Coach's Staff

(Hardon High 02)

by Marc Tremaine

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Coach's Staff

There was a soft, hesitant knock on the door. Alec, the assistant coach, paused in pulling his sweat-stained T-shirt over his head. A slight smile crossed his lips. With his back still to the door, he said, "C'mon in!"

He heard the sound of the door opening, then a young, hesitant voice. "Coach?"

Alec finished taking the T-shirt off, and used it to mop under his armpits. He'd just finished a good workout with the boys and was getting ready for a shower. What a sight! The boy in the doorway gulped quietly. Alec was tall and on the slender side, but with broad shoulders, now glistening with sweat, tapering down to a tiny waist, and a firm, muscular butt outlined in the brief, tight shorts he was wearing. Instead of short-cropped hair like the head coach, Alec's was long -- shoulder-length, actually -- and held back from his face with a red sweatband. As he reached into his locker for a towel, Alec glanced over his shoulder. It was Jimmy Tanner.

"What do you need, Jimmy?"

"Uh...well, could...could we talk?"

"Sure. C'mon in. Shut the door and sit over there."

Jimmy followed orders, moving quietly on bare feet to the bench across from the desk. He sat down, and arranged the towel around his waist to cover himself. Like the coach, he was naked from the waist up, and wet, only the water plastering his light blond hair to his scalp was from the shower he had just finished. There was a slight puddle in the doorway where water had run down the inside of his legs.

Alec turned to face Jimmy for a moment, revealing a chest of rippling muscles with a light fur of gleaming brown hair around his pecs, tapering like his waist in a v-shape toward his navel. The shorts hugged Alec's hips, and Jimmy could the beginning of the coach's dark, curly, thick crotch hair above the waistband. Alec put the towel down and then continued to use the shirt to mop up more of the sweat, stroking down his chest toward the shorts, and casually brushing his crotch. Jimmy's eyes followed every movement, especially when the mound under the coach's shorts began to swell.

"What do you want, Jimmy?"

"Well, I...." Jimmy paused nervously, licking his lips, put his hands down in his lap, looked down, and concentrated on his twined fingers.

"Look, while you're mind if I get ready for my shower? I must smell pretty rank."

"Oh, no, coach. You smell fine! I...uh...." Jimmy blushed bright red...all over his body. But it was true. Jimmy could smell the hot, hard scent of coach's man-sweat and it was making him kind of dizzy. Jimmy's young dick began to swell and harden under the towel. He was looking down at his hands again, so he didn't see the smile flash across Alec's face.

"Thanks, kid, but I still need to clean up." Alec turned back to the locker behind his desk. He put one foot onto his chair, untied his shoe, pulled off the shoe and sock, and then repeated the process. Jimmy watched the interplay of the muscles in the coach's body as all this went on, and then quickly averted his eyes when Alec turned to face him, towel in one hand and dirty socks in the other.

"Would you mind putting these in the hamper when you leave?" He held the socks out and as Jimmy looked up, he thought he'd pass out from the effect: the 24-year-old coach standing there with nothing on but tight shorts and maybe a jock underneath, holding out socks with a heavenly aroma. Jimmy could hardly keep his dick pressed down between his legs with two hands in his lap, but nothing could make him pass up the chance to have something from coach in his hands.

Unfortunately, the coach was holding them just out of his reach, so he was forced to stand up. At fourteen he already had a seven-inch dick, slender and with a slight curve up. Jimmy's hardon pushed out the front of his towel, and pulsed when his fingers touched Alec's.

"Hardon, Jimmy?" Coach stated the obvious, as Jimmy sat down quickly, confused about what was happening, but sniffing the heady smell of the coach's socks in his lap, and feeling his dick get even stiffer. He didn't know what to say. Alec again turned to his locker. "Don't worry. Happens to every guy."

Alec hooked his thumbs in his shorts and slowly began to pull them off. The silence grew loud as the coach's butt cheeks were revealed, nicely shaped by a white jock. Alec bent and stretched a few times, clenching his ass, and once bending all the way forward so that his puckered brown hole seemed to wink at Jimmy. "So, Jimmy. What do you want to talk about?"

Jimmy took a long slow breath and Alec knew the boy was inhaling his socks. "Uh, coach, I...I heard that like...boys."

Alec froze for a moment, as did the boy, and then he leaned forward and stepped out of his jock. He was totally naked now, and the temperature in the room went up a few degrees. Putting the shorts and jock into the locker, Alec said, "Of course I do. Why else would I be teaching gym and coaching the swimming team if I didn't?"

Jimmy paused, and inhaled from the socks again as he watched Alec reach down in front of himself and heft or scratch his crotch. Jimmy wished the coach would turn around.

He got his wish.

Alec turned around and Jimmy got his first sight of man-dick. Well, not his first sight, since he'd seen his dad naked a few times, and he'd even seen his dad with a hardon twice -- and secretly beat off afterwards -- but never this close. Nine long, thick inches of man-meat jutted straight out from a forest of dark crotch hair, as Alec slung the towel around his neck, came to the front of the desk, and leaned back against it.

What a hot sight! The stud coach with his huge stud prick jutting up toward the ceiling, and the thin boy on the bench, mesmerized by it. "Or did you mean something different?"

Jimmy couldn't take his eyes off that dick, as a clear drop of pre-cum oozed out what looked like a huge dickhole -- a dickhole meant to shoot machine-gun globs of come into some eager hole. Jimmy forgot about hiding his own hardon and just stared, as he took another "hit" off the coach's steamy socks.


Jimmy looked up into the coach's eyes, which had suddenly gone somewhat cold and menacing. The boy began to panic. Coach's hardon or not, maybe what the other boys had told him was a lie, or maybe it was all a mistake, or maybe....oh, Christ, now the coach would know he was a fag.

"They, they said...well, that you liked boys...specially."

"Who said?"

Jimmy stopped, not wanting to go any farther, sure he was about to be expelled.

"Look at me!" Alec's voice was sharp and commanding. Jimmy looked up at the menacing glare on the coach's face. "Now, who the fuck said that about me?" The coach's tone left no room for doubt. He wanted to know.

Jimmy gave in. "Ben and Tony."

Alec moved over to the door and threw it open. It hit the wall with a bang! like a gun going off and Jimmy flinched. He flinched again as Alec stood in the open doorway, still naked, his huge hardon thrusting out into the boys' locker room. "Ben! Tony!" Alec's angry-sounding voice echoed through the locker room. "Get your sorry asses in here right now!"

Two distant "Yes, sirs" sounded. Before he shut the door again, Alec's quick eyes surveyed the other boys who were standing nearby, checking for the ones who couldn't keep their eyes off his dick. Ah! There was one. The Native American boy...tall for his age, and well developed. Straight, shining black hair well below his shoulders, nicely shaped, slender body. They made eye contact for just a moment as Alec began to close the door. The kid actually winked! And pulled on his clearly rising dick.

Alec barely got back to lean again on the desk before the door opened and two more teenagers came in. Both were wearing towels and both had a good start on stiff meat. Ben had red hair and green eyes; Tony was a stereotypical young Italian stud with a gold chain around his neck, dark hair, dark eyes and very long lashes.

"Okay, shit-for-brains, what did you tell the kid here?"

Jimmy shrank back at the controlled, quiet anger in the coach's tone, but the fifteen-year-old newcomers didn't blink. They just looked at one another as if asking who was going to answer. Tony did.

"Well, coach, we've all been foolin' around together in the shower, and in the john. Jimmy likes playin' with our dicks, so we told him about you."


"Well, you know, stuff like you like boy-dick, too. You like playing with it, and having boys play with you."

"That turn you on, Jimmy?" Alec stared intently at the boy.

Well, he might as well get thrown out of school as an honest queer. "Yeah." Looking down again, Jimmy didn't see the shared smile of satisfaction among the other three in the office, but he did hear the click when the door was locked. Jimmy looked up to find three naked males facing him. Ben and Tony's towels were on the floor.

Alec smiled. "Turns me on, too."

With three hardons pointing in his direction, Jimmy wasn't really surprised to hear that. The three closed in on him and raised him from the bench, leaving the towel behind. Alec pulled the youngster's hands up to his chest, so the boy could start playing with the coach's tits.

"C'mon, kid, work on those tits. Squeeze 'em, pinch 'em, get 'em hard."

The coach's voice was a little hoarser now as Jimmy did what he was told, and as Ben and Tony began to explore Jimmy's body more thoroughly than they had in the shower room. The fifteen year olds were writhing their bodies against Jimmy, their randy young dicks leaving gleaming trails of precum. Ben picked up the coach's socks and sniffed, and then held them over Jimmy's face.

Tony whispered in Jimmy's ear as he stroked the boy's dick and played with his butthole, "Alec likes to fuck."

Jimmy froze. He could hardly get his hand around the huge mandick in front of him, and besides, how did guys fuck anyway? And then as Tony's fingertip squeezed past Jimmy's tight boypucker, he knew. But something that big up his butt? It'd rip him apart.

Tony knew what the boy was thinking. It was the same thought he'd had the first time. And coach's solution to the fear would be as good now as it had been with Tony. And Ben. And the others. Alec got down on his knees and put his warm experienced mouth around the head of Jimmy's dick, slowly sliding the full length into his hot mouth and throat, then beginning a slow, sensuous slide up and down.

