(Hardon High 03)

by Marc Tremaine

WARNING: If you are offended by sex between men, sex between teenaged boys, or sex between a man and a teenager--where some of them may be related by blood, marriage or just plain lust--you shouldn't be in this newsgroup and you definitely shouldn't be reading this story. If this type of sex is illegal, immoral or fattening in your particular state, province, country, or bedroom, stop reading now and go away. If, according to your local laws, you're under age, no fair peeking below. This story is a fantasy, and any resemblance to any particular man, teenager, penis or other anatomical part is just your over-active imagination.

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Head Coach

The coach was horny!

More than usual, that is. He seemed to have a perpetual hardon lately. At first he'd thought maybe it was because he hadn't had his ass plowed with a big dick in a long time, so last night, after his nephew was asleep, he'd gone over to John's house and gotten his butt royally fucked with eleven inches of fat prick. He'd even blown a wad himself at the same time his gut was being filled with cum. He'd told John what a great fuck it was, but he was lying. He still felt nervous and angry and horny.

This morning he'd decided to try something else--David Johnson, the English teacher who'd recently transferred to this school, had a nice, tight ass, and was always ready for a quick fuck, even if it meant delaying one of his classes. The coach used his master key to let himself into the teacher's office, only to find that if he wanted to fuck the teacher, he'd have to wait in line! Two of the coach's basketball players were already in the office, and David was bent over his desk, while the black athlete was just beginning to slide his dick into the teacher's eager hole. The second athlete was stroking his own prick, watching the fuck scene in front of him. Everyone was still dressed, just with their pants around their ankles.

The coach was almost as surprised to see these two, as they were when the door opened! These two guys were supposed to be straight studs, who'd already fucked or eaten their way through most of the girl-cunt in the school. In fact, they seemed to do it on double dates most of the time. The black athlete towered over everyone in the office, at slightly more than seven feet tall, with a dick size that nearly matched his height. He froze in place, legs bent, the head of his incredibly wide prick firmly grasped by David's butthole. The white boy just stood there, too, with his hand on his own, dripping meat.

"You want to shut the door before we really get a crowd in here?" David asked with a smile that was half annoyance and half unsated lust.

The coach pulled the door closed behind him, and raised his eyebrows at the trio. The black senior and the white sophomore couldn't find anything to say, but David just grinned at their embarrassment--and shoved his butt back so that more of the black meat slid inside. The ballplayer gasped. "Seems both these guys are having trouble with some of my classes, and they need passing grades to stay on the team."

Now why the hell would they be having problems with English? thought the coach. Either one of them is fucking smarter than anybody on the team--me included.

"I thought this was a fair solution to their problem." David shoved his butt back again, and several more well-lubed inches sank in. "Made them come here together, since they're such good friends, and seem to do all their fucking around together. The deal is, if they both do a good job fucking me, well...."

The black boy couldn't stand it! He had to get the rest of his dick inside a hole that was hotter and tighter than anything he'd ever had before, even if the coach was going to throw them both off the team! He shoved the rest of his meat into the teacher's butt, and this time it was David's turn to gasp with lust. Christ! Did he love the feel of bristly crotch hair scraping his buttcheeks!

"C'mon, stud! You don't get an A if you don't fuck!"

It was the white boy who answered. "But...the coach....."

David's breathing was starting to get a little ragged, but he hadn't missed the bulge in the coach's pants. "You want to tell them?"

The coach grinned at the two athletes. "Relax, guys, I came here for the same reason. Your teacher's a hell of a good fuck. Go ahead and enjoy."

The black senior already was. He'd been slowly pumping his teacher's ass. The white sophomore just stared at the joining of black meat and white butt, while he frigged his prick; then he looked up at the senior's face. The coach saw the look and then looked down at David--who grinned and winked at him. It was a set-up! What the two boys really wanted was each other, only they weren't ready to admit it yet. Normally, the coach would have just left, but for some reason, he decided to stay and help.

He dropped his sweat pants and pulled out his own large cock, while he moved to stand next to the white boy. The boy almost jumped out of his skin when the coach began playing with the boy's dick. And then the coach shifted the boy's hand to the coach's meat. "Have to keep each other hard, while we wait our turn, huh?"

The white boy just nodded, his concentration once again on his buddy, who was fucking their English teacher. The two continued their mutual jackoff, while the black boy began seriously ramming home. "Let's help him."

"Huh?" The white boy stopped pumping the coach's meat and looked at him.

"What's the matter? Haven't you ever helped him get off when you were out fucking on dates together?"

"Shit, no! I never...."

The black player stopped in mid-stroke, and then started again, more slowly. "Oh, yeah? And whose hand was that on my ass, playing with my hole and my balls while I was pumping Josie last week?"

