Halo to Horns!



Even the most meticulously well laid floor-plan manages to produce a few weird, odd nooks and niches that just refuses to fit in, leaving the flustered architects and interior designers wondering as they try to make effective use of those stubborn little corners. And the tiny, ten by seven room (with its own minuscule washroom) that Ash led Jeet towards, was one such odd corner near the upper level landing of the farmhouse.

They had probably convinced Celine's parents' that the room could be used as a snuggery or a stowage... or perhaps as the maid's room... but whatever the original plan, the room had remained unoccupied, with just a few odd garden chairs stacked in a corner, and a pair of futons spread out on the floor.

"Where are you taking me?" Jeet slurred grinning broadly, tripping in his torpor as he held Ash's hand in a tight grip.

"Come along," Ash hissed with impatient irritation, "and be quiet!"

Opening the door, Ash, with an excited shudder, recalled the numerous spine-tingling anecdotes Leo had recounted about 'naughty' childhood games, and wicked teen infractions played out in that little room when friends and cousins came over for the weekends...

The recollection sent a surge of electrifying shockwave coursing through his entire body... the knot in his belly suddenly tighter... and the tingle in his loin getting impossibly pronounced... making his legs go all numb, as his ears buzzed...

Yes, he was nervous... and horribly scared... but he had taken a decision, and he simply couldn't chicken-out now. He had his plan well laid... had every move precisely chalked out - he just couldn't pull back now!

He was done being shy and timid... he was done being the broken and melancholic protagonist... and he refused to remain the deprived and defeated agonist, forever confused and scared - he had made his move, and he would see it through!

There could be no further incertitudes, and no more doubts... and absolutely no shame - Jeet was meant to be his, it was preordained - and he would take the boy... possess him!

Jeet let out a raucous laugh, "Where's this, huh?!"

Ash didn't bother to reply as he quickly bolted the door behind them.

"Ash, what's this room, huh?!"

"Shh!" Ash hissed sharply as he spun around and grabbed both Jeet's arms.

"Where's this?" Jeet whispered softly, giving that goofy grin, swaying slightly as he tried to keep himself upright.

"Got a joint on you?" Ash smiled looking into those glassy, vacuous eyes as he pushed Jeet down on the dusty mattresses, sending the stoned boy tumbling, before dropping down himself, squatting by his side.

Jeet stared back at him for a long moment, uncomprehending... and then his lips slowly parted in that silly grin as the import of what Ash had said slowly sank in, penetrating past the murky fug of his baked brain, his gormless eyes lighting up for a fleeting brief moment.

"YOU - WANT - A - JOINT, UH?!" he gasped in wonder, rocking as he let out another raucous cackle.

"Shut up!" Ash gnashed furiously, and then, after a brief pause smiled, "You always keep offering, what's so surprising, huh... or funny about me asking for it now?"

Jeet simply shook his head as he kept rocking in silent laughter, "You want a hit, but don't want the guys to know... secret-secret, eh?!"

"Shut up!" growled Ash with impatient ire, "Do you have one?!"

Jeet nodded, "A whole bunch..." he murmured, quickly reaching into his jeans pocket and extracting a packet of rolled joints.

"Light one..." Ash instructed, leaning back against the wall.

"You serious?!" Jeet asked, his voice suddenly sounding almost normal, the eyes clearing momentarily as the face took on a curious look.

"Light it!" Ash snarled, suddenly shoving him, sending him sprawling back on the bare mattress.

"Uh-uh..." Jeet nodded, fishing in his pocket for the lighter.

Ash sat keenly watching him as Jeet placed the joint between his moist lips and after a couple failed clicks finally managed to get the lighter going... inhaling deeply.

"Here..." Jeet maundered, offering the lit joint to Ash.

"Uh..." Ash, now up on his knees, wavered for a moment, his tone somewhat uncertain, "er, how about shot-gunning? Um, you did suggest it once..." he finally murmured, not bothering to take the joint from Jeet, "told me how it's done..."

"I did?!" Jeet questioned with his sloppy, wide-mouthed grin, his eyes once more vacuous, and then he let out a giggle, "You want me to shotgun you... um, you want it blow-back?!"

Ash nodded...

