Chapter 2

Joseph Troi

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zBUZZ…BUZZ…BUZZ… I hit the alarm. Today was Friday, the last day of school! I got up and got dressed by 6:45 I was on my way to T.J.'s house to pick him up. It's amazing how much my life has changed in just five short days. I had found the most amazing guy in the world not only that I'd fallen in love with but he love me too!

I pulled into his drive and walked into the kitchen where Lisa was drinking her coffee sitting at the table.

"Morning Honey," She said to me as I walked in.

"Morning Mom,"

I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down with her. She was watching Good Day Atlanta on the small TV that was on the counter.

"Where is that boy?" I said looking at my watch.

"Why don't you go check on him?" Lisa asked looking up at me and smiling.

I nodded and walked down the stairs to his room and into the bathroom. T.J. was just stepping out of the shower as I walked in. When he saw me he grabbed me before I could say anything and had his arms around me with his lips locked on mine. His wet, hard body pressed against me as he held me snuggly against him in his strong arms.

"Morning Joe-Joe," He said squeezing me in his arms.

"I smiled at him and kissed him gently. The kiss became stronger and eventually I was working my way down his neck and onto his chest. Licking and kissing my way over his chest I took his left nipple in my mouth and sucked it to harness as he gave a gasp of surprise.

I felt something hard poking me in the crotch and looked down to see his beautiful six inch, uncut prick standing at full attention. I wrapped my hand around it and jerked him off as I sucked on his right nipple. He shivered and moaned as I did this. I went further down his stomach washing it with my tongue and playing with his belly button as I knelt before him. I looked up at him for the first time realizing what is happening. I grinned wickedly at him and took the first few inches into my mouth while pushing the foreskin back with my teeth, but taking great care not to touch the sensitive head with them.

He almost collapsed to the floor, but I grabbed hold of his firm butt to hold him upright. I applied more suction to the head enticing more moans of pleasure from his lips. I continued to toy with hum until I felt him begin to stiffen up. I ran my tongue along the underside of his prick, running my tongue over the most sensitive parts. This sent him over the edge shooting his seed into the back of my tongue. I rolled it around in my mouth savoring the beautiful taste of the man that I love.

"Wow Joe! That was awesome. No one has ever done that to me before," He said pulling me up to my feet.

I smiled at him and kissed him gently on the lips and smacked him on the ass, "C'mon we're going to be late," I said looking down at my clothes and laughing, "Look what you did to me!"

He pulled my shirt over my head and threw it in the pile of clothes on the floor are unsnapped the button to my shorts and let them drop to the floor. I pulled them off over my shoes and followed him into his room where he got us out matching outfits. Black jeans, white t-shirt, and a black dress shirt. I smiled and put the clothes on, not taking my eyes off him even for a second.

I picked his backpack up and handed it to him as I walked over to door to wait on him. I looked down at my watch and smiled.

"Hey Babe, remember how you didn't want to see Mrs. Maltbie again?" He nodded at me, "Well you won't have to. It was 8:15 by the time we get there we'll have missed first period."

He just smiled at me as he put his shoes on. We walked into the kitchen as his mom was getting up from the table. She gave us a weird look and laughed, "I sent you down to check on him an hour ago, and you come back up wearing different clothes."

I smiled and kissed my boy on the cheek, "We have to hurry, so we aren't late for second period to," I said to his mom as I pulled him out the door behind me.

We headed for school and pulled into the parking lot and ran up the hill into the door. After we signed in as being tardy we headed to second period drama.

We made it through to lunch and walked in and sat with everyone else. Even Crispy was there today. He usually didn't eat with us since he had lunch during the second lunch period.

"Oh, God…This is the last time we'll all eat lunch together," I said sitting down at the table with everyone else.

Carrie patted me on the shoulder, "You'll have us around for two more months until we go off to college."

I smiled and took a bite of what the school called food.

(From T.J.'s Point of View)

I watched Joe as he sulked about losing all his friends and ate my own lunch. I picked Joe's tray up started walking toward the tray return.

John walked into me and hissed, "Faggot," and walked on.

I deposited the trays in the window and walked back over to the table and sat beside Joe. I rested my hand on his knee and he put his hand on top of mine. I squeezed his knee gently and smiled at him. Andrea smiled at us from across the table. I smiled back and leaned over and kissed Joe on the cheek.

"Whoa man, easy. You know I love you but we've still got to be careful about what we do in public, especially here." Joe said running his fingers across my cheek and smiling at me.

"Awww, aren't they cute? Like two little lovebirds," Andrea piped in from across the table.

We just smiled at her and nodded. It's amazing how in just a week's time we had become so close. I can't see myself without him anymore. It's like going to a party where no one else shows up and you're all by yourself, when he isn't with me.

(From Joe's Point of View)

I smiled at the man sitting on my left and just looked at the features of his face. His thin nose, fine blond hair, and stunning blue eyes set his face perfectly and I loved ever square inch of it.

I got up and picked up Andrea's, Carrie's, and Chris' trays and took them to the window and walked back.