The white boy glared at his friend, who was grinning. "Yeah, well...I guess it was my imagination about your hand underneath my ass with a finger up my hole when I was getting that blowjob from Lynne!"

"We both got a hell of an imagination. I even imagined the funky smell of your hole when I licked my finger off later."

The two athletes were staring intently at each other. The black boy stopped fucking. David smiled regretfully, since he knew was was coming next. He spoke up. "A guy's hole is nice and tight, isn't it?"

"Yeah, man, sure is."

"Better than girl-pussy?"

"Shit, yeah."

"And with the right guy, you could probably come better than you ever have before."

The two boys were eye-locked, almost not-breathing. The oh, fuck, yeah! was in their expressions. The coach reached onto the desk for the lube, dipped his fingers in it, and rammed a greasy finger up the white boy's butt. The kid didn't even grunt. "Yeah, coach, get my hole good and greasy. Shove a couple of fingers up my butt so it gets a little loosened up. The right dick is gonna go in the right hole, right now."

There was room enough on the desk for two studs to be bent over it. The white boy quickly peeled off his T-shirt and stepped out of his pants. Naked except for his shoes and socks, he bent over so that his own prick was mashed under his belly on the desktop. The black boy slowly pulled his prick out of the teacher's hole. It was fucking huge! And shining with grease and assjuice and precum. But the coach was still ready and eager to fill the gap. And he did!

He rammed his prick up David's gaping hole, and then they moved aside so they could watch two mansex virgins lose their virginity. The black stud tried to be gentle, but the white boy must have been wanting it for too long, and now that he'd finally admitted it--and publicly--he wasn't about to wait any longer. He shoved his butt back and got his shitter full of boyprick for the first time! And that was all it took! The white boy's scorching hot virgin ass was so tight, that combined with the "prep" work from David's hole, the black boystud on top began shooting a monster load of cum! That was enough to set off the white boy, and David as well, who had been fisting his own meat while watching the hot boy-action up close.

The coach still hadn't come yet. But he kept on pumping David's willing hole, the hot, tight manhole he'd always enjoyed, but his eyes kept coming back to the two teenagers beside them. There was a satisfied plop! as the black boy pulled out of the well-filled hole. Telling himself it was just like playing with a man's dick, because it was so huge, the coach reached out and began fondling the greasy black cock. And then he put a couple of fingers inside the white boy's hole, pulled out more cum, and while the two boys watched in near-shock, he began licking his fingers clean, and blasting a wad in the teacher's hole at the same time!

There was still another hour before David's next class. The coach left the three of them in David's office, all naked now, and playing with each other. The coach was sure at least another two cumloads were going to find their way up David's butt before the class started!

But he still wasn't satisfied. He'd been fucked by the studliest man in town; he'd fucked another willing hunk. But it wasn't enough. Well, there was always a blowjob from his assistant. Alec was a great cocksucker...and it was one of the nice perks about this job. There were a lot of men like David on the high school faculty and staff, who got their rocks off fucking and sucking boys, even real young teenagers. The coach had always thought the idea of fooling around with kids was kind of disgusting, but the tradeoff for his silence was that he got to use the men as fucktoys whenever he was in the mood. And Christ, he was in the mood today!

He knew Alec was usually in his office early, so he let himself in again with his master key. He'd been right. Alec was there...sandwiched between two of his young boystuds, one of them eagerly ramming his prick up Alec's firm-muscled butt, while Alec's nine-inch cock was doing the same up the squirming, gleaming golden-brown ass of the teenager in front of him. The coach's meat surged to a roaring hardon. He was surrounded by boystuds this morning! So he decided to get his rocks off with Alec anyway. Let the kids watch a real man get his dick sucked!

Alec hadn't bothered to look at the door when he heard it open, since the only people who had keys besides him were people who were into the same fuck scenes. But even his fuck-glazed eyes widened when he realized it was his boss--and that the coach was stripping off! The boys took their cue from Alec. The redhead continued reaming out Alec's hole, while the Italian boypussy on the bottom moaned from the heat in his belly as Alec's dick continued its own hard thrusts--all the while they watched the stud coach get naked.

In moments the coach was bare-assed, stalking toward the fuck group on the floor, his own eight-inch meat rigid and thrusting straight out from his hairy belly, over fat, low-hanging balls. Thrusting straight out...and seconds later, straight down Alec's throat in one hard, deep stroke. Alec was in fuck heaven! Boydick up his ass; his own prick buried deep in boyass, and his throat stuffed to choking with hot manmeat! And manmeat that had only recently cum up some stud's ass, from the scents and tastes assailing his nose and talented mouth.