'Firm!' he told himself as he felt a frisson of exciting terror course down his spine... felt his bladder quiver with urgency... that odd tingle fill his entire body, making his stomach flutter crazily. 'Steady!' he admonished himself, 'now was not the time to chicken out!'

He simply couldn't let his fears swamp him now... bog him down at the last minute... and as Jeet attempted to sit up, Ash pushed him right back, quickly climbing over and straddling him... slowly leaning forward, his face inches above the stoned boy's flustered visage...

"Give me my hit!" he whispered, his voice suddenly husky.

Jeet nodded, placing the joint between his lips and taking a long drag before removing it and motioning Ash to lower his face.

Ash leaned in closer, slowly opening his mouth... and as Jeet began to blow the smoke into his hovering mouth in a steady stream, he slowly lay down atop Jeet, lurching forward and covering his mouth... his uncertain lips gingerly working over the stoned boy's parted baloops... his hips beginning to sway and rock as he gently rubbed his crotch against Jeet's...

Though Jeet, in his catatonic stupor, didn't attempt to move away, struggle or break the kiss, a soft, uncertain gurgle escaped his covered mouth... a slight, strangled gasp - of surprise? shock? dissonance? - but Ash wasn't listening any more... he was in the throes of mindless passion... of apocalyptic concupiscence... nothing mattered anymore - neither dissent, nor demur - just Jeet, and the final act of having him!

The school, Ash's neighbourhood, the circle he moved in... oh, it was the playground of toffs and snoots, of disdainfully arrogant teens and loathsome brats - and Ash was done living in fear and incertitude. All his life he had been dithering... wavering... denying and cowering; catastrophising about every possible worst-case scenario... living in a constant state of disarray and psychological chaos. Unhappy and continuously tense... lost for a cause, discontent and restless... perpetually hoping that things would get better... hoping about making something of himself...

Oh, how he too would love to be like the other boys... carefree and happy; even willing to kill to be amazingly talented and skilled at something, anything - yes, even sports - conscientiously pursue it and attain some sort of expertise. But he was too shy, and yes, too scared of failure and ridicule to do any of it, and so, did absolutely nothing...

It made him feel inadequate... even jealous and somewhat resentful, and to compensate for all that he'd lost, he immersed himself in his schoolwork, faithfully valuing academic excellence above all else, doing his best to do right by all that was expected of him - keeping his conscience intact.

But it had given him nothing - yes, his glittering halo - but nothing of substance!

Was he an illogically fuddle-brained, egotistical, obdurate asshole? Stuck-up and melodramatic? OF COURSE! But the poor boy was a lost soul, living an ersatz existence of abnegation... staring at life as if it were some bottomless abyss of nothingness rushing up to swallow him. He didn't see the point in anything anymore... burdened, as it were, with the purported pressures of responsibilities and expectations.

But he was done with it now... and in that tiny room in Celine's parents' farmhouse, Ash's anguish, and his torment... his ennui and his hebetudinous weariness had all become a distant engram of his remote past - Ash was now the master of his own destiny; he had made a firm resolve, and nothing would dissuade him!

Working his lips clumsily over Jeet's gasping mouth - licking and gnawing like he'd seen the guys do in all those porn flicks online - Ash slowly rolled off the boy and reached lower... his trembling hand hovering uncertainly over Jeet's crotch... inches above...

With his eyes tightly shut, and his heart slamming wildly, he sensed the heat - the intense heat radiating up from Jeet's crotch - and gently... tentatively lowered his hand... almost touching the jeans cover crotch!

'Do it!' he told himself and with a shudder plunged his hand between the parted thighs, covering Jeet's crotch... and immediately felt the rigid stiffness under the denim - Jeet was hard, RAGING HARD!

In response, a strangled groan escaped Jeet's covered mouth... his pelvis instantly strutting up, grinding his crotch into Ash's groping palm, his arms shooting up to grab Ash's shoulders...

Ash thrilled... he wasn't sure if Jeet's arousal was the consequence of their current situation - his kissing him; or, the continuing result of Jeet's earlier encounter with Tina... or, simply the effect of his being high, and therefore horny. Whatever may be the case, Ash didn't care, wasn't bothered... he had his Jeet (in the palm of his hand), horny and ready... and that was the only thing that mattered... and he'd simply fuck the boy, like he always wanted to!