Ben stood behind Jimmy, his hardon between the cheeks of Jimmy's ass and sticking through his legs to where the coach's head was bobbing vigorously into Jimmy's crotch. "Coach likes to suck, too."

Yeah, Jimmy could tell that. Alec was a pro at sucking boydick; it really turned him on to feel searing hot boymeat pulsing in his mouth, blasting wads of come down his eager throat. And that's just what happened! Jimmy couldn't hold back. He grabbed the coach's head and began his first face-fucking in earnest, cramming his split-slimy prick all the way into coach's throat again and again, and then finally holding Alec's head down into his crotch while he pumped a scorching load into the coach's belly. It was a come like he'd never had before, not even with his wildest fantasies.

Then, drained, but his cock somehow remaining hard, he sagged for a moment against the other boys. Alec gently sucked the last warm drop out, making Jimmy squirm. He stood up.

"Know how else I like boys, Jimmy?"

Jimmy's eyes popped open, and his heart began pounding. He couldn't take that dick up his butt, he couldn't!

"Tell, him, Ben."

The redhead was stroking his own fat, uncut dick, while Tony played with Ben's butthole. "Coach likes to fuck." Ben paused, and smiled. "Or get fucked." Jimmy's eyes opened wide in amazement.

Jimmy was speechless as the coach turned sideways, facing the door, so that Jimmy had a clear view. Ben shoved his dick in the coach's mouth to get it covered with spit, while Tony knelt and slurped out the coach's hole. Ben walked behind the coach, who spread his legs and slightly bent his knees, and then Ben peeled back his foreskin and pressed the shiny head of his dick against the glistening dark brown hole. He pressed harder and Jimmy heard the coach grunt as the boy-dick slid smoothly up Alec's ass.

There was a knock on the door!

The four froze in position. Alec pulled his mouth off Tony's dick, but still reached out to play with Jimmy's rockhard prick. "Who is it?"

"John Blackhawk."

"I'm kind of busy right now. Can this wait?" It was kind of a turnon, being in the coach's office, naked, coach with a fifteen-year-old dick up his hole, and playing with the dicks and balls of two other teenagers, while someone was outside wanting to come in.

"Well, maybe. But I thought, well, you might need some help in there."


"Yeah. Some extra inches."

Alec nodded to Tony, who stepped back and opened the door. The sight that greeted them was incredible. John Blackhawk, the boy who had winked at the coach earlier, was standing in the doorway, bare-assed naked, his rigid dick pointing straight at Alec's gaping mouth. And what a dick! It had to be almost as long as the coach's own stiff meat, not quite as fat, with a huge, wide head, rising proudly from a nest of thick, silky black crotch hair. The rest of the boy's body was hairless, except for the long, long black hair on his head. The youngster's red-brown skin seemed to glow with heat. He put his hand down to the man-sized meat that looked even larger as it stuck out from his slender young body, and began stroking it.

John...strutted in, and shut the door behind him, not at all fazed by the sight of his coach bent over with a prick in his ass, and boy-prick in his hands. Alec moved forward, so that Ben's dick slithered out of his hole, and stood up. Christ! he thought. Two new dicks in the same afternoon.

Everyone's eyes were glued on the Indian boy leaning against the door and jacking off, until Alec said, "Jimmy!"

Jimmy jumped slightly and turned toward the coach. "Drop some spit on your dick, and then get it up my ass. Ben, fuck Tony. John, get over here and start sucking my prick."

John looked arrogantly at the coach. "I don't suck."

The ominous silence was only a heartbeat long, but Ben and Tony were aware of it. John wasn't. Then the coach smiled. "I do."

John walked proudly to the coach and pulled the coach's head down toward his prick. The other boys just stared until Alec said, with his mouth almost on the huge boymeat, "Move!" The heat in the room was tremendous, mostly from the hardons, and the boys hastened to obey. Like the rest of the coach's boys, Tony could fuck or be fucked with the best of them, but he particularly liked the curve to Ben's dick. It seemed to hit a pleasure spot up inside him no one else ever quite touched. Jimmy was nervous, but he didn't need to be. The coach's talented and frequently-used hole welcomed Jimmy's prick as slick as if it was smooth shit coming out. And coach's equally talented mouth swallowed the rigid tube of boymeat in front of him.

"Now, fuck!"

No longer shy, no longer a virgin -- well, almost -- Jimmy smiled at Ben and they began pacing their fuck-thrusts together. Jimmy was in a haze of lust. The coach's hole was searing his prick, making him harder and hotter than he'd ever been before, and instinctively he began ramming Alec's ass harder and harder, while Ben did the same to Tony. Their screams were almost simultaneous as they dumped blast after blast of steaming boycream up the waiting holes. Tony couldn't stand it! He blasted a huge wad himself, splattering coach and John, who had been playing with Tony's dick.

But coach hadn't come. Neither had John. And everyone knew what came next.

"Fuck my ass, John."

The Indian boy smiled. He shoved his prick roughly down the coach's throat once more and then pumped Alec's face a few times. Alec took it like the stud he was. Then John strutted behind the coach and bent over to look at the dark brown hole that now had a strand of Jimmy's cum oozing out. John rubbed his dick in it and the coach squirmed with pleasure. Jimmy sat on the bench with Tony and Ben, and the three began playing with each other's sticky, cum and juice-drenched cocks, while they enjoyed the show in front of them.

Alec semi-squatted again, reaching behind to spread his buttcheeks. Despite having just fucked the coach, Jimmy didn't see how that club-sized Indian prick was going to fit up that tight, randy hole. But it did! Alec didn't grunt, he groaned loudly with pleasure as almost nine inches of fat dick slammed up his asshole, sliding in on cum-slimed shitwalls. John grabbed hold of the coach's waist and began slowly sliding his dick in and out, pulling it to the tip and then shoving it home again.

Alec began moaning and that incited John to work even harder. He sure loved fucking man-holes, especially when the adult beneath him began to moan and groan with the pleasure of John's rampant cock. Yeah, it was great to be an Indian warrior stud, fucking a helpless captive. John began to fog out into his fantasy, his breath coming faster and faster and Alec kept pace, only his moans were so loud the watching boys were sure the whole school could hear them. "Fuck me, boy! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Ram that warrior prick up my hole!"

John began to lose control. His dick was pumping in and out of the coach's hole so fast it was a blur, and coach's insides were volcano hot, a cum-greasy fuck tunnel that seemed to get tighter and tighter the harder John shoved. Harder and faster and harder and faster and then with a loud yell, the boy-warrior began pumping wad after wad of cum into Alec's churning hole.

John collapsed on the coach's wet back, fighting to regain control of his breathing. Then he straightened and slowly pulled his dick out. He leaned against the edge of his desk while his cock slowly wilted. He wondered if the coach's cum had been as great as his.

Only Alec hadn't come. Yet.

Ben and Tony glanced at each other and a smile lit their eyes. The new kids thought everything was over, now that they'd got their rocks off fucking the coach. Maybe they were even thinking about how nice it was going to be to have such a sexy stud to fuck, or to have suck their willing young dicks. Jimmy's eyes were closed in a blissful fantasy as he idly played with his again-hard cock.


Jimmy's eyes opened to find the coach standing in front of him, Alec's still-hard dick pointing directly at him. There was a steady ooze of precum from the wide hole in coach's dickhead.

"Suck." Jimmy started to say something, but Alec just grabbed his head and pulled him forward so that the coach's cock was pressing hard against his lips. "Don't say anything. Just suck, and get it good and slimy. And where do you think you're going?" The last was addressed to John, who had started toward the door.

" get cleaned up."

"Not yet. Ben. Tony."

Ben and Tony quickly moved to block John's exit. John looked from them to the coach, who was doing a pretty good job of choking Jimmy. "There's still some more fucking to do, John."

John smiled. "Sure. Give me a minute and I'll be hard again."

It was Alec's turn to smile. "Doesn't matter if you're hard or not. I am. Get on the floor, on your hands and knees." John just stared. "Now, kid!" Alec's strong hand gripped John's shoulder and forced him down. The boy looked up in dismay, and a little fear. This wasn't the way things happened; he met some man and fucked him, sometimes for fun, sometimes for money, and that was it. He didn't get fucked. Ever. Or at least, not since his uncle and cousins....

But it was too late to get away. Alec yanked his spit-dripping dick out of Jimmy's mouth, and moved behind John, pulling Jimmy with him. "You, too, Jimmy. Hands and knees, and now!"

The two now-frightened boys let the coach adjust their positions so they were side-by-side, young, hot, sleek bodies touching; heads near the floor, butts up in the air, presenting a hot sight of two very tightly puckered holes. Alec greased his index fingers from the cum and slime in his own butthole and after depositing a liberal amount of spit directly on the puckers, inserted the tips of his slimy fingers. The boys grunted and then moaned with pain as Alec began poking the fingers in and out of the two boys. Ben and Tony moved away from the door to get closer to the action.