The coach shut his eyes and threw his head back, enjoying the moist slurping mouth gulping on his dick, but the whimpering lusty moans of the two boys distracted him and he looked down and got a really good look, up close, at what was going on. Tony was writhing on the bottom of the fuck heap, his hands clutching and stroking the coach's hairy, muscular calves. But the sight that suddenly began to turn on the coach was the sweat-slick back of Alec and the long curved boydick that was pumping in and out of Alec's ass, all the way up to the boy's rich red thatch of crotch hair, matted against his body with sweat and precum and assjuice.

The coach pulled his dick out of Alec's mouth, and knelt down beside the trio. His right hand started playing with the plump young boyballs humping against Alec's ass, while his left hand played with huge, hairy manballs banging against the sweaty olive-skinned butt of the Italian boystud Alec was fucking. Alec turned his head toward the coach in surprise--the coach never fooled around with the boys! And then the coach leaned forward and began kissing his assistant hard, thrusting his tongue down Alec's throat, while his hands began roaming and tweaking and caressing and pulling on the three horny bodies in front of him.

Go with it! Alec balanced himself on one hand and began beating off the coach, while the boys began to go crazy with lust! Every boy who was part of the special group was horny for the coach, but up to now he'd been strictly off limits--all he did was fuck with the men. Sometimes, they'd had a chance to watch, when the coach didn't know, but he'd never touched any of them before, and now here he was in a fuck scene, squeezing their tits, playing with their balls, fingerfucking Ben's hot tight boypucker. Ben couldn't stand it! He went right over the fucking edge, ramming his slimy boyprick full length into Alec's hot ass and spurting wad after wad of steaming cum up the manhole.

Unless he was exercising strict control, warm boycum up his butt inevitably made Alec shoot off, too--which he promptly did now, just as Tony's warm gism began shooting out in a steady stream to coat the boy's chest and splatter Alec's as well. And then the coach joined the crowd with an incredible ballbusting cum that spouted all over Alec and the two boys. The coach sagged back on his haunches, a half-smile on his face as Alec licked some of the mancream off his hand. Ben pulled his limp prick out of Alec's ass, and Tony scrambled over to lick him clean, and then he clamped his eager hot mouth right on Alec's raw hole and shot his tongue as far inside as he could, sucking and slurping his best friend's cum out of the well-fucked assistant coach.

The coach felt a slight stirring of his own meat as he watched all this, and the other three responded with slow twitches as their own cocks began to lengthen. But the coach stood up, and then bent over to give Alec another long, slow, deep-throating kiss. Alec's dick surged to full staff immediately! And then the coach blew the minds of the two boys: he kissed each one of them! Not just some gentle kiss, but a rough man-kiss, pulling them into his arms and groping their butts and fingering their asses until he felt their hot young dicks raging hard against his belly. He set them panting on their feet, groped and stroked their stiff, slimy dicks; licked his palms clean, and then quickly pulled on his clothes and walked out. He left behind three stunned studs.

He hadn't bothered to put his jock back on, so his thick meat, half-hard again, was swinging freely inside his sweat pants, as he walked through the locker room. He was concentrating so hard on his plans that he walked around a corner and right into one of his naked students, knocking him backwards. The coach had quick reflexes, and grabbed the boy before he could fall, but he pulled too hard and the boy came forward, reaching out to balance himself--and winding up with a handful of coach dick!

The boy froze with embarrassment...and more than a little lust...feeling the warm meat pulse against his palm. He started to jerk his hand away, only to find the coach's massive hand clamped on his wrist. "You like playing with my dick, Ron?" the coach's deep voice asked.

"Uh, no, coach. It...it was an accident. I...." Ron's head was down, but he couldn't take his eyes off the thick cock that was twitching under the coach's sweat pants, and he knew his own slender prick had gotten hard the moment he'd touched the coach. He only stopped talking because he was in a state of shock. The coach's other hand was playing with Ron's stiff young prick!

"Pull my pants down!"

Ron looked up at that, his eyes wide with fright. "H...here?"

The coach freed the boy's hand and began playing with his tits, and caressing his body. "Pull 'em down, Ron." The boy obeyed and once the sweat pants were down around the coach's hard, muscular thighs, the boy found himself staring at eight inches of throbbing hard adult dick. It was a fucking jackoff fantasy come true.

Then the coach lifted him up so he was standing on one of the benches in front of the lockers--right out where anybody could come along and see them. "Beat your meat, Ron. Beat that hot young boymeat so that you shoot your wad all over this fat hard manprick. Start working that prick, boy!" Ron balanced himself with his left hand on the coach's shoulder, and started to follow the coach's orders, while the coach caressed him and tweaked his tits, and groped his butt, and then moved closer so he could slide his thick manmeat right under Ron's slender young dick and right between Ron's sweaty thighs.

