Healing Broken Hearts

part 4

by MarkB

******* DISCLAIMER BIT *******

This story was written by myself and so the copyright remains mine! It's a work of fiction and even though some of the situations MAY have happened to someone somewhere, no resemblance to anyone is intended. Also, the story deals with gay love and at some point will have descriptions of homosexual intimacy. If you are offended by that sort of thing, well then you're in the wrong place.

This is my first story so any comments (and support, he he) are welcomed to: marklbarwell@hotmail.com
Please be kind and bear with me since I have a big story to tell...

Oh, and I do not condone the use of narcotics and in fact aim to provide a more enlightened view of their use at points in this story. So on with the show.....


     As it turned out, the cab ride was easier than Scott thought it would be. He could tell that the driver didn't buy the story about Jamie being drunk but he was still willing to drive them to their destination without asking too many questions. Plus the journey wasn't too far, although enough to separate the standard of housing. Scott felt vaguely embarrassed about the state of his accommodation compared to the nice place they'd just left but at least it was safe and free from pervs like Danny.

     After letting them both in the main door and up a short flight of stairs, Scott stopped outside a nondescript wooden door with the number "4" in faded white paint at the top and a cut-out postcard of a smiley face underneath. "Welcome home" he thought with a trace of bitterness.

     As they entered the small apartment, Scott swept his foot before him, clearing the pile of unopened mail from their path. A short hallway decorated with posters and a group of personal photographs, then they were in what passed for a bedroom. And lounge. In fact, this was the only room, except for the compact bathroom to the right. A sink and small breakfast bar, laden with tins, a battered microwave and a kettle formed the kitchen, tucked in the far corner like it was trying to hide.

     The main room was sparse with a double bed (the sort that could be folded away and made into a sofa) taking up most of the space. A crumpled pile of clothes lay on the floor beside the bed where Scott had thrown them the night before as he undressed. Since he never expected any visitors, he kind of figured that there would be no-one to nag him about cleaning his room. Still, he had a guest now. One who probably wouldn't relish stepping on Scott's used boxers. They might stick.

     Scott gently lowered the boy onto the bed and was glad that he could hardly ever be bothered to fold his bed away since that would have been too much effort right then. Jamie didn't look quite so frantic at that moment; his eyes were rolled right up and he was lost in some other world, twitching slightly as tremors rippled through his frame.

     Scott looked at him with a mixture of emotions. Anger at how anyone could want to take advantage of such a boy. Such a cute, vulnerable boy. He was reminded of times when he'd suffered such things in an effort to keep his head above water and it pained him still. Concern for the boy's welfare mingled with something new, something he hadn't let himself feel for a long long time.

     Scott sighed and gently stroked Jamie's cheek, causing him to raise the corners of his mouth in a slight smile. Damn! Even when wasted, he was cute! If Scott was any other type of guy, and this was any other situation, something very steamy could have happened right then. As it was, Scott took the opportunity to tidy up his room, mainly by throwing things under the bed and into what little drawer space he had.

     Once this was done and he was satisfied that the place didn't look like too much of a pigsty, he prepared for the night ahead. A jug of water with two glasses, some orange juice and some chewing gum on a bedside table, with soft lighting and plenty of soft cushions on the bed. But what music? Scott settled on Pink Floyd's `Wish You Were Here' album since it seemed the least offensive of his collection. Besides, hearing it always seemed to make him feel better so it was worth a shot.

     Scott surveyed the scene and nodded. Then he was struck by the thought that to an outsider it could seem like he was trying to seduce the helpless thing flopped over the bed. But Jamie wasn't helpless. He had Scott, at least for tonight. Settling himself on the bed and making both of them comfortable, Scott reached over to Jamie and gently shook him.

     "Jamie, hey Jamie. Come on now, you gotta sit up. Sit up for me."

     Jamie seemed to snap round briefly, staring around him in panic. He saw Scott and peered at his face, trying to figure out who he was looking at.

     "You .. you're here? And where's here", he said looking around the room.

     "Er ... I don't know if you remember but I'm Scott, I rescued you from a party. You needed to get away."

     "Yeah, yeah, thassright. Bad. Bad party", slurred Jamie, head bobbing gently from side to side.

     "You need to drink something, Jamie. You need to keep hydrated."

     Scott knew from experience that you needed to keep up your water supply at times like these. Problem was, too much at once or more than around a pint an hour could be just as bad as not drinking enough. It was a dangerous game to play and you had to be careful. He reached for the orange juice and persuaded his new companion to swallow some.

     "Eugh! Wassat?!" Jamie almost spat out

     "It's O.J. Jamie, it'll help to bring you down a bit."

     "Down a bit, why? How'd I get up? Whasss going on, Scott?"

     Scott really didn't want to frighten the kid too much but he didn't want him to find out later and maybe think that Scott had been keeping things from him. Right now he needed the boy's trust. So took a deep breath and spoke:

     "Jamie, er, do you remember anything about tonight? About how you got to the party?"

     "Yeah, I think so, some guy called Dave ... no, Danny. He said there was a party and I should go with him cos ... cos ..."

     At this point a look of sadness and pain crept across Jamie's features and he bit his lip to prevent the tears from flowing. Right now he didn't want to think about what had happened before that. Why he was in such a vulnerable state when he'd bumped into Danny. Scott noticed his distress and tried to skip past that bit.

     "Well, long story short, you were spiked. With a pill. That's why you feel the way you do. Do you understand?"

     "A pill? What kind of pill?" Jamie's eyes flicked across Scott's face, trying to gauge a deeper understanding of what was going on.

     "Ecstacy actually. But don't worry, I'm gonna look after you. I won't let anything bad happen, I promise!"