Curling his fingers around the distinct bulge, Ash lightly squeezed the denim covered package, scraping the bulk with his nails... and felt Jeet sway his hips, heaving up... his staccato gasps and gurgles now a continuous moan, furiously rubbing his crotch against the groping palm in desperate urgency!

Increasing the pressure, Ash traced the outline of Jeet's erection... his nails scratching over the delineated cock head... cuddling the the distinct testicles through the denim... the heal of his palm pressing down along the flexing shaft...

Jeet responded marvellously - parting his legs wider and thrusting up into the caressing palm... his hips heaving and swaying, the groans lustily loud!

And suddenly Ash knew that he was on the threshold of victory... on the very verge of fulfilling his long chrished dream, his most treasured fantasy - have what he always wanted... had waited for all these years!

Leaving the slobbering mouth Ash drew back and slowly began to unbutton the boy's shirt... sliding it off... exposing his smooth, bare chest... noting with satisfaction that the nipples were already taut and pointed with arousal.

Ash groaned, licking his lips as he lowered his mouth, claiming one, clamping his teeth around the engorged protuberance and tugging at it... his mind suddenly flooded with memories of that camping trip two years earlier...

It was in 10th grade, and that year, as the school did each summer, the highschool boys were taken camping to Kothi - an extraordinarily picturesque little village near Manali.

Encircled by snow covered peaks and dense pinewood forests, Kothi was an important camping site en route to the higher passes and glaciers, with spectacular views of the snowy peaks and the distant glaciers, the breathtaking Beas gorge nearby; surrounded by thermal springs and the numerous scenic trek and hike routes meandering through the magnificent, lush-green landscape...

Jeet never went for those summer camps, reluctant to let go of his snazzy city life, his regular parties, and the girls! But Ash had managed to convince him that year, and Jeet had, reluctantly, agreed to come.

Ash was thrilled, his heart, like the gurgling mountain streams... like the rushing rapids over smooth rocks, beat wildly at the prospect of what might be... the possibilities of what might happen... tumbling and skipping over beats as it hurried along with pressing urgency...

As usual, the gym teacher was in charge, assisted by the geography and botany teachers, and Ash - ol' goody two-shoes, cynosure of all eyes, every teacher's pet - soon sweet-talked his way into getting Jeet and himself assigned as tent-mates once they reached Kothi around late afternoon of the first day - oh, the ideas he had thought up, the schemes he had devised - ah!

But alas, by the end of the week long camping trip, nothing had happened! Ash had been too scared to initiate, put any of his plans into action... and Jeet seemed oblivious to all Ash's subtle allusions and discrete, though highly suggestive efforts... taking not the slightest hint!

Yet, the miserable asshole tempted and titillated Ash the whole while - stripping down to his boxers in their tent before heading for the shower stall... and then walking back with just the towel wrapped around his narrow waist... dropping it carelessly even before he had the fresh pair of boxers fully up... flashes of his ass cheeks and the crack clearly showing for a few fleeting moments before he finally tugged the boxers over the firm globes, covering the enticing vision from Ash's hungry gaze!

Oh, it was sheer torture to sit and watch that dazzling display - every single day. Lie there each night, in that tiny tent, side by side, bodies almost touching... feeling the heat of his body - unable to sleep as he kept tossing and turning long after Jeet had fallen asleep.

Horribly tempted to reach out and touch... caress and grope... expose his privates and play -- just be bold this one single time and do something!

Yet, frozen with fear, too scared to do anything... he cursed himself for not being brave enough... desperately hoping, and fervently praying that Jeet would initiate... make the first move instead. Offer Ash what he so desperately wanted - after all, why would he otherwise expose his butt so blatantly each day?

Furiously jerking off as he watched Jeet's sleeping form in the subdued moonlight filtering in - so near, and yet, so far!

And suddenly, the week was over, and they were headed back home!

Ash was despondent... could have jumped off a cliff into that narrow riverine gorge in his despair -- all his plans, his ideas of wild sex in the wilderness with the 'man' of his dream had come to noughts -- OH! HE HATED THE BOY, HE HATED JEET!