Alec increased the action to two fingers, and then three, ignoring the pained whimpers from the floor while he first sucked on Tony and then on Ben. He yanked his fingers out of the holes, and moved behind John. Like some rampant stallion about to mount a mare, Alec pressed the head of his prick against the boypucker that had clamped down tight. He shoved. The tip moved in. He shoved again, and the head was past the assring; the sphincter muscles were clamped hard. John was beginning to whimper again, and Jimmy was crying quietly, in anticipatory fright.

"If you want to be a warrior," two inches shoved in, "then take it, kid, like a warrior." A couple more inches went in and Alec paused to savor the sensation. "Or maybe you just want to be my squaw-boy." A final shove and his prick was buried to the hilt, curly crotch hair against the smooth red-brown butt. Alec didn't stop there, though. Right away he began sliding that nine-inch mandick back out of the boy pussy and then in again, long smooth slides that punched open the tight walls of John's shitter and turned his pain into moans of pleasure. Once he had the boy squirming and twisting beneath him, and shoving his young butt hard against the incoming dick, Alec quickly pulled out.

Jimmy was next. As the coach moved over to gaze heatedly at the rosy fourteen year old hole, he signaled Tony to mount John and keep the boy's ass open. Tony did, willingly! While Tony was pumping enthusiastically to his right, the coach spit on his prick and greased it more, then leaned over Jimmy and clamped a hand over the boy's mouth to cut off any screams.

There weren't any. Jimmy passed out before Alec got more than a couple of inches up his butt. That didn't make any difference to the coach. The hole was relaxed and, propping Jimmy's butt up, Alec crammed every inch in. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty powerful strokes and Jimmy began waking up, a warm glow emanating from his butthole that quickly turned into lusty heat. Alec brought Jimmy to the same pleasure point as John, and again pulled out. Tony moved over to fuck Jimmy, Ben slid his prick into John, and Alec stood over them all.

"Okay, boys, here's the rules. You're mine to use whenever I want. If I want a blow job out in the shower area, I get a blow job. If I want your ass bent over my desk, you bend. If you want a blow job from me, or another shot at my ass, you ask. If you bring me a new boy, you'll get it automatically...just like Ben and Tony, today. Understand?"

The answering "Yes, sir" from each boy was muffled because their faces were pressed into the floor while their buttholes were being pleasured by their schoolmates.

"Switch and finish."

Alec stroked his own cock lightly while Ben and Tony changed places and began mating with the boy pussies on the floor. They were so turned on, though, that it didn't take long for them to fill the waiting holes with a load of thick, gooey boycream. They pulled out with sighs of satisfaction.

Coach mounted first one hole and then the other, the thick manmeat pounding their asses raw, but sending wave after wave of pleasure through their bodies. John and Jimmy's dicks were hard and leaking precum in a steady stream, and they were so turned on they didn't know where they were or what was happening, except for the sensation of the enormous dick plunging in and out of their asses. Jimmy got it first! His was the newest and youngest butt, so coach shifted into ramming speed, and Jimmy began moaning loudly and crying and begging for more and harder and more and harder and coach gave it to him with a final shove that almost pushed Jimmy to the floor. And then, as he began to feel wave after wave of boiling mancum up his hole, his own dick, untouched, began another spurting all over the floor and even shooting up to his face.

John was still on his knees, ass in the air, asshole oozing cum. He was ready to cry almost, though. He wasn't enough of a warrior to get the coach's cream! He was wrong. Like some horny teenager, even though coach had just emptied his balls, his dick was still hard and John jerked in surprise as that dick slid up his hole. Surprise and pleasure! The slow strokes inside him re-started the heating process in him, too.

"Either of you guys hard again?" Alec glanced around and saw that they both were. "One of you fuck Jimmy and the other one fuck me."

The teenagers eagerly complied. They knew the sight of fresh ass getting plugged, and the feel of another teenaged dick up his butt would really turn the coach on. It did! Within minutes, the coach could feel another load of cum boiling in his balls. John was in such ecstasy, though, that coach could have taken hours. But he didn't. Ben was behind the coach, and he didn't have to move very much as the ramming movements of the coach in and out of John just served to impale him on Ben's dick. The second cum took longer, but the wait was worth it. John felt like the coach's cum was shooting a hot stream of lava straight up his insides, and then just like Jimmy, his massive dick began spraying cum everywhere without being touched, and Ben began shooting his eager load up the coach's hole while Tony filled Jimmy once again.

After these ballbusting cums, they slumped for a moment and then there was the wonderful sound of dicks popping out of cum- filed holes.

"You two understand the rules?"

John and Jimmy's affirmatives were soft but enthusiastic.

"On your backs."

Unquestioning now, the two turned over, and instinctively reached out their hands and began playing with each other. Alec squatted over John, who looked up to see a hard masculine ass hovering over his face, with a well-stretched hole that was not only was opening over his mouth! John quickly opened his mouth to catch the cum and manslime dropping down; he swallowed gratefully. Then it was Jimmy's turn. But this time coach sat down on the boy's face so that he could get his hole cleaned while he emptied out the last of the load.

Satisfied that the new boys understood their position, Alec said, "Okay. Showers." John, Ben and Tony trooped off to the main showers, but coach kept Jimmy behind. He was the more fragile of the two and needed a little tenderness. Coach gave it to him as they got in the coach's shower, holding the boy close, lifting him up to kiss him gently on the mouth, with the boy's legs wrapped around coach's waist, and then coach gave it to Jimmy again in the shower. Even though he was sore with all the fucking, Jimmy eagerly opened his hole to the coach's invasion, and shot another load himself all over the coach's chest -- which he had to lick clean, of course.

After sucking his own cum out of Jimmy's hole, Alec finally cleaned up from his workout. All workouts should be so great!

Jimmy Tanner was in one his favorite positions! Alec, the assistant coach at the high school, was laying on his back on a padded workout bench in his office. He was bare-assed and his long, slimy dick was laying across his hairy belly, pointing toward his tits, as it slowly softened. A drop of late cum dripped into his hair. Jimmy was squatting over the coach, whose big, rough hands were kneading and caressing Jimmy's slender buttcheeks as the coach very slowly lowered the boy's pink, greasy asspucker to Alec's eagerly waiting mouth.

Jimmy was already hard again, frigging his cock, even though he had just shot a heavy wad everywhere when Alec pumped his butt full of another load of gism. "Suck that hole, coach, suck it, suck it!" the horny teenager moaned.

Alec did!

At first it was just the tip of his tongue, gently swirling around the edge of the pink pucker. Then the tip slid inside the slick assring, and then it was the coach's eager tongue and mouth as he lowered the boy onto his face and began rimming and sucking his own cum and the boy's assjuices into his mouth. Jimmy relaxed his butthole like he'd been taught and he could feel the coach's cumload, as well as the earlier loads from Ben and Tony, oozing out. The coach's loud slurping and gulping and swallowing turned Jimmy on so much he couldn't help but shoot again!

And, of course, Jimmy had to lick the coach's belly clean, which got Alec stiff, but just as Jimmy began tonguing the coach's dickhole, the coach swatted his butt. "Enough for now."

Disappointed, Jimmy wriggled his butt and coach gave him a quick, final lick and suck, but still moved Jimmy off his body. They got off the bench and headed to the shower across the office. With the coach's nine-inch randy dick poking out in front of him as they walked, they couldn't use the regular showers!

Jimmy sighed with contentment as the warm water splashed down on him, and coach began soaping him up. It was only two weeks since the coach, and the two sophomores, Ben and Tony, had introduced him and the Indian kid to real male sex. And now Jimmy couldn't get enough of it. He'd been fucking and sucking with coach and the other boys as often as he could at the school. Usually it was in the coach's office, but once he'd sucked Ben off in the stairwell before school started, and another time he'd dropped his pants to let Tony give him a rim job -- right in front of the urinals in the gym toilet. It was dangerous, and he knew it, but he seemed perpetually horny, and still he had to jack off at night, or sometimes give himself a quick hand job in the middle of the day.

He sighed even louder as Alec's soapy finger slid up Jimmy's hole. All that did was make his dick rigid, and him frustrated.

"Sorry, kid. I've got work to do." But the coach's hands were still playing over the boy's body, tweaking his tits, rubbing his eager prick, playing with his balls.



"You think maybe we could, well, get together...outside of school?"

Bingo! thought Alec.

"You know, Jimmy, there's a club I belong to. I think you'd fit right in. Ben and Tony are members, too, but it's something you can't talk about. Real secret." Alec turned Jimmy around so that the coach's hot meat, and big, low-hanging balls were pressed up against Jimmy's soft white butt, while Alec whispered in Jimmy's ear and played with the boy's dick.

"Think you could keep a secret, if it meant a place we could really have some great times?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah," moaned the boy, sagging against the coach's body.

"And there's some other members you'll like, too." Alec licked the inside of Jimmy's ear and began stroking the boy's dick. "You could get used by a lot of men, studs to fuck your pretty boybutt, big manpricks for you to suck on. Would you like that?"

Jimmy paused. With the coach working him over he was almost ready to agree to anything, but...other men using him for sex? Other boys, sure...and coach, he was something special, but other men? For a moment, he was going to object, but then the coach was bending him forward and sliding his soapy dick into the boy's hole, and the objections faded away as the coach bent forward, too, and continued whispering, while the shower room got hot and steamy. "All sorts of mandick to fill this boyhole, Jimmy. Eager, hot studs just waiting in line to plug your butt. And more boys, too, and you can watch them getting used by their men."

