Healing Broken Hearts

part 7

by MarkB

******* DISCLAIMER BIT *******

This story was written by myself and so the copyright remains mine! It's a work of fiction and even though some of the situations MAY have happened to someone somewhere, no resemblance to anyone is intended. Also, the story deals with gay love and at some point will have descriptions of homosexual intimacy. If you are offended by that sort of thing, well then you're in the wrong place.

This is my first story so any comments (and support, he he) are welcomed to: marklbarwell@hotmail.com
Please be kind and bear with me since I have a big story to tell...

Oh, and I do not condone the use of narcotics and in fact aim to provide a more enlightened view of their use at points in this story. So on with the show.....


    Scott really didn't want to get out of bed but the day was moving on. As much as he'd like to spend it all wrapped in Jamie's arms, there would be plenty of time for that later. At least that's what he hoped. It looked like the two were becoming very attached to each other. Jamie certainly seemed keen and Scott found himself opening up to possibilities, ones that he'd almost forgotten were possible.

    Besides, Jamie might need to tell somone where he was. Scott was used to not answering to anyone, but Jamie could have people who were worried about him. A family. So reluctantly, Scott leaned over his new friend and lightly stroked his cheek, feeling him smile beneath his touch.

    "Jamie, sweetness, time to wake up."

    "Hmmm, yeah, lemme sleep more," came the mumbled reply.

    Scott smiled and pressed his lips firmly against Jamie's. This got the reaction he was after as Jamie spluttered into life.

    "Wha ... who ... eh? Ah, morning." Jamie grinned as his eyes blinked back sleep and adjusted to the sight before him. He'd just been dreaming about a fairytale life with a gorgeous guy and, corny as it seemed, it looked like that dream had come to life!

    "Actually, it's afternoon. Just past 2 in fact. I didn't really want to wake you but at this rate, we're gonna miss the whole day!"

    "I don't mind, especially if I get to spend it naked, with you."

    "OK horny, maybe later. That is, if you still want to."

    Jamie threw a mock glare at Scott, silently telling him that he definitely did want to!

    "Right then Jamiekins, you hungry?"

    "Yeah, but only if you never call me Jamiekins again!"

    Scott chuckled and ruffled his lover's hair, brushing away the squeals of protest before leaping out of bed, his rippling body glistening in the filtered light of day. A few steps to the kitchen area and he bent down to open the fridge. Jamie shifted slightly so he could get a better view as Scott called back to him.

    "Bacon and scrambled egg alright with you?"

    "Guess so, but isn't there anything else in there?"

    Scott rummaged through the meagre contents of his food supply as Jamie's eyes stayed rooted to his pert behind.

    "Er, tomatoes, a bit of bread. Jam. Ew! Green on the jam, guess not. So what were you after?"

    "I don't know, just keep looking!" said Jamie with a barely-suppressed giggle.

    Scott caught on and turned with a withering glance. Jamie cracked up at this and rolled around the bed, clutching his sides and laughing uncontrollably.

    "Very funny Jamie, and I suppose you'd like sausage too?"

    Jamie stopped, looked at Scott's meaty package swinging in front of him and burst out laughing again. Scott merely grinned and turned back to the food.

    "Bacon and eggs it is then. And just to please you, I'll cook in the buff. But I'm warning you, if I splash hot oil....."

    This sent Jamie over the edge and he had to run to the bathroom before he wet himself. Scott smiled throughout his body. It had been so long. Now here he was cooking breakfast, well, lunch, for a cute guy with a mischievous sense of humour. Years of paranoia tried to creep into his thoughts, telling him that it wouldn't last, but Scott pushed them away. Who knew where this could lead. One thing was certain - he was tired of being afraid to find out.

    "Jamie," he called out, "do you need to let anyone know what you're doing?"

    "Fuck!" came the reply. A few seconds later, Jamie emerged from the bathroom, a worried look on his face.

    "I'd better call mum and dad. Let them know when I'll be home."

    Jamie frowned some more and Scott became concerned.

    "Would they be OK, with you staying out I mean? You're not gonna be in trouble are you?"

    "No, it's just that when you called out," said Jamie as he broke into a grin, "I almost peed on my feet!"