It was too much for the boy. He began spurting shots of boyjuice almost immediately, liberally coating the coach's dick and shooting into the thick belly hair. The boy sagged in the coach's arms, but he wasn't through yet. The coach made him lick his own cum off the coach's meat, and then stand up on the bench again. The coach gently pulled the boy into his arms, and one massive hand clasped him behind the head and brought their mouths together. It was the boy's first male-to-male kiss, and he responded with another instant hardon, as the coach's hot tongue slowly pushed between the youngster's lips, and slowly sucked out the boycum.

That was when the applause started.

Petrified, the boy tried to pull away, but the coach wouldn't let him; instead, they went on kissing, with the coach pulling on the boy's meat until Ron was squirming and moaning again with lust. Then the coach stopped and let him look. Their audience consisted of Alec, Ben, Tony and two other boys--and they were all naked, and all hard. Ron blushed a bright red over his entire body--but his dick stayed hard.

The coach swatted him lightly on the butt, and then pulled up his sweat pants. "You like to fuck, Ron?"

"I...don't know. I've never...."

"That's okay. They'll show you." He looked over at the group of eager studs who were moving closer. "Teach him about fucking, guys...but leave his butthole for me. I want some virgin ass after track tomorrow." The coach looked at the horny boy still standing on the bench, and stroked the randy cock. "You think you might like to have my meat up your ass?" The coach beat Ron's prick slowly, and began shoving a spit-slick finger inside the boy's crack and into his hole. The boy began moving back to meet the finger the instant it began to pass the assring.

This was one hot boycunt! The coach left Ron to his education at the hands of the others, and quickly went back to his office. For the sake of appearances he stripped and put his jock back on, stuffing his dick inside, and then quickly slipped on a tee-shirt, and sneakers without socks. He grabbed his gym bag, stuffed his wallet, change, comb, and a few other items inside, and headed into the parking lot.

More than one admiring--or lustful--look was directed his way as he jogged toward his car, the thin tee-shirt already plastered to his bulky chest, and the well-filled dick pouch still noticeable underneath his sweat pants. Once in the car, he reached down and pulled the jock aside so his cock and balls were free, and as he started to drive away he pulled the elastic band of his pants down below his balls so that his randy prick was standing straight up between his legs.

He was paying so much attention to the pleasure he was giving himself, that he didn't notice that Ted Broderick, the football team's star quarterback, had pulled up next to him in a pickup truck that put him high enough to look down into the coach's car and get a shocked eyeful of the school's rough, tough coach beating his meat while he was driving off from school! Ted even saw clear precum start to ooze from the deep red dickhead, and then the coach was gone. Ted drove to the gym in a daze, appalled by what he had seen, and not sure why he had a roaring hardon right then, either.

By some feat of incredible self-control, the coach managed to get his dick soft enough to fit back inside the jock by the time he pulled into his driveway. He touched a button on the dashboard, and the garage door swung open, but instead of being able to drive in, he found his way blocked by a strange car. Leaving the door open, he pulled his own car to one side and then got out. As he started in the house, he realized the car must belong to one of Cody's friends, who had given him a ride home from school.

The coach glanced at his watch. What the--. Cody shouldn't be home from school for another couple of hours. So what was going on?

He found out a few minutes later when he very quietly opened the door to his bedroom. He was greeted by the sight of a pair of naked, taut buttcheeks clenching and unclenching as their owner thrust his hips forward. The man was tall, and well-built--if his butt and legs were any indication--with a pair of dress pants and jockey shorts around his ankles, a suit coat and vest tossed on the floor, and a not-so-crisp white shirt bunched up around his waist. All the coach could see of the recipient of those hard butt-thrusts was two sleek, muscular calves and thighs and feet.

The man stood upright while the coach watched, his hands gripping the waist of whoever was on the bed, although the coach had a pretty damned good idea who it was, and began harder and faster fuck strokes. Both of them were moaning in lust. So naturally, that's when the coach coughed--loudly.

He had a hard time keeping a straight face when two panic-stricken faces turned towards him...especially when he saw who the man was. He'd half-expected to see that it was his nephew on the bed, but he hadn't expected to find out that the man was Steve Donovan, the newly-elected, young, hot stud prosecuting attorney in the next county. As the coach walked toward the bed, Steve's face was grey and ashen beneath the striking tan that set off his piercing green eyes and close-cropped blond hair.

"How long have you been fucking young boys, Mr. D.A.?"

Steve flinched, and then said, "I...have nothing to say."

