Healing Broken Hearts


First of all, apologies to all those who have kept up with the story but as you can see, it's getting harder to get chapters out within a reasonable time frame.

If you're interested, not only do I have to hold down a (more than) full-time job, I have also set up a new support and environmental action group. This takes up a hell of a lot of time!

I'm also part of a local folk-lore drama group (and am supposed to be writing another play for them!), my sister's about to deliver my first nephew and I also need to squeeze in enough time to see my boyfriend!

However, I still have plans to finish the story but I didn't think it was fair to keep extending the time between chapters. So I'm gonna take a break until things calm down and I can continue with the story. I have the ideas of how to continue so I haven't completely given up on it - besides I'm beginning to like Scott and Jamie more and more!

Many many thanks to Mike K, Mike A, Robert M, Hikari, Doc, Bobby P, Steve & Gareth, Ross and of course Gary for reading and offering support. See you when I resume!!


p.s. If you're interested in what's taking up my time, go to http://www.virtualequinox.com - you can contact me through there.