"Aww, Joe. What am I going to do without my Tray-Bitch in college?" (Tray-Bitch is a nickname I picked up because I started taking Andrea's trays for her so she just started calling me her tray bitch.) Andrea asked playfully.

I just smiled and said, "Aww you'll find some other bitch to take my place."

She smiled and stood and hugged me and I hugged her.

"I love you Ange."

"I love you to Joe."

The lunch bell rang and we all headed our separate ways for our last two classes. T.J. and I took our seats in English and waited on Ms. Day to come in. This was the only class of the day that I had with John and I hated it. Ms. Day came in and sat on her stool. The lady had to be at least seventy but was one of my favorite teachers in the entire school. She always found some way of making the most boring topics seem interesting.

"Since today is our last day and we have been covering the Bible, I want to open the floor to discussion on some of the things today that are condemned in the Bible but are practiced daily in the world," She said looking around the room at our small class.

"Would anyone care to pose one of these happenings?" She asked.

John raised his hand and she reluctantly called on him. Ms. Day detested John almost as much as I did. He was constantly disrupting class and harassing students.

"What about what the Bible says about Fagots and Queers?" He asked.

"John you will refrain from the obscenities or you may leave," Ms. Day replied.

I raised my hand and looked at T.J. " Ms. Day, how can be gay be so wrong when people constantly break the commandments set down by God? I mean people lie, steal, kill, commit adultery, and eat pork daily?"

"I am no preacher so I don't claim to know everything, but God views all sins as equal and none is worse than any other. However love is a matter I feel that God looks at differently. As long as you love the person and they love you then I don't see how God can condemn someone for it."

I smiled at Ms. Day and she returned it looking at T.J. and back at me. I winked and smiled at her.

John looked at Ms. Day from behind me and sucked air through his teeth, "Whatever…They should all be killed and should burn in hell. The damn faggots," He got and walked around the desks and out the door.

The rest of the day continued and ended with us all meeting at our lockers before leaving. T.J. and I helped Carrie and Andrea unload their lockers and load their stuff into their cars. I leaned against the wall and realized that I didn't have my laptop with me.

"Oh shit…T.J. have you seen my laptop?"

"Umm the last time I seen it you were in the chorus room talking to Fowler," he said.

I raced down the hall and to the chorus room and into the studio. It was sitting right where I left it. I sighed and walked back to everyone but T.J. was no where to be seen.

"Where's T.J.?" I asked.

"Umm, he said he'd be back in a minute," Crispy said.

I turned around in front of him, "Hey Crispy, pop my back please."

"Sure," He wrapped his arms around me and picked me up arching my back.

"Ooh," I said as my back popped loudly.

T.J. came around the corner and smiled at me walking over and wrapping his arms around my neck.

"I've got something for you," he whispered in my ear.

He reached around pulled card out of his back pocket.

It was purple with a rainbow on it and said "To my boi" on the front. I smiled at him and opened it and read: "To Joe, the most wonderful person I've ever met. When I'm around you it's hard for me to not get lost in your deep blue eyes and to kiss your lips. I love you more than anything and just want you to know how much being with you means to me. Love, Tyler Johnson."

I looked up at him and wiped the tears from my cheeks and threw my arms around him.

"I love you Baby," I said kissing him gently on the ear.

He wrapped his arms around me tightly and kissed me back.

"I love you too Joe-Joe," he said squeezing me tighter.

We said goodbye to everyone and walked out of the school hand in hand.

(From John's Point of View)

I walked out of the office after being written up again for what happened in English with Ms. Day protecting those two queer, sons of bitches only to see them walking out of the school hand in hand.

I can't believe school administration is on their side! They deserve to have the shit beat out of them, not encouraged to go around butt fucking each other.

I walked out of the school and started the walk home.

(From Joe's Point of View)

Arriving back at my house I ran in and through my backpack down on my bed. I ran back out of the house and hopped in the car and headed to work with T.J.

Arriving there we headed in and I sat down at my desk and opened my email. I had received 7 emails from employees having problems with their computers. I printed them out and handed three of them to T.J.

"Ok, lets get these trouble calls out of the way then we can do some more work on the new server," I said following T.J. out of the office and down the hall to the huge room filled with cubicles.

I went through my standard checks for the four systems I worked on. I went through the internet history looking for porn entries and checked all the outgoing emails. I found nothing and told T.J. to do the same things. We spent about an hour doing that and then headed back to our office and into the work room where the parts for our new server were laying on a table. For the next 2 hours I watched as T.J. put all of it together and instructed him on parts of it. We plugged it up and watched as it booted up.

"Not a bad way to spend two hours, but it's time to go," I said getting up and dragging him behind me locking the office up and heading out to the car.

"Shit, I forgot my suit," I said getting on I-85 heading toward home. We merged onto 985 and got off at Exit 4 heading home. We pulled into the drive and I shut the car off.

"Just hang right here a minute Babe, I'll be right back," I said getting out and walking into the kitchen to see my father standing there.

The look on his face was mixed with feelings of being hurt and hatred.