    Scott growled and threw the empty egg carton at Jamie, who collapsed in a fresh fit of giggles.

    "No seriously Scott, I'll just tell them that I'm still at Sam's. They thought I was staying there anyway so it shouldn't be a problem. But I'd better just call to check."

    Scott returned to coaxing a delicious smell from the sizzling food as Jamie found his jacket and searched through it for his mobile phone. This proved to be in vain and a few moments later, he was still empty-handed.

    "I can't find my phone. Have you seen it anywhere, Scott?"

    "No, in fact to be honest I didn't even know you had one. The subject never came up last night."

    "I guess not, especially since something else did instead!"

    "Does your mind always live at sewer level?" teased Scott as he waved a wooden spatula at Jamie.

    "Well, I blame it on watching too many `Carry On' films as a kid. Oh, and the fact that I just had my first real sexual experience. With a hot guy like you!"

    Scott's face glowed at the compliment. He'd heard such things before, but always as a precursor to a paying fumble from a dirty old man or two. But these words had a different effect, like they actually meant something. He suddenly realised what Jamie had said.

    "Hang on, you mean ... you've never? What about Sam? Didn't you and him...."

    "Not really, what happened at the beach," blushed Jamie," was kind of the highlight. In fact it was the first time that I'd ever seen another guy's ... you know. Let alone touched it! So this morning was kind of a first."

    "Jamie, I'm sorry. If we're moving too fast, just tell me!"

    Jamie strode over to Scott, took the spatula from his hand and set it down on the worktop. Placing his hands on either side of Scott's face, he pulled him close and their lips met in a brief spark of joy.

    "Does that answer the question?"

    "Hmmm," replied Scott with a grin as wide as a mile. He gazed into Jamie's eyes and his lover spoke gently.

    "I think the bacon's burning."

    "Shit!" shouted Scott as he grabbed the spatula and began frantically scraping the bacon from the bottom of the pan.

    "That's OK," said Jamie, playfully pinching Scott's butt, "I like it well done. Maybe I left it at the party."

    "The bacon?" asked Scott, confused.

    "No, my phone! Would it be OK if we went and had a look later, after eating?"

    "Sure, it'll be good to see Toby away from the party scene. Just don't mention the bacon, OK!"

    "OK, I won't mention your pork," Jamie chuckled as he walked to the bed and picked up his clothes. He lifted his underwear to his face and sniffed gently, wrinkling his nose in distaste.

    "And don't even think of putting those sweaty things on again!" called Scott from the far side of the room. "Food first, then a shower, then we can sort out some clean clothes for you."

    Jamie dropped his things and sprawled back on the bed.

    "Yes mum!" he said with a grin.


    Halfway across town, Sam strode through the streets, raw emotions coursing through his veins. On the one hand, he felt a bit guilty for what he had said to Jamie's mum. Perhaps it had been too much information, that he'd gone too far. But it was her fault anyway - how dare she take her frustrations out on him! Had he ever signed a responsibility contract promising to look after her son at all times? No! Was it his doing that the stupid kid ran off and didn't come home? No! So why should he feel guilty?

    This is where the other feelings kicked in. He was still angry at being confronted like that, out of the blue. All he'd done was phone Jamie to see if he wanted to hang out today. How was he to know what had happened?

    The thing was, he'd been kicking himself over what he'd done to Jamie the day before. That was a prime opportunity to get easy hand-jobs whenever he wanted them. Sam had been friendly with Jamie long enough to realise that the boy was too trusting, too eager to please. If he hadn't freaked out and embarrassed the little sod so much on the beach, he could have used those guilt feelings to his own advantage.

    That was why he'd phoned, to try to make it up with him. A few nice words here and there, a half-hearted apology, and bingo! Back into slavery!

    Sam had used Jamie for years to get what he wanted - countless times he'd persuaded the boy to run errands for him, give him spare money when he needed it, even provide a cover story to take the heat off Sam when his frequent wrong-doings came to light. Now, with hormones pulsing through his body, Sam could have used Jamie for something else, at least to tide him over until he got some stupid, brainless girl to do it instead.

