Guy's Secret

Chapter 15


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


May 11, 2001


Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic language, you must be of legal age to view it. The tale is fiction; it was created after a conversation between the writer and one of his editors. The tale is fiction, but these things may happen, or could have happened. However, any similarity to actual people, places, and things is coincidental. The writer places this material here freely, and asks if you copy it, to do so freely; just give him the credit. ©2001JCPCo.


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Life in New York was fast paced, and hectic. Guy had gotten so involved with his studies and school, there was little time left for him and Matty. Matty began to feel out of place, often being left alone. Cousin John seemed to work long hours and Guy stayed many nights after school. Even their sex life had suffered; Guy was often too tired or just not interested by the time he got home. The tensions were mounting.

It was spring 1988, the boys had lived in New York almost seven months. Seven of Matty's longest months in his short sixteen years. Guy even forgot his birthday, it was March 28, and that hurt Matty. He longed to be touched and caressed by his lover, but didn't want to make a fuss.

There was a dampness in the air; the night sky was only lit by the many neon signs on 8th Street. Matty had heard in school that Eighth Street was the place to go for sex. Oh, you had to pay, but he was desperate. He wanted to be fondled and feel loved. He had ventured out on his own, John and Guy were nowhere to be found again. It had rained earlier in the day, and the sweet aroma of the fresh fallen rain could be detected, mixed with the fragrances of the several eateries on 8th Street.

He walked aimlessly down the street, not knowing for sure what he would find. He only hoped he would find someone to give him the pleasures he so wanted. He noticed a crowd of people gathered outside a corner bar and grill. He could tell by the way the two girls were dressed, that he may have stumbled upon what he was seeking. With the two girls dressed scantily were a couple of young guys. One of the boys caught Matty's attention. He had on a tight pair of pants and just a tank top. His arms were well developed, Matty noticed.

"You want to party?" the young boy dressed in the tight jeans asked Matty.

Matty stared at the boy; he looked to be about fourteen. The boy had blonde hair that was well kept. Matty also noticed the bulge in the front of the boy's trousers. He looked into the `young boy of the night's' hazel eyes, not really noticing his other facial features. Matty was filled with desire; sexual release was all he knew.

"Sure, where? Just you and I, right?" Matty answered the male prostitute.

"I don't do kinky. How much you got?" the younger boy asked.

"Depends," Matty slowly said.

"You ain't with the cops, are you?" the street hustler asked.

"Un unh," Matty mumbled.

"You got a place we can go?" the blonde asked.

"Yep, my place," Matty dryly responded.

"My name's Junior, let's go." Junior grabbed Matty's hand and started to walk away from the group he had been with.

The two boys walked quickly, Matty told Junior that he lived on 5th Street, so that's where they headed. Everything was a blur in Matty's head while they walked the three blocks down and two blocks over to his apartment. Junior explained that for twenty bucks, he sucked, and anything else was more. He asked Matty what he wanted to do, but Matty didn't say a word.

"This your first time?" Junior asked.

"Not really," said Matty.

"I never seen you around. Usually, all I get are old fuckers looking for a young boy to suck their dick. You from the city?" Junior fired his questions.

"Yeah. Originally I came from Mississippi, but I've lived here now since August." Matty finally began opening up.

"Well, cool. If you ever want to make some extra cash, I could show you how. Do you smoke pot?" Junior gleefully asked.

"No, I never have," Matty admitted, his voice sounding faint.

Matty punched the code into the pad next to the door at the yellow-bricked building, a buzzer sounded and he pulled the door open. The two boys walked in toward the elevator. Matty pushed the number five on the elevator control panel. A hum could be heard as the motor ran, and the elevator made its descent from the ninth floor. Matty watched, as the lights blinked with the appropriate floor number as the elevator made its way to the lobby. The two boys got into the elevator and rode the five floors up in silence.

"What do you like to do?" Junior asked Matty, as Matty fumbled with the keys in the door lock to the apartment.

"I like to do anything. What do you want to do?" Matty asked, as he led the boy down the hall to Guy's and his bedroom.

"I like to suck and fuck. You ever get fucked?" Junior asked; his voice showed no emotion, it was just a job.