Alec's dick was sliding smoothly and evenly now in and out of the boy's hole, long, powerful strokes that turned the kid's insides to quivering mush. "And on special days, you get to use us. Would you like that, kid? Would you like to have your pick of hunky men and be able to tell them what to do? Huh?" On the last word, he rammed his dick in hard, right to the hilt.

Jimmy's "Yes! Oh, Christ, yes!" was nearly a scream.

Alec yanked his dick out of Jimmy's ass, and backed away. The boy slumped forward, caught himself, and then turned a confused face toward his coach. Alec was like some stud god in the swirling steam, long hair plastered to his head, running with sweat and water, his huge meat thrusting out through the clouds.

"The only thing is, Jimmy, to join up you have to bring in a new member with you."

"An...another boy? Like John Blackhawk?"

The coach moved toward Jimmy, and once more plunged his dick into the boy's grateful hole. The coach's strokes were harder and rougher this time, still just as long and deep, but someone listening and watching could have heard the sharp sound of flesh slapping against flesh now. "No, Jimmy, another man."

Jimmy could hardly think, he was so dizzy from the heat of the steam and the red-hot sword-prick up his ass. "But I don'"

"Your father."

Jimmy's mind couldn't take it in, but his body could and did. Alec's dick was as much of a blur pounding in and out of the boy's hole as the blurred thoughts pounding in Jimmy's brain. The coach's hands were clasped firmly on the boy's waist, holding him almost immobile as he lunged his enormous pole into the kid's body. Jimmy was beating his meat frantically now, working himself up to another cum, and the coach pulled out again!

The boy was almost in tears. His butt was an aching void, a gaping hole that seemed almost to be standing wide open like an empty pipe, waiting for Alec's prick. He wanted that dick inside him! He wanted to cum at the same time as the coach!

"Well?" The coach's voice was demanding and seductive at the same time, and to help the voice along, the coach's dickhead slid inside Jimmy's hole. Jimmy gratefully clamped his ass muscles tight around the cock.

"Oh, God, yes! Anything, coach, anything. Just fuck me, fuuuuuck meeeeee."

Alec slid a couple of inches in. "You're going to get your father to play with your sweet young boydick, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes."

A couple more inches went in. "And you're going to suck on his dadmeat, aren't you."

"I...I...oh, yes, yes. Please, don't stop, gimme your prick, please!"

The last inches went in and Alec's balls were snug against the boybutt. His hands were stroking the boy's sides, and chest, and getting his tits hard. "And your father's gonna fuck your boypussy, isn't he?"

Jimmy tried again to object. "Dad...he doesn't...he isn't...." Alec's prick began the rough stroking that seemed to turn Jimmy's hole inside out every time the coach's dick pulled out until just the wide dickhead was still in, and then shoved forward again.

"But he will be, won't he, Jimmy?" The boy couldn't answer now, because the coach had one hand clamped around Jimmy's mouth, and the other bracing against Jimmy's shoulder to give the coach leverage as he picked up speed. "And you're gonna bring him to me, and watch me fuck him, too. And then you get to climb on his ass and get your rocks off. And you're gonna do it, 'cause you know that's the only thing that'll keep this happening to your boycunt!"

Alec braced himself with both hands grabbing the boy's shoulders and began the final plunges of the wildest, roughest fuck he'd given the boy in the last two weeks. Jimmy was helpless. He was sobbing with lust, and fear, and pain, and pleasure. Images of faceless men with powerful dicks plugging his mouth and his butt raced across his mind, with flashes of his dad's face superimposed every so often like a stroke of lightning. His hands were out against the shower wall, and his legs were spread wide. He reared his butt against the incoming prick. And then thoughts and images were gone as he became a mindless fucktoy, with Alec's dick spraying his asswalls with scorching mancum, and his own dick spouting without being touched.

Man and boy collapsed to the floor. Alec reached up to turn off the water and open the shower door to let some cooler air in. Once they'd recovered their breath, the coach helped Jimmy up and outside, and began drying him off very gently. He sat the boy down and started toweling Jimmy's hair. "Clean my dick, boy."

Jimmy's obedient, "yes, sir" was very soft as he began licking the coach's cum and his own assjuice off Alec's dick. Alec kept his dick soft, and stood the boy up to finish drying him. Turning him around, Alec knelt behind the boy and with one hand bent him forward. Automatically now, Jimmy reached back with both hands to spread his cheeks. The coach gently sucked out his cum, holding it carefully in his mouth, and moved in front of Jimmy. One hand tilted the boy's head up, the thumb opening the kid's mouth, and then Alec bent over and dribbled his cum into Jimmy's throat. The kid took it like water after a day in the sun.

Alec dried himself off while the boy put his clothes back on. Still naked, the coach hugged the boy close, and said, "Head on home. Forget about practice this afternoon. Let me know in a couple of days how you're doin'. Okay?"

Jimmy nodded.

"Good. And until then, you can beat your own meat, but we're off limits." Jimmy looked up at the coach's stern face in dismay. Coach hefted his massive dick, and put Jimmy's hand on it. "Get your dad, and you can have this again. This and a whole lot more."

Jimmy could only nod again. He let go of Alec's prick and walked out. He'd agreed to seduce his father! If he didn't, the coach would hate him, and he wouldn't get to see him any more. But if he did....

The cool air conditioning of the gym began to clear away the fog in his mind. Sex with your own father. Jesus, that was.... Jimmy stopped walking. That was incest, and it was disgusting and perverted...only suddenly, Jimmy began to feel that hollow, horny, breathless feeling in his stomach, and his dick twitched. Jimmy actually liked the idea!

Once in while, like in a swimming pool dressing room, or when he was stepping out of the shower at home, Jimmy saw his dad naked. He was a couple inches over six feet; late thirties; brown hair, blue eyes, a mustache and a neatly trimmed beard around the edge of his jaw. His body was well-muscled but starting to thicken at the waist, with a hairless chest, but thick, curly hair in his armpits and around the long, dark-brown dick with the plump pink head. And twice Jimmy had seen his dad with a morning hardon. Not really fuck-hard, but piss-hard. And Jimmy now realized as he lengthened his stride on the walk home, that when he'd quietly jacked off after those incidents, he'd really been fantasizing all along about his father.

Sick or not, maybe this was going to be fun after all.

It was just that for the next few days, he didn't get a chance to find out. His dad's job kept him at work for ten and twelve hour days, so it was really difficult for Jimmy to even be around for a chance at seeing his dad nude, much less do anything else. But one brief incident helped to keep him going.

He'd set his alarm ten minutes ahead of his dad's one morning, three days after the last fuck session with the coach, and listened carefully to his father getting up. Dad was real considerate about being quiet in the morning. He waited until he heard the bathroom door close and then moved quickly down the hall on silent, naked feet, paused to gather up his courage, and then walked in on his dad.

The results were better than he expected!

His dad was standing in front of the stool with his hand wrapped around a massive hardon. Actually, it was more like a fuck hardon, and his dad's legs were spread and slightly bent as if he were just starting to jack off.

"Oh! Sorry, dad."

Al had stopped movement when he heard the door open, and then straightened up at the sound of his son's voice, dropping his hand from his prick. He glanced at the door. His beloved son was in the doorway with his randy teenaged prick pointing straight at him. For some reason, his own dick, which had begun to droop slightly, surged to full staff again. There was a pause while father and son looked at each other without trying to be noticed about it, appraising each other's studly meat.

"I had to piss real bad, dad, and I didn't know you were in here."

"Yeah, I can see how bad you need to piss. Looks like we both do. Might as well do it together."

Jimmy almost fainted. To stand next to his naked dad, both of them with hardons, and piss together. Wow! That is, "wow!" if he could get soft enough to piss. His dad was having the same trouble. They stood side by side, right hands lightly holding their dicks, trying to force them down. Instead, they both began leaking a little precum. Jimmy wanted to swoop down like a hawk and lick up those clear drops oozing from that wide, shiny dickhead. He wondered if his dad was having similar thoughts.

Al had better control, though, and finally -- through some hard thinking about other things -- his prick began to wilt and a hot stream of yellow piss began to stream into the bowl. Jimmy wondered what it would be like to have his dad piss on him. And then his own piss-stream managed to get started. When they were finished, they shook the last piss drops off their dicks a little more vigorously than they did other times...times when they were alone. Both cocks began to swell. Al turned his son to the door and lightly swatted his bare ass. "Out of here. I'll call when I'm done."

The touch of his father's hands on his shoulders and the swat on his butt caused Jimmy's dick to lengthen and surge to full stiffness almost instantly. At the doorway, Jimmy turned back so his father could be sure to get a glimpse of his renewed hardon -- and found that his father's dick was almost there as well! Jimmy gulped and said, "Yeah. Later, dad."