"Well, get your goddamned dick out of my nephew's asshole." As Steve slowly pulled his dick out, the coach ordered Cody to stay where he was, which was on his hands and knees, with his gleaming white boybutt up in the air. Carefully, the coach watched as a long powerful length of stud meat withdrew from the boy's asshole. Steve was still almost completely hard, his dick shining with assjuice and precum and sweat, and a sheen of perspiration dripping down his face. He managed to look the angry-seeming coach in the eyes.

"All those women aren't enough for you?"

The coach's glare compelled Steve to answer with a silent shake of his head.

"Fucking men doesn't work, either?" Again, the coach's eyes pinned Steve, who softly answered, "No."

"I know all about your type, mister. You prefer sex with men, over women, but you try to hide it. Only you still manage to get as much mansex as you possibly can. And you don't care how, either. You'll fuck or be fucked, or suck dick, or get yours sucked, or beat off. And then, all of a sudden, you wake up one day so horny you can't stand it, and you get your rocks off a couple of time with some men, and you're still horny, and then you realize that what you really want is some hot tight boypussy. Right?"

All through the tirade that was so accurate it was like being struck with repeated heavy blows, Steve still managed to stay on his feet, but the shock of discovery was hitting him hard, and he was swaying slightly like a punch-drunk fighter.

"How'd you meet my nephew?"

Cody started to answer but a gesture from his uncle cut him off.

Steve took a deep breath. "I...we met in the park. You...you were right about today. The janitor in my building is gay, and knows I like men, so I had him fuck me bent over the kitchen table, and I shot a wad all over my breakfast." Steve grinned. "I ate it anyway. My own cream for my coffee.... Then I stopped at the baths on the way to work and got a quick blowjob, and sucked off a couple of guys in the steamroom. But I was still horny, so I took the afternoon off and drove over here to the park. I figured I'd find somebody for a quick fuck in the john or in the bushes.

"That's when I saw...your nephew. He was lying on his back on a blanket, headphones on, and wearing just a tiny bikini swimsuit. Christ, I got a fucking hardon like I hadn't cum for months! And as soon as I saw him I knew what I wanted. I wanted him! I walked over to him, and just stood there, trying to figure out what to say, while he listened to the music with his eyes shut, kind of grinding his butt against the ground.

"And then I noticed the bulge in his bikinis was getting bigger, and when I managed to look at his face again, his eyes were open and he was smiling at me. It's not important how, but obviously we wound up here. Look, I accept full responsibility...."

"You're fucking right you do. He's only fourteen. And that's rape."

Steve shut his eyes, and his shoulders slumped. His dick had finally gotten him into trouble he wasn't going to get out of. Or was he....

Steve felt a pair of hands loosening his tie, and starting to take it off, as the coach's voice said, "Of course, you can't rape the willing, can you? And you are willing right now, aren't you? Very willing?"

The prosecutor could only nod, as his shirt and tie were removed, and he was gently pushed down on the bed, while the rest of his clothes were stripped off. But lust overcame amazement as the coach quickly got naked and the pair on the bed were treated to the sight of his raging hardon.

"Ever had boypussy before today, Steve?"


The coach pulled Steve to his feet by grabbing his dick. He began jerking the lawyer's prick and Steve instinctively began to do the same to the coach.

"You like my nephew's boyhole?"

"Goddamn right, I do." Steve's eyes were sharp and bright, and his chest was heaving slightly, as he realized his dick had got him into and out of trouble.

"Well, Steve, I'll let you in on a secret. My day was pretty much like yours, except for two things. I got to watch a sophomore basketball player get fucked for the first time, by a black stud senior who has to have ten or more inches of meat. And I got to play with the dicks and holes of two sophomores over at the high school--while one was fucking my assistant, and the other was getting fucked by him. Think you might like that, too?"

"Oh, Christ, yeah, man." Steve's rigid prick was leaking precum again in a steady stream, making the coach's belly hair slick and sticky.

"And then when I was on my way out of the locker room, I made this freshman beat his meat off on top of mine, and lick his cum off, and then kiss me and give me his cum." Steve was moaning and beating his own meat, while the coach worked on his tits.

And all the while Cody just lay on the bed, freaked out of his mind. His straight stud uncle was putting on a fucking sex show right in front of him! And it was a great show with two hunks writhing against each other and playing with each other and talking dirty. Cody shut his eyes and lay out flat, stroking his firm young cock.

"On your knees, boy!" Cody's eyes flew open at the powerful command from his uncle. He found himself staring at the painfully hard rods of two horny men. Cody got in the same position he had been in when his uncle had walked in. His uncle stood behind him, the dripping head of his dick just touching the boy's quivering asspucker. The coach grinned at Steve. "You cum before I got here?"

