Guy's Secret


Chapter 14

April 28, 2001


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed

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"Matty, Guy, come here, you guys, I need your help with this box," cousin John called to the boys.

The air was stagnant in the tiny three-bedroom apartment. The noises from the streets outside bombarded the eardrums even through the closed windows. A pungent odor hung in the living room; it came from the hallway outside. A mixture of different foods cooking in the units below, along with the scent of mildew, could be detected. The heat and humidity were stifling on the fifth floor of the old brick building, and several cardboard boxes were strewn about.

"John, can we open a window or something?" Guy asked his cousin, as he emerged from the bedroom and walked up the hallway.

"Well, I suppose. It's just that the fumes from the cars outside give me a headache. If you like I'll put on the air conditioning; otherwise, I have fans in all the rooms," John explained to Guy.

Guy crossed the linoleum floor, which hadn't been updated in the twenty-nine years John had lived there. The floor sagged and was unleveled, with age. Guy felt unsteady on his feet as he helped lift the large brown box with John. The two carried it down the narrow hallway, to the second door on the right, Guy and Matty's new bedroom.

Matty was sitting on the only bed in the room; the mattress was obviously as old as everything else in the tiny abode was. The springs had long before given way to the years of use. The surface of the bedding showed all the lumps and ridges of mattress's wear. He looked tired and weary from the trip, but he was happy to be with Guy.

The room was furnished with a hodgepodge of things that had been picked up along the way. John's mother was a pack rat, and thrifty too. It was apparent that the things that occupied the small bedroom were bought second hand. Next to the broken down double bed was a night stand that looked to be as old as time. The lamp that stood on the small table was brass, and its yellowed shade had rips and tears in it. The closet was the size of a phone booth, and its door didn't shut all the way. On the floor was a thin braided rug that was in tones of red, with black flecks. The walls were painted light yellow, and contained several water stains from previous leaks. One window occupied the wall across from the door; it looked down onto Eighth Street. It wasn't the prettiest of places, but it was home, now.

"Here, let me help you two," Matty said, as he got off the bed.

"I hope the rest of the stuff can wait until you guys have time of your own," John sighed, as he handed the box off to Matty and Guy.

"Yeah, I think we can do the rest tomorrow," Guy agreed.

John slowly turned and walked out of the room, his brow covered with sweat. He looked as tired as Matty. He took his time as he poked around the front room of the apartment, looking for a place he could sit comfortably, amongst the boxes. He opened some of the containers to see what was in them, for separating. He didn't realize how many things two teenage boys could acquire. A slight smile crossed his face as he opened one of them; he found some pictures inside of his long lost family. He plunked himself on the sofa in the middle of the room and shuffled through the photos. The soon-to-be thirty year old man sat upon his couch, feeling quite content with his newfound family. He relished the idea of having the two boys staying with him. John Sugardale had long craved human companionship outside his practice.

Guy and Matty stayed busy putting their things away. The closet had to be shared, as did the large antique high boy. The two crisscrossed the small room, attending to their tasks. Guy moved with a certain purpose. He placed each item removed from the boxes stacked along the wall, with thought. Matty, on the other hand wanted to be done, and moved quickly and disorganized. Watching the two lads made one aware of their vast differences.

"Matty, what do you think it will be like here?" Guy asked, as he placed a handful of shirts into one of the drawers of the dresser.

"I have no idea. I have heard a lot of stories about New York City, we need to stick together," Matty said, his dark eyes full of concern, sounding like an authority.

Guy walked toward the window and looked down to the busy street. His face was full of curiosity as he gazed into the world outside the yellow-bricked building. He reached his right hand to the window lock mounted on the sash of the lone opening to the outside. His face contorted as he twisted the mechanical device to unlatch it. The young man bent slightly at his knees as he used both hands to lift the lower window. It was a struggle to free it in its tracks, but he finally was able to push it up and open. A slight breeze blew in and the cloth curtains billowed slightly, while the paper shade rattled from the top.

"Do you think my mother really poisoned my father?" Guy asked, never taking his eyes from the window.

"Well, the FBI said he had arsenic in his system. I can't believe they dug him up," Matty told him, as he walked toward the window.

"I know. I just can't believe that the Judge and Sheriff were involved. For what, some land? It just doesn't make any sense," Guy expressed, with concern and confusion.

"They stood to make a lot of money. Greed can be quite a thing, I guess," Matty tried to reason.

"That poor boy, Jamie, the Senator's grandson. Can you imagine being raped by those two old farts? Who would have guessed?" Guy asked, somewhat rhetorically.

"Well, Walters got exactly what he deserved. Him and John Lester, they can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned." Matty shot the words out.