    Ah yes, girls. Now that was the other thing that was bugging him. They all seemed to see through him, to spot his empty promises and vacuous charm for what it was - a simple ploy to get into their knickers. This was very frustrating for someone of Sam's inclinations, so he had reasoned with himself that Jamie doing it instead was no big deal. It wasn't like Sam was a poof or anything, he was just taking advantage of whatever (or whoever) life threw at him. At least that's how he'd justified it in his own mind.

    But now it had all gone wrong. The touchy little shit had done a runner and wasn't likely to want to speak to Sam again. Especially not when he found out what he'd told Jamie's mum. Still, not a problem. Sam would just have to find someone else. There were plenty more possibilities.

    You see, Sam only understood one thing, and that was power. Or more accurately, the balance of power. He was physically and emotionally stronger than Jamie and so he could bend Jamie's will to his own. It was easy! All you had to do was find out what hold you had over someone and then press that to its full advantage.

    Sam smiled to himself as he walked through the gates to the park at the north end of town, looking for someone who wanted what he had.


    At the same time, Scott and Jamie were walking the streets of Brighton, bellies and hearts satisfied. They spoke occasionally, just random talk, never probing too deeply. Sometimes they were quiet, and this was unusual for the both of them, especially since it didn't feel uncomfortable. They were completely at ease with each other's company but both boys were lost in their own thoughts.

    Eventually they reached the building that had played host to their first meeting, with all its pitfalls and surprises. Scott stepped up to the door and rang the bell, waiing for a response. Apart from the change of clothes and the fact that it was now daylight, it could almost have been a repeat of the night before. This thought was compounded further when Mel opened the door, the tiniest flicker of amusement playing at the corner of her mouth.

    "Hey there cutestuff, thought you wouldn't be able to stay away! And who's this? Ah, yes, last night's chicken?" she giggled as she ushered the boys into the house.

    "Call this a stupid question, Mel," asked Scott, "but what are you doing here?"

    "Well that IS a stupid question. I live here, dum-dum. This one's mine," said Mel as she gestured at the first door cut into the hallway. "This way I can keep an eye on who comes in. It's a policy of mine to only admit the cute ones. You'll do, of course. and you," she pointed at Jamie, "well, you could have my number if it weren't for the fact that Scotty-Boy here probably has it already!"

    Jamie blushed as Scott pulled him into an embrace.

    "Toby in?" grinned Scott.

    "Sure darling, you know the way. In fact I might just join you myself. He's been needing some distraction today, if you know what I mean."

    Scott didn't know, and raised an eyebrow in query before Mel shooed the boys upstairs. Squeezing past them and opening Toby's door without knocking, Mel swept through into the dingy apartment.

    Everything seemed a bit more mundane than the night before, without the lights and music to break the senses. A few peeling posters clung to the walls and a sorry-looking plant lurked in a corner. Scott was most fazed by the carpet, which on inspection was a strange shade of brown. Surely no-one would ever choose such a thing for their home? Not unless they were colourblind. Or tasteless.

    "Do you ever knock, Mel?" asked Scott as he followed her into the flat.

    "Only when the dragon lady's in!" she called back as they reached the lounge and found Toby sprawled out on the sofa, half-asleep and clutching the TV remote in his hand, waving it vaguely in the direction of the set.

    The lounge itself wasn't too badly furnished. At least some of the furniture matched, but the faded-red colouring of the only sofa did nothing to add to the carpet's charm. Mel was draped over a threadbare armchair next to the TV and from the look of it, that only left a spare - and equally worn - armchair for the two boys to sit in. Scott motioned to Jamie to take the spare chair, which he willingly accepted.

    Scott approached the sofa, grabbed Toby's sock-clad feet and swung them into the air before sliding himself down next to his friend, dropping Toby's feet onto his lap. Toby stretched out, rubbing his feet over Scott's thighs. Scott took the hint and began to rub some life back into his old pal's toes.

    "Thanks man, you were always good for that!" sighed Toby, lifting his smoke-weary eyes and peering at the room. "So what brings you back here so soon?"

    "Well Jamie's lost his phone so we thought we'd check if it was here," said Scott, "plus I had a feeling that your feet needed attention!"

    Mel tore her gaze from the TV and threw a remark at the boys. "Perhaps you should work on his ears, they've been chewed off all day."