"No." Steve was fisting his meat again, lustfully staring at the almost-joining of the coach's prick with his nephew's hole.

"Well, the rest of my secret is that as far as boypussy goes, I'm a virgin, too. So what do you say we get ourselves a piece of hot stud boyass?"

"Fuckin' right, stud. Lemme help."

The lawyer reached down and began guiding the coach's dick into Cody's eager hole. He watched as it slid in smoothly on the grease and assjuice that was still liberally coating the asswalls from the earlier fuck session. The coach fucked the boy quickly and roughly, riding the stud boybutt hard and fast, not caring whether the boy liked it or not, although he did! And then he yanked his meat out, almost turning the asshole inside out, and moved Steve into place, taking his turn at guiding manmeat into his nephew's churning hole.

They began taking turns. Four, five, ten quick hard strokes, and then out and switch places, and beat your own meat, and play with the manballs and boyballs, and then switch again, and again, and again. Cody was lost in lust. He was a mindless fucktoy who had already shot twice without a hand on his dick by the time the coach went over the edge and began ramming home harder and faster, thrusting deep with every powerful stroke so that the boy was almost lifted up off the bed, and then he could feel the fire hose spray of his uncle's boiling hot cum coating his asshole.

And then his uncle's dick was gone, only to be replaced by the other virgin dick who reamed his ass, slipping and sliding on the thick layer of cum that was dripping out of the boy's hole. Steve, too, went out of his fucking mind. He was like some savage animal as he grabbed the boy's hips and pounded the boy's hole with hip-jarring strokes, until he, too, began spewing load after load of steaming cum into Cody's hole while he screamed out his lust in a yell that seemed to shake the walls, until the coach's hand clamped down on him.

Steve nodded to indicate he was under control, although he was having trouble breathing, as was the coach. The coach dropped his hand. What a fucking fantastic way to lose at least one type of virginity!

Cody was flat out on his stomach on the bed, nearly mind-wiped. Steve was kneeling on all fours. The coach was standing behind him, fondling his white buttcheeks, and then sliding one finger well up inside. "You like getting fucked?"

At this point, Steve was willing to agree to anything, so he just nodded.

"So do I. What do you say we take turns on each other's ass, get 'em good and slimy, and then lose our virginity to some stud boydick?"

Steve just grunted as he felt the head of his newfound fuckbuddy's dick enter his hole. He opened his eyes to look into the horny gaze of the young boy on the bed. There was no need to ask if Cody liked the idea. He was already using his earlier cum to get his stiff young prick greased up. Steve kissed his first young boy, then, while his ass was getting plowed by the coach's ramrod. The coach smiled at the sight of his thick meat sliding in and out of the prosecuting attorney's butthole, while the lawyer was kissing a very horny, very young teenaged boy. He wondered what Steve's uncle, the local police chief, would say if he could see Steve fucking hot young boyhole.

The coach slid his prick out of the lawyer's butt and took his place with Cody, and grunted when the hard mandick shoved up his hole. "Suck me, Cody." The boy just nodded and squirmed under his uncle's body and began deep-throating the stud dick. The coach grabbed the phone and quickly dialed.

"You busy?" There was a pause, and then the coach said, "Well, I've got something here for you...no, it's new, and it's been here about, oh, fourteen, fifteen minutes. Yeah, I kind of thought you would." He hung up.

Steve was really getting off on fucking the coach's ass. It was a real turnon to know he was fucking a hard-dicked stud man who was as horny for young boys as he was! He kept up a slow, steady stroke while he asked what the call was about.

"Oh, just a surprise. I think you'll like it. But let's get back to this boystud; he looks kind of lonely down there, just sucking my dick."

Both of the men's holes were thoroughly loose and warmed up from their mutual fucking, ready and eager for boydick! And they wanted to get the boy ready for them, so the two adults began licking and sucking Cody, playing with his tits, fingering his hole, slurping his randy prick until he was almost crying again with lust. That's when the doorbell rang.

Cody and Steve froze in panic, but the coach just quickly kissed both of them. "I'll get rid of whoever it is. Tell you what, Cody, why don't you start fucking this virgin stud; I think that'd be a real fucking turnon to come back to." The doorbell rang again, and the coach quickly pulled on a jock and his sweat pants and headed downstairs, bare chested and barefooted.

Cody lost no time. Steve was kneeling on the bed, sideways to the door so that the coach could get a clear view when he came back in, and Cody mounted him and with one rapid thrust, shoved his warm boyprick up the prosecutor's throbbing hole. Steve almost shot a wad just from the thought of finally having boyprick up his quivering butt! He let his mind slide off into a haze of fucklust, bending forward, resting his weight on his forearms, while the greasy boyprick warmed his fuckchute and churned his guts, and he began a steady moaning "fuckmefuckme" chant.