"What?" I asked looking at him.

He held up the card that T.J. had given to me.

"What the fuck is this? Are you some little fucking cock sucker?" He shot at me.

I saw red. "So what if I am!?"

"Oh, my God, You better be kidding me," he said stepping toward me.

I stepped back into the laundry room, "No Dad, I'm not. It's who I am and there isn't a damn thing you can do to change me," I said calmly.

"Oh really you little shit?!"

He slapped me in the face and I pushed him into the wall. He grabbed a bottle of laundry detergent that was on the washer and threw it at me. It went everywhere.

"You have to be kidding me Joe. If you are then you're going to burn in hell and you are sick. You need help."

"I'm not going to hell, I'm not sick and I don't need help. It's who I am and who I've been for the past three years," I said.

"Oh, so this all started with that little queer in Boy Scouts huh? That Jim Russo boy. So how many times did you suck his cock you little cock sucker? That's why he killed himself, ain't it?"

"Oh my God!" I pushed my way past him and he grabbed me by the back of my shirt and slung me back into the washer with a hard thud. The wind was forced out of my lungs as I sat there. He kicked me in the ribs and walked out of the laundry room. I got up and went after him.

He turned around when I got to him to meet my punch in his eye. "You stupid bigoted bastard. If you ever say something about Jinm like that again I'll fucking kill you," I yelled at him.

"Bring it on you fucking cock sucker!" He said punching me in the nose.

Blood ran down my face as I swung at my dad again this time with him ducking out of the way. I kicked him in his bad knee and he fell to ground wincing in pain.

I spit on him, "I hate you!"

T.J. came running through the door and saw the blood running down my face and all over my white shirt.

"Oh shit! What the fuck is going on here?" He asked.

My dad found your card I said picking it up off the floor the blood on my hands staining it.

My dad looked up from the floor, "Get your little faggot boyfriend out of my house and don't come back."

My dad grabbed me and tore my shirt pulling me to the ground only to be grabbed by T.J. and thrown to the ground himself. T.J. grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the house and into the car. He got behind the wheel as I used part of my shirt to hold my nose closed.

T.J. drove to Eric's and jumped out of the car to find Eric and get me a towel. Eric and T.J. came running back to the car holding a towel and pulled me out of the car. When T.J. pulled my hand away from my nose blood gushed out of it onto his already blood soaked, white shirt. He held the towel to my nose and held me tightly against him crying. When he started crying so did I.

T.J. picked me up still holding the towel to my nose and followed Eric into the house. He got a wash cloth and put some ice in it and put it on the back of my neck. T.J. released the towel from my nose to see that the blood had stopped flowing and wiped my face gently with another washcloth removing dried blood from my face.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, "Joe, I'm so sorry…this is all my fault."

I grabbed him in my arms tightly, "No, T.J. it isn't! He would have found out anyway. It's ok."

I looked down at my black jeans soaked in my blood and just started sobbing into his chest. He held me in his arms tightly as I cried into him. Why did my parents have to be this way? Why couldn't my dad love me for me and not just because I don't enjoy polishing off pussy every week.

T.J. laid me down on the couch and took my shoes off and pulling my blood soaked pants off. I lay there still crying wearing only my boxers looking into the soft and scared blue eyes of my boyfriend.

(From T.J.'s Point of View)

I looked down at Joe and held back the tears by force. He looked so weak and helpless right then. I could not believe what his father had done to him. How can anyone do something like that to their own son?

I looked over at Eric, "Can we borrow a shower Man? I want to get that blood off him and he needs to relax."

"Yeah sure, follow me," he said.

We followed him outside and into his separate house and up to his room. We went into his bathroom and he left us to our own devices. I got him undressed and into the shower.
He fell apart there and shivered in my arms and started crying again. I lathered up a washcloth and gently washed him. I got all the blood off his face and looked at his nose. It wasn't broken, which was the only good thing that had come out of all of this.

We got out of the shower and I dried him off. He got his boxers on and followed me out into Eric's room where he was sitting on his bed.

"Are you guys ok?" Eric asked.

"Yeah, we're fine." I said sitting down on the bed beside Eric.

"Now, would anyone mind telling me what the hell is going on?" Eric asked looking at me.

I looked over at Joe who was lying on the couch on the other side of the room. I felt so bad for what had happened to him. Hate seared out of me as I thought of what his father had done to him. How could anyone do that to his own son?

"Joe's dad found a card that I had given him and went ape shit wild. He busted Joe's nose and when I came in his Dad had just grabbed him. I stopped him and got Joe out of there," I looked over at Joe sleeping on the couch, "I hope he's going to be ok. I love him so much." T.J. said looking at the floor.

Ahh! A nice ending I think. Where will T.J. and Joe go from here? Tune in next time to learn more. Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or suggestions email me at josephctroi@charter.net. Chapter 3 will be on its way soon. In the mean time I'll give you guys a couple of my favorite stories here in Nifty. Also, I wanna say thinks to David, again, for the wonderful work he does for the Nifty Archive without him the archive wouldn't exist.

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