While Al was cleaning up for work, Jimmy was messing himself up -- he shot two loads of cum all over his chest, fantasizing about his dad's meat. And the second cum was only moments before Al opened the bedroom door to let Jimmy know the bathroom was clear. His eyes greedily took in the glistening blobs of fresh cum on the boy's chest, and the sticky spots from the first one, and the wilting prick held in the boy's right hand, and the knees spread wide with legs bent so that there was even a glimpse of asshole. "I guess you do need to clean up." Al smiled and shut the door.

That was Tuesday, and by Thursday, Jimmy was going out of his mind. Beating off was fun, but coach wouldn't fuck him, and neither would Ben or Tony. And John Blackhawk was off limits, too. He had to get his dad! And then he found out his dad was going to be home from work early on Friday. Jimmy arranged with the coach to get out of his last two classes.

It was really hot out, and Jimmy was dripping with sweat by the time he walked home on Friday. They couldn't afford central air conditioning, so it was going to be fairly warm inside, although the big exhaust fan upstairs kept a nice breeze pulling through the house even when it was hot outdoors. He quietly let himself in. He knew his dad wouldn't be expecting him.

Jimmy was suddenly curious. He wondered what his dad did when he came home early. He found out as he tiptoed down the hallway toward the sounds in the living room. Those were fuck-sounds! Jimmy peeked around the door. His dad was laying back in his favorite easy chair, a beer in one hand, the VCR control in the other, and wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. But his half-hard dick was sticking out of the fly. Jimmy looked at the action on the screen.

It was a porno film. Some blond woman was on a bed with a blond man eating her pussy and pumping his huge dick. But what made Jimmy's eyes widen was that there was a second man in the film, a black guy with an incredible prick, and he was just beginning to shove it up the white guy's butt! And Al Tanner was getting off on it! When the camera moved in on the cunt-licking, Al used fast forward to get back to the butt-fucking. He set the control down, and hefted his balls and pulled on his dick, while taking a swig on the beer.

"What's on TV, dad?"

Al nearly jumped out of the chair. But he had enough control to get the VCR off before he did so.

"What the hell are you doing home so early?" Al turned in the chair to look at his son, standing in the door.

"Coach canceled swimming practice. Anything good on the tube?"

"Uh, no. Nothing much. Just channel-flipping."

They were both acting like Jimmy couldn't see his dad's half-hard meat hanging out of the boxer shorts. "Oh. Well, listen, it's so hot, you mind if I get rid of some of these clothes?" The idea had come to him in an instant. His dad hesitated. "Look, dad, it's just the two of us. I mean, for God's sake, you've seen me bare-assed before." And both their minds flashed back to a couple of mornings earlier. Al quickly swallowed the last of the beer.

"Yeah. It is hot. And I really can't say much, considering what I'm wearing. Strip to your shorts, too." Al opened another can and took a long pull, as he turned his head back toward the TV. Jimmy moved farther into the room, past other available chairs to one where his dad could see him undress without too much trouble. Jimmy got rid of his shoes and socks, then his shirt, cautiously watching his dad watch him. Al finished this beer, too -- it seemed to be his second or third -- and started on another. Jimmy pulled his jeans off, bending over to set them down and waggling his naked butt in his father's direction.

"No shorts, dad. Problem?"

"Uh, no. Like you said, I've seen it before." The voice was man-to-man, but there was a slight undercurrent of nervousness. Jimmy smiled inwardly. This was probably going to be easier than he thought.

Naked, Jimmy sat in the chair at his dad's left. He asked for some of the chips, and when Al set the VCR control down to reach over for the bag, Jimmy picked the control up, turned the porno movie back on and the sound up. The two men were still fucking, and the camera was shooting from beneath them so there was a great close-up of the black dick sliding in and out of the white manhole, while the white guy pumped his meat. Al froze, and tried to decide how to handle the situation.

Jimmy decided for him.

"Wow! What a turn-on, huh, dad? Will you look at the meat on that black dude? Must be like a battering ram up the white guy's butt."

Al slowly turned around and looked at his son. His eyes widened. Jimmy was staring intently at the TV and was jacking off! Al couldn't believe what he was seeing. His own fourteen-year-old son beating his meat in front of his dad. He quickly took another long swallow of his beer. And the strange thing was, when he looked at his boy, his dick began to lengthen. Just like it had after seeing Jimmy lying on the bed that morning, covered with cum. One of his co-workers had caught Al beating his meat into the urinal before starting work that morning, but Al didn't give a fuck that the guy was watching him. He just had to get a load of cum out of his balls for some reason. Now he knew why.

"Good jack-off movie, dad. You rent it?"

"Uh, no."

"Great, that means we can watch it again sometime, right?"

They hadn't even seen it once, and Al found himself agreeing to a replay. Jimmy's slender body was gleaming with sweat as he sat there pumping his cock in time to the fuck-rhythm on the screen. He glanced to his right, to find his dad staring at him. "What's the matter, dad? You told me there was nothing wrong with beating off."

"There isn't, son, it's just...."

"So why aren't you doing it?"

Al couldn't find a good answer to that one. And with the beers inside him, combined with his general horniness, he wasn't sure he wanted an answer other than the obvious one. He shifted the beer to his left hand, started to stroke his cock, and then decided to go all the way. He stood up and pulled the shorts off, giving Jimmy a good look at his dad's hard, masculine buns, and a dark, hairy asshole. Naked as the boy, Al sat down again and began his own pump-stroke. Father and son sat there in silence, their breathing getting a little heavier, playing with themselves, and jacking off while the fuck-film unrolled. They were both horny, but neither one came by the time the movie was over, despite several great cum-shots.

"Got anything better, dad?"

There was a moment of silence. Father and son knew this was a special moment, a moment that would change their lives...and both of them knew Jimmy wasn't asking about fuck films with women in them. "Yeah, son. There's one next to the TV."

Jimmy got up and quickly exchanged the cassettes. Al held his breath at the beauty of his boy's body, with the seven-inch dick thrusting out in front, and his smooth white buttcheeks with the golden tan line, as he bent over to make the switch. Then Jimmy was back in his chair and Al could breathe again. This was a gay porno film, and Al apparently knew it pretty well, since he was able to fast-forward past the "plot" and get to the point where the young blond kid was kneeling to suck the older man.

And just like his son, Al had a realization. Every time he watched this film, and beat off to a fantastic cum, it was because he was fantasizing about Jimmy in the blonde's role! The film went through the required sucking and finally got down to the real meat of things: the dark-haired man plunging his prick in and out of the blonde's hole. Father and son were breathing very hard as the fucking picked up on the screen, and their hands began moving faster.

"You want to come together, dad?"


They could tell the two on the film were getting close to cumming, and so were father and son.

"Dad, do you...would you like to shoot your load on me?"

It was almost his fantasy coming true. It was almost like he was getting seduced by his own son!

Before Al could change his mind, Jimmy was kneeling in front of the chair, his face close to his dad's fat, eight and a half-inch long cock, with the wide bulbous head. "In my face, dad, in my face." Al could feel his son squirming against him, and the touch of the boy's prick against his hairy legs was red-hot. He looked down at the flushed face of his son, looked at Jimmy's glazed eyes, glued to his dad's meat, his mouth open, tongue licking his lips. Al looked at the screen to see the man's dick being yanked out of the young blonde's hole and jacked off for a ball-busting come, and he finished the beer, and in a haze of lust, held his own son's face near his crotch while he whipped his meat to shoot wad after wad of come in Jimmy's hair and eyes and mouth.

"Oh, yes, dad, yes, shoot that cum. Gimme that load! Dad, dad, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Jimmy pumped his load into his hand, and as his dad released his head he kneeled back on his haunches. What a sight. His dad was breathing hard in the chair, holding onto his softening dick, and staring at his cum-faced son. Jimmy raised his cupped palm, full of warm, shiny boycum. "Want some, dad?"

Hypnotized with beer and lust, and a dick that was getting hard again, Al leaned forward and slurped and lapped his son's cum off the boy's hand. He put the boy's sticky hand on the hard dadmeat, and held the boy's face between his palms as he licked his cum off Jimmy. Al sighed contentedly, and leaned back in the chair and Jimmy began to jack him off again. He finished the latest can of beer and began to drift off in a sex-and-alcohol haze.

But he wasn't too hazy to enjoy his son's warm wet mouth sliding down his prick, getting it slobbering wet. It didn't even occur to him to wonder how his "innocent" boy could swallow a whole big dick like Al's! It was his movie fantasy come to life. But then it got better. Jimmy's mouth lifted off his prick and he could feel the cool air wafting over it. There was motion on the chair, and Jimmy was sort of kneeling with his legs at his dad's side...Al's eyes shot wide open just as Jimmy's hot assring clamped around the slick head of the dad-dick.

Jimmy slid down the father-pole, until he was sitting on his dad's strong-muscled stomach and groin. He put his dad's hand on his horny young dick and Al began jerking off his son and slowly starting to shove his prick in and out of the boyhole. The position wasn't comfortable but both were too horny and too hot to move. They knew it wasn't going to be long before they both shot again. And it wasn't! Al reached behind Jimmy to hold his buttcheeks and give Al some control as he began some hard upward slams of his dick. He'd find out later how Jimmy was able to take all of his dad's meat with only whimpers of ecstasy. Jimmy was beating his young dick as fast as he could, staring at the rough, lust-ridden expression on his dad's face.