     "But they're dangerous! If you take one, you die! I've seen it on the news!"

     Jamie looked like he was going to freak out again so Scott gripped his hands and stared into his face.

     "Look Jamie, I'm not gonna lie to you. Ever. That's one of the possibilities, but provided you're looked after and don't have dodgy kidneys or something, you'll be OK. I promise."

     Scott hoped with all his being that the promise could be kept. He didn't want to see the kid die, especially when he'd just met him. Jamie looked so innocent, not at all tainted by harsh living or misfortune. The sort of person that Scott wished he himself was. Hang on, why had he said that he wasn't EVER going to lie to Jamie? That implied that he thought their acquaintance might last a bit longer than one night of desperate need. Was that what he wanted? Was that what he could let himself want? Instinctively he pushed those thoughts away and turned his attention back to the near-traumatised kid next to him.

     "Jamie, you don't need to worry about any of that right now, just relax and go with it. Think of it like being very drunk but without the nauseous bit."

     Jamie nodded gently and laid back on the covers, his head sinking into the cushions and sending him off onto another journey. Scott sighed and lay down on his side next to the kid, his head resting on his hand and his eyes never leaving the sight before him. Jamie's chest rose with deep breaths, pushing his pert nipples into his tight t-shirt. He stretched with a shudder, leaving his arms above his head, causing his belly to be exposed to Scott's ever-widening gaze.

     A soft trail of hair led up from the top of Jamie's loose combat-style trousers and dipped into the sweetest little navel that Scott had ever seen. The boy's skin was smooth and slightly tanned, and just the thought of pressing up against it was making the blood rush to the parts of Scott's anatomy that now strained against the fabric of his jeans. He should have had a wank before he went out tonight, then he might not have been in such trouble. Although he suspected a dozen wanks could not have stopped his dick from responding to such a sight.

     Suddenly Jamie sat up with a look of urgency on his face.

     "I gotta go toilet. Desper..er..ately," he said, the words tumbling from his lips.

     Jamie tried to stand but fell back on the bed as his legs turned to jelly. He tried again and lurched forward just as Scott bounded up and caught him. With his help, Jamie stood with a wobble until his balance gave way again and he reached out for support and grabbed Scott's crotch, which by now was in a state of semi-hardness.

     "He he sorry, thought that was the doorknob! Knock knock," chuckled Jamie as Scott turned a deep shade of red.

     "That's enough of that, Jamie, let's get you sorted out."

     "Oh, thassright. Toilet time."

     With Scott supporting much of Jamie's weight, they staggered into the bathroom, Scott reaching out for the pull-cord and sending flickering neon light over the ceramic. Propping Jamie up in front of the toilet, Scott nudged him into focusing. But this wasn't going to be easy since Jamie was having trouble with his finger-to-zipper co-ordination.

     "Scott, help. You gotta help, I'm gonna wet myself!"

     Swallowing any feelings of guilt over possible inappropriate behaviour while still keeping track of his sexual urges, Scott unzipped Jamie's trousers which fell loosely around his ankles. Removing someone's trunks while trying to steady them was no easy task but Scott did it as gently as he could, fingers slipping over Jamie's firm thighs as he freed his dick from the fabric.

     "Nice," he thought as attraction took over and he admired the shape of Jamie's equipment. His shaft was of medium length and not too thick but with just enough foreskin to cover the head, accentuating its outline. A pair of soft, almost-smooth balls hung loosely underneath and a dusting of soft hair grew around the base of his dick. Scott forced himself back to the reality of the situation and grabbed Jamie, aiming his fountaining stream into the toilet bowl.

     It seemed to take forever for Jamie to finish but he was enjoying every minute of it. The effects of the pill were causing his groin to shudder in pleasure and he felt himself start to grow harder, making the job more difficult. This hadn't escaped Scott's notice and he blushed, feeling himself get into a similar state. He looked at Jamie, who turned towards him as his stream dwindled away. Their eyes met and something seemed to blossom in the two of them, something powerful and proud.

     Their heads drew together like opposing magnets and their lips met in a soft kiss, sending ripples of heat throughout their bodies. Jamie's cock pulsed in Scott's hand and their tongues mingled in their mouths. Then time stood still and the only thing in existence was the joining of their breath, the beating of their hearts. Nothing else mattered as they gave themselves to each other in a tender display of kinship and passion.

     As the seconds flooded back into the room, the two boys pulled apart, each reeling with a sweet blend of desire and nervousness. Scott playfully shook Jamie dry and pulled his trunks and trousers back over his hips. Jamie seemed too shocked by what had just happened and Scott started to feel ashamed that he'd taken advantage of the kid while he was obviously out of his box.

     Without saying a word, he guided both of them out, barely remembering to turn off the light as they left the neon functionality of the bathroom and returned to a cosier feel in the main area. Jamie climbed back onto the bed and looked nervously at Scott, who wasn't sure whether he should join him. After an awkward silence, Jamie spoke:

     "Scott, please. Just hold me for a bit. Just hold me."

     Being acutely aware of what had just happened, he lay down next to the boy with as much tact as possible. In response, Jamie leaned over and draped his arm over Scott's chest, drawing him closer and causing him to relax into his companion's pliant body. A few moments went by until Scott noticed that Jamie had drifted off again so he leaned over and gently kissed his forehead, smoothing errant hair from his eyes.

     Jamie stirred slightly and mumbled, "I love you" before sinking deeper into sleep.

     Scott knew that it was only the drugs talking but so what, he could dream for a little while.

******* Will Scott overcome his guilt? Will Jamie want more or is it just the influence something chemical? Tune in next episode for more exciting adventures!!! (hehe sorry, couldn't resist) *******