This story includes sexual episodes including individuals under the age or 18; so if you don't like it, then leave! If you do, however, have fun reading!

Happy Birthday Josh! - Chapter I
By: Sk8er Dan

I looked up at the ceiling, completely content to be myself. Besides that, it was my birthday and I'm sure that there were a lot of things planned for the day. My brother was going to be out of bed soon and my parents had been away for a few hours now. They woke up extra early and told my brother to look after me until they got back...I was just so happy!

My brother pushes the door open hard enough for it to fly off its hinges. Although one year older at 19 years old, I'm convinced that he's a 6 year old stuck in the body. He runs over to my bed and jumps on it, giving me a warming `Happy Birthday' hug and then grabs my shoulders, shaking me up and down hard saying `HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!' about sixteen times, this being my 16th birthday. During this whole display, his buzz cut head looks like a dull brown cue ball or something...all I could see was a blur. After he finished, everything was spinning.

"Geese man...hyper or what?" I said smiling up at him.

He laughs and hits me in the shoulder...HARD. A yelp in pain, but it's all in good fun so we laughed it off.

"C'mon man!" he said, "Get have a long day ahead of you..."

My eyes were starting to come back into focus from the violent birthday shaking.

"Consider me `out'"...I started to giggle a lot after that comment.

Bryan simply raised an eyebrow and had a confused look on his face but smiled and left so I could get ready for my big day. I haven't exactly told them about me being gay...considering what they say about `faggots' around everyone...I found it to be a little safer to hide it. I've known about my being gay since I was about 10...a little early, I know; but I was REALLY sure once puberty hit at 12! Especially after gym class...all those hot, sexy boy bodies roaming around the locker room, cocks slapping against their thighs as they get the picture. I think I've gotten my fair of stares from other people as well--the typical blond haired, deep green eyed `sex stud' as some of my other football buddies said. My hair was pretty much buzzed short in the back, but it still flowed over my eyes easily in the front. If it's possible to love your own body, I could have...but I didn't. I'm never happy with myself someway or another, it usually changes with my attitude.

Things had gotten really weird lately ...even with puberty already started, I think I've reached the peak...I can't even shower with the guys or I'd probably make a really big mess all over the shower room wall! Normally, I wait for them to leave before I start rubbing my well-built body. Until that time comes, I just talk to a bunch of the guys about how hot some of the girls are in the school...if only they knew that during the whole time as Football Captain, it was THEM that I was thinking about for the whole conversation.

I finally got dressed and ran downstairs, looking to see if my parents were luck. Oh well, I can wait. ...Well, maybe for about five minutes! C'mon guys, get home already!

My brother threw me my jacket and book bag, "Dude, you're gonna be late! The bus is here!"

"T-The bus???", I asked confused beyond belief as he pushed me out the door. Surely enough, there it was--that giant yellow prison...couldn't they have painted it or green or something? Then it hit was Tuesday, DAMN IT! I ran to the bus and got on, still getting pats on the back and everything else from the win over the weekend.

Needless to say, the day dragged on forever. It was pretty boring with the exception of the Happy Birthday hugs and stuff but that was about it. During Phys. Ed., we had played football...go figure...and we hit the showers after a long hour. They all stripped to the buff, not afraid to show their hard bodies and beautiful asses to the world around them. Like usual, I made conversation for that time, trying to hide my raging hard-on.

Most of the guys, all ranging from around 14 to 17...REALLY HOT... left around the same time and I let out a sigh of relief. There were still a few others, and I noticed Taylor sitting on the bench, digging in his book bag. He was about 5'9", green eyes, dirty blonde hair that looked like mine. He tried to mimic my hairstyle and succeeded! Not only that, but it looked a hell of a lot better on him then it did me! He had the most gorgeous green eyes that I've ever laid eyes on, and I would follow him to the end of the earth and back...if only I could tell him that. Our school wasn't exactly the `gay-friendly' group around. He took out some small packs of coffee cream and set them on the bench as he kept digging through his stuff.

"Taylor, man..." I began, "What's with the coffee stuff?"

Taylor looked over at me and smiled, chuckling a bit, "Coffee Cream Shooters!"

I looked at him a moment and started laughing. I forgot that next period at lunch was the Shooter Championship; chug as many packs of coffee cream in twenty minutes to get a special prize.

"You ARE joining us for the trip, aren't ya Josh?" he said. He had the cutest puppy-dog face and I couldn't help but laugh again.

"I'll be there!" I said, as he found what he was looking for...a comb. He always had to have his hair PERFECT, all the time. He got up after putting his stuff back in his book bag and left the room. It was now empty and I was alone with my hard on to have that shower. I got undressed and walked over to one of the showerheads and turned it on. The water was lukewarm and it felt extremely good as it flowed over my skin, making my hard on throb with even more intensity...that was it! I had to do something about it. I soaped it up and began rubbing the six-inch throbber at full speed. A lone finger reached back and I penetrated my virgin rosebud, pushing it in and pulling it out. A wave of pleasure overjoyed me and I began to fist myself even faster...I was getting close. I started to moan, "Oh Taylor...yes...YESSSSSSSS..." During my moans, I didn't hear the door to the locker room open and Taylor walked in saying, "I forgot my...cream..." My eyes shot open and I looked at Taylor, just from the sight of him and saying cream, I, myself, creamed all over the about ironic. His mouth dropped at the sight and hearing me call his name just before it happened...tears welled up in my eyes, I knew for sure that I had lost him forever...Happy Birthday indeed...

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