Jeet grunted in reply, his chest heaving up... his fingers fierce as they dug into Ash's shoulders, the grip tigher... the cry pitiable as it bubbled out of his open mouth.

Relinquishing the saliva drenched, reddened nipple Ash slowly sat up... moving between the parted thighs and reaching for his fly...

With shaking fingers he quickly undid the buttons and tugged off the girlie-tight jeans along with the tented boxer... stripping Jeet... gasping with awe as he saw his childhood friend completely naked before his eyes for the first time!

"Uh, wha... uh, wha' you doin'?" Jeet slurred in his paggered stupor, unmoving as he lay sprawled... listless... staring back at Ash with sightless eyes; his arms and legs still spread wide, lifeless...

Ash didn't bother to reply as he continued to stare... bewitching by the sight before him - a divine wraith - straight, slender and smooth - spread out for his pleasure!

Though smooth all over, his pubes were lush - a sudden, neat triangle of glossy black hair, carefully trimmed... and from that manicured patch rose his teen glory... the genitals astonisingly dark, almost a roasted coppery brown, sharply contrasting with his generally pale hue... the large, glistening head, a brilliant crimson - like a shiny cherry atop the dark column!

And yes, Jeet was hung - slim, but tall - as he had confided in Ash, had claimed that he was seven inches long... Ash was now seeing it, and he concurred!

His head swam, and he was dizzy with lust... stunned by the glorious sight... unable to contain himself any longer...

With a groan he reached in, curling his fingers around the threshing hardness and gave the throbbing, flexing shaft a few expert twirls... thrilling as Jeet shuddered in reply... another series of loud moans escaping his widely stretched mouth.

Ash smiled - yes, Jeet was ready, totally zoned, and completely ready - his cherished dream... his long treasured fantasy was finally about to come true now - and he would not only have the boy, but he'd also step into adulthood without the stigma of virginity still sticking to him!

Releasing the cock, Ash grabbed his legs and lifted them high, placing them on his shoulders... and then reached in, between those amazingly full butt cheeks... slowly working his fingers into the deep furrow... blindly seeking out that tiny treasure that lay hidden in its folds... nudging it gently as his finger tip found the tightly clenched orifice - a tiny, wrinkled toroid...

Well, Ash may have had no experience, but he sure had read enough stories on the net, and knew all about the finer points of anal intercourse; knew about the importance of lubes, and the need for proper preparation before penetration... about easing irruption with the aid of a suitable lubricant.

Ash was aware that he'd need something to ease Jeet's passage - the boy was tiny - too tight for attempting a dry penetration... besides, Ash had no desire to hurt his love, his buddy... cause him pain or discomfort.

He silently got up and walked into the little washroom - Leo had once mentioned that he kept a bottle of liquid soap in there, hidden under the sink... it helped in washing up after their little games... and Ash would use it!

Throwing away his own clothes, Ash sank down between Jeet's spread thighs, lifting the lifeless legs and placing them on his shoulders... picking up the bottle...

Pouring a palm full of the liquid Ash slapped it between Jeet's full cheeks, rapidly working his fingers in the deep cleft as he lubed the furrow... and the tiny little opening...

He felt it quiver ever so slightly... sort of twitch and pout out, and nudged at it, applying a slight pressure, wiggling his finger tip as he coaxed and cajoled the tiny mouth... and suddenly his finger was sliding in... smoothly sinking in as Jeet's tight anus yawned wide and sucked in his digit!

Ash felt a shudder course through him, thrilled at the thought of finally having Jeet... making him his own private bitch... breeding him... take him away from the evil clurches of that witch, Tina!

Drawing out his finger he quickly moved in... taking his crazily flexing cock in a firm grip and guiding it to the twitching orifice... pulling back the foreskin before fitting the drooling tip and shoving in...

"Ahhh!" the keen, throat-tearing shriek of agony mingled with a scoop of amatory pleasance filled the tiny room as Jeet's head snapped back and his hips jerked up... his fingers clawing at the bare mattress.

But Ash didn't hear the cry... aware of just the tight snap around his sulcal ridge... the vice-like grip of the constricted portal as it held him... simply sensing that incredibly fierce heat enveloping his entrenched cock head...

Goody gumdrops! he could think of nothing but the actuality of the situation - he was in... HE WAS IN!!!