    Scott looked questioningly at Toby, who just shrugged and reached out to the ashtray for the remains of a joint butt.

    "Don't worry, it's just Amanda. She's been ... getting things off her chest."

    "Where is she anyway? I didn't see her last night," asked Scott.

    "Funny that, cos I didn't much either. Still, apparently it's me with the issues. Such a drag, man. Such a drag."

    "Is everything OK with you, Tobes? You seem ... I dunno, a bit too wasted for this time of day."

    "Being wasted is just a matter of perspective, man. And believe me, the perspective's a lot better when you've had a few to smoke. Nothing I can't handle though."

    "Yeah right, how long have I known you? You can't fool me that easily, my friend." Scott squeezed Toby's toes and looked deep into his eyes. "Remember, we're two halves of the same person."

    The air crackled with the tension between the two friends. There was a level of understanding between them that transcended all definitions. Scott grinned and teased a matching smile from Toby and the two basked in the glow of affection. Suddenly aware of everyone else in the room, Toby broke contact and turned to Jamie, who was nervously watching the two boys.

    "And who do we have here, you sly old dog? If I'm not much mistaken, and I hardly ever am, this would be the kid from last night, right?"

    "I'm not a kid!" stated Jamie defiantly, "and I'm here with Scott."

    Toby threw his hands into the air in a gesture of surrender.

    "Whoa, man! No need to get on the defensive. I was just making an observation! And there's no need to stake your claim to Scott's heart, there's room in there for everyone, if you only dig deep enough."

    "Ignore him," said Scott, reaching across to grab Jamie's hand, "he's only jealous! Toby and I go way back but there's nothing to worry about on that score. It would be like shagging your brother or something!"

    "Hmm," mumbled Toby, "Incest - the game the whole family can play!"

    "Shut up, fool!" laughed Scott as he grabbed a cushion and swatted Toby's head with it, breaking the tension in the room.

    "So what does it look like?" Mel asked Jamie as Toby tried to fend off the blows from the cushion.


    "Your phone, sweetcheeks, what does it look like?"

    "Oh, it's black with ... with a picture on it," said Jamie, a little embarrassed. Mel decided to press the issue.

    "Yeah? What sort of picture?"

    "Well, it's ... Darth Vader." Jamie wanted to hide his head in embarrassment but Scott stopped his attack and turned to talk to him.

    "Actually Jamie, I love Star Wars. Although I preferred Boba Fett. When I was younger I wanted to be like him."

    "Yeah and when you got older," teased Toby, "you just wanted to shag him!"

    This earned him a fresh attack and Jamie relaxed visibly. Mel gracefully peeled herself out of the chair and glided towards Jamie, reaching out her hand and pulling him to his feet.

    "Come on sugar, let's check the rest of the house while the children get it out of their systems."

    As they made to leave, Scott reached out and grabbed Jamie's free hand, pulling him in for a long and passionate kiss before letting him go and throwing him a look of pure tenderness. Jamie looked across at Toby and saw him beaming at this show of affection. Smiling back, he allowed himself to be dragged from the room.


    Sam was frustrated. Not in the same way that he had been earlier - a few hours of wandering around the park had cleared those thoughts. His anger and guilt had been burned away in the heat of the afternoon, to be replaced by animal lust. The sight of loads of semi-naked bodies, stretched out on the grass or leaping around playing games, had quickened the fire in his loins until he was almost ready to burst.

    He had tried to spot someone who would be willing prey for a bit of fun but it was proving to be more difficult than he had thought. Most of the people there were in couples, groups or families and the few lone stragglers didn't really seem the type to be persuaded by his apparent charm.

    With a feeling of disappointment mingling with the pent-up passion, Sam approached the toilet block that stood proud and firm amidst the greenery, peeling paint echoing its past, a time when all of the park buildings had seemed more splendid. Though it tried to project an air of gentle cheer, the building still oozed with hidden seediness. Led by his need to relieve himself, Sam slipped within.

    The daylight crept into the dingy interior, illuminating small patches of faded wood and glistening off suspect wetness on the floor. A row of cubicles stood to one side, opposite a couple of rusting sinks. Round the corner stood a large open urinal, stained green with years of use and emitting an acrid stench of stale urine. Sam snorted in distaste and went instead to the cubicles. All of the doors were slighty ajar and Sam chose one in the middle, pushing himself inside and locking the door behind him.