"Okay, I will."

Steve's eyes shot open! That wasn't the coach's voice! That was his uncle's voice!

Steve turned his head to the left toward the door, and the shock was almost as great as when the coach had first walked in. The police chief was standing in the doorway! In full uniform, including his gun. There was just one thing that wasn't regulation: the raging hardon thrusting out from his open fly. And suddenly Steve found himself pulled off the bed and made to bend over it, and then his uncle's hot manmeat replaced the boyprick with a long hard thrust.

Cody was by Steve's side, and he, too, was being mounted by his uncle. And then the uncles changed places, so that the police chief could get a taste of the sweet fourteen-year-old boybutt that the coach's call had signaled. This was a day for shocks! The police chief finding out not only that his nephew was gay, too, but that he also liked hot young boystuds, and then the coach finally joining the group of boyfuckers and bringing a new young boy into the group for the men to use. The stud prosecutor realizing he wanted boypussy more than anything else, and learning so did his uncle and lots of other men. The horny coach also recognizing he wanted boys as much as any of the men at school he'd been so smugly superior to.

But Cody saved the biggest shock for last. After the two stud uncles had blasted their nephews' holes full of hot cum, and then relaxed for a while before getting hard again, the three men turned their undivided attention to their real object: the well-fucked boy on the bed whose body was sticky with loads of cum, and whose gaping pink boypussy was oozing streams of mancum down his slender thighs.

First the police chief pumped the boy's butt, giving him another load of cum, and then the prosecutor did the same. And finally it was the coach's turn again. He couldn't believe how many times he'd already cum, and still he was ready to go again! He slid his almost raw pounding red prick into the boy's mushy depths. This time it was a loose and sloppy fuck with load after load of mancum coating the walls of the boy's fucktube, but it was still a turnon.

And then Cody asked if he could be fucked on his back. The coach was eager to oblige! Cody lay down, and the coach knelt between his legs, then lifted them up at the ankles, spreading them wide to get a clear view of the boy's twitching asspucker. The other two men couldn't stand it--they had to be part of this! The police chief clamped his mouth down on Cody's, while the lawyer swooped down to lick and slurp the funky, sticky boyhole, and get a taste of the cum and boyjuices. And then, while the cop kissed his nephew over the stud boy between them, the coach very slowly slid his dick into the eagerly waiting ass.

Cody almost screamed in ecstasy! He grabbed at the coach and pulled him down into a long, sensual kiss, while he grabbed and pawed at the coach's butt, making him thrust ever farther and harder into the hot hole. Cody broke the kiss, and leaned back, beating his own randy meat in time to the cock thrusts up his butt.

"Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me hard!"

The coach really got off on this fantasy trip, and so did the other two. It was a real hardon maker to watch a stud boy get fucked by his father--more so when it was in real life, like at some of the group's orgies, but almost as good when it was fuck fantasy like this. The other two pounded their own meat, kneeling on either side of the fuckers, and urged the two on with foul obscenities.

"Oh, yeah, son! I'll fuck your sonpussy!" The coach began shoving harder, just like Cody wanted, and he picked up speed, but he knew this was going to be a slower fuck, since he'd cum so much already.

"That's right, dad, ride your boy's hot ass! Fuck your son raw! Fuck me, daddy, fuck me good!"

The coach couldn't believe how horny those words made him! He'd never been this horny! He could feel an ache in his gut, and he began breathing heavier and ramming faster, while the other men watched closely, eager to splatter their own cumloads all over the horny fuckers, stroking their own randy cocks faster, too.

And then came Cody's surprise!

Breathless with lust, Cody whispered, "That's right, stud-daddy, fuck your son's hot wet boypussy! Fuck me raw, 'cause I'm your real son!"

All three men stopped! "What the...."

Cody smiled lustily, and reached out to pump the manmeat on either side of him, while he thrust his hips back and forth on the cocklance buried deep inside him.

"You remember the night before you left home?"

Stunned, the coach nodded. He did remember it--although he'd tried to suppress it the rest of his life.

"Tell 'em how you used to get blowjobs from your twin sister, coach. Tell 'em how you used to eat out her pussy. Tell them how you liked having her fingers shoved up your butt when she was sucking you off. Tell 'em how you fucked your twin sister--and then got scared shitless and ran!"

The lawyer and the cop just stared in amazement at the coach, but these revelations didn't turn them off. They both knew that incest, almost any kind of incest, got their dicks hard.

"How the fuck did you know?"

Cody smiled again. "Fuck me some more, daddy! And I'll tell you while you fuck."

It was like the coach's hips were disconnected from his shocked mind; they began eagerly thrusting into the boy's bottomless hole once again.