"Sounds good to me. Can I suck you too?" Matty asked, with innocence in his voice.

"Yeah, sure. I'll do you for a straight twenty, seeing as how you're going to let me fuck you. I haven't fucked in a while," Junior announced.

The two boys weren't inside the bedroom for a minute when Junior started to kiss Matty. He ran his hands up and down Matty's body as he french kissed him. Matty's cock was bursting in his pants; Junior began rubbing at it through the fabric. Matty moved his hands to the front of Junior's jeans, and grabbed at the boy's hard dick.

The two practically ripped their clothing off, and threw it to the floor in a race to get into the bed. Matty was full of desire, he just wanted to be touched and kissed. He had longed for Guy, but had been rejected so many times lately. They tumbled onto the bed. The squeaking of the mattress was the only sound heard, except for their heavy breathing. Matty had longed to be fondled, his libido was definitely in overdrive, as he arched his back up to meet the thrusts of Junior's body against his own.

"Ahh, that feels so good." Matty's voice trembled with excitement, as Junior drew his hard cock into his mouth.

Junior sucked at Matty's rigid dick with precision, it was obvious he had done this deed before. The younger blonde boy made slurping sounds, as he sucked hard on the hot prick. He took the entire engorged member into his wanton mouth, and gently massaged Matty's balls with his hand. He used his other hand to probe young Matty's ass, as he gorged himself on the hard cock.

Matty rolled around so he could get his newfound friend's dick into his own mouth. He guided the stiff cut six inch dick into his mouth with his right hand; as he sucked he pumped his hand up and down. He wanted to cum, but he wanted it to last, so he pushed Junior away from his cock.

"Let me put it in you. I want to fuck you," Junior gasped, as he moved and grabbed Matty's legs from behind the knees and pushed them onto his shoulders.

Matty reached his hand down and put Junior's dick at his hole, and pushed his hips up. He felt the hard dick as it ripped at his insides; he let out a screech of pain. Junior drove his cock deep into Matty's butt. Matty bucked up and down to meet the motions Junior was making with his dick. The two fucked furiously. Grunting and groaning as the bed pounded against the wall, the two were caught up in their emotions. It was over almost as quickly as it started, both boys shot their loads and sunk into the mattress. Sweat and cum clung to their bodies as they lay in the bed, clinging to each other, as they recovered from the pleasures.

"That was great. I have to go. You got that twenty?" Junior asked, as he climbed out of the bed and began looking around the room for his clothes.

Matty fumbled out of the bed and found his jeans on the floor, he dug into the pocket for his money. He handed a bill to Junior. The young prostitute was already dressed and scheming on his next trick, as he grabbed the money and left. Not even so much as a `good-bye' was said, as he scurried out of the apartment.

Matty flopped onto the couch after Junior had disappeared, he felt dirty and cheap. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of traffic from outside the building as they floated through the closed window. He could hear a siren wail in the distance, as he lifted his head from the back of the sofa, and placed his crossed arms behind it. His stomach was queasy, his head spun as he leaned his head back and stared up to the ceiling. He began to doze; his head nodded forward and fell toward his chest.

Guy had a late rehearsal; it was after eleven as he scampered down Park Avenue. He hoped that Matty would be awake when he got home, so many nights lately Matty was deep in sleep when Guy got home. The crisp, clean, freshly rain-scented air danced with delight in his flared nostrils, as he flailed his legs and arms in a hurry to get home. He made the hard right turn at the yellow-bricked building and almost fell over. He punched the keys on the pad near the double, full-glass paned doors with aluminum casings and handles. He pulled the door to his right with vigor, certain anticipation could be sensed, by the look in his riveting eyes.

He frantically punched at the elevator buttons; the two wood facsimile doors slid open.

The upper walls of the metal box that ran along metal cables, carrying people up and down the shaft of the yellow-bricked building, were painted pale green. The green that had a hint of blue in it, like so many other elevators seemed to be coated with. An aluminum four-inch rail was mounted at mid wall, in the box. The lower halves of the walls were covered with a paneling that tried to look like wood.