    Sam was wearing dark blue tracksuit bottoms and these were pushed down to his ankles as he sat on the plastic toilet seat, spreading his thighs until his knees touched the walls on either side. Idly toying with his flaccid member, Sam closed his eyes and cast his mind back to the sights he had glimpsed on the nudist beach the day before.

    Soon he was rock hard and his breathing quickened as he stroked his shaft, sending ripples of pleasure throughout his body. His equipment wasn't too impressive in length but it certainly made up for it in thickness. Resembling a gorged, home-made sausage, his dick was around 5 inches long but stayed chunky right up to the tip, which bulged out prominently. A large set of balls hung below, completing the image of a swollen set of genitals.

    But Sam didn't mind, and Jamie hadn't seemed to either. Besides, Sam had read that girls could only feel the first couple of inches inside, and preferred thickness. If only he could find that out for himself. As he was mulling over this possibility, Sam heard someone come into the toilet block and into the cubicle next to his own. A lock slid shut and a seat was pulled down.

    Sam was acutely aware that he was fully erect with only a thin wooden partition between him and the newcomer. Instead of disconcerting him, Sam found this more exciting and he began to stroke himself again, making gentle slapping sounds as he pounded his flesh.

    Noticing a flash of movement above him, Sam raised his head and sa someone peering over the dividing wall. From what he could see, it was a man in his late twenties with short blonde hair in a semi-fashionable style. He didn't loook too ugly but then he wouldn't have been Sam's first choice either. Still, it wasn't Sam's judgment that was ruling his mind, it was his hormones. And they wanted action!

    So Sam smiled and pulled his dick down, showing the stranger its entirety. Letting go, it sprang back against his belly and his balls drew tighter in towards his body. The man smiled and gestured towards the door, signalling for Sam to unlock it and let him come round.

    A moment passed as Sam contemplated the potential danger of the situation. But this was soon over-ruled and he stood up, reaching over to slide the bolt free. The man's head disappeared and a moment later the neighbouring cubicle was unlocked and Sam's own door was pushed slowly open.

    Actually, the guy wasn't bad at all. He seemed cute enough, or at least his dick did. Sam didn't normally notice that sort of thing - he was usually only interested in his own pleasure - but it didn't look dirty or full of disease. In Sam's warped reasoning this meant that the guy was OK, so he let him creep into the cublicle and look the door behind him.

    The guy's eyes feasted hungrily on Sam's youthful body and Sam provoked the guy further by lifting his t-shirt and rubbing his hand over his own body. The man was practically drooling as Sam tugged on his cock, teasing a small drop of clear liquid from its tip. Sam knew what his advantage was this time. It wasn't strength or mental will, it was youth, and he was determined to milk this for all it was worth!

    "Suck it," he commanded and almost without hesitation, the guy sank to his knees and took Sam into his warm, moist mouth.

    Sam practically blew it right there and then but he kept his composure as the man suckled deeply, tasting all of Sam's tender young meat. Leaning into the feeling, Sam had to hold onto the walls for support as the passion built up in him and threatened to explode. The guy's hands roamed over Sam's balls, roughly handling his thighs and slipping between his buttocks. As a finger brushed his hole, Sam's barriers broke and he shot a stream of hot milky lust into the guy's throat.

    As his vision cleared, Sam realised where he was and quickly covered himself up. The guy was still stroking his own meat, cum dribbling from his mouth. Sam didn't stop to help the guy finish off but pushed him out of the way and unlocked the door. As he made to open it and escape, the guy grabbed onto his leg.

    "Hey, I'm not finished yet!" he protested but Sam grunted in reply and wrenched the door open, staggering out into the relative safety of the main toilet area. Adjusting himself quickly so that his fading erection wouldn't notice too much, he marched out into the sunlight with the stranger's protests ringing in his ears.

    As he walked away from the scene of his recent relief, Sam jumped as his phone suddenly rang. Pulling it from his pocket, he noticed that the caller's number was withheld and with some apprehension he answered the call.

    "Hello? .... Yes .... Who is this? .... The police!"