"Fuck you, boy, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! Take that big dadmeat up your tiny hole. Take it, take it."

Jimmy was near sobbing with pleasure. With every syllable his dad had rammed his prick up the boy's shitchute, churning his insides. "Christ, yes! Come on, boyfucker! Fuck that tight young hole! Shove your dadprick up my tiny butt. Make that boypussy quiver! Come one, boylover, fuck your boy!"

The obscenities spewing out of his son's mouth drove Al over the edge. He dragged Jimmy's face down to his, clamping his mouth over the boy's, their tongues and spit quickly intertwining, while Jimmy continued beating his meat, his dick and hand trapped against his dad's belly, and the hard dad dick shoving up his tight butt. Jimmy pulled his hand out so he could just squirm his sweaty dick against his father's sweat-slick smooth chest, while holding on tight, and then with one final surge that almost lifted them out of the chair, Al began spewing wave after wave of lava-hot come up his own son's shitter. And with the first shot, Jimmy began coating his father and himself with his own boy gism. And still the two were kissing and lip sucking and deep-tonguing!

They separated their faces from the lip-lock, and there was a satisfying pop! as Al's limp meat came out of the well-filled hole. Al lay there panting as his son cleaned up the boycum, and then licked the dadmeat clean, too. Jimmy looked at his father laying there with a satisfied smile on his face. Try for everything? Why the fuck not?


"Yeah, son?"

"You want your cum back?"

There was a pause as Al realized what Jimmy wanted...and what he wanted, too! "Yeah, I guess I do."

Jimmy directed his dad to lay on the floor and then squatted expertly over his dad's mouth. Al wasn't experienced eating out assholes, but with that beautiful, slick, sonpucker lowering down on him, he was eager to learn. Jimmy carefully relaxed his muscles and felt the warm globs of come sliding down his chute and then out into his dad's mouth. And just like with the coach, they both got hard again!

Father and son started an all-in-the-family sixty-nine. But they knew it was only a beginning. There was more fucking to be done that day! And a lot of days after that!

But as Jimmy gulped on the dadmeat, he still had a problem. How was he going to get his dad to let the coach shove a nine-inch prick up that fatherly butthole?

This time he was fully dressed, but Jimmy felt as nervous knocking on the door of the assistant coach's office as he had the first time.

"Who is it?"

"Jimmy, coach." After a moment, the lock clicked and the door opened slightly. Even though the locker room was empty, Jimmy quickly slid inside and closed the door, being careful to lock it behind him. He paused to admire the view.

Alec was walking back toward his desk, stark naked, his hard-muscled ass cheeks bouncing, and then he slid his dick back into John and began re-pleasuring the Indian boyhole. Jimmy moved to where he could get a better view of coach fucking the slender boy who was bent over his desk. The past couple of weeks had sure changed John -- he'd learned that dick up his butthole gave him a kind of high he couldn't get any other way. The stud who arrogantly allowed somebody to suck him off was gone. In his place was a horny teenager who liked being used as a squaw-boy with some mandick shoved up his butt whenever the man wanted it.

And the man wanted it now. Jimmy was almost jealous of the ecstatic smile on John's face as his shitter was pumped by coach-prick. But even though Jimmy still wanted the coach to fuck him again -- and often, and even though Jimmy hadn't had a cum like the last one from the coach, Jimmy had still been getting his butt plugged regularly for nearly a week now. He and his dad had taken to sleeping together, usually with dadmeat resting in warm sonhole. That way, they could turn morning piss hardons into fuck hardons!

Without missing a stroke, Alec looked at the freshman. "Well?"

Jimmy couldn't help smirking a little. "Yeah. I got him." John looked a little puzzled, so Jimmy explained. "My dad. I got him to jack off with me a week ago, and one thing led to another. Jesus, but he's a good fucker."

John was shocked. There were warriors who fucked boys and men, and there were boys and men who let the warriors do it. But getting fucked by your father? No. That was wrong. Just as it had been wrong for his uncle.... John quickly turned his thoughts away from that event. What was wrong was wrong. But since he was a willing squaw-boy to this powerful white warrior, that was right and proper. He concentrated on shoving his butt against the coach to meet the fuckstrokes coming at him.

"Been getting it regular?"

"Dad hasn't missed a night yet. Or a morning."

"Come over here and drop your pants." Jimmy hadn't expected to be rewarded -- well, maybe a faint hope -- and he hurried to do what he was told. Alec fondled the almost hard dick into full staff.


John was humiliated to have coach say that in front of someone else, especially another boy in the school. He would have to leave. He couldn't come back after this. Nevertheless, he answered, "Yes, sir."

"Suck Jimmy's dick."

And that was even worse. This boy wasn't a warrior like coach. He was just a skinny white kid, with a puny seven-inch dick. But John did as he was told. And once he had his lips around the prick it wasn't quite so bad, especially when Jimmy grabbed his face and began roughly fucking his mouth, keeping time with the coach's ass fucking.

Despite his initial reluctance, John had become a good cocksucker in the past two weeks, with lots of practice on the coach, and he was putting it to good use now. Jimmy's prick was slimy with spit and his eyes were beginning to glaze into a pre-cum inward stare, when the coach called a halt to things. They obeyed instantly.

"Now, Jimmy, fuck the squaw-boy's butt." Awkwardly because of the jeans around his ankles, but still eagerly, Jimmy moved into the coach's place and shoved his slick prick into the open hole. John was almost in tears! Which is just what the coach wanted. Alec wanted John totally submissive, and not just submissive, but anxious to please whoever was allowed to use him. John's hole was somewhat loose because the coach's manmeat was so much larger than Jimmy's young dick, but that didn't keep Jimmy from enjoying himself. John's hole clamped down tight around the white boy's cock.

And things got even better when the coach began to play with Jimmy's hot, tight, butthole. Alec got his prick spit-covered by the Indian boy, and then got behind Jimmy, who slowly fucked himself back on the coach's rampant rod. The coach moved forward so that Jimmy was in just the right position to impale himself on the coach's prick every time he pulled back while fucking John, but never pulled completely off the manrod when he shoved back into the Indian. And despite the humiliation, John was starting to get off on not only the actual fucking, but on the sensation of being helpless and used.

Jimmy was once again beginning to drift off into a pre-cum state, when the coach called another halt. This time he made Jimmy kneel down on the floor and press his forehead to the mat, and John got to mount him. Jimmy was loosened up from the coach's dick, so John's impressive meat didn't hurt -- just filled his warm and waiting hole! And then without warning, coach plunged full-length into John's tight hole!

John's shrill cry of pain and pleasure sent Jimmy crazy! He began fucking himself back on the Indian, squirming and twisting his slender butt, trying to get every possible inch of the squaw-boy's meat inside him. And meanwhile, Alec was shoving forward so hard that John could hardly move. But he didn't really want to. He was delirious from the pleasure sensations up his shitter and around his prick, and then he began spraying Jimmy's butthole with cum -- which set Jimmy off with a wild yell. But coach held back until the two boys were limp and sagging from their cums, before he began power-ramming his manrod into John's butt.

John tried to pull away, but the coach roughly held him in place, which meant Jimmy was forced to stay where he was, trapped on the mat, with John's wilting meat still up his ass. But Jimmy was enjoying himself. The rough fucking above him and John's whimpers of pain caused Jimmy's dick to get hard again.

"Hey, squaw-boy. Shut the fuck up."

Alec paused in mid-stroke at the sound of Jimmy's voice. That was just enough for Jimmy to start pushing himself back up on his knees; Alec let him. "Okay, coach, fuck the squaw-boy's ass and see if he can get hard enough to fuck me again."

Coach smiled. Even more humiliation for John! "You heard him, squaw-boy. Get that dick hard again and make this fuck worthwhile!"

John's "Yes, sir," was a barely heard whimper.

Coach started working his prick in and out of John's warm shitchute, while this time John began pumping his prick in Jimmy's hole. John's dick began to get hard again, and pretty soon it was at full mast.

"Okay, squaw-boy. Tell us how much you like being used." Alec's voice was rough and commanding, and surprisingly, so was Jimmy's, when he said, "Yeah, boy-pussy. Tell me how much you like my hole."

John was incredibly stiff now and almost motionless as Jimmy fucked himself back and forth on the Indian pole, while coach was ramming John's ass. "Oh, Christ, fuck me. Fuck me. I love it. Fuck me, use me, make me fuck you, make me take that big mandick up my shitter. Fuck me, fuuuuuuuuuuccck meeeeeeee!" John's scream was loud enough for the coach to clamp a large, hard hand around the boy's mouth, while at the same time he made a final full-length plunge into the Indian's warm, mushy hole and began spewing a gallon of mancum into the boypussy. That was enough to start John shooting and the first drop of Indian cum into Jimmy's ass increased the blur of Jimmy's hand on his own prick and started his second cumload spurting onto the floor.