He gasped, and he shuddered - he was actually inside Jeet... was actually fucking Jeet! - and almost shot his wad at the excitement of the thought... gritting his teeth as he tried to steady his hips... urgently commanding his balls to calm down... using all the powers of his will to stop the relentless flow of semen in its track as it threatened to explode!

Yes, he was a novice... a rookie, but then, nature and instinct always finds a way, and teaches... besides, Ash had seen probably every single gay video clip available online... spent hours reading all those dirty stories... and he knew what he needed to do... what he had to do - just rock his hips, simply rock his hips - that's what fucking was all about!

And that's exactly what he did - grunting and groaning as he humped away... furiously rocking his hips, sending his throbbing cock sliding in and out of that fierce rectal passage... quacking and quivering at the incredible sensation of his life's first fuck!

The sight of the writhing, convulsing boy under him, that slender form quivered by random hypnic jerks... arms flailing wildly, and legs scissoring his swaying waist as it rose and fell in steady, unbroken rhythm was the most glorious vision Ash had ever seen; the wide mouth parted in a beatific snarl, as he tossed his head about, gurgling and groaning with each insertion, and withdrawal... the unrestrained fortissimo mellifluous to Ash's ears; that heat, that fierce, liquid heat enveloping his rampaging shaft; and that clutch, the vice grip of the silken innards embracing his marauding cock, squeezing and gnawing - ah, it was the most glorious feeling, the most awesome sensation Ash had ever experienced in all his young life!

It was sheer pleasure... totally mind-boggling... creating an awesome sensation in the pit of Ash's belly... making him fuck harder... delve deeper!

He was getting close, dangerously close... hovering precariosuly over the brink... NO! he didn't want to end it yet... not this soon - there was so much more to try... to experiment and experience. All those amazing ideas he had... those awesomely sexy positions he had seen in those online clips that he wanted to try out while taking Jeet... oh, yes, he HAD to try at least a few of those - those incredibly erotic positions!

Yes, he needed to pause before it got too late... pause and change position!

He pulled back abruptly, wrenching his bloated cock out of that snug, moist orifice... making Jeet cried out in agony at the shock of sudden withdrawal... his slender frame convulsing as he whimpered...

Ash climbed off and turned the groaning boy on his side, quickly getting behind him, spooning him... and then lifting the upper leg, moved in closer, into position... guiding himself back between those awesome cheeks... to the gaping hole, and slamming in!

Jeet's ass jerked away and then thrust right back, sucking Ash in to the very base... letting out another guttural grunt as Ash rooted himself...

Passing both hands around the slender form Ash wrapped his arms, drawing Jeet closer, hugging him... holding him tight as he recommenced the mating ritual, rocking his hips once more as he resumed his fucking - short, sharp, gut-wrenching jabs... both boys horribly noisy as they vocalised their passion... drowning out the obscenely squishy sound emanating from between their parted thighs... from the point of their slimy union!

But this new position, one of his favourite, somehow didn't exactly afford him the proper leverage... allow him the depth of stroke he desired... hampering his free movement. He was unable to 'slam-in' the way he wanted to, had always pictured himself doing. And that tingle - it was still there... but just... not as intense as he would have liked it to be... not enough to carry him over.

Yes, he had wanted to prolong their union... delay his orgasm... but he also needed to hurry - time was running out, and he'd have to return home... soon!

Yes, the kids were suppose stay the night, could stay back... and all the kids would... but good ol' Ash had asked his mother to send the driver at midnight... had told her that he'd return home... and it was almost the hour... the driver, and the car would be there any moment... and obviously he'd be looking for Ash -- He had to be dressed and waiting!

He wanted to dive in, drive his cock deep... feel that tight snap around the base of his cock... but the new position just didn't seem to allow it...

Without pulling out Ash manoeuvred his leg over Jeet, pushing him forward till he was lying face down, rolling over him - and suddenly he had the leverage, and the depth he desired!

Both groaned, as if in mortal pain, as Ash speeded up, slamming in powerfully - each thrust mightier that the previous... pulling out completely and then slamming right in... thrilling as Jeet responded by tightening his sphincter and slamming back... suddenly alive, as if some invisible switch had been flipped on somewhere deep within him... humping the mattress urgently as he rocked his hip in tandem. His whole body jolted by some incredible force, and that tight passage, now impossibly fierce as it tugged at Ash's sliding phallus...