"Mom told me. She was sure that night she was pregnant, so she started dating my step-dad. He was a year younger, just a junior, but she got him into bed and once she was sure she was pregnant, they got married. 'Course, by then she knew Tom preferred mansex, but that didn't make any difference.

"A year after I was born, Tom got her pregnant again, with Harry. And a year after that, with Tom, Jr. But the fun didn't start until I was about ten. That was the first time I got to play with Tom's dick. It was so much fun, especially when he shot that 'white stuff' all over me, that I told Harry and Tom, Jr. about it. A couple days later, all three of us caught him naked in the bathroom. All we had to do was take off our own clothes, and he got hard real quick! The problem was, all three of us wanted that neat white stuff, so Tom solved things by making me lie down while he kneeled over me, with my little prick and balls resting in his asscrack, and Harry was playing with his balls, and Tom was sucking his tits, and then he shot on my chest, and let Harry and Tom lick me clean.

"Things just got better after that."

The images of the father fucking around with his three sons burned into the lusty minds of the three adult fuckers. The coach was breathing so heavily he thought he was going to pass out.

"Anyway, we kept it a secret for about a year or so, while Tom fingerfucked our butts or put other things up there, and we learned to suck him off and swallow his cum, and shove a big dildo up his butt. Then Mom came home early one day. Tom was on his back on the bed with a dildo crammed up his butt; I was sucking him off; he was playing with Harry's dick and sucking out Tom, Jr.'s butthole.

"Tom had always said we had to keep Mom from finding out, so we were all sure we were dead. But all she did was smile, strip off her clothes, and get in bed with us! And the older we got, the better we got. We can all cum, even though Tom, Jr.'s only twelve. I like having Tom and Harry fuck me, or fucking Tom while he's fucking Mom. He really goes crazy having boydick up his butt when he's fucking--no matter who he's fucking! But the really hot thing was that one day I was snooping in their bedroom and I found a picture of me! And I didn't remember anyone taking it."

The coach laughed. He couldn't help himself. He remembered that picture. He'd been fourteen, and was laying on his bed, jacking off with a coke bottle up his butt, when his sister came in and took a photograph! And that's why he'd been so attracted to Cody, and so unwilling to admit it. Cody looked just like he did at fourteen!

"Mom told me then who my real father was. She told the others, too, but it didn't matter to them. Tom and Harry and Tom all proved it right away by fucking me crazy, and I even got to fuck all of them! Mom told me while she was watching my step-dad fuck me, and Harry was fucking his brother, and she was fucking herself with the dildo, that if I ever wanted to tell you who I was, that I had to promise to wait until you were fucking me. So I did!"

The coach began to lose control. He was trembling, and his hips were thrusting in and out so rapidly his cock was a blur. Everybody started concentrating on a lusty cum, most of all the eager boypussy whose own fantasy had finally come true--his real dad was cramming long hard dadprick up his butt, harder and faster and harder and faster, and then with a loud shout or grunt of ecstasy, his coach-dad began spraying his buttwalls with a bigger and longer and harder cum than anything earlier! And that was enough to send the other two men over the edge. They waited in control just long enough for the coach to kneel back, but still with the boy impaled on his rod, and then the cop and the lawyer kissed and sprayed the kid's chest and belly with a thick coating of mancream, just as the boy finished splattering his own load all over himself and everyone else.

Four exhausted fuckers separated and dropped to the sticky, cum- and sweat-stained bedspread. The lawyer and the coach and the boy were naked, but the police chief still had his shirt and tie on--and both were dripping cum and sweat. None of them cared. But there was one more thing to be done. Cody knew his step-dad liked it, and he was sure these horny boyfuckers would like it, too. With tightly controlled ass-muscles, he squatted over each one in turn, dropping a load of their own cum into their eager mouths, and then sprawled on top of his dad-uncle.

The coach leaned over to kiss the no-longer-uptight prosecutor. "Changed your mind about meeting some more of my friends? Especially if some of them are as young as this one?"

The lawyer smiled, and hefted his limp, greasy meat. "Yeah, but gimme a chance to get ready, first!"

The coach lay back with a sigh of contentment as Cody squirmed down beside him, cuddled in one arm, holding onto the dad-dick as they drifted off to sleep. Steve was drifting off to sleep, too, but not before he got another hardon while fantasizing over having readily available boys to satisfy his lust. His uncle swooped down and took care of that "problem," and then they all got some rest.

They were going to need it. The high school's next orgy session was supposed to start that night. And a lot of people-- boys and men--were going to get a few surprises. Starting with the coach fucking his nephew-son, just to get the orgy going. Four tired fuckers. Four sleeping fuckers. Four hardons.