Alec slid his mostly hard dick out of the Indian butt, and then made John clean off Jimmy's prick, suck his own cum out of Jimmy's hole, and then lick the coach's dick clean. Alec then sucked his cum out of John's ass and swallowed the warm combination of buttjuice and mancum. Jimmy started to pull his jeans up over his slim hips, but coach leaned forward and began to play with the boy's dick, while he pushed John's face down and forced him to suck on the coachprick. The coach's hot, tongue-lashing kiss made Jimmy's dick surge to life yet again, but the coach pulled away and Jimmy had to force the tight jeans on over his rigid cock. It sure made a gorgeous bulge down his thigh, though!

Coach held the Indian's head with both hands and began pumping a little. "When do I get to fuck your dad?"

Jimmy shook his head, and his stiff rod got a little bit harder at the thought. He wanted to fuck his father, too, and soon, but the idea of waiting to get into his dad's hole until right after the coach creamed in it was a real turn-on. The only problem was, he still hadn't figured out how to make it happen.

"Tell you what. Can you get your dad over to my place Friday evening?"

"Yeah, I guess. But what do I tell him?"

"Tell him I think you need some special training; that you have a lot of potential."

Jimmy smiled, hefted the coach's balls with his left hand, and reached around to squeeze his right index finger up the coach's tight hole. Withdrawing it, he sniffed the funky mansmell and licked it clean. "See you Friday!"

That Friday night, father and son were walking up the steps to Alec's house right on the dot of seven. Jimmy was smiling to himself, while his dad, for some reason, was a little nervous. Something wasn't quite right, but he didn't know what it was. Maybe it had started with dinner. Jimmy was a pretty good cook for someone so young, and the meal had been kind of special, but it was almost as if Jimmy had been pushing his dad to drink the three icy beers. Al had a bit of a buzz on!

And then there was the matter of clothes. Al had wanted to dress up in good slacks and a sport shirt since he was going to meet one of his son's teachers. Instead, Jimmy had somehow persuaded him to wear a pair of tight, faded jeans and a T-shirt that outlined his muscular upper torso. His bare feet were in a pair of worn Nikes. Jimmy was similarly dressed, although his jeans seemed to have been sprayed on with light blue paint. Al had been hard while he sipped his second beer, watching Jimmy get dressed. He'd gotten even harder when Jimmy slid his randy prick between his dad's lips, to slosh around in the cold beer in Al's mouth. Despite all this, though, he'd managed to squeeze himself into the jeans, and calm himself down so that instead of displaying a hardon as they walked out the door, he was just showing a nice bulge. On the way out, Al had stopped to look at the two of them in the hall mirror, and his face split with a wide grin of surprise. They were a sexy pair of studs! Jimmy was a slender, gorgeous kid, and hey, he wasn't so bad himself.

But the thing that probably made Al the most nervous was that on the drive over to the coach's house, Jimmy had kept playing with himself and his dad. Al had ordered him to stop, but Jimmy just said he couldn't keep his hands off his sexy stud father, and besides, the coach was a man, too, and he'd had hardons before, and probably seen them, too. And now here they were, walking up the steps, and the bulge in Al's jeans had grown to noticeable proportions, especially with the head of his dick clearly outlined by the skin-hugging soft fabric. Jimmy rang the doorbell, and as they waited for the coach to answer, Al turned his thoughts to non-sex items and was grateful to feel his dick begin to wilt.

Just then the door opened, and Alec stood framed by the hall lights behind him. No longer held back by his usual headband, his thick, wavy hair fell to his shoulders, gleaming in the light. The barefooted coach was wearing a tanktop that scooped down below his pecs and left his big nipples clearly visible, and a pair of cutoffs that were almost obscenely short. It was easy for father and son to tell that just like them, Alec wasn't wearing any underwear, either.

"C'mon in, guys. Glad you could make it, Mister Tanner." He stood aside to let them in. Al missed his son's quick grope of the teacher's basket, but didn't miss the "accidental" brushing of Alec's hand across the father's butt when Alec turned to close the door. Alec led the way into his living room.

"Sorry about the heat, but the air conditioning went out today. So all I've got is the fans going. Would you like a beer, Mr. Tanner?"

The immediate "Sure!" came from Jimmy, instead of his father. Alec smiled, and waved them to seats on the couch, while he went to the kitchen, and came back with a tray holding two frosty bottles of Bud, and a Coke for Jimmy. The coach sat down on a second couch across from the first, leaning back comfortably, and taking a swig of beer. Al started to do the same, and then almost choked on it as the coach spread his legs apart, and his cock and balls slid down his thigh to rest on the couch. They were clearly visible through the bottom of his cutoffs!

Al glanced quickly at Jimmy to see if he'd noticed, and he had! Jimmy tried to look as though he were slightly shocked, but trying to hide it, as he looked back at his dad. He must have been reasonably successful, although his dad frowned a little before taking another drink from the bottle. Although the room was actually fairly cool from the oscillating fan, the three males had a light sheen of sweat on their bodies. They made small talk for a while, about school and Al's construction work and coaching a swimming team, and all the while Alec acted as if he was completely unaware that one of his young students and the boy's father could see the teacher's fat prickhead and heavy balls.

Then the beers were gone, and Alec stood up to get refills. His shorts had ridden up, but he still acted as if he had no idea the bottoms of his balls were showing below the fringe of his shorts.

Al's nervousness had increased, if anything. Nothing was directly said about sex, but it seemed to be there as a constant undertone. With the coach out of the room, Al whispered to Jimmy, "What the fuck is going on here?"

Jimmy gave a silent shrug, but Al started to get his answer when the coach came back with two more beers in his hands, but with his tanktop gone. Alec sat down, raised his beer in salute, took a long swallow, and then rubbed his right tit as if scratching something. Only it began to get hard -- visibly. Just like his dick.

"Mr. Tanner?"

With a start, Al realized he had been caught staring at the coach's crotch. He quickly looked the coach in the eyes.

"Do you know why I asked you to come over tonight?"

"Well, Jimmy said something about special training...."

"Actually, Mr. Tanner, it was to talk about child molesting."

The room became deadly silent except for the hum of the fans. Al had gone pale beneath his sunburnt skin.

"I understand you've been sucking your son's dick and fucking his ass."

"Jimmy!" His father's anguished voice was almost more than Jimmy could bear; he couldn't look at his father.

"You know what happens to child molesters in prison?" The coach's voice was cold and hard, and his unblinking stare kept Al's eyes locked on his -- and away from Alec's huge hardon.

Al winced in pain, shut his eyes and slumped back on the couch.

"Well, I'm going to show you what happens. Maybe that will make you think again before fucking with your own kid."

"You what?" Al opened his eyes and sat up straight. He found himself staring directly at nine hard inches of dick, with a large, clear drop of precum oozing out. The coach was naked.

"You faggot cocksucking..." Al started to surge up off the coach but Alec was even stronger than he looked, and pushed him back down.

"You've got a choice, Mr. Tanner. Me or the police and prison."

There was a long silence as Al realized where his incestuous lust had put him. He nodded.

Alec gave Jimmy a quick, reassuring grin and mouthed "Relax!" over Al's bowed head.


"Yes, coach?"

"Move over here."

"Now hold it. He's not gonna stay around...."

Alec stared Al into silence. "He stays. And he watches. And the first thing he's going to watch is his dad stripping off." Alec sat down on the couch again, and picked up his beer. He was an incredible sight, with his strong, well-muscled legs spread wide and that nine-inch slab of meat rising straight up from a thick nest of crotch hair. He leaned back and took a drink and waved Jimmy into a position between the couches, at the point of a triangle with the two men as the other points.

The coach stroked his dick lightly as Al bent over to pull off his shoes, and then stood up to get rid of the T-shirt. He hesitated, and then unbuttoned the jeans, pulled them down over taut white buns and massive, hairy legs, and stepped out of them. He stood nervously, completely soft.

"Sit down. Just like me. And have some more beer." Al did what he was told. He and the coach were in mirror positions, with legs wide and two sets of heavy manballs laying on the couches. Al gulped some more beer and pulled on his limp dick.

"Jimmy. Get naked."

Jimmy stood up halfway between the two couches, so both men could see him, and kicked off his shoes, and then started on his own T-shirt.

"Now you just wait a goddamned minute...."

"It's okay, dad. It's okay. I'll do what he wants."

Al should have said something more, but the problem was, the sight of his son's partially naked body was such a turn-on and he was so obsessed with it these past two weeks that he couldn't say a word. Hell, obsessed was putting it mildly. The day after his co-worker had found -- and watched -- Al jacking off into the urinal before work, the man had offered to take care of him if he needed it. So every morning at work, even after fucking the shit out of his son, sometimes almost literally, Al had fucked some manmouth and gotten his rocks off again. And all the while he was fantasizing about his son.

There was no fantasy now. By the time Jimmy was nude with his rigid boymeat oozing clear precum, Al was hard again. He drank some more beer and looked at his son's coach, sitting in bare-assed splendor on the couch, drinking beer and fisting that enormous dick. Both adults took some more beer as they played with themselves and watched each other, and watched Jimmy.

"Suck your daddy's prick, Jimmy."

The boy kneeled between his dad's spread, hard-muscled thighs, and began to lick and slurp the fatherly fucktube. Al stared intently at the coach, who licked his lips sensuously, and increased the stroke on his own meat. He reached down beside his couch, took out a small bottle, twisted off the cap, and inhaled the poppers several times. His lust-filled eyes bored into Al's. "You won't get hot little boys in prison, Al. So enjoy it now."