Jeet twisted and he turned and then went abruptly stiff, letting out a long-drawn, strangled cry as he ground into the mattress... his rectum going absolutely insane - vicious around Ash's buried dick, potently powerful as it tugged and squeezed... unbearably intolerable!

Ash could barely move, trapped in place by the sheer force of the fiercely tight clutch... driven crazy by the maddening flutter of the seething innards!

He could hold back no more... stop the inevitable no more... sensing the relentless rise of his bubbling semen... feel the fast approaching culmination of their incredible union roaring at him... the tingle in his loin suddenly urgent and furious...

His senses went numb... and his vision darkened... and then, with a mind-boggling blast, his orgasm was upon him... overtaking him as his teen cock exploded in climactic celebration... gushing out his teen cum with a debilitating intensity, sucked right out of him by the sheer force of Jeet's sucking rectum... inundating the ravaged colon with his viscous effluence... leaving them both exhausted and drained...

Ash didn't know how long he'd been lying there... enshrouded in that mesmerising haze... slowly becaming aware of a gentle, persistent knock...

He wondered for a moment... but was too sluggish to bother, still wallowing in the afterglow of his life's first fuck.

The knock came again, a loud rap on the closed door...

'Fuck off' - he wanted to scream, but he didn't bother, hoping that the person would go away of his own accord.

"Aashish?" he heard the call through a deafening haze and slowly stirred, wanting to ask whoever it was to just leave him alone.

"Ashu?" he heard the call again, louder this time, "Honey, wake up, it's well past noon!"

A lightening flash struck him, and Ash sat up abruptly... absolutely horrified -- THAT WAS HIS MOTHER'S VOICE! HOW DID SHE GET THERE !!!

And the first horrifying thought that came to him was - how the hell would he explain - explain his and Jeet's nakedness... of them being in that locked room?!

Yes, he could pull on his clothes before opening the door... but dressing Jeet would take too long, and his mother was already banging on the door!

Gosh, how would he ever explain it all?!

"Ashu..." he heard her call again... and to his horror he heard the doorknob turn and the hinges creak as she pushed open the door!

How did she manage to do that... open a bolted door?!

Hurriedly attempting to scramble up, he almost fell over as he got entangled in the heavy quilt... suddenly awake, fully awake!

But wait, where did that quilt come from? Where the fuck was he?

Goody gumdrops! his jaws dropped as realisation dawned - he was sitting on a bed... NO! not just any bed, but his OWN bed! in his OWN bedroom!!!

"Aashish?" his mother smiled, popping her head in through the partly opened door, "Honey, it's past noon, you better get up now!"

Ash let out a strangled cry, quickly huddling down under the dishevelled quilt.

He heard his mother let out a soft laugh, "Too many parties and too much late nights over the past two months, huh?" she said, "Well, no more parties for you, young man!" she added trying to sound stern. "Now wake up, and wash up... you already missed breakfast, don't miss lunch too!" she said, pulling the door shut, leaving Ash alone.

Ash lay stunned for a long while... wondering and then with a start he sat up -- He had been dreaming! HE HAD BEEN FUCKING DREAMING!! DREAMING ALL THE WHILE!!!!

But it was all so fucking unbelievable... so damned real... every detail, every tiny sensation, so very echt!!!

And he was soaking too, covered in his own cum... his pajama sticking to his belly, the semen already turning cold - he had cum a gallon!

Ash let out a soft groan and buried his face in his hands - shamed and mortified - he would now have to wash his cum soaked pajama... and then his mom would have questions about it - SHIT!

Oh, his life was so fucked up... so fucking pathetic!

It was all a fucking dream... and it meant that he was still a fucking virgin... and would probably remain one when he turned eighteen in another couple months!

Well, the only saving grace -- his precious halo was still intact... and his secret, still safe!

School was done... and he was damned... only college now held a slight glimmer... held that slim, desperate hope that life there would probably be better - he'd finally find himself... find courage... and his 'person'. He could finally be what he wanted to be - without fear, without worry - finally have some fun, and be normal!

- a story by outlaw

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