The doors opened on the toll of the fifth chime, that came from overhead; it had been placed to alert the blind. Guy ran down the hallway to the door of the apartment that he had lived in the last two thirds of his school year. He thought silently to himself as he went to unlock the already unlocked door. He withdrew his key from the lock and placed it in his front right pants pocket. He slowly opened the door, and crept into his home. He could hear Matty's breathing and saw his silhouette on the couch, as he walked into the crammed five room flat.

He stood in front of his young lover; his body ached and was tired from the vigorous practice for `West Side Story,' where he was to be Tony. He was so proud of himself for landing one of the leads, especially since it was only his first year at Juilliard. He reached his hands out toward Matty's shoulders and bent his head down to kiss his lover on the forehead. He pushed Matty's raven black bangs aside, as he brought his soft, pink, puckered lips to the forehead that seemed to gleam in the dimly lit room.

Matty opened his eyes and looked up to Guy, he just sighed. He tilted his head a little to the right. He tried to smile to hide his guilt, the best he could do was press his two thin lips together. He slowly unfolded his arms that had remained on the sofa back, although his head had been drooping to his chest, he slowly stretched them over his head. He began to climb up from his seat and Guy gently pushed him back down.

Guy had one thing on his mind, satisfying his lover. It had been too long, he thought to himself, as he crouched on his knees in front of Matty. He reached his arms up and undid Matty's belt and pants, and then he tugged the fly apart and reached his long slender fingers into Matty's underwear. He rubbed at Matty's flaccid penis, and gently squeezed his balls in between his thumb and index finger. He moved his mouth down to Matty's crotch, and flicked his tongue at the head of the soft dick.

He sucked the soft flesh into his mouth and slid his hand down to its base. Guy sucked in vain to get the cock hard, to no avail. He pushed his nostrils to the soft black hair that surrounded Matty's dick, he could smell a familiar odor, but not one that should be there. He knew he could smell sex on Matty, he was hurt. He said nothing, he continued to suck at his lover. Matty's prick began to respond; Guy sucked him off, in what seemed to be a couple of minutes. Matty just sat in front of Guy, never reaching out for him, and came. Guy pushed Matty's rapidly deflating prick back into his underwear. Frustrated and confused, he left silently and went to his bed.

He slowly undressed and climbed between the cotton sheets that were balled up on the bed, he felt a wet spot as he threw the top sheet over his body. He lay on his back, his head on the soft pillow and squeezed his eyes shut. No matter how hard he clenched his eyelids, the tears flowed like fountains down his face, toward his ears. His body trembled as he thought about what he knew Matty had done. He felt so alone, so very, very alone.

Matty never got off the couch; he eventually swung his legs up and onto it and leaned his head on the armrest. He dozed, but never fell into a deep sleep. His mind was a fury of thoughts; he pictured Junior in his mind. He began to feel sick, and quickly ran to the bathroom where he promptly threw up. The pain he felt from what he had done was unbearable. He stumbled up the hall and fell back onto the couch; he held his arms around his sore tummy. He pulled his knees up to his chest, as he lay on his side.

The two boys fought to sleep, but neither fell into a deep slumber. Guy alone in their bed, and Matty alone on the couch.

John finally came in about twelve thirty, he startled both the half-asleep teens as he moved around the kitchen. The sounds of cabinets being opened and closed were heard above the noises that cut through the night air and echoed in the background. Guy visualized his cousin, as John prepared himself a midnight snack in the small galley-like kitchen. His movements were slow and purposeful as he tried to be quiet; his efforts were to no avail.

Guy's stomach growled in hunger, the panging sounds were louder than his sobs. He tried to fight his hunger, but finally flung the sheets back and rose from his bed. He couldn't sleep anyway, he reasoned with himself. He reached for his bathrobe that hung neatly on the peg sticking out of the back of the six-paneled door to his bedroom.

"Couldn't sleep?" John whispered to Guy, as he rounded the corner into the kitchen.

"No. I was hungry and heard you rummaging around, so I thought I'd see what you were up too," Guy explained, his voice soft, and obviously shaking.

"What's wrong? You sound upset, everything OK?

"I don't know. Can I ask you something?" Guy hesitated, before he asked.


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