face first to enjoy it, sniffing to see if I could tell it was filled with Ryan's spunk, and imagining that I could. Rolling it through my hands I found one of his lighter colored pubic hairs in it, which was an unexpected treasure. Wrapping the gooey mass it around my throbbing hard dick, I thrust into it again thrilled by the knowledge that Ryan had used it in the same way the night before, squirting his sperm into it. It didn't take long at all and I passionately added a load of my own spunk to the goo, watching it bubble thickly as it absorbed my emission.

I kept the Slime for another month or two, using it once or twice more on nights when I was especially horny and missing Ryan, whose young tight body I could never get enough of. I never told anyone about my fetish-toy, and discarded it only after it got so sticky and nasty that it wasn't useful anymore.