    All the blood drained from Sam's face and he felt his legs turn to jelly as he sank to the ground, dropping his phone as if it had just stung him. His vision swam and everything went dark as he slipped into unconsciousness.


    By the time that Mel and Jamie returned to Toby's lounge, the two boys had given up on the cushions and were sitting side by side, watching TV. A casual observer would have thought that this was normal practice and in fact it used to be, back before things had come between them.

    Mel went into the kitchen, calling out for orders for drinks. Jamie perched on the edge of the sofa and Scott turned to him, smiling in welcome.

    "Did you find it?"

    "Yeah, it was upstairs. Somebody had found it in one of the bedrooms and given it to Gary."

    "Gary?" asked Scott.

    "It's his flat. Upstairs, that is. Nice guy really - kinda cute too!"

    "Oh yeah," said Scott, playfully punching Jamie on the leg, "so that's why your phone was in his bedroom, was it?"

    Jamie smirked and shook his head. "You know I've only got eyes for you."

    Without turning away from the TV, Toby grinned to himself. So Scott had finally found someone decent then. Someone who could possibly bring him out of his self-imposed exile from feelings and affection. Toby reached for the ashtray but changed his mind as a crippling pain shot through his chest. He slumped back in the sofa and glanced over at the two lovers. They were deep in conversation and hadn't noticed. Good. The last thing he wanted to do was ruin their chances with his own dramas.

    "So hadn't you better phone home?" asked Scott. "They might be worried by now."

    "Yeah I guess, it's just that I don't want them to call me home for something stupid like dinner. I want to spend time with you."

    "That's so cute and believe me, I feel the same way. But just to be on the safe side...."

    Jamie pulled a mock scowl and left the room, passing Mel who was returning with a selection of bottles and glasses.

    "Here you go boys," she said, placing her bundle carefully on a small table beside the sofa. "Since nobody bothered to answer me, I got everything. You can help yourselves!"

    Scott poured a Jack and coke for Toby and passed it to him. He then filled a glass for himself, leaving out the alcohol. He had to be careful with his kidneys after what had happened to him. Mel helped herself to a gin and tonic and bent down to change the channel on the TV, her skirt riding up to reveal more of her shapely, stocking-clad legs.

    "Mel, shift your arse will ya!" called Scott, "You're blocking the TV!"

    She stood up, hands on hips, pouting at the smirking boy.

    "Yeah, definitely gay!" she said, then turned as Jamie rushed into the room.

    He looked flustered and close to tears. Scott leaped up and held out his arms as Jamie sank into them, shaking so much that he dropped his phone onto the sofa cushions. After a moment, Jamie composed himself and lifted his head to meet three concerned faces.

    "I ... I just called home. And they asked me where I'd been ..." sobbed Jamie and then hesitated, swallowing raw emotion.

    "Didn't you tell them that you were staying at Sam's?" asked Scott, puzzled by this reaction.

    "Yeah, and that's the problem. They've already spoken to Sam. He called my house this morning and ... and ..."

    At this, Jamie broke down completely and sank into Scott's arms. Mel glanced over at Toby, whose face was etched with worry, and motioned for him to give the boy a drink. Toby passed it to Scott, who managed to persuade Jamie to have a small sip. Grimacing from the taste of the bourbon, Jamie gathered the strength to continue.

    "Basically, mum started shouting at him, telling him that he was responsible for me, and how dare he not look after me. So Sam ... that fucking bastard ... told her what I did! On the beach!"

    Scott just stared in shock as Mel and Toby exchanged puzzled looks. Jamie pulled himself free from Scott's embrace and made to leave.

    "I gotta go, they want me home. Oh God, Scott, I'm in deep shit. Deep deep shit! I'm so sorry, I've gotta go."

    And with that he ran out, slamming the door behind him. This jolted Scott from his trance and he jerked the door open and thundered down the stairs after his lover. By the time he had reached the street, Jamie had disappeared. Scott scanned the roads but there was no way of telling which way he had gone.

    "Jamie! Jamie, where are you!" he shouted, his head shaking from side to side, hoping to hear any response. He felt Toby's arms slip around his waist as he sank to the floor, softly calling out Jamie's name. But there was no reply. Jamie had gone.

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