Alec's skin flushed as the poppers took effect and he walked over to the couch father and son were on. "Inhale." Al had never taken a hit off poppers before, but suddenly he was off in a haze, aware of the sweet feel of boylips on his meat, but mesmerized by the enormous coach-dick that was in front of him at mouth level. The only person he'd ever sucked was his son, but suddenly he found himself wanting Alec's prick. He opened his mouth willingly and the large head slid in. Alec took another hit off the poppers and made Al do the same.

"Move away, Jimmy, and watch the action. See, in prison, a pervert like your dad gets made into a punk; they use him. They fuck his mouth; they fuck his ass; they piss on him or in him; they sell him." Alec roughly held Al's head to his crotch and began pumping his prick in and out as far as he could go. For all his inexperience, Al was learning quick and the coach was beginning to really enjoy the blowjob, especially since Al suddenly relaxed after more poppers and began deepthroating the coach-meat. Hardly anyone could do that with the coach's prick, and he began to quiver a little in ecstasy at the tight, hot sensation of Al's throat muscles convulsing around the prickhead.

Jimmy was nearly out of his mind at the sight of his dad and the coach getting it on. He was beating his own boymeat frantically.

But the coach didn't let himself come...not yet. He pulled his dick out of Al's mouth, and stepped back. Al not only hadn't gone soft, he was leaking precum in an almost steady stream, and breathing heavily. He glanced over at Jimmy, expecting to see a frightened boy, needing reassurance. Instead, he saw a randy teenaged stallion, pumping his meat and watching the action closely. What the fuck? Something weird was going on here.

Alec noticed the by-play, and before Al could say anything, the coach yanked him off the couch and made him get down on the floor, resting his weight on his knees and forearms. His white ass was up in the air, his dark, hairy hole visible. But he knew what was going to happen now and it scared the hell out of him. He'd never had anything up his ass except shit! Logically, if Jimmy's slender butt and tiny hole could take all of his dad's prick, Al's hole could expand for the coach's monster cock. But Al wasn't operating on logic now. He was operating on semi-panic. His sphincter clamped tight, like a trapdoor.

And then he felt a delicate touch on his hole, moist, and then a stroke. Somebody was licking his hole! In spite of himself, he squirmed toward the tongue with pleasure. The coach's voice was a shock. "In prison, Al, they don't lick your hole to get it nice and wet. They dry-fuck you. But I'm going to be nice. I'm letting your son wet down your raunchy shithole, and now he's sucking my dick, and getting it slick."

Both men got another long hit off the poppers and then Al felt the pressure of the coach's fat dickhead pressing into his hole. And that's when everything clicked into place. He'd been set up! And Jimmy had been part of it! But instead of an angry explosion coming out of his mouth just then, it was a cry of pain and pleasure, as Alec's dickhead entered his hole, and then came the first inch of shaft.

"You bastards!" Al grunted as another two inches moved up inside him. "You set me up!"

Alec was two-thirds of the way into the scorching hot virgin hole. "Yeah. We did. I've been pleasuring this boypussy of yours for a couple of weeks, and decided I wanted to ride your ass. You want me to stop?" Alec punctuated the question by sliding the rest of the way in. Al felt like a telephone pole was up his butt.

But he was also harder than he'd ever been, except for his times with Jimmy. He pushed back against Alec's firm body in reply. Alec began with a slow stroke. Jimmy moved around to kneel in front of his dad and jack off, while Al licked his balls. His dad was grinning now as that dadhole began generating waves of warm pleasure for the first time.



"We've never met. So how...."

"My cousin works with you. He's seen you in the showers on site a couple of times, and described you."

All the while they were talking, the stroke speed was slowly increasing. "So? Who is he?"

"The guy who's been giving you blowjobs in the morning."

"Holy shit!"

"He's even been carrying lube with him in hopes you'd fuck him."

"I will! I...ahhhhh, Christ, that feels good." Alec was moving in and out of the dad-shithole now, and Jimmy was feeling them both up. Words that he never expected to hear began spewing out of his dad's mouth. "C'mon, you cocksucking faggot. Shove that prick up my hole. Ram that meat home, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, fuck my ass, gimme your cum." Alec's prick was a blur as it stroked in and out of Al's volcanic hole, and Al balanced himself on his left hand and began beating his meat with his right. Both adults took long, long hits off the popper bottle, and then they were lost in a fuck-haze, Jimmy forgotten. All that was important now was that nine-inch bull dick plunging full-length again and again and again into Al's willing hole.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck that butt, cream my guts, ohhhh, baby, fuck me with that coachstick, fuck me, fuck me, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme!" Jimmy couldn't believe that his stud father was yelling and begging to have his hole punched by the coach! But he was, and the fuck-me-fuck-me! chant kept getting louder as the two men writhed and heaved and slammed against one another, strong masculine bodies pounding and then they both screamed in ecstasy as they began blasting loads of cum everywhere.

Jimmy barely stopped himself from cumming! But he remembered coach's promise, so he held back, and just played with his dick as he watched the two adults. Alec was slumped over Al's back, both their chests heaving as they fought to gain breath and regain control. The coach slowly slid his dick out of the well- fucked dadhole. Al sat up on his haunches and lifted a cum- dripping hand. Alec leaned over and gently licked it clean. The two men stared at one another, something kindling in their eyes, and they leaned forward and kissed.

Jimmy was jealous! Sure, he and his dad had kissed, and he'd kissed the coach. But those kisses were in the heat of fucking. This one between the two men was different. Very different. Jimmy got up to leave but stumbled, and the men broke the kiss. Simultaneously realizing what was wrong, they reached out to grab Jimmy, and draw him to them. The two men and the boy were kneeling on the floor -- and both men were suddenly hard again, their eyes bright with lust for each other, and, they both realized, for the handsome boy between them.

"Want to fuck?" Alec asked.

"How about cumming up my hole?" Al asked.

"Or giving both of us a load?"

Jimmy looked at his dad and his coach. Something special was about to happen, he knew it. The men glanced at each other, and without words, turned their backs to Jimmy and knelt on the floor so their buttholes were available. Jimmy could hardly believe it. The coach and his own dad were in the same positions he and the Indian boy had been in!

Jimmy was leaking so much precum, he didn't bother with spit. He just mounted his dad's cummy hole and began pumping. The poppers were passed around and then Jimmy switched over to Alec's butt. Once again, he didn't need spit since his prick was slick with the coach's own cum and Al's buttjuices. The two men were kissing and beating their meat, while the teenaged stud mounted and remounted them. And even though his dick wasn't the holefiller they each had, the fact that it was randy teenaged prick, very young teenaged prick, was an incredible turn-on.

But the men knew that they had to do something to make Jimmy understand that he wasn't going to be left out, that he was part of something great that had just started. So when Jimmy got inside his dad again, Alec asked, "You mind if I fuck you while you're fucking your dad?"

He was being asked, instead of ordered! The jealousy was gone, and he could only nod. Then he managed to say, "But you better hurry, I, I'm real close."

Alec knelt behind the fucking pair. "Hold on, Jimmy. Just wait." The coach licked and slurped on the boy's rosy, pink, tight asspucker, which began to relax immediately. "Fuck me, coach, just spit on that dick and fuck me!" Alec eagerly complied, and Jimmy almost came from the sensation of that monstrous meat sliding easily into his experienced hole while he was fucking his own father. And Al was in seventh heaven, too, with young prick up his butt -- the kind of young dick he knew now that he craved -- and with the knowledge that his son's boypussy was also being ravaged and pleasured by the massive coachmeat.

The poppers made the rounds again and again until the three fuckers were totally fogged out and moving in a rhythm that kept gaining speed. The room was silent except for the hiss of the fans and the ragged, heavy breathing as coach dick slammed into boyhole and son prick slammed into dad hole and dad's meat was being beat off by the coach's hand. The three males squirmed and writhed against each other, dripping sweat, boy smell and funky man smell mingling with the poppers and cum and assjuices, and hard pricks sliding in and out of greasy, slick holes, faster and faster, and their cries got louder and louder, and faster dick pumping and faster and faster until suddenly, incredibly, they were all shooting at the exact same time! Wave after wave of hot, steamy cum splattering asswalls and dripping off of Alec's hand, again and again and again, until they were thoroughly drained.

Slowly they came back to reality, and then slowly, almost lovingly, they completed the ritual they would repeat again and again in the future: Alec and Jimmy licking the dad cum off Alec's hand and sharing it with Al; Al and Alec sucking out Jimmy's hole and sharing Alec's cum three ways, and Jimmy and Alec sucking out the cum mixture inside Al, and once again sharing. Greedily, they swallowed their loads of cum and assjuice and sweat.

They fell asleep in a tangled, sweaty heap on the floor. Jimmy woke up when the coach's warm mouth sucked him to a full hardon. He opened his eyes to see his dad mounting the coach's butthole for the first time. That really turned him on! He started face-fucking Alec in time to the buttfucking that was making the coach squirm with lust. Al passed the poppers around, and began pumping harder, while Alec beat his own randy meat. There was a hell of a weekend ahead!