"Poor Mrs. Walters though. I mean, she has to live in Hilton where everyone knows her husband was doing all those ill things," Guy said, with some sadness.

"That's just like you, Guy Sugardale; you worry more about someone else. You ought to be thinking about Sally Ann and the rest of your family," Matty told Guy. His brown eyes could have burned holes into Guy.

"I guess you're right," Guy admitted, never looking at Matty. Tears filled his eyes as he stared down to the world below.

"I'm going to go take a shower. I need to wash up, I feel like a Mississippi dog that just climbed out of the swamp in the middle of July," Matty said as he gathered up a clean change of clothes.

Guy stayed fixed at the window; tears were streaming down his face. He longed for the days gone by. He missed his father. As much as he hated Miss Lil, he ached inside to have things be the way they were. How could his mother have done something so terrible? He thought about everything that Agent Williams had told him only days before.

His mother had been involved with Judge Walters, `that way'; the two of them were going to sell the Sugardale Farm to some Yankee land developer. Apparently, Walters was too attached to Peejo, and had Miss Lil killed, so the two men of `justice' could share the wealth. They got rid of Doc' Harrington because he was starting to make noise about the child abuse, the two feared an investigation. Then, they got John Lester involved because he was the State's Attorney and they needed his power in the custody case. Judge Walters figured if there was no will, the Sugardale kids would become wards of the State, leaving nothing in the way of the riches. It all would have been nice and tidy if Jamie hadn't been the grandson of a powerful US Senator. During the stakeouts of Walters and Peejo, the FBI learned more than they had expected. Now, Walters and Lester awaited trial. Williams assured Guy it would be a long time before either ever saw freedom again.

"Guy, are you all right?" John asked, as he walked into the bedroom. He could see his cousin's body heave with each sob.

"Mmhmm," Guy moaned, never taking his face from the window.

"Nonsense, I can see you're upset." John walked to his young cousin and pulled him from the window and into his arms.

Guy's body fell weakly into the embrace. His sobs could be heard over the traffic noises that emanated from the opened window. He put his head against John's chest and cried. He couldn't seem to shake his anguish.

Matty barged into the room, totally unaware of what was going on, his face became full of concern. He put his dirty clothes into a small basket behind the door. He wanted to ask what was wrong, but he knew. His heart sank in his chest as he thought about how much Guy had been through. He had been so happy to be with Guy, he forgot to `be there' for him.

"Hey, I know. Let's get out of this rat's nest. Let me show you two around a little, this is the most exciting place in the world. We have no business being all cooped up here. Come on, I'll even buy lunch. Whatever your hearts desire is here in New York," John said, trying to cheer up the dismal mood that had fallen upon them.

"Wow, that sounds great. Give us a few to get ready." Matty said, hinting that he wanted a moment alone with Guy.

John understood and gave Guy one last pat on the back as he turned to leave the room. He stopped for a second as he got to the door and looked at Matty. Matty smiled at him and nodded his head. John continued through the door and walked up the hall.

"Guy? Are you OK? Have I told you how much I love you today? Well, I do, more than life itself," Matty whispered to Guy as he took his hand into his own.

Guy reached his hand to his eyes and wiped the wet tears off his cheeks. He looked into his lover's face and tried to smile, but his face wouldn't allow him to. He finally just kissed Matty briefly and hugged onto him. He began to calm down in his friend's arms; he felt the comfort of being loved surround his body.

Matty finally said, "Come on, the `Big Apple' awaits a couple of country boys."

"I love you, Matty, I do. What would I do without you?"

"I know what I couldn't do, without you," Matty said, and smirked.

"Yeah, and I couldn't do it either," Guy teased back.

Matty pulled Guy closer to him and kissed his lips. "We have our own bed now. I can't wait until tonight, so I can show you how much I love you."

"It is going to be different. Oh, Matty, I love you."

"Yes it is, but we'll be together from now on. So let's go eat, I am starved," Matty said, as he tugged at Guy's hand.

The two boys walked into the front room; John was looking through the pictures again. He quickly put the stack of photos onto the small table near the sofa and smiled at the boys. He led the way to the door, and opened it. He turned back and gave a quick look around the room as the two younger men walked into the hallway outside the apartment. Satisfied with what he saw, he closed the door and locked the bolt. The three descended the stairs, one step at a time, the echoes of their footsteps bounced off the walls.


OK, there you have it. Welcome to New York! I hope you enjoyed this part of the tale, as I tried to wrap up some loose ends. I also would like you to keep up with the story, as it will get going again soon. This is the beginning of the second part of the story, and will be very different from the